Quantico Ryan Probation Recap

Quantico Recap: Pursuit First, Ask Questions Later

I’m so relieved to report that one of Quantico‘s most pressing mysteries is solved in this week’s episode.

It’s not “Who is framing Alex as a terrorist?” Or “Where do Simon’s true allegiances lie?” Or even “Why is Liam such a blowhard jerk?” No, the truth bomb detonated in this episode is that we finally find out why Shelby so often wears her hair in a side-ponytail: It’s the easiest way to camouflage the fact that Johanna Braddy’s tresses are actually bobbed, and the add-on length helps to distinguish Present-Day Shelby — whom we encounter during the hour — from Quantico-Era Shelby.

What, people? Four episodes in, you expected some major revelation from a show whose characters’ backstories twist more than taffy at a state fair? On that note, let’s maybe keep this Shelby-hair intel eyes-only until someone can get a 20 on it next week, affirmative?

Read on as we review what happens in “Kill.”

NUMBER ONE WITH A BULLET | Liam wakes up the recruits with a surprise early morning gun test, but Alex is ready: After having a nightmare about shooting her dad, she’s already put in a full workout and is ready to seize the day. Shelby and Ryan both approach her, concerned that she’s not handling last episode’s revelation very well, but she’s all, “I got closure, and I’m fine,” and then she nails the shooting exercise, so who are they to argue?

Pretty soon, Ryan has a bigger problem to handle: O’Connor says Alex has been proven unfit for the FBI (um, when?), so all Ryan has to do is help her come to the decision that she should drop out of the program and he’ll be done with his mission. Booth is stymied, yet he somehow manages to stand in the exact beam of sunshine to make his eyes glitter like sapphires on the ocean floor as he tells his boss it won’t work. “Trust me, she’s more fragile than you think,” Liam says. “Just give her a push.”

Quantico Shelby Hostage RecapMIRANDA’S SECRET REVEALED | This week’s lesson: how to not completely lose your stuffing in high-stress situations, such as the mock hostage rescue training the recruits undergo in a simulated neighborhood. (Side note: Given the look of those houses, I have expected some of Bravo’s housewives to pop out from behind corners. Anyone else?) Alex and Shelby are a team, and they do well, but Alex leaves her partner far behind and is a bit of a jerk to her after the run-through. “We’ve only known each other a month. We barely know each other at all,” Parrish says, needling Shelby for her late night phone-calls and secretive emails. “What was really in that file?” Wyatt asks in return. Neither leaves the conversation satisfied.

Next up, a fake office-hostage situation in which Alex freezes (she pictures her father holding a gun on her mother), and her pause gets Simon and Ryan “killed.” Good on Raina, though; with help from her surprisingly supportive analyst, Caleb, she comes through and is able to nullify the shooter.

Speaking of Raina: Miranda realizes that Nimah has taken off and tracks her down, explaining why she needs her in the program. Miranda’s son was recruited by a terrorist organization, which was involved in his (thwarted) plot to attack his high school. As we saw last episode, he’s in juvenile detention with the possibility of parole — and Miranda confesses she hopes he doesn’t get it. “What kind of thing is that for a mother to pray for her child?” she says, crying. Nimah and Raina are part of Miranda’s (still really fuzzy) plan to infiltrate that terrorist group, and Miranda’s tears must work, because Nimah returns to the fold and apologizes to her sister.

DADDY WAS A DOG | In Miranda’s office later that day, Alex admits to the assistant director and Ryan that she’s a little messed up after learning her dad wasn’t the creep she thought he was. Miranda sets her at ease, noting Alex’s dad’s censures, abuse of power and tendency to drink too much: “Being a good agent doesn’t mean you’re a good man.”

Feeling better about the whole thing, Alex apologizes to Shelby, who in turn tells her that the emails and calls are to her half-sister, whom she didn’t even know about until after her parents’ death — and with whom the FBI doesn’t know she’s in contact. It’s nice to see the roomies in harmony again, but this is the second episode in a row where these two have fought and then made nice in the space of an hour. Especially given what happens in the present-day storyline (more on that in a minute), maybe we can have Shelby and Alex just get along for the rest of their Quantico time?

After some intense flirting with Alex in the loo (I have not seen such lusty shared-bathroom banter since Beverly Hills, 90210′s Brenda and Dylan), she calls her mom to admit she’s enrolled at the FBI (and not grad school), and Ryan confronts O’Connor about his mission being off book. Joke’s on you, Liam counters: Ryan’s not actually undercover, he’s on probation! I wonder what Miranda, who’s listening in via Ryan’s phone, thinks about this new wrinkle…

A WEIRD AND WIRED RIDE | In the present day, as the FBI closes in on Alex, Simon gets texts from both FBI big shot Clayton (warning him to stay put) and Ryan (exhorting him to get Alex outta there). Simon is torn, but he eventually grabs Alex and takes her to his wire expert in Brooklyn. (Side note: It continually amuses me that Alex’s “disguise” is a baseball cap and the hood of her jacket. What, Party City was out of the Groucho glasses and mustache?)

Quantico Shelby Hostage RecapSimon’s wire guy (who speaks only Hebrew throughout the entire exchange, which makes me not trust Simon’s translation to Alex) says the wire was made by Shelby’s family’s company, a Halliburton-type entity. Next stop, Shelby’s place! They break in and realize that Shelby has recently returned from Buenos Aires — which gives her an alibi for the bombing. But then Shelbs comes home, all red lips and attitude, and pulls a gun on them, screaming that she’s going to bring Alex in. Alex counters that Shelby might’ve been the terrorist. “Your whole world fell to pieces when I found out the truth about your parents. I never meant to hurt you!” she says, but Shelby won’t be deterred… until Ryan shows up, points his gun at Agent Wyatt and announces that the feds are about to raid the place.

ROOMMATE REUNION | There’s a lot of yelling, then Ryan and Simon depart and Shelby and Alex fight, winding up handcuffed to each other in the backseat of Shelby’s car. (Not like that.) The FBI doesn’t see them in there (great work again, G-men and G-women!), and when Shelby comes to after Alex knocking her out, it’s to the knowledge that she’s the fugitive’s hostage.

Back at command central, Clayton announces that they’re no longer interested in keeping Alex alive. “From here on out, it’s shoot to kill.”

Points I didn’t cover (but that you should discuss in the comments): Elias’ observations about Simon, Ryan and Nathalie’s relationship and the Facebook-ish page Quantico-era Simon was looking at near the end of the episode. Get talking now!

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  1. dan says:

    Finally. An episode without 45,567 twists, 67,546 double agents, and 97,456 new questions asked. An actual up front and exciting episode getting down to business. Keep it up!

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    I must be the only person not in love with this show. So far I haven’t seen anything that wowed me. These women are so catty it’s laughable.

    • Neuroticsavant says:

      No you are not the only one, I have to hope theres more out there or my hope for humanity .. any how. I agree this show is horrendous! The acting is awful the dialogue yikes! How dumb are the FBI finest recruiters if they cannot figure out Alex is going down the checklist of her classmates? I know you have to suspend some sense of reality with these shows but these is a clear cheap knock off of HTGAWM, which itself is melodramatic pile of manure. You can even match the characters to their counterparts; Alex = Nate, Asher = ga guy etc etc. Yes yes why di I watch or bother writing … its a trainwreck I just look away.

    • Jane says:

      I gave up on this show after the second episode. It was just too stupid and poorly acted.

    • peterwdawson says:

      I hear you. I gave it four episodes, more than I thought I would, but yeah, I think I’m out. Better than some other shows for sure but I think I’ll be sticking to my usual Sunday DVR settings.

    • kpflat says:

      I’m with ya! This show is SO overrated. The acting is terrible and they are trying to do too much with all the confusion. I also find Alex unlikable. I can’t root for her at all.

    • Will says:

      Count me in. These actors are horrible. I gave up 20 minutes into Episode 3. Ugh

  3. Patty says:

    I think Ryan and Nathalie might be married or something

  4. OA says:

    Oh it was clear that the translation of the “small talk” by Simon was incorrect, he translated that the man was asking if he was dating Alex when in fact he was asking if Simon was involved with the bombing. I found the way they linked the wire to Shelby’s company a little predictable. Also, the more twists they keep trying in the “future/post-bombing” story, the more curious I get about the NATs that we haven’t seen there yet.
    I like how they’ve sort of ended Ryan’s espionage moment while they’re focussing on how freaking creepy Simon is. I’m sure the point of the next few episodes is to get Shelby on Alex’s side but I’m hoping for some resolution on Simon because it’s difficult to care about his creepiness when the show is liable to twist it all into him being good if they want to. The creepiness has no worth.

  5. elh says:

    My thoughts…

    1. Booth’s comment at Quantico post-paintball, “It hit my shoulder, I would have recovered.” Who shot him (in present day) oh-so-conveniently in the shoulder? It doesn’t add up that he would have been left with only one non-fatal shot without seeing the shooter. Maybe his shooter knew him and didn’t want him to die? Although O’Connor seems shady, it’s hard to imagine that he’s in on it because he would be suspicious when Booth lied and said it was Alex who shot him. It seems this puts O’Connor in the clear, at least for the bombing.

    2. Speaking of O’Connor, what’s the “matter of record” between him and Alex’s dad that’s so awful? Is that why O’Connor wants Alex out? And what was Alex’s dad referring to when he said, “Don’t lie to her!” while holding a gun on her mom? Is this piece of the puzzle as simple as an FBI agent who was complex, both heroic but also deeply flawed with rage and alcohol addictions, who got caught up in some shady happenings with O’Connor, who also appears to be an alcoholic? Did O’Connor and Alex’s mom have an affair? It would pave the way for Liam to fall for Alex later on, but still a bit incestuous.

    3. Why does Shelby stay in hotels a lot? Some kind of cover? Maybe for her “half-sister” or other contact? Seemed strange she didn’t take more of a double take when it was clear Simon and Booth are on Alex’s side. I’d think she’d take a more critical look at whether Alex is really guilty (assuming of course that Shelby is not guilty, which she couldn’t be, it’s too early in the season) within that context.

    4. It was weird that Simon said Shelby was “just an SUV” when she pulled up and then watched her walk in with little reaction. Simon continues to seem like he has multiple motivations, not to mention his affiliation with the hasidic Jew who wondered if he could be involved in the bombing, which is a bit confusing. If Simon is allied with Israel, you think also be allied with USA… Could he have been playing double agent when he was in Gaza and making nice with that community? Does he have sincere concerns about America’s role in the middle east, especially Israel? Who the hell is Simon?

    • Patrick says:

      Israel has had numerous spies captured in the USA and returned home. I’m sure the USA has some in Israel, and England, and Canada, ostensibly our closest allies. A good and smart nation spies on everyone, and Israel has to be wary of the USA’s reliance on oil and our relationship with several nations who wish ill on Israel.
      The people behind this will turn out to be some sort of military industrialists trying to reignite the war on terror, IMO. They are the only ones connected enough to do this.

    • tal32123 says:

      2. That’s what I thought. Perhaps Liam doesn’t want her to know/find out too much?
      4. I agree for the moment Simon is the most intriguing. I want to know more!

    • Some very good questions asked :) I want to add some here : 1) what did Sita mean when she said “I was not only protecting her(Alex) that night I was also protecting you?” I think whoever is framing Alex has had something to do with her father or whatever her father and O’Connor did in the past. 2) In the previous episode Shelby transferred million dollar to someone’s account question is whose account was that and why? 3) Why only Miranda knows about the twins? why she is hiding them?

      • Shannon says:

        I have a feeling Liam knew about Alex’s dad’s violent streak/ issues at home and covered it up or helped him stay out of trouble.

    • Juls says:

      Am I the only one who noticed that Shelby said its my half sister who I am talking to I lied to them about it, no she did not she was hooked up to the lie detector when she was asked about her siblings, it beeped when she said she was an only child and then she corrected herself and said ok I have a half sister but we do not talk…it did not beep for that.

    • Mauli says:

      I agree…. the first thing that came to my mind during post paint-ball conversation was that present day Ryan got hit in the shoulder as well. Kinda fishy.

      Also, whenever they show flashbacks, everyone sort of has a dark past or a dirty secret which are woven more complex every episode except for Ryan(i know he is involved in Chicago case but he said that the only thing he did wrong was not speaking up). i know that it would be the most cliche thing for Ryan to be the terrorist but……

  6. Juan says:

    This show makes me excited every time I watch and I love seeing the training excercizes they do.

  7. ndixit says:

    This was a really solid episode. Last ep was a bit too frantic and trying to be a bit too twisty. This ep finally gave us some indication that Alex has a few allies in Simon and Ryan. So at least we have more than one character we can potentially root for. I’m assuming Shelby will eventually also become an ally once she starts believing that Alex isn’t the terrorist.

  8. Cheyenne says:

    Still meh on this show. If it hasn’t hooked me by next week I’m not bothering with it any more.

  9. Jasmine garner says:

    Grayson is a ass hat on this show like a really big jackass

    • T says:

      haha… not only i was watching cougar town))))

    • Jared says:

      I get that Josh Hopkins has to work, but he seems pretty miscast on this show. His goofy-guy antics on Cougar Town seemed perfect, but I’m not loving his bad-boy role this time around. Maybe he’ll grow on me in this part?

  10. Paolo says:

    Man, I was REALLY rooting for Shelby and Alex, but then they alluded that they’ll have a NASTY falling out…

    Side note, I hope the Amin sisters will really shed light on Alex’s predicament after Miranda’s pep talk, something is really amiss with that…

    Loving this.

  11. Sheila says:

    I am still hoping that Liam is the bad guy. Glad this episode answered so many questions. Hopefully those answers were all true.

  12. Phoebs says:

    Love the episode this week. Way more toned down in terms of the twists and the pacing was perfect. Only gonna add 2 more important observations. Firstly, anyone else a little creeped out by how nosy Elias is? Like give some space to Simon dammit. And secondly, who else here LOVE present day Shelby’s lipstick shade? Like come on, she can’t possibly be that adorable and pretty in that lipstick and that hair. Ugh, so jealous.

  13. Greenrose0000 says:

    I gave up this show halfway through last night’s episode. When the AD was talking about her son getting caught plotting to blow up his affleunt high school, I thought,” BITCH, HOW DO YOU STILL HAVE A JOB? Seriously!

  14. Candy Nudo says:

    Simon (oh I mean Max) is sure getting more interesting. I am intereted in finding what broke up Shelby’s and Alex’s friendship. And I think Ryan is way over trusting Liam. I don’t even trust Liam in saying Ryan is on probation. Miranda will find out if that is true or not. I think Liam is just trying to keep Ryan under his thumb. I don’t believe anything Ryan or Clayton say. And I think Clayton is being fed all this crap about Alex from Liam. Is Liam scared that Alex will find out the truth about him and Alex’s father? Something made Liam not trust her from the beginning. Liam also may not like the fact that he finds Alex very sexy and wants to get into her pants. That feeling may scare him. Oh I could probably go on and on, but this is probably enough from me. :)