Castle Sneak Peek: Brace Yourself — Kate Wants Something From Rick

It’s bad news… and then good-ish news?… for Castle‘s Rick, in this exclusive sneak peek from the ABC series.

In Monday’s episode (airing at 10/9c), after a priceless work of art is stolen and its courier murdered, Castle and Beckett work with the key witness (guest star Stephnie Weir, MADtv) to track down the painting and (literally?) sniff out the killer.

In the above clip, Kate hits pause on the investigation to deliver a gut-punch to her husband, with a request he perhaps saw coming but nonetheless dreads to hear.

But does something not quite smell right about Kate’s recent change-of-heart…? Press play to watch the sad scene unfold — as well as learn what the “silver lining” in it all might be.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sam says:

    God this storyline is absurd. Has anyone else noticed that the ratings for Castle are now as low as the ratings for Nashville? My guess is they are going to be even lower than Nashville’s pretty soon. I really hope the new showrunners are hearing the fans.

    • Erika says:

      yes it is im a 100% with you on this,indeed ratings will drop Castle will be cancelled,they need to stop with this ABSURD storyarc and get in track with what we the fans want or the will lose all their fans.

      • L8wrtr says:

        Honestly at this point, I’m starting to root for canceled. This show, characters, cast and fans all deserved so much more than this. At this point, the only glimmer of satisfaction I might get is if they have Becket groveling for Rick to take her back, and he hands her divorce papers. It would be depressing and suck, but at least it would ring true and have at least one character be redeemed. I can’t tell you how depressing it is to have to say that because they were one of my favorite on-screen couples to date… but this? This is starting to make the final seasons of Moonlighting look like a honeymoon. At least their angst and tension had some authenticity to it, as horrible as it was to watch, it at least felt real. This? *sigh*

        • Anonymous loop loop says:

          I agree with you unfortunately the writers I think the actors are just sending in their scenes not very good.The writers don’t read any of these comments by fans on sites like these. I tweeted Hawley no response to fans except the same old spin. Saw Nathan interview on Kimmel the other night didn’t appear to happy about breakup but didn’t say much probably writers told him not to.I have also noted not much promotion on the show and episodes by the actors on twitter. This may be due to Stana just getting married ,but all the others I think we’re told to keep displeasure under raps.also taking away scenes from Martha,Lanie and bringing in a bunch of nobodies to shake things up what a bunch of BS.

          • L8wrtr says:

            I do agree that the silence is really standing out. There is nothing Castle-related on Nathan’s feed in particular which is the one I follow most, but I have all the cast on my feed and I don’t recall seeing any of them acknowledging the season one way or the other.
            I actually would feel bad for the actors to read all of our frustration and gripe. 95% of my ire is directed at the writers. This is their mess and their problem. There is no way that amazing acting saves or fixes any of this.. the story is simply bad.

        • Joe says:


      • geordie boy jimbo says:

        i totally 100 per cent agree with sams (october 16 2015@7 37 am) and erikas (october 16 2015@7 49am) articles as above it seems that castle season eight is all doom amd gloom so come on SHOWRUNNERS WRITERS AND ABC STUDIOS fix castle and becketts marraige as soon as possible in the sneak peek it does appear when kate is arranging to collect the rest of her belongings that she wants to end their marraige SHOWRUNNERS WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT? wrecking seven years of excellent storytelling and a blissfully happy marraige of our favourite couple caskett im disgusted also the new actor joining the show as caleb brown public defender would be great to clash with kate beckett in her role of captain but for kate to cheat on her husband rick castle that route will be both disasterous and will cost more viewership in ratings COME BACK ANDREW MARLOWE AND TERRI EDDA MILLER all is forgiven this mess needs fixing and fast!!!!

    • Db says:

      Heres the problem. People go on here and tumblr and other sites and bitch up a storm about how much they hate this and that about the story line but the vast majority of you doing that (9 or 8 out of ten) will never ever voice your displeasure directly to those responsible where they will see it! Send it to Hawley, Winter, Stana,Nathan ,ABC directly via email, twitter or even calling ABC feedback line! They will never see it or hear about your displeasure otherwise but majority of you never will because you will say its not right its disrespectful to them . what about how they are disrespecting the fans as well as the show and characters! But you wont , you will continue to gripe here and other places where it matters not!

      • Anonymous loop loop says:

        Db I have already done that.

      • Sam says:

        I’ve sent multiple tweets to Winter and Hawley… even included Matt Mitovich in a tweet. My guess is the showrunners are set on doing it their way, despite the sagging ratings and pissed off fans. They are no Robert and Michelle King, who relish in interacting with fans and taking their feelings to heart. You have to imagine that Paul Lee and TPTB at ABC can’t be happy with the ratings, so hopefully they will step in before it’s too late.

        • castle lover says:

          but arn’t they the ones that are signing the shows off……they have to know what’s coming, i mean not it the way of say ratings but in the way the show is going?

      • castle lover says:

        oh i gave them a piece of my mind along with blasting Stana-the reason why i watch the show muli times now! i even got a response for ABC!

        She’s part of this mess more then Nathan, she’s the one that was taking time off and delaying things, i wish that they never gave back for this season and just let the show die last year! i sick of it. anyway i don’t know that any of that is helping at all. they know how we feel, yet are going to go alone with the story, i don’t blame them but i think that the ratings will go beyond repair if they haven’t already. i don’t see anything good coming from this at all. i will watch this esp cause i think it might be interesting to see what they do with the heartbreaking scene again.
        and where is the silver lining in telling him she wanted the rest of her stuff from his loft?
        i don’t get this story-line at all and they need to get kill it now!

        • The “silver lining” is what the woman with the hyper-acute sense of smell told him. That she still loves him. But that’s not really meaningful since she loves her crusades for justice more.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Zactly. “The Nose” knows the truth!

          • Sam says:

            Lol. The silver lining is some woman with a nose smells that Beckett loves Castle? That’s just stupid. The will they / won’t they worked when they weren’t married. Now it’s just idiocy, does not work, and is alienating the fans. They are married. Either end the marriage and let Stana leave the show, or put them back together and let the show continue (or at least end this season with dignity,grace, and the love of its long-time, loyal fans).

          • But if the Nose were to smell her while she’s on her crusade then she’d really know what Beckett loves.

        • Jennifer says:

          It’s not Stana’s fault that the ratings are falling, it’s not her fault that the story lines suck. She has every right to take time off and do other projects. Just because she didn’t sign right away doesn’t mean that she was not talking to them. She even stated that her manager was always in contact with ABC and her and she waited until she got some answers. I don’t blame her for that either. Heck who wouldn’t hold out to get something more. The show would not survive without Stana Katic playing Kate Beckett just like it wouldn’t survive without Nathan Fillion play Rick Castel. They are a pair and even Nathan stated that he was not happy with this story line and asked the writers if they were high.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Thank you, Jennifer.

          • Manuel Schuster says:

            I see it the same way. Thank you Jennifer!.I hope that season 8 will be better. Greetings from Cologne, Germany by Manuel

          • Well, with what they have all agreed to do to the show this season (Have you noticed the producer credits for Katic and Fillion?) the show is doomed. Consider that Katic agreed to come back when the showrunners actually pitched these ideas to her.

        • Beckstle says:

          Oh, you are back with this crap again. You have no frigging idea what the issues are behind the scenes – none. You don’t know if Stana’s Paris trip is a cause or an effect of how the writers is not the one causing the problems. As for the time off she had in the beginning sure, she used it for her film but it works out as just a trade off for the time Nathan had off at the top of season 7 when he he was hardly in the first episode.

          You seem hell bent on blaming Stana for this mess and making Nathan out to be a saint. If you really want to play stupid guessing games, who’s number 1 on the call sheet? Who’s getting to do the comedy they like and inviting all their buddies on? Who’s getting an entire set up of an office and the continuation of a storyline that had the lowest ratings last season? I could build an entire argument over who’s responsible for this mess that makes about as much sense as your nonsense with Stana. We are fans. We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. What we do know? The story choices and writing this season are awful. That’s what we know.

          • CastleBuzz says:


          • diya says:

            you are absolutely right

          • geordie boy jimbo says:

            regarding to beckstles (october 16 2015@11 49 am) article above i totally agree with you yes its not stanas fault so my message to anyone slanging this fantastic actress off is pack it in and leave wor stana alone and referring to jimmy kimmels comments about the caskett marraige split i agree with him as for nathan fillion backing the showrunners move to split up our favourite couples marraige nathan is a crawler (a geordie term meaning for backside licker) instead of licking the showrunners backsides im calling on nathan to join ranks with stana and the other castle cast members to save your show!!!!

        • Fred Bloggs says:

          That’s why they ignore people who send them tweets. You “blasted” Stana. How obnoxious are you?

          They are never going to listen to a “blast” and will now ignore the people who express themselves politely and concisely.

          Thanks for making it worse.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            castle lover is completely obnoxious, bashing Stana every chance she gets for what Stana’s fictional character has been scripted to do. Perhaps if we all ignore this poster, she? he? will fade away.

        • BB says:

          Grow a brain, would you?

      • Jennifer says:

        I have done this already

      • It’s not like they’ll listen. They’re living in their own little bubble now.

      • John Lazzaro says:

        They’re making that easy for everyone. They’re making Beckett a total stiff character and more unlikable then ever before. The storyline hardly makes any sense. The writers are destroying her character and every other part of that show with the brutal deaths and everything else. None of this made any sense and should have never happened. Show is being destroyed no other way to go about it.

      • Georgee says:

        They need to go to The President of ABC, Mr Paul Lee,500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank CA 91521-4581. We need to flood him with letters. I sent one on Friday.

    • sigh says:

      Well that’s a minute and thirty-seven seconds I’ll never get back. Can it get much worse? :(

        • lkh says:

          People who work on this show (not just the actors, but crew, writers, etc) need to start looking for a job, unless they want to work on the spinoff, Castle, PI. This season was planned just to make the transition into the spinoff–it was a weak ending in Season 7, but really I think that’s where the planning ended as far as the Castle/Beckett story.

          Very hopeful that this season doesn’t end in a fatality.

          • sigh says:

            Ugh please no spinoff. I, too, hope it doesn’t end with a fatality, but if they keep this up I think we will all be so numb we won’t even care LOL. Hey, I will say that Beckett continues to look nice in her captain outfits—that’s something, right? Grasping at straws here. :\

          • lkh says:

            yup, boss clothes are nice! there’s a morsel. :)

          • Just one thing says:

            ABC’s Fall development slate would have to be complete crap for them to continue investing in an expensive, aging series/franchise that’s no longer pulling its own weight.
            Whatever fantasy was spun by whatever fireflied-piper last year about a PI spin-off, the reality is that Castle is officially past its prime and it’s time to move on.
            I’ve been wrong before, but if Castle Legacy & Friends makes it to ABC’s 2016-2015 sched, the network must be truly sinking.

          • lkh says:

            JOT–I’ve been thinking and comparing The Closer with Castle. I know they’re really different, The Closer not really a dramedy or whatever. We knew that season 7 was going to be the end, at least for Brenda Leigh and they have that somewhat icky Major Crimes spinoff–which seems ok to some people. I don’t know why it ended, negotiations or age or whatever. What I do know though is it was always true to it’s characters. We knew who they were. Everyone had a core personality/character. Even though their relationships changed over time, they remained true to who they were. We could kinda predict how they would react. And the supporting characters had individual personalities, again even if their relationships, time they worked together, the core remained. She was driven, obsessed, really oblivious to her personal relationships in wanting to focus on her work. She remained this way, even after marriage. The first words uttered on the show were ‘it looks like love’ The last words, last episode, season 7 were ‘it looks like love’. We started with various characters, we knew who they were and that core remained to the end. There was a definite thread, beginning to end. The writers kept the stories connected.

            Contrast that to Castle. We started out with great characters. Castle, handsome, smart, witty, accomplished, analytical, etc. Beckett, also very smart and analytical, driven by justice concept, obsessed with crime, more serious that Castle. Great dialogue, great together. Don’t need to review their personal travels here, everyone knows. The difference is that they haven’t remained true to the characters. Who is Beckett now? Who is Castle now? Could we have predicted any of this dysfunction after the first couple of seasons–not me. And, unlike The Closer, a woman as driven as Beckett, she has not managed to maintain much of that original character. The stories jump around, the COTWs are very often poorly written and are mostly nonsense and silly. Castle is a clown, who appears to be clueless. Beckett has found herself in an unrealistic dilemma that paints her in a very unsympathetic light. The writers allow all the acute problems to linger and slowly disappear and give us nonsense from week to week. Clearly a show as popular as this one and with a very good storyline and character strength from early on, should not have self destructed this way.

            Whether there is a spinoff or not, I dunno. It just smells like it to me. It smells to me that Beckett comes to a bad end. This show should have ended with style and dignity for the characters.

          • sigh says:

            **Slow clap into rousing applause into standing ovation**

          • lkh says:

            deep bow with reluctance and a frown

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Ouch, lkh, you’ve joined JOT et al on the other side….and I may be joining you sooner rather than later. First, though, your long post is excellent, especially your analysis of Closer/Major Crimes vs Castle. (BTW, Closer ended b/c Kyra Sedgwick was tired of the schedule and wanted to return to NYC, Kevin, and theater.) This looks like another silly ep, when what’s needed is something some serious advancement in the story arc. It’s getting harder and harder to believe in these showrunners and writers. There is a way to blend dramatic elements of a serious arc with lighthearted moments that rise out of a COTW and everyday interactions between co-workers and friends. But this is not how to do it.

          • Beckstle says:

            Ikh, your long post comparing Castle and The Closer is spot on.

          • rjo says:

            Maybe mid season finale will end up like “Dallas” with Bobby in the shower and Pam waking up from a bad dream… season 8 will be the bad dream and a new reality will emerge :)

      • castle lover says:

        yes, yes it can! i don’t see the “silver lining” in any of it? i know that it’s only part of the story here but come on didn’t make me really want to watch it…..did it for you?
        but i actually laughed at what the woman said about kissing a corps, over needing Ryan/espo help, i wonder what all that was about, that might be worth watching for!.
        seeing Castle get all high because he thought she wanted to come back and then she kicked him when he was already down, ouch! what kinda wife does that? a divorced one!
        time for the “dog” to be put down, i can’t see it suffer anymore……so very very sad. I’m losing my best friends all at once……
        now going to grab some alcohol anyone want any?.
        no wait saw in the pics that Castle’s has some, i will just kill him (oh wait can’t do that but ) and take his……

        • sigh says:

          Yeah, no offense to TVLine, but they are now 0 for 2 in making me want to continue watching Castle. First, the “scoop” that a November episode will basically be Stana-free. And now this preview for Monday… Gosh, sure can’t wait to tune in! Actually it’s not TVLine’s fault…thanks for nothing ABC, TPW, AH, etc. You’re right with the suffering dog analogy!

    • Georgee says:

      They are not. We need to flood The president of ABC with our concerns maybe he will listen. This is not the ABC Walt Disney of old, it feels like they could care less about what the fans think. write to The president of ABC, Mr. Paul Lee,500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank CA 91521-4581. maybe he will hear what the fans want. We have dropped down to less than 7 million viewer. The longer they kept these two split not living under the same roof the lower those number go. We are told they are changing the time frame from when these are getting back together from a marathon to a splint. We never get what episode or date they are getting back together, I guess we will get that on one of the Friday dumps. Hopefully before the 22 episode if we get that far. Remember we are coming up on Kate lite and the big break. This week we get to see if Rick gets shot by Kates body guard, as she in removing her things from the loft. Will she say go ahead and shoot we been married less than year. We got some twisted show runners if they feel that all this splitting is getting this married couple closer together. But please remember to write to Mr Lee, maybe he cares.

      • John Z says:

        I agree, remember Paul Lee is President of ABC, so he cares about business. How can this stupid break up story arc be good for business. Reading fan comments, the majority are angry at show direction, and lets face it, angry fans, are not inclined to buy Castle merchandise, and less inclined to watch the show, and tell others to watch the show. I will write him as well. We all should contact ABC, to voice our concern, I a well mannered professional way.

  2. Just one thing says:

    Tried to watch it a couple times. Got some whip and nay nay instead.

  3. Retro Castle Fan says:

    Yet another episode I’ll be skipping…

  4. Luli says:

    This sneak peek just pisses me off.

    Aside from this storyline of a mess, at least the witness seems good. I liked her.

  5. piebokou says:

    I can’t even bring myself to watch this season so I’m going to keep counting on Tv-line for scoops and recap until the show-runner fixed this mess.

  6. Ellen says:

    Castle just needs to tell her to get her stuff and keep walking. I’m tired of her breaking his heart over and over, and then telling him how much she still loves him. He deserves better.

    • L8wrtr says:

      Exactly. It’s unwatchable, and its impossible to believe that he’d ever take her back and have the same unquestioning devotion he had before.. this is a betrayal on so many levels.. and over what? It’s so forced and unconvincing it’s ludicrus to watch. I just keep tabs here now to see what’s happening.. and it’s just sad :(

  7. Brad says:

    Lol hurring my butt lol come castle find someone better castle can’t catch a break

  8. Phyllis Nethken says:

    Why don’t they just shoot all of the fans right now. The head will be fast and less painful!

  9. ... says:

    Can this show BE more ridiculous ?

  10. Linda says:

    I still think writers are shading truth. They are testing waters for a Kateless show. If the ratings are poor they will reunite by end of season to save DVD and syndication revenues.

    If they get lucky and people watch anyway, the divorce stays in place. Kate leaves and it stays on.

    I say just put them back together and cancel it so it can die in dignity and we can still enjoy re-watching knowing it ends HEA.

    • Claire says:

      Couldn’t agree more – 100% with you on this

    • Jennifer says:

      The show will not survive without Stana Katic playing Kate Beckett. If that is what they are doing they will end this show after this season. I watch for Stana and Nathan to be together not apart. Both Nathan and Stana were against this story line and were surprised by it. Nathan even asked the writers if they were high.

    • castle lover says:

      i don’t think fans are going to wait till the end of the season for anything, not after they were promised to have a payoff before the winter break……so for me it’s in these esp coming up or there wont be coming back-it already has a could go either way…..not a good sign and then the ratings aren’t all that great. I don’t see them continuing to get any better only going down hill. i was just re-watching esp 3 again. I did see something’s i missed the first time around. i can tell that there was promise there. at least she told him that it wasn’t his fault-that’s a start, but for me it needs to hurry up!

  11. Tica says:

    Hey may be this a good thing…

  12. abcd says:

    That loud noise you hear is a show I used to love imploding. Welp, they’re going to do it without me.

  13. lame says:

    6.78 mil and a 1.1 demo, will there be any fans left to see the winter episodes.
    The numbers for this episode might be as devistating as the dialog for this scene.

    • CM says:

      The problem is, people are still watching therefore justifying the showrunner story choice.

    • castle lover says:

      i actually thought it was kinda funny, not the Caskett-oh wait I can’t call them that again-part but the part where the woman didn’t want to go with Ryan/espo she wanted to instead kiss a corpse. i wonder if this was closer to the end or in the middle where (the pics shows) Castle brings home some wine for a dinner……um…..I might have to watch the esp anyway. takes a deep breath, i was on the verge of leaving the show and see what happens i am pulled back in, i just hope that i don’t regret it……slides her hand down her face……takes another deep breath, letting tears flow. I can’t do this anymore the heartache is sending me into an emotional ride again. thanks guys (the showrunners, and the actors-i can’t stay away but i get burned).

  14. Primum Non Nocere says:

    And salt continues being poured in the gaping wound…this is getting beyond ridiculous..Hate hate hate being manipulated like this.

  15. Coco says:

    BUT THIS STORYLINE DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE ! Seriously, everyone can see it, literally everyone, but the showrunners can’t ? They wanted (had ?) to base the entire season on a breakup/reconciliation, fine, but couldn’t they at least find a believable way to do it ???
    All they did was destroy the characters, Kate leaving for no real reasons, and Castle is just there acting like an idiot, not asking any question about what is happening. It just make them ridiculous.
    Congrats to Hawley and Winter, the two last seasons already weren’t good, but they really outdid themselves with this ‘thing’. I just can’t understand how they could/can think this was a good idea, I really can’t.

    • Beckstle says:

      This! I totally agree.

    • castle lover says:

      .at least she told him that it wasn’t his fault! that was a start in the right direction, no he didn’t really ask, either he doesn’t have the balls or he is trying his hardest to respect her, which for me is just crazy, i loved how he kept telling her they need to do it together, and that she needs him.
      as for this, i don’t want to see them go farther and farther away, and who if they don’t want a divorce does that to their spouse. tells them they want the rest of her (his) stuff……
      i don’t get it. shakes her head. i think that this will be the last esp we see of this show-i think that it will end in Nov. so be prepared!

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      Totally agree!!

  16. Demi says:

    I didn’t really mind them breaking up at first because I thought they will handle it well but now am just disappointed. Castle needs to get some pride, getting encouragement from someone that smells emotion is just laughable and ridiculous.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      Demi, totally agree with your first sentence. This arc actually had a lot of potential but it’s not being realized.

  17. lame says:

    I don’t know if I can handle such clever sassy banter, just like the good old days.

  18. Matt Stone says:

    Who must they have her hurt him like this. It seems like this a new version of headhunters all over again. Beckett will be off doing something and Castle will get in trouble with Slaughter. This feels like the end of season 4. This now makes me think they won’t get together until spring if at all. Why put them through hell for seven seasons to get together just to throw it away. This may be what finally triggers the anger so far absent from Castle. I’m trying to hang on to something but I’m not sure how much more I can take of this.

  19. Harvey says:

    So the writers know exactly how to disrespect Castle in every episode, more than ever. Seriously, they show him getting excited just by thought of Beckett calling him, then just having Beckett tell him she needs to pick up a few things, that also after she smiled like that and have Castle even more happy probably. I would say Beckett would be at least more sensitive to how she said that. Then they show Castle getting excited because the witness said Kate’s got hots for him, by her smell. Come on now!

    • lurker says:

      Yup, Harvey. Getting hot just by the smell of her is the vision of UST they’ve promised this season. Last week it was Beckett and Castle’s coffee. Can’t you see that? ;)

      • jahoney1 says:

        That is a crappy version of the unresolved sexual tension that seemed to be “missing.” It still comes back the inability to write this story well. They wrote the sexual tension out of the story. A look, a touch, finishing each others sentences could still have happened even after they started dating and even after they were married.

    • Coco says:

      And the writers know how to make people hate Beckett … I’m at a point where I don’t even find the characters unlikeable given how ridiculous the whole thing is. I’m just mad at the writers for destroying their entire relationship like that, just for “fun”

      • Beckstle says:

        THIS! I can’t hate the characters because what the writers have done have no connection to the characters we’ve seen developed over the last seven seasons. Seriously, who are these imposters calling themselves Castle and Beckett? This season is one huge failure in writing.

        • I'm going to let you finish but says:

          I think AU never ended from last season. The AU is till ON!!!

          • Just one thing says:

            I would love for some clever fan to create a manifesto, complete with pics and video “evidence,” that proves that Castle is in a coma and still living in an AU. Kind of like a dream within a dream.
            They could undo the Soap Opera Green Screen Wedding, Rambo Castle, Castle PI and the reawakening of the Bracken drama.
            Everybody wins.

          • lurker says:

            I was hoping for that during the whole season 7. At least until they’ve slapped me with “Sleeper”. Then I woke up.

  20. John Z says:

    SUCKS doesn’t even begin to describe how bad this is. Seriously , ” oh you can smell she loves me !” . This story arc just does not work on any level. The humor is absent, and buffoonish, and the over all situation feels like an insult to 7 yrs we (the fans) spend watching and supporting what was ONCE the best written show on television.

    Dear ABC ,
    Who ever is responsible for this mess, please have them stop making show decisions with their ego, cause it ain’t working . Whomever you, you have no idea why fans watched and supported this show for 7 yrs, if you think the current situation is acceptable. Please just fix it, Get them back together, working together, etc. This crap is just painful to watch.

    Sincerely, A once loyal now disgusted fan. John Z

    • DarkDefender says:

      A few things JohnZ:
      1) Judging an the episode and the arc within it on a super brief clip is kinda silly.
      (Even if it ends being a crap episode)
      2) Castle has never been one of the “best written shows on television”
      (Veritas excluded)
      3) I am pretty sure if you want to lodge a complaint with ABC, there is a better way to do it than in the TVLine comment section of a Castle sneak peek/spoiler.
      (No matter how awesome TVLine is, they are not the network)

      P.S. Maybe you can save yourself the anguish and stop watching, even for a while.. Cause it is clear the change you hope for isn’t going to happen before February sweeps.

      • lkh says:

        a vote for Veritas!

        • DarkDefender says:

          We all know that was a great hour of television, lkh. if only for the moment when Beckett dropped the tape from the elephant family. It was a jaw dropper and I cried like a baby.
          6 years of build up and a payoff done amazingly. It is one of the few things that keeps me hanging on for this show. If they can give us Veritas (and Hollander’s Woods for that matter).. Then betters times are Always possible.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Now that’s a bit of encouragement. Thanks. Veritas was brilliant.

          • Beckstle says:

            Dark Defender, the problem with your logic is that the people responsible for Veritas and Hollander’s Woods are not responsible for the show anymore. Marlowe & Miller held the vision for the show and they’re gone. Part of that vision was that yin-yang outlook about Castle and Beckett as personalities and in their relationship.
            The idea that male/female writing teams tend to write more fully developed characters in general isn’t news. You can find articles and books on this topic going back to the 1980’s. It’s just that, unfortunately, Hollywood could care less. Google “The Dollar-And-Cents Case Against Hollywood’s Exclusion of Women” the article talks about the fact that while the numbers show a mix of men and women leads to better box office Hollywood still acts like it’s the opposite. There’s a more recent article on the subject – but about television. It’s at “Just About Write: It’s A Man’s, Man’s World (But It Would Be Nothing…)”
            The show is now run by two guys – not by a writer and his muse. On top of that for Castle season 8 the balance in the writing room has totally skewed towards men in a way it never was before. I would say that not having MilMar involved and the lack of gender balance in the writing room have contributed to what we’re seeing in how Castle and Beckett are being written this season

            I understand looking at the past of Castle and thinking that therefore it’s going to fix itself, but that yin-yang outlook that Marlowe and Miller brought to the production of Castle is gone. It’s not Castle anymore.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            . Very true, Beckstle. Both of those are excellent articles. Unfortunately after 6×23 so many fans bashed Marlowe and Miller that their leaving the show became inevitable. I don’t know if they left on their own or were forced out, but in any case who’d want to stick around a fandom that turned on one so viciously. Showrunners and writers have got to be allowed to follow their own artistic decisions. People cannot create something by a committee of thousands, millions, whatever. If they make a mistake, they pay but the cost should be commensurate with the “crime.” It was a missed fictional wedding and silly ep all around, but they supposedly received death threats over it. Their mistake I think was not following it up in season 7 with a real resolution in the fall 2014. Treated seriously, with some rational justification for messing up the wedding, most fans would have come around.
            This year’s arc is similar. It needs a resolution or at least some real development towards a resolution within a few eps, not this dragged out storyline that includes silly eps that can’t be enjoyed b/c there’s a black cloud overhead.

          • DarkDefender says:

            you assume no one else can write episodes like Veritas and Hollander’s Woods.. I am suggesting that these showrunners and the current writing team have those templates for writing good stories and I’m going to give them the chance to show me what they got, before I bail on this show. I know it can be done, and if you don’t mind, I’d like to remain hopeful for a positive change in the show.

        • lurker says:

          Ah, c’mon! Veritas was not the episode in the “true Castle form” – a comedy with some dramatic and heartfelt moments thrown in. You know that. ;) But seriously, for me Veritas was the finale of the show. Everything after that was subpar.

          • Just one thing says:

            Veritas would have been an awesome series finale.
            Slap a tag of Castle and Beckett sipping Mai tais at the Hamptons or on some remote island, add a bit of heartfelt, witty banter.
            Fade to black.
            Oh well…

          • Harvey says:

            Veritas was an awesome episode. It could have been the perfect season finale I guess now. But it wasn’t as good to become the series finale honestly, I mean it was as good but not as balanced about everything that Castle is. It was too much Beckett and hardly anyone else throughout, now sure many like that, but still, that’s not Castle. So at that time, it wouldn’t have been a perfect series finale. Now I guess it would have been better than whatever we’ll get now.

          • Just one thing says:

            Yeah, it was mostly about Beckett, and it would’ve needed to be more balanced to be a “true” series finale.
            But remember how it ended, with Castle and Beckett embracing, after spending an episode on the same side, fighting outside forces together. There was closure to the storyline that started in Episode 1.
            If the S8 finale ends up being the series finale, I wouldn’t be surprised if Castle and Beckett’s last words are exchanged by phone or via Skype.

      • jahoney1 says:

        Castle has a 1.1 demos 18-49 rating. It has dropped almost 25 percent from the season premiere. It is in serious trouble of not making the winter sweeps.

    • d.rondoni says:

      I agree the writers are so out of touch/ I do not know where this is coming from. because I was excited they took marlowes place because both of these guys have written some of my favorite episodes. especially winter. . why would anybody write something that they know fans would hate . was there job to kill the show. I got to say if I was Nathan and stana I would hate to go out like this . it is embarrassing. I have been a fan since day one but will not watch live . will dvri it and maybe watch later because tired of drama for tthese 2… come on beckett is not that tough if she did not have castles brains . this is a suicide mission if she thinks she can do it by herself.. . castle is the brains she is crazy badass supercop.

  21. dundundun says:

    It’s so painfully obvious that the two leads don’t want to work together, hence the crap fest we’re stuck with right now. Poor writers need to work around it and make up BS excuses. So unfair to the fans who’ve kept them on the air for years.

    • Wdv09 says:

      Please, are we getting this crap again? People coming up with these idiotic rumors about them not liking each other. I actually have to laugh, so pathethic are the people who keep comingup with this. Yeah, two people who don’t want to work together have been workng together for almost 8 seasons. I still have to see one piece of evidence for this. And no, a few tweets that are taking out of proportion by some idiotic fans don’t count.

      • Claire says:

        There was a pretty detailed Daily Mail article about it – I highly doubt the journalists there have any interest in celebs like Katic/Fillion (no offence to those actors, who I think are wonderful, I just mean they’re not your usual Kardashian-style tabloid fodder, in the papers every day) so can only assume the info there came from some type of well placed source. It seems reasonably likely to me that they have a poor working relationship considering the real-life / social media interaction (or lack thereof) we’ve seen between them in the past five years. In reality, no one can begrudge them this – we must have all had coworkers we don’t click with in our own lives. The disappointment comes from the inability of the producers to find a better working solution to the problem – this storyline is a ruinous turn of events and pays no respect the characters and series a lot of us loved watching for seven years.

        • wesleydv09 says:

          Well I don’t believe one thing of it, until I hear 100% prove. I personally think Katic and Fillion are laughing their asses off about these crazy rumors. And sorry, but no I don’t take the Daily Mail serious at all. They write a lot of bs.

          There is life besides twitter, and fans are overreacting way too much about tweets, or no tweets to each other. No because of course if you see each other a lot in real life, then it means you hate each other when you are not active on social media with each other a lot.

          Again, to me these rumors are nothing but bs and overreacting from fans.

        • Luli says:

          I don’t say I belive these rumors, but if they were true they are actors for heavens sake! They pretend for a living, I’m sure they can try and pretend they like each other, at least for the sake of the show.

        • Gern Blanston says:

          The Daily Mail is your source for this? The Daily Mail is less trustworthy than the National Enquirer. Its one of the worst rags in England.

          • Claire says:

            Oh yeah, the Daily Mail is awful, it’s right-wing and xenophobic and a rag of a paper, but it can be really quite spot on with its celebrity stories. Who knows what devious methods they use to source them though – that’s a whole other issue! But either way, I respect your opinion and genuinely wish I had your optimistic outlook instead of my cynical one!

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I don’t think that its a pessimistic or optimistic outlook for me. It more has to do with the lack of recognition that I give Twitter and social media. I think that people read way too much into who tweets what and how often they tweet and to whom they do it to. Twitter is where most of the conjecture started about this workplace “feud”. It didn’t come from a reputable source like TVLine. It came from people interpreting the actions or lack thereof of individuals that they don’t really know, but because of Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and the other myriad options of social media feel that they do. Fillion and Katic not interacting on social media could be the result of any number of things, but people want to believe that it is because they hate each other. This could very well be true, but until I hear that it has been verified by something other than a tabloid or Twitter rumors I am not going to believe it.

        • Kaylee says:

          Trust Daily Mail to tell you the truth lol.

        • John Monaghan says:

          You believe the Daily Mail I can’t remember when that piece of crap wrote anything truthful!

          • Claire says:

            That article was the first source to suggest that Stana Katic wanted reduced screen time – if she did re-sign for S8 at all. Everyone scoffed and said the DM didn’t know what it was talking about. And now lo and behold…
            Anyway, I don’t know why I’m trying to defend it, I loathe that paper (but more for reasons to do with its stunning failure of compassion towards immigrants and refugees than anything celebrity related). I just think in combination with various things over the years, it’s not unreasonable to infer that there is a less-than-great working relationship between the two leads. The Hollywood Reporter asked as much in their interview with the showrunners a few weeks ago. But who knows. Certainly not me!

    • abcd says:

      A proper thing to do then is to manipulate us into rooting for an amicable divorce. Keeping Castle on a string is just irritating and unwatchable.

  22. Debbie says:

    I always looked forward to Mondays with such excitement. Now…I almost dread it because I know my favorite show will leave me feeling sad and a little empty. Why would I want to watch a show every week that leaves me feeling heart broken? Is there any end in sight? Can we at least have Castle begin to figure out what it is that she is doing? At least we would feel hopeful…

    Missing my beloved Caskette…

  23. annek says:

    I have gone to the world of S 1 thru 7 DVD reruns as i can no longer watch this once great show. Now apparently i cant even check out the sneak peeks because those too are extremely depressing. Sad to see what has become of this once great lovestory and wonderful characters.

    • d.rondoni says:

      so very true so very depressing and unrealistic to watch . what man would act like that. these 2 are not the same people we grew to love and root for.bectkett is downright mean to break the heart of the man who sacraficed everything for her. and make no mistake she got where she is because of him and people around her the boys and family. she does not stand a chance catching locksat. castle will eventually. making him look so pathetic is not my idea of entertainment. the crimesolving working together setting the trap for kate to capture there is the appeal and the mind melds and the romance. and knowing you have someone like that. martha is right that is very rare not many people have that. if she cheats she is no better than the deep fried twinkie. and this from a big fan. if i was stana i would be a little embarassed. think what she is throwing away, going back to old self suicide mission i thoink castle and boys protected her. castle sets trap she goes in guns blazing. no wi n there. hopefully show runners fix by nov. sweeps cause if they serve her divorce papers which they swore they would not and no angst for 20 eps. before break they all might as well hang it up cause no one will be watching. i can not tell you how sad it is to watch them destroy such beautiful characters. i am a big fan i will not watch the next few shows but will dvr them. just in case the writers come to there senses and get rick and kate back together.these 2 over 7 years do not do well apart, both get in trouble and please alexis can not take kates place, like her but ewww. end of rant

  24. wesleydv09 says:

    Hawley says we have to trust him. But why should I have to trust a guy who was/is a producer at four shows, and three out of those four shows got cancelled. The only one that is not cancelled is Castle, but he is on track to get this cancelled as well.

  25. Annoyed says:

    It’s clips like these that make me thankful Jane the Virgin is back on Mondays.

  26. Opal says:

    Boy it’s keeps getting better and better. Why has the story got to be a soap opera? If I want to see a soap I can watch Scandal.Well lets hope this will keep viewers and get new and bring back the old viewers. Maybe the new big should find all of them. The love is there
    I can really tell she loves him. Forget the coffee, the vows and always and Caskett.

  27. Greg says:

    Yea lets have her go back to the apartment to pick up things, all the while she is trying to avoid being seen with him. Might as we’ll wad the killers right to his doorstep.

    I have seen dumb plots before, but this may be the dumbest least thought out plot line that I have ever seen.

    A lot of people hate what Steven Moffat has done on Doctor Who. Compared to this, I think they would say Moffat is the Bible

    • prish says:

      They give us the great love story moment of Martha and Castle’s father, and him walking way for some top secret agent thing. Years later, some woman he ends up being married to for a long time pops up out of nowhere to clue Beckett in about danger and having a spouse. It must be tough to write for TV if this is coming from the best. I wonder if a lot gets lost once it passes through the directors and editors.

    • Kiario760713 says:

      Showrunners are destroying Backett’s character…so sad.

  28. ndixit says:

    At this point, I question anyone who actually wants Castle and Beckett to be together. I mean what crime could Castle have done in a past life that he got to fall in love with Beckett as a punishment. It really does feel more like a punishment because Beckett is basically just being cruel. They show her crying and angsting about how hard it is for her, but it has to be a 100 times harder for the person who has no clue why this is happening and is the person who was left.

    • Joe says:

      Exactly..she is not even remotely likable…she is toxic…castle deserves so !much better than her…not only is she a terrible partner/spouse she is a crappy human being…has anyone on this show treated castle worse than her…

      • I'm going to let you finish but says:

        Beckett is written so Out of Character she’s unrecognizable. This isn’t Beckett, this is writers who think it’s still S4, and the last 4 years of growth never happened.

    • Beckstle says:

      I question anyone who can take this writing as being remotely connected to the characters of Castle and Beckett. I don’t hate Beckett, I hate the writers that are wrecking her character arc and integrity while making Castle a silly wimp. It’s like the writers actual hate the show and characters that existed before they took over so they are doing their best to decimate them.

      • S8fan says:


      • CastleBuzz says:

        I certainly don’t hate Beckett over this – I accept her reasoning as in character for her – but my dislike of Rick Castle is growing. Has someone demanded that Nathan use every funny face and exaggerated grimace in the book? When did this man lose his acting skills? If he played these scenes more straightforwardly or was allowed to by the director (who knows what’s going on), I might feel some sympathy for him. He’s just dopey now.

        • ndixit says:

          Big surprise. I’m pretty sure Beckett could cheat on Castle and you would still find some way to blame Castle for it.

          • Beckstle says:

            I don’t follow the reasoning being made for Beckett’s actions, so I can’t agree with that. It’s not okay. However, it’s not Castle the character she’s upset about, it’s the tone being used in his performance. This is a show writing/acting/direction issue. Just as Beckett is being written badly and strange choices in direction being made the same is going on for Castle. For example: Beckett’s gonna lay down in a short dress and invite a subordinate in to give a report? That’s the beginning of some guy’s porn fantasy, not a move any normal woman in a role like that would make. Likewise Castle is taking this situation “lying down” and not the least bit concerned about what’s really going on? Beckett needs space? Space from what? I’m not saying he should be furious and trying to divorce her – that was his season four reaction; he knows her too well now. This is another reason why it’s so hard to take this situation as a solid story. The Castle curiosity wheels should have started turning immediately to trying to figure out what’s up with Beckett. That’s what he does. If there’s a mystery, he wants to solve it. He should be following her around like a hawk to learn the truth. Instead, he’s running around trying to “win her back” – because he believes her? What a crock.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            ndixit – you accused me of that a week ago and I answered bluntly that cheating was inexcusable. End of that discussion so don’t rewind that tape.
            Beckstle – thanks for your defense and explanation re it being the tone of Nathan’s performance I commented on. It is indeed a writing/acting/direction issue. With some tweaks in dialogue and performance, Rick would not appear to be so clueless and ridiculous. I’m not saying the eps would be great but they could be a bit better. I was hoping that Castle’s “winning her back” strategy was going to turn out to be a cover for him “following her around like a hawk” but it’s not looking like that at all.
            As for Beckett, I really do not have a problem with her decision either to go after LokSat or to leave Rick while doing that. Is it the story arc I would have chosen for this season? No, definitely not. But I don’t see it as being OOC for Kate or unreasonable … in her mind and given how she thinks. Is it a rerun of how she handled Bracken? To some degree. When she’s confronted with a situation that requires her to “trust” things will stay status quo (danger lurking but not immediate), she can’t just look away. Even during her “truce” with Bracken, she was continuing her quest to take him down. Right now, she thinks she can’t trust anyone in the AG’s office, the CIA, and perhaps even the FBI and NYPD. She doesn’t know where the corruption is and who is involved. I think she’s trying to get a fix on how big this operation is and some idea of who before she brings it to the attention of the alphabet agencies. In the meantime, she doesn’t want Rick, her/his family, and their colleagues to figure out what she’s doing, which will only put them in potentially more danger. And she certainly doesn’t want him to get involved in the investigation. After all, there is no immediate danger to any of them as long as LokSat believes that they all believe in the patsy that what served up (Allison Hyde). To let things slide, however, to live with the status quo, means they will never be safe…again, in her mind.
            A minor point: Beckett on the couch. I’ve had female and male bosses in jobs with long hours that laid (lied?) on their couches while subordinates went in and out with info and updates. It’s not that unusual. She didn’t have an appointment with the CSU guy. It was more like a come up when you can. She even thanked him for taking the time as he left her office.

        • R says:

          I agree 100% with you. I still haven’t found any reason to hate Beckett. She’s doing what she thinks is the right thing to do in a very difficult situation and not going after Locksat would have been out of her character. Of course I would rather see her doing it with Castle, but I can accept her reasoning not to. And SK is doing as impeccable job as always with a storyline that cannot be easy for her either. Can’t say the same about Castle / Fillion, though. Admitted the character is very poorly written at the moment, not his want to save his life with Beckett, but the methods he’s currently using or his logic they don’t make any sense. And Fillion’s exaggerated facial expressions and clumsiness don’t make the story any better or the character even likable. The sad thing is that the script doesn’t demand this and his overacting only kills all the comedy in those scenes. In fact with more straightforward, more serious acting Fillion might even fix at least some of the flaws in the writing and preserve the little bit of character integrity there was left after S7. So I’m sorry but it falls hard for me to feel any sympathy for Castle right now.

          • Harvey says:

            Here I agree with Ndixit. Beckett can do anything and somehow some fans would just pin all on Castle anyway. How could Beckett ever be wrong, even if she’s going against her character development, and logic. If it’s in her character, then also she’s the one who can’t have a family, until she’s quitting, so even that’s on her here, but no….let’s pin it on Castle, lol.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Exactly, R. Well said.
            Harvey – R and I are not “pinning” anything on Castle. We both have stated we think Beckett’s doing what’s in her character, whereas Castle as written currently is not. And, yeah, you’re right. It just may be that Kate can’t have a family life in the traditional sense. Her crusade to do what’s right, to find the truth, to root out the bad in this world, may just be too strong for her to ever overcome. IMO the showrunners-writers won’t go that far. As I’ve said I think she’ll go as far as to identify who’s doing what and then have the sense to bring other authorities in. That would show incredible character growth. And if the writers are as good as I’m hoping they can be, they’ll do it in a way that has Rick figuring it out with her.

          • Harvey says:

            @Castlebuzz, it wouldn’t show any character development because Beckett has before went to Castle when she was going after Bracken, in season 3 and in season 2. In those episodes, she went to Castle before she found out anything at all, so going to anyone after finding it out wouldn’t be character development. Then, the only thing you’re looking at is that she thinks she needs to find out whose behind this so quickly that nobody notices it. Logically, how long did it take for her to figure out Bracken was after her? She needed help from Castle and the boys to do that too. It’ll be silly showing she figured everything out about a much bigger deal on her own when she wasn’t able to with Bracken. She took Castle everywhere with Bracken, now suddenly just backing off is wrong, especially when she’s in a position of more power. Right now, logically, she should use her powers to try and find out whose behind this organization. At least her detectives to do the work. And as you said, she can’t have a family, but NOT because of her urge to find justice, but to find justice on her own, which she hasn’t really ever been able to. She’ll continue to become more powerful, but she’ll always just go on her own? That’s not bravery, it’s stupidity. Then, with Bracken if she would have done this, then it would have made sense. But now just saying that nobody gets in trouble, even those whose job it is to get in trouble, and she finds out whose behind everything alone, that would mean the organization is the silliest organization in the world to not go straight after her husband.

        • wesleydv09 says:

          No but it is clear that you are not objective towards the Castle character. Having a favourite character is fine, but try to be objective. You spend one sentence to give an excuse for how the Castle character is acting, bad writing. But spend three alinea’s trying to defend Beckett’s actions.

        • wesleydv09 says:

          And I am wondering. What if Castle would be the one doing this. Leaving their marriage, leaving Beckett alone at the loft. Not wanting her around, and asking for space, lying and keeping secrets from her. And investigating his dissapearance with another woman. I have the feeling that a lot of people who now say that Beckett is not doing anything wrong, would then say that Castle is a jackass for doing that. I am not saying you would say that, but if I see some other posters over here, I can’t help but notice.

          And yes it is in character for her. But then people are still allowed to hate her over this. Because yes it is in her character, but then I don’t like her character that much. Because I absolutely hate what she is doing and how she is treating Castle. And that is my opinion, and everyone can have different one. But I am starting to dislike the Beckett character more every episode, and I am actually hoping that Castle stops going after her and serves her with divorce papers. Just to shaken her up. Because at this moment I feel that she is not even considering the fact that Castle may not be willing to wait for her, instead she seems to find it normal.

          So yes her actions are in character, but that doesn’t mean I accept her reasoning. Because I absolutely do not.

          • lurker says:

            To wesleydv09. Listen again the conversation between Beckett and Castle at the end of 08×02.Beckett said ” …A when it’s done I hope…. I hop…. I hope you’ll have it in your heart to take me back.” She doesn’t find it normal. She hopes. That’s it. And she’s perfectly aware that it might not go well.

          • wesleydv09 says:

            She also said to Martha that will not getting divorced. How does she know? Is she the only one who decides? Maybe if she goes on like this Castle does want a divorce.

            Maybe deep down she knows that there is a posibility he will not take her back. But I believe that she believes that will not happen, and that Castle will always be there for her. And now he is trying to win her back, why he needs to win back that left him in a selfish way, in my opinion, is beyond me, but oke. I think Beckett would not expect it if Castle would suddenly stop trying to get her back and would tell her he can’t go on like this.

      • ndixit says:

        Well what the writers write becomes part of the character. That’s a really a bizarre excuse. Yes the writers are to blame for this story arc but they are also writing these characteristics into the Beckett character. And as a result, the Beckett character has become worse. And quite frankly, the whole hiding and lying thing has always been part of Beckett’s personality. She has just hit a new level of self-destructiveness.

  29. gretchen thad says:

    I don’t want to judge based on a sneak peak which have often been misleading in the past, but…shouldn’t sneak peaks make me want to watch the show, not turn it off. Just one more example of the fun, flirty banter of season 8. So sad.

    • John NYC says:

      That’s was my first impression as well: this may well be organic and acceptable in the context of that episode, but as a standalone teaser it’s off-putting at best. Teasers by their very intent, are taken OUT OF CONTEXT, so they should be tempting people to watch, not cringe.

  30. CM says:

    Nothing says I love you like, “I gotta get the rest of my stuff.”

    The writing are spending an awful lot of effort “telling” us she loves him, and absolutely no time “showing” us.

    There is no UST or even angst here anymore. Just sadness.

    • Allie says:

      This is my exact issue. She can tell him she loves him all day long, but at the end of the day her actions say otherwise. Just how long can Castle play the understanding husband?

  31. Well, Castle reacts about as “gut punched” as if he got a vanilla latte with two sugars instead of one. “Absolutley, any time.” Well if he doesn’t bother about it, why should I? Everything is fine, the weather is nice, there are good movies and good books – a lot of other things to do.

  32. John NYC says:

    A fun ride, I’ll be tuning in next week as always.

  33. Waleed says:

    They are losing viewers every week and now Castle should just leave beckett. Will they won’t they works 1st time. 2Nd time it’s boring and time wasting. #Castle doesn’t have any self respect left and Beckett story and reasons are misguided , disconnecting & abusive To fans and to characters. Hating beckett every ep. ABC should just cancel the show.

    • Ellen says:

      As much as I hate this split, the numbers have been very consistent over the 4 episodes. Check your facts. They lost viewers from S7 to S8, but S8 has been very consistent so far.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ellen you are as bad as the writers if that was the case why has the show drop from somewhere around 30 to somewhere Around 54. and every review and tweet I read fans are not watching.

        • Ellen says:

          30 to 54 what? What are you even referring to? Ratings 1.2, 1.2, 1.2, 1.1 Viewers 6.84, 6.70, 6.76, 6.78 mil. That seems the definition of consistency to me. They’re not good numbers, but they’re consistent numbers, so where are the viewers Waleed says the show is supposedly losing EVERY WEEK?

          • I'm going to let you finish but says:

            Common core math tells me that if it was 1.2 demo last week and it’s 1.1 demo this week we “gained” 0.1 in the demo and therefore we have not “lost” 0.1 in the demo. (SARCASM OF COURSE, we lost .1, which isn’t bad, but it’s what pays the bills, they don’t care about total viewers, they care about demo.)
            But we’ll lose this week and during the small break leading up to sweeps, then of course the big hiatus. And we will certainly lose with all these great sneak peeks.

          • L8wrtr says:

            Ellen, those numbers are horrible.. from top 30 shows, to 54th.. that is not good.
            And as far as 1.2, 1.2, 1.1.. those are truly horrible. In order for a show to be profitable for the network, they need to be pulling a certain number of a specific age demographic, most importantly 18-49, which is the 1.x number represents, their share of that demographic during that hour. While the total number of viewers are in the millions, the 1.1 means that they are not doing well with the demographic that the advertisers want to reach and pay top dollar for.
            As expensive as the Castle is now because of the salaries, ABC will not be able to justify spending that money because they won’t be able to charge advertisers enough for the air time, not when they can try and put a higher rated show in its slot.
            1.1 share is the lowest they’ve EVER had on Castle.. ever.. and this season is their lowest rated run of 4 consecutive episodes ever. They are terrible compared to last season (for reference, the final episode pulled a 1.7 share which is respectable, and was representative of the average of season 7, which was down from season 6 and so-on. It’s a downward trend that will force ABC to put serious thought into whether or not it’s worth spending any more money on.
            At the rate it’s slipping, and I bet you next episode slips even lower, the execs will project that the likelihood of fans returning after an extra-long hiatus are slim and may just cut their losses. They may move it to Saturday night to limp out the season because that is typically where networks send shows on their last leg. No matter how you look at it, the writers have killed this show, and this time, it’s no mystery who’s behind it. The only mystery is why they were allowed to do it at all.

          • The ratings when taking into considerations DVRs and on-demand are much better, so it’s not all doomsday.

          • jahoney1 says:

            TV ads and commercial’s do not care about DVR and on demand. The simple reason is that with DVR and on demand you can skip commercials. They care about the who watched it live number.

  34. N-A-Coma says:

    Hey, TV line peeps! Lets do a poll. After reading some of the comments on the other board it seems those that hate this SL are trashing those that don’t and vice verses. Not all but some. I say instead of everyone commenting and trashing each other we can see who really wins with a poll: Who is Pleasantly Pleased with this SL and the writers and Who is Pleasantly Pissed Off with it.

  35. HG says:

    The showrunners keep ruining the show. I have tried to hang in thee but NOTHING seems to be fun or fresh, just ruined. They have totally ruined the show, totally! No more secrets from Kate in the second episode right??!!!! It is so bad I cannot even watch the reruns I enjoyed so much as they are all bull____ as they are all betrayed by the crap being pulled here. I want to like the show but it is beyond even likeable. The reality is Rick should be furious with her and should be taking steps to be the playboy he was previously as there is no reason for him to be loyal as Kate is not certainly loyal to him

  36. Waleed says:

    Even if beckett has to do this she could do this secretly by being with #Castle. Like he did in s4.
    Writers just didnt know how to make them work together while Kate is captain.
    & where is the “stronger than ever sparks & electricity” haven t seen it a bit.
    This show sucks and has become uninteresting & a disappointment. U just can’t attract new people to This show. & the old ones are leaving.
    Jimmy Kimmel said To Nathan about this that “it’s weird & abusive”
    This show has turn from never wanting to end to I can’t stand it. I now don’t want #Caskett anymore. #CastleDesevresBetter

    • Beckstle says:

      “Even if beckett has to do this she could do this secretly by being with #Castle. Like he did in s4. Writers just didn’t know how to make them work together while Kate is captain.”

  37. Anonymous says:

    Why not just kill Beckett off since Stana wants off the show. At least maybe the writers can get that right instead of this BS. OK writers now read all the bad press and reviews and correct this story line.NOT

    • S8fan says:

      She is being PUSHED off the show! And replaced by other character(s) that enjoy a warmer spot on some important people related to the show!
      They should have ended the show with some dignity and respect for fans that have believed in the show and followed it through thick and thin over 7 seasons.
      I had the conviction that I never wanted the show to end (unrealistic, I know) and that I would stick with it until the ‘wheels fell off’.
      Well, all four tires have been blown off at this point..
      Sad and upset.

    • Beckstle says:

      If you were being objective you;d be saying both stars are tired of Castle. Nathan is all about Firefly, Con Man and just about anything but Castle – has been for a while. Stana likes film, and just got married. 8 years is a long time to be doing a show – especially when your character is being jerked around and has no continuity. Being that Stana & Seamus mentioned their contracts weren’t being dealt with until “others” were taken care of, Stana actually took less time to resign than Nathan did. Bottom line: they both signed up for this season. I’d say whatever reservations either of them had, they both were willing to do this for one more year.
      What’s going on now with this storyline is a writing problem. Even if all the stupid rumors were true, there were a ton of other ways to keep Castle and Beckett apart that wouldn’t involve dragging the character’s integrity through the mud. It’s bad writing that’s ultimately at fault here – not the actors.

  38. Db says:

    Heres the problem. People go on here and tumblr and other sites and bitch up a storm about how much they hate this and that about the story line but the vast majority of you doing that (9 or 8 out of ten) will never ever voice your displeasure directly to those responsible where they will see it! Send it to Hawley, Winter, Stana,Nathan ,ABC directly via email, twitter or even calling ABC feedback line! They will never see it or hear about your displeasure otherwise but majority of you never will because you will say its not right its disrespectful to them . what about how they are disrespecting the fans as well as the show and characters! But you wont , you will continue to gripe here and other places where it matters not!

  39. jurassicmind says:

    I’ll stay away from Castle now, thank you very much. And it’s note because showrunners broke C/B. It’s because the motives and ejecution is soooo poorly done. They say they found a fun way to bring sparks back, but it’s not working. And it’s not fun. It’s sadness because they wrecking this formerly beloved show. I’m sad af

    • Claire says:

      Nathan Fillion said this back in 2012 to a British entertainment site (video & article still online if you want to search it) –

      “I think something that you guys here [in the UK] do really well is take shows, have incredible stories and then finish strong and wrap them up,” said the actor. “That’s something I can really appreciate.

      “What I don’t want to see happen to Castle is… I don’t want to see it peter out and die a slow death, and be forced out.”

      Come on Castle, pull it back, finish strong!

      • Well, then he shouldn’t have signed at the end of the last season. Case closed.

      • S8fan says:

        And about a month ago, in another interview he was asked if he thinks the show can continue without Beckett and his answer was that he had not believed in Castle and Beckett getting together, but that worked out very well. He said he will not be surprised if the writers can pull off the show without Beckett. This was not a written interview; it was a video of it shown online.

        • Just one thing says:

          “He said he will not be surprised if the writers can pull off the show without Beckett.”
          Let me tell you, I was SO shocked when he suggested that a couple months ago. Clutched my pearls and nearly fell down.

          • S8fan says:

            And that is, in part, A BIG reason we are seeing on the screen the current storyline.
            It seems he is dead set against working with Stana. She has been carrying the show on her shoulders and it can be that he is resentful of her praise!

        • wesleydv09 says:

          Well you are defenitely objective. Uhum.

          I find people who are pro Fillion and hate Katic, or pro Katic and hate Fillion so freaking pathethic. You belong to the second group. There is nothing wrong with having a favourite actress or character, but the way you always make comments about Fillion and try to blame everything on him is pathethic.

          Because it is your opinion that she has been carrying the show on its shoulders. You have the right to that opinion, but it is an opinion not a fact. I completely disagree. They both have carried this show on their shoulders. Without Katic the show wouldn’t have been this good, but it wouldn’t have been this good without Fillion either. Their acting is of the same level. We shouldn’t pretend that Fillion is a incredible actor, but Katic is also not an incredible actress either. Just good. So why should he be resentful of her? There is nothing to be resentful for, because she is absolutely not a better actress than he is an actor. Again, they are at the same level.

  40. Rich says:

    Last comment pertaining to this show! Congrats idiots.

  41. Waleed says:

    Maybe the Showrunner should remind themselves that the show only win the PCA when couple got together. And now this …

  42. georgee says:

    So now we have Kate moving completely out of Rick life, Why as the show runners would you do that? We have been feed I line of lies, remember we all were told that they are getting back together at SPRINT speed just another lie. Matt from Tv Line can you explain just how that going to work, are you bold enough to do that. So it does not look really good for episode 7 11/16 ( Mr @ Mrs Castle). Why did not tell this to the fans earlier so we can make are minds up to stay or go. You have already lost over 2 million fans, what is another two or three million. The show runners must had written cartunes before. This new show looks like peanuts, Lucy (Kate) holds the ball for Charlie Brown (Rick) to kick just to pull it away before he does, he flat on his back she laughs and walks away. How does this make there married stronger? Please explain why we should stay and watch this show? It like the show runners are standing over the fallen fans who are having a warm liquid falling in there ears and being told it is only rain.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “…remember we all were told that they are getting back together at SPRINT speed.”

      Who the heck told you that?

      • Gern Blanston says:

        Some random dude on some random message board. You know how reliable some dude is so, it must be true.

      • Georgee says:

        Matt you might want to try Winter and Hawley. Give me a address and I’ll send you a hard copy.

        • DarkDefender says:

          Instead of being so cryptic, why don’t you reveal your mystery source. The only time there has been a mention of “getting back together at SPRINT speed” was a line Beckett gave to Akhram in PhDead, about wanting to get the big bad before Castle butted into the investigation and she could get back to the marriage she “blew up” to conduct their secret investigation.
          But if I am incorrect, please correct me. I’d love to know your source.

      • I'm going to let you finish but says:

        I read it….in some fan fiction Matt. It’s 100% true. lol

  43. mazel tov says:

    Last week was the first time I did not watch Castle live. DVR’d it and watched a few days later. After this sneak peek I won’t even do that. Just canceled the recording of the entire series, not just this week. Will keep an eye on things to see what evolves over the next several weeks, but for now its back to NCIS-LA.

  44. Court says:

    Castle and Mysteries of Laura have almost the exact same ratings along with Nashville. It is so rare for a show these days to get a demo above 2.0. I think the 3 month break after 808 airs on November 23rd is needed. Hopefully 809 will be a fresh start to the show when it airs in February. People are dumb as heck to think Beckett wouldn’t want the rest of her stuff back. Like hello that is what happens when you split up with someone.

    • Harvey says:

      Majority are already disliking Beckett splitting up, especially for flawed reasons, and here the problem was also the way she said it. She first said she was about to call, also smiled like that and then just said she wanted to come and pick the stuff up, it felt insensitive.

  45. Dgregg says:

    Honestly, the only reason I am watching Castle on DVR at this point is because I think it is funny that I predicted they would break up and someone I know who is a major Castle fan thought I was insane. It is hysterical to watch this show go downhill knowing that the person who trashed my prediction is seething at this storyline. If the breakup had lasted a couple of episodes, like Bones only had Booth kicked out of the house for two episodes, then I think the fans would accept this storyline.

  46. Jennifer says:

    Well, doesn’t this just suck. First she leaves him and takes a few items and now she wants the rest of her stuff. It sounds to me like the show runners are running Castle into the ground. The fans waited for what 4 yrs for Rick and Kate to admit how they felt for one another, another year for them to get engaged, another year to get married and the writers break them up one year after that. I get the trying to protect Rick, Martha and Alexis but come on, the bad guys don’t care if they are living together or not, they will go after them simply because they know Beckett still loves and cares for them all. Please end this story line now and get them back together and stop bringing new people in. They are not going to have the same chemistry as Beckett and Castle. Stana and Nathan play well off of one another and heck if I didn’t already know she is married to her husband Kris I would still think those two had something going on the outside of Castle they look so great together.

  47. The show is doomed if they keep this story line past the end of the “fall season”. I don’t care what dynamic they are changing. Heck, they drastically underestimated the backlash from the fans because of this dumb idea of theirs. Besides, in the history of the show Beckett’s feelings never stopped her from screwing over Castle before.

    • L8wrtr says:

      It’s doomed period Jim, and I hate to say it, but it really is. They’ve set a course that cannot be recovered from. They completely misunderstood what it was the fans enjoyed, and they really misunderstood the characters themselves, because there is no way either character should be making these choices, and now that they have, there is absolutely no believable way to mend this thing, it is forever broken. Can you honestly envision a storyline out of this cluster that redeems either Kate or Rick? If you can, please share it because I got nothing.. nothing at all… except that they should have quit after Season 7.

      • Trina says:

        Exactly this. There really isn’t anywhere they can go from here that will redeem this story or these characters. They’ve dug themselves a hole that’s impossible to get out of in 18 remaining episodes. They basically demolished these characters and their love story and even if it is mended, it won’t be at all believable. Even when B and C do get back together, it will never be the same. It’s incredibly disappointing.

      • Just one thing says:

        There’s the rub, isn’t it?

  48. John NYC says:

    Better be a lot of context for this, which brings up the issue of why choose THIS as a teaser?

  49. Matt Stone says:

    That scene is completely unnecessary and cruel. I will watch the next 4 episodes. If they are on a somewhat believable path to getting back together I might continue watching. Something is stinking here and it’s not just the show’s rotting corpse. The promotional photos show someone pointing a gun at Castle at the loft. Not sure if that is related to the COTW, Beckett’s quest, or a gag. Maybe this scares her enough to make her think she needs to remove any trace of herself to protect him. How far can she push him before he loses his cool. We need to see Castle get angry and stand up to her. The kind of fight like in Always. That scene is better than anything from this season. If this really is an elaborate charade by Castle and I will be shocked. The show runners don’t seem smart enough to pull that off. I’m not saying they need to reunite them like nothing happened. Get them together by the fall finale and let her work to regain his trust over the rest of the season.

    • BM says:

      Yes, please, get him angry. It’s one of the things that I loved about the show, that Castle didn’t just swallow what he was dealt but that he stood up to her. It set the show apart from others and I really want that back!

  50. skrable2 says:

    I know TVLine did an interview with the new show runners before the season, where they said they expected negative feedback and asked the viewers to be patient.

    I wonder if you folks are planning a mid-year interview with them to see whether the reaction has been worse than expected and whether fan reaction has caused them to re-think any of the storyline going forward.

    Because their telling the fans to be patient and wait for the payoff is a lot like Beckett saying over and over she loves Castle — it’s just empty words without evidence at this stage.

    • BM says:

      I totally agree with that last bit! And I’m wondering why ABC would release that kind of sneak peek. It doesn’t seem like the promo you’d want out there as I would suspect it to bring the ratings down rather than up. Odd move.
      As far as Beckett is concerned, I actually don’t want her to succeed in finding the person’s responsible. I want her to realize that there’s nothing more important than Castle and that it’s not this drive for justice or vengeance which is standing in the way of her happy ending but that it’s herself. I’d find it very unsatisfying if she came back only after it was over because then vengeance will always be stronger than her relationship.

    • annek says:

      They also said in the interview that they didnt care about fan reaction, so we can complain all we want, they could care less and wont change a thing. Nice thing to know about people running a show isnt it?

      • Gern Blanston says:

        They shouldn’t care what fan reaction is. Fans complain about anything and everything. Keep Beckett and Castle apart too long and half of the fans gripe about that and threaten to stop watching. Get them together and the other half complain that the sexual tension is gone and threaten to stop watching. If fans knew anything about writing scripts they would be writers in Hollywood instead of being reactionary commenters on websites.

        • Claire says:

          I agree that there’s a tendency for viewers to veer towards the negative in their feedback on shows. But this reaction is pretty unprecedented for Castle. Surely it’s a good way of doing business to accept customer feedback for any business or service? Also, I don’t think the argument ‘well you can’t write a script’ holds much water – I’m not a flight engineer but if I’m hurtling towards the earth from a height of 35,000 feet, you can be sure I’ll be cursing the people that built / maintained the thing. Not being able to do something yourself doesn’t mean you need to accept uncritically what you consider to be an inferior product.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I have no problem with being critical. However as viewers, expeting a show to cater to each and every whim of yours (not you personally, but the person that I originally responded to) is ridiculous. That was why I responded with “well you can’t write a script”. Normally, I agree with you that it is a weak argument. In instances like this I find it warranted though because the OP wants the story to only go in the direction that they see fit. Also, I don’t know if you were following the comments online towards the end of season 4 or at the end of season 6, but the tone was as volatile as it is now. People were up in arms about the writers taking too long getting Castle and Beckett together and they were wasting time with filler episodes starring Fillion’s buddies instead of everything being solely about Castle and Beckett. And when they did the car crash and disappearance instead of the wedding people were apoplectic. The way that people were talking you would’ve thought that somebody slapped their mothers.