Girl Meets World Sneak Peek: Riley and Maya Send Lucas to His 'Tombstone'

Girl Meets World‘s three-part “Girl Meets Texas” event gets off to a rocky start on Friday (Disney Channel, 8:30/7:30c) — especially as far as Riley and Maya’s friendship with Lucas is concerned.

In TVLine’s exclusive clip from the trilogy’s kick-off, the girls sign Lucas up for a rodeo competition in his home state — only it turns out they didn’t read the fine print as thoroughly as they could have.

Once you’ve watched that clip, browse our gallery below for three more exclusive photos from each part of “Girl Meets Texas.” (Spoiler alert: Even though Riley and Maya look all smiles in the photo from Part 3, take our word for it — their time in the Lone Star State is hardly drama-free.)

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  1. When i first saw this show I thought was over the top and trying way to hard. That being said it has grown on me and I really like this show. I am so glad they are showing all three parts this story line this weekend.

    • Elle says:

      I feel like the show was definitely trying too hard, which is understandable considering the writers must have really felt the incredible pressure they were under. Since then they’ve really been able to relax and grow and it’s become one of the best shows on the channel, I can’t wait to see where the season goes.

  2. Allison says:

    I am glad I kept watching even after “The Hurricane” episode, even though I still tear up and cannot watch it in repeats. The characters have grown on me and I have accepted that this is the show that it is and it is not going to change. It is cute and enjoyable and I have a feeling that Lucas is going to be the only monkey wrench thrown into the impenetrable friendship of Maya and Riley and if that is the case, we’ll see just how strong that “ring power” of theirs truly is when a love interest enters the mix and shakes things up a bit.

  3. its more of a question is Maya and Lucas going to end up as a couple

    • Natalie says:

      Lucas and Maya are Favorite Couple Girl meets Yearbook i don’t want Riley and Maya affect their Friendship between Riley and Maya And Lucas become the Triangle I more like a Lacaya Team fan my favorite sences us Campfire have when Maya have Feelings for Lucas become Riley came along and Riley and Farkle more like a Couple Girl meets New Year more like Cory anf Topanga. My Favorite is Lacaya my favorite Team fan my favorite is Lucas and Maya have a boy in the real Realtionshp can be Hard and Different more like Understanding

  4. baby girl says:

    I think this episode made Maya a fake friend beaches I relied on this show like my live and for her to do that to her best friend that’s messy

    • I agree with you why would you do that to your friend #Rucas!!!#Not a lucaya fan👎.

      • personal preference says:

        As a hashtag… I’d go with #Ricas.

      • Angel says:

        I agree. I thought it was lucas and Riley and for Maya to go after him makes for a bad friend. turning me off from the show.

        • T says:

          I soooo agree with you. I am old but watch the show with my daughter and I like it because I am a boy meets world fan. I was so disappointed the way Disney took this story line, this friendship was supposed to be compared to Shawn’s and Cory , Shawn would have never did that and even though it might bring sparks it really made me not want to see what happens next. Girls can be just as loyal to each other as guys.

          • Asia Oliver says:

            Actually I disagree with all of you. If you pay attention Maya is actually a great friend. Maya had liked Lucas from the moment they met but she stepped back for Riley. Riley was unaware and Maya had to keep in all her feeling about Lucas this whole time all for Riley. Also Maya made no romantic gestures towards Lucas. Lucas is the one that grabbed her face and almost kissing her at the campfire. So that is why I actually think Maya is a true friend to Riley.

  5. baby girl says:

    I think riley and Lucas should to together💯

  6. Hope maya and Lucas fall in love

  7. gila says:

    I hope Lucas and Mya end up together

  8. Angel says:

    I thought that it was Lucas and Riley. when did it become Maya. That kind of messes thinks up. with maya going after the guy her friend likes

  9. Angel says:

    I thought that it was Lucas and Riley. when did it become Maya. That kind of messes thinks up. with maya going after the guy her friend likes. Not liking the way this story is going

  10. Josy says:

    This messes a lot of things up But still Maya has always had personal problems . With Lucas on her side she will be so much happier , Riley and him never looked good anyway ! Lucas and Maya!! Please …

  11. Wendy says:

    I’m rooting for Maya and Lucas. They have amazing chemistry and are a way better fit.

  12. Heather says:

    I loved this show until they made mia say that she likes lukis and if them to get together I’m going to go crazy.rily and lukis need to be together not l7kis and mia!!!

  13. Oh ya says:

    Lucas should sleep with them both!

    • common sense says:

      You’re what’s wrong with the world. This is a show about 13 year olds. Let’s focus on innocent crushes without giving them mature adult issues.

  14. Susan says:

    I think it is going to be Lucas and Riley because when u have a crush it’s hard to talk to (Riley and Luca)
    but as brother and sister u Calle each other names and care bout each other (maya and Lucas)

  15. Kelly says:

    I think farkle and Riley are going to be a perfect match.#my opinion

  16. Michala says:

    Is there gone be a part 4 because it need to be what happened on miya and Lucas date and Riley date

  17. Ashley says:

    I’am team Rucas. I hope they end up together. I think they will. The writers tweeted that the biggest hint was in the pilot. In the pilot Maya and Lucas “date” and “breakup,” on the train. Then Riley fall into his lap. Also in the pilot Riley tries to act like Maya. In Texas Riley is trying to act like Maya again and tease Lucas and at like his sister.
    But there is also a case for Maya and Lucas. In the pilot Farkle compares Maya to sloppy joe and Riley to chicken pot pie. Lucas eats sloppy joe. Also in the beginning he was sitting behind Riley, now he’s sitting behind Maya.
    I know that there are a lot of Lucaya fans out there, but I honestly son’t see the appeal. Maya and Lucas seem more like brother and sister to me. Maya always teases him and makes fun of him. That is something that siblings do. Also the whole show has been about Riley and Lucas. They only introduced Maya and Lucas recently.
    I WANT RUCAS to end up with each other!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I think Riley and Lucas can be a cute couple . I think Maya and Lucas can’t be a couple because maya thinks she wants him to be happy.

  19. sharae says:

    I need to see a part 4 because, then i would know what’s going on. I hope that Riley and Lucas go together. Maya is a butt face for that. she needs to back up and let Riley and Lucas be Rucas.

  20. ROMEO says:

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