Descendants Sequel

Descendants Sequel in the Works at Disney Channel

In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, Disney Channel is pursuing a follow-up to its monster hit musical Descendants.

The network has ordered a sequel script from Sara Parriott and Josann McGibbon, who wrote the first film. The announcement was made Thursday.

Descendants follows four children of Disney villains — Maleficent’s daughter Mal (Dove Cameron), Evil Queen’s daughter Evie (Sofia Carson), Jafar’s son Jay (Booboo Stewart) and Cruella de Vil’s son Carlos (Cameron Boyce) — as they decide whether they want to pursue lives of good or evil.

Descendants EndingThe movie premiered Friday, July 31 to 6.6 million viewers, 14 percent more eyeballs than Teen Beach 2 reeled in earlier that month.

“I have a whole idea for the next plot,” Cameron told TVLine in July before the original movie even premiered.

What’s your dream plot for the next Descendants movie? Drop it in a comment below.

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  1. J says:

    Love story between Carlos and the prince :p

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    Yay! I enjoyed the first one more than I thought I would

  3. Belle says:

    This was such a cute movie, tons better than I anticipated! Excited for a potential trilogy in the future :) Can’t go wrong with Disney movies!

  4. John NYC says:

    “I have a whole idea for the next plot,” Cameron told ..

    I wonder if it will involve… TWINS? Maybe that closing evil glint was the mean twin?

  5. Allison says:

    As long as Kristin Chenowith is a part of it, I am all in!!!

  6. meatwad says:

    i am certainly not in the target demographic for this movie but dang it i loved the first one and will certainly watch the next

  7. Lizo says:

    Awesome! I really liked it (aside from the racism that was Jafar’s characterization)

  8. brian says:

    The movie was awesome.

  9. kirads09 says:

    I don’t even like OUAT any more. Why would I like a tween version?

  10. Barb says:

    i think it should be 20 years later, and then Mal and King Ben should get married and have a kid (girl) who wants to be evil. Then she goes to Aurdon Prep to and becomes friends with Evie’s daughter, Eva. She also becomes friends with Audrey’s son, Adien.

  11. MoonStrike Scientist says:

    I have a awesome idea the kingdom decides to lift the force field off of the isle of the lost letting kids of heros and villains roam the same auradonian halls..But 2 new Decendants have another idea Freddy daughter of doctor facillier and gaston the 2nd have a plan to make everybody bow down to there rule with there collection of magic cards voodoo dolls and mirrors
    Disney please see this

  12. Di says:

    My child’s idea is that Audrey should go back in time, with the help of Jane (who can do magic), to get the 4 leads to go back to their old lives, but Mal and her friends must try to stop them.

  13. nowell says:

    I think the 4 should return to the “city in the bubble”, (lol) and gather more villain children and show them that it’s not so bad to be good. Of course, some children just can’t be made to change. Not all of Disney moments are happy ones. Just a thought. Thanks.

    • Megan says:

      ^i think Disney is will do that with the second I think all Disney villian kids will turn good(they only
      Seem like bully level Villians and bully level Villians are not all that hard to make change their paths. I also think that once all the Villian kids choose good that they will
      Stay good and get their happy
      Ever afters in Auradon while the villian parents stay in prison awhile longer thinking if whether or not choosing to be evil was a good idea then the villian parents get out of the isle of the lost and make up with hero parents and then the villian parents become good and eventually get their happy ever afters in Auradon with their kids. I have no
      Idea I just feel like this is the direction that Disney is going with the descendants movie.

  14. Maya Afik says:

    The daughters and sons of lady Tremaine Ursula king john and captian hook, Trenton, ian, Kiley and Heather go to auradon people thinking they are not evil bubut they try and show each other they are truly evil!! And they should be like 10 or 11 to show off their kinda innocence

  15. Sarah says:

    Mal and Ben shouls visit Aurora and her daughter to apoligize then they meet the farires and evil stuff happen which starts pulling mal and ben apart emotionally but they find their way back together and with mal ben and her friends they’ll fight the evil that they never expected who it was and it changes their life for the better

  16. princess lover says:

    I think that they should bring maleficent back to size and send her to the isle of the lost but sends the son of gaston to pretend to be interested in her things will get heated!

  17. Dallan says:

    If Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos weren’t good, it was there plan the whole time

  18. Ignorantfools says:

    Its a couple years later, and Mal is pregnant. When they have the baby, it skips a couple months forward, and Mal and Ben realize that their child is very clever, but also bad.
    Idek but i think it would be a good plot, since in the end of Descendants, where Mal’s eyes glowed green, some of the evil could be passed to their kid.. :)

  19. Mady says:

    I’d love for the sequel to be about the villians’ lives after high school and college. Maybe them getting jobs, marriage, and their own families! This might not be kid friendly enough for Disney, but if really enjoy it and I’m a kid.

    • Mady says:

      I forgot to mention, I would prefer it be Mal and the prince’s story of maybe meeting after seperation at college and their lives as a married couple or with kids

  20. kansasdude says:

    there’s a Descendants story coming out ‘Descendants: Return to the Isle of the Lost’ where the kids (main kids cast) has to go back to Isle of the Lost

    so this got me thinking…Mel and Ben are engaged and when the kids go back to their “old hood”, Mel invites Ben along and he agrees…when they get there Ben feels “out of place” but has Mel there to protect him from everyone who would want to harm him (beings he’s a price on Auradon and the son of the guy that banished their families to the Isle), every one on the Isle wants Mel and the gang to become their very evil selves again but Ben has more than enough goodness to spread to Mel and gang (not to mention, from being at (at first, forced but after being at Auradon Prep for a couple of years, it didn’t feel forced), the goodness started rubbing off on them) so enough goodness kept them from really turning evil…..and when they they get back to Auradon Prep, everyone thinks Mel and gang went back to evil but this time Ben defended them….a few days later Ben and Mel plan their marriage