Bones Video: Booth Gets a Rude Awakening on First Day Back at Work

Talk about adding insult to injury.

On Thursday’s Bones (8/7c, Fox), Booth — hot on the heels of his near-death experience — returns to work at the FBI only to discover that there have been a few changes during his months-long absence.

“It’s great to be here,” the rejuvenated G-man declares to his colleagues as he makes his way out of the elevator. “We’re back!”

But the huge grin on his face quickly fades when he enters his office and finds…well… PRESS play above and see for yourself.

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  1. LILY says:

    This was fun! Put a smile on my face. I love Booth and Aubrey together (much more better than Booth’s dynamic with Sweets, tbh).

    I’m sure there’ll be Aubrey haters soon, but calm down people, Booth is getting his office back.

  2. anon says:

    Ugh, I detest Aubrey…he didn’t even have the balls to tell Booth before hand, what a gutless douchebag

    • LILY says:

      oh please, you’re just making up excuses to hate him, when there are no real reasons

      • heather says:

        He didn’t tell Booth though did he?

        He’s been there for months

        I think it makes Aubrey a self serving asshole

        • LILY says:

          you don’t know at what point he got the office, maybe it hasn’t been that long, maybe it didn’t come up, maybe Booth didn’t ask him, whatever, but calling him self serving asshole based on this, when he’s so far proven nothing but a good friend and a good agent (who was there for Brennan and Booth during Booth’s his gambling issues, and helped save his life) is completely unfair and ridiculous. you just hate him so you look for every (unreasonable) chance to say something bad about him.

          • anon says:

            Ummm…Booth saved his OWN life, he patched himself up, was coming out of the basement by himself.

            Aubrey & Miller were useless the whole case, actually Angela & Brennan made better agents than them

            You pointing out that Asshole Aubrey is suppose to be Booth’s friend makes this even worse.

            Yes, Aubrey is such a good friend, the one who doesn’t even have the basic decency to fill you in on whats going prior.

            Friends like that who needs enemies

          • LILY says:

            you could say the same about Hodgins and Brennan in 2×09. They were the ones who were able to get more air for themselves, and they used the explosion to get out. and YET if the team weren’t able to get to the place, how do you think they would actually get out and come back home?! And BOOTH was then the one who said it took all of them, that if you take anyone on the team out, Brennan and Hodgins wouldn¨t make it out alive. Same here. If Aubrey, Miller and the team weren’t investigating and weren’t doing a good job doing it, the guys behind it wouldn’t feel the pressure that eventually lead to the “fight” between them which allowed Booth to get out of the basement (still conscious luckily) but what good would that be if he passed out on the street? If Brennan and Aubrey weren’t already here with an ambulance ready to give him the medical attention Booth needed. Hmm? They all work together as a team, everyone did something to help. It’s always been that way. So don’t turn this into a one man show. It’s always been the team. And again, BOOTH would be the one to say “it was all of us”, like he did in 2×09.

          • anon says:

            Aubrey & Miller did nothing the whole ep except run around with dead leads. They were dumb and dumber.

            Angela figured out who the killer was

            Brennan got him to confess

            Booth saved his own ass and was heading out into the street, where there people milling round, any one would of phoned for an ambulance. The FBI were useless to him.

            Next…,Anything else stan? Done

          • Rob Tyler says:

            You do know it’s a FICTIONAL television show don’t you? There’s no Booth, Aubrey or Bones. They are all actors, doing an acting job, getting paid for it. Judging by your comments, you either have waay too much time on your hands, or your hamster fell off it’s wheel. Up your meds, please. SMDH

          • anon says:

            Yes Rob, we are aware that Bones is fictional and not a documentary

            Also in other news water is wet

            You do understand the concept of discussing about fictional characters…on wait for it….a TV site about TV shows…..

      • tyranthraxus says:

        Hes not Sweets. THats one reason to dislike the guy.

        I also got from earlier seasons that Aubrey was not exactly a experienced agent at the FBI. They might have changed that but when he humped into Booths case wasnt he trying to make his first real bust at the FBI?

  3. John NYC says:

    A mini fridge! oooh the burn.

  4. Nancy says:

    Well lets hope Booth gets a bigger and better office!!

    • tyranthraxus says:

      Booth came back because he missed this? He came back because Bones signed him up. He wants to be back training agents.

  5. heathet says:

    He gets HIS office back and job prolly by the ep end, David posted pics of him in Booth’s office again back to normal with his Booth stuff ….so this storyline just reeks of the showrunners wanting to humilate Booth, for what purpose?

    Not amused

    • John NYC says:

      How “humiliate”? You expected they show the FBI set up a nice Booth shrine replete with flowers and flickering candles in there? It was an empty office of a former employee who QUIT: meaning a space to be filled. That someone would occupy that empty office was inevitable, by seating Aubrey there the writers actually gave Booth a shot at getting it back: if it had been written as assigned to some general Special Agent, Booth would have been shipped off to whatever space facilities could find for him. That office no longer connected to the storyline.

      And Booth in the basement in a recovered storage space next to some heating ducts and the main sewage drain collection junction….. now THERE’S humiliating. Think Ainsley Hayes’ basement digs in West Wing.

      • 1mars says:

        Oh please, the empty office at the Jeff was not filled even though Arastoo had taken the job, temporarily at least, and Brennan comes in kicks everyone off the platform and takes over the case, then waltzes back into the Jeff the minute she then decides, for the both of them, B&B, they should return to crime fighting. As always, not equal partners in life or love.

        • John NYC says:

          And the reason the Jeff office hadn’t been filed was pretty brutally revealed: Cam didn’t judge Arastoo was up for the job. So she painted around having to deal with telling her boyfriend he wasn’t qualified and choosing the real replacement. The same situation didn’t pertain to the F.B.I.

          So for me it’s another “Tune in next” to see how they, gasp, actually handle it. Saving my hyperventilating for what they actually do. but hey HYOH.

          • heather says:

            And are we suppose to forget that Clarke took over Brennan office in S8?

            They had no problem filling the vacancy then

            But somehow the new showrunners are going out of their way to humilate Booth at work for kicks and to preserve Brennan’s dignity at the lab

      • heather says:

        Humilating in that a junior agent can take over the place of a FBI with 20 yrs on the clock*

        Humilating that the once head of the department has to sit out in the bullpen

        Humilating that nobody actually give a crap to tell Booth about these changes before he returned

        *I had no problem when Flynn took over Booth’s office in S8, cos he actually put in the years and earned it.

  6. 1mars says:

    And we are supposed to like this twerp, has he taken Bth’s office and title now and couldn’t tell him in the 6-8 months since Booth has left the Investigation Unit? That makes sense….not, a 20 yr FBI employee replaced by a jr agent, in what world. He’s a coward. Just another opportunity to demean and humiliate Booth. the writers hate him. ugh

    • LILY says:

      Of course you would think that. It’s funny only the Aubrey haters see it as a humiliation for Booth. Last season it was Brennan who apparently did that according to some Brennan haters. Have fun hating Booth’s friend.

      • 1mars says:

        If they want us to like this character, why do they give us so much reason to hate him? And what he did to Booth’s office, a shrine to a Jr. FBI who needs his shiny baubbles all around him to remind him what a spectacular agent he is……..NOT. Aubrey has never been a friend to Booth, a stepping stone to something greater he thinks.

    • kmw says:

      They aren’t humiliating him Booth quit his job Brennan quit hers, the difference being that Cam couldn’t or wouldn’t hire someone else to replace Brennan whereas the FBI had to replace Booth. Now I am with you on Aubry he should have not gotten his job being so junior and all but its a plot contrivance that’s going to last one episode. I am not a huge fan of his but I am not looking at this story as a humiliation. Booth just cannot walk back into the FBI and get his job back .( Yes I know Brennan was able to do just that, but their jobs are different. Cam obviously used a lot of fill ins including Arastoo to do Brennan’s job. If Cam had filled Brennan’s job, there would have been that persons things in her office as well) I do agree Aubry should have told him before he got him to his office, but in reality Booth should have known by himself that his office would be taken( it was when he was suspended over Pelant). Like I said I am not a huge fan of Aubry but I am going with what bones is doing and I am not going to let this minor plot point( or Aubry for that matter) ruin my enjoyment of Bones

  7. Rita Sioros says:

    Booth needs HIS Office back! Aubrey should be so Glad to see Booth back he moves out gracefully!

    • John NYC says:

      “Tune in next time” eh?

    • Nancy says:

      Wow, I’m surprised that there is so much jealousy over the office. In government, when someone retires, the office does not remain a shrine. Booth will need to earn it back or get a new one. Maybe now that is jr. agent space?
      Aubrey did work pretty hard to get Booth back. He didn’t question Booth’s motives once. He’s been a very supportive friend to both Booth and Brennan. I’m willing to wait and see how the story goes.

      No one’s upset that we saw Booth maybe committing all kinds of crimes in the last episode? I am much more interested in getting those things cleared up than the office. I know the office will come soon enough.

      When Brennan was a fugitive from justice, her office was taken over. This time, Cam couldn’t find a suitable person in 6 months. This shocks you? Cam couldn’t host a bake sale! She has no leadership skills whatsoever and had no business having her boyfriend think he was going to be the one she hires. It was wrong on many levels.

      • John NYC says:

        “Junior Agent space”

        lol, true: swap out the wood veneer furniture set and swap in the light green steel and it’s seniority appropriate in a few short handcart moves. IIRC it’s not like it had two floor to ceiling corner windows overlooking The National Gallery of Art and Union Station or anything.

        • Rob Tyler says:

          Wow, an office doesn’t stay empty long when someone retires, usually by the next week a new person has moved in. Sentimentality, does not exist in the real world. If you think they turn the office into a shrine–you have never worked for a business, police department or federal office.

          • anon says:

            You are missing the point

            Nobody is saying the office should be kept as a shrine, I mean really!!?, it’s WHO has taken over the office is the problem for many

            Booth was HEAD of special crimes, that position takes YEARS to achieve, its insulting that the writers have so little respect for Booth that they write a junior agent can replace him

            They don’t give one crap about Booth as a FBI Agent

  8. rpw says:

    Of course Aubrey is a flawed character, but so is Booth. In fact a big part of the series is how Booth has to constantly battle his inner demons. Heck he even lied to his wife when his gambling problem returned which was a huge betrayal. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an episode some day where Aubrey gets taken down a few pegs and learns some lessons too.

  9. Preacher Book says:

    Booth needs to be taken down a few pegs.

  10. Laura C says:

    Sorry, but I was a HUGE Sweets fan and still don’t care for Aubrey. I liked Booth & Sweets work relationship better. Sweets was a profiler & shrink, Aubrey is just another suit.

    • John NYC says:

      But I sort of agree with the approach to NOT so directly replace one character with another. It’d be weird a bit if they had swapped in a “profiler & shrink”.

      At least for me the differences create more space.

    • Anon says:

      Aubrey adds nothing yo Bones as the role of FBI agent, he brings nothing new to the table, all he does is steal Booth’s scenes, and stuffs his face like a pig with worms

      • kmw says:

        You are right that he doesn’t add anything but what’s done is done. Like I have said many times I am not a huge fan of his but in small doses he is fine. He did help Brennan with the bookie last year. If you think he is ” stealing” Booth’s scenes maybe realize that David Boreanaz isn’t always available just like when there is more squint scenes its because Emily Deschanel isn’t available.. We are never getting the early years of Bones back at least in terms of the amount of Booth and Brennan scenes, just not going to happen. I am going to enjoy what is most likely their last season and stop complaining about a character that isn’t going away

  11. Castlefan says:

    Of course Booth’s office was reassigned when he went to another job for 6 months – that’s not humiliating. It does seem that a more senior agent than Aubrey would logically have got it, but who cares? Booth will be reinstated by the end of the episode so let’s just watch and enjoy!

    Not sure why some people hate Aubrey: obviously not as much character depth as people who’ve been around for 10 years and I don’t want him in every other scene, but I think he seems okay. Looking forward to some good episodes in what may be the last season.

  12. kmw says:

    Great to see Booth back at work. Aubry is alright sometimes but I hope Booth gets his office back. Cant wait till tomorrow

  13. Rebecca Monroe says:

    Booth retired . The office is Aubreys now.
    I don’t see a problem . Booth may have a hard time adjusting . I’ll just bet Caroline makes sure Booth has a wonderful office. I really like Aubrey he fits in well and has been there for Brennan when needed . Love BONES

  14. rynogeny says:

    Trying to think about this from the perspectives of the characters, it would seem weird to me for Aubrey to have made a point of telling Booth what happened to his office after he left. I mean, he *left* and we don’t even know how often they were talking while Booth was gone. Then again, it also seems a bit odd to me that Booth expected his office to still be empty. That was pretty clearly played for laughs, as it would be bizarre for Booth – a long time FBI agent – to expect them to leave an office empty forever.

    As to Brennan forcing Booth to come back, yeah, I’m not seeing that, either. The point of the first two eps was that he can’t not help people, whether or not Brennan is involved, and no matter the cost to him. Brennan just came to understand before he did that he *needs* to be able to do that kind of work, as she does forensics, and by encouraging him to return to FBI, she’s supporting him.

    • anon says:

      Can’t have it both ways with etc they ate friends or they are not

      Thecshiechas setvit IP that Both & Aubrey arecsippodevyo be friend, Christine calls him uncle, tet We see suppose to buy that in the spavevif 6 mths and Boiths c shooting bren over u that Aubreyvdidntvoncevdusvuds his job with Booth, IH please…are theyvfreinds arebnit

      Itsca oayhic exctsecif acstitylibe yo elevatecaosyjiccexcysevifcacchatacter called Aubrey

    • anon says:

      Can’t have it both ways, are they friends or they are not?

      They set it up that Booth & Aubrey are suppose to be friends, Christine calls him uncle. But we are suppose to buy that in the space of 6 mths and Booth’s shooting recovery, not once did Aubrey not discuss his job and his job status with Booth, oh please…are they friends or not ?

      It’s a pathetic excuse for a story line to elevate a pathetic excuse of a character called Aubrey

      • rynogeny says:

        Well, I think they’re friends, but I didn’t have a bias against Aubrey from day one. In respect to this, I don’t know how often they were seeing/talking to each other (there are different degrees of friendship, after all) and their response to Christine at the beginning of the premiere ep made it sound like they weren’t seeing him all that often. And if when they did talk to him, it would seem very odd to me if the primary topic of conversation was the FBI…that Booth chose to retire from.

      • kmw says:

        Or you can look at it this way. FOX has already paid a lot of money into two pretty big guest stars( Kim Raver and Betty White) and probably lots of money into Sleepy crossover and while FOX makes money from Bones in syndication they are NOT going to go out of their way to give them more actors that would cost them even more so for sake of that and of simply using what is there yes Bones elevated Aubry to position he shouldn’t have and guess what? He will not have it much longer. So this is the plot we get whether you think its good or bad its what they did. Apparently Booth gets his office back at end of episode so I am sorry I do not get what the big deal is. Bones and lots of other television shows do their shows within a certain amount of time constraints( look over the years how many times they have missed on continuity). They do the best with what they are given and the case can be made their writers haven’t been the best but that is the case with a lot of shows that go on for a long time. Or maybe you will not look at it that way. To me it is less important about Booth ” losing his job and office” but about the eventual story they tell. Bones has had far worse plot points to start seasons than an a junior agent taking Booth’s office. I am not going to let that character ruin my enjoyment of Bones like I did last season. I for one am really looking forward to what they have planned, a fun Halloween episode a undercover show and for the first time a Thanksgiving episode.

  15. Sherry says:

    Hope Aubrey’s and Booth’s characters don’t get to heated toward each other. Booth needs a friend like Sweets. Never be another Sweets, glad they killed his Character off instead of bringing in new person to play him.