Fantasy Island Remake ABC

Fantasy Island Remake Eyed by ABC, With Female Lead (and No Island)

ABC is adding a female lead and subtracting the titular location as it teams with Sony to remake Fantasy Island.

Per our sister site Deadline, the new Fantasy Island will follow a “brilliant, dynamic and sexy woman” who runs a San Francisco-based outfit that aims to fulfill clients deepest and or darkest wishes. (The company’s name: Fantasy Island.)

Like the original series — which ran from 1977 to ’84 and starred Ricardo Montalban and Hervé Villechaize (and was briefly rebooted in 1998 with Malcolm McDowell lording over things) –the update will tell two stories per episode.

Sheldon Turner (Up in the Air) is penning the new version, exec-producing alongside Jennifer Klein and Josh Berman (Drop Dead Diva).

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  1. kmw says:

    Networks are truly running out of ideas. No just no to this

  2. Mark says:

    Wouldn’t this be similar to that new HBO show Westworld?

  3. The McDowell version was awesome.

  4. Bob Backus says:

    Come on! Somebody’s got to be talking about remaking the Love Boat to take place on bicycles during the Tour de France. Or maybe remake that Playboy bunny show a few years ago and place it in the Vatican. It’s a shame all these morons can only do is re-use names.

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Just no.

  6. Brian Bauer says:

    The first reboot was in 1998. Not 1988.

    This could be interesting. I loved the original.

  7. Boiler says:

    No wonder network viewing dropping like a rock

    • tvjunkie says:

      It’s not because of ideas like this, it’s because of technology advances and all the massive increase of content with all the original online content being produced. Provide a vastly larger selection of content, mix in the ability to watch where and when you want and it’s only natural viewership for a single source is going to drop. The number of viewers is increasing at a vastly smaller rater than the number of choices.

  8. Mr. Tran K says:

    First a MacGyver remake on CBS and now a Fantasy Island remake on ABC? No thanks on the Island reboot.

  9. Dude says:

    So it has nothing to do with Fantasy Island, they’re just ripping off the name? It seems to have more in common with The Client List than it does Fantasy Island.

  10. Big Mike says:

    Fantasy Island……there is no island.
    My head hurts.

  11. Bartimeus says:

    666 Park Avenue was a much better reimagining of this concept.

  12. Thomas hunter says:

    I don’t know why it just doesn’t take place on an island?? Who cares if Rourke becomes female. The revival explained that Rourke was a position, not really a name.

    But, COME ON!, there’s gotta be an island!!!!!!!

  13. When I saw that video here on TVLine of Tina Fey being asked to name latinos the other day, I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for her to name Montalban, but she never did,

  14. Bigdede says:

    Aaron Spelling is somewhere putting a hit out on whoever wanted thought of this

  15. Marco says:

    Umm… do we really need this many remakes/reboots/adaptations? I’d say no.

  16. Tony Lang says:

    I’m surprise that ABC is doing that, it’s such an NBC thing to do.

  17. I’d watch.. but then again, I miss the anthology series format .. it presents an opportunity for unique stories each week.. From Night Gallery to Love Boat, these were fun and offered has been celebs an opportunity for TV work outside of Dancing With The Stars or or other reality shows…

  18. Eve says:

    This has flop written all over it.

  19. shiker says:

    Jada P. Smith as Roarke and Meredith Easton as Tattoo (but with a new unique name, Herve owned Tattoo) A continued mystery sub-plot would be their backstory as life long friends.

  20. mdbchud says:

    Absolutely no way I will watch this. Montalban’ IS Fantasy Island

  21. Television says:

    Stop messing up classic shows, you don’t need to take an awesome show and redo it with a female lead, or a gay character, or something else. Leave it alone, I would rather watch old reruns than you ruin perfectly good shows. And seriously has hollywood run out of ideas?

  22. craig says:

    Nene Leakes IS Rourke.

  23. Temperance says:

    Yeah… no. Full stop. I’d love to see a remake,,, but the same island, same general idea, but modern and on a network where you can show all the violence, sex, and nudity that a proper realization of the concept would require.

  24. lrdslvrhnd says:

    Here’s an idea, people:
    Don’t just use the same title with your own twist on it to try to draw in eyes. Go ahead and describe it as “Similar to Fantasy Island, but based in San Francisco, which will open up a bunch of different fantasies.” Call it “Fantasies, Ltd.” or something.

  25. Tee says:

    Fantasy Island was already rebooted a few years ago. With and island and a male lead. I actually thought it was pretty good.

  26. Melissa says:

    STAAHHHHHPPP! No more reboots!

  27. Splendid! Loved this show—of course it will be tough topping Mr. Rourke & Tattoo! But, let’s give’er a whirl why not?? :D)

  28. AnnieM says:

    Hmm…maybe if they make Miss Roarke the daughter of Mr Roarke, and have the fantasies of the guests played out on the Island…? That might make it less stupid. ::shrug::

  29. This may be the first time I see the word reboot used properly when referring to one of these, heh. Since this ignores what came before, it is most absolutely a reboot, heh.

  30. Nan says:

    Really first Hart to Hart and now Fantasy Island…r there any creative juices left in Hollywood. How about reviving Knots Landing and Dynasty while you are at it…how about Dark Shadows…let’s keep going way back when…Knight Rider, Bionic Woman….oops they tried that already…didn’t work