Dancing With the Stars Tom bergeron

Dancing With the Stars' Tom Bergeron to Miss Monday Night's Show

Dancing With the Stars will be without its leading man this week.

Tom Bergeron announced via Twitter on Sunday that he will be absent from Monday’s telecast in order to be with his ailing father.

In Bergeron’s absence, Season 19 Dancing champ Alfonso Ribeiro will step in to co-host alongside Erin Andrews, People reports.

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  1. AngelWasHere says:

    Aw poor Tom. Hope his dad gets better. I gotta say having Alfonso as a host is going be annoying. He was annoying as a judge. He’s gotten a big head since winning the mirror ball.

    • Mel says:

      I was thinking the same thing! I feel bad for Tom but having Alfonso is going to suck.

    • Cass says:

      Thank you. Alfonso has definitely been pimping himself to this show since he was a contestant and he comes off as obnoxious to me. Last week I found him to be condescending towards the contestants and trying way too hard, as if he was trying to convince the producers to hire him as the new Len(not that Len was condescending). Tom’s been consistently my favorite aspect to the show, so I will surely miss him, but it makes me love him even more that he’s taking time off for his family.

    • I concur with you 100%!!!!

    • Teri says:

      I totally agree with you!

    • I agree! I could go a long time without listening to him again!

    • Sarge says:

      I thought it was just me… They need to have a backup plan when “life” happens and not just pick someone who is right there. His “Carlton” character carries over in real life. He is super annoying!

    • AngelWasHere says:

      Woah I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds him to be obnoxious and annoying. I also think he’s condescending too. Maybe that’s why he hadn’t had a job in years till Catch 22 and DWTS.

    • Bill says:

      If I see Alphonso again on DWTS I will have to change my schedule. Who does he think he is. As a judge he was very rude he must think he is someone special. They always bring him back. WHY!!!!!!

  2. David4 says:

    Always spend as much time with loved ones even if it’s difficult to do. We understand Tom.

  3. Angela says:

    So sorry to hear that. Best wishes to him and his father.

  4. sabatt44 says:

    My first thought when I heard that Bergeron was going to miss the show, was that Ribeiro would be a good substitute since he has a working knowledge of the show, has been in show business a long time and can think on his feet. Like him or not, at short notice, you go with something that is seamless.

  5. Mark says:

    Was hoping Kermit would be the replacement host.

  6. Jake says:

    Oh no, that’s terrible!!!. Why in the world does it always have to be Alfonso Ribero???? I’ve never so quickly hated someone so much in so little a period of time– completely irritating as a judge last week — why does abc keep using him as the go to?? Much rather have drew lachey

  7. Maryann says:

    Ribero is annoying, yes, but much less so than Julienne Hough. I never understood why she was hired as permanent after her unwatchable stints as guest judge.

  8. Liza says:

    Should have brought back Drew Lachey!

  9. Polly says:

    We were recently discussing that Alphonso must be blackmailing someone on the show. He is always hanging around and acting like he is with the cast! Tom gave him his own show so why doesn’t he just go away? Drew Lachey all the way! Sorry about your Dad, Tom, and please hurry back or I will have to tune out. Get rid of Julianne!!!

  10. Hardy Laws says:

    Hey, folks – there really are people out in Reality-Land who actually like Alfonson Rubeiro, whether he’s dancing or judging. He “grew up” in the shadow of Will Smith, and he has progressed ‘way beyond Carlton of Fresh Prince. Also, please give him credit for being a solid, staunch Family Man; one who treasures his wife and children, a rarity these days of adultery and “Me-isms.” Personally, I am looking forward to Rubeiro’s treatment of the Host gig. P.S. – Julienne Hough? Now there’s an annoying personality. Pick on her, give Rubeiro a chance. He is just coming into his popularity – yep, he really is popular, honestly.

  11. Tex says:

    Alfonzo is riding Tom’s coat tails. He is also taking over for Tom on AVF. Not my first choice, but they could do worse.

  12. Ivy says:

    Oh please, not Alfonso. Enjoyed him when he was a contestant. As a judge, not so much. He was totally annoying. Just because he won the title last year doesn’t mean he knows enough about the dancing to critique someone else. He kept trying to act like he knows so much but it was certainly not convincing. Just made me want to slap him a time or two. ;-D

  13. Carol Turner says:

    As it should be Tom. God’s Blessings. Miss you on DWTS.

  14. Alice Carnes says:

    Tom My Prayers and Thoughts are with you and Your Father.

  15. Alfonso Ribeiro is replacing Tom on America’s Funniest Home Videos season premiere Sun, Oct 11 on ABC

    • Lucille says:

      That’s another show I won’t watch. I cannot stand Alfonso Ribeiro. He is so full of himself. Delighted to see him forced to shut up by the guy who was leaving the show.

  16. kaystar34 says:

    Tom, you and your family are in my prayers! Good luck, Alfonso!

  17. Mike says:

    In Canada we get WXYZ-TV on cable for ABC, and thus no DWTS which has been pre-empted by NFL football :( Fortunately it is available on cable on Bravo TV at the normal time, not at 1AM as Detroit viewers are stuck with. Sorry, Detroit, you folks should launch big complaint with WXYZ management…is football that popular?

  18. JA says:

    I wish him well and applaud you for wanting to be by his side..you will be missed tho

  19. A celebrity doing the right thing…..love it. Prayers for his family!

  20. Mac Cillo says:

    My heart goes out to Tom. Have always liked him, but this makes me like him even more. Honoring your parents with your love and care isn’t easy to do in our busy lives. Tom has his priorities straight.

    First enjoyed Tom when he had a morning show in NYC in the 80s. They did the show out of a big apartment…even did interviews in the bathroom…and on Friday, they all danced thru the apartment. It was such a joyful show…and Tom was their joyful leader.

    God bless you and your dad, Tom!

  21. Carolyn Rogers says:

    Praying for your family during this time….you will be missed on the show.

  22. Barbara says:

    Totally agree with almost everyone Alfonso is so annoying I might not even watch tonight, I’ll tape it and fast forward his comments.

  23. Roy says:

    Been there and done that. My Farther was 90 when he pasted. And I still miss him. He helped me and I gave it back. Wished more people cared about older people like you do……

  24. Lee says:

    Really, what does Alfonso know about dancing… he was on for one season..and that makes him an expert on dance… Don’t think so…. And so condescending as a judge last week… Wow.. he was over the top… Go away Alphonso…

    • MAISE says:

      I guess you don’t know much about Alfonso, he was the lead on Broadway years ago in the production on The Tap Dance kid, critical acclaimed performance, do some research cause your statement is reckless

  25. Lee says:

    Really, what does Alfonso know about dancing… he was on for one season..and that makes him an expert on dance… Don’t think so…. And so condescending as a judge last week…

    • Princess07 says:

      He was on Broadway doing the Tap Dance Kid, performed in Michael Jackson videos. He’s been dancing since he was a kid. So I give him credit for that. Like him or not, at least they didn’t asked that Samantha Harris chick back.

  26. shoot3on8 says:

    Agreed..Anybody else please….

  27. MLT says:

    Prayers for Tom’s father but so sorry Alfonso will be co-hosting. He is nothing but a egomaniac who is in love with himself. Just to big a head for me and I am sure others. I think Erin could have handled it on her own for one night. If Alfonso comes back to the show in any form I will no longer watch.

  28. We all must take time to be with are loved ones when they are ill. I am sure your Dad was a great Dad and he did well raising a good man for his son. God Bless you.

  29. gloria says:

    im so sorry t to about your dad I always new you was a great guy now now hurry back we will miss you tell your dhfor us ty Gloria bullock

  30. Marilyn Selbmann says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Tom Bergeron dad, we will miss him, but his dad is more important to be with him by his side. I will say prays for his ailing dad.

  31. WK says:

    Best wishes for Tom and his father. He is a class act. But what an awful choice to have Ribeiro replace him. Of all the people they could have put in Tom’s place. How about Chris Harrison? Drew Lachey? Instead they go smug and obnoxious. I’ll sit out tonight for sure.

  32. Patricia macary says:

    Prayers for your dad tom

  33. Scott says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your father, Tom. He is a lucky man to have such a classy, compassionate son. I did the same for both my parents, so I empathize with what you are going through. On the other hand, Alfonso was, as expected, wretchedly obnoxious and offensive as the stand-in host. Whereas Erin never looked lovelier or was more gracious in her composure. As long as you need to be attending to family matters, I sincerely hope ABC will give Alfonso, an egotistical boor, the heave-ho and allow Erin to host the show. Meanwhile, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your father. The fact that he has raised such a fine, loving son indicates that he is also a class act. Like father, like son.