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Arrow Season 4 Pillow Talk Sneak Peek: What Is on Felicity's Mind?

What do Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity talk about whilst in bed together, basking in the glow of domestic bliss?

If I told you “Ray Palmer,” would you believe me?

In this featurette from Season 4 of the CW hit (premiering Wednesday at 8/7c), Emily Bett Rickards explains what life has been like for Felicity and Oliver since their May finale getaway — including the one “real world” intrusion that the nascent Palmer Technologies CEO must grapple with.

Are you looking forward to seeing onetime “IT girl” Felicity continue her incredible ascent up the corporate ladder?

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Hell yes, I’m ready for the Felicity Smoak ascension to CEO!

  2. m3rcnate says:

    Not too shabby, except having a IT girl and assistant to Oliver & Ray be the CEO of … a multi billion dollar company? Isn’t Palmer tech like…a Forbes 500 company? Let alone the rumors that she was sleeping with Oliver (someone brought up that up in an episode; “Really? The cute blonde formerly in IT is your assistant? Your sleeping with her”) and most likely it would be known she was dating/sleeping with Palmer.
    ….so I am to buy for a second the board wouldn’t vote her out? That another company would see it as weakness and attempt a hostile takeover? etc.
    That is what i like about “Continuum”, when Alec got handed the company from his father the writers very realistically had the board be hyper skeptical and attempting to shut him out and then eventually someone did hostilely take over.

    • Liz1 says:

      Felicity was Oliver’s assistant but she was VP of the company when Ray was in charge. She wasn’t his assistant.

      • m3rcnate says:

        You gotta admit, even that is crazy talk that would have a board of a Forbes 500 company worth billions going crazy trying to get rid of her or something. A hot/cute former IT woman who is promoted to the CEO’s assistant (rumors of them being a couple) and then is promoted by Ray to be VP of a company like that? :/ come on now.
        (BTW i bring up her looks and youth and unmarried status not because I care, but because a board in the business world and investors would).

        • Liz1 says:

          Well, in the clip she clearly says that the board can’t decide whether she’s right for the job. She has to prove herself. Also this is a TV show and I let a lot of things slide on this show. If I can believe other things like mirakuru and magic, I can believe that a genius MIT graduate can be CEO of a big company.

        • Wee says:

          Well it’s a good thing this is Arrow the tv show where family members who have been dead for years can be revived through a mythical tub and metahumans running around with special powers. Everything is not going to be completely realistic. Besides we haven’t even seen the ep yet. We don’t know how the season is going to go. This is a 30 second clip. Maybe they will be a little hesitant about her leadership capabilities.

          • m3rcnate says:

            What makes it possible for us to buy into these wild worlds we are shown on TV and in Movies is by them making everything else grounded in reality. By having everything else be normal and real and relateable it makes buying into the unrealistic possible for us. That is what we saw with the Nolan Batman trilogy, everything was steeped in realism. Even he had a issue with getting control of his company back, but it was done in a realistic way. He put the veteran & experienced Fox in charge.
            It isn’t wrong to want a realistic world with realistic characters and all that to compliment and support a wild show (with super heroes or w/e it is that is not real).

        • Lex says:

          I see exactly where you’re coming, and of course the old white dudes on the board would be questioning whether or not she’s fit for the job. With me the kicker would be having a previous romantic relationship with the former CEO and a current romantic relationship with the person who lost the company in the first place. If you’re an old white dude worried about your money and wanting hegemony and the patriarchy to stay in place because it means you’re at the top of the food chain, a perky young blonde could be the death knell to the privilege they’ve been accustomed to.

          Felicity will be facing an uphill battle in the public’s eye, and they don’t know her track record for saving the city – only her track record for banging the bosses (my crudity was intended – public perception is awful). Her two Master’s degrees from MIT don’t matter when there’s a possible salacious sex scandal in the making. Facing the board will require her to stand up for herself to an extent she hasn’t needed before, and that backbone of steel she showed Malcolm Merlyn will be needed more than ever.

          I think she is going to be more capable than she expects, but like Emily said, some of the less pleasant managerial tasks are in direct opposition to her personality – there’s no way she could go through firing someone without going on an epic babble fest. Felicity as a competent CEO isn’t as far-fetched as some of the transitions we’ve seen other characters go through, and she does have both a background in technology and a disarming charm when people meet her in person that will definitely win her allies. She’s gonna need time to show what she can do, and unless Barry’s gonna show up for some timey-wimey fun, Felicity will need to build the company (and the public’s) confidence in her by working hard day-to-day.

          • m3rcnate says:

            Exactly except I don’t buy her being CEO at all, no Forbes 500 company has a CEO under 30 who’s a female, let alone one with no experience in that field and all the other things she is lacking. My hope is overall this plot ends with Oliver getting the company back or something. Don’t get me wrong, in the world of the show, she would probably be pretty good, she is smart and savvy (etc) but meh.

        • AlexAbout says:

          Wait, you’re okay with Oliver Queen being CEO despite the fact that he has no college degree, flunked out of four colleges, has never in his life, as far as we know of, held a job that wasn’t handed to him, and basically did a bunk when he WAS CEO — repeatedly never showing up for meetings and not even bothering to go to board of director’s meetings. Oh, and let’s not forget the brilliantly stupid maneuver of handing over control of his company to Isabel Rochev instead oh…you know…maybe calling his stepfather the former CEO to take over for 24 hours and help?

          Sorry, but if the company goes back to Oliver, there’s no way in hell I’d buy it. They’ve got facts and figures (thanks to Ray’s hacking) which are unsanitized for Wall Street and show that Oliver did a p*ss poor job as CEO. No way should any board in their right mind give him back control of the company.

          As for the assertion re: Felicity ‘sleeping her way to the top’ – first, again, you keep overlooking the fact that she was only Oliver’s assistant. Second, she was specifically headhunted by Ray Palmer to become vice president. She clearly did a good job. Further, we know Ray signed control over to her, and the wishes of the former owner of the company would, I think, have a significant amount of sway.

          And finally, like it or not, everyone seems to ignore the fact that the woman IS a genius and DOES have a master’s from one of the most prestigious universities in the world. We know she won other awards (Harrison Wells referred to one on the Flash) and she works hard. Yeah, no doubt the sexists will have their day, but we have under 30 MALE CEOs — why not a female one? If male ones exist, then there is absolutely no reason not to have a female one.

          Last but not least (on something entirely different) I am CRINGING at the thought of Guggenheim et al writing jokes for her and hoping they don’t screw her up. The S3 finale was like a horribly written fanfic that I wish I’d never seen.

          • m3rcnate says:

            The only reason I bought Oliver being CEO over Felicity is the fact that he is a Queen, by blood. That at least setup the premise of him being CEO in a way that made sense, as is the case with Bruce with Wayne Enterprises and many other super heroes that own billion dollar companies because of their dad (Tony Stark).
            As for this: “and the wishes of the former owner of the company would, I think, have a significant amount of sway.” no offense but if you think this then you don’t know the business world at all. A board of trustees/investors (etc) wouldn’t give two craps about who Palmer recommended, especially not a 25 year old girl who was at one time the assistant to Oliver…let alone the rumors I’d imagine there would be about how she has gotten her jobs, leading me to:
            “overlooking the fact that she was only Oliver’s assistant. ” No, you are overlooking the fact that facts don’t matter, appearances matter. Oliver promoting a gorgeous 23 year old IT girl to be his personal executive assistant screams “sleeping her way to the top”, and just like how Isabel Rochev came to that conclusion (even though it is factually wrong) many other in the business world would as well. Add to that her actually sleeping with the next CEO which could very well be something the other execs/board members and such knew about…and yes you end up with appearances not looking so good for her.
            Tell me how realistic it would be to have a 23 year old cute IT girl become Steve Job’s executive assistant and then get promoted to VP by Tim Cook and then when Tim Cook leaves he gives her the job as CEO…of Apple…tell me how realistic that is, even with her degree and hard working ways (& dirty past of hacking) to have a cute 25 year old former IT girl be the CEO of a multi billion dollar company. Because that is what Palmer Tech is…one of the biggest and richest companies in the world in the DC universe.

    • cody says:

      she wasn’t Ray’s assistant as clearly stated multiple times in season 3 she was his vice president meaning she did have a leadership role in Palmer Tech. also the character you are speaking about was Isabel Rochev former QC CEO who before that was Oliver’s partner who also happened to be Slade’s pet, but however what she said was never a rumour that circulated throughout the general public and if so it wasn’t shown on the show

    • tvjunkie says:

      Because everything else about Arrow, right down to the Lazurus Pit is so realistic? It’s called fiction for a reason.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Great fiction has a way of building a realistic and familiar world, and then putting in some unrealistic parts. It makes it feel grounded which makes it relatable for us as viewers. To have Super heroes and villains and everything Marvel tries its best to make the world around them as real as possible to make it feel grounded and relatable. Look at Capt America the movie, everything in that was a non-fiction WWII movie except the super hero/villain parts, the super soldier program, Capt and the Red faced guy. That made the movie really good, that in every other way it felt like non-fiction.
        Just because Arrow has sci-fi elements with the Pit and powered humans and everything doesn’t mean you have to have characters steer cars with their feet and have 22 year old women be the CEO of a Forbes 500 company and more unrealistic stuff. You can steep your fictional show in a realistic world, that is what made Daredevil so fantastic.

    • Katie says:

      While Felicity rising to CEO that fast isn’t terribly believable, it is somewhat easier to swallow than Oliver as CEO. He didn’t even graduate college, if I remember right, and spent no time at the company before he suddenly decided to run it. He had absolutely no experience. At least Felicity has some academic credentials that would apply to a tech company, and it seemed like she was basically running the day-to-day while Ray was off in a manic state working on that stupid suit.

      • m3rcnate says:

        True, but at LEAST it makes sense that Oliver is running his families business. Now it makes no sense because he was a playboy and run the company into the ground and all that, but still, he was blood. How many companies do you see with a son running them because it is a family company? I’d bet at least one. But how many companies do you see being run by a 25 year old female, who was former IT and former executive assistant then VP? One is more believable than the other.

  3. Quinn says:

    Of course! Can’t wait for Wedneday.

  4. Liz1 says:

    Wow, their chemistry is actually insane! I love this clip. They’re so in love and happy. Also sounds like Felicity will have some struggles with being CEO and have to prove herself and I cannot wait. Awesome!!

  5. A says:

    This CEO-Felicity story line sounds good, thanks for posting.

  6. GildedRose says:

    Love it! I can’t wait to see Felicity secure her position in the corporation and see what her story is going to be this season. Love the Oliver and Felicity stuff, too. They’re sexy and fun and just make watching that much more exciting. Can’t wait to see them get into the action and danger together, too. Bring on Wednesday!

    • Liz1 says:

      I agree. I love Arrow for so many things – Oliver’s journey, Diggle, Felicity, Thea has gone from strength to strength too. The stunts are incredible. It’s just a really great show when they write it properly. But Olicity is just the icing on the cake. They’re something special and make me even more eager to watch, week after week.

  7. Justine Grey says:

    The relationship between Oliver and Felicity is so beautiful. They bring out the best in each other and you can really see it in this scene. I also love Emily’s view on her character.

  8. Tinao says:

    Yes Felicity CEO. I love that she worried about what this all means. This is a big deal so it’s going to be nice to see her prove capacities to the board and to her self

  9. Kendall says:

    Yes! This is what I was hoping for with Felicity’s CEO storyline. This is such a great opportunity to see her character be challenged in a whole new way in a whole new world. Felicity Smoak is a computer genius and vigilante badass but she’s never been the head of a major company so this will require her to really look at herself and discover herself while trying to get the hang of this new role in her life. THIS is what I wanted with this story and I’m excited. Olicity is might hot here too and can I say how much I all ready love Oliver Queen supportive boyfriend? I feel confident with the Olicity\Felicity CEO and Oliver Green Arrow storylines so that’s a load off, now all I hope for is that they’ll deliver with Diggle’s HIVE story and really let David Ramsey shine and I’m nervous as hell about my Original Team Arrow with this “team arrow 2.0” stuff but hopefully the writers won’t let me down and they come through and really focus on the core of the show. Also looking forward to Thea’s arc and Damien too

  10. Deem says:

    That’s amazing intro. I can’t wait to see her as the oficial boss :D

  11. Rita says:

    I can’t wait for season for to start. Bring on the pillow talk!!!

  12. Jorge says:

    Felicity Smoak CEO!!!! love it!!

  13. Clara says:

    This Pillow talk is killing me! They look so relaxed, carefree and content and so natural together…Olicity chemistry really takes my breath away!!!!! Counting the hours til we will see that scene in full length (and probably die right afterwards)… Oh my!

  14. pem says:

    Totally looking forward to Arrow! Oliver & Felicity goodness and O & Diggle wking things out, Oliver being happier and the Green Arrow—all of it—cant wait!

  15. cinthy says:

    These two are so cute!! Can’t wait for felicity’s new job! She totally deserves it

  16. herman1959 says:

    It’s a little weird to see Oliver happy, smiling, waving to people, etc. This will take some getting used to.

  17. amina mzee says:

    l just luv ‘olicity’.I really hope it lasts

  18. amina mzee says:

    i first thought dat felicity wud end up wid barry…too bad…But she still suits wid olly

  19. brenna says:

    I love these two. I love the show. And I’m so happy it will be back on Wednesday!!

  20. datdudemurphy says:

    I miss Sara

  21. Maria says:

    Felicity Smoak is a badass hacking ninja! Love her and Oliver.