Castle Hayley Returns

Castle Mystery: When (and Where) Will We See Hayley and Vikram Again?

Once the dust settled (has the dust settled?) on the two-part Castle premiere’s emotional bombshell, some may have come up for air to wonder: How can Toks Olagundoye be a series regular, if Hayley has left NYC for Chicago?

Similarly, how will recurring player Sunkrish Bala stay in the mix, as AG analyst Vikram?

“Hayley disappears for a couple of episodes, and then comes back in Episode 5,” co-showrunner Alexi Hawley tells TVLine. “Partly that was because now that we have this new dynamic, we thought we needed to focus on Castle and Beckett, and give Hayley a bit of a breather.”

And when the disgraced Scotland Yard officer does resurface, it won’t be to again ally with Rick. “When she comes back, she’s actually working with Beckett,” Hawley shares. “She’s sort of like a force of nature who comes in and bounces off of our characters with an interesting point of view,” as she did throughout the two-part opener.

As for Vikram: “Ultimately he is tied to Beckett’s obsession, her search [for Bracken’s partner aka LOCKSAT],” Hawley notes, and to keep him within arm’s reach, “We bring him into the precinct [this Monday] to work as a sort of digital investigator for them. He’s working at the 12th, but he’s mainly there to help Beckett go down her road.”

Are you curious to see Hayley next team with Beckett? And what does Vikram’s new gig mean for Tory??

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  1. Karina says:

    The new showrunners killed the show by breaking Beckett and Castle up. Ratings will fall even further for Monday’s episode.

  2. CastleFan says:

    I’m in! I’m willing to see where the stories lead this season.

    • anon123 says:

      Same! I feel like I am the only one who’s excited for this arc.

    • Manuel Schuster says:

      I will also watching CASTLE. A weak start does not means the whole season is rubbish. Greetings from Cologne, Germany by Manuel Schuster

    • lame says:

      I’m with you, having watched for 8 seasons, may as well ride this till the end. Be it sooner than later. The numbers will tell.

    • georgee says:

      Yes we need to. The test is going to be what happens in episode 7 11/16 of this year and compares with episode 6 of season 7 11/10/2014, the time of our lives. They just got married, and were going to stay that way until of bthe them is no longer alive. Is there relationship better this season, are they still working together. And are ratings better or worst. If everything is better the big bold new direction worked if not there years long marriage was a major failure and the major split worked. It was in November of last year Stana Katic was not sure was wanted to stay stating was wanted to leave on a high note. I pray everything works out great this year.I would like to see a season 9, we were told it would by Mr Winter, we well have see if we were mislead again.

      • castle lover says:

        @georgee and others

        heard that esp 7 is not what you think. I heard that this might not be all that “great” as some might want it to be. I just hope that it is…..or then they, will lose the rest of the fans. but we will have to see what happens.

    • S. says:

      You’re not alone. Group hug, you guys. This could be really interesting. Obviously they consider Castle and Beckett the core of the show. It’s silly to think they’re gonna try to reset it away from their being soulmates. Clearly they’re not because they immediately made an effort to reassure everybody to hang in there to see where it’s going with hints that they’re all about Caskett, probably afraid that people would think they’d fully broken them up or something. Never fails that people come to threads about Castle and gripe. It’s been happening for years and I find it funny that they think *this* time is the time people are gonna bail. The threats never work and alas they never actually leave off posting themselves. Gotta make sure to say nasty things to people who still watch and enjoy it. What? They think the writers or network are gonna go ‘hey you guys, some really important stuff on TVLine comments that we should course correct about, stat!’ They should definitely make the show they wanna make and not kneejerk about the vocal minority (yes, minority), esp. cuz they’ve long since written and shot many things beyond what we’re seeing. It’s not like they’re gonna be able to immediately do jack about it even if they wanted. Personally I wouldn’t want to be so toxic toward a show. I felt lousy about Grey’s and left quietly years ago.

  3. lkh says:

    I think it might still be a little dusty…
    I liked her-it will be interesting to see how she works with Beckett since she tends to side step the rules, but I think they’re pretty similar women. Of course, over time we’ve seen Beckett step around them too. I don’t think fans should be concerned about her as competition for Castle, didn’t pick up any of that. I dunno, it might be that her influence of Alexis might impact Castle more–perhaps not though.
    We’ll see.

    • lkh says:

      ‘I think it might still be a little dusty’ please edit out the ‘little’ :( sigh

    • Just one thing says:

      I appreciate your enthusiasm, lkh! Where I was once curious to see how Beckett and Hayley would interact, I really don’t care anymore.
      As for Alexis/Hayley (c/o Alexis Hawley), I couldn’t care less how that mentorship goes. More Alexis was apparently inevitable for this “bold, new” season.

      • lkh says:

        oops–JOT–you’re still in a funk. Hang in.
        Honestly, those 2 episodes, 90 mins, 85 were quite good, no? So everyone’s grumbling about the last 5 minutes. Let’s see what’s next.
        ps I’m trying to be positive about Alexis, but that’s a tough one–actually, probably won’t happen–grin and bear it. or is that bare it (this isn’t goin’ to happen)

        • Annie says:

          I agree with JOT- I couldn’t care less about anything these two do. They are unbelievable and boring beyond words.

          And, no, I didn’t enjoy 8x 1 and 2. They were a hot mess of action scenes around the creation of ridiculous back story about a case that has been dead and buried. Does anyone care about ANOTHER big bad in the Johanna Beckett murder saga. The episodes so far have been sound and fury signifying nothing.

        • DarkDefender says:

          lkh, I applaud your enthusiasm. But most fans have still not completely gotten over the last “5 minutes” of 6X23, let alone the season 8 openers.

          • lkh says:

            well, honestly, I can’t remember any of season 7, so I’m pretty happy so far. I’ve actually rewatched these two episodes. I’m on the outs, I know.

          • lkh says:

            and honestly, the only thing I remember about 6×23 is that beautiful wedding dress-other than that, the whole episode, not just the last 5 minutes was ridiculous. Talk about destroying a character…don’t get me started on that prior marriage.

          • lkh says:

            is there a rule about not believing someone who says ‘honestly’ so often-apologies.

          • lkh says:

            DD an d JOT–when you both tell me you like my enthusiasm, why do I feel like I’m being patted on the head? :D

          • Just one thing says:

            No head-patting from me, lkh. I only condescend to a select group of people, and you’re not in that group. ☺

          • DarkDefender says:

            Nothing condescending about it, lkh. I used to spread the Castle love often.. And I sincerely applaud your enthusiasm for sticking it out and being positive on the “bold” changes for Season 8. It isn’t the show I fell in love with, but I am not saying (just yet) that the relationship [between me and my former favorite show] can’t be repaired. I am willing to watch the remainder of season 8, just not “live,” for now. Castle was “must see” every Monday for years. I am forever hopeful for continued Caskett-y goodness, solving crimes with witty banter.
            You, my friend are carrying my enthusiastic torch for the next few episodes. I truly hope I can say they proved me wrong and “I should have stuck with lkh” through those tough episodes.
            Peace, sister. :D

          • lkh says:

            Well now, taking me seriously–how very interesting. ;)
            DD and JOT–you have a SELECT group, do I want to be in a select group. tempting, but don’t know the parameters, hmm, I’m wavering…It’s a bit like high school :D

          • lkh says:

            you can get burned carrying a torch, no? ask Castle :[

          • DarkDefender says:

            Re: the torch –> Touché
            All else.. I look forward to very few people’s comments on these boards.. A select group, indeed.

          • Just one thing says:

            Well, lkh, as much as I try to remain within the principles of healthy a d hearty debates, some people are capable of dishing out verbal BS, but are incapable of taking it in kind.
            Since you don’t go around telling people they should agree with you, or seek help, stop watching, shut up, etc., I will always respect your positive attitude.
            And when you’re ready to come back to the Negative Nancy side, you know where to find me. 😈

          • lkh says:

            yea! I’m in a select group and I’m swell. Gonna tell my family, they’ll never believe it!

        • always been me says:


          i cried those last 5 minutes, still kinda sad………but the rest was pretty good. I’m not sure about mon episode. I do however want to see what happens with Beckett and Hayley (that’s her name right?) so I guess I will just have to suck it up and see if I can hang on.

      • Ellie says:

        I was waiting to see Kate her new stepmum become alexis’s mentor or Lanie even..not more screentime as the new face of castle investigations playing pi extraordinaire alongside her dad as beckett’s ‘replacement’. Cut the apron strings already and go live your own college life and stop interfering with your dad’s life decisions. Her overprotectiveness is getting smothering!! Castle should just run away with beckett to slay her loksat demons. At least they would be doing it together!

        What hap to not leaving behind what matters most? In kate’s quest for new priorities and no more secrets?

        • always been me says:


          that’s exactly what i thought would happen hearing “mr amd mrs Castle” title…..that both would just run away and fight the dragon together…….wishful thinking. I don’t maybe. I just want them to be back with each other. I thought that this might not be a good move for the writers, but I might be wrong. they tell us the same thing that the last writer did and well we all know how that turned out. we crashed and burned. I just hope that I can make it to episode 7. if the ratings drop and drop maybe no one will see that one!

  4. I'm going to let you finish but says:

    The only good news here is that Hayley is not around for 3 eps, but the bad news is now we get to see “foreplay” between Castle and his “Angel”.

    The ratings may stay up ep 3 because people want to see what this new dynamic is, but even I won’t watch live because Blindspot is just that good and we get to find out who Jane may be on Monday. Episode 4 is really the test ratings wise.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      May wanna check your math on the “3 eps” thing….

      • I'm going to let you finish but says:

        My mistake, 2 eps it is. Can it be 3 eps though if they switch them around again? :D

      • Georgee says:

        Only two so far. The blind spot and Monday night football hurt castle rating allot in the first episode. Since you have talked with the Castle folks this week could you tell us a little bit more about episode 7. It could comfort the fans. Are they getting back together again. Going back to episode 1 season 5 when Castle told Ryan that once you ring that bell it can not be undone. Did they ring that bell? Make a bold move and let us in on episode 7. Thanks

    • lkh says:

      I agree–Episode 3 is one that will dictate episode 4 and the rest of the season…

    • always been me says:

      yeah I don’t want to see this esp just cause of the pis…..they might give me an everlasting nightmare of Alexis. I don’t want to see any of them look like that. I cringe… offence but she’s turning in “Nikki Heat” herself! I hate this “new” Alexis, when I asked that she grow up I didn’t mean make her look like well, you get the idea……not someone I want to watch.

      • Kiario760713 says:

        Always been me, u r well said. I cant accept she suddenly become so smart to solve the case or find the clue and i hate she’s turning in nikki heat and please castle no need a second wife. Want to give her more screen time no this way.

  5. lkh says:

    Could Locksat be a satellite? Sorta sounds satellite y.

  6. Lisa says:

    Vikram is the guy Beckett cheats on Castle with. I can already see the writing on the wall. I never liked Beckett nor did I ever support her and Castle as a couple. I’m fine with their split as long as Castle moves on. Unfortunately, these writers seem to believe he is only meant to be Beckett’s punching bag, doormat, pitiful fool who stalks her like a pathetic puppy. I’m over that characterization. I will never understand why he loves her when there’s nothing about her that’s remotely likable let alone lovable. She’s too damaged to ever love anyone else. The sooner Castle wakes up from his low self esteemed fog, the better. I’ve spent 7 years watching a one sided, dysfunctional, unhealthy, toxic, emotionally abusive relationship. It’s time for this relationship to die and stay dead for good.

    • BB says:

      All this repressed anger inside over a fictional character cannot be good.

    • DL says:

      Are you kidding? There’s no way Beckett’s going to cheat on Castle. She definitely DOES love him, in my opinion. I’m just very disappointed that the writers decided to show that she’s undergone almost zero character growth over the past seven preceding seasons. If she had, she would have put LOCKSAT behind her and stayed with Castle. But instead it’s more of the same old story. Did they actually think this was smart writing? They could still have their darn LOCKSAT meta-story by having Beckett get pulled in again against her will (perhaps by being called up by Castle’s step-mom who’s in big trouble or something).

    • Joe says:

      Yeah get ready to see a season of castle the punching bag…gets dumped, doesn’t know why, has to work with his ex wife who essentially is his boss, and tries to win her back cause you know it’s his fault…oh and of course as usual he will be the but of the episodes jokes…

    • Reba says:

      The heart wants what the heart wants.

    • always been me says:


      wow! it’s so scary how we watch the same show yet there are hundred ways to see one character. My question to you is why do you watch the show? you don’t like Beckett and you don’t like Castle being a doormat ect, so why are you still here watching it cause that’s how they are seen.

    • PacIslRocks says:

      Wow, 7 yrs of angst! What makes a person watch a show while having such angst? You seem as dysfunctional as you make Kate out to be. Deep down inside you love the turmoil that’s stirred up, don’t you? Go find a program that will make you peaceful inside, if you can. BTW, I like Kate. And, oh my, I liked the first two episodes. I will trust in the Showrunners,writers,directors and the ensemble cast to produce by Season’s end something good and entertaining. BTW, what’s with the Fickle Fandom? Most were in a tizzy that there wasn’t going to be a S8. Now that S8 is here, the Fickle Fandom is whining non-stop. My advice is go find shows that give you joy instead of angst. Be kind and gentle to yourselves, if that is at all possible. Boo-bye!

  7. BB says:

    Season 8 will be remembered among other things as the season they gave Castle and Beckett all these partners so they wouldn’t have to work together or share much screentime.

    • Nostalgic says:

      LOL! I can’t wait for the tell all BTS story once the show ends. It will be a real popcorn event

      • Just one thing says:

        Maybe we won’t have to wait for the show to end. More TV reporters are offering clues regarding this season’s changes. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time.

        • BB says:

          Where can I find those clues left by reporters?

          • Just one thing says:

            It’s kind of in poor taste to refer to other entertainment sites while on another one, but Matt Roush had something interesting to say about the debacle this week, and one of the smaller – yet still respected entertainment sites’ main contributors retweeted something rather interesting this week, too. Both were admittedly vague though.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Did anyone else ever interview Hawley/Winter? I kept looking around…. I guess there is covering Castle, and there is “covering” Castle.

          • BB says:

            Are you joining the club and leaving clues, Matt?

          • Just one thing says:

            As far as I can tell, Matt M., one other TV reporter interviewed them, and published said interview the same night you did.
            No one broke the break-up news you guys did, but I don’t think that’s in question.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I can’t speak to the Tweet, but the article mentioned by Just one thing has no clues to speak of. Roush just offers his opinion of what he would do with the show and reiterates that he has heard some negative feedback about the direction the show has taken. But, this is feedback from the viewers and offers nothing from sources or anything like that.

          • Just one thing says:

            Gern, there’s one statement he makes about “producers (or whoever)” making it difficult for fans to stick around with these changes. That’s his own perspective, not fans’ thoughts.
            Roush didn’t reed to add that “(or whoever),” but he did.

        • I'm going to let you finish but says:

          I was able to find another interview with Hawley/Winter very easily. GMMR has it up. *shrugs*

  8. Brad says:

    Haha what happen to not wanting blood on her hands yet she will get vikram involved

    • BB says:

      Vikram is already involved, did you miss XX?

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      Well since she’s the one always wearing gloves it won’t really be on her “hands” she can just change her gloves. (sarcasm of course.)

    • CastleFan says:

      Vikram decided on his own to stay with her. He’s the one that saw the Locksat memo first. He was in danger right off, because they tried to kill him. Vikram’s only shot at surviving all this is if he stays with Beckett. Unless he has something to do with it and Beckett is keeping him close for a reason ;)

      • lkh says:

        Wasn’t he part of the AG group in DC (after Beckett). If all is supposed to be ‘good’ after the AG woman’s suicide, wouldn’t he go back?

      • Harvey says:

        She gave him a choice, that is why he is with her. Castle was never given a choice, he is her husband so people would obviously come after him, he also almost died, and logically his only shot of surviving is also with Beckett, but Beckett didn’t think about that. So that way, it doesn’t seem right to have Vikram more in it, if she doesn’t want anyone else getting killed in this.

        • lkh says:

          really? I need to go back and check–thought that decision was made before the suicide and didn’t know it remained–thanks

          • Harvey says:

            No, no, no. That decision was made before the suicide, but I am guessing they will continue with Vikram because of that, or have another scene in Vikram says he wants to help.

          • lkh says:

            Harvey no,no,no-what? sounds like we agree.
            Anyway, a. Vikram was already in the mix-even before Beckett and b. she probably doesn’t love him. :]

      • Kiario760713 says:

        Vikram is very very good in computer, Beckett need vikram to hack or trace very important confidential information.

    • The Squatch says:

      Okay, so.. wacked out theory #1 of the season for me… I think Vikram may end up being the big bad that Beckett is looking for. Or at the very least, working with him kind of like that plastic surgeon was working with 3XK. I just find it odd that this new analyst who Beckett has never met shows up and people start dying left and right. I think he will use her for her obsession to help him find other threats to himself so he can take them out. All the while she will think she is uncovering them for her own agenda but really it will be for his. Vikram will be a bad guy. Boom. Done. ((Or not.. whatever. hehe))

      • always been me says:

        @the squatch

        that’s what i first thought when she was with the guy and “Step mom” in the building, and when she she was so easy to except him into her “trust”. I mean she didn’t really know him yet trust him. She should be trusting her husband first! not any of these people she just met. anyway, i thought he might have something to do with it and like the saying goes, “keep friends close but enemies closer!” it would make sense and would make for some interesting ideas……

  9. Dora Galvan says:

    Es una historia,tiene altibajos como todas.No entiendo como se lo toman como algo personal.Creo que si en esta temporada no cambiaban el rumbo…Castle se acabaria.Asi va bien

  10. Beckstle says:

    Are we looking forward to seeing Hawley – oops, I mean Hayley – work with Beckett? No! They had one job to make this show work – keep Castle and Beckett together in all ways – and they failed. Sorry, but most fans are not drinking the Kool-aid and do not cares about who Hayley works with.

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      Yes, the only way Hawley, can fix the Hawley…ugh Hayley situation is if she turns out to be a mole.

      • Harvey says:

        What’s the hayley situation?

        • I'm going to let you finish but says:

          Character would have been a better word for situation. But situation as in I dislike her and feel no need to have her be sassy when we so rarely see Lanie. There was no need for Hayley on this show IMHO.

  11. Harvey says:

    Hayley seems good, especially because they didn’t show any kind of jealous storyline there and she’ll be working with Beckett now, which might turn out to be good in itself, forgetting all the bad points. As for Vikram, nope not good. Don’t want to see him very much, at most as much as Hayley, lesser is preferred, especially as there is a hint of showing him as being a partner to Beckett like Castle was to an extent and also a hint of Castle not liking him because of not trusting him and all.

    • Opal says:

      It’s only been 2 esps and it seems like it’s been 10. The more “spoilers” I see from show runners makes me care less and less about season 8.
      When you have too many strings loose the more it will unravel. No Caskett together (marriage)= No Castle. New storyline is already boring to me. I don’t like either new character. Both act sneaky

      • always been me says:


        and who says they didn’t promote the show! Look at all the spoilers! And your right the more I see of this the less and less i want to watch it. I don’t have a good feeling, but it is what it is an I have to deal with it, especially if I want to see my friends (Beckett and Castle only).

    • John NYC says:

      He’s a tech geek. He’s no more “threat” to Rick than was Tory.

    • Beckstle says:

      Vikram is more interesting than Haw – I mean Hayley – because his character has been made ambiguous. He’s an “inept analysis ” but sure as hell knows how to use a gun. In terms of the actual mystery, he’s the most interesting thing going on. I agree though about the partnering issue with him and Beckett, but that’s a general problem with the ridiculous Castle and Beckett split.

      Meanwhile they have Hayley as Alexis’s new bestie and winning over Martha. Come on! We want Beckett with Alexis and Martha, not some new strange lady. As someone else said, we have Lanie for sassy. Toks is a good actress badly placed. Make her a villian and add some real tension instead of this nonsense with Castle and Beckett. If Hayley were a villian w/ Vikram’s status continuing to be unclear, and Caskett were together as partners and in their marriage, this season opener could have been great. If the show were to quickly evolve into the above they could salvage some of season 8.

      Unfortunately, since the point of everything appears to be keeping Castle and Beckett apart on screen as much as possible, I doubt this will happen.

  12. lame says:

    I’ll wait to see the episode before making a judgement. I don’t know how this dynamic will work with added pieces and Beckett’s bipolar behavior, where’s Dr. Burke, Rick could sure use his help.

  13. Bill says:

    The showrunners have stated that Castle is largely going to play the buffoon in the upcoming BS “new dynamic” episodes. He is going to be the clown trying to come up with wacky plans that will enable him to work on cases with his wife so he can “win her back.” An actual human being would react with anger and bitterness if their wife up and left them for no reason. This whole plot twist is idiotic and makes Castle look like a spineless fool and Beckett look like a crazy person. I don’t give a damn about Hayley or Vikram or how much cleavage Alexis is showing. The showrunners have fatally wounded this show.

    • Joe says:

      Agreed…watching castle the buffoon, clown around after getting dumped, to win back his wife is ridiculous…has there been a title character of a non comedy treated crappier than castle…

    • Brad says:

      Lol yup wait a year for wait another no way I would do that

    • John NYC says:

      And yet, oddly enough, they never actually used the word “buffoon”, much like they haven’t stated Beckett would divorce Rick or any of the other extreme extrapolations people are making about episodes: They. Have. Not. Seen.

      Tune in next week?

      • Joe says:

        They absolutely used the phrase “win her back” which given she dumped him with no explanation while he was in the middle of cooking dinner for them, and the fact that he finds ways to work his way into investigations to “win her back” indeedcbacks him a buffoon and a punching bag…

        • Bill says:

          Yes. These next episodes are going to be “fun” as Castle tries to come up with ways to work cases with his wife so he can “win her back.” That was all stated by the showrunners in the TV Line article. A reasonable interpretation would be that Castle will be playing the clown again. He won’t be angry or bitter. Bunch of nonsense.

      • Dmac says:

        What the show runners did say is that Castle will spend the next several episodes trying to get his wife back…so, yes he will be acting like a buffoon, most people are tired of him chasing Beckett, especially now that they are married. Been there, watched it and don’t want to watch it again.

    • Beckstle says:

      Exactly Joe. The plot twist screws over both characters. Beckett’s behavior is as bad a plot device as her out-of-nowhere previous first marriage. I take that back – it’s worse.
      That was done to setup the “Castle” mythology – which was awful. This is to reset the dynamic – which is what killed “Moonlighting.”
      Castle chasing Beckett when they first met was fine but both characters have evolved way past these behaviors. I don’t know who came up with the concept of the reset. Never works. You only lose your virginity once – you can’t “reset” it.

    • Ellie says:

      I know right? The sneak /promo for 8×03 sickens me. To think that we can all go from an irrational sort of break up or separation to this having to worm his way back into cases just to ‘win his wife back’. And act the clown and his ruggedly handsome good looks and connections when she wants him off the case and away from her as she needs space to figure things out without his hovering. I’m interested to see if they even talk about her living arrangements and what they are to each other now in this crap ‘new’ dynamic!

  14. I wasn’t crazy about the split but TPW & AH have written some of my favorite episodes so will give them a chance. Nathan & Stana are worth watching even in a bad storyline.

  15. ST says:

    We will be watching, but I can’t say that I am a fan of Kate Beckett’s character. ( Even my husband doesn’t care for her anymore.) We are looking forward to watching Castle & Co. – minus Kate~

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      You should let Alexi & Hawley know that their plan to make viewers hate them instead of Beckett failed miserably then.

  16. Erika says:

    Okay so how come it took almost a year for Beckett to trust Castle but after like 36 hours so blindly trust this Vikram,im not trusting Vikram at all there is something not right with hoping that the writers know what they are doing with all of this.

  17. lila1star says:

    I don’t care about the new characters–I am not sure why the show needed them when they dumped PJ after telling her she was in. I knew when that happened something was going to be very wrong and indeed it is. It is no longer a matter of fans being patient and trusting the process–we have been down this road more than once. Burned and burned again-so NO–I do not trust nor believe a word the show runners say. The only way I would tune in now is to watch Castle grow a pair and send KB packing and then get a dog.

  18. DeAnn says:

    My concern is Beckett is now the CAPTAIN of the 12th Precinct. Dozens of people are looking to her to be the leader and give them directions. Beckett has a responsibility to these police officers and staff. If she is off looking for LOCSAT, who is in charge? I want to see Ryan, Esposito, Lanie, Martha, and Alexis as support characters. I do not want to see more of the two new characters. I also want to see Castle and Beckett back together ASAP.

  19. Momo says:

    Surprisingly I liked the Vikram and Beckett dynamic, but did not care for Hayley at all.

  20. Rusty says:

    If the show survives the winter break I will be surprised. I agree with a lot of the folks here that it is time for Castle to stop being the rug Beckett she wipes her feet on. I am surprised that Nathan would go along with this stupid plot idea. I am sure there is some interesting things going behind the scenes. I too would love to be a fly on the wall in some of the writer meetings and first reads. This whole win her back thing is what is getting me pissed. Castle did nothing wrong. It would be better if he started to ignore Beckett and had her trying to win him back. He should forget his hobby of being a P.I. and go back to writing and going on book signings and let her wonder what is going on instead of the other way around. He should also be taking self defense classes and weapons training. If his crazy cop wife is going to be tackling all these hit squads and the like, he needs to be prepared. Or, better yet, go ahead and divorce her, if they really want the bad guys to believe they aren’t to together.

  21. ndixit says:

    I have to marvel at how they managed to kill a main character without a drop of blood. Beckett is irredeemable. I don’t care what her reasons are and how much they make Katic angst and weep on screen to make us care for Beckett, I am completely done with her. The writers have shown that the relationship is toxic and massively one sided. Beckett’s obsession basically makes her look unhinged and mentally unhealthy. Castle should stay as far away from her as he can. It’s really not worth it. But of course, they are going to make him look like a clueless idiot who doesn’t know what’s going on while Beckett trusts everyone but Castle in her obsession.

  22. Kim R says:

    I am in a “wait and see” mode for this new turn in Castle-land. I do have reservations though. First we had the “will they/won’t they” thing….. then we had the almost wedding that ended in a mysterious crash…..then someone went missing and reappeared with amnesia and now we have an enemy that is forcing one to make the ultimate sacrifice for love. If an evil twin shows up next I may have to rethink my Monday nights. :)

  23. Annie says:

    I am completely missing what Hayley’s unique point of view is- she seriously adds nothing to the show and takes away valuable time from Martha, Ryan, Espo, and Lanie.

  24. B.W. says:

    I don’t care for Hayley. The Show keeps trying to add people who are supposed to be as badass as Beckett. You won’t convince me that anyone is more badass as Beckett. They tried with the Asian woman in “Hong Kong Hustle” and agent Mc Cord. As for Vikram, who cares. I didn’t care for Tory. That character just is a waste. The showrunners need to bring in more Lanie and write better and have better plots rather than bring in new characters to try to make the show more interesting. Finally, please have Dana Delany guest star again.

    • jahoney1 says:

      The episode with Dana Delany was the highest rated episode ever in Castle. It was also the highest rated episode on ABC in the last now 16 years. Big thing is better plots and better writing.

  25. tv fan says:

    wow! this is more screwed up then before, where do people get this stuff from? I think i need not to read any more of these story things, shakes her head. and people called me “childish”. anyway.
    the new characters are growing on me. i would love to see more Martha, Laine, Ryan and yes, sighs Espo, more then the new guys. i see that fans are really worked up about the 1st two episodes. I want to see what happens and now seeing photos (i wish i hadn’t) i don’t think that i will watch this one live. looks kinda stupid, I mean i’m not a big Alexis fan and well……this does nothing to help me decide. but who knows. i might actually have nightmares of castle again, thanks…..

  26. Ellie says:

    This makes it sound worse than I expected..phrases like ‘beckett’s obsession’ and ‘help beckett go down her road?’ Makes it seem like an official break up ( that she had a choice in leaving him & choosing this loksat demon over being with him when she walked out ‘temporarily’ hopefully with that small overnight bag) when some of us here are trying to keep the faith n stay tuned since that totally unecessary bombshell out of left field. TBH only caskett staying together wld make all of this Vikram, Hayley and Castle PI cronies bearable. All for a ‘new’ dynamic?

  27. Marci says:

    Is this going to be another Red John type scenario, in which we thought this boring backstory was FINALLY wrapped up, but they’ve found a way to drag it on even further? How many more seasons will we have to put up with this? Are the showrunners TRYING to finally kill off this series?

  28. lame says:

    Where everything went south in a flash was KB moving out to keep RC safe. RC being a world renowned author, everyone in NYC can tell you where to find the CASTLE CLAN. Dumb, dumb plot point.

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      Probably in the world also. Not to mention he’s still wearing his ring as is she, so no one will believe he all of sudden isn’t important to her. This bad buy must be as dumb as rocks.

  29. carol says:

    I will still be watching although the show runners breaking them up almost tore my heart out to watch it .I’m willing to give it a go if they get them working together and in a short time get them back together for good .As for Hayley I don’t like her in the show for any reason it seems to me she’s just been inserted in the show to pal around with Alexis and feel if they don’t need her for the next 2 episodes they don’t need her at all .The new guy is less unlikeable but if he’s only going to show up once and awhile I guess he doesn’t need protection which was why he wanted Beckett to help him in the first place .I’m hoping they get it fixed before the show gets canceled because most of the fans abandoned ship.

  30. CH says:

    Am I the only one wondering if this Rita character is who she says she is? I keep thinking she has some stake in breaking Kate and Rick up. She could have said she’d keep digging, but pretend all is well so no one suspects. As others have said, breaking them up wouldn’t protect Castle. It just makes them both more vulnerable working apart.

    • lkh says:

      good. We seemed to accept her right away. I don’t know about breaking them up, I thought she was trying to discourage Beckett. She kinda came and went easily–we’ll see if she’s back. Stepmom–I dunno.

    • lame says:

      Somehow Rita will have something to do with the resolution, Haley on the other hand is a question mark. Alexis knows how to contact her so I’m guessing that’s gonna happen.
      I hope W/H don’t treat this like RC abduction and go brain dead for 3 or 4 episodes.

    • always been me says:


      for me that’s what started all of this, i think that step-mom Rita put the “seed” in Beckett’s mind about protecting Rick and not dragging him down there. I think Beckett went back to her old ways, thinking that she was out to get justice (that’s her DNA) and she thought this was the only way, missing the point all together. she will have to learn that working with Rick again is the only way to take down the “ghost” thing she chasing. My theory was that’s esp 7 was them doing just that “together”.

      • lkh says:

        the thing is that everyone says Beckett has an obsession with justice–it’s true, but just as important is her obsession to protect people–that’s equally important to her.

        • always been me says:


          exactly, she has both those things in her DNA, and they have resurfaced in her, she sometimes in my eyes anyway done this the wrong way now that she has someone, her husband, to help her. I want to see how this all plays out, but i think that there are going to be fillers esp in between them……

          • lkh says:

            probably-but I don’t think they’ll get away with letting it go they way they did last season with Castle’s disappearance.
            btw, I know folks are saying it’s in her DNA, but really I think this is learned behavior-which gives us hope, no?

  31. Eleanor Hail says:

    At the rate they are going, the show is going to be cancelled by January. I was so disheartened by what I saw in the last two episodes, I really don’t care to watch this show anymore. This is one of my very favorite shows, but they have absolutely ruined it.

    • Betisa says:

      I agree, sadly the show will be cancelled much sooner than people think. I predict ratings for next Monday 1.0 and 4 mill. no more than that. It was my favorite show, but now it is not the show I loved. Anyway I will watch the Castle until ABC removes it from their schedule.

      • Just one thing says:

        ABC will not remove Castle from their schedule. They may shift it to another slot on another night (and who would blame them?), but all of Castle’s ordered episodes will air.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Oh, it’s being cancelled midseason now? (Sorry, I was at the movies.)

          • Betisa says:

            I’ll see if my statistics, according to the readers of this site, are accurate.

          • Just one thing says:

            That seems to be the thoughts, wishes or fears of some folks.
            I would be curious to know what seasoned TV analysts would think of Castle moving to another night/time. I’m not sure where else it would fit this season…

  32. nonparieldolls says:

    “…mainly there to help Beckett go down her road.” Or further down the rabbit hole. This show is dead in the water now. Established (and beloved) characters just vanish into nothing while the writers and showrunners expand their “vision” for the “new and improved” Castle. I can understand the “excitement” some fans seem to feel, rather like watching a trainwreck. It’s horrible, so horrible it’s hard to look away. I hope it all works out just the way they’re convinced it will. I won’t know because I don’t intend to follow them down the path they’ve chosen for this show. It was blown up, literally and figuratively, and I don’t really have much interest in seeing where the fragments land. I really feel for the actors, they have to try and make this drivel believable!

  33. lame says:

    What I find surprising is Winter/Hawley have turned an apparently increasing group of fans against the once adorable Kate Beckett.

  34. Matt Stone says:

    Castle will look spineless chasing Kate around. I think there will be some arguments between Castle and Beckett. Maybe getting locked in that cell will let them clear the air. I don’t think the scene where her arms are around his neck is a romantic moment. His arms are still at his sides. Man I wish this is all an elaborate ruse to lure this guy out. And that they secretly are together. Won’t happen but I can only dream. . I will defend Beckett a little. I have read many comments about how she keeps choosing a case or job over Castle all the time. Three times she has done this. 1: Her mom’s case. She chose it over everybody. 2: The D.C. job. As we learned Monday the D.C. job was about having more resources to get bracken. 3: LockStat. This somehow is related to her mom’s case. That’s it. After everything she’s been through I’m amazed she isn’t in a mental ward. I’m not trying to defend what she did to Castle. I’m crazy but I don’t care how they get back together. They could have had a mutual separation because of this and then find their way back to always. That could have made that work. As for Hayley and Vikram. I don’t particularly have anything against them. I think Hayley could work in this show if used sparingly. Unless he is one of the bad guys I think Vikram should be leaving soon. Vikram is just a cog in Beckett’s quest and nothing more. Caskett will get back together. I’m worried about the episodes after the winter break.

    • lame says:

      If you follow the mythology, she’ll
      continually do this to RC knowing he is her rock, he’ll always be there for her, her father said as much before she took the DC job.

  35. Jerry says:

    Who knows with the lazy writing . The writer’s can write Hayley and Vikram at anytime and the show would still be lost. The actors are doing there job. It’s the other half of the team that not doing there’s.

  36. lame says:

    Look we can all shoot holes in the plot, but the point is RC is more committed to the marriage than KB. Instead of bunkering down and using the enormous assets and ingenuity of R and A C , she consistently goes on her own. Time for the writers to give RC and AC a more Mike Hammer approach to their PI work. It’s pass due and fans deserve to see this evolution

  37. lame says:

    Instead the Castle Clan haVing to deal with KB’s problems, it should be about KB having to deal with RC and AC toeing the legal line of the PI job. RC can handle gun, I’m sure AC can as well, it’s in her DNA.

  38. Gail says:

    Season 8 has been a huge disappointment. The story lines are dark and edgy, and the sweetness of Castle and Beckett’s love relationship has vanished. I watch the show mostly because of Nathan Fillion, a lovable and immensely likeable character. The new writers have removed his ability to be himself. He IS the show!
    If there is no significant improvement in Monday’s episode 3, you have lost me as a viewer.
    Seasons 1 – 7 were so enjoyable; not so at all with Season 8 so far.
    Sign me: “Disappointed in Louisiana”

  39. Fran says:

    I feel the same way Manuel.Let’s see what happens! Castle is a good show!

  40. John NYC says:

    Okay Vikram’s function I can see, aside from the AG storyline launch point for the Big Bad there’s the tech gap left by the unavailability of the actress that played Tory.

    But Hayley is as of yet more of a puzzle. But at this point with the early gap it looks like she’s a modestly recurring element.

    • lkh says:

      I’ve thought about this too–the one thing that comes to mind is if Castle gets his little self in trouble and Alexis seeks her out–I dunno, that’s a stretch. (why did I say IF?)
      Vikram might be Beckett’s secret tech resource, working quietly on the Locksat thing, not being used at the 12th–just a guess.

  41. always been me says:

    This afternoon was not good for me, so after having another nightmare I wrote this morning the loss and made the decision not to watch Castle for awhile.

    here’s to you my friends:

    now the day is at hand-
    the storms rolling up the skies-
    tears drip down to this earth-
    all our hearts are broken here-
    all dreamers toss and then sigh-
    the night’s darkest hour has come-
    hovering over this one particular coffin-
    that’s placed in front of us-
    so let’s all get ready to-
    nail the last nail in place-
    so our hearts can finally heal-
    I say good-bye my nightly friends-
    rest here today for I cry-
    Mondays will never be the same-
    without you our “always Casketts”

    so thanks to all you Caskett fans out there! But I think this fan has had enough of Castle.

    • lkh says:

      Enjoyed talking to you especially about what drives Beckett–the concepts of justice and protection. Look forward to chatting more, if not next Monday, then the next. Thanks.

  42. lame says:

    Wow, that was intense , I will stick around till the end, I’ll be in that last life boat. But let’s not get ahead of our selves there’s still 17 episodes to go.

    • always been me says:

      i usually do but this time i think that i will skip some esp and watch later, hopefully be back in a few weeks……i still love the show, just sometimes can’t watch live.

  43. Rick Katze says:

    Stopped after about 12 comments. The trolls, who apparently dislike the show’s direction, are out in full force.

    Matt: Any thought to separating Castle comment into two parts. One for the trolls and one for people interested in the show

    • always been me says:

      and if you wanted to see “trolls” as you call some folks here (which i don’t get at all). then go see what the other Castle article got. way more debates over there, which i thought was great. shows we have passion for this show. hope the rest of the season goes well for the ones who watch it now!

    • Just one thing says:

      “Matt: Is there any way to segregate commenters by positive and negative posts? I never learned how to deal with, or respond to, dissenting opinions, and the whole notion of ‘free speech online’ just baffles me. Yes, I’m aware that I can ignore, scroll, or even use the same logic I apply to negative posters’ arguments by clicking off this website. But that’s inconvenient. I would rather post negative comments about those with negative opinions; whine about the whiners. You understand, Matt. Don’t you?”

    • lkh says:

      Perhaps it would be more productive and easier on our blood pressure if we consider this an informal debate with folks just expressing a variety of positions regardless of the inclination of positive, negative or even neutral in content. Labeling opinions are not constructive and sometimes means we can’t get beyond our initial reaction and see the value of a different point of view. If a position is offensive or agitating, there’s usually early signs of this and skipping over is a useful technique. Or, of course, we could marginalize people who disagree with us. That’s always an interesting experiment. :]

      (More likely freedom of expression than freedom of speech, unless, of course we’re worried about governmental intervention. Is Matt CIA? hmmm)

  44. The Truth says:

    At first I thought the first 2 episodes were great until the ending of the second episode. It was a horrible decision to break them up. They built for 7 season for them to be together and were suppose to believe that she broke up with him over this new “obsession.” ABC needs to fire the new show runners because they are destroying the show. The ratings are proof of that

  45. geordie boy jimbo says:

    as the saying goes if it works we leave it alone THE CASKETT MARRAIGE WORKS!!! im calling upon the showrunners the writers and ABC STUDIOS again to reconcile the marraige of castle and beckett our favourite couple as soon as possible

  46. John Monaghan says:

    Get that Vikram out of there he’s a Creep and Castle get a grip and stop being her whipping boy grow a pair!

  47. Bruno Bailly says:

    I loved the first 2 episodes until the last 5 minutes like most fans. I have been a huge fan of the series since day 1 mainly because of the incredible on screen chemistry between SK and NF and of course the incredible journey of their love story because I cannot remember a series that has been able to make a developing relationship between 2 main characters as well as Castle did up to and not including S6 EP23. Even most of season 7 was still alright even if the writers did not seem to know how to continue the relationship the right way. At this point the Caskett relationship is what needs to be reestablished ASAP to have them do what they do best together which is solve any case that they get involved in and to have them grow as a loving couple and family. If the producers of the show really want this series to continue, I hope they have filmed alternate EPS for each EPS and that they will adapt the future shows depending on the ratings they see each week. I am mentioning this because they have done it before. In S6 for BELLY OF THE BEAST I remember that the trailer they showed for it after the previous episode on ABC was different than the one that actually ran for BELLY OF THE BEAST. As for me continuing to follow Castle I will as a dedicated fan and will hope that ABC takes the viewers concerns seriously and react accordingly to keep what I consider to be the best show on TV on air.

  48. Bruno Bailly says:

    To respond to some of the comments I have seen on this post and a few others, Beckett will not cheat on Castle with the new tech or anyone else as this has never been in her nature and I strongly believe she truly loves Castle regardless of how messed up her reasoning is for walking out on him.

    • Ghost1234 says:

      @ Bruno Bailly………..Same thing, she was tempted a lot in season 5, enough to let a known womanizer, who she didn’t even know, to kiss her and instead of quickly pushing him, she pushed him slowly. If the shot wouldn’t have happened, Eric might have won her over with another kiss. This time is a guy whose helping her, she isn’t living with Castle, and the guy has helped her slightly. A little mood and she might jump to it this time.

      • lame says:

        Like I said up threaf, BK’s character has taken a dive. I don’t think this is what W/H were aiming for. Let’s see how they rehabilitate her .

  49. mij40 says:

    What happened to girl that did the computer last year, Why a new one this year I tougth she she did a good job