Grandfathered John Stamos

Grandfathered: Will You Grow Old With Fox's John Stamos Comedy?

Don’t let John Stamos’ eight seasons on Full House fool you. His newest alter ego, Jimmy Martino, would recoil at the idea of singing Michelle Tanner a bedtime song, or serenading Rebecca Donaldson with “Forever” on her wedding day, or sleeping in a room that was wallpapered with pink bunnies.

As we learn in the series premiere of Grandfathered, which debuted on Fox Tuesday night, Jimmy is content to remain a bachelor forever. Thanks to an episode-opening montage in which Jimmy wines and dines Hollywood’s finest at the restaurant he owns, we quickly come to know our protagonist as a shallow, narcissistic casanova.


Just as Jimmy finds his restaurant losing business to the brand spankin’ new Bistro Six across the street, he is thrown another curveball in the form of Gerald (played by Drake & Josh‘s Josh Peck), a twentysomething who admits he is Jimmy’s son — the accidental result of Jimmy’s years-ago relationship with Sara Kingsley (Community‘s Paget Brewster). Oh, and Gerald has a young daughter named Edie, making Jimmy the dreaded G-word.

In the 22 minutes that follow, Jimmy is given a crash course in parenting (and grandparenting), all of which culminates in an evening of babysitting Edie that goes about as poorly as you would expect. Unable to balance the baby with a star-studded night at the restaurant — Deion Sanders? Don Rickles? Lil Wayne?! — Jimmy finds Edie wailing in the kitchen with a 103-degree fever. He rushes her to the emergency room (spoiler alert: she’ll be fine), and although Gerald is pissed at Jimmy for being an irresponsible tool, Jimmy is too busy coping with the foreign feeling of actually caring for someone other than himself to notice much.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Jimmy has actually loved someone. As Gerald discovers at the end of the premiere, The One That Got Away from Jimmy years ago — the “Sushi” to his “Ponyboy” — was, in fact, Sara. So… how many more episodes until those two sleep together and immediately regret it? Any takers?

OK, your turn. What did you think of the Grandfathered series premiere? Grade the episode via our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. Dee says:

    Honestly, I didn’t think I’d like it. But I did. A lot.

    • Kim R says:

      I thought the same thing. I wasn’t even going to watch but I’m glad I did. It has a lot of heart along with the funny. :)

    • Gem says:

      Same here. Sure, its not something new in terms of concept but strangely made me feel good. Its a show that could work well if you just want to watch decent sweet, not so complex TV for like half an hour. Bottom line, I liked it way more than I thought I would.

    • Will says:

      Same here – I thought I’d like Grinder better, but it was the complete opposite.

      • graze says:

        I ended up liking this show much better than Grinder too, even though I like both. Maybe it’s the way the whole cast meshed together, whatever it is, I like it and hope the ratings pick up or at least stay level, just so I can selfishly continue to enjoy watching this comedy.

  2. Aleana says:

    I enjoy it was funny and refreshing

    • Sammy says:

      It was refreshing but I think what sold it was the chemistry between john, paget and josh. And the baby is cute.

      • JJ says:

        Agreed. Their chemistry was definitely the best part. and in sitcoms the characters and their chemistry ultimately determine how good the show is. I think it’s a promising start. Not sure about Christina Milian at this point. She barely had any lines so hard to get a good feel for her character.

  3. Mika02 says:

    Loved this. I figured I would check it out and turn back to the muppets but I never went back. This show was so good.

  4. c-mo says:

    It wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be but it was still fantastic, I’m definitely in for the long haul! Way better than the Muppets, not sad at all that it was replaced with Grandfathered on my DVR!

  5. Westen says:

    It was a perfect. Not a Fox comedy fan. This will be the exception.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  6. herman1959 says:

    It was definitely above average; I’d watch again.

  7. LADY_in_MD says:

    I loved it had me laughing more than I thought like the chemistry between the cast going to give this a dvr spot for the season! I’m already shipping sushi and ponyboy and I’m not a shipper lol

  8. Janine Elizabeth says:

    Loved it! Really funny and refreshing. I’ll definitely be tuning in next week! #Grandfathered ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  9. Ian says:

    Very charming. I mean, its John Stamos and Josh Peck.
    I hope this show and Significant Mother go some distance.

  10. Karen says:

    Great show! Loved it. I would let my grandson watch it . Not many like this around. Great pairing of actors w/ John. Baby is adorable. John is charming as always. Thank for the great entertainment.

  11. dan says:

    It was just ok for me. I liked a few people in the supporting cast more than Stamos. I didn’t like the cliche scene of the baby running into the restaurant. Some chuckles, but not a lot of laughs. I’ll give it one more episode before deciding if it goes on DVR list.

  12. Mike says:

    Really good. Well cast. I have already seen so many mediocre new shows in the last week that this stood out as well done. I like it!

  13. Tamara says:

    I really liked it, loved the small Bob saget cameo appearance!

  14. Dale says:

    Great show- Stamos is very good

  15. Ellinaras78 says:

    30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

  16. Red Snapper says:

    I liked it. It wasn’t spectacular but it was entertaining. The cast had good chemistry and worked well together. I’m looking forward to the next episode. Also, what the heck does John Stamos do to look so dang good? I don’t think he’s ages. He must belong to the same secret society as Keanu Reeves and Paul Rudd.

  17. Kaylee says:

    Planned to watch the first few minutes and switch to the Muppets but ended up staying and adding this to my DVR line up. If it stays like this with the same heart, I’ll keep tuning in each week. Josh Peck was a surprise talent and his chemistry with Stamos was incredibly authentic.

  18. MyFairLady says:

    I thought I’d be watching this show just to drool over John Stamos but I actually enjoyed it. Such a cute & funny show…Is Gerald’s mom not the same actress on Life in Pieces (the lady who broke off her engagement and is now dating the single son)

  19. rachelle says:

    Loved it! Thought it was funny and heartwarming. I feel like it might fill the void in my heart left by Raising Hope. I hope it gets renewed!

  20. Wendy says:

    I enjoyed it! Very cute show. I’ll definitely be tuning in next week.

  21. Stacy says:

    The pilot was better than I expected. I love Paget Brewster, and this only reinforced the fact that she is awesome. At everything. John Stamos’ bachelorhood may be the setup, but it’s the supporting cast that truly shines. The plot was pretty mediocre, but it is still a pilot. I have high hopes considering the cast already is showing chemistry.

  22. Joey Padron says:

    First episode was good, funny, and sweet. Like it a lot. Looking forward to watch more episodes.

  23. Mr. Tran K says:

    I give it an A. I couldn’t even stop laughing in a half hour sitcom but it was hilarious. Stamos and Peck make quite a comedic duo even though I enjoy Josh Peck during the heydays of Drake & Josh.

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      BTW, I forgot to mention about the Bob Saget cameo and it was great to see him reunite with his Full House co-star John Stamos. Can’t wait to see Dave Coulier appear in an upcoming episode.

  24. I thought it was great and will watch again.

  25. I thought it was great! I would watch it again.

  26. androme3 says:

    I loved it. A lot of scenes were either funny or heartwarming.
    It’s good to see John Stamos and Josh Peck back on TV every week.
    And Lindsay is very adorable–make no mistake.

  27. Marca says:

    Pleasantly surprised – writing showed comedic intelligence and wit….unlike CBS’s very disappointing “Life in Pieces” whose sophomoric writers revealed they have no talent as they relied on constant (and disgusting) sex references and scenes to make a show…which is why I don’t watch sitcoms as none seem to be able to achieve true humor – “Grandfathered” shows promise – I just hope its’ writers can refrain from sinking to the level of the others.

  28. Jaclyn says:

    I’m not a Fox TV fan, so I was afraid I wouldn’t like this show no matter how much I wanted too. I LOVED it!!!! Already can’t wait until next week!!

  29. Teresa says:

    Really liked the show thought it was funny and John Stamos is cute as ever good fit for him
    And I love Paget Brewster

  30. Mary White says:

    Did anyone else notice that the first child John picked up in the restaurant was different that the child in the rest of the show? Or am I wrong?

  31. Skeff says:

    I loved it. I thought it was really funny and sweet.

  32. betty says:

    I thought it was very funny loved it. Fox came in strong with two very funny shows.

  33. aeromel78 says:

    I wanted to love this show but I wound up thinking it was just OK. Sitcoms pilots are tough though. I’ll definitely give it another few episodes before deciding. The actors alone (Stamos, Peck, Brewster) are worth giving it a chance.

  34. Beth says:

    I loved it! The mom was driving me nuts.. couldnt figure out where I knew here from. tada: Joey’s girlfriend Kathy from Friends, lol

  35. Barb Monson says:

    I do not like the 7:00pm show time, way to early please either reshow later, after Dr. Oz at midnight I can’t get home in time yo watch. Can’t afford DVR.

  36. Ashleigh says:

    Really liked it. Surprised at how hostile the reviews I’ve seen have been. My Tuesday plan is now this, then Fresh Off the Boat since neither The Muppets nor The Grinder have proven themselves worth my time.

  37. Jimmy Calhoun says:

    Given the early reviews I wasn’t expecting this show to be good, but it turned out to be great. Very funny and also heartwarming. Good job to the whole cast. I’m a fan.

  38. I thought it was great. John Stamos is so charming even when he’s playing someone like Jimmy LOL. It’s already been added to my season pass.

  39. Bixbys Dad says:

    Not at funny as I anticipated, but it definitely has potential. Ill be watching to see where it takes us. Josh Peck is surely a stand out in the assemble.

  40. muffin says:

    No I won’t grow old with this mess and hopefully Stamos won’t either. Throughout the show I kept saying “are they serious, whose idea was this?

  41. TinLV says:

    I missed the pilot episode, but based on the overwhelmingly positive comments on this board, next week I’ll definitely record it and take a look. John Stamos has long been a favorite of mine although I didn’t watch Full House.

  42. HAP says:

    Superior to its companion show The Grinder.

  43. Jenny says:

    I LOVED IT. feel good show

  44. Jeri says:

    I liked it, much better than Grinder. I’ll give it a little time before programing it to record every episode but it’s looking good.

  45. Doug says:

    did anyone else note the inconsistency with the babies – one shot she has very short light brown hair, next shot she has medium length dark brown hair and has added 10 pounds!

  46. Mary White says:

    Yes. I mentioned it earlier in the comments. It was very distracting for me. I know there are child labor laws and they need to hire twins. But, why on earth would you hire twins that do NOT look alike? The Olsen twins were fraternal twins, but at least they looked like they were identical.

  47. Deb says:

    Is it just me, or does John Stamos’ voice sound different? Higher maybe? It’s driving me crazy!!!

  48. lorraine dekenipp says:

    I absolutely love this show John Stamos is the perfect guy for this series I am so looking forward to the new series every Tuesdays Love it , Love it, Love it. :-)

  49. Gggirl says:

    I just watched for the first time a repeat of the premiere & fell in LOVE & thn caught the 2nd show, John Stamos You’ve got a HIT with this one!!! I like it better than your old show….Sorry, bt true it has Content, relatable, Warmth, Humor while making fun of men who Really just aren’t sure @Fatherhood let alone Surprise GrandDad! Break a Leg, Happy For You! I’ll be,watchn & telling others

  50. Gggirl says:

    Didn’t we see a baby switch in the first episode of GRANDFATHERED?! May like GRINDER, Only caught part of it but Liked what I saw & may like better than new CBS Show which I want to like Bt it’s just TOO MUCH SEX & Shoving Gay situations at us for the sake of a show or WHAT a laugh….Please, STOP it, it’s TOO MUCH !! Every show on tv the same! Just want good content & clever clean comedy fun sometimes