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Vampire Diaries Season 7

Vampire Diaries Season 7 Poster Ejects Damon and Stefan From Mystic Falls

It’s a good thing Stefan and Damon have each other, because in The Vampire Diaries‘ seventh season, they’re going to need all the brotherly support they can get.

The CW on Monday released the official poster for the drama’s Oct. 8 return (8/7c), but unlike the romance-heavy angle used in years past — think a lot of Elena and a lot of hand-holding — TVD went for a simpler approach this time around; it’s merely a shot of Stefan and Damon beneath the tagline “Heartbreak is eternal.”

Having seen the season premiere myself, I can certainly confirm that heartbreak plays a major role in Damon’s Season 7 storyline, as he employs every tool in his emotional arsenal to accept his girlfriend’s lengthy slumber.

As for why Damon and Stefan are seen leaving Mystic Falls? Well, let’s just say Lily and her heretics don’t exactly make them feel welcome in their hometown for very long.

View the poster in full below, then drop a comment: What are your hopes for Season 7?

Vampire Diaries Season 7

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  1. Steroline! That’s what we’re waiting for!

    • Macy says:

      I really do like this poster of just the brothers. Julie said she was going to focus on them more and I hope that’s true. I’m tired of all shipping wars. Maybe if they would’ve focused more on storylines instead of ships it would’ve made the show enjoyable and there wouldn’t be such a rabid fan base. Also would’ve eliminated the worry about how many will be tuning into s7. How about focusing on good writing and show running this season Julie. If the plots/sl had quality to them there sure wouldn’t be much to argue about. Sure people like romance but that can’t be the only thing in a show, please remember this!

    • DD and IHP and Loren says:

      Lol, Delena is that you again. You guys destroyed the show with your constant bullying of putting Elena with Damon. Then they got together and people got bored and just stopped watching. Stefan and Elena was the glue that held this show together. The storylines of the fabulous characters were so exciting. Then Delena or should I say Dullena happened and people stopped watching the ratings went down and poor Nina realized this show was a sinking ship too and wanted OUT, FASTTTTT. Now you guys are forcing the few fans remaining to watch Stefan be with yet another of Damon’s sloppy seconds. The girl who Stefan said it would never happen with. As a former fan of this once great show I feel insulted. disgusted and disappointed in this show. Basically me and a lot of fans were lied to. This was suppose to be a show about the “epic love” of Stefan and Elena and talented actors with great stories to tell. Then they turned it into the Damon/Dullena show and we fans (former fans) left and obviously the ratings proved we were the majority. Dullena was NOT the majority. (voting over and over again on those kiddie show does NOT mean you’re the majority. One vote per person would have proved it. Having a person continuously voting over and over and over again proves only that middle aged housewives should find a hobbie, other than obsessing over Ian like Julie and Caroline. Pushing Stefan with Caroline, nobody cares or wants it, well other than Dullena’s who fear if Elena returns will get back with Stefan. What will happen if Stefan and Caroline get together, the few remaining fans will leave. Then the show gets cancelled and then they can blame them. Meanwhile, EVERYBODY knows that the show should have been cancelled last season because of DULLENA. People bought seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 dvd’s. 5 and 6, lowwwwwwwwwest sales because NOBODY watches the Damon/Dullena show! The only thing that will ever bring this show back to its highest ratings again will be if Stefan and Elena get back to the Epic Love story that was THE VAMPIRE DIAIRES. Since that will never happen, cancel this terrible Damon Diaries.

      • Loganxxxo says:

        I 100% agree with you! I loved when Stephan and Elena were together and once Damon and Elena happened I honestly started hating the show, ratings have dropped and not as many people like the show I wonder if season 7 will even be able to air the whole season.

      • shortyyy101 says:

        Finallyyy, someone else that agrees with me! Stefan and elenas epic love was the glue of TVD which was ruined by dullena!! Haven’t watched the show since the end of season 4 and realized cw wasn’t going to change their ways.. Ughh seriously Caroline and stefan? They could’ve at least brought bonnie and Damon together( like the book…) leading stefan and elena back together.. now the show will be canceled more than likely because it’s been completely botched :( and I’m afraid stelena won’t see the light of day again :(
        Caroline and stefan romance won’t compare now it will become a supernatural knockoff… typical cw

        • Taylor says:

          Stefan and Caroline are the definition of boring. There’s just no romantic chemistry I would’ve much rather seen them bring in someone he had chemistry with than this brother/sister relationship. Even if I’m a Stelena fan I want Stefan happy and don’t want him alone. I just want him with someone that he has chemistry with. Julie Plec literally said she put him with Caroline because he needed someone too since Nina left while Elena was still with Damon. Like hello, you couldn’t have seen if they even had chemistry together first? Just because you thought they were ‘cute’ (she said this too) doesn’t mean it’s romantic. Even Paul said in one of his interviews that their scenes are awkward since they are friends in real life and he’s friends with her husband. LIKE HELLO?? That is what is translating on screen and that’s why it’s so awkward for some of us to watch. I’m not asking for much from this show all I want is Stefan + Chemistry. Him and Bonnie are the only reason I still watch but now I can’t even watch his scenes because I cringe when SC are on. And SC fans don’t bother replying because I already know you like them so just be happy you’re getting them and go watch another yt video of them.

      • Kimmey says:

        The thinking is mutual.
        I watched all seasons…but after season 4 I had fast forward all the episodes. it was so boring. hope season 7 will be better.

  2. steven7 says:

    This is The Vampire Diaries or House of Wax? Terrible poster!!!

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m gonna start watching again now that Elena is gone :-) But if there’s to much whining about Elena being gone I’m out again, LOL!!!

    • Liz says:

      Ugh me too! He whined enough when she was still alive I can’t take him whining over her box. I can only hope that the heretics destroy the box and what’s inside this season. Plec & Dries need to let DElecoffin go. In the words of Elena Gilbert herself “let her go”

  4. ggny says:

    So it is pretty much gonna turn into Supernatural?

  5. spindae2 says:

    Worst poster in CW history. What a disaster!

  6. dani says:


  7. Karen says:

    Cannot wait for the new season. Yeah, I’m a Steroline shipper, but I’m looking forward to everything else, too. I already love Lily, and they totally sold me on Bamon in S6, so I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride. :)

  8. Lesie says:

    ”Heartbreak Is Eternal” Hoping that means that it’s going to turn out that there is no bringing Elena back, the spell will never be broken and she is gone for good. I don’t want to see Damon held hostage by this storyline of not being able to move on because he’s waiting for Elena to awaken in 60 years. He deserves more than that. Boring!

    • zed says:

      So agree with you. Damon is held hostage with Delena rubbish. He needs to be free of her, otherwise it will result into Damon boring whinning and self-pity trip- I’d like to see him in emotional conflict as he realizes he is falling in love with Bonnie and things get really complicated when Bonnie is returning the feelings, but silly Delcoffin is standing in the way. And by the way the poster is so Supernatural – it should be a poster wiith the four of them- Bonnie, Damon, Caroline and Stefan standing equally in front and center. In the end of ends Elena should wake up and go off with someone who is neither Damon nor Stefan. Elijah is the best candidate.

  9. Dmac says:

    I am getting tired of all things with TVD leading back to Damon.

  10. JJ says:

    Given that Candace is having a baby and Kat Graham may want to leave to focus on other projects, the show really could focus on just the brothers, like Supernatural in order to keep going. Which could actually result in better story telling. I am and will always be a DE fan and I hope to see them reunite in the finale but I’m okay with them putting romance on the back burner and actually focusing more on the villains and the supernatural elements again. The heretics have potential to be the best villains since the originals. Hopefully this story line doesn’t fall flat.

  11. Jeffren says:

    It’s good to be back because it’s been a long time waiting

  12. DE says:

    I’m hoping for a Delena reunion at the end of all this/ the series. That coffin with Elena needs to stay intact till the end.

    • moveon says:

      No, no DElcoffin reunion. That’s what has destroyed this show. I can only hope one of the witchpires burns down the town with Elena in “THAT” coffin. Now that would be a hot finale!

    • Stevie says:

      It’s funny that der’s are thinking that they will be ‘endgame’. I’m not saying they won’t be, who knows, but when has Julie ever said they would be. Why does everyone just assume that’s what’s going to happen? Julie has said many times that she doesn’t believe in endgames so how do you know for sure that’s what the show will end with. She could wake up to a very different Damon who may or may not feel the same, she may or may not feel the same. I think there may be a twist at the end that not many of us have seen coming.

  13. Melissa Perez says:

    Can’t wait !!!!

  14. Stephanie says:

    I can’t wait! More Salvatore backstory (WITH THEIR MOM!!!), a huge storyline for Caroline that Julie Plec teased at Comic-Con, I am happy. The cherry on top was the spoiler we got a little while ago that we’d see Papa Salvatore in flashbacks, too. CANNOT WAIT.

  15. I’m just going to watch, I’m not sure how things will go. I’m thinking that the whole show will be rename.
    But we will have to wait.

  16. Rk says:

    Uh did u guys forget they have a niece? ?? Who just found out that she has 2 uncles!

    • Kendra says:

      That sl went into the forgotten just like Enzo going after Stefan for no reason sl. It will be retconned along with all the other history of this show. It will be like Stefan never even had a niece. Just like Stefan and Elena never loved each other. They only met to help Stefan’s relationship with his brother. It’s called being Plec’d

  17. cr says:

    Check out damon and stefon’s trip to italy!!

  18. Rk says:

    Uh hello whatever the niece? Damon doesn’t knkw that he’s an uncle but Stefan knows ! And Caroline knows

  19. Tabathalhamrick says:

    I truly love this show. I have been watching it since my daughter was born in 2009. Elaina was the main character. I feel without her it’s pointless. I will give it a try

  20. Tabathalhamrick says:

    Also taking Klaus out truly took the good stuff out of it and now Elaina.
    This show will go down hill.