Bones Season Premiere Video: Booth Says Goodbye to Brennan

It’s the old bait-and-switch!

At the start of Bones‘ Season 11 premiere on Thursday (8/7c, Fox) Booth and Brennan are a portrait of domestic bliss. As you can see in the exclusive clip above, their decision last season to bail on their high-stress jobs and focus on their family (which now includes Baby No. 2) has clearly paid off. Even their newborn son’s high-pitched temper tantrum isn’t ratting them.

But as anyone with functioning wifi knows, their perfectly peaceful, happy existence is about to get shattered into a million pieces when the man of the house suddenly and inexplicably goes missing — an impending crisis that appears to be weighing heavily on Booth’s mind as he heads out the door and off to work.

Press PLAY above and riddle me this in the comments: Booth’s goodbye to Brennan is, in fact, tinged with tension and a touch of sadness, right? He knows something bad is about to go down, yes?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Smile says:

    Ahh bless! Great clip. Can’t wait for Thurs.

  2. Too cute! Can’t wait to see the episode.

  3. heather says:

    OMG!!! I am dying at the cuteness of this family and baby boy Booth!!😍💕

    Booth has family to protect and that includes his brother Jared, who I suspect is the reason Booth has to leave top secret

    Damn, pass the tissues 😭

  4. kmw says:

    Looks really good. Cannot wait. Booth is either trying to protect or save his brother which is why he is being secretive. I am glad the writers were able to get David in this episode at least a little bit. Glad Bones is back!!!

  5. Ella says:

    LOVE THIS!!!
    What a gorgeous little family they are <3

    I can't wait for season 11!!

  6. Sarah T says:

    Such a good clip! I noticed that David Boreanz has lost some weight here. I wonder if that was due to his illness? He still looks great, just not as solid (for lack of a better word) as he used to be.

  7. Mr. Tran K says:

    Is David Boreanaz a huge Flyers fan? Me I’m a huge Capitals fan.

  8. Absolutely. Booth is saying “goodbye” goodbye.

  9. Doretha says:

    Loved that clip, and Baby Hank is so adorable, also glad they did not change Christine. Love Bones my favorite, favorite show of all time. Can’t wait til Thursday get here. 3 more days, YEA.

  10. Lysh says:

    That was cute. I’m glad Bones is still writing, too.
    Ominous ending though. Booth totally knows something’s going to happen.

  11. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    Appropriate idea of naming their child Hank…….Booth dearly loved his grandfather, being raised by him. Hope to see more family scenes & also B&B working cases together again. Love Bones.

  12. Nancy says:

    Awesome family!!
    They are adorable. Booth’s been keeping late nights. Obviously, somethings happening that he’s keeping the danger of it all from Brennan. That part I don’t like, but I realize he’s protecting her. Poor Brennan…..

    • kmw says:

      Yes he is protecting her and their family. I don’t like him lying either but Brennan being a mother now will make her more likely to understand what he is doing. I am glad they named him Hank, his ” Pops” is very important to Booth.

    • anon says:

      Since Brennan left her job, she give up any right to be in the know of the sensitive activities regarding the FBI, its none if her business to be quite frank. If Booth is doing secret work for the FBI, or undercover work again it’s none of Brennan’s business now, thats what happens when you are a civilian

      Its obvious that Booth is protecting Jared or trying to help him, what’s he suppose to do let him rot? He has more than one family you know, its his brother, his blood.

      • Jeri says:

        She has a right to know he’ll be gone from the home. They have 2 children together. Agree she doesn’t need his work details unless he wants to share them.

        • July Lark says:

          What am I missing, I heard a few late nights and possibly a missed dinner with friends. He already gave up FBI case work for her, if he thinks its in the families best interests to not tell them, he has a right to that decision. He is a grown adult with a secret clearance. FFS, maybe he can get out of the kitchen cooking for them once in a while. To have a great life partner, you need to be one too.

        • kristen whelchel says:

          no one knows everything and it’s up in the air yeah agree he should have said something but probably protecting bones but he will be back I know it first season I predicted Bones and him would end up together they are awesome and he makes her feel ok being real u know

      • kmw says:

        ” its none of Brennan’s business now” While understandable to say that it has been established that Booth is teaching at Quantico not doing undercover work. Given the recent relapse Booth had she has every right how long he will be gone from home. She is his wife. That being said I do believe Brennan will not be very angry at Booth for whatever he is hiding because there is a big difference between lying to your spouse when in the thralls of addiction and doing something that is protecting your family member No one is saying Brennan is going to throw him out again it is just becoming a tired trope with lying to one another. Brennan is not going to fault Booth for trying to help his brother No one can fault Booth for helping his brother, that is the kind of man he is

        • Nancy says:

          I’m not faulting him for helping his brother. But keeping her in the complete dark is not going to be helpful. I suspect he’s not even ‘freelancing’ like he claims…..but we have to wait for the story.
          Lucky for him, she is one super smart woman and will likely be able to put some of the pieces together to save his ass. He should be very thankful he has such a great wife. I hope he lets her know that when this is over!

          • anon says:

            Lol at Bren stans

            Brennan is the queen of lying her ass off when it suits her, just watch the S7 finale, she kept Booth completely in dark when she stole their baby and went off on the run as a fugtive because she thought it was the right thing to do, so please enough of the saint Brennan nonsense that Booth has to grovel to. She will get over it like Booth had too.

            Tired of this double standard BS

          • Nancy says:

            So Anon – you hate Brennan, I get it. Tit for tat? Brennan has made mistakes, but Booth has racked up some doozies! Booth at least KNEW that she was with her dad and trying to stay out of jail. In this situation for the SECOND time, she’s going to fear he’s dead. They don’t even come close to the grief. Booth is willing to gambling his wife AND kids for Jared? I don’t really like his priorities. At least Brennan wasn’t willing to abandon her children!! LOL
            Lets just see how it all plays out!

          • anon says:

            Oh really
            ?? Well then, going by your constant diatribes I get that you hate Booth and Brennan is a saint.

            Your point was that Brennan is in the dark, so was Booth. Do you really think Booth sets off and to have everyone think he is dead, give me a break, it was a unseen consequence…Brennan deliberately stole their baby, Booth was abandoned & missed seeing his baby for months never knowing if he would EVER see them again, they might as well been dead. And that was all on Brennan making choices behind Booth’s back.

            Oh for god sake, so Booth has to let his brother die, just so Saint Brennan’s feelings don’t get hurt, do you really Brennan would let Russ die? No she would do the same thing Booth is doing.

            Booth has more than one family that he has to protect

            Take off your Brennan biased glasses, the world doesn’t revolve around her

          • heather says:

            It is NOT Booth’s fault that Arastoo is so incompetent that he can’t tell the difference between two brothers, Booth has many fractures that are unique to him, that Jared wouldn’t have.

            Arastoo has messed up bigtime, he is the one that told Brennan that Booth is dead when he isn’t, that’s not on Booth, that is all on Arastoo

  13. Marge says:

    Knowing this is a TV show still doesn’t prevent me from feeling sad & a bit teary-eyed!! Just shows what great actors E&D are!! Makes me very angry that they don’t receive the awards and respect which they so deserve!! #ilovebones

    • Jo says:

      Marge, I agree with you 100%. E&D are great actors they make Booth & Brennan come alive as real people. Bones is my favorite show when Bones reaches it final episode I will be totally lost.

    • Ruth Ann Walker says:

      Marge, I totally agree, every year I E-Mail the Emmy Academy & PCA…….but as with every year Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz are snubbed…….It is a shame, E & D, are outstanding actors & they give their very best. Bones is best show on TV. I am already requesting FOX to Re-New Bones for season 12. I know it is a little early, hopefully if there is another season after 11…….No long Haitus, I really believe this is what happened & ratings went down.

  14. Ted says:

    That dude is not aging well. Starting to look like Frankenstein.

    • anon says:

      He has been seriously sick all summer, he probably should of had more time off to recover and regain his health, what’s your excuse?

  15. Laura C says:

    Love Bones, looking forward to NEW season with B,B & squints & all. I hope Max comes back occasionally too. I heard about David B’s health woes earlier so I can understand why they did scenes/episode the way they did.

  16. Janet Stevenson says:

    I have been drawn into their world of intrigue since the show began. The stories alone should set the tone for excellent TV. I enjoy the actual plots and my husband and I bet who gets “gore of the week”. The way in which each character bounces off of the other ands laughter sometimes, piques our interest and educates. Yes Booth left leaving me wondering what was about to take place. Keep up the great plots and excellent acting.

  17. Restless 1 says:

    Is Booth lying to Bones about his work ? I sure hope not

    • anon says:

      Its not about his job, it’s about Jared, his brother. Even if is about his job, Brennan is a civilian she isn’t going to privy to classified details, tough.

  18. Anyone else think that the body might be Jared? Also in the promo above I think Booth called the baby Hank. Is their baby boy named Hank after Booth’s grandfather?

    • heather says:

      Yes, the consensus amongst many is Jared is murderered hence why Booth is involved to avenge this

      Yes, Booth’s grandfather is called Hank, so its a sweet gesture to name him after him ☺❤

  19. Lisa says:

    Through some research I have done Booth is supposed to be back on the show around the time they do the crossover with Sleepy Hollow. Unless that has all changed.

  20. Tom-VA49 says:

    Strike Three – Last night we watched Beckett walk away from Castle for a higher purpose and now we hear that Booth is going to do the same thing. I’m sure that the higher purpose will be explained later, and that the partner left behind will realize how selfish s/he was, but this is too trite. Not only is the writing becoming contrived, the story lines lack logic.

    Are script writers the ones who copied from other students’ papers during tests?

    • heather says:

      It’s not the the same thing at all, Booth isn’t walking away he is going to help his brother, whom I presume is in danger, Brennan would expect this of Booth, she would do the same for her family, please don’t bring the Castle bitter party here, I feel for you guys but its a different show, thanks ☺

  21. Mallory says:

    awww the baby’s name is HANK!!! i love it!! God rest Pop’s soul…

  22. Thought he had an older boy. What happened to him? A family is only complete if they are all accounted for. The stunt with the diaper was cute but with an older boy he must have gone through it before.

  23. mrsfoxxe says:

    I hate ths show! She has such a whinnie voice. I like Booth, but show has run it’s course!

  24. mrsfoxxe says:

    Bones has a whinnie voice! Booth ok! But time for show to go!

    • kmw says:

      If you hate the show so much why do you still come here and complain. And for anyone comparing this plot to Castles it is only superficial Both leads on both shows had different reasons to be gone from first episodes( Katic had a movie and Boreanaz was ill) The difference of course is in execution of second of two parts. While Castle decided to go separation route I do not believe that is where Bones Is headed especially since they already did that last year. Brennan is very well aware that Booth does things to protect the ones he loves and even if she is angry with him she wont walk away from him. As far as baby scene goes that was very cute and I am glad they named him Hank

  25. Laureliete says:

    They had to do something to keep it fresh. But I don’t really think people tune in to Bones to watch domestic family life. So a missing presumed dead Booth will bring it back to what it should be. Solving murders!!!

  26. Abby says:

    Does anyone else think it’s weird how Brennan still calls Booth by his last name??? I’ve RARELY heard her call him Seeley.

    • Laura C says:

      No, if you watch Castle, Beckett still calls him Castle a lot, not Rick. Many of these TV characters that are in a professional field that go by last names, continue the practice even in personal relationships. On Mentalist, characters did the same. Frank calls Baker (on Blue Bloods) by her last name. Hardly ANY one calls Booth Seeley anyway.

  27. Sean says:

    Yeah. That goodbye was kind of sad. I wonder what is going to happen.

  28. Deborah Abelovsky says:

    Waiting is going to be to Long…… I can not WAIT till Thursday

  29. mrsfoxxe says:

    Hope this last season. Boring! Can’t stand bones. Like Booth!

  30. Jacquetta Calverley says:

    I love “BONES”, I realize the writers are always having to make the story real and I know that life, especially married life is hectic, but please do not take “BONES: off the air! What happens when they leave the Smithsonian, Do they really move? What happens to Angela and Jack, do they move to Paris? What about Cam and Aristoo? There are so many questions? What happened to Daisy and her baby?

  31. tsevca says:

    Weren´t they moving away?

  32. Joan Kelly says:

    I would just like to say that Bones has captivated me and my family plus all of my friends!
    I have not enjoyed a show on television for many years, the last one was Gun Smoke. Bones has several really good actors and actress, but of course David an Emily are the front runners.

    I also liked Person of interest.