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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Emma Dark One

Once Upon a Time Bosses Discuss Dark Mystery, Flashback Plan, Belle's Decision and That Most Magical Usher

As ABC’s Once Upon a Time wrapped its Season 5 premiere, onetime savior Emma Swan had gone “full Dark One” — which a summer’s worth of promos told us was coming. The huge questions the opener left us with, though, are how and why?

Upon offering herself to the Darkness in the May finale, Emma was transported to a different realm, where Rumplestiltskin, as a familiar manifestation of all Dark Ones before her, nudged her to embrace her new fate.Once-Merida-Emma Emma though was resolved to find Merlin and rid herself of this curse, and to that end found herself butting heads with brave warrior Merida, to gain control of a Will O’ the Wisp.

Meanwhile back home, as Regina, Hook, the Charmings et al sought a way to track down Emma, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice produced a wand that could summon a portal. Alas, Regina’s good deeds in recent times have rendered her magic not dark enough, so a favor was needed from wicked Zelena. When Regina refused to meet her pregnant half-sister’s terms, Hook conspired with Henry to privately negotiate with the wicked one, only to see Zelena steal the pirate’s blade and no less thanOnce-Zelena-Hand lop off her hand/remove the magic-depleting cuff, and then escape to conjure the portal herself.

Luckily, Regina rightly suspected that Zelena in doing so would not sustain enough power to actually use the portal. Instead, Regina gathered a group inside Granny’s (a couple of always-forsaken dwarfs, as well as Zelena, included) and sent the entire structure through the portal, where on the other side they promptly found Emma and stopped her from crushing Merida’s ticker. After Emma left Regina in charge of the dagger, King Arthur and his knights arrived on the scene to claim that Merlin foretold of this encounter, and invited the strangers to his castle. But the instant that everyone waltzed through its royal gates….

BOOM! They were back inside Granny’s as the diner crash-landed back in Story- brooke, with everyone dressed in fancy garb. Just as they learned that they’d been gone six weeks — of which they have no memory! — a frosty-haired, leather-clad Emma strutted in to announce that she had become the Dark One, because they failed in their bid to help her.

In the slideshow below (click here for direct access), Once co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis answer burning Qs about the missing memories, Emma’s animus, comatose Rumple and more. (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. This show is getting so repetitive. A new realm, someone’s evil, missing memories, wash rinse repeat.

    • Ashbash says:

      I seriously groaned the minute they said they couldn’t remember anything again

    • JJ says:

      yeah, when Charming mentioned they lost their memories, and Snow added “Again”. That line alone should have reminded the writers that they have gone to the missing memories well too many times.

    • Chris says:

      This is the only show I’ve ever watched live since day one, so I’ll always put up with whatever it throws at me. But I agree completely, the “we lost our memories” schtick is getting very old. They need to start branching out the storylines a little better. They keep stumbling into the problem of leaving most of the established characters with nothing to do and running out of ideas for newly upped series regulars (Red and the Knave come to mind as I don’t recall either of them having that huge of an impact, if they did it was for an episode or two). Snow and Charming hardly do anything anymore (Charming had what, one line in the premiere?). I also felt that Henry’s “I broke that pen because power is bad and I want to be good…so I’m going to help Hook ignore my mom’s wishes and break out Zelena!” seemed off. Other than that, digging Emma as the dark one (not on board with Merida yet, though I’m enjoying it way more than Frozen)…but the amnesia card didnt need to be played again.

      And did anybody else get the feeling the “No dwarves allowed, adults only” line is going to miff someone off?

    • tvjunkie says:

      Look on the bright side, at least Peter Pan didnt return. That half season was the lowest of low points in the series,

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    That was a great opener what happened that past six weeks? So many questions can’t wait for the answers!
    rumple talking to Emma about Merida’s accent was funny
    I knew Regina would figure out a way to get everyone through the portal now but did the baby have to come? I wonder how Mulan and Ruby will come back into all this too? Looking forward to this season I like the Dark Swan!

  3. Dean says:

    Other than they continue to make the show how many characters can we cram in one season not bad really sets the foundation of the season. Emma having Rump as her guru guide/ voice in her head really is like avatar last airbender. Jennifer really portrayed the do what you have to conflicted angst down to a t. Surprised the dark one dagger is part of excalibur if that’s the case I wonder what Merlin was planning when he halved the sword and when her warned five year old Emma about it probably won’t end well. Finally the ending honestly these guys have been memory whipped more than the civilians in the men in black movies and dark one Emma looks a lot like an 80’s rock star. All in all decent start.

  4. laurelnev says:

    Although I still love my show, I did find the season opener a little disappointing. I hope is was a fluke and the rest of the season is epic. That being said, I am intrigued by the Excalibur/dagger connection and am curious to see what that will be all about. Usher (Merlin?) clearly warned young Emma away from the sword. Does he NEED her to stay the Dark Swan? And am I crazy, but didn’t Charming have some sort of Excalibur encounter in an earlier season, and wasn’t it “whole” then? Also, what happened to Zelena? Last we saw her, she was tied up in a portal-bound Granny’s. yet she didn’t seem to come through to the other side with them, along w/ the other dwarves. Did the dwarves leave Granny’s at the last minute with a re-cuffed Z to re-incarcerate her? I DO hope they stop w/ the Z disguising herself as fill-in-the-blank, as that trick is cheap and gets boring quickly. I am glad OUAT is finally back, and I am looking forward to BETTER episodes in the upcoming weeks.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      1) That was a fake Excalibur Charming led Snow to in Season 3.
      2) Zelena came through with them, can be seen walking into Camelot.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Actually, Charming did not have a Excalibur encounter. He summoned Rumple and asked about it and Rumple said it was in Camelot. Then to prove to Snow White she has what it takes to fight Regina he tricks her by placing a fake sword in a stone and then encourages her to pull “Excalibur” out.

  5. Wtactualf says:


    • prish says:

      The husband is riveted on Dark Swan, “This is the show that should be winning Emmys!” So, it is all a matter of taste, I guess. I find it a fun show.

  6. Ashbash says:

    I’m hoping we get at least a glimpse of Morgana because she is my favorite part of the king author story

  7. erigris says:

    Going to be honest. That had to be THE WORST written episode in all ouat history.

    • Definitely not the worst of all, but certainly the worst season opener.
      Maybe they should have pushed for a 2-part opener.

      And if they EVER lose their memories again, I’m quitting. Why can’t things just happen? Why do we need to be flashing back to them?

      • ninergrl6 says:

        THIS regarding flashbacks. What’s wrong with telling the story chronologically? When they were walking into the castle I was thinking it was a good spot to end. Then the time jump happened, GAH!

        • buttercupscarlett95 says:

          I think they are using flashbacks because they want to keep normal Emma the whole time but also do the Dark Swan thing. My impression is they were worried fans would be too depressed to watch 10 episodes of Emma being evil, with no sign of the good Emma fans love. By using flashbacks, every episode can show Emma in Camelot being Hero Emma fans have grown attached to, while they show the new, Dark Swan version in Storybrooke at the same time. They’re having their cake and eating it, too.

        • Dave says:

          Because Once Upon a Time, since it began, has desperately tried to be Lost.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Nothing is worse than the Peter Pan storyline

  8. CC says:

    Since the poll shows the vast majority loved the premiere but the comments are mostly critical, I just wanted to add some positivity and say that I LOVED the Once premiere! Hook, Emma, Regina, Zelena, Rumple, and Merida…all amazing in the 1st ep! Very excited for this season to unfold.

  9. Aly says:

    Honestly, I think this was the worse season opener that this show’s had. It was sluggish and boring to me, and the thing that had me most excited was the promo for next week.

    I am interested in meeting Merlin properly. Merida seems like a cool character so far too. And it was great seeing Robert C as the Dark One again – he’s such a fabulous actor. Regina had some great one liners, and Lana’s hair (and everything…) looks gorgeous.

    I was sad we didn’t get to see more of Snow and Charming’s POV, seeming as this is their daughter. And the whole ‘Granny’s Diner is off with everyone aboard’ was rather cheesy. Why the hell did they bring Roland and Baby Beal along??? Seems very unsafe.

    I could have done with more ‘everyone back in Storybrooke, searching for Emma’ and less ‘Emma in the woods’, quite frankly. The impact would have been better if we saw her later in the ep, plus given other characters more than just one or two lines to say. And unfortunately JMO is continuing her acting choices of last season when it comes to Dark Emma – that is, no emoting whatsoever. I think Rumple and Regina (and many of our other villains) have shown emoting makes for an interesting villain…it’s down to WHAT emotions you show, rather than whether or not you show them at all. Dark Emma just says everything in a monotonous voice, and a distinct lack of facial expressions. JMO CAN be a good actress, but I had my doubts over her acting choices for this arc last season, and this first ep has done nothing to ease mind.

  10. M says:

    Ok, first off, THEY didn’t stop Emma from crushing Merida’s ticker, KILLIAN did. Matt, I expected better from the only reporter I trust to cover OUAT accurately. Second, the promo for 5×02…good grief. After Adam and Eddy spent so much time in the wake of SDCC clearing up misconceptions and rumors (put forth mainly by the actress and a ridiculously biased entertainment outlet) that Regina was the new Savior this season (hell Adam & Eddy even stated outright this wasn’t true in their interview with Matt!) THAT was the promo they decided to go with? Then again, what did I expect from the Once promo team? They never bounced back from those horribly and embarrassingly awful season three promo pics.

  11. KarenP. says:

    I love how being evil causes bad hair, unless you’re Regina!

    • M says:

      False: the bouffant in the 2×09 flashback was not cute, and the ridiculously high ponytail is seriously unflattering (think 2×02 or 3×02).

  12. James says:

    Can someone please explain me what land was the one Emma went to? Is it Camelot, the Fairytale Land, Oz or everything is in the same realm? I’m confused. Thanks!

  13. Kelly says:

    It’s like following a Lost formula. It’s repeative, predictable. They forget about some characters, write off others to write for new favs (Zelena). Time jump and Dark Swan is lame.

  14. prish says:

    “The lasagna might be fake…” The husband, “Ohhh, that’s too bad.” The Bosses need to keep the guy fans fantasies intact.

  15. Verity says:

    Love, Love, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

  16. GraceM says:

    I love Emma’s new look as the Dark One.

    I can’t wait to see where this storyline goes, especially since I’ve always enjoyed the whole Camelot and Knights of the round table legend.
    I like the twist with the sword in the storm that its other half is the Dark One dagger.
    The how and why has my curiosity.

  17. Carla Wolf says:

    I loved it. I love every season, and this premiere did not disappoint!:-)

  18. ninergrl6 says:

    Did anyone mention the dagger/Excalibur connection? LOVE that! Can’t wait to servo wit develops.

    Solid premiere. I prefer “generic Dark One voice in Emma’s head” to the Rumple character who’s irredeemable IMO. Good device to keep Carlsisle around while the character is out of commission. Hilarious that Regina is “too good” to use dark magic now. Didn’t love the 6 week jump or all of Granny’s getting transported, but I understand them as plot devices. Glad there were some cute Captain Swan moments among the chaos. That’s all I need, tiny sweet CS moments to keep the burn slow and steady. Excited to see what Camelot brings.

  19. DarkDefender says:

    I loved it. Even squeezing in Merida, I didn’t mind as much as the Frozen arc. Seeing where they go from here and the flashbacks to FTL & the lost weeks and Emma going full on DarkOne should be interesting. I’m guessing it has something to do with Emma pulling the sword out of the stone. And I wonder how that guy at the theater knew she’d be there to warn her when she was just a child. Maybe we are gonna see some more time travel too?
    The only question I was left with, is whether this will be an entire season arc or split A/B stories like the past couple seasons? Anyone know?
    Love this show.

  20. Vari says:

    Loved it

    Jen is awesome

    Hook was willing to risk whatever to get to Emma, and i loved the Henry and Hook dynamic.

    Hook and Emma’s love shining through, When Emma hugged Hook and Henry – she saw that DO Rumple was gone, thats huge. Its their love and Emma’s love for them is her strength and weakness.

    Chilling scene of Emma touching Snow’s face and the end scene.

    I enjoyed watch Merida and Emma scenes, and also Emma and Rumple (however much i dont like Rumple, he is entertaining as the one in Enchanted Forest)

  21. Toteagoat says:

    Liked it over all but the pacing felt off. We had a whole lot of characters crammed into one hour and not enough emotional OMG Emma’s the dark one!!! reactions from our core, especially Snow and Charming. Absolutely loved the tornado portal taking Granny’s Diner to the enchanted forest, but like others I question the wisdom in bringing a baby and a 5 yr old (or however old Roland is now) along for the ride. I was a little annoyed with Hook this episode. I get that he’s desperate to find Emma but he came off as kind of a jerk. I hope he won’t be like that all season. Loved Merida and thought she fit in well with the OUAT story rather than overpowering it like Elsa/Anna did last year. Did not like the time jump/amnesia thing AT ALL. I groaned so loudly at the tv. Seriously? SERIOUSLY??? Can we not tell a story in real time? I know the Neverland arc was kinda bad but I chalk a lot of that up to the completely unimaginative scenery.

  22. buttercupscarlett95 says:

    I thought it was well done, although the ending scene wasn’t my favorite, since I’m still not sold on them actually letting Emma go full dark. Not something I really want to see. But I loved the Camelot scenes, especially the interaction between Emma and “Rumple,” loved Merida, and adored that Killian was able to stop Emma from killing Merida without resorting to controlling her with the dagger.

  23. It's Delovely says:

    Agree with the “meh” reaction of a lot of others here. For all of OUAT’s problems, they usually do a solid season premiere, but this episode was kind of bland. The pacing was off and nothing was allowed to have much emotional impact, because they crammed in so many new plot points/characters. The stuff with Emma and Not!Rumple was interesting, and I like the idea of exploring the Dark One’s history (which I’ve been waiting for since Season 1). Nothing else really stood out. Zelena is already majorly irritating, and it’s only the first episode.

    Thanks, Matt, for asking about Belle leaving Coma!Rumple’s side. Let me get this straight: Belle is too important to sit the sidelines, so we then have her in the background for the rest of the episode…sitting on the sidelines (with no dialogue). Also, I don’t really like the way the writers seem to now equate “strength” for Belle with going on “adventures”, instead of the emotional strength we saw from Belle in Season 1-3. Would it kill Adam & Eddy to give a little bit of hope to Rumbelle fans? Here’s to hoping that Belle and (a hopefully soon-to-wake) Rumple get more than 30 seconds of screentime together in subsequent episodes.

    • It's Delovely says:

      Oh, and I can’t believe they’re doing the “we can’t remember anything” thing again. Really?

    • Sarah says:

      Am I missing the part of the interview where they mention Belle & Rumple? Because I’ve read it through three times now, and Belle’s name appears nowhere but the headline? There is a big blank space in the middle of the article though. Maybe it’s not loading fully, but that happening on three separate occasions is odd. If y’all see the potentially missing part, can you tell me what he says about Belle?

  24. G Amana says:

    Are they going to show what happened between the Red Queen and Will Scarlet and why he came back to Storybrooke after Wonderland?

    • Z says:

      No, because as Eddy said in an interview at SDCC this year verbatim: “Love Socha. Love everything. It’s just, you know, there’s just so many…there’s just so many people that it’s like, it’s sometimes hard to do that story and sacrifice Regina’s story. That’s just showbiz.” Eddy could have said any other character’s name, but the fact is Regina’s had 22 tedious and redundant centric episodes to date. I’d love to take a long, long breather from them if it means giving other main characters like Belle, Robin, David, Killian, EMMA, hell even Zelena a chance to have their stories told (preferably with little to no Regina – like White Out in season four. Now that was a good episode!)

  25. scotlore says:

    Re: OUAT.. I like the show, I do. But it would be great if they would do away with the amnesia gimmick. It’s just over-used here.

  26. James D says:

    Meh. I liked it and I didn’t. I agree with a lot of other people the loosing the memory thing is very blah for me. I wasn’t a fan of them turning Emma into the dark one precisely because it was the most predictable thing to do. with that said it is interesting to think what happened in the blacked out period that turned Emma dark, and I enjoyed the Camelot and Brave arcs. there is enough there for me to blissfully ignore the mundane trite story telling and focus on the interesting part.

  27. Pat says:

    I was happy for the premier of the season opener, but I am not sure how I rate this. I could not do the poll, but for sure I would not have given it awesome. I am a mother, so as other commenters have said, what was Snow thinking bringing the baby through the portal. Not only was that wrong but when they all returned back to Storybrooke, six weeks was suppose to have passed but that baby looked the same size in Snow’s arms as it had when they were walking into Camelot. Also, I know that Killian talked EMMA down from killing Merida but why not Henry who stood back and said absolutely said nothing to her. He has always been able to talk to her and reason with her because of their love for one another, as Mother and Son. So I will continue to watch but I was really shaking my head by the end of this first show.

    • browneyegurl says:

      Sorry Pat, but the show has made it clear that they care to explore Emma’s relationship with a reckless man then focus on her relationship with her son who she has barely been in his life. It is absolutely ridiculous because Emma’s relationship with Henry is the most crucial relationship on the show. Also remember, Regina successfully also talked Emma down from killing Lily in “Lily”. So for the PR to say only Hook understands Emma and darkness is ridiculous when we have Emma saying that Regina is the one that truly understands her. Elsa even said that Hook doesn’t understand Emma. But the show is going to ride and die with CS so….

      But all familial/friendship relationships have taken a back seat to romantic cliché relationships.

      • buttercupscarlett95 says:

        Actually, I believe Jen Morrison said Henry will be the Dark One’s greatest weakness, followed by Hook next, because those are the two people Emma loves most. I’m sure Henry will be very important. They already showed a sneak peek from the next episode of Henry trying to reach out to her when she’s Dark Swan, and she seemed her normal self with Henry. She turned the evil back on when Regina showed up, though. It looks like the old animosity from season 1 will be back in that regard. I wonder if they’ll fight over Henry again?

  28. browneyegurl says:

    So we have Hook saying that Emma specifically saved Regina for Regina. Can someone tell this to Jennifer Morrison to lay off, “She did it for the town” foolishness? I don’t see the need to devalue the Swan Queen friendship. Thank you.

    The back and forth between Hook and Regina shows so much chemistry, I always loved the concept of Hooked Queen since season 2 and think the show really dropped the ball in not doing a villain/villain relationship but wanted to do a cliché relationship with bad boy/good girl with Emma and Hook. We already have Rumbelle for that. Anyway, both are brunettes that lost their true loves right before them. Both can snark (Regina does it better though).Regina/Hook are more kindred spirits than the garbage PR tries to do to sell Captain Swan. The chemistry between Lana/Sean is nonexistent.

    So we are suppose to actually believe that Hood recognize that kissing Regina was actually Zelena in two seconds, when he only dated Regina for 4 days? But he couldn’t tell Zelena wasn’t Marian when he was shagging and shacking with her for over 6 weeks? Nice try to try to sell us that Robin “knows” Regina but it is ridiculous and the attempt to repair OQ is laughable.

    Btw, it is a shame that people think Hook endangering Emma’s son life again is romantic, but the writers chose to go that route and people are eating that up. Here is another horrible deed that Hook done that Emma would never know about and it is alright for Hook to be a jerk and make stupid decisions because he is “so in love”. There is nothing cute about recruiting teenagers to go against a powerful witch and I hate that they are throwing Henry under the bus to prop the precious prince Killian again. I fail to see what Emma sees in someone he is a narcissistic liability in magical crisis.

    A&E were self aware to confirm that there would be no new big curse because it is repetitive, but then they decide to go with another memory wipe. What wonderful master storytellers they are. Seriously, the show should explore the side affects of memory wipe and brain damage for the amount of amnesia that happens on the show.

    Nice twist on the Excalibur/dagger. Merida was good. The deliver of “Dark Swan” was lackluster.

  29. James says:

    Ok, so as I understand it now, Emma is on the “bad” team and Hook and Regina are on the “good” team. Not sure where Zelena stands, but I was really hoping she would pop back off the Oz and stay there.

    I assume this season’s flashbacks will be to the missing time in Camelot. They’d better be at least.

    I always like how every season there is 0 time that passes between the last episode and the next season’s first (certainly 0 this time), but there is not an explanation about Henry’s obvious growth spurts in those 0 minutes. You can’t stop a kid from growing, I guess.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “I assume this season’s flashbacks will be to the missing time in Camelot.”

      It very clearly says that is the plan in the article here.

  30. Laura says:

    Loved the one flew over the cuckoos nest tie in. Didn’t expect that

  31. Julie says:

    What’s the deal with Nurse Ratchet and the Chief showing up? Not sure Ken Kesey would approve… and it just doesn’t seem to fit the universe…

    • Z says:

      They’ve been there since season one. We first saw Ratchet at the end of Skin Deep when Regina visited Belle in the asylum to cruelly and creepily stare at her through the door window, then in the season one finale we saw both of them when Jefferson released Belle. I think she’s appeared maybe once or twice since, not including the S5 premiere.

  32. robandco says:

    Same boring thing season after season. I mean how long will they drag things on this time?
    Some of the ideas are very good, like Emma being dark, but the acting and execution is just SO BAD. I cringed at that last scene. Morrison cannot do bad. It felt really forced, just like when they swapped the roles last season.

  33. Renee says:

    Disappointed you glossed over Hook’s role in preventing her from crushing the heart so thoroughly.

    That was by far the most important moment of the ep.

  34. M says:

    Is it too much to ask for an Emma-centered arc that doesn’t have Regina needlessly shoved to the forefront? Is it too much to ask for Emma’s loved ones (i.e. Snowing, Hook & Henry) to be the focus of her storyline or at the very least the focus about these articles about her arc? I mean for crying out loud, Snowing and Henry were both only mentioned ONCE and Killian twice in this article (even though Killian alone was the one to talk Emma down from crushing Merida’s heart). I get this is supposed to be a quick recap of the episode, but to leave that critical detail out is a bit bush league for someone who’s usually so good about reporting about the show. I mean really Matt, what’s good?

    • browneyegurl says:

      Emma did sacrificed her soul to save Regina, and Regina is a main character since the beginning. And Regina is a sorceress that actually knows what the hell to do to save her. It actually makes narrative sense for Regina to have some screentime in this context.

      I’m of you Hookers thinking Hook needs to be front and center. He is a useless character that will contribute nothing to saving Emma but will get all the credit because the show has made it evident that it is sexist. Sorry to ruin you guys day, but Regina is a more popular, more interesting and complex, and important character to the arc than Hook. No one wants Once Upon A Hook. And you guys may mention Henry/Snowing, but y’all don’t care so don’t even try it. Henry and Snowing had to be sidelined to incorporate guyliner in the mix, and the show doesn’t care about familial or friendships anymore. So what’s really good?

      • buttercupscarlett95 says:

        Considering Hook was the one who stopped Emma from killing Merida, and did it without needing to control Emma with the dagger, calling him “useless” makes zero sense. I get the impression all the characters close to Emma will have important roles to play in this arc. Hook is important because he understands Emma better than anyone. He is able to reach her in a way that is calming and comforting. In a lot of ways, I think he is going to be like Belle is for Rumple.

        Henry is going to represent something so pure, so innocent, that his very presence is likely to push away the darkness. Indeed, Rumple disappeared when Emma hugged Henry, just as he did when she hugged Hook.

        Regina is going to be important because she is the practical, no-nonsense one. She’s Emma’s friend, but doesn’t have the emotional connection to her that Hook, Henry, and the Charmings have. They made that clear when Emma gave her the dagger. She’s going to be the one to fight against Dark Swan to protect the town, and she’s the only one willing to destroy Emma if it comes to that.

        I’m not sure how the Charmings are going to fit in. Like Hook, they love Emma and will be desperate to protect her, but she’s always had a difficult relationship with them due to her lingering resentment that they abandoned her as a child. They didn’t play much of a role in the premiere. I hope they get to do more as the season goes on.

        • browneyegurl says:

          Hook understanding Emma the most is laughable not true when we have Elsa telling Hook that he doesn’t know her at all and also in season 4, Emma said to Regina that nobody knows her like Regina does. Dude only stalked her for 1 season and known her for maybe 6 months (?). Regina talked Emma down too. I just don’t overemphasize his one-note presence.

          Many others and I just don’t excuse or don’t think Hook’s endangerment of Emma’s son is cute romantic. Regina had to go and clean up his mess. But as always, Emma would never find out the shady things he has done so the ship will continue to sail

          But anyway I hope Charming and Snow can spend time with Emma but I think they will be very involved in the show.

        • Josh Chesman says:

          I really enjoyed the premiere but I agree with what people are saying about always pushing Regina to the forefront. I like the fact that she’s ‘good’ now but they’re trying to make it too obvious. Henry was almost non-existent in the premiere and although it looks as though that will change in ep 2 I feel like they need to re-establish the relationship or something similar to the relationship Emma and Henry had back in season 1. Hook is coming across as too agressive and angry so far and although I really enjoy the back and forth between Hook and Regina, I feel that Hook needs to calm down a peg or two. Finally, am I the only one who’s getting really irritated by Snow’s persistent: “We are going to find MY daughter” thing? Again I understand the sentiment but lines like that have been used non stop since magic came back to Storybrooke. Snow needs to try and look at the whole picture as well as her personal view of it.

          On the more positive side, I loved the Brave integration and really hope we see more of Merida because her and Emma seemed to have a strange connection, Merida seems to understand Emma’s situation really well. Also absolutely loved the final scene but as many people have stated the memory loss has been done before. Also really enjoyed the Excalibur/ Dark One Dagger teaser and definitely hope that they make that a central component for the series.

    • Jackie says:

      ITA! I feared that the show would push Regina to the front of a story that SHOULD instead be about Emma and her relationships with her family/true love, and I’m afraid it looks like that’s exactly what is going to happen. I’m so sick of Regina being at the front of every single arc. Why can we not have an Emma storyline that is actually about EMMA and not Regina for a change? The show is way too obsessed with glorifying Regina. So I understand why Matt barely mentioned Snowing, since they barely did anything in the ep. That’s on the show, not on him.

      • browneyegurl says:

        But isn’t Regina “not” part of Emma’s family? Emma spent all of season 4 worry about Regina’s safety and it climaxed to one of the most sacrificial moments on the show. For people to constantly want to separate Regina from Emma doesn’t even make narrative sense. BTW, the first half of season 4 was basically Emma/Frozen.

        • buttercupscarlett95 says:

          Technically, Regina is family to Emma. She was married to Emma’s grandpa, which makes her Emma’s step-grandma. She’s also Henry’s step-great-grandma, as well as his adopted mother.

          • browneyegurl says:

            I wonder if they will explore that between Regina and Snow. Regina was forced into marriage and was only like 6-8 years older than Snow, hardly old enough to be someone’s mother at 18 years old. Here being with Leopold is truly disgusting but I don’t think they frame it that way.

            But anyway, I don’t believe Regina ever considered being “mother” at 18 years old to a 10 year old.

  35. Jackie says:

    I enjoyed the premiere on the whole, though I’m also rolling my eyes at yet another memory loss. Give it a rest! The dagger/Excalibur reveal was very cool.

    I think Jennifer Morrison did great as Dark Swan in the end — very chilling. I loved Hook and Henry working together and Hook being so proactive and important. It was telling that hugging them made the Dark One Rumple disappear for Emma, because they are her True Loves. I hope that turns out to be significant and saving Emma is not yet another forced instance of St. Regina to the Rescue. Emma’s parents should have had a bigger role, since she asked THEM to take the darkness out of her. Snow had one good small speech, but Charming simply stood around.

    I hated that Emma gave Regina the dagger, because 1) Regina should never be in control of someone else, especially Emma, and 2) Regina would become the Dark One if she killed Emma, and that would be really bad for everyone.

    I liked Merida, but I don’t want her to overshadow the regulars like always happens with guest stars on this show.

    So a mostly promising start to the season, but some aspects that are worrisome.

  36. This show needs to start killing off main characters. Starting with Regina.

    • robandco says:

      Sure, let’s get rid of the best actor of the show.
      But really, not Regina, she is at the center of everything. Getting rid of her before the very end makes no sense. She has to go at some point, like sacrificing herself to save everyone would be a true great ending. But I agree they should start getting rid of useless characters and focus on The Charming Family.

    • Rebecca says:

      This show needs to kill of useless one handed pirate characters who contribute ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the plot. Unless you count his ‘plan’ that literally fell apart because of him. A+ work there Hook! It’s almost like you didn’t think of anyone but yourself… Oh…. Wait. I mean, honestly…. Does KNOW ONE remember his complete and utter uselessness in the Neverland arc where he just kept getting them lost?

      • browneyegurl says:

        I remember and they really drop the ball since Neverland should have been the spotlight for Hook bu they instead made him focus on trying to get into Emma’s pants, then trying to redeem himself for selling Baelfire to Peter Pan.

        People love pretty boy Hook but it is a shame that they can’t see how utterly useless he is in plot. You can’t really be a serious Emma fan and think it is cute for the pirate to recruit her son in dangerous mission. I mean, what can a one-handed pirate and a teenager do against a magical witch? It’s ridiculous. But CS is here to sail to the end, no matter how childish it comes across.

    • aq says:

      i can imagine the show being cancelled if regina dies. she is the best character together with rumple. so maybe… not.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Are you kidding?? You want to get rid of not only the best actress on the shoe but also the most complex, resilient, and amazing characters.

  37. Amy says:

    I enjoyed the episode even though some pacing was off, so I was a little sad to see the ratings weren’t great and while I try to stay positive given this fandom can be harsh. I really struggled with 4B last season, the Charming’s hardly did anything, they devoted lots of time before to the Hook and Emma only to hardly have them do anything together in 4b, I’m not even sure why Scarlet was there and besides some of the finale, the de Vil episode , Unfortunate Souls and a couple other bright spots I probably would have tuned out and I’m about as devoted a fan as you can get (I’ve never even missed a live airing)

    That being said I thought the Rumple (love him) and Emma scenes were great last night, loved Merida, I think especially after the finale last year that Hook and Henry have an interesting dynamic and I’m really excited to see what Morrison brings to the table as Dark Swan. The twist with Excalibur might be my new favorite one, I love that Arthur has been covering up that he doesn’t have a whole sword. I’m also curious if Emma used the Dark Curse and who she had cast it since Henry is still alive. I mean really ‘Emma’ is the only one who is not really there…does the Dark One need a heart?

  38. The Squatch says:

    When Hook tried to take Zelena’s heart and couldn’t because it was protected by a spell from a long time ago, I actually thought for a moment that he would take the heart of her baby instead and use that to make her do what he wants. She made it clear that she actually does care about the baby because it will be the only one who loves her.. Probably too dark for a show like this but I wonder if it would have worked.

  39. Quinn Parker says:

    I’m not sure if anyone realizes this since it is pretty obscure but in one of the old Welsh versions of Arthurian legend Excalibur had a sister weapon, a dagger named Carnwennan meaning White Hilt. It was said to have the ability to “Shroud its user in Shadow” and it was one of the only things Arthur refused to pass on to his successor. Not only that but in one of the only legends it is featured prominently Arthur uses it to slay a dark witch by slicing her in half. Several of these elements seem very easily compatible with what is going on in OUAT right now.

    The nature of the darkness also seems to be rooted in Arthurian legend. Another prominent Arthurian figure that has been noticeably absent is Morgan La Fey. In most depiction she is cast as the titular villain of Arthur’s reign yet in OUAT she is no where to be found. The most obvious conclusion is that Morgan is the darkness herself. Fearing for the safety of all worlds Merlin destroyed Morgan and bound her magic to a broken shard of Excalibur and tied her to a mortal soul. Morgan was often seen as deeply connected with other worlds, most prominently the fairy court where she derived many ancient and evil magicks. The other possibility is that Morgan herself was the first dark one.

    Another figure that seems at present to be missing is the Lady of the Lake who has gone by many names over the years. She was the one that after taking advantage of Merlin and learning all his magic trapped him in the trunk of a tree for all time. It seems likely that she will be making an appearance very soon in some fashion or another.