CSI Series Finale Recap: How Did CBS' Long-Running Procedural End?

The flower did it.

OK, not exactly, but with William Petersen’s Gil Grissom back on the case, you knew there was going to be some obscure botanical reference — plus crazy twists like bees used as tracking devices (!) and some Lady Heather safe-word mumbo jumbo — in the pursuit of a dastardly bomber.

The final case — which brought Grissom (now working as a rogue investigator/eco-vigilante trying to save marine life) and Sidle (applying for the exiting Russell’s position) and Sanders and Brass and Willows (to name a few) back together again — began with a bang: A suicide bomber entered the Eclipse Casino (owned by now FBI member Catherine) and killed three people, injuring 15 others. It turns out the guy’s jacket pocket contained a key from Lady Heather’s dungeon, and when another of the dominatrix/therapist’s patients (a mild-mannered teacher) detonated a second explosive device inside a (barely cleared out) elementary auditorium (killing a bomb-squad member in the process), the question emerged: Had Gil’s one-time partner in sparring/flirtation/existential debate turned into a vicious sociopath after the deaths of her daughter and granddaughter?

The now divorced Grissom and Sidle took opposing sides of the debate: He maintained Heather’s innocence (in the absence of any clear facts) while she relied on the philosophies championed by her mentor-turned-lover-turned-thorn-in-the-side — which is to say she followed the evidence.

It turned out, though, that the initial two bombers were under the influence of a powerful South American botanical called Devil’s Breath that paralyzes “judgement receptors in the brain” and leaves those who’ve inhaled it susceptible to all kinds of manipulation. (Oh good grief!) Using DNA swabs from Heather’s VIP patients, painted bees searching the Las Vegas mountains for signs of human life (double good grief!), and a computer program depixelating a video message from the killer, the team learned the guilty party was Mr. Betten (Doug Hutchison), Heather’s first patient — and a man who blamed Grissom for the dominatrix’s decision to exit her dungeon, and later close her therapy practice.

106917_D0202bAs Willows, Sanders and Brody perfectly synced the detonation of a three-bomb daisy chain that Betten had setup in a populated downtown building (a great moment of tension in a not-very-tense two-hour telecast), Grissom and Sidle confronted the cancer-stricken baddie and realized his explosive vest wasn’t even set to detonate. More importantly, though, Grissom’s monologue about the 52 Hertz Whale simultaneously described how the sociopath’s love for Lady Heather fell on deaf ears, and how his own poor communication skills made it impossible for Sidle to realize how much he still loved her.

At the end of a final videotaped Q&A with Heather (just some loose ends; she was cleared of any wrongdoing) Grissom thanked his old pal for cracking the shell around his heart. “Through you, I learned to love someone,” he said, before admitting it was Sara who restored his faith in humanity and also helped him with his crosswords.

When Willows’ daughter Lindsey (a budding CSI herself) delivered the video in question to Sidle, she hesitated, and then basically implored, “FF to the good parts at the end!” And thus, the CSI finale ended the way we all kind of knew it would: Grissom and Sidle, scientifically crazy in love, and aboard his boat, The Ishmael.

Meanwhile, it looks as though Willows will end up back in charge of the Vegas crime lab, Russell will be off to the CSI: Cyber universe, and in our minds, the first sight of a fictional crime scene will be synonymous with the rockin’ sounds of The Who.

On that note, what did you think of the CSI series finale? Grade it in our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Haven’t seen it yet — but did they say what happened to Finn?

    • GraceM says:

      You see D.B. with a plaque with dates on it, that he packed into a box, saying he was going to miss Jules.
      I assume that means she died.

    • Merril Lane says:

      No, just showed the plaque that she died.

    • Trina says:

      I don’t know if you got to see all this seasons ep’s but we got too 6 I think it was. It was the ep Nick left then it stopped for it half way thro season break then This ep suddenly appeared sayin CSI finale. So I’m totally p*ssed wanna know what happened inbtwn where Finn went who killed her what why how? Wish the channels wudnt do this. Why can’t the just show the last ep’s of the season for the die hard fans that have stuck by the show. Kinda puts me if watchin the new CSI thing now. Pro. Only last a few seasons it’s not like it’s a new concept is it? Where as CSI was & still is diff. Yer they were re usin old stories cos the writers had writers block Niger in new ones that have a brain & can think but I can’t think ov anything else we have bar Ruiz & Isles that cums close to CSI basically the job behind the police. Not ur generic cop show. Rite rant over sorry 😜

  2. BarryFlash says:

    I really liked the finale. It was great seeing Grissom and Lady Heather again!

  3. GraceM says:

    Only regret is that they killed of Elisabeth She’s character and that the actor playing Nick did not want to return.

  4. Dean says:

    It felt like a lifetime movie right down to the riding off into the sunset or in this case sunrise felt it was a fan service to those who shipped Grissom and Sara are we to believe that Sara suddenly quits her newly promoted job just to cruise the ocean with Grissom her ex-husband apparently? Catherine suddenly coming back as DB leaves just cuz she wants to care for two orphaned girls and cuz her daughter is in vegas really how old was Lindsey suppose to be when Catherine ran off to join the feds? And even though they were the youngest of the bunch Greg and Morgan were treated like background characters the whole two hours. I honestly expected more.

    • Keith says:

      She was in her late teens and played by a different actress

    • Have you ever heard of aging characters? TV, particularly soaps, soaps do it all the time. I loved Catherine reply to where the new girl came from.

      • Bryan says:

        Actually Lindsey was 12 in season 5 so she’s probably 22-23 in the final… Nothing shocking with the new actress, she has the same age Lindsey should have.

    • It drove me freaking insane that I knew I should know who the mysterious red head was, but I could not figure it out. The look on Grissom’s face when Catherine tells her she came from her vagina was hilarious though

    • adam says:

      That was Katie Stevens from American Idol and faking it. Who looks a lot like Kay Panabaker sister of Danielle Panabaker from The Flash, who originally played Lindsey and is actually old enough, 25 to have still played her.

      • Dean says:

        my point is are we supposed to believe Catherine would just comeback to Vegas even after leaving it and Lindsey to join the FBI who was taking care of Lindsay while Catherine was gone

        • Daisy says:

          Lindsey was in college the season Catherine left. She mentioned something to DB in the episode they are on the run. Lindset was a senior in the episode with the dead kid in the sewer. mid season 10 i believe, which put her turning 23 in 2015.

        • debstarrett says:

          well maybe Catherine decided coming back to run the casino she owns would be a good move. I mean come on, it was the end of a good thing. She obviously ends up running the lab because Sarah ran off with her ex husband and why wouldn’t she? She did it before. Sorry to see the show end.

    • Ruth says:

      I think this is one of the reasons that George Eads did not want to come back. The last couple of years they reduced him to just cameo parts, when he used to be a big part of the show.

    • suzi says:

      I agree, I had the exact same issues. Also, once Doug Hutchinson appeared, it was pretty obvious who the culprit was going to be.

      • neums says:

        I was actually hoping that using Hutchison was a red herring the whole time and that it was actually wheelchair guy (Who really didn’t need the chair). That would have at least been an interesting twist.

    • Ramona says:

      Me too. It was not what I expected at all. I was dredging the last episode because I saw all of them for 15 years. But it turned out to be a big disappointment.

  5. David7118 says:

    As DB is packing a box we see a plaque stating Finn’s end of watch date indicating she died. My major problem was the Bluetooth communication. Why didn’t the bomb squad person first take the Bluetooth out of the teacher’s ear. They knew that’s how the baddie was communicating.

  6. Mariana Trench says:

    I really didn’t like it at all. I would have turned it off, were it not for wanting to see as much of Grissom as possible for the last time. Way too much Sara in it for me, as I never cared for her one iota to begin with. Oh well… onward…

    • Here with you 100%. No disrespect to GF, but Sara Sidle was an irritation to me from day 1. I never saw any chemistry between her and Grissom. So the ending felt hollow to me.

      • Kathleen says:

        100% agreed. Never liked her character and never understood the Grissom thing. Even last night, they claimed they loved each other but they acted nothing like it. Not a kiss even…weird. I really hope she didn’t leave her job for him. That would be ridiculous. Nothing changed…I really wish they had focused on all the characters like Gregg, Brody and Hodgins. Sigh.

        • I was right there with you! I always thought Lady Heather and Grissom had more chemistry!! They were a better match to me! Sara had way too much screen time! I would have been more interested to see if Brody ended up with Hodgins or Greg…cause she had a flirtation with both! Huge disappointment with Nick being absent…in fact I would have rather had Sara absent!!

          • Pennagirl says:

            Hell, Brass got injured (burned) and they took him to the hospital. After that he was mentioned by Catherine that he’s going to be fine and he’s recovering. Yes, Paul Guilfoyle got burned. Loved his character. Very poor writing for many of the characters…and the Dr. Robbins and Super Dave….what happened with them. The other characters were left in the background too much.

          • Say No To CBS says:

            It’s a moot point since Sara was given the task to carry the ball over the finish line. Like it or not, it’s a done deal. Grissom got the woman he always wanted. End of.

      • Say No To CBS says:

        What mattered was what Grissom saw in her.

      • SayNoToCBS says:

        Apparently Petersen believed enough in Grissom/Sara. He stayed true to this arc from the beginning. The problem with finale is too much Lady Heather. Since when CSI was a Sara/Grissom/LH triangle story? To elevate a throwaway character to such prominence, LH hijacked the finale. She dragged it down to the soapy suds level. Never can tell why Bruckheimer would insist on having this character back. Oh well, she can console herself with running Dominion II, I guess. But I missed seeing Greg, Hodges, Doc, Brass, etc., etc. Zuiker shouldn’t let LH eat up so much screen times.

    • aconitemagnus says:

      Agreed. Way too much Sara for me.

    • tahina says:

      Same here..she never was pleasant to look at for me, last night she looked haggard.. and her voice always annoyed me to pieces. I don’t want to think theonly reason for Grisso reappearance was to re hook the both..what a waste, I wanted someone else for him..oh well..

    • Say No To CBS says:

      Re: Mariana Trench – September 27, 2015 at 9:21 PM

      You really need to watch the CSI Finale Salute event at Paley Center. It would tell you something about Grissom/Sara story.

  7. Margarethe says:

    It was really pretty bad; I don’t remember any episodes being this bad, and this was the send-off – it deserved much much better. Almost each new scene brought a new plot hole (or absurdity). I loved this show its entire run, but this finale was just no bueno. I watched it for William Petersen (and it was nice to see Willows and Brass again). I’ve been a huge Petersen fan since “Manhunter.” Very disappointing end to a ground-breaking TV series.

  8. JeffDJ says:

    I enjoyed the finale. It was great seeing Grissom back. My only major gripe was I knew who the killer was as soon as Doug Hutchison appeared as one of Heather’s former patients in Part 1 — the familiar guest-star-is-the-killer issue.
    While I have absolutely no interest in CSI: Cyber, I may catch the season premiere just to see how D.B. transfers over, but otherwise, for the first time in 15 years my TV schedule is CSI-free.

  9. Jenna says:

    I thought it was awesome. Very much like CSI of old. And the ending was lovely. Grissom and Sara always belonged together in the end. Loved the riding off into the sunset. :) So long, Grissom and Sara, and CSI.

  10. Rob says:

    Does anyone know who Robert Custer is? Final credits listed something like “in loving memory of” …

  11. ana navarro says:

    Awesome. Ending loved the shor
    Ow glad they git bsck togethet

  12. skrable2 says:

    Small point, but we see Catherine talking to the young daughters of the casino employee who was killed. They are now orphans, and ask her who will care for them now? … And we never find out.

    • Rusty says:

      Actually, she mentions that she will be back in Vegas because of her daughter and the two little girls right near the end. So I would assume that she planned on taking care of them.

    • Teddy says:

      When Catherine was saying good-bye to DB, she implied she was returning to Las Vegas and she mentioned the two daughters being orphans and having no one to care for them. She then stated she would take care of them.

    • Pennagirl says:

      Catherine is going to…that was one of three motivators of her returning to Las Vegas.

  13. Kathleen Coleman says:

    She was a Chicago actress, a friend for over 30 years and Mr. Peterson’s personal assistant.

  14. Marla says:

    Roberta Custer, according to an article I read, was a long-time close friend of and personal assistant to William Peterson, as well as a beloved fixture on the CSI set for years; she passed away earlier this year.

    I thought the series finale was very good, though a bit predictable (I agree w/ the poster who pointed out that guest star Doug Hutchison appearing gave it away). I loved seeing the old cast working together, just like old times. I’ll miss this show a lot.

  15. Debi says:

    Tonight’s killer played Nick’s stalker in a previous show

  16. Debi says:

    That’s the only thing that disappointed me.

  17. ragdoll31 says:

    I for one was disappointed with this finale. It felt more like the Grissom and Sara show than CSI ending it’s run. I’ve never been a Sara fan – for many reasons – and I felt that it focused way to heavy on them. I too was surprised that we are to believe that Sara quit her job as director to go chase Grissom’s dream. If it was that easy why did she do that before they got divorced? And Catherine deciding to quit the FBI to come back to Vegas to be a foster mother? I missed the reason why Brass came back to town, but what a waste of his character – to be burned in the middle of the story and not seen again? And Broady and Greg used as background props. I would rather have had them come together for a better case and work together giving everyone good screen time and exclude Sara’s jealous snit with Lady Heather and the wrapping up everything in a unrealistic bow. How about solve the case and then have everyone return to their previous lives?

    • rebecca says:

      I think Sara was truly in love with Grissom. She didn’t want the divorce. It happened because Grissom was emotionally (not to mention physically) unavailable. And what else is one supposed to do when the one you love seems to not want to be with you? You go on with your life and career. So I find it totally believable she would leave her job to be with Grissom when she found out he really did love her, and was able to finally express it. I think he had time to think about and experience his life without her. Grissom seems to be one of those men who have a real hard time expressing their emotions. So when Sara found out (and Grissom was so covert!) she made the choice to be with him.

  18. Anna says:

    I hated it. This was a crime show, and unlike the spin-offs, the characters always took second place to the story. Only based off of this final you’d think the entire point of the show was the Grissom/Sara romance. However you feel about those two and whether or not they work as a couple, they were not ever the focus of the show in the way this episode made them seem. this was not a fitting end to this show at all.

    • Dotty says:

      Grissom was the ‘star’ of the show from the beginning (Catherine after Grissom left the show). It’s like a book with the main character and all that goes on with that character from the beginning to the end of the book, and like in books, he finds happily ever after love. Sara was part of that is all. I didn’t mind Sara; I know a lot didn’t like her. So I wasn’t put off about the ending. I don’t believe the characters take second place to the story at all; I think they are the story. What they do for a living is investigate crime scenes and solve murders, etc. My opinion only.

    • Grissom247 says:

      Re:Anna says:

      September 28, 2015 at 1:45 AM

      I hated it. This was a crime show, and unlike the spin-offs, the characters always took second place to the story. Only based off of this final you’d think the entire point of the show was the Grissom/Sara romance. However you feel about those two and whether or not they work as a couple, they were not ever the focus of the show in the way this episode made them seem. this was not a fitting end to this show at all.

      You know what was wrong with the CSI finale? Two words: Lady Heather! By setting this character up as the focal point of the episode, it dumbed everything down!

      I still don’t understand why Bruckheimer would want to have her back. Her storyline played out years ago. Wasn’t she supposed to be Dr. Kessler now? Why was everybody calling her Lady Heather? Zuiker made a terrible mistake by bowing to Bruckheimer’s demand to have her as the main theme here; she ended up taking away screen time and dialogues from the regulars like Greg, Hodges, Doc, Brass and so forth.

      Rewatched the finale, still don’t like seeing this character! She ruined it for me.

  19. Lisa Hartshorn says:

    I have watched since day 1. 15 seasons later, everything was brought full circle and was ended perfectly. It is hard to say goodbye to these people and their characters I have loved for so long. Well done CBS, thank you.

  20. John says:

    So Finn died, Grissom and Sarah sailed off, DB is headed to Cyber, and Catherine escaped from under the dome and is headed back to Las Vegas.

    It was ok… I missed Nick and felt that it wasn’t one of the stronger episodes of the series. Bringing back the old characters was nice, but the episode wasn’t as intense as many of the season finales.

  21. sandy says:

    Would like to see new show with Marg & George Eads in charge together. That would be great. CSI New Beginning

  22. Patricia says:

    I am watching it again for the 3rd time today, but, in all honesty, it seemed like the characters did not play with their normal flair this time. It was kind of “down.” DB seemed flat even. I wanted to see it because of Grissom. I too have loved him since his role in Manhunter. And assumption is that she left vegas, came to San Diego where the boat was moored by cab, and she and Grissom after her watching the tape, rode off into the sun… and with them, CSI.

    It is assumed for me that Catherine will be in charge of CSI Vegas and life goes on. I did not like it when Fishburne was there, it took a different turn, but when Ted Danson took over, it perked up greatly; however his last few moments seemed a bit depressed. Perhaps knowing this was their last hurrah was a little difficult. They knew it was over, so hard to be at your best when it is all over.

    I will miss them. I miss CSI NY and CSI Miami as well. I am currently binge watching CSI on Hulu/CBS Now. Sad ending, and for the life of me, I cannot imagine how CSI Cyber is going to ever compare to these shows. It was ok, perhaps DB can perk it up. Anxious for that to start since he is in it. Maybe he will bring Grissom and Sara and some of all the others in from time to time.

    • Elf says:

      I think Danson intentionally toned it down for this one considering that after this episode he was the only actor left with a regular job. He also didn’t have much to do, other than suddenly become a genius computer tech in preparation for his new job.

      I thought Grissom was a huge dick the first time he encountered Lindsay. She clearly knew who he was and is he didn’t remember her, he could’ve at least admitted so and asked her name. Hell, she even pointed at her badge which would have had her name on it, which means he didn’t even care enough to look.

      Catherine’s stint as supervisor was fine to me. She got shafted when Langston went rogue, considering all the times pretty much everyone under Grissom did the same thing at one time or another.

      I do wish the final scene had the whole team together and had maybe addressed a few extra loose ends. Like Maybe Brass’ daughter had cleaned up once and for all and was working at the casino. Did Hodges and Morgan ever actually hook up? Long time fans deserved more than just a wrap-up to the Gil/Sara story.

  23. Debbie Kemp says:

    Loved Grissom being back -really made the episode. Wish it was still coming on!

  24. James says:

    I was disappointed. I never bought the Grissom/Sara romance. It came out of nowhere originally as (I think) a way to write Jorja Fox out of the show and happened almost all off-screen. There has never been any chemistry between the two.

    It would have worked better for me if they had been investigating a bomb that brought the whole casino down (which is the impression I got from previews).

    As someone who works in the computer industry, CSI: Cyber is a terrible show. It makes no sense and is technological nonsense. I would much rather have had a few more seasons of this show or a new city CSI (CSI:London would be fun…or CSI:Omaha maybe…somewhere unexpected).

    • The Carpooler says:

      CSI: Omaha.


    • GrissomFan says:

      What a pity you don’t see the beauty of Grissom/Sara. Both Petersen and Fox gave their special brand of performance and brought that something special to this story arc. They carried it out with subtlety and never overplayed it in the normal Hollywood loud and noisy style. But no matter. Petersen and Fox believed in it and a fan like me enjoyed coming along for the ride. It was great to see them back together again. Never could understand why they were broken up unnecessarily in Season Thirteen.

  25. Caddy Day says:

    The plants and bees were pure Grissom. No Nick :( Too little Greg, Henry and Hodges. The ride (float?) off into the sunset (okay, sunrise) was absolutely perfect.

  26. J.Norman says:

    I thought it was a pretty good send off.

    1) The bit with the bees was a bit much, especially in what seemed to be one afternoon.
    But as Grissom himself once said in a long ago episode, “That in order to resolve the plot in the time allowed, most shows have to have one (or 2) plot holes big enough to drive a Mack truck through.

  27. J.Norman says:

    I was hoping for a Grissom – Lady Heather coupling in the end. They always had better chemistry than Grissom – Sidle (or GSR).

    • Emerald says:

      Re: J.Norman says:

      September 28, 2015 at 6:13 AM

      I was hoping for a Grissom – Lady Heather coupling in the end. They always had better chemistry than Grissom – Sidle (or GSR).

      Not according to William Petersen. He Stayed and stuck with what he believed back in 2000 and he got to see Grissom had his happy ending with Sara. Leather Heather is only a sideshow. Like one of my friends said:” She can stir up the pot, but she’d never get to sit down at the dinning table.”

  28. m mershon says:

    Cannot believe the last 8 minutes were deleted at 10 pm to switch to a 2006 episode of Bones that was scheduled to follow has no one else upset with this

    • David Stumme says:

      Must have been a local issue. CBS didn’t cut away, they went late like they do every Sunday night during football season. I usually set my Sunday CBS shows to go an hour long on the DVR simply because CBS never holds to their schedule.

    • Melanie says:

      I was angry, too. Our station abruptly cut away to a Bones episode. I had to read about the ending!

  29. CSI Las Vegas is still the best of all CSI spin offs. No, it wasn’t filled with more special effects than necessary, and having Grissom back was deLIGHTful. No one has been able to fill his shoes and I didn’t like Ted Danson in the role at all. Grissom’s is a character that is missed. I love his experiments like with the bees…and the Devil’s Breath flower is so cool…wonder how many are trying to order it online this morning…tsk! Fabulous ending. I was in awwwww sounds and thrilled that they were together where they belong.

  30. kirads09 says:

    It was awesome to have Grissom back. He was perfect. Ditto Marge The plot was just so far fetched though. I just have never been a why-are-you-STILL-so-angry Sidle fan so have never liked the hookup with her and Grissom. It was a suitable ending for a show that should’ve been done several seasons ago imo. Grade B

  31. George says:

    I will miss the series, but Gustav nailed it when he was on the ship at the beginning of the episode when he said “Looks like someone jumped the shark.” Sad, but true.

  32. Barbra says:

    I personally wish it never ended but still have Grisom come back. If they wanted to end a series they should have picked CIS Cyber. As far as the side comments “Good Grief” well it is a TV. I enjoyed this show from the first episode till the final end. A sad moment!!

  33. Rexcote0279@gmail.com says:

    Sorry to see this end.

  34. MIKE GOYETTE says:


  35. Pat says:

    I have watched CSI since the very beginning. Did I like this ending after investing in every one of the seasons that it has been on the air and the answer to this is NO. It really fell flat for me and I am so disappointed. Yes, it was nice to see Grissom again but he left a long time ago and the show went on without him for years. Now he comes back the for farewell episode and I felt like the whole 2 hours was revolving around Sara and him. It was pathetic. What about the characters who have been there for years. Where were their moments for this finale? Instead, they were pushed to the background. So to the producers and writers of this series finale you really, really disappointed this very long standing fan.

    • Donna2712 says:

      I agree. He left what 6 years ago now and the actors that have carried the show since then were either shoved in the background or not on the show at all. I loved Grissom but there should have been a balance between the old and the new.

    • Trista says:

      The finale’s problem was Lady Heather. They made everything revolving this character, and this character turned CSI into a relationship triangle that bore no truth to it at all. Did Grissom ever say she’s the one he loved? Did Grissom leave the lab in season nine and setting house up with her? Why bringing her back and made the whole thing as if she’s the other woman between Grissom and Sara? She dragged the whole thing down. Besides, how can Bruckheimer and Zuiker hope we can buy this storyline if Lady Heather never showed any interest in Grissom as her lover? Oh, please don’t mention that she shared her sexual favor with him, free of charge, back in season 3! (Gotta be a slow night at the Dominion.) Ridiculous storyline. Ridiculous case. I was lead to believe there was SOMETHING in this ridiculous relationship triangle. Lady Heather didn’t even try to whip Grissom to half death when he started telling her how he felt about Sara! I wanted to see all my favorite Lab Rats. So disappointed to find out they didn’t even give Wendy or Archie the callback. Also, there was no mentioning of either Warrick or Nick.

      It was Lady Heather. Blah, blah, blah. Sadly that’s exactly what we got. A blah.

  36. AW says:

    I watched the end yesterday and it didn’t feel like the end. I felt like Grissom and Sara’s story has reached its conclusion, but other characters like Willows, etc. are still ongoing. I hope CBS will revive CSI again after some time off from the screen. I would love to see a 13-episode reboot of it 2 – 3 years from now, or a new CSI show, like CSI:Lakota and a new CSI show in another location!

  37. Carolyn says:

    I thought it was a great ending but left us hanging about Lady Heather.

  38. Alice bullock says:

    What was on the tape at the end??????????

    • DogRescuer says:

      I am sure it must have been something about how Gil loved Sarah, if not in those words. Which is what made Sarah go after him. Meh. I’d expected so much more from the series finale.

    • rebecca says:

      What was on the tape at the end was the part where Grissom tells Lady Heather thanks for cracking open his heart and that he loves Sara and she helps him with his crossword puzzles. It was implied and therefor easily missed.

  39. Kansas Blutbad says:

    Great show. Just leaves me wanting more.

  40. Debra Henderso says:

    Have loved all the CSI programs through the years. Will greatly miss them. I always thought the time slots conflicted with some sports programs running over to CSI time slots and that may have helped low ratings or my DVR never had all my programs. Please try again.

  41. peterwdawson says:

    You know, I get that not everyone could get a chance to shine (I don’t necessarily agree with it but it happens), but man, basically most of the actual active cast were just sort of there while the guest stars did most of the work.

  42. Cat says:

    Grissom was totally out of character. He was ALWAYS a “bug man” and went off with Sara to study them in the jungles of South America. He was NOT a “save the whales guy” working with Green Peace. Also he was ALWAYS “by the book”; not one to take matters into his own hands and shoot explosives at whaling vessels. They made him weak and indecisive in the finale and I hated it.

    As for Sara; I say that she leaves him again in a week. SHE left him in the jungle because she was bored and his focus wasn’t totally on her. SHE divorced HIM; not the other way around. SHE wasn’t even interested in him until she found out Lady Heather was in the picture again. Acted indignant when Grissom said he had last talked to her about 3 day ago. Then she did everything in her power to make sure Lady Heather was the PRIME suspect. THEN when it’s all over, she tells Grissom to have a nice life….until Lindsey has her watch the interview with Lady Heather. Once she is certain that SHE is the center of his universe again she runs off to him on his boat. She doesn’t LOVE him; she likes the POWER she has over him (precisely what she accused Lady Heather of with her clients). Grissom would have been much better off with Lady Heather. She actually knows and understands the “real” Grissom.

    Never liked Catherine and she did NOTHING to make this episode better. Her deciding that she’s just going to walk out on the FBI and just expects to be given the Lab Director’s job was very presumptuous on her part. They would have been better off not to have made this episode.

    • prish says:

      Hmmm. Now, you make me consider Grissom as no dummy, and he did what it took to get Sara back. Catherine indicated that she knew Sara would get the job, but she was applying just in case (that Sara wouldn’t take it?) And to whom was she saying this? Grissom. Interesting. There are a lot of bugs and wet-almost-bug-things in connection with the ocean. The big water creatures make it because of what the littlest ones do, don’t they? Stretching back to some primary class memory, here. I found it worked that he was doing the ocean thing, now, especially since it tied in his being expert with bombs, and body weights so people would NOT get hurt. There is a huge tie-in between the Amazon, the Ocean, the exploiters, and the human race, so I bought Grissom segueing into his current Ocean focus. I saw hope in their relationship, since the ocean and jungle are different living environments. I agree with you she needed reassurance she was the center.

  43. Paul says:

    The epsiode held my attention, but the idea of “Devil’s Breath” was just stupid. I took off a grade for that. Peterson was there because other people expected him to be there; too much was explained as having happened off camera because they only had two hours. If the bomber plot hadn’t been as good it would have earned a “C”.

    Kudos for hanging a lantern on jumping the shark, though.

  44. Joseph Triacca says:

    It was an outstanding final episode. We will miss Grissum and the entire cast very very much. Hope someday they will return.

  45. eaglegreen47@ says:

    I just hope DB Russell doesn’t end up onCSI cyber it would end up being dumb if he was a regular on that show. CSI cyber doesn’t need Ted Danson.

    • prish says:

      And the husband is hoping he will be on CSI Cyber, never liking Cheers and shocked at how good Danson is as a dramatic actor. Different tastes, I guess. Me, I prefer the Numbers’ guy doing the Cyber gig, but Danson is watchable.

  46. Guy W. Baker says:

    I hadn’t recalled that Grissom & what’s-her-face had divorced, and maybe it was only revealed in this episode, but, no matter, I was glad to see them back together in the end. It kind of leave it open as to whether or not she’d stay to fill her new post, since it looked like she sailed off into the sunset with him.

    • Nika says:

      I thought that too that Sara and Grissom were only separated but not legally divorced.

      • Nesha says:

        Thanks to the clueless writer who penned the ridiculous FMN in S13! That frigging writer had no idea how to write a long distance marriage without Grissom/Petersen on screen, to make the matter worse, he had absolutely no idea what GSR was all about. So what did he do? He made Grissom end his marriage with Sara over the phone! Basically he made a world class jackass out of our beloved Grissom. I still can recall fans’ uproar after airing said episode back then, the executive producer, Don McGill, had to come out and try to calm fans’ displeasure by saying these two were ‘not devoiced, they’re only taking a break.’ But guess Zuiker didn’t have time to deal with it, so he simply went with the devoice line. Thus, he made McGill a liar, intentionally or unintentionally.

        Yes, two-hour episode is simply not enough to tie up everything for a show like CSI. CBS should have given CSI either an abbreviated 13-episode final season or a 6-hour mini series treatment. What did he do with two-hour finale? He buckled under Bruckheimer’s demand to have the finale focused on that throwaway character, the freaky Leather Heather. All through the summer he made it look like Leather Heather was Grissom’s other option. It turned out completely false. He rather missed ‘Sara for the rest of his life’ than showing any indication he’d take up residence in Leather Heather’s Dominion. Same thing with Leather Heather. Never once she showed any tender feelings towards Grissom. Zuiker did a lousy job in writing her and Sara. Zuiker made the former a cold and calculating shrew who’s lucky enough to have Grissom’s friendship while Sara was made to be a bitter ex. But he also mishandled Grissom. Why he trotted out this tongue-tied Grissom again? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Grissom to explain why he ended his relationship with Sara the way he did? It could saved lots of screen time on other stuff. Talking about the screen time issue, why giving Leather Heather all the attention and making everything was revolving around her?

        I missed the characters who didn’t get the callbacks: Wendy, Archie, Jacqui, Mandy, Mia, Vartann, Curtis. I wish Doc, Super Dave, Henry, Greg and Hodges could have had more lines. So it’s very disappointing we will never know if anything would have happened between Morgan and Greg; it’s very disappointing they didn’t even mention Nick and Warrick. Zuiker didn’t give Jim good enough material to work with; the only consistent one was Catherine. The usual brassy self. (BTW, what the heck was wrong with her face?)

        Watching the finale made me miss the old, glorious CSI seasons even more. Yes, CSI, thank you for the ride, I will miss you so very much.

  47. Michael B says:

    Loved the finally, don’t understand the tribute to “Roberta Custer” at the end. Couldn’t find any connection of her to CSI; still wondering.

    • Ree says:

      Someone upthread said she was William Petersen’s long time assistant and she passed away this year.

    • prish says:

      She was William Petersen’s personal assistant for over 20 years. She, also, coordinated around the other actors activities and the show for him. The whole crew considered her part of the team, my understanding from different articles online.

  48. chaosrainz says:

    My normal attention span for a show is around 5 or 6 seasons except in a few cases. For some reason, I can honestly say I NEVER got tired of this show and will miss it. I think it could have run forever as far as I’m concerned, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who felt that way at this point. LOL

  49. laurie says:

    Tied up the ends, just as expected. Only Sidle and Griffith as the happy ever after. We’ll at least until Sarah discovers how small the boat really is and Griffith still doesn’t talk. What about Brass, how come there were no other promotions, what about Russell ‘ s wife? Too many unanswered questions to be a finale.