Did HTGAWM's Bi Twist Top Empire's? How Poor Is Grey's Doc? Is NCIS Plotting a Spinoff? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Castle, The Big Bang Theory, Empire and How to Get Away With Murder!

1 | On Fear the Walking Dead, even after being attacked by an infected Calvin, Principal Costa and Susan — and having seen what it took to stop Mr. Dawson — Maddie left the safe zone to investigate a light in the distance? Seriously?

2 | Masters of Sex fans, did you ever expect that Bill’s interaction with Dennis would take that unfortunate turn?

3 | Any other Ray Donovan viewers find themselves strangely rooting for Bridget and Mr. Donellen?

4 | Which was the biggest Emmy night bomb: Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers awarding Lorne Michaels with a “World’s Best Boss” mug,Scorpion the Mad Men-inspired fauxmercial, or Ryan Seacrest repeatedly plugging his menswear label on the red carpet?

5 | So, how about that Scorpion CGI?

6 | Were you surprised to learn that The Big Bang Theory‘s Amy — who professed in the finale to needing some time away from Sheldon to assess their stalled relationship — merely took refuge in her apartment versus temporarily leaving town?

7 | Did CBS’ Life in Pieces set some kind of record for most genital jokes per minute for a network comedy pilot?

8 | Wouldn’t Gotham‘s Bruce have at least researched/tried a few more keypad codes before blowing the door open with dynamite?

9 | Castle’s gun-ejecting desk simply has to come into play in Part 2 of the season premiere, right?

Mindy Project Baby Birth10 | Even though Mindy Project EP Matt Warburton gave us a vague warning, were you surprised at how early in the new season Leo Castellano was born?

11 | After Dancing With the Stars pulled that sombrero-on-Victor Espinoza’s-crotch gimmick, can the show really consider itself “family friendly”?

12 | Is Switched at Birth‘s Travis developing feelings for Bay shades of Dawson’s Creek‘s Pacey and Joey? On that note, can Dawson Emmett ever get back to his lovable Season 1 glory?

13 | Why would Fresh Off the Boat‘s frugal Jessica pack the hotel robes when they typically charge you for taking them home?NCIS Season 13

14 | Did NCIS give Jon Cryer’s Dr. Cyril Taft a quite conspicuous amount of screen time and backstory? Do we smell stealthy medical spinoff?

15 | Was The Muppets‘ most “adult” offense having Denise graze on her straw while eyeballing Kermit?

16 | What next-gen CGI did Limitless use20Qs-Limitless to make Bradley Cooper’s eyes so damn blue?  Speaking of the new drama, TVLine commenter BrightLight asks: “NBC’s Blindspot and CBS’ Limitless both had one of their main characters describe the other as a great resource for the FBI. Which of the two is more valuable: Jane Doe or Brian Finch?”

17 | We’re all for Voice coach Gwen Stefani being humble when pitching herself to contestants, but does she really have to cite her female gender as a reason why singers would overlook her? (Embrace the feminism, lady!)America's Next Top Model

18 | Is this American’s Next Top Model doll available for purchase yet?

19 | On Empire, how the heck did Lucious’ “slip her my bone” dig at doomed Frank Gathers’ daughter get past Fox censors? And was Chris Rock an odd choice for the ominous adversary, or kinda brilliant given his wispy, non-threatening stature?

20 | Odds on Nashville‘s Deacon and Rayna actually walking down the aisle this season? 50/50?

21 | How did Grey’s Anatomy manage to go 12 seasons before giving its titular Grey an anatomy class to teach? Exactly how much pro bono work must Arizona be doing that a head of peds-slash-freakin’ board member can’t make the rent without a roommate? And did the show forget that Meredith has three little kids who might be woken by the loud sound of a wall being torn down?

Scandal22 | On Scandal, how did paparazzi photos of the crash site not immediately land online? Also, time to check in with our resident D.C. experts: Would the view from the White House balcony be this pastoral? And who’s over Huck and his scenery-chewing histrionics?

23 | Whose surprising sexual interlude was a bigger shock: Empire‘s Anika offering herself to Mimi (in an attempt to secure the billionaire tycoon’s investment) or How to Get Away With Murder‘s Annalise reigniting the flame with ex-lover Eve?

24 | Considering Heroes Reborn‘s Molly Walker was just a kid in the original series, did adult Molly’s lack of clothing make you feel a little uncomfortable?

25 | Are Heidi Klum’s critiques on Project Runway — particularly this week’s decision to send Lindsey home over Laurie — now invalid after this horrible Emmys dress choice? (At least Lindsey covered all her model’s bits!)

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you have!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Re: Molly Walker. According to what I Googled, the original actress would be 19 now, while the new one is 22. A three year difference isn’t that big.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Considering all of the abandoned storylines and characters in the original show I don’t remember the character at all.

      • She was there from the start, first appearing in the second episode.

        • tvjunkie says:

          Was she there in the later seasons? If IMDB is accurate she was only in 16 out of nearly 80 episodes. I’m guessing her character and storyline was among the many abandoned along the way. The show devolved into such a convoluted mess over the course of its run, it’s difficult to remember all but the main characters and more prominent supporting characters of which she was obviously not one with only 16 episodes.

          • The show suffered from its own popularity and from the writer’s strike.

            The original plan was to tell the cheerleader story in season one and then tell a new story arc with new characters in season two, but what they did became really popular so they continued to drag it beyond its expiration date.

            From what King responded to my question over at Comic Book Resources about a second season, I think they’ve learned a lesson from that mistake, and if Reborn makes it to a season season we should expect a new storyline with new characters as they originally intended the first time.

  2. tallsy says:

    5. Scorpion is low key the worst show on television.
    13. In 1995 you could take anything that wasn’t nailed down.
    18. Given that dolls don’t talk, I’d take Mikey.

    EC: Why is America watching the wrong Strike Back alum show?

    • Kvivik says:

      5. The season finale was bad enough for bad CGI, but this premiere was worse. Along with a poor story, I’m seriously hoping they stop doing stupid stuff that requires CGI that takes away from the believability of the scenes.
      The beginning of it’s first season was awesome and I still watch those episodes…but if it goes like this for another couple of episodes, I out.

    • Temperance says:

      I haven’t watched The Player yet, but Blindspot certainly has a lot of promise. Both shows have to show the plot has legs, though, as they could get one-note and tiresome if they don’t have a good plan to evolve the plot.

  3. Steven says:

    4. Ryan Seacrest needs to just go away now.
    15. I had to rewind it because I was convinced Denise couldn’t have been do that with her mouth.

  4. prish says:

    5. I love Scorpion, and I cannot get the husband on board, at all. There might be an answer, there, somewhere.

  5. 14, i think might be more of a test for if Ducky ever retires, bringing Jon Cryer’s character in…..

    19 Surprised the comment passed, and very surprised with Chris Rock, wasnt expecting much when he come on screen, but it worked!

  6. Television says:

    12. Switched at birth. Travis is way better than Emmett, I really like that he is on the show more, and I could really see Travis and Bay together til they are old and gray.

    • Jamie says:

      Travis is a freaking sweetheart/mild screw-up whose heart is always in the right place and who has your back. Emmett is now an annoying, self-absorbed filmmaker who thinks everything has be about him. They are totally Pacey and Dawson. Team Pacey/Travis ALL DAY.

  7. Daisy says:

    “And did the show forget that Meredith has three little kids who might be woken by the loud sound of a wall being torn down?” THANK YOU! I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out what happened to her kids. Did anyone even mention them at all in this episode?

  8. Sheryl says:

    16. I remember being totally distracted by Bradley Cooper’s very blue eyes when I saw Limitless in the theater. Dreamy!!😌

  9. Mr. Tran K says:

    7. Life in Pieces was a terrible sitcom written all over it and should be one of CBS’ biggest disappointment if only 2 Broke Girls comes back (I KNOW I KNOW).

  10. LADY_in_MD says:

    I can’t trust Heidi anymore that dress was atrocious
    Both Laurie and Lindsey should have been sent home this week their dresses were horrible
    I laughed out loud when Bruce read the letter and said the code was his name how could they not try that before blowing up the place lol

  11. Boiler says:

    I think Rayna and Deacon go down the aisle sometime. If they don’t do it this year hopefully that will mean a season 5. Love Scorpion. What is CGI(sorry)?

  12. Flashrow says:

    The bisexual twist in HTGWM reminds me Witches of The East End. I don’t know how to feel about it, in one point it is nice the diversity, but in other it is like saying that strong women must be bisexual, but they always choose men to marry to them

    • I think that is the issue with the treatment of bisexuality in general. It is treated as a pit-stop on the way to eventual hetero “bliss”. Annalise’s kiss seemed more gratuitous than anything else and quite awkward…and I can’t imagine that any kiss with Famke Janssen would be awkward.

  13. Kate says:

    6. First, where would she go? She has her own apartment and a job, plus, it was only 11 hours later.

    16. You didn’t join the boat with us around rooting for him on Alias where that was what we noticed about him. My vote is actually with Limitless at this point as I found Blindspot kind of dumb.

    19. I read an interview with the showrunner, apparently, she was waiting for the censors to catch it too. I think part of it was that it was super clear what he was saying (like my sound was a little funky).

    24. No because she is around the age she should be and I’m not gross, plus, I’m guessing her ‘disappearance’ is part of why Mohinder took the blame, he and Matt basically became her two dads before the shipped Molly off because I’m guessing that actress aged over the writer’s strike (plus, wait until you see Micah, its the same actor but he’s 19 now and looks like a full grown up, though you can totally tell its him, he has the same eyes).

  14. rainey13 says:

    #1 – Perfect example of why I’m still trying to find even ONE of the FTWD characters to care about.
    #4 – Time for Seacrest to go far, far away.
    #14 – I liked Cryer’s character but no more NCIS spinoffs! Maybe Ducky is looking to hire…

  15. Liz says:

    5. I have a weird relationship w/ scorpion wherein I don’t love it but am still compelled to watch it every week. And the CGI is no worse than some of the ridiculous plots they spit out…

  16. Lady K says:

    22. Um, no…the view from the balcony on the White House (like anyone would actually use the balcony in these days of telephoto lenses and long-range sniper shots….) would NOT be that pastoral…there are trees (carefully maintained to limit hide spots) but just beyond it would be either Lafayette Square and H Street or the Ellipse and Constitution Ave….

    • Larc says:

      The best clear view of the south balcony would be from Constitution Ave, a little more than a third of a mile away. It would be necessary to set up a tripod for a telescopic camera to get good pics. But that area is heavily patrolled, so I doubt anybody would have time to do it effectively.

  17. tvjunkie says:

    4. The biggest bomb was Andy Samberg as host. I lost count of the awkward silences as joke after joke bombed.
    8. What Dynamite? He made a fertilizer bomb like the Oklahoma City bombing, but on a smaller scale. Kids can be impatient and Bruce has shown that trait on occasion.
    21. Does Arizona have a major gambling problem? If not that her being so poor she needs a roommate given her status at the hospital is completely unrealistic, unless she asks to only ever be paid in thank yous and not real money.
    24. Considering I had no memory of a minor character long since abandoned on the original show, nope didn’t bother me one bit.

  18. Megan says:

    16. I too was taken aback by how blue his eyes were. It’s one thing to highlight an actors nice eyes, but that was pretty weird. And, why is Bradley Cooper on a network show at this point in his career? Does he really just like Limitless that much?
    19. That line was very disturbing and I too am shocked it made it past censors, even on Empire. Chris Rock as a Hannibal Lecter type bad guy I didn’t really buy, but maybe him being so oddly cast was the point?
    23. Empire’s sexual interlude was hilarious, only because of Mimi’s “A for effort” remark and the dancing. Tomei is killing that role. But HTGAWM’s was the bigger shock because I honestly didn’t see it coming (maybe I’m just not paying close enough attention). Either way, so much lady loving on network TV is fantastic!

    • Jamie says:

      Bradley Cooper is an executive producer for the show – he also produced the movie. I doubt he plans on being a series regular, but it’s clearly a project that he really believes in.

      • H says:

        Bryan Cranston is doing the exact same thing with Sneaky Pete, and Salma Hayek did It with Ugly Betty. I don’t understand why Eva Longoria doesn’t do it for Devious Maids since that show needs buzz.

      • Whatever says:

        The man is desperate for the show to be a succes. Cooper’s level of on screen involvement will drastically increases if rating fall. CBS has Person of Interests on standby after all.

    • H says:

      He’s there for a bunch of episodes hoping viewers will check it out for him, than stay for story. He’s the executive producer, the show being his idea, and if it will run for many seasons Brad will make lots of $$$.

    • cej says:

      They did the same thing with BC’s eyes in the movie. Definitely made the movie worth watching for me. Decided to check out the show to see him again. Swoon!

  19. m3rcnate says:

    1) A lot of stuff was STUPID in that episode of Fears the Walking Dead. Mainly by the daughter, but even by the father who is running around with ear-buds in his ears listening to music. The amount of stuff the characters are doing that makes no sense and is fairly unbelievable given what they have experienced/seen…it makes the show hard to watch.
    5) I don’t know what it is but lately it seems like CGI (especially network CGI) has gone down the drain big time. Are the budgets for visual effects way smaller then they were like 5 years ago?
    9) My bet is yes it will.
    Fresh off the Boat
    13) Are you thinking about that from your 2015 point of view or the 80’s point of view I believe they are living in? In the 80’s maybe they wouldn’t charge you for taking the robes.
    16) Lol that is the crazy part, his eyes probably are that damn blue. Wow that is a good question…Jane Doe obviously has a ton of information tattooed on her that will lead to big cases, but as long as the pills keep coming Brian Finch is a world class genius that can attack any case until he dies. So I’d say Finch.
    Heroes Reborn
    24) I didn’t remember her from the past run of the series so no, but I imagine if I had it would be kinda weird. But oh well, kids grow up into adults and adults are sexual, that is how they make more kids, big deal.

  20. Angela says:

    #11: With some of the outfits the female dancers, professional and amateur, have worn over the years, as well as some of the other raunchy dance numbers people have done, along with the fact that some of the contestants have been known for doing rather controversial things, was it ever really a “family friendly” show to begin with?
    #23: Considering I haven’t yet seen “Empire”, the Annalise/Eve one was pretty surprising to me.

  21. Elf says:

    8. Hadn’t a month passed since Bruce first discovered the door and when he finally gave up trying combinations and decided to blow it up? If so that’s showing incredible patience, quite the opposite of what would be expected from a 14-year old.

  22. Allie says:

    Here to answer #22: There is no way in the world would the view be that pastoral, let alone no one seeing you making out on a balcony. I mean come on, you’re in the middle of the city.

    • N says:

      The balcony is actually in the back of the White House, it overlooks the South Lawn and beyond that, the ellipse and the National Mall. On either side of the WH are two large government buildings. And there are plenty of trees. The only way to see the south side of the WH is to be at the top of the Ellipse and that area is tightly controlled by Secret Service and many times blocked off. It’s very possible to have privacy on that balcony and, yes, the view is fairly pastoral. There are no large buildings in that direction because it faces the mall. What you do see from the South Lawn is the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial in the distance.

  23. dj says:

    Would love to see Jon Cryer in another series.

  24. Bigdede says:

    3- no no no no
    21- it’s completely unrealistic for Arizona to need a roommate.

  25. cycworker says:

    21) It’s completely unrealistic for Arizona to need a roommate. It isn’t, however, unrealistic for her to want one. She stayed with Alex & Co for a long time. So why not have her be looking for a roomie because frankly, when she doesn’t have her daughter with her, she’s a little bit lonely? It also fits with what we saw from Arizona when she hooked up with Leah. She’s not good at being alone. The outcome is the same – it still allows Stephanie to drop the info on Arizona re: how closed off she is, which I think was the key point of the whole thing, story-wise.

  26. Win says:

    18 – I would preorder that – I loved the doll challenge and Nyle was given great styling (and of course, “great genes”). I also like that he’s essentially Mr. Congeniality this year.

    19 – I actually found Chris Rock believable when I didn’t think I would. With Rock playing Frank Gathers, Wesley Snipes in The Player, and Ice-T on SVU, I just needed Judd Nelson to reprise Baretti and I would’ve dubbed it New Jack City week.

    “8 | Wouldn’t Gotham‘s Bruce have at least researched/tried a few more keypad codes before blowing the door open with dynamite?”

    I laughed at the simplicity of the door code and the fact that it wasn’t tried, but think I may not have planned much better. Not only could Bruce have fallen into the “young people are impatient”/”Veruca Salt” stereotype, but there seem to be many adults who demand instant gratification, too. Considering what he was looking for – a connection to/the truth about his father – I can appreciate his desire to get in there a.s.a.p. and/or will just chalk it up to secretly thinking too many incorrect tries would destroy everything within. :)

  27. Znachki says:

    #21 – She lives in Seattle. Not as much as you might think.

  28. Tom says:

    3 | Any other Ray Donovan viewers find themselves strangely rooting for Bridget and Mr. Donellen?
    Who exactly views Ray Donovan? It’s not like a thing that people talk about in droves from what I’ve seen
    4 | Which was the biggest Emmy night bomb: Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers awarding Lorne Michaels with a “World’s Best Boss” mug,Scorpion the Mad Men-inspired fauxmercial, or Ryan Seacrest repeatedly plugging his menswear label on the red carpet?
    Seacrest of course
    5 | So, how about that Scorpion CGI?
    I like the show, I do, but couldn’t they have come up with a better generic superhero than “Super Fun Guy”? That talking action figure was lame.
    6 | Were you surprised to learn that The Big Bang Theory‘s Amy — who professed in the finale to needing some time away from Sheldon to assess their stalled relationship — merely took refuge in her apartment versus temporarily leaving town?
    Where’s she going to go? All her other friends are there
    7 | Did CBS’ Life in Pieces set some kind of record for most genital jokes per minute for a network comedy pilot?
    Maybe, didn’t pay that close of attention, not getting attached to that as I doubt it’ll be around long. Odds on the first cancellation?
    11 | After Dancing With the Stars pulled that sombrero-on-Victor Espinoza’s-crotch gimmick, can the show really consider itself “family friendly”?
    Compared to other shows that’s mostly harmless.
    15 | Was The Muppets‘ most “adult” offense having Denise graze on her straw while eyeballing Kermit?
    “Too many women, too many towns”
    19 | On Empire, how the heck did Lucious’ “slip her my bone” dig at doomed Frank Gathers’ daughter get past Fox censors? And was Chris Rock an odd choice for the ominous adversary, or kinda brilliant given his wispy, non-threatening stature?
    It’s Fox.

  29. c-mo says:

    9 I hope it’s used for something, it’s just too funny to ignore.
    15 That was just one of many things wrong with that show, mostly it just wasn’t funny.
    21 Why do any of the docs, other than the interns, need roommates, I never could figure that out.

    • graze says:

      All the residents including 1st years ones (interns) don’t make that much money. They really can use help with the rent considering their school loans.

      Not sure why the attending doctors would, especially Arizona. I thought she got a huge payout after the plane accident.

  30. Gerri says:

    1. Not smart lady
    6. Apartment is where the Harp is.
    8. Or at least consult Lucias Fox. Who do you think built the safe door.
    16 Brian Finch
    23 Surprising AnnaLise. Not interested in seeing that relationship, but I love Famke. Seems too far fetched.

  31. Jeremy says:

    I think NCIS is setting up Jon Cryer’s Dr. Taft to succeed David McCallum’s Ducky (the actor is still great, but he is 82 years old…) as Chief ME.

  32. Ally Oop says:

    Arizona needing a roommate really bothered me. I thought the storyline was a tad too contrived.

  33. Mary says:

    4. Seacrest no one cares he looked rediculous. No one cares about what he wears they care about the stars. Some of whom he didn’t even ask because he was plugging his stupid suit.

    10. No not really. Cute baby still wish it was a girl (after Danny has been such a jerk i don’t like him always getting what he wants) but most of all I hope this doesn’t mean the return of Ma. I care about Mindy and the baby, Mindy’s parents and the office and then Mindy and Danny sans Ma.

    • Whatever says:

      The male contribution determines the sex of baby, so given his father has two sons, the probably of Danny and Mindy’s child to be male is on the high side of probability. Having said that it’s probably funnier for Mindy to have a son rather than a daughter.

  34. Mommaknowsbest says:

    6. No – where would Amy go? Although she’s progressed leaps and bounds since she was introduced on the show, I don’t believe she hasn’t progressed enough to go off “on her own” to get herself together.
    14.NO – after all the hype, I was truly disappointed in the lines Cryer was given. I expected better from the writers. If they spun a new show, it would be a poor rip-off of M*A*S*H*, and I, for one, wouldn’t watch it.

  35. Mommaknowsbest says:

    Can’t believe there aren’t any bets being taken on who the Baby Daddy is of Rollins’ baby on SVU!

  36. Is Arizona head of peds? Didn’t she gave the job to Alex last season when she studied for a neo natal surgeon. And maybe she has some expenses or her apartment is big, but my question is – didn’t she get a huge check for the apartments that they lived?

  37. RUCookie says:

    DC expert (area resident) here – technically there is a large lawn view and yes there are trees, and in one tiny direction there is a small cluster BUT, that shot is pushing the limits. That sunset was believable – they look like that a lot! (Thank all the air pollution)

  38. A fan of TV says:

    I really don’t think Maddie has a ton of fears anyway, to be honest (probably just losing her family), and the only walkers she’s seen so far have been alone and she’s come out of all encounters without a scratch. She probably assumes she’s got this AND assumes that when the army says there are no infected people within a six mile radius of the fence, she isn’t going to run into the dead. She doesn’t know about hordes, and the army may not yet, either. Perhaps the plane crash that looked imminent in last week’s episode will unveil a 200+ strong horde of dead passengers that will encroach on the fences and destroy her false sense of security. I honestly don’t think she’s being naive considering HER circumstances and everything she’s seen or been told, even though she will no doubt learn the hard way.

  39. Holly says:

    #3 No way! I’m glad “Ken Cosgrove” kept pushing Bridget away. That was one of the worst storylines on the series, only because I always thought Bridget was a pretty good teenage character on this series. She was as annoying as her mother Abby usually is.

    #7 Life in Pieces was horrible. A lousy Modern Family ripoff that doesn’t come close. CBS and the cast of that show should be embarrassed.

    • Mommaknowsbest says:

      I completely agree about #7 – we actually changed the channel to watch a few minutes of Dancing With the Stars to keep from watching anymore of Life in Pieces. TERRIBLE show.

  40. csr says:

    14. Would totally watch that. He was great.

  41. prish says:

    8. I can see a middle-schooler just taking a hammer to the door, since the father had kept this secret. There must have been a lot of anger, confusion, and feeling cheated out of the father’s confidence.

  42. Luli says:

    21. Can’t believe she needs a roomate. Also where is Callie living? I’m guessing she can afford a place, unlike Arizona (totally unrealistic).

  43. DavidSask says:

    Please someone who has viral know how start a petition campaign to rid of us of Huck on Scandal! #F**koffHuck

  44. Ram510 says:

    19) I thought Chris Rock was a great choice for the role, it was nice to see him play such a different character for once.
    23) HTGAWM was more shocking but not that shocking considering it’s a Shonda show and she always does stuff like that (it’s kind of getting old). Empire was just a mess and very disappointing start to the season

  45. Diane Glickman says:

    New Question: On the Swiffer commercials, do the Tobin’s ever clean their house in the winter? I never saw so much dust. And that car commercial where the dad gives his car to his daughter – did he ever clean it in the 15 or so years he had it. Seriously!

  46. Lindsay Webb says:

    #16- Blindspot: An amnesiac is found covered in tattoo-clues to, presumably, major crimes or events, with muscle memory SEAL training, so far fluent in two Chinese dialects (and most likely others), and has a better chance of having her memories be triggered in the field then sitting around in an office being questioned, or alone in a safe house having breakdowns over who she may be, who could have done this to her, why her, et cetera, et cetera.
    Limitless: (Admittedly, I haven’t seen the pilot, but I have seen the commercials, read several (disheartening) articles, seen the movie, et cetera, but someone please feel free to correct me.) An underachiever is given special pills that temporarily give him an eidetic memory (possibly hyperthymesia) and no other forms of training or qualifications, and the FBI decides to use him instead of confiscating the (supposedly unknown to them) medication and giving them to an already trained and trustworthy agent.
    I, personally, am sticking with Blindspot. Limitless my occasionally have Bradley Cooper’s too-blue-to-be-true eyes, but I find the former has a more intriguing plot.

  47. song4ten says:

    I honestly think Jim Henson would roll over in his grave if he knew what they turned his Muppets into with this latest show. It was like 30 Rock with Muppets. I don’t think we were ever supposed to hate Miss Piggy or cringe watching Fozzy Bear or feel embarrassed for Kermit the Frog. What dreck. And what a way to introduce a new generation to The Muppets.

  48. Zainab Ali says:

    I hope the ANTM dolls are up for sale I’d like to get one of Lacey, Nile and Mikey

  49. Matt Smith says:

    Did CBS’ Life in Pieces set some kind of record for most genital jokes per minute for a network comedy pilot? – Yes. Also the most characters to be involved directly or indirectly with a vagina in the first episode. Most attempted or had sex, a baby was born, a new period, a college buddy made a vagina joke and even the couch had a vagina-like crease. #makeitstop

  50. Cyn Mackley says:

    My burning question: Is the FBI on Blind Spot showing “The Following” levels of incompetence? Didn’t they leave Jane standing alone in a hall again while looking for a suspect (just like last week) and later in the episode alone in a car? Is she really that valuable an asset or is that team so incompetent that that any random amnesiac would be able to assist them?