Bindi Irwin Dancing With the Stars

Dancing With the Stars Recap: Did the Right Couple Go Home on Night 2?

As it turns out, there is such a thing as too much Dancing With the Stars, as evidenced by Tuesday’s episode.

Unlike most Tuesday installments of the ABC reality staple, this particular broadcast wasn’t just a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am results show. Rather, it was another 120 minutes of “Hometown Glory”-inspired routines, which seemed to leave the contestants, the judges and even the hosts utterly exhausted.

If you’d like to play a retroactive drinking game for Tuesday’s two-hour show, feel free to take a sip anytime: (1) the judges are reminded that each couple had to practice two dances this week — an extra sip if the judges have no sympathy for that fact; (2) Erin Andrews is at a loss for what to say in her post-performance interviews with the contestants; or (3) you start to feel as though you’ve been watching Dancing With the Stars for the last 24 hours straight. (You practically have been!)

But I digress. Here are the highlights — the good and the bad — from the latest DWTS episode:

Tamar Braxton and pro Val Chmerkovskiy (Charleston) — Finally, finally, finally, last season’s champion proves himself worthy of another win. Despite the fact that something seems off about Val’s chemistry with Tamar (including, but not limited to, the puzzled looks Tamar gives Val in every moment of rehearsal footage), Ms. Braxton matched her partner step for fast-paced step during the Charleston — without ever looking overwhelmed by the quick choreography. Judges’ Score: 25/30

Bindi Irwin and pro Derek Hough (Waltz) — I realize it’s getting redundant, even after just three episodes, to highlight Bindi and Derek again and again… but their performances consistently warrant the kudos. More than Bindi’s technical skill (which she’s got in spades), the junior crocodile hunter is a remarkable actress when the routine calls for it. That one sequence where Bindi’s hand seemed to go straight through Derek’s chest? Perhaps the most powerful few seconds of a Season 21 performance so far. Judges’ Score: 23/30

Alexa PenaVega and pro Mark Ballas (Rumba) — Alexa and Mark have all the ingredients for a DWTS power couple. She’s young, energetic and limber; he’s proven himself adaptable to partners as young as Willow Shields or as inexperienced as — groan — Kim Kardashian. And yet, despite their chemistry and genuine appreciation for each other, the couple just isn’t quite clicking on the dance floor. It happened once more during Tuesday’s rumba, which was built up to be the night’s most emotional routine and fell just short of that expectation, largely due to Alexa’s stiff lower body in the most sensual moments of the number. Judges’ Score: 22/30

Paula Deen and pro Louis Van Amstel (Tango) — Paula and Louis have performed three routines thus far in Season 21, and two of them have contained the same creepy step in which Paula wraps her leg around Louis’ thigh and eyes him like he’s a box of Land O’Lakes — which, quite frankly, is two routines too many. After watching Paula semi-straddle her partner in a rumba and tango, it’d be too soon if the home audience never had to witness that combination again. Judges’ Score: 18/30

Gary Busey and pro Anna Trebunskaya (Paso Doble) — Just before the couple took center stage for their paso doble — air quotes applicable! — a producer asked Gary if he thought he might be eliminated this week. The actor’s response: “You just saw us [rehearse] that, right? What do you think, dummy?” Well, Gary might question my intelligence for calling his performance the worst of the night, but it’s the only proper categorization for a routine that mostly consisted of Gary stomping across the dance floor, waiting for Anna to point him in the right direction. Judges’ Score: 15/30

And now, what you really care about — the results:

Gary Busey and pro Anna Trebunskaya
Victor Espinoza and pro Karina Smirnoff

Victor Espinoza and pro Karina Smirnoff

Your turn! Do you agree with Victor and Karina’s elimination? Which routine(s) will get your vote? Drop all of your thoughts in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Angela says:

    Yeah, no, Gary really should’ve gone home tonight. Victor’s dance last night wasn’t that great ,but the one he did tonight was much better, and he should’ve stuck around for at least a few more weeks over Gary and Paula.
    At this stage, I’m calling the final three being Tamar, Alek, and Bindi. Tamar and Val were spot on tonight, Bindi was beautiful, and Alek seems to be building quite the nice fanbase :). If the show does it right, that’s how the final showdown should go, I think.

  2. broncfanwa says:

    unfortunately, Gary is that guy who gets to stay because people “looooooove”his movies. his talent (or lack thereof) on the dance floor are going to be irrelevant for a few more weeks, because he’s really the only one in the cast that pretty much everybody recognizes. too bad, really. i’m sure Victor’s dances were much better than Gary’s (can’t say for sure because he’s just not that memorable.) hmmmm, wonder if THAT’s why he’s gone instead of Gary?

    • TJ Jeffrey says:

      Really? You loooooove his movies? Cracks me up! What movie was he in that was worthwhile? I have absolutely no idea what makes him worthy. And Trump had him on his reality gig too. I don’t get it. His world does not spin the same way as mine. And I am not saying that mine is better. It is different.

    • Ginger Snap 101 says:

      No, he stays because he’s the old guy with dementia. Versus the young jockey with STM from too many bangs to the head.
      Ultimately, they both go. But I will take Busey over Paula Deen.
      Bye bye Paula.

    • sanchopanza says:

      Gary is a train wreck, and people want to gawk at it. Victor can move his body at least, but he’s just so…I can’t think of a word, which sums his impact. Paula, though, she brings her familiar over-the-top personality, which means she can’t let go and just concentrate on the dance. I agree, I never want to see that leg-wrapping thing again.

    • NANA says:

      Cant place ANY of Gary’s movies…

  3. Carol says:

    Gary should have been the one to have gone home Victor was alot better

  4. Charlene says:

    Gary should have been the FIRST dancer eliminated last night. How the judges could have said he first dance was good, was beyond me. Victor is 100 times a better dancer, maybe a thousand times better. Anna is probably the saddest of all, she really looks like she can hardly stand “dancing” with him. The camera has caught a few looks on her face that said it all! Such a bad call! There are actually a few other dancers besides Gary, that are not as good as Victor.

    • Mari says:

      He should have been the first to go but I knew he (nor Paula) would be because viewers always want to see what the “over the top” personalities will do… or say. So they stay on much longer than they should while a more deserving person goes home. Frustrating!

  5. flutiefan says:

    I disagree with the first few posters. Victor was out after dances 1 & 2, rightfully so. They were terrible. He is delightful to watch but there was zero content. He was scored way to high on his rumba tonight, when all he did was stand and point.
    Gary got his steps down In the Cha Cha, didn’t miss a step on Dance 2 — which was a very, very sweet foxtrot, and exuded character throughout. Admittedly his Paso paled greatly in comparison, but it was no worse than Victor’s first 2 dances.
    Gary gets the edge of 2-1.

  6. flutiefan says:

    I’m not getting a the Bindi gushing. She’s sweet and cute and fun, but I’m not seeing the technique that others are criticized on.
    Alexa was scored too low, as was Tamar — she needed another 9! Thought Nick’s would’ve been higher, as well.
    I’m liking Alek a lot but fear they’re padding his scores.
    Hope Paula goes next. Then Gary. Then Kim.
    The rest I enjoy :)

  7. David H says:

    As someone who watches more for the pros than the celebrities, I especially enjoyed tonight’s show because of how it explored their backgrounds. There were also some standout performances, though it’s ridiculous to be assigning two dances to people still struggling to learn one.

  8. mary ann says:

    I’m sorry but Victor Espinoza is a much better dancer the Gary busey….it should have been Gary that was eliminated

  9. mary ann says:

    Victor Espinoza should have stayed and Gary busey should have been eliminated, he can’t dance!!

  10. Kara says:

    Paula should gave gone.

  11. Karen says:

    Gary Busey needs to go

  12. Bev says:

    Victor showed improvement..sad he was eliminated so soon

  13. Karen says:

    I would really like to no who counts all the votes

  14. Really Gary how can you give him 5’s he has not done one dance step if that’s what you call dancing I am done with the show! He is rude and disrespectful get rid of him.

    • sandy fetta says:

      I agree. Not an actor and definitely not a dancer. Can’t stand watching him.

      • smartysenior says:

        You may not like who he nowadays after his head got scrambled in an accident but Gary is the only movie star in the bunch, in fact he’s the only one who can be called a “Star”. Some of the rest are maybe DList or lower celebs or “people who did something in front of a camera” but Gary actually had movie roles with some of the top actors of his era.

  15. Alma f. says:

    Gary hands down should’ve gone home. He is not only the worst dancer, but his mouth goes into overload. Anna’s face says it all, disgust. He’s classless.

  16. Ginger Snap 101 says:

    I wonder why anyone cares who, among the senior citizens and the jockey with STM problems, is eliminated first?
    None of them are going to win.
    Mr. Busey is 71, and suffers from Traumatic brain injury. It’s the reason for the impulsive outbursts and the lack of coordination.
    I give Ana credit for walking this old man through these routines. It’s like watching your senile grandparents dance.
    But please get Paula Deen off my TV.

  17. Bianca says:

    OMG! How could Gary Busey still be in the competition. Please get rid of him ASAP DWTS. We love your show, but, sometimes we wonder what the people voting are smoking.

  18. Liss says:

    I didn’t get to watch the end, but you’re saying Busey didn’t go home?! HOW?! He lumbered around like Frankenstein’s monster. At least Espinoza was graceful, he nearly dropped his partner, but he was fluid. Ugh.

  19. Cee says:

    Overall, the show is plain boring and future unwatchable. l don’t think the judges are scoring fairly. Paula and Gary are attention grabbers and stupid

    • Pat Small says:

      Sad to see Victor go. It should have been Gary or Paula as they both suck and they both think they are something special talking to the crowd and waving their hands like everyone is in love with them. At least Victor was gracious and entertaining without being obnoxious!! Bye-Bye Paula, Gary and Kim!!! Too bad there cannot be a triple elimination!!! All the others are worth watching!!

    • tom says:

      I agree that the judges aren’t scoring fairly. I got disgusted and turned the show off the last half hour. I just am tired of Cary Ann…the chemistry, blah blah…I would like to see her replaced..

  20. suzanne nu gesser says:

    I will no longerwatch dancing with tbe stars. Itks nlta dance contest but a popularity contest. Wby have dance judges when it doesnt matter how well you dance.

  21. David says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed dwts last night. I don’t watch on Monday.

  22. Kim R says:

    For me, there is a clear bottom 4 so the order they are eliminated in is not a big deal to me. I have to say I feel uncomfortable watching Gary because it feels a little exploitive to me? If that is the right word. He’s had a severe head injury and it feels wrong to laugh at him (not with him). I really enjoyed hearing some of the pros stories last night. That was a treat.

    • Mari says:

      Kim R: I feel the same way about Gary B. I don’t think he should have been asked to participate, it doesn’t seem right. He is affected by a brain injury.

  23. Meghan says:

    I would think a bit of Victor’s elimination is due to the fact the Santa Anita meet starts on Saturday and he’s going to want to be back riding instead of dancing.

  24. Robert Granados says:

    It is my opinion that Victor should not have gone home last night as he was much better then Paula Dean or Gary Busy. The couple that should have gone home should have been Paula Dean as she is clearly the worst dancer of DWTS! Again, my opinion okay?

  25. kelley rose says:

    Really sad that people have no idea Gary Busey had an extremely devastating motercycle accident, which left part of his brain damaged. I applaud Gary for having the courage ….

    • fedfan81 says:

      What does that have to do with anything!! He shouldn’t even be on the show, its a joke. And what courage? The courage to try and suck out another 15 minutes of fame?

  26. lauri5567 says:

    Gary or Victor – one was going home last night and one next week. I’m not going to get to upset yet.
    As for Paula, I know so many people who think the media did a number on her that they will keep voting for her because of it.

    • Marlys says:

      I think the wrong ones went home last night It should of Gary. Infect I think he should of gone home the first week. . I think he sucks..

  27. fedfan81 says:

    Gary should have gone home tonight. Doesn’t matter how bad everyone else it, he needs to go. But you know what is going to happen? He is going to stay around for 5-6 weeks and better dancers will go home in front of him. He should not even be on the show.

  28. NANA says:

    Definately not a PRO, but in my humble opinion the two WORST dancers–consistently–is Paula and Gary. Both are horrible. And Paula’s continual trying to take over conversations with what she considers her “humorous side” is a real turnoff to me. You’re not a young, adorable 16 year old—any more! Act your age. Gary is just a turnoff. He is neither entertaining OR even close to passing as a dancer. Either of these two SHOULD have gone home last night.

  29. I knew Victor Espinoza was gonna go home I think he did horrible on Monday night I didn’t like his dance Gary should
    also had went home not Chakon the two worst dancers are Victor n Gary in my book

  30. Shannon says:

    I didn’t even know there was a Tuesday episode until this morning, but I think Gary or Paula should have gone home first, rather than Victor. Even though he’s not a good dancer, his appearance on my tv screen doesn’t warrant me changing the channel to ANYTHING else.

  31. Helen Niele says:

    I do NOT agree with Victor and Karina’s elimination….don’t know if I’ll be watching the show anymore due to my thinking, “How can Busey stay on with his terrible dancing, and Victor get eliminated? Although Victor wouldn’t be on long (how can he pick up and do many of the dances where the partner has to be elevated?) I don’t think he and Karina should be taken off so soon, I voted for them both nights!

  32. Gary has to be the next to say adios.

  33. Jim says:

    Is it just me, or is Erin awful? I wish Brooke would come back.

  34. Smacula says:

    I really don’t understand the utter obsession with the media and Bindi Irwin. 2nd Best of the Night? No. How about a nod to the real 2nd best (based on judges scores 24/30, which was still underscored) and the actual best of the night based on routine and partnership? Nick and Sharna. Their dance was really beautiful, and I know everyone wants to pass him over because of his background, but obviously dancing doesn’t come easy to him. Last night him and Sharna together really shined, and he has such a great attitude about his performances whether good or bad. Then the next day, all I read is “Bindi, isn’t she just the cutest?” Yeah, she’s doing good, but there are other people on the show doing good too. Tamar and Val just do not connect, I can’t be the only one who thinks they look awkward together.

    • Stephanie Thompson says:

      I think Tamar is trying too hard to not get into Val because she is married. She can twerk with the best of them, but pretending to be above it all is hurting their chemistry.

  35. Betty says:

    It’s just entertainment you all…don’t take it so seriously. I thoroughly enjoyed both nights this week. I do think learning two dances in one week is too much for basically none dancers. They are having a difficult enough time learning one dance a week in the beginning. I loved that they high lighted the pros though. They also had to work extra hard teaching. Victor was sent home because of his first dances. Being so short didn’t help. I give Gary a lot of credit for doing what he is doing with the brain injury he sustained in a motorcycle accident. One that sparked California to make wearing a helmet a law. As many have said none of them will win so why worry who goes next. I like Paula Deen but I didn’t realize how annoying she is. I don’t know about Kim. I still love the entertainment of the whole show.

  36. C Kelley says:

    Paula Deen is a crude big-mouth! I have seen her in action before, lusting after a young man on her show and using sexual inuendo. After one of her dances with Louis, you could hear her say “I feel like i could puke!:
    Yes Paula, I feel the very same way!!

  37. Jo Winslow says:

    I a, not so much concerned with the dancers as with the fact that ERIN ANDREWS NEEDS TO GO!!!!! She was really bad last DWTS and this season, she has already made a fool of herself. Get rid of her, and bring Brooke back, so much better, always smiling and knowing how to respond to comments!!! Who hired Erin anyway? Maybe that person needs to be elimanated also!!!!!!

  38. first of all where are the stars???? very boring this year. maks is gone. he made the show.
    the judges have to go, they stink. Bruno a talkative pervert. hough a whinner, not fair she votes and has a brother to vote for. you need new judges. worse year ever. the judges not America should vote for the first 5 lowest contestants that are the worse. then America votes for the rest

  39. jirina says:

    I would like to see the judges scores to count for more. If the star dancer does not have a large follow up they go home even if they have high score.

  40. Annippi says:

    I am watching Less & Less of DWTS each week. Gary Busy JUST WALKS AROUNDS,
    he does not get the fair criticism as the other couples do. Paula D takes
    her criticism like a Lady. Is the Panel afraid to of Gary Busy? All they do is Butter him up???
    Don’t like the Panel, they are competing with each other for Flaws & Compliments for the Dancers.

  41. I think Victor should not have gone home.
    Gary should have been the one to go home

  42. Marilyn Peterson says:

    Paula and Gary should be long gone.

    Get Len back and put Juliann on a timer.

    I have given up watching the show.

  43. Boyd Richardson says:

    Gary Busey is in my opinion the ultimate joke of a dancer. He should disqualify himself and
    save himself further embarrassment.

  44. Elaine says:

    I think that Gary Busey should go home. He has no rhythm, or anything.

  45. linda says:

    time to shut the door on gary and quit puling him along he can’t act and now proven can’t dance either worst dance ever even cloris leachman was a hell of lot better.

  46. Pat says:

    Gary and Paula needs to go. I am sad that Victor had to leave. Lets get him back. This might be a season I stop watching cos of not being happy with who stays and goes. I think the judges votes should count more then the people that call in.

  47. mrsfoxxe says:

    She didn’t get tossed for dancing she got tossed cause she could not dance because of Dr’s orders! They still should have evicted a dance couple that danced. They like to makeup rules as they go.

  48. Kay says:

    First of all, it isn’t the same without Len. Then I seems like it is not rehearsed as well as other seasons. And would you please get rid of Erin Andrews. Besides her voice which is awful and she has no fashion sense AND she seems to say the same thing all the time about the contestants “video package”. She is not a good co-host.

  49. Kay says:

    Jess says, Gary Busey is terrible and should have never been asked in the first place. Paula Deen runs a close second. If she would just keep her mouth shut and dance, she may be okay. They should never have a married couple competing against each other. Mark Ballas looks like a third wheel when they are giving the scores. DWTS just isn’t the same without Len.