Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4

Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Maintaining the Status Woe

Apparently, when Fear the Walking Dead’s Travis is wrong, he isn’t just a little wrong, he’s completely and totally wrong. (Sorry if that sounded like Liza, but… )

Last week, he predicted that everything would get better now that the army had moved into the neighborhood, and this week, the soldiers’ “assistance” left even him crying for help. What, exactly, did they do? Read on, and I’ll tell you!

SAVED FOR POSTERITY | Early on in “Not Fade Away,” we learned how everyone was killing time during the military occupation. Chris was waxing poetic into his camcorder and discovering someone in the dead zone outside the neighborhood’s safety fence signaling him from a window with a mirror. Alicia was sneaking into Patrick and Susan’s house to self-tattoo Matt’s last doodle onto her arm. (Side note: Ow!) Liza was passing herself off as a nurse practitioner to play Florence Nightingale to those in need. Nick was stealing morphine from one of Liza’s patients, Hector, so that he could lie to Maddie that he’d kicked his drug habit. Ofelia was necking with enlisted hottie Reynolds (Shawn Hatosy) and trying to persuade him to procure medicine for her mother. And Travis… dear, gullible Travis was setting himself up to get bit in the ass by palling around with Lt. Moyers, the troop’s insensitive commanding officer. (How insensitive is he? His idea of a joke is, “Be nice so I don’t have to shoot you.” Charmed!) At least at first, Travis’ acquaintanceship with the d-bag allowed him to do some good: When neighbor Doug was too freaked out to get tested for infection, Travis was able to keep Moyers from “taking down” the poor guy by giving him a pep talk.

SEX, LIGHTS AND VIDEOTAPE | Since Travis wouldn’t listen to Chris about the signal that he caught on camera, the teen went to Maddie, who was more receptive. So MUCH more receptive, in fact, that right after having make-up sex with her boyfriend, she picked a new fight with him by suggesting that he have his soldier buddies check out the source of the light. Luckily, before the tiff could escalate into a full-blown spat, the couple was interrupted by Doug’s wife, panicking because he’d taken his precious muscle car and fled.

After locating the vehicle near the perimeter fence, Travis asked Moyers to send out a search party. But there was no need, the lieutenant said. Doug had already been apprehended and taken away, lest his emotional state “infect” others. When Travis noted that it would have been courteous to inform Doug’s family, Moyers — ever the gentleman — replied that he wasn’t a social worker, and if “Mr. Mayor” Travis wanted to tell them, he could. (Again, charmed!) Meanwhile, Maddie saw Chris’ light for herself and — wait, isn’t she supposed to be sensible? — cut through the fence to investigate! Alone! And, as far as we could see, unarmed!

GOOD “HELP” IS HARD TO FIND | As Maddie dodged soldiers outside the fence and saw the bodies of uninfected people that they’d shot, Dr. Exner arrived in her neighborhood, shuttled off Hector to a nearby “facility” and forgave Liza for fibbing that she was more qualified than the nursing student that she is. “Desperate times,” the M.D. said. And she was just getting warmed up. In short order, she decided that Griselda should also be taken to the facility for surgery, and, off a tip from Liza, examined Nick, whose heart rate rose when he learned that he’d lost his source of morphine. Later, upon discovering her son searching desperately for drugs, Maddie — beyond words — hauled off and smacked him. Repeatedly. He was still licking his wounds when Exner and Co. arrived to escort Griselda and Daniel away for her operation. Only Daniel’s wasn’t the second name on the soldiers’ list, Nick’s was! Before you could say “There must be some mistake!” the scene had turned violent, Daniel had been separated from his wife, Nick had been separated from his family, and Liza — faced with a no-win proposition — had gone with them. And though Travis’ ex had clearly left with Exner to look out for Griselda and Nick, Maddie blamed Liza — and, by extension, Travis — for the whole mess. As if that wasn’t depressing enough, the hour concluded with Travis spotting gunfire “switching off” the distant light that Chris and Maddie had seen.

What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments!

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  1. Big Mike says:

    Los Angeles became a virtual ghost town in less than 2 weeks? Ooookay….

  2. Fxo says:

    Soooo, mr. Manada lives life nothing is happening that is just stupid. Something things working in this tv show but something others are just way too unbelieveble, if i have gone trough meeting witch a zombie i wouldnt go out for a run. Manada should die.

  3. A. D. says:

    God sooo slow and boring and care nothing about any of the characters unlike TWD.

  4. gh says:

    Brutally slow … I try to stay positive about the series but this was the worst episode yet … fell asleep

  5. Alrisha says:

    I can’t stand Travis, like for real. The character is awful and stupid. And, no one in that house seen to stand him either.

  6. Ryan says:

    I actually really enjoyed tonight’s episode. I understand how some people can find it boring but for me I’m alright with slower episodes. I mean The Walking Dead had entire seasons that were slow and that was when the outbreak is at its peak so of course a show about the start of it will be slow.

    I can’t stand Travis either. I hope he gets taken out so Madison or Nick can run the group. I am excited to see where this show goes next.

    • I thought it was a good episode. The only thing that bothered me was Madison’s foolhardiness in cutting the wires in the chain link fence so she could get out. But I guess Madison and company haven’t seen “The Walking Dead” so they don’t know what I know about zombies.
      Maybe because I live in CA and not the south this spin off seems more three dimensional than “The Walking Dead”. The characters are well defined. The female characters seem to be as capable of leading as the males. Maybe more so.

  7. AngelWasHere says:

    I can do without this show honestly. I mean it’s ok, but nothing spectacular. It can’t even touch the original. If anything it’s creating more questions than answering them. Like someone said, how heck did it get like that in less than 2 weeks?!

  8. OMG- would people please stop comparing FTWD to TWD- their 2 shows happening at different times! I love TWD & never missed any of it in 5 years!-now FTWD is totally another show- it started at the very beginning & no one knew what was going on- now they get it & I love this show also & haven’t missed any of this one- Actors are perfect in the characters they play- think it’s great. & will continue to watch as long as it’s on as I have TWD!- could all you people please give this show a break & stop being so negative – both shows have my vote- get an A+ from me always***

    • Stacy Young says:

      I’m with you Kathy Benedetti. Have been watching both series from day 1 and will continue to do so. They both get an A+ in by opinion as well. I feel that people are being far too critical of Fear, which of course they have every right to their own opinions, I just don’t agree with all the negativity. I honestly believe this show will become every bit as phenomenal as TWD.

    • Zombie chopsuy says:

      Well dead.

    • Zombie chopsuy says:

      I meant well said

  9. Terry says:

    Unbelievably boring characters with no charisma and boring story line. AMC do yourself a favor and pull the plug on this one quick.

  10. Terry says:

    I literally hoped a group of walkers would just go ahead and finish the who group off and put us out of our misery.

  11. Melora says:

    I think people are missing the point about this show. First, ITS NOT THE WALKING DEAD. Second, Season One is about the collapse of society. People complained during the TWD that they did not show enough of that. We’re getting it with this show. And in all honesty, its a pretty honest portrayal of of what would happen during a cataclysmic event.

    • Hate stupidity and PC aszsclowns says:

      No it’s not! It is in Cali. so maybe the anti gun dork, just saved by a shotgun, with the wuss son that he doesn’t want to know about guns is realistic but all the other garbage is just horrible. The ninja wife who fights zombies to get an addict more pills then cuts the fence to wander (quite stealth like) down town to find a house with a twinkle. The holliwierd pukes making the military look like good ol’ Nazi’s (quite sixties and totally stupid). I am an ex Army Ranger, two wars, three ‘major missions’ and more and these writers who have never done anything for their country portrays the military as hyper, stupid, uneducated, Nazi’s that round up Americans and kill them all is totally offensive and totally ridiculous. The old South American that captures a soldier and tortures him to get every military secret then wobbles to a zombie containment area. The people are not scared, just selfish silly shells of characters. Three characters are real; the addict, the daughter of the Ninja and the ex-wife trying to help and realizing what’s what… This show is horrible because the characters and the writing is true holliwierd… horrible… And all of this is within couple weeks of first contact… horrible.

  12. Melissa says:

    My daughter & I was about halfway through FTWD until we heard GD, & I had to turn it off. Its gone so far that it’s on public television now! TV shows & movies can be made without dropping the F bomb & cursing our Lord! Very disappointing! I Love Our God!

    • Best comment ever. When confronted by a zombie apocalypse why do people resort to the language of the gutter and blasphemy? Why can’t the characters say ‘Oh Fiddlesticks!’ or ‘Gosh Darn It’, just like real people do. Jesus would be spinning in his grave if he hadn’t somehow managed to walk out of it. All praise to the Lord! When you think about it, he’s the inspiration for all zombies by rising from the dead back in Bible times. Then people making a TV show a couple of millennia later take his name in vain! Scandalous!

    • Nicole says:

      While I can appreciate you not wanting to hear certain things on television you know that you aren’t watching the family channel right but a show about death and horrible things happening to the world right? Maybe good think you changed the channel as I am pretty sure things only get worse…..

    • Fiddlesticks says:

      What rock have you been living under, Melissa? Have you seen the Grammy’s or the Music Video Awards? And you’re offended by GD? Get out of your church pew fantasy land where nobody can say anything that offends you and get into the real world.
      -A fellow Christian

    • Hate stupidity and PC aszsclowns says:

      WOW just OMFG WOW… In this day and age we still have people that can’t hear curse words… bet mommy doesn’t say, ‘Oh my goodness that hurt…’ when she rakes her knuckles hard on the wash board or “Holly snikies’ when she stubs her toe on the oven as she is barefoot in the kitchen. How do people like you survive outside your home and your church? Poor kids are doomed to get many, many azsz wompin’s or be home schooled… sad, just sad.

  13. A fan of TV says:

    I loved what this ep was setting up for the back three, obviously the military has no central command anymore and platoons are going rogue, following the lead of their commanding officers, and this one in L.A. is no Lt. Welles, definitely not a good guy. (I’m taking the hint that the military killed those people in the house.) I think Travis is a doomed ‘mayor’, and I hope that Liza can get Nick out of the facility. Would be kind of interesting if this group ultimately ends up being led by two women, who probably just don’t realize yet that they don’t really hate each other (remove Travis and they have nothing to fight over), but probably highly unlikely.

  14. Murica! says:

    I was really looking forward to this show, but it has been such a big disappointment. The writing is horrible. They’ve succeeded in making all the characters unlikeable. The pacing is horrible. It’s so slow and boring. The characters are all incredibly stupid.

    I quess they needed Frank Darabont to make this show work, but because AMC stabbed him in the back that will never happen.

    • David says:

      I see a new show runner for Season 2. Walking Dead went through one each season before settling down…

    • I legitimately think this show is no better or no worse than the original Walking Dead. I’m so curious how people can complain about the pacing of this show and praise Walking Dead when WD is legitimately one of the slowest-moving dramas to ever air on television. And how are any of these characters stupid? I’m not even using the argument that “how would YOU react in a zombie apocalypse?,” but rather how you could honestly believe that these people should just go around shooting and killing everyone because of a believed virus that they know NOTHING ABOUT.

      • bpofqa says:

        The characters aren’t stupid. The writers treat everyone who watches this show as morons. Much like TWD there are inconsistencies galore. I don’t know why I hate myself enough to watch these two trainwrecks. I guess hate watching TV is kind of fun.

  15. ep says:

    I like Madison’s character, I hope she is the strong central leader of the group. And, seriously, does Nick have no others clothes?

  16. David says:

    I’ll watch this, but I am often distracted by other things – like surfing the internet while it’s on. With the Walking Dead, I’ll go downstairs and watch it on the 100 inch projector – for this show, I haven’t felt a need to use the theater and instead watch it on the 52″. With TWD, I could at least relate to 1 or 2 of the characters from the very beginning. You could feel for Morgan as he had to shoot his wife. You wanted Rick to find his family. You wanted Carol to fight back against Ed. You were actually connected to the characters 4-5 episodes in. As most have said here, it’s not just about the zombies, but the characters, and quite frankly, like others have said as well, there’s not a lot to root for or care for. Thus far Madison and the kid at the school Tobias (who I thought would be the new Glen) were the only ones with any charisma.

    Some of the way they portray this is unbelievable as well. I’m sorry, the military would not protect one group of civilians, and then go around and clear a parameter of another group of civilians. They would either focus on themselves, or protect who they could and allow in who they could. They would set up a quarantine zone for those they bring in, and watch them for a week for signs on infection before they would let them into general population. They would only shoot those who created the mob mentality of trying to get into their protected zone. it also seems like the characters they created for this, they wanted every single one of them to have an obvious flaw – The druggie, the narcissist, the unbeliever, the ex wife, each of them has a flaw that they are strongly pointing out, instead of just subtle flaws that are slowly revealed,

    I don’t mind flawed characters, we all have flaws, but don’t let the flaws become a crutch for your storytelling.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Pretty sure the military was tasked with creating a safe-zone or zones, but once central command broke down it became for this particular troop to protect themselves. The people inside the fences are their ‘safety in numbers’ strategy, and also their sacrificial lamb if it comes to it.

      As for crutching on flaws, you’re lodging a complaint against all writers everywhere, are you not? All writers write flawed heroes and anti-heroes unless they’re going for a very basic picture book for children.

      You’re entitled to these opinions, but I’m entitled to disagree with certain points you use to support them.

  17. abby says:

    disappointed in this show so far. I was excited to see a sort of “origin story’ and get to witness the outbreak from the start. But I feel like there are so many gaps and the pacing just doesn’t make sense. Like, wouldn’t you be trying to listen to a radio? Get news from the outside world? The president? TV? contact friends/family outside the fence? It just seems very unbelievable to me that we haven’t seen any of those things. I’ll keep watching but I think it’s kind of a fail thus far….

    • A fan of TV says:

      I think they’re at the point now where emergency broadcasts have stopped, which we know happens from the original series, but this neighbourhood is also unique in that despite intermittent power outages (they could only even try for the TV and radio when power is on), they have been conditioned by their military leadership to get the news from them, anyway. Some people take issue with this, like Madison, but if the emergency broadcasts have stopped, where else are they going to get any info?

      • abby says:

        I guess. I just feel like we never really saw any of that stuff, did we? I just have a hard time believing this community succumbed just like that to a small military presence and is so completely isolated and generally unquestioning. I really wanted to see more of the breakdown of society and they kind of skipped it altogether!

  18. Liza says:

    I am loving this show! One thing that has always bothered me about the original was how the zombie apocalypse all started. This is filling that void for me. The shows are completely different, but both terrific!

  19. Hunebajr says:

    I HATE Nick. This weak piece of crap is a waste of resources. Of course he’ll stay alive.

  20. Sassy says:

    who’s Patrick?

    • maregolden says:

      Patrick is Susan’s husband. She was the zombie wandering around in that weird garden trellis, trying to grab everyone through the bars. She committed suicide with the pills.

  21. Homer Jay Simpson says:


  22. Hate stupidity and PC aszsclowns says:

    This is one horrible show. The characters are stupid, not afraid, stupid. None of the characters show fear which would be the top emotion. You have the main man, a Cali. retard that hates guns and doesn’t want anyone teaching his wuss son about them… even though a shotgun just saved his worthless life. His new wife is a ninja, running out to fight zombies to get a worthless addict some new drugs and then she cuts through the wire fence to stroll (ultra stealth) to find a house with a light in it. The main man’s son is oblivious to anything but what he thinks is right and truth (he saw the house twinkle first then told the ninja). The Mexican that kidnaps a GI, tortures him and gets all the secret information on the military’s movements, then somehow gets to where zombies are held… wow the stupidity in this shows writing is exhausting me… Let us not forget how holliwierd portrays the military as stupid, gun toting masochists that resemble good ol’ Nazi’s… I am a disabled vet, two wars, 3 ‘missions’ and more and I take offence at these people who have never done anything for this country except get rich and act like better-than-thou-aszsholes while making a mockery of the military… soooo sixty’s idiots. There are two characters that are somewhat real acting; the daughter of the Ninja and the Cali. coward’s ex-wife. They are the only characters that are believable, to bad they are such secondary characters…

  23. Hate stupidity and PC aszsclowns says:

    Oh, forgot the guy who is paid big bucks to cry for the entire show… wow, I guess it could be LA but these characters are far to ridiculous to be in any other area of the US…