GOP Debate No. 2: Donald Trump's Biggest Moments — Plus A-Team, Apprentice, Secretariat References

A tip of the hat to the Republican National Committee for limiting the main stage of its second 2015 Presidential Debate to 11 candidates — and not allowing one more of its four lowest-polling hopefuls to escape the kids’ table. What better way to avoid “12 Angry Men” headlines on Thursday morning featuring Celebrity Apprentice head judge (and current front-runner for the nomination) Donald Trump at his sneering, puckermouthed best/worst?

In all seriousness, though, the GOP’s second showdown of the 2016 election cycle proved far more combative in tone — and included a lot more “Whoa, nelly!” zingers — than its August predecessor.

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush came out swinging especially forcefully — while Donald Trump drew some of the biggest laughs with particularly outlandish insults.  Meanwhile, moderator Jake Tapper, along with colleagues Dana Bash and Hugh Hewitt, carried out the challenging task of giving all 11 candidates a chance to speak — just not all at once.

And so it is that TVLine is covering the second Republican debate of the 2016 presidential race with an eye on water-cooler soundbites, “Oh no he/she didn’t!” punches and anything resembling luxury vehicles careening into guard rails. With that said, let’s count down the telecast’s most memorable moments:

* Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won the prize for best pop-culture reference by declaring he and his fellow GOP comrades as “the A-Team” and labeling Trump as the candidate who “doesn’t mind saying ‘you’re the fool.'” (It’s “pity the fool,” but we’ll let it pass.)

* Florida Sen. Marco Rubio most resembled a tragic Veep character when his opening-statement joke — “I am also aware California has a drought — and that’s why I made sure I brought my own water” (accompanied by him bringing out his H20) — was met with only a dozen or so laughs. (Dude, don’t remind us about your Water-tastrophe of 2013!)

* Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson’s opening remarks came thisclose to quoting Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All” by declaring himself “very concerned about the future of our children.”

* Wait, was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie conjuring up some antiquated “the black guy is a criminal” reference by declaring President Obama has “stolen [the concept of American children having better futures than their parents] from us, and when I’m president, I’m gonna take it back!”? (I kid, I kid… OK, maybe I don’t kid entirely.)

* When Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul sniped about Trump’s “junior high” style insults, the businessman shot back: “I never attacked him on his looks — and believe me, there’s plenty of subject matter right there.”

* When Tapper mentioned former N.Y. Gov. George Pataki’s criticisms of Trump in the “kid’s table” debate, Trump did not hold back, labelling him a “failed governor,” then adding, “He wouldn’t be elected dogcatcher right now!”

* Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who failed to make much of an impression throughout the night, scored a few laughs when he took a dig at Trump and Obama in the same sentence: “We don’t need an Apprentice in the White House — we have one right now!”

* About 20 minutes in to the debate, Ohio Gov. John Kasich noted that if he were a home viewer watching the potential Republican candidates engage in pointless back-and-forth, “I’d be inclined to turn [the debate] off.” (A lightbulb moment: Maybe Kasich should moderate the next debate? I kid? I kid?)

* When Bush got testy with Trump about how he managed to lure Democrat Hillary Clinton to his wedding, The Donald sarcastically observed, “More energy tonight — I like that!”

* Fiorina boldly declared if she’s elected president, she “wouldn’t talk to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin at all” — but rather, rebuild missile defense, revive the Sixth Fleet, provide intelligence to Egypt, give weapons to Jordan and arm the Kurds.

* Huckabee huffed that President Obama treats the new Iran nuclear deal “like the Magna Carta — the Iranians treat it like it’s toilet paper.”

republican-debate-donald-trump-carly-fiorina-quotes-insults* Inexplicably, the moderators took time to ask Fiorina a question about Trump criticizing her face. “Mr. Trump said he heard Mr. Bush clearly in what Mr. Bush said,” she shot back, referencing Bush backtracking on his comments about defunding women’s health. “I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said.” (Fiorina seemed deeply unamused when Trump followed up by calling her “beautiful.”)

* Immigration reform became a hot topic midway through the debate. “Right now, we don’t have a country. We don’t have a border. We’re going to do something about it. And it can be done with proper management — and it can be done with heart,” said Trump, while advocating the building of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

* Bush got particularly heated in his response: “To build a wall and deport people — half a million a month — would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, Donald — hundreds of billions of dollars — and destroy community life, tear apart families, and it would send a message to the world that the U.S. values that are so important to our long-term success no longer matter in this country.”

* Rubio scored his biggest win of the night in discussing his family’s own immigrant background against Trump’s criticism of Bush occasionally answering questions in Spanish. “My grandfather instilled in me the idea that I was blessed to live in the one society in human history where even I — the son of a bartender and a maid — could aspire to have anything and be anything that I was willing to work hard to achieve. But he taught me that in Spanish.”

* Christie turned up the negative rhetoric about Clinton by insisting “I will prosecute her during those debates.”

* Responding to Rubio’s criticism that during a recent radio interview, he appeared uninformed about specific enemies to the U.S., Trump seemed unperturbed. “There are few people anywhere – few people anywhere — that would’ve known those names!” Rubio, however, pressed on that despite Trump’s argument that he’d surround himself with the “finest” team, “a president better be up on those issues in his first day or her first day of office.”

* Did I hallucinate or was there a whole prolonged riff about John Roberts being way too liberal a member of the United States Supreme Court?

republican-debate-donald-trump-moments-* Bush got super testy when his brother George W. Bush’s record was called into question. “One thing I know as it relates to my brother,” he seethed, “He kept us safe!”

* We can all agree the debate would’ve been a lot more fun if CNN had substituted the voice of all Peanuts adults — “maw maw maw maw maw” — every time Huckabee opened his mouth, yes? Then again, we’d have missed this whopper of a comment: “The most dangerous person in any room is the person who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.” Mike, dude, stay in the race at least til the mid-point of SNL‘s upcoming season, OK?

* Also, did I hallucinate that the one woman on stage, Fiorina, had to interrupt forcefully in order to be allowed to weigh in on the very lengthy discussion about the use of U.S. military force? “We need 50 Army brigades, 36 Marine battalions, 300 to 350 naval ships,” she said, as Tapper attempted to cut her off, “We need to reform the Department of Defense, and take care of our veterans so 307,000 of them aren’t dying waiting for health care!”

* Paul, arguing that the U.S. war on drugs “has had a racial outcome” and should be relegated to the states, insisted some of his rivals were hypocrites since they’d probably used marijuana in their teens. “If we left [the question] open, we could see how many people smoked pot in high school.” Bush, then, admitted his own marijuana use 40 years ago, excusing some of his rivals for not wanting to make the same confession in front of 25 million viewers. “My mom’s not happy that I just did,” he added.

* I’m just not going to mention Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in this recap, K?

* Fiorina referenced her own child’s death from drug addiction while agreeing with Paul that U.S. drug laws are problematic in an era when “two third of people in our prisons are there for nonviolent offenses.”

* Carson rambled incessantly when asked if Trump should stop correlating childhood vaccines with autism — but I’m pretty sure he was saying that “numerous medical studies” have disproven Trump’s theory that children who’ve received shots “meant for a horse, not for a child” immediately developed the disease.

* Everyone watching was wondering “HOW IS THIS DEBATE NOW IN ITS THIRD HOUR?” when Tapper started asking the candidates which woman they’d put on the $10 bill and what they’d want their Secret Service code name to be if elected President. (Fiorina’s choice of “Secretariat” was best, but Bush’s “Ever-Ready” proved funniest after he reminded Trump, “It’s very high energy, Donald!”) Worst answer in the “lighthearted” sequence? Huckabee saying he’d put his wife’s face on U.S. currency for putting up with him, and then adding, “that way she could spend her own money!” (Ummmm…buddy…Beyoncé has been paying her own automobills since 1999!)

* “We’ll kill the terrorists, we’ll repeal Obamacare and we’ll defend the Constitution — every single word of it!” said Cruz, when asked to sum up his platform. Ugh, sorry, I failed in my previous recap promises.

What did you think of #GOPDebate No. 2? Who were the big winners? Who fell behind? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Melissa says:

    They acted like children and showed once again that they’re all a bunch of clowns.

  2. Eric says:

    They are all still better then Obama…AKA Americas Mistake.

    • Angela says:

      Yeeeeeeeah…I would very much beg to differ on that.

      • CK2 says:

        Hopefully, everyone else will too come Nov. 2016.

      • Belle says:

        How can anyone still claim Obama has done good?
        1. Over half of my (college educated) friends are out of jobs and have essentially given up looking, two are moving out of the country for work. And the other half can’t even find a job in fast food or retail because they’d rather hire teens or college aged kids because they can pay them less.
        2. Everyone’s health care has doubled since before ObamaCare. And I lost my doctor, and our pediatrician and wait months to see a random doctor who has no idea what our history is.
        3. Russian/North Korean/Syria etc. are doing whatever they want because all our President has done the past 6 years is apologize and roll over for all world leaders.
        4. Obama would rather negotiate with Iran over any concerned average person in his own country!! (Iran is clearly determined to wipe Israel off the earth, and kill as many Americans as they can in the process)
        5. Anyone else, jump on in…there are so many to chose from, but really anyone who thinks Obama is doing a good job is clearly wearing rose colored glasses :(
        Just a sad state our country is in, very sad to see how far we have fallen
        6. Seriously people, when you negotiate with Iran and give them deals that will hurt every other country on this planet something is wrong. You can’t control them or negotiate…once you lift sanctions and let the money flow they’ll be buying weapons and fortifying their army instead of help the Iranian’s who need food, and education.
        UGH – there is NO reasoning with Obama lovers.

        • R.O.B. says:

          Belle, you’re talking about a country where more than half of the people would happily vote for a Socialist right now.

          • Joey says:

            There’s a huge difference between being a socialist and a democratic socialist, the latter of which is what Bernie Sanders is.

        • DL says:

          You do realize nearly every other country in the world (except Israel) supports the Iran deal, right? But no, clearly we should just go in and bomb the crap out of them and install a new regime… because that worked so well in Iraq… or, you know, in IRAN when we helped reinstall the Shah half a century ago.

          Also, no blame directed toward the Republican do-nothing Congress. Obama wasn’t perfect, but people are way too quick to blame him for everything. If Republicans hadn’t stood in his way we’d have single-payer (which Trump is supporting right now) and everyone’s health care rates would be lower.

          • Jess says:

            DL, unfortunately for you, virtualy the entire Democrat party was (and in the most delusional cases, still are) blaming Bush for EVERYTHING that went wrong during his administration, and that was all despite the fact that Democrats controlled BOTH chambers of Congress for the last two years (the worst two years economically) of Bush’s administration… the one that oversaw the economic collapse of 2008, did nothing to thwart the problems that caused it, and whose policies actually helped promote the collapse. Meanwhile Bush vowed to work WITH the Democrat controlled congress that he had, unlike Obama who has never worked with Congressional Republicans…
            The term “single-payer” only describes the funding mechanism for health care, and has nothing at all to do with the quality of the care itself. Who funds in a “single-payer” system? The federal government does via the TAXPAYERS, of which you clearly do not realize you will be one of. You will be paying one way or the other. And you have no way of knowing that costs would go down. Everytime the federal government involves itself in an otherwise free market system, it drives costs up, not down…

          • Angela says:

            Obama wasn’t perfect, but people are way too quick to blame him for everything. If Republicans hadn’t stood in his way we’d have single-payer (which Trump is supporting right now) and everyone’s health care rates would be lower.
            This. He tried to take on some of the Republican ideas about Obamacare (if I recall rightly it was modeled somewhat after Romneycare), despite the fact that the Republicans seem determined to object to anything he does even if it’s an idea they were initially for. And since Republicans’ ideas of what constitutes health care coverage are different from what Democrats/liberals want, and we got a Republican-influenced healthcare setup, then yeah, it’s going to have some issues.
            All I know, though, is that I found coverage that I didn’t have before through Obamacare. So I consider that a start, and a plus.

          • Also, there would have been a Jobs bill that would have further reduced unemployment.

        • Angela says:

          He has not been “apologizing and rolling over for world leaders”, good grief. Please tell me you’re not one of those people who gets all bent out of shape if he, god forbid, bows to a world leader when he meets them (showing respect and honoring another country’s customs? How dare he!).
          Our standing amongst our allies has improved greatly since Obama’s come to office. And we HAVE to negotiate with other countries at some point, we have to actually try talking with them or working out deals. I LIKE that Obama isn’t on some stupid cowboy, “Go in and bomb the place!” mentality that the Bush administration was in (to say nothing of the fact that we can’t really afford another war with a country at this point, unless you’d like to tell us where we can find the money to foot it). Maybe the negotiation will work. Maybe it won’t. But that’s how foreign policy should work. Negotiation and talks first, and if none of it seems to be working, then, as a last resort, you use military force if absolutely necessary. Not the other way around.
          And frankly, I’m more scared of certain people here in the U.S. than I am of other countries right now. People here are more likely to be involved in a mass shooting spree than a terrorist attack at this point.
          (Also, I find it really laughable that people get all hand-wringing about this particular Iran deal possibly leading to terrorists buying up weapons. ‘Cause, y’know, it’s not like our country’s never sold weapons to questionable people and forged questionable alliances before, right? *cough, cough, Iran Contra Affair, *cough, cough, friends with Saddam at one point, cough, cough*. Obama wanting to try peaceful negotiations seems pretty innocent compared to those little debacles, but hey…)
          As for the economy, if there are still any obstacles to people finding work, maybe we should talk about the fact that a certain party is resistant to upping the minimum wage so that people can actually make a basic living (we’re not talking making them rich here, we’re just talking paying them enough so they can pay their basic bills). Hint: that party ain’t the Democrats. Those issues you speak of sound more like corporate interests and higher ups of those businesses meddling in people’s ability to find work, and work that pays them well at that, than anything else.

    • D says:

      I agree, Obama created ISIS and paved the road for Iran to get nukes in the next 5 years. Obama is horrible.
      I liked a Fiorina, Carson and Rubio but Carson lost points when he said he wouldn’t have gone into Afghanistan.
      I think The best team would be Fiorina and Rubio both would make a great president

      • says:

        Gator and Secretariat.

      • peterwdawson says:

        You put Obama where Bush should be for the ISIS thing.

        • D says:

          Bush had almost stabilized Iraq with the troop surge, the nation was growing safer and the Iraqi’s were enjoying new freedoms when Obama decided to cut and run he left a HUGE power vacuum that ISIS moved into, the only reason ISIS grew Syria is because of Obama’s unwillingness to do anything, he drew a “line in the sand” and completely failed to live up to his ultimatum. He also failed to support the less extreme rebels that just wanted freedom. so no I didn’t mean Bush

          • Drew says:

            Agreed. Bush had a detailed plan for Iraq that spanned 30 years. There is no way to put the blame for ISIS on him. It was the direct result of Obama’s actions.

          • Mary says:

            Drew what you are saying we should of stayed for another 30 years where we shouldn’t have been in the first place.

          • peterwdawson says:

            Iraq wasn’t stable since they were invaded. The insurgency lasted years longer than expected and when Bush cut and run after messing up in the first place he left Obama holding the bag. This was after funding the whole thing off the books, contributing to the government’s financial woes, nevermind creating a lot of new veterans with inadequate healthcare to support them.

        • It was Bush who signed the agreement to withdraw from Iraq, not Obama.

      • DCL30 says:

        It’s mind boggling when I see people blame Obama for ISIS. ISIS and current refuge surge Europe is dealing with, is a by product of Bush trying to prove his daddy that he is a big boy. Had he stay out of Iraq we wouldn’t be in this s**t storm we are now. You all blaming Obama for needing to clean after him is as stupid as it gets. Husein might have been a grade A SOB but he detested religious extremist and had kept Iran at bay. As soon as Bush invaded Iraq, Iran started developing their nuclear program. Educate yourself a bit and turn off Fox news!

        • Mary says:

          Thank you, unfortunately many have blinders on when it comes to the truth.

        • D says:

          I’m sorry if your reading comprehension is too low to understand what I wrote above but I clearly pointed out how Obama is to blame, It’s Based on his cowardly inaction in Syria and complete abandonment of a stabilized Iraq, I know Libs live in a permanent state of denial and self delusion (It’s the only way you guys can support someone like Hillary Clinton) but still any objective person knows Obama is at fault for ISIS.

          • Joey says:

            I’m quite sure they read what you wrote, but they like me, understand that your analysis is completely inaccurate.

          • D says:

            ok correct me… or just keep living you lie of self delusion and denial

          • Joey says:

            Well, if you knew anything about the region, you’d know that, as stated above, Iraq actually was keeping Iran in check. And who was in power in Iraq at the time under Saddam Hussein? The Ba’athists. What happened when Hussein was overtaken? The Ba’athists were removed from power. At the time that they were in power, they were relatively moderate for that region, but because they were taken out of power and then refused entry into the military that was set up when the new Iraqi government was put in place by the Bush administration, they became more and more radicalized until ISIS was formed. If you actually do research and not just spit out talking points from Fox News, you’d see that it is mostly the Bush administration’s fault. See what I also did there? I’m not placing all of the blame on Bush. I know that there are other factors that contributed to the development of ISIS in the region. What I’m telling you, though, is that one of the main factors in the beginning of ISIS was the de-Ba’athing, if you will, of Iraq.

          • D says:

            There are a couple of problems with your analysis, you seem to forget about the Kurds that were victims of chemical attacks by Saddam as well as being oppressed and tortured, was the Iraq war a mistake? I’m not sure, we did go in on faulty intelligence but I’m sure the Kurdish people will say it was a great thing. the fact is we went in, we did it poorly but we ended up with a stabilized but not a strong country when Bush left office
            ISIS did NOT start in Iraq it started in Syria which was an Obama only misstep, he did not live up to his ultimatum, his inaction allowed for the extremist to gain power. they only were able to move into Iraq because Obama abandon it while it was just learning to stand. yes Bush took out an evil man and destroyed an evil nation but he didn’t abandon his mess he took responsibility and tried to stabilize it. ISIS only came into such power because of decisions Obama made. try watching something other than MSNBC they have no grasp of reality, try CNN

          • Joey says:

            Okay, so I can’t take you seriously for one reason. You won’t admit that the Iraq War was a mistake, which it was. I’m sorry, but if you can’t admit to that, then your entire mindset is skewed. Even every Republican on stage, including Jeb Bush, admits it was a mistake at this point.

          • Angela says:

            I know Libs live in a permanent state of denial and self delusion (It’s the only way you guys can support someone like Hillary Clinton)
            1, if you want to be taken seriously with anything you say, maybe cut out the immature little jabs in the first part of your sentence here.
            2, not all liberals support Hilary Clinton. But good job making blanket assumptions!

    • Abbi says:

      Hahaha. Now THAT’S funny.

    • Abbi says:

      Hahaha. Now THAT is funny.

  3. Drew says:

    I know that the debate is televised and therefore technically falls into what TV Line covers, but do we really need serious political discussions broken down the same way we’d discuss one of those Real Housewives shows? People already confuse politics with reality TV (sadly, even the politicians mistake themselves for Hollywood-like celebrities). There should be some line drawn between who is kicked off of DWTS and who gets to order nuclear attacks that could start WWIII.

    • says:

      DT’s physical contact with jeb and carson were the most hilarious bits. Can’t wait for episode 3.

    • Joey says:

      But surely you realize that a random Real Housewives episode normally contains more intellectual depth than this entire debate did?

    • Mary says:

      I see what you are saying but unfortunately none of these candidates have spoken intelligently enough to take them seriously. Maybe if Trump, who has made it a reality show, is gone then we might get some serious answers. Doubtful but there is hope.

      • Drew says:

        Disagreeing with them does not mean that they shouldn’t be taken seriously. One of the people on that stage will very likely be the next President, responsible for this country’s future. The Democratic lineup is weak, with Hillary as the strongest contender, assuming that she isn’t rocking the orange jumpsuit by the time the elections roll around.
        If people don’t take the Republicans seriously, Trump may well win this election.
        Let me be clear… I dislike Hillary Clinton as much as I dislike anyone. She belongs in prison. However, I take her candidacy very seriously. It is a serious matter.

        • Joey says:

          You do realize that Clinton actually never did anything illegal, and the information that was on her private server wasn’t classified at the time it was on her server. In fact, it was only made classified after she left her State Department position.

          • Drew says:

            First of all, yes she did do things that were illegal. Conducting any official business through that server was illegal. Wiping the drives in an attempt to keep people from seeig those emails was illegal. And she had top secret documents on that server which had their top secret header removed… Two crimes right there. What she did was very illegal. Maybe it would be best if you didn’t get your information from Hillary’s campaign.

          • Joey says:

            Actually she did nothing illegal, and no, I didn’t get that information from Hillary’s campaign but from doing actual research, not listening to what they lied about at the debate last night. And before you say that there weren’t lies at the debate last night, Jake Tapper didn’t even have fact checkers working in the background to check what the candidates were saying. He was working with who were going to check things after the debate was done.

            And for the record, I don’t support Hillary Clinton for president. She’s a corporatist and the 20th-worst choice for President out there right now, the Republicans, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee all being worse candidates than her.

  4. CK2 says:

    I’m terribly sorry that they made you watch this, Slezak. I hope you had more Sauv Blancs than you probably did that night we all knew Sarina Joi Crowe was going home.

  5. John Davis says:

    Hillary 2016.

  6. Scott says:

    Carly Fiorina was awesome

  7. Babygate says:

    Even though I don’t like most of them, some of them seem to be very qualified for the job. I was impressed with Rubio’s command of foreign affairs and Carly Fiorina’s ability to formulate and articulate a plan for every issue she was confronted with. And she made herself heard without taking Trump’s bait. I like Carson but he showed that he’s woefully unfamiliar with the workings of governance.

  8. Lucifer says:

    Interesting you completely ignored the quote given by Fiorina on changing the $10 bill to be a woman. Despite it getting the loudest and only applauds for any candidate on the topic.

    “I wouldn’t change the ten dollar bill or the twenty dollar bill. I think, honestly, it’s a gesture. I don’t think it helps to change our history. What I would think is that we ought to recognize that women are not a special interest group when women are the majority of this nation. We are half the potential of this nation, and this nation will be better off when every woman has the opportunity to live the life she chooses.”

    • Lindsey says:

      See that’s where Fiorina lost me…”this nation will be better off when every woman has the opportunity to live the life she chooses” BUT she’s anti- abortion…a woman’s right to choose…

      • Jess says:

        Lindsey, most everyone is anti-abortion when they realize that life is being murdered. It’s the people who want to stay ignorant on the matter and are focused purely on their own selfish interests (political or otherwise) who claim support for a woman’s right to murder. Carly’s right, Hillary and Obama refuse to watch the videos, they would rather stay ignorant of what they support…

        • Angela says:

          That’s an awfully simplistic and judgmental way to put an issue that is very complex and personal for a lot of women. Being pro-choice does not mean you are “pro-abortion” or “pro-murder”, but thanks for playing.
          Also, wasn’t it proven those “videos” were doctored?

          • Joey says:

            Even the group that put the videos together now admits that they were doctored. The grisly images of fetuses on tables aren’t even from Planned Parenthood. They’re stock footage from a completely different anti-choice group.

  9. Abbi says:

    Well…all I can say is I hope those Conservatives are happy when we have to start saying President Trump.

  10. Bark Star says:

    America, the world laughs about you.

  11. David4 says:

    * Bush got super testy when his brother George W. Bush’s record was called into question. “One thing I know as it relates to my brother,” he seethed, “He kept us safe!”

    Yeah besides the 3000 on 9-11 right? Idiot.

  12. AnnieM says:

    The saddest thing about the US is I’m pretty sure Trump’s popularity stems from the fact that he’s a “TV star” b/c of The Apprentice. :-p

    • Drew says:

      Sites like this posting recaps of political debates along with the American Idol recaps is part of the blurring of those lines. Obama was elected because he got the Oprah book club seal of approval. Things are not right here.

      • Mary says:

        Sorry disagree with you. Obama won because he received the most votes. Also, people of this Country were sick of the old Republican men and what they stand for. You may not agree with his politics, which is quite obvious by some of your remark. Right know I am not caring for anyone on either side, but truth be told if it ends up being one of these clowns or Hillary – She has my vote. Truth be told we need new blood in the Senate and Congress who shouldn’t be able to make a career out of it. I believe in Terms.

        • Drew says:

          I agree that we need term limits. What these people do to hold o to their office is ridiculous.
          Obama didn’t win on his vision, because he had none. He didn’t win on his experience, because he had none. He won because he had celebrity support, media support and some catch phrases. He won because he promised people pizza parties every Friday and no more homework.
          I really don’t understand your support of Hillary. She committed federal crimes, putting top secret documents on her private server (which she isn’t allowed to have for official business). And to top it off, she didn’t commit those crimes well! She proved how out of touch with modern technology she is, while putting confidential information at risk. That is unforgivable for a presidential candidate. It is a serious offense. How is she even in the running still?

          • Mary says:

            Obama did have a vision, however when you have a political party who chose not to work with him for many reasons, which we all know so I will not say, then maybe he didn’t fully accomplish what he set out to do. As far as experience, none of these Candidates have that, unless you consider being a career Politicians experience. I won’t get into a debate about the E-mails, because we will agree to disagree. Obama won because McCain was not a viable alternative and neither is any of these Candidates. I am not 100% happy with Obama but I don’t feel he was the worst President. What people tend to forget is what he inherent when he went into office.

          • Drew says:

            We can’t agree to disagree about the emails. We are talking about facts, not opinions. She broke the law. There is no question or debate to be had.
            Obama had years to accomplish whatever he wanted, with no Republican ability to stop him. Years. You can’t use the republicans as an excuse for his presidency any more than you can use that same excuse for all presidents. If he can’t get the job done, maybe he shouldn’t be there.
            All presidents inherit junk from the guy before him. Reagan inherited Carter’s junk. Did that prevent him from doing his job?
            I agree that McCain was part of the reason why Obama won. McCain didn’t want to win the election, he simply thought that it was his turn to be nominated. But that shouldn’t have stopped a more capable Democrat from winning the nomination instead of Obama.

          • Mary says:

            Drew sorry you are wrong. The fact is, it was not illegal at the time she was in office. There was no law stating that all government business is to be conducting through their server. Should she have, probably. I am not going to get in a debate about politics because we are clearly never going to agree. I will say this, BOTH parties need to throw away their egos for the benefit of the Country. They all need to learn how to compromise and work together. The my way or the high way is not the way to get it done. We are going backwards instead of forward. The word tolerance has been lost on many. Have a good day – end of discussion.

          • Angela says:

            He won because he had celebrity support, media support and some catch phrases.
            See, here’s what I don’t get. This is a big criticism of Obama from Republicans/conservatives, that he’s a celebrity more than a politician.
            So explain to me then why Trump is so beloved among many Republicans/conservatives? Doesn’t that exact same description apply to him? What exactly is the difference here?

  13. Mary says:

    Michael thanks for the recap, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the side show. Heaven help us if one of these are President.

  14. herman1959 says:

    Thanks for the recap, Michael, because I’m not really paying attention until Trump drops out.

  15. Charissa29 says:

    The idea that TRUMP, Donald “choleric imbecile” Trump is a front runner for President, not of the NRA, but of the U.S.A. makes me think about emigrating to Canada.

  16. R.O.B. says:

    I don’t understand why or how the other participants of this debate are being packaged in with Trump here in terms of being called clowns or childish. Trump looked like an absolute imbecile, especially compared to Rubio, Fiorina and Cruz. Whoever is calling “all of them children” did not watch the debate. Debates are supposed to be lively, and this one was. Based on what happened in the Fox debates, these candidates had to do whatever they could to get a say in. Trump sat out for 10 minutes at a time while the people who actually know what they are talking about got to demonstrate that. All but him were impressive in one way or another and showed they know their stuff. I am not impressed with Jeb Bush, but he was Einstein compared to Trump.

    • Joey says:

      The reason why this debate was childish was because the majority of Jake Tapper’s questions were “So-and-so [usually Donald Trump] said this about you. How do you respond?” It was a food fight more than anything else.

      • R.O.B. says:

        Well you have to hand it to the candidates for jumping in to get their opinions in. Rubio impressed me most of all – very presidential and knowledgeable. You have to work really hard to get America to see you as serious when you are up on stage with a buffoon who has no business being there, and the media is working overtime to give that buffoon as much attention as possible. It was surreal.

  17. Stop making stupid people famous.

  18. Christina says:

    I hope Donald Trump loses the race, if only to wipe that smug smirk off his face….

  19. Much as I dislike Hillary, I feel sorrier for all these people who have such certitude in their mind about this, that, or the other, presenting poor opinions as fact. “Bush kept us safe?” What a crack-headed idea. “Hillary broke the law, and that’s a fact.” …. ????

    Neither convicted nor even charged, but YOU know the facts??

    Oh, this country is so packed with people whose fine minds have been utterly poisoned by flour and sugar… and are not too profoundly (and transparently) stupid to understand that flour and sugar, dose by dose, destroys the brain. Whew!

  20. KevyB says:

    My favorite was Jeb Bush’s “He kept us safe!” He must’ve been talking about the Bushes because last I recall Jr was in charge when 9/11 happened and when he sent thousands of Americans off to war.

  21. Follows Politics says:

    Had the very same thought when Christie claimed that Obama had stolen [from the American people]. I was surprised that comment didn’t get much reaction from more pundits. :)