The Splat: What to Know About Nickelodeon's '90s Cartoon Revival

Here’s a mystery of Shelby Woo proportions: What exactly is “The Splat”?

Earlier this week, a video featuring a montage of classic ’90s Nickelodeon cartoons — including Rugrats, CatDog, Hey Arnold! and Rocko’s Modern Life — was posted to YouTube, promising that “The Splat” is coming. This was accompanied by a Web site (, as well as an array of social media accounts.

Eager ’90s children immediately jumped to the conclusion that Nickelodeon was prepping to launch an entire channel dedicated to its classic animated programming — which, don’t get me wrong, I’d watch in a heartbeat — but our sister publication Variety offers an alternative explanation behind the mysterious marketing campaign:

“The Splat,” according to an insider, will be a block of programming featuring many of the network’s classic animated series. Though further details are being kept under wraps, including which shows will be featured, the block is expected to join Nickelodeon’s schedule in October.

The latest video to be uploaded to the block’s official YouTube account, seen below, features Tommy Pickles, making Rugrats a safe bet for “Splat” inclusion (as if there was any doubt):

Variety notes, however, that “The Splat” is unrelated to Nickelodeon’s previously announced desire to revive several of its classic series with new episodes.

As we wait for more information to be released, drop a comment below: Which classic Nick shows do you want to see on “The Splat”?

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  1. Dennis says:

    Andy thank you so much for writing this article, it really clears up a lot! So excited for 90s Nicktoons!

  2. Danielle. says:

    The only thing that I need to see on any Nickelodeon channel is Are you afraid of the dark.

  3. chris52700 says:

    What about some 80s Nickelodeon love? Pinwheel or Today’s Special anyone??

  4. Joey says:

    “Further details being kept under wraps”… If this airs from 2 – 5 am, I might flip a table.

    • Angela says:

      Haha, yeah, it’d be nice to have this on at a time when more people can see it. But I’d also understand the network not wanting to conflict with whatever popular primetime shows people are watching elsewhere, too.
      Either way, I’m looking forward to hearing/seeing more about this.
      Also, aw, “Shelby Woo” reference-I LOVED that show. I’d be cool with seeing reruns of that.

    • steven says:

      Nick at Nite is on at those times.

  5. Charlie says:

    Did anyone notice that “Doug” wasn’t shown in that video?

    • Mark says:

      I wonder if Disney has the rights to Doug now?

    • Cas says:

      Yes but I hope they air it :(

    • jillhdz says:

      Because ABC Disney bought the rights to Doug in 1998, they can’t.

      • celrock says:

        Correction, Disney bought the rights to Doug and Jumbo Pictures in 1996, not 1998, but yeah, because of this, sadly, no Doug. And what a shame too, as it’s one of my all time favorite Nicktoons, along with Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and The Wild Thornberry’s! And no offense to Disney or anything, but I liked the 4 seasons that aired on Nickelodeon much better than the 3 seasons that aired on ABC’s 1 Saturday Morning. I think I stopped watching regularly after the first season of the revival, if that says anything, and while I went and saw Doug’s First Movie in the theaters, put it this way, I didn’t go get it on video or DVD afterwards, and usually, if I don’t rush out to get a movie on video or DVD, that says a lot in terms of how I feel about a film. Rugrats go Wild was sadly, a flop at the box office, but in my personal opinion, I liked it better than Doug’s First Movie, and that’s saying something, since I’m also a huge Disney fan as well as a Nickelodeon fan, and much of both company’s stuff, has been equally as good. Sadly, not in this case. Let this be a lesson to you Nickelodeon and Disney. Only the original producers and TV company can bring justice to its shows, throw it into somebody else’s hands, and you’re only asking for trouble!

  6. Eli says:

    You can’t do that on Television, Salute You’re Shorts, the Orginal All That, Roundhouse.

  7. Ron says:

    I’m sorry, but if they aren’t planning on making a dedicated channel, then I’m gonna be angry (yes, I’m an irrational person). There are so many shows that deserve to be shown regularly again, including but definitely not limited to: Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Doug, Salute Your Shorts, Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Legends of the Hidden Temple, (Global) Guts, Aaahh Real Monsters, Angry Beavers, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Rocko’s Modern Life, (Double) Dare, and All That (the original). There are way, way, way too many for Nick to just choose a small number and put them into some programming block. If Nick can make the channel Teen Nick and show all those crappy 2000s era shows constantly, then they can do the same for their amazing 90s programming.

  8. Jameson says:

    If it’s just a programming block, then why is The Splat listed as a Television Network on its Facebook page?

    • jillhdz says:

      Because nick at nite is considered its own channel even though its on nickelodeon. The ratings would be too high overall so they are split. What theyre failing to tell us is that its not its own channel– theyre killing nick-at-nite for this idea. TERRIBLE!!

  9. Diz says:

    I like it. The main ones missing that i watched that I didn’t see here were Heathcliff, Doug, Guts, Hidden Temple, & Clarissa Explains it all.

  10. amanda says:

    I would LOVE to be able to watch some of the best ever made shows on t.v. with my kids from the 90’s! They stuff they have on now is just stupid! The 90’s had a wide variety and originality! Are you afraid of the dark would be awesome! so many to mention i cant even think of them all…and YES!, i will be DVRing them so i can rewatch if they wont give us a channel. :) Thanks sooooooo much! Whoop whoop!

  11. awnb95 says:

    Wait a minute Teen Nick has been showing these cartoons in a block for years now and suddenly everyone is now S*ing themselves.

    • kyl416 says:

      EXACTLY! And they were airing nonstop on Nicktoons for the past decade before they joined the TeenNick block. Like Nicktoons was airing them up until that Friday, then the following Monday they all moved to TeenNick. You want to know what they displaced when they moved from Nicktoons to TeenNick? Shows that actually haven’t been on TV since the 90s like Hey Dude.

  12. Antoinette says:

    UUUUUMMMMMMM So I would like to see shows like Fifteen, Welcome Freshman, Roundhouse, Tomorrow People etc…These were amazing shows that people dont remember but I do. When I was a preteen these shows were EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Erin says:

    I don’t suppose there is any chance that they are going to do remasters to HD? That would be an insane amount of work, but man would I appreciate it.

  14. The Splat is really a 24/7 channel devoted to ’90s Nickelodeon!

    • Gage says:

      No, it’s only a programming block.

      • celrock says:

        Awe, it’s only a programming block? Not a whole new channel? Darn! Now I’m kind of disappointed! I was really looking forward to having a channel I could keep my tube tuned to all day airing all of the great shows from the 90’s on Nick! I hope if it’s only a programming block for now, it becomes so popular, that it branches out into a full fledged channel of its own eventually.

  15. Austin Pierce says:

    Jimmy neutron and wild thornberrys please I loved these

  16. chelsea says:

    What about rocket power you can still watch all the shows everyone’s talking about late night but you can never catch rocket power or Doug, angry beavers

  17. celrock says:

    Here’s a list of all of the shows I watched regularly on Nickelodeon before some point in the mid 2000’s, when I wasn’t thrilled with their programming anymore and started watching more stuff on Disney Channel.
    Hey Arnold
    The Wild Thornberry’s
    Legends of the Hidden Temple
    Double Dare
    Family Double Dare
    Nick Arcade
    Allegra’s Window
    Gullah Gullah Island
    Muppet Babies
    Sharron, Lois and Brams Elephant Show
    Papa Beaver’s Story Time
    Little Bear
    Little Bill
    Cousin Skeeter
    100 Deeds for Eddie Mcdowd
    Caitlin’s Way
    The Brother’s Garcia
    All Grown Up

    These were all of the shows I recall watching regularly back in the day, or at least, when I could, as some of them only came on while I was at school, so had to settle for watching them when on holiday breaks, sick days, snow days and summer vacation. Yet though, bring all of these shows to The Splat, and I’ll be one very happy camper! I also missed several episodes of 100 Deeds for Eddie Mcdowd, Cousin Skeeter, Caitlin’s Way, The Brother’s Garcia and All Grown Up, because their time slots changed during their original run, causing me to miss several episodes. So if these shows are included, perhaps I can finally see the episodes I missed during their original run, not to mention, some of these shows, I don’t remember half of the episodes now, so watching them again, while they’re technically reruns, they’d seem like new shows to me, bringing back that nastalja of being a child all over again! Ah, feel the excitement! Feel the thrills! It’s coming people, it’s coming! And I can’t wait!

  18. jonathan says:

    I would love to see Doug, Rocket Power, and legends of the hidden temple. That would be awesome :-)

  19. Tylermilford says:


  20. Justin Cenci says:

    I want aaahh real monsters

  21. jillhdz says:

    So… Are all of the shows on Nick-at-Nite being eliminated?? I wanted Splat but not at the expense of Nick-at-Nite, this is awful news!

    • celrock says:

      Yes, afraid so. And I too, am somewhat upset about this, because I thought the idea of The Splat was to introduce today’s kid generation to the 90’s shows we grew up with, my nearly 2-year-old nephew, being one of those kids. Well duh, it’s on afterr my nephew goes to bed, as where we live, it’s airing in the U.S. Eastern Timezone, between 10:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m. Eastern! Not only that, but it’s replacing The 90’s Are All That on Teen Nick, a channel my nephew’s family doesn’t get, because they’re on Basic Cable, and can’t afford Digital Cable. I get it, but I’m not about to have my rambunxious 2-year-old nephew over in my apartment, that barely has any storage space, let alone the ability to child proof it to the extent that I’d want it to be at before he ran around in here, and, the likelyhood of him being awake after 10:00 at night to catch any of these shows? I wanted so badly to introduce my nephew to such great television, and now, thanks to this screw up, it’s ruined! Put it on the regular Nickelodeon channel that’s available on Basic Cable as well as Digital Cable please, and let’s have the block run from 02:00 p.m. in the afternoon to 10:00 p.m. at night, when kids will be getting home from school and watching. Please? Pretty please? And if they put Rugrats on the block at 07:30 p.m. my nephew already watches ‘Wheel of Fortune’ at 7 before that, if this were the case, he’d get to do what I use to do when I was little, watch ‘Wheel of Fortune’ on ABc, followed by ‘Rugrats’ on Nickelodeon every weeknight! Sadly though, that won’t be the case. This is sad, so sad! Oh yeah, and did I mention sad? Ok, I’ll stop now, but yeah, while I’m a late night bloomer, what they’re doing is defeating the purpose of the block in my opinion, because I thought it was not only suppose to introduce today’s generation to yesterday’s programming, but aren’t some revivals and reboots being considered? Uh, looking for kid’s opinions after watching the original shows in terms of which ones to bring back, isn’t exactly going to happen now, unless today’s parents and grandparents are just as stupid and absent minded as Lou Pickles on ‘Rugrats,’ falling asleep to the television at night, and kids are breaking out of bed with plastic screwdrivers to go catch The Splat, and, if they’re filthy rich enough to afford Teen Nick on digital cable. That’s the only way you’re gonna get the ratings you’re looking for Nickelodeon, unless you make some changes. Otherwise, you’re just extending 90’s Are All That, and in another year or two, we’re all going to be tired of The Splat, because nothing has changed!

  22. Melissa Amber Layton says:

    Muppet Babies and You’re on Nickelodeon Charlie Brown.

  23. Nick says:

    Most definitely land of the lost, are you afraid of the dark, rockkos modern life,as a ahhhh real monsters,Ren and Stimpy,Hey Arnold,Angry Beavers, and all that. And of course #1 Rugrats but everyone from the 90s should know that’s going to hapoen.

  24. MacKenzie says:

    I would love to see Legends of the Hidden Temple, Guts, and of course ROCKET POWER!!!!

  25. Nicholas Cullen says:

    Cousin Skeeter

  26. Whitney says:

    What about Doug that’s the one I wanna see