Fall TV Preview

Scandal Season 5 Trailer: Reunion Sex, Fitz Drops the D-Bomb on Mellie!

Let there be no doubt: Fitz and Olivia will officially be an (unofficial) item when Scandal returns with Season 5 on Sept. 24 (9/8c on ABC). And their coupling will, without question, be very bad news for Mellie.

That much is made crystal clear in the above Scandal trailer, which opens with shots of Olitz making whoopie to Etta James’ “At Last” and closes with Fitz telling Mellie he’s divorcing her.

Press PLAY above and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Do you think Fitz will follow through on his D-eclaration? 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alex says:

    Looks like the Scandal I feel in love with and not b613 crap

  2. Carol says:

    Yes, the presidential divorce will bring lots of drama.

    Scandal needs to get back to basics with OPA handling cases, Olivia trying to have a life with Fitz, Mellie trying to stand on her own, Cyrus out for revenge against Lizzie, Huck getting his act together or getting gone, Quinn dealing with Huck, Abby dealing with Olivia’s scandalous relationship with the Prez and I think I heard crazy ass Sally Langston in that promo.

    Please God, no more B613

  3. MK says:

    OLITZ! And could we finally be done with B613????? Can’t wait for the twisted, crazy, dramatic, incredible drama that is Scandal.

  4. Cena Gomez says:

    No B613. Olitz together. Fitz filing for Divorce. OPA and Abby back! No Jake in promo. Scandal is back on track!

  5. dj says:

    Ugh..I am soooo over the whole Fitz/Olivia debacle. I’m definitely Team Mellie!

    • Coal says:

      Sign me up on Team Mellie

      • TrudiV says:

        Agreed. I hope Mellie finally kicks Fitz to the curb and have nothing to do with him from here on out.

        • Ally Girl says:

          Yeah right! Mellie is weak and afraid to stand on her own without Fitz. She will cling to him. Classic case of you never know what you had until it’s gone. Fitz said many times in his marriage he reached out to her as his wife and she turned him away. Exactly how you lose your spouse.

          • Dmac says:

            We shall see, according to Shondra Mellie is thrown for a loop at the beginning of the season but comes out much stronger and a force to be reckoned with after that. I know a lot of Olivia/Fitz fans detest Mellie, but she is what she is and she never tries to sugar coat what she does, she owns it. Fitz does despicable things and always tries to justify why he does what he does to make himself feel better. Mellie was raped by Fitz’s father so of course she turned him away. She wasn’t the only one at fault in this marriage.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


          • Dmac says:

            Darn auto correct, it’s Shonda.

          • Ally Lady says:

            Dmac…I never said Mellie was the only one at fault but Mellie fans seem to only focus on Fitz cheating which came after 10 years of being with a woman that turned him away. You justify Mellie’s behavior because of the rape. I would absolutely agree with you if Mellie had told Fitz about the rape. She robbed Fitz and herself of having her husband there to help her through it and they regain the closeness they had at the beginning of their marriage. A woman being raped is a horrible thing but it does not absolve Mellie of all her wrong doings.

          • TrudiV says:

            Yes I know she is weak. Shonda does still have the power to completely rewrite the character again though. She did it once before, there is nothing stopping her from doing it again.

    • Carol says:

      Team Mellie fans should be celebrating the divorce since you all think Fitz is terrible.

      Let’s see Mellie actually doing something on her own without Fitz, Olivia or Cyrus riding to the rescue rather than telling us she is spectacular which have have yet to see.

      Maybe Mellie can hook up with Jake or Hollis may be looking for another wife. haha

      • Sometimes I think I watch a different show. Fitz is terrible. Mellie is spectacular. I don’t get how people like Fitz so much and I’m not an idiot, I know they are the main couple of the show, but from all the dislikeable couples I watched on TV because I somehow liked the show beyond the ship, this is one of the worst.
        But again, everyone has the right to think what they want, I just don’t understand.

        • Carol says:

          No, the Mellie stans are the ones watching a different show. Mellie sat in the White House for 4 seasons whining about being bored but did nothing as First Lady – only constantly telling us about her Ivy League education and acting entitled by telling everyone they owed her. What was her platform? What issues did she champion except for pimping out her husband to remain First Lady? She is the definition of white privilege and pseudo-feminism.

          I wish someone would tell me what spectacular things Mellie has done. She is all talk and no action or screwed up action when taken which someone else has to fix.

          Fitz has passed immigration reform (the Dream Act), gun control, police monitoring reform (Brandon Bill), etc with the help of Olivia, Cyrus, Susan Ross, David and others while Mellie was useless as a bump on a log.

          You can like the Mellie character but stop rewriting the show to fit your delusions about Mellie.

          • Jules says:

            There are no delusions, we know exactly what Mellie is and how power hungry she is…Fitz on the other hand…has done nothing in the past 2 seasons to redeem his incompetence or petulant love-sick tendencies. Among all those Bills you mentioned Fitz to have passed..did you also forget that he send troops to war…it’s ok to love your Fitz character but don’t act as if he’s any better than anyone on this show let alone Mellie.

          • Denise Kennedy says:

            Fitz may serve Mellie the papers, but I don’t think it will happen. She’s too useless, whines a lot and has a sense of entitlement — sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton!!

          • carmen zeederberg says:

            Hear hear…love Olitz

          • Ally Girl says:

            Mellie stans know what a complete idiot Mellie is. Look at what she and Cyrus did to poor Daniel Douglas. He ends up dead and Mellie running her silly ass in Cyrus office celebrating the guy dying because it means Sally would not run against Fitz. Anyone who supports this ding bat needs their head examined.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Since they know what a dingbat Mellie is, why are her stans supporting her? I don’t get it either. She’s an absolutely horrible person. When she told Fitz that Jerry died to give them another four years in the White House, Fitz should have backhanded her across the face and filed for divorce then and there.

        • DisgustedbyOlitz says:

          I TOTALLY agree! What show are some people watching?! I cannot wait for Fitz to cheat yet again! Do you Olitz shippers not remember “sweet baby”? Ugh. I am so glad that this is just a television show because if Liv was my real life home girl I would have told her about herself many many times. Stop being this grown man’s babysitter. Sheesh how lame!

          • carmen zeederberg says:

            Sweet baby they got from tape…not him calling Amanda that…Olivia is his only sweet baby…ring and all

          • sweettweeny says:

            Fitz never called Amanda “Sweet Baby” – He said it to Liv while they were making love for the 1st time – as another poster said, they heard Sweet baby on the tape of Fitz and Liv. Also, as for your home girl – let’s be real – if a extremely rich powerful man ruled up on your home girl, she wouldn’t care what you had to say. Look at Donald Trump – I consider him to be the biggest ass hole in the country but he manages to attrack very beautiful women.

          • Cheyenne says:

            He wasn’t with Olivia when he boinked Amanda Tanner. Olivia had already broken up with him. So she had no right to be pissed off if he went to another woman.

          • TrudiV says:

            If Liv was my home girl, I would tell her to ride that Fitz pony like there is no tomorrow. I would tell her to break that pony in good till the pony cannot stand or see straight.

          • Cena Gomez says:

            Fitz is not a serial cheater, so kill the noise. ONe time with Amanda and the other times with Olivia, the woman he fell in love with. All the characters have flaws and you can be disgusted by Olitz all you want, but ABC is selling Olitz like no other. The majority of the fans still ship this pairing. I find Mellitz disgusting. Two people who hate each other and they make political babies, not children. It is time to end that toxic union.

        • Cena Gomez says:

          Amen! If you like Mellie, you should be on board with the divorce. Why would you want her to stay in a loveless marriage?
          Olivia and Fitz will be a couple for the first time on the show. No more affairs. I’m looking forward to it all!

        • Cena Gomez says:

          Seems like you are watching the wrong show. Mellie is no better than Fitz. I remember her celebrating DD death and induce labor to stop Fitz from filing for divorce…putting her child’s life at risk. You Mellie stan kill me. At least I can admit Fitz is no Angel, but to pretend like Mellie is this helpless victim is laughable. She wanted to win the Senate race so badly that she sold her soul to the devil Rowan.

      • TrudiV says:

        I hope Shonda returns Mellie to what the character was supposed to be – just a footnote. I enjoy the episodes so much more when she is not in them. I can’t stand her shrill voice or her manly deep voice.

        • carmen zeederberg says:

          I love Mellie too..in fact I love all the characters…grown ups acting like teenagers quite entertaining minus the killings…thank goodness it’s not real life

        • Dmac says:

          Sorry, won’t happen. Shonda loves Mellie and the women who plays her. Mellie is here to stay.

      • Cena Gomez says:

        Amen! If you like Mellie, you should be on board with the divorce. Why would you want her to stay in a loveless marriage?
        Olivia and Fitz will be a couple for the first time on the show. No more affairs. I’m looking forward to it all!

      • Dmac says:

        We are and according to Shonda she gets off to a bumpy start but ends up much much stronger and is a force to be reckoned with. So yes, I am very happy.

        • TrudiV says:

          so in other words we are going to have another re write of the Mellie character, is that what you saying? Wasn’t one rewrite enough? That should tell you how absolutely useless that character is.

    • Amy says:

      I don’t like Liv and Fitz together either. And I think Fitz is totally unfair to Mellie over the juror list. I mean, remember he blew up that plane and killed that justice lady with the lung disease. Definitely Team Mellie!

      • Coal says:

        Shhhhh, Olitz fans can’t stand brutal honesty. Although in Fitz’s defense he didn’t really know about the plane. Everything else though you are right. Declaring war because of your mistress and Vena of course and contrary to popular delusional rationalisation Olitz fans that was cold blooded murder.

        • D.W. says:

          It’s not even about Olitz that’s what you Mellie fans and Fitz haters can’t seem to understand. This past season Mellie and Fitz were supposed to wipe the slate clean and start over. And just when he thinks they’ve made major progress she goes behind his back yet again and works with Cyrus instead of talking things out with her husband like a good wife would. Mellie has and always will be about her own best interest. And lest you all forget Verna had an assassin put two bullets in Fitz’s head, plus she was about to tell David Rosen all about defiance. A situation Fitz knew nothing about until the very end, but still would’ve been condemned for, while Verna wouldn’t have lasted the year because of her illness. Every single last one of them would’ve gone to jail. Hollis Cyrus your precious Mellie Olivia, and Fitz who had nothing to do with it. I say good riddance to Verna. She only wanted to come clean to clear her conscious before she died. She didn’t care about the rest of them rotting in jail for the rest of their lives. So screw her.

          • Cena Gomez says:

            D.W. good to know there are smart people watching this show. Nice post.

          • Coal says:

            The whole situation could have been avoided if Fitz had told Mellie the real person behind the killing of her soon and why and for goodness sake show her a picture of Rowan or is Scandal living in an alternative universe were there are no pictures ?

          • Ally Girl says:

            Coal- Ummm…Has Mellie simple ass ever asked who it was that killed her son? Don’t you remember when Fitz went to Mellie about them capturing the man that killed their son. Mellie started talking about how Jerry death was a sacrifice for them to stay in office. Fitz looked at her like she was crazy. She could have cared less and she still has not concerned herself with knowing. She too busy wanting to be President so she can rule the world. Mellie is a moron. Even if she knew she would have done the same thing and went behind Fitz back like she always does.

          • Dmac says:

            And Fitz doesn’t, he was willing to start a war to get Olivia back from the kidnappers. He constantly puts the best interest of Olivia above what is good for the country and has no remorse about it. He murdered a Supreme and several other people with no show of regret. Millie is far from innocent, but she owns it. Fitz tries to justify his misdeeds.

          • inwanguyai says:

            You waste your intelligence on these Mellie fans

    • Jules says:

      Team Mellie all the way…the divorce plot should bring much needed drama. She’s smart and will be able to stand on her own..no doubt

      • D.W. says:

        I can’t wait for you to see how wrong you are lol. Mellie is dependent on Fitz for pretty much everything she’s gotten. She’s going to beg Fitz not To go through with that divorce and then she’s going to try and find something to blackmail him with if he does decide to push forward. Because she can’t let him go or .do anything on her own. She never has

        • Cena Gomez says:

          I promise you Shonda will make Susan Ross the next President before she gives it to Mellie. The writers are screaming out loud, how much more qualified Susan is to lead the country than Mellie will ever be.

          • Dmac says:

            Oh really? When has Shonda ever done what people thinks she is going to do? She hates ships and doesn’t listen to shippers. Happily ever after isn’t in her vocabulary. Do you watch Grey’s? Mark and Lexi two fans favorites, she killed them both off, Calzona, she broke them up, McDreamy and Meridith, yea that didn’t happen either, she killed off one of her main characters. There is not one relationship on her shows that stands the test of time or ends up happy. As for Fitz and Olivia, per Shonda: It is about being careful what you wish for.

          • Jules says:

            Susan Ross is just a footnote like Sally Langston or Andrew Nichols…

          • TrudiV says:

            Clearly Susan Ross is the better person for the job. It very much appear that this is where the show is leading. Susan’s nuanced very subtle ways of getting things done in spite of the obstacles in her way is fun to watch and what Shonda, if she had any sense should continue to develop and build on. After the dressing down Fitz and Cyrus gave her about the Bill, she still got it changed and passe (a bill by the way, Mellie couldn’t be bothered with reading) Kudos to Susan. Long may she reign.

          • Cheyenne says:

            I don’t see Susan Ross as president. She has a brilliant mind and she could probably make more of an impact as a senator where she could influence important legislature.

    • Barbara says:

      I’m Team Melle Too. She has said sacrificed her whole life for Fritz and he really doesn’t have a clue.

    • Lexi says:

      I agree!! When the princess was talking Liv, in the bathroom. Liz basically paralleled their lives. I feel the first episode foreshadowed some of the emotions she will feel.

  6. TrudiV says:

    Love it, love it, love it

    Scandal finally has gotten back on track. Hurrah!
    Stay the course Shonda, stay the course

  7. TrudiV says:

    Thank God! Liv finally gets her man.
    Please God, no more Jake or Mellie standing in Fitz and Liv’s way.
    More Olitz! More Olitz!

  8. Pam says:

    The trailer bored me to be honest. Hope the whole season won’t be this Olivia/Fitz nonsense. I know they’re a main part of the show but their relationship is not why I watch. I miss the crazy, twisty, shocking Scandal, not whatever this preview is.

  9. Coal says:

    Its a late soap so we all know that the blissful reunion between Olivia and Fitz won’t last. Eventually one of the two is going to keep a secret from the other which is going to lead to a lot of drinking, sulking and yelling and basically the rest of the cast have turned into moving and talking furniture. As you can deduce from my rant Olitz is my B613.

    • TrudiV says:

      That ship has sailed. We have had 4 years of that lunacy. Shonda has put down her crack pipe and finally understands the back and forth has been played. From here on out it is OLITZ in a strong wonderful relationship.
      From here on out – the sweet indulgence that is OLITZ will reign.

      • Coal says:

        Delusion of grandeur

      • Dmac says:

        Not if you believe Shonda, in her own words. Olivia and Fitz relationship will be about “being careful for what you wish for”

        As for Shonda, haven’t you notice she never ever lets a couple stay or be happy. She either kills them off or breaks them up. So good luck with that sweet indulgence.

        • Ally Lady says:

          DMAC- Shonda has always known how the storyline of Olivia and Fitz would go since the beginning of Scandal. The woman waited four seasons to reveal the meaning behind the ring Olivia never takes off. She is careful to never let any of the other relationships Olivia has been in come close to the love scenes of Olitz. We’ve only seen 1 love scene of Fitz and Mellie and that was a flashback. She knows if she ever did that it would ruin Olitz. Shonda is a romantic writer. This is a story of a White male, being the most powerful man in the world, helplessly in love with a Black woman. Don’t tell me you have not figured out what she is doing. Shonda is letting the world know a Black woman can be just as beautiful and desired as any other woman and able to have powerful men willing to kill to be with her. A President divorcing his wife while in office and possibly marrying a Black woman to make her his First Lady. Genius!

          • TrudiV says:

            We have seen two love scenes with Fitz and Mellie: There was one when Fitz and Olivia was on the outs when Fitz became a drunk (After that snake Verna told Fitz Olivia fixed the election). Mellie tried giving him a blowjob in the shower and he was disgusted by it. It was one of the most disgusting uncomfortable scenes I have ever seen between the two of them.
            The SWEET INDULGENCE was broken for two years and SHONDA has now come to realize the error of her ways. Fitz in Olivia’s arms is right where he belongs and right what the show needs to make it a success once again.

          • Ally Lady says:

            The shower scene does not count as a love scene. Fitz looked like he wanted to vomit. The only true love scene with them getting it on was the flashback in Mellie’s rape episode.

          • Cheyenne says:

            A Tale of Two Shower Scenes:
            1) Fitz in the shower with Mellie looking like he wanted to throw up
            2) Fitz in the shower with Olivia looking like he had finally achieved Nirvana

    • diane lockhart says:

      you`re so right

  10. abz says:

    I wish I had the same enthusiasm for the show that I used to. Seeing Olitz is so annoying. Not a fan of Fitz at all. I wish Shonda would just leave Liv alone and let her get her life back on track and maybe find someone new to romance. I’m all for a presidential divorce storyline though. Should’ve happened two seasons ago. I’ll probably still tune in since I’ve already lasted this long, but I hope it improves from the terrible fourth season. Also, I better not see Papa Pope EVER again. One of the worst written and acted characters on television.

    • TrudiV says:

      You are clearly another one who does not understand the premise of the show.

      • abz says:

        Lol its funny how you assume that anyone who doesn’t like or agree with Olitz “does not understand the premise of the show.”

        • TrudiV says:

          Frankly the comments are silly. The show is based on a fixer and her illicit relationship with the president of the United States. To make a comment about just leave Liv alone yada yada yada indicates little to no understanding of one of the core basics on which the show is based.

          • abz says:

            They aren’t that silly to me. The show has been interesting and addicting to watch in the past, but really, very few characters on the show are actually likable let alone the pairings. I understand very well what the show is about. Just because I don’t like certain characters or pairings doesn’t mean I’m incapable of understanding what I’m watching. Many shows can change a lot as they go on. The show started out with a fixer and her affair with the POTUS. It was interesting then, but the relationship is just toxic and not too enjoyable to watch. On top of that, many (myself included) find Fitz to be an unlikable character. The back and forth was just annoying. There is nothing preventing the writers from moving past it and writing a new path for Olivia.

        • Cena Gomez says:

          Trudi is correct. You don’t understand the premise of the show if you think Olitz will just go away for good. Shonda compared Olitz to Christina and Meredith. The most important relationship on Scandal. I suggest you stop watching now because here we are Season 5 and Olitz is still Scandal’s main attraction.

          • Jules says:

            Hahaha Olitz fans are delusional honestly its sad…we all know a spanner is in the works for Olitz and it’s only a matter of time, everyone knows it…What’s the point of arguing when we can simply wait till the inevitable happens

      • Dmac says:

        And you do? Please tell us what it is and if you say its Fitz and Olivia then you clearly have never watched a Shonda Rhimes show.

    • Kaleb says:

      You tried it! Clearly you don’t have a clue about the premise of the show.

      • Jules says:

        How shallow is it to think that if someone does not share your views on a show then that person does not understand the show!! Wow

        • TrudiV says:

          It is not a matter of sharing anyone views – It is simply a matter of understanding what the bloody show, shows every darn episode.
          It is ridiculous to keep spouting idiocy of what has not been shown over and over and over again. We have been shown over and over and over again that Fitz and Liv are head over heels in love with each other. We have been shown over and over and over again that Liv is it for Fitz from the very first moment he met her (CHECK THE EPISODE THE TRAIL found in Season 1 Episode 6). The creator of the show has told us that OLITZ is the end game and every darn post from you people clearly reflect that you do not understand the complexity of the dynamic of the relationship. For Pete’s sake get some understanding and stop with the same ole inanities. It’s boring now.
          Read my lips – No better yet – read Shonda’s lips – OLITZ is the end game!

          If Shonda changes her mind and has decided not to make OLITZ the end game as she has said, then let her come out and say so or show us this. Until such a time – IT IS OLITZ

  11. TrudiV says:

    Thank you for posting this preview. I just saw it on TV as well.

  12. Jules says:

    Olitz YAWN!
    I hope the whole season won’t be drowned in this BS tbh!
    Looking forward to the divorce plot though.

  13. herman1959 says:

    Now guys, you KNOW that Mellie will not simply accept the divorce without a fight; that would be too easy. We are in for much divorce drama, but hopefully it won’t overshadow OPA’s stories of the week.

    • TrudiV says:

      Of course Mellie will not accept the divorce and walk away; That is where one of the areas of drama for the season can occur.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Mellie is going to play dirty. Mellie is going to go public and tell the whole world that Fitz threw her out of his house so he could move his black whore in. Fitz is a Republican, remember? Do you think his racist constituency is going to stand for that? This is exactly what Mellie is counting on. It’s going to be pitchforks at the gates. Fitz’s approval rating among republicans is going to tank into the single digits. Then he will have to decide what he wants more, Olivia or the presidency. He’s already offered twice to give it all up for her but she won’t let him do that because it will mean everything she worked for was a waste of time. So there will be a titanic explosion between them and that’s where the big conflict will be.

      • TrudiV says:

        I don’t think so. We have already seem some of that. Mellie would most likely do that because she is an idiot after all, and has no qualms and no strategic skills about washing her dirty laundry in public – she has done it already.
        If the homophobic republicans went along with Cyrus’marriage to a prostitue – Olivia can spin it so that the country supports Fitz for love (most people love love and can get behind a story of love). If the majority of the country supports Fitz, the racist republicans will fall in line. All Liv has to do is to get a social media campaign going and they would have no choice because unlike Fitz they are running again and he isn’t.

        For Liv to tell Fitz, “they can do whatever they want” and then fall back into the”you can’t give up the presidency for me and so I am leaving”, would show no creativity and no consistency of plot development because as you have already said – we have been down that road several times. It is too tired a plot to do it a third time.

        If written right- this divorce plot could create enough drama to keep us at the edge of our seats for at least a season or two. Let Mellie and Cyrus sling their arrows and let Liv do what she does best (besides making Fitz talk in tongues) and may the best man or woman win.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Oh hell no, they will not fall in line. You’re talking apples and oranges. The only reason they lined up behind Cyrus was because — as Olivia said — America loves a love story. Marrying your paid whore absolves his being a paid whore, even if it’s a gay relationship. But a president kicking his wife out of the house to marry his mistress? No damn way. America will fall in line behind the scorned wife, not just because she is white, but because she is a scorned wife. He will lose the support of every woman of every color who has been dumped for another woman. And the fact that he dumped his white wife for a black woman will only add insult to injury for his conservative constituents. I love Olitz (God, how I hate that term) but Fitz is going to wake up to find that he has jumped out of the frying pan into the fire and there is going to be hell to pay. Fun times for all!

  14. TrudiV says:

    @ABZ of course you won’t find them so, because you have little understanding of the show and the dynamics.
    The show is about a fixer and her affair with the married president. The beautiful relationship was destroyed to prolong the show – but it turned out to be to the detriment of the show. Shonda realizing her error, has returned the show to its roots. She already did what you suggested with Edison, with Jake and with that last guy. None of them worked – no one but a few of you want to see that crap. Why continue on that path when it clearly does not work? That is the definition of madness. And that is not what made Scandal popular. One of the core ideas that made Scandal popular in the first place was the relationship between Fitz and Liv. You may not like a character – Heck I don’t like Mellie or Cyrus, but it would be silly of me to want to see Mellie join Nasa and getting shipped off to Mars or Venus.

    • abz says:

      I understand it perfectly fine, but it’s okay, you’re free to continue being blinded by your Olitz obsession.

    • Amanda says:

      Actually the show is just about a fixer, is based off the actually the show is just about a fixer, is based off the true fixer, Judy Smith and she was President Bush (Jr) fixer. This president thing was supposed a side note that just went way too far and Shonda doesn’t know how to stop it. I rather the show went back from to them fixing the case each week it doesn’t have to be a love story, not every drama is a love story.

      • Coal says:

        This !!! In the same way Grey’s Anatomy was a coming of age story using interns as a vehicle and it also morphed into this convoluted love story with adults having the reason capacity of love struck teenagers.

      • sweettweeny says:

        That’s incorrect. Mellie was suppose to be the side note – and if you remember she was only suppose to appear in about 3 episodes in Season 1. She wasn’t a regular in season 1 but a guest star. Tony Goldwyn was always the “2nd” star of Scandal. The presidential divorce was initially scheduled to be done in Season 2 as per Bellamy. You can youtube it – she stated this on the Wendy Williams show a few years ago.

    • Dmac says:

      Greys fans said that about Meredith and Derick too and do you know what Shonda did in response to be all their shippers? She killed Derick, yep she killed off the main lead of the show and it changed everything. If you think Olivia and Fitz are going to have their happily ever after than you don’t know Shonda.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Come on, now, we all know why Shonda killed Derrick. She killed him for the same reason she killed Isaiah Washington’s character and Harrison. The actors playing them became too much of a liability. Washington was spewing homophobic bullcrap all over the set and alienating the cast, Columbus Short was about to be arrested on domestic violence charges, and that guy who played Derrick had become an obnoxious diva. Shonda was tired of putting up with his BS. One thing about Shonda, she doesn’t take any crap. If she thinks you’ve become a liability to the show, you are history.

      • Coal says:

        Most of the actors if not all that Shonda has killed off wanted to leave the show so irrespective how their characters exited they won’t be on the show or would you preferred McDreamy divorcing Meredith and going to live in Washington ?

        • Cheyenne says:

          Columbus Short didn’t want to leave the show and I don’t think Isaiah Washington did either. In fact Short was tweeting about coming back. Wishful thinking on his part.

          • Coal says:

            Short and Washington were special cases and Washington wasn’t killed off. T.R. Knight, Eric Dane, Chyler Leigh and Patrick Dempsey wanted to leave the show.

    • Jules says:

      “Shonda realizing her error, has returned the show to its roots.”
      Hahaha I’ve never laughed so hard, thanks for the chuckle honestly…Are you now close personal friends with Shonda?? OMG this is hilarious

      • TrudiV says:

        Do you know why some people laugh? Are you close personal friends with Shonda to know she will not make OLITZ the end game as she has said? To find this hilarious indicates your level of comprehension of anything. But you don’t really find this hilarious do you? I understand your defense mechanism… it needs some work.

  15. DisgustedbyOlitz says:

    This is gonna be the most BORING season. I am now eagerly awaiting the end of Scandal.

    • Greg says:

      Lol we have only seen a few clips from probably the first episode or two… dramatic much?

      • DisgustedbyOlitz says:

        Yep, but no more dramatic than Olitz fans when you say something negative about the couple. Ha!

        • Jules says:

          Don’t worry too much about Olitz fans…you can tell from their comments that it’s fear that this is the ‘beginning of the end’ for Olitz; that’s why they are so dramatic. We all know there’s never a happy ever after in Shondaland!

          • liame says:

            Weird comments, I guessing from adults??? It’s hard to tell.

          • TrudiV says:

            So after 4 years and it’s now the beginning of the end for OLITZ? Well alrighty then… It is amazing how so many of you can watch this show with so little understanding and appreciation for the complexities being shown. Keep holding to that hope of it being the end of OLITZ. Do you not understand or believe Shonda when she says that OLITZ is the end game?

    • D.W. says:

      I think that last season was the most boring season of scandal ever. I even tuned out of the last few episodes until the season finale. If the writing is half as good as season 1 and 2 then season 5 will already be 10 times better than season 3 and 4

      • TrudiV says:

        Agreed wholeheartedly. I had stopped watching Scandal part way through season 3. I heard about the lawn chair episode and watched that (It was good. reminded me of what Scandal was about) there were a couple of misses after that, but it seems to me Shonda was trying to tie up some loose ends to get the show back on track after the crack induced mess it had become through season 3 and 4. Season 4 was a piece of s**T. I can’t believe people didn’t get fired for this – but it ended on the perfect note.
        I am now looking forward to season 5 with the understanding that OLITZ being back together will last. If Shonda does one of her lunatic moves of splitting OLITZ again – I suspect doing so would be the end of the show

    • Cheyenne says:

      Well, you have a very simple remedy. Stop watching the show and go watch something else. Read a good book.

      • D.W. says:

        Actually I did stop watching the show in season 4 part B when that boring ass BS B613 storyline took over scandal and our screens were flooded with too much Jake Ballard. A lot of ppl stopped watching over 2 million. Looks like I wasn’t the only one. But it seems like Shonda is taking back control of her show and getting the show back to what got most ppl interested in the first place. White House story lines…OPA crisis management and yes OLITZ… So I’ll be tuning in until she decides to screw it up again and if/when she does I’ll turn the channel just like I did last time thank you very much

  16. Renee says:

    I’m looking forward to the new season. Team Olitz all the way! There is no denying the chemistry those two share. I saw the Scandal Promos on ABC for TGIT and they showed Jake who I thought was leaving the show.They showed Jake with the newest Pope Associate who is Harrison’s replacement. Cyrus was also in the promo. I’m glad he’s still around because he always has a trick up his sleeve..

  17. maria says:

    YES! YES! YES! This promo shows that S5 gives us all the goods we craved. finally some really great sex scenes between Olivia & Fitz. Fitz finally going through with his divorce plans for Mellie. a desperate Cyrus getting back in the game. Olivia out there gladiating as usual and Abby being Abby. and Huck still being alive.
    all is well in the TGIT universe now :)

  18. Lianne says:

    Really? Well, I can now watch Blacklist live.

  19. liame says:

    Team Olivia rejoice! Bye smellie mellie.

  20. Becky says:

    Do people really still want Olivia and Fitz together? It’s such a horrible, toxic relationship. I can’t stand it.

  21. Jadi says:

    Love Olitz. I can’t wait for this season.

  22. Luis says:

    Because, you know . . . Shonda

  23. Renee Mosley says:

    Sure Melle needs to go,(out of the marriage) but please don,t take her out of the show. Her continued appearance could only add some spiced drama. That is if the writers know how to spin it.

  24. Mandy says:

    That trailer is too good to be true. We all know Shonda loves throwing curve balls at viewers. I am willing to bet that Olitz will start off the season together and be pulled apart by the end of it. I hope not though. Would love to see them fight to be together instead of giving up because of some flimsy reason. I know, I know, it is wrong to root for the side piece and to condone infidelity but it’s just a show, not real……

  25. Susan says:

    Ugh, that’s gross, Fitz is a murderer, and a coward, and a cheater, and a liar, and maybe Olivia is too, guess they deserve each other. I know Jake deserves better.

    • abz says:

      I’m definitely not an Olitz supporter, but lets not act like Jake is a saint. Jake doesn’t deserve anything. He’s just as bad as the majority of the characters on the show and he’s done many TERRIBLE things.

  26. Susan says:

    There’s something really sick and twisted going on between Olivia and Fitz, they’ll both sacrifice anyone or anything for each other. Some of you forget that he sent how many soldiers to an unnecessary death to save one person. Olivia was horrified and hated him for it but now she loves him again?! I don’t think so, the writers on this show are better than that.

  27. Susan says:

    Like Olivia said “We all do terrible things”

  28. Susan says:

    B613 isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

  29. TrudiV says:

    What does Mellie own, but her sense of entitlement? Every single thing she has done has been a waste except for bizarre attempts to hold on to a man who is deeply in love, head over heels in love with another woman. She is coming out stronger? I wish she would get some self respect, cut Fitz loose and stand on her own two feet. If Fitz, Liv and Cyrus were not around to bail her out, she would have been in jail or sleeping under a bridge by now. We have been told that she graduated first in her class from Harvard Law and was a partner in a law firm, yet I see no evidence of this smarts. Someone with only a high school diploma makes better decisions than she does.

    • Susan says:

      Mellie is a victum of circumstance,she was chosen to be Fitz’s wife, arranged marriage. Not that Fitz or Mellie knew it at the time. Mellie adjusted to her circumstances because she actually does love Fitz, and has done everything for him and herself to make and keep him the president. She will be a wrecking ball this season. Cyrus though is probably the one that’s going to wreak the most havoc.

      • sweettweeny says:

        Mellie didn’t adjust to her relationship out of love, but out of power. If you recall, Mellie admitted to Fitz and they were never in love but at least they were partners. Also, Mellie explained her view of marriage, as being pretend. Mellie accepted the marriage as a political arrangement, and that she would get something in return for marrying fitz, which is power. Fitz, to Mellie’s horror, is not upholding his part of the bargain. Mellie had no problem with Fitz and Olivia sleeping together, but when Fitz fell in love with Olivia and wanted to leave the marriage, that’s when Mellie had the problem.

        If you noticed in Season 4, they did work as a team, but they never were intimate – they were more like business partners who respected each other. That’s not a marriage. A marriage has to have some level of intimacy to survive.

      • TrudiV says:

        It is funny how some of you invent things that have not ever been shown in any episode. It is tiresome and ridiculous and from now on my response will be to just say it is stupid. Four years of this nonsense is beyond the pale. Where have we ever been shown Mellie telling Fitz that she loves him at least once?
        What circumstance is Mellie a victim of? Are you people kidding with this nonsense? Mellie made her bed and made the decision to lie in it.

        What I do not understand is why Liv is with Fitz. Anyone with such appallingly bad taste as to hookup with Mellie should not be with anyone else.

  30. Susan says:

    Eventually I see Melly’s Jelly, not White Hat Jam.