So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Tapper's Delight

There are at least a dozen compelling storylines on which I could choose to focus my recap of So You Think You Can Dance‘s Season 12 performance finale.

We had Nigel Lythgoe’s oblivious (but nevertheless grotesque) attitudes about two guys dancing together — so deeply rooted in homophobia that even Kim Davis might roll her eyes and sigh, “Brit, please.” We had the judges working overtime to make sure that Hailee Payne’s dazzling display of artistry wouldn’t upend the long-supported Gaby-Jaja final two. We had Gaby making the most of her pimp spot by nailing a jaw-dropping tap routine (and invoking the memory of Vanessa Williams’ tragically forgotten Dance With Me with her choice of solo music). And then, of course, there was Jaja, fumbling the ball at whatever yard line you don’t want to fumble the ball — and actually having her tepid animation called out by Nigel (and to a lesser degree, Paula).

Did I mention the chilling reminder that our eventual winner will have “the opportunity to dance with Jennifer Lopez” during her Vegas residency? That’s very different from saying the winner “will dance with Jennifer Lopez” — and makes me fear poor Gaby (oh, c’mon, we all know she’s got this in the bag) will be rewarded with nothing more than a chance to cut to the front of the line in the midst of some soul-crushing weekend-long open call.

Before I get to my rankings of the week’s routines, let me give you Nigel’s words, verbatim, after a gorgeous Travis Wall contemporary routine featuring Hailee as a woman helping Gaby get past her “fear of being accepted” and proving that “love has no boundaries.” (Ummmm… thanks for the nostalgic trip back to 1954, SYTYCD? But just so you know, it’s 2015 and we’d all be fine with a lesbian love story — really!) “I wish guys could do this together and feel comfortable in doing it. There’s something about girls that can do it and it feels honest and beautiful, and guys find it really difficult — which is a sad thing for me — to be able to have that kind of honest relationship,” sputtered Mr. Lythgoe.

Host Cat Deeley — who’s an Emmy nominee for a reason — promptly shot back that Kent and Neil’s duet from Season 7 disproved Nigel’s theory. But what’s stunning — and I’ve used this space as a bully pulpit to point out this fact before — is that SYTYCD has delivered so few male-male or female-female relationship numbers over the course of 12 seasons (while not having a single contestant mention a same-sex partner or crush on camera), that it just can’t be coincidence. Nigel’s antiquated attitude feeds the show’s gay panic — and at the same time, the show’s failure to acknowledge the sexual orientation of its dancers reinforces a convenient “you’re not connecting with your opposite-sex partner” narrative that is frustrating to anyone who’s not offended by the idea that Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen DeGeneres have hosted the Oscars in the last five years.

OK, I’ll stop kvetching and get to the business of ranking this week’s two-person routines:

Routines (Ranked Worst to Best)
10. Jaja and All-Star Cyrus (Hip-Hop/Animation, Christopher Scott) | I was shocked to hear Nigel describe this “sequel” to the Twitch-Cyrus Season 9 duet as disappointing, but to me, that let Jaja off the hook too easily. Her animation was on-point in the opening half, but by the time she came out of her “glass cage” and began to shatter the laboratory, she lost any sense of machine/robot realness and just looked like an average chick going through the motions. Considering she was dancing in her own style, the lack of fire was as head-scratching as it was irksome.

9. Virgil and Jaja (Contemporary, Stacy Tookey) | On paper, this should’ve been one of the great moments of the episode — if not the season. But aside from Jaja’s radiant face at the close of the piece — a sign of her reconnection with the lover from whom she’d drifted apart — this one felt like two performers, out of their element, rotely working their way through steps they didn’t fully understand.

8. Joshua and All-Star Virgil (Hip-Hop, Pharcyde and Phoenix) | Physically, this piece had some electrifying energy — with tiny Virgil surfing on Joshua’s back, and the All-Star hurling Virgil like a tantruming toddler tosses his toys — but Virgil’s silly facial expressions and generally light touch were so incongruous with the aggressive music and Joshua’s beastly swagger that I found my attention drifting away —to Tuesday-morning tasks, to the label on Cat’s killer dress to the daily “is there anything in the fridge aside from sauv blanc and a package of beets?” nonsenserie.

7. Jaja and Gaby (Jazz, Nick Florez & RJ Durell) | Jaja and Gaby attacked this dubiously conceived piece with Top 2 enthusiasm, but the bulky peasant skirts and floral headpieces overwhelmed the actual movement. And while it’s perhaps unfair to blame a dancer for failing to triumph over obstacles heavier than the anvil that fell on Wile E. Coyote, I wish the gals had managed to channel their inner Road Runners and “meep-meep” their way to a major Season 12 moment.

6. Hailee and Jaja (Hip-Hop, Misha & Nick) | This piece about female bank robbers was relentlessly high-octane — props to Hailee and Jaja for not collapsing into a panting heap at the end — but the choreography itself was like a hot dog at the Queen’s coronation. It didn’t quite feel special enough for the occasion.

5. Hailee and All-Star Marko (Jazz, Ray Leeper) | Is there any faster way for the production to promote voter ennui than by not providing a backstory to a piece? (Try to tell me SYTYCD producers weren’t pushing for a Jaja-Gaby finale showdown?) Yet while Hailee’s final non-solo piece was nothing more than “two sexy folks getting down to Janet,” she brought to the number a ferocity and heat that upstaged her excellent All-Star partner and proved she doesn’t need a detailed prologue to make us feel somethin-sometin’.

4. Gaby and Virgil (Lyrical Hip-Hop, Philip Chbeeb) | Please don’t judge me, but I’m not sure I really got “guy parting ways with his lifetime of beautiful memories” off this routine. Still, while Philip’s vision may not have come through, there was an awkward beauty in the off-kilter movements he created — and it was captured wonderfully by Gaby and Virgil. Indeed, as Paula noted, the “table top” with a stiff Gaby dissoliving into a body roll was mesmerizing, and the sequence with a prone Virgil lifting a contorting Gaby was pretty dang stellar, too. You can’t find stuff this well-built at Ikea, I tell ya!

3. Hailee and Virgil (Broadway, Josh Bergasse) | Broadway is always a tough sell in terms of vote-getting — and the fact that Hailee and Virgil “randomly selected” the style only bolsters my theory that Nigel & Co. want a Jaja-Gaby Top 2 more than anything. That said, this routine about a quite chick raging against the drummer who lives upstairs from her was clever, funny and even a little sexy. Hailee’s extensions, Virgil’s impeccable timing and the couple’s ability to convey a real sense of comic goofballery separated their performance from anything else that took place in the performance finale. And Jason Derulo yammering about Hailee losing character at several points in the piece only makes me more convinced of the opposite.

2. Gaby and Hailee (Contemporary, Travis Wall) | Gaby and Hailee told a riveting story with every tiny gesture as well as every technically challenging leap of this number. Whether it was a romantic love story or one of emotional mentoring, you could feel Gaby and Hailee’s hearts beating as one throughout — their final collapse and head nod as stirring as anything we’ve seen in Season 12.

1. Gaby and All-Star Zack (Tap, Anthony Morigerato) | I know a SYTYCD routine is a whopping success when I fail to take notes, and instead draw crude diagrams of how the dancers paired up and worked the stage. Why does my notepad have a box with a V-shaped bird in front of it? I cannot say. But as Gaby and Zack tap-tap-tapped and glided over a series of wooden boxes — with the Season 12 front-runner bouncing to the floor and back to her perch with mesmerizing speed — it was hard to imagine a scenario in which she doesn’t win the whole enchilada.

SOLOS (Ranked Worst to Best)
4. Virgil Gadson, “A Beautiful Mine”
3. Jaja Vankova, “Street Side”
2. Hailee Payne, “Cold Hearted”
1. Gaby Diaz, “Magalenha”

Should Be the Order of Finish: Gaby, Hailee, Jaja, Virgil
Will Be the Order of Finish: Gaby, Jaja, Virgil, Hailee

And now it’s your turn. What did you think of Season 12’s performance finale? Take our polls below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! :) #MariahSlays says:

    My top 2 for the night were Jaja and gaby, but why did I get the feeling that the show really wanted gaby to win and let jaja get criticized for each round. It really left a bad taste in my mouth. Virgil and haile were phenomenal as well.

    • Shaun says:

      Her number with Gaby was perfectly fine,they were downers for some reason.

    • jen says:

      I agree. It didn’t leave me with a good feeling that they were so hard on Jaja. She didn’t have great numbers tonight. But still, they have praised her so much until now. Don’t they realize the power they have on the voters. I think Gaby will win for sure now. Although maybe last week’s votes and this week’s votes will cancel each other out. I bet Jaja had more votes last week. She had the better routines.

    • Aileen says:

      Because Gaby is the better dancer. Nigel finally said what needed to be said from the first non-hip hop routine Jaja did. She’s stiff and she sickles her feet. Even in hiphop she is very stiff in the torso. She can’t be compared to Gaby and doesn’t deserve to be her competition. Why would it leave a bad taste in your mouth that the judges would complimemt and promote the best dancer??

      • Jonny Doe says:

        You obviously have no concept of what hip hop is supposed to look like. Stiff? Please don’t speak in a manner to appear knowledgeable about something you are clueless about. It is pretty obvious that you are Gaby fan girling. Have a nice day.

    • talia says:

      I disagree. I was unimpressed with Jaja last night,have been rooting for her from the start but she can does so much better than she did last night. I’m just happy Gaby got to finally do a tap routine as every other routine she has done has been outside her element of tap and she has proved she is an all rounded dancer.

      The winner will either be Gaby or Virgil in my opinion.

    • hope harris says:

      I thought I was the only one who felt that way

  2. Vick says:

    I never warmed up to Gaby. She’s a great dancer, no doubt about it, but my eyes go to Hailee, Virgil or JaJa when they’re on stage with her. She’s not as magnetic as the others. Heck, I was watching Zack the whole time during their dance.

  3. Me says:

    I am so happy with tonight. Gaby is amazing. Great night for her and she had better win after tonight.

  4. jen says:

    If you asked me last week I would have said that Jaja was going to win. Her routines last week were amazing. And Gaby’s were not. But this week Jaja was criticized like crazy. And Gaby was praised like crazy. Plus Jaja’s routines were less than memorable and Gaby’s were amazing. Plus she had that amazing final tap number.

    It’s so weird because there was an article this week where Travis was really mad at the judges for being so pro-team street. But tonight they were very much pro-team stage.

    I don’t mind the judges saying how they feel. But i dislike them having so much power over the winner.

  5. Rachel Poff says:

    Get rid of Paula and bring back Mary. Not the same without her. I mute Paula can’t stand her voice or her comments

  6. Carlos-deShaun says:

    I never posted here before….but I had to on this one. I think your comments regarding the dancers and their respective dance numbers are slightly tilted and bias. But, that is the beauty of art…it is all subjective. At any rate, here are MY winner predictions:

    Who should win?
    Gabby, Virgil, Hailee, Jaja

    Who will win?
    Gabby, Hailee, Virgil, Jaja

    The dance community finds it hard to embrace “street” dancing, or rather “hip-hop”, without connecting it with color. Sabra Johnson, Russell Ferguson (especially him) were great seasons…but I think they won, yes, due to their talents…but I think it goes deeper than that…maybe even political…not to be confused with the Government politics…but politics of ratings or rather…pushback from the question of “why hasn’t a …..won?”. I even see it in the comments here. But…I digress…one thing we ALL can agree on…Jason Derulo should never be asked back to judge this show….like….EVER!!!!

  7. Lydia says:

    For gods sake just bring back dance!! I don’t care about stage or street! I personally think This will be a down fall of this show! Bring back Mary, so we can get in the hot tamale train!! Get rid of the new people/as much s they have done they don’t belong!

    • Jenks says:

      Amen. I recorded the show last night, but I don’t know if I care enough to watch. This forced stage/street structure that meant no pairing up during the first part of the season killed it for me. The obvious manipulation of dances “randomly pulled from the bag” is ridiculous. Just be honest about the dance assignments, for crying out loud. Jason Derulo is a complete travesty. Nigel Lithgoe is a bigoted perv who should not be allowed on the air. The weak choreography has been a snoozefest. I’ve watched this show from the very beginning and this is the first time I have not cared who wins. Such a shame and all Nigel Lithgoe’s fault.

      • Dee says:

        First time ever turned off the show by my own choice. Can’t take another moment of criticism by Nigel to these fantastic kids who work their butts off every week. Cut the episode to an hour, cut out the nonsense and let them simply dance. We viewers don’t need someone telling us who we should or shouldn’t like based on some ridiculous standards.

    • David4 says:

      The show has been doomed for awhile and the new, horrible, setup was to try to breathe new life into the show.

      • MC says:

        Exactly. The show had a great run and Nigel should receive credit for that. It’s probably coming to an end, but “all good things must come to an end.” It seems like this was a really weak season for the male dancers, but Gaby and Hailee have been memorable. Jaja (despite her technical shortcomings) is very entertaining.

  8. I fly a rainbow flag too, but... says:

    Michael, it would be grand if you kept your usually excellent commentary to the subject at hand, which is dance. This is not So You Think You Can Dance In A Pride Parade. Nigel may indeed be awkwardly phrased at times, but there’s no way that you can convince me that he’s homophobic any more than you can say that American Idol is racist. Let the singers sing, and the dancers dance, and enough with the lamented rants about your perceived under-representation. This show has done more for gay contestants than any other reality show I can think of – and that’s directly down to Mr. Nigel Lythgoe. I hope they renew. It would be a shame to lose this treasure.

    • Too much fluff says:

      Love-this is not so you think you can dance in a pride parade! Let them dance!
      The show feels too scripted now. I used to love this show and this recap but no more to both.

    • clavisra says:

      Nigel’s homophobia is on display many times a season, every season; it’s nearly as ‘charming’ as he lecherousness with the girls. (which he nearly avoided this season, but not entirely)

      • MoJo says:

        Nigel surrounds himself with gay people. He has a direct hand in the success of so many gay dancers and choreographers. Do you think he promotes them and supports them because he fears or hates them? You can say he’s inarticulate, and you may not like him for many reasons, but to call him homophobic is ridiculous, IMO.

        • pdx says:

          If you watched Idol closely during Nigel’s reign as Executive Producer you’d see that he is homophobic. He’s done a lot to promote and employ gay dancers and choreographers so he obviously doesn’t hate them, isn’t scared of them. He just happens to have a dangerous heteronormative worldview that he voices whenever he pleases and he abuses that worldview in the editing process and when he not-so-subtly critiques certain dancers.

    • ChrissieK says:

      Thank you. It is exactly how I would have wanted to put it into words but did not want to offend anyone. Shouldn’t it just be all about the Dance? Michael you have disappointed me this season with getting off track most weeks and I don’t want the Dance Train to Derail, ok?

  9. nyla says:

    I appreciate your enlightened gripes about the homophobia on the show. But you undercut your enlightenment by referring to the female dancers on the show as “chicks.” Please. Get over it.

  10. I was underwhelmed with the “finale.” It felt rushed in many ways and the numbers not well thought out. My favorite solo was the Latin influenced tap by Gaby. She did well for herself tonight pimping aside. No matter who wins, they all will benefit. I just wanted one number like the last but maybe a Sonia T. one or hello some good ballroom. I felt a lack of something in this finale and it could have been much better. Having said that. this is the place to see real dance on TV so I hope the show is renewed with new people. Paula was Okay but the rest have got to go.

    • clavisra says:

      Too many routines for the dancers to excel. And despite all the routines, not much stand out choreography. I love the all stars, but they should have cut them for the finale so the dancers could work harder on their routines with each other.

  11. clavisra says:

    Gaby has had a few of the best dances on the show and she does well in many styles; that said, she is consistently out-shone by her all star partner; she would be one of the weakest winners ever for the show. Virgil is so limited in so many ways, the amazing Chbeeb choreography would have been a great moment with any other dancer from the top 10. Hailee looks the same in nearly all of her dances; her solo tonight was maybe her best dancing; she needs that fire every time. JaJa is a chameleon and a great actress; she brings every dance she does to life; unfortunately she’s been saddled with some really weak choreography for the finals; the girl works so hard on her craft–she’s going to come back as an all-star, and we’re going to be blown away by her improvement (compare her dancing last year to see how fast she’s improving). For my money JaJa should be the champion, but I suspect Gaby will win.Somehow the hip hop choreography this year has suffered; some good ideas, but not great routines; a shame.

  12. gts says:

    I’m surprised about their critiques, because last week they were pretty hard on team stage (sometimes deservedly), even though the voting for that week contributed to the winner. Typically of finales they just say everyone’s great, or as Nigek did for team street last week, just talk about the beauty of dance and communities coming together.

    I don’t mind Nigel staying on as a judge, especially if they keep two horrible judges and no guests. I would prefer if he had someone sitting next to him to yell at him everyone he says something stupid. His comments this week made me want Jesse Tyler Fergusen, or Jenna Elfman, or Christina Applegate to yell some sense into him.

  13. CB2 says:

    Nigel’s reaction to the Virgil/Joshua routine was so out of touch with what actually happened on stage that I wondered if they slipped him some flakka. What was that? Joshua was riveting and Virgil looked like a school kid next to him. I have appreciated Virgil all season, but in this he was not worthy of the praise.

    • Crys says:

      Honestly, I agree. I finished watching it; rewound it and realized I was super pumped because of Joshua. It ended and I said Dang! I would vote for Joshua ALL over AGAIN. I don’t even remember Virgil.

  14. The Professor says:

    Michael, your review was filled alternately with entertaining witticisms, observations that helped me straighten out my thoughts, and judgments that I completely disagree with. In other words, it was perfect! . . . well, almost perfect. You wrote “Joshua and All-Star Virgil.” In other circumstances, this might have been a good joke, but I think you and I agree that Virgil paled in Joshua’s light on that routine. So it must just have been a typo — or thoughto.

  15. They use the term “will have the chance” because they are not contractually obligated to accept the deal with Jennifer Lopez just because they win. There was a previous deal like this, and the winner actually turned it down (I believe it was Sabra).

  16. vanvon says:

    Nigel is so homophobic that I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he asks Kentucky’s Kim Davis to be a judge next season…

  17. Kell says:

    This season confirms (to me) that the show’s fixed from the get-go.

    Gaby was set up to win from the beginning. Just like Valerie getting 2nd place last season, they’re constantly called ‘just a tapper’, when, in fact, they’re quite skilled in ballet and contemporary. Virgil is also skilled in other formats besides hip-hop.

    Jessica (season 11) did very well, but had to ‘dance for her life’. Bull. They wanted her from the start. It was just to get her more air time.

    If you search their names on YouTube, you’ll find it’s true.

    What was Nigel’s favorite form of dance when he was a dancer? TAP.

    Others see right through this. The very fact that so many have complained on FB about people being eliminated and so many Twitter voting issues proves this. (Ex: Why was Asaf saved, when more people complained about him than voted to save him?)

  18. Rafael says:

    Is Gaby Diaz’s full real name, “Gabriella Diaz”?

  19. Deborah says:

    It should be Gabby,Hailee, Virgil and the Jaja. They all are amazing. I wish they would go back to 4 judges with at least one judge is different every week. Or limit the comments of the judges if they are the same week after week

  20. david7118 says:

    I found it interesting that the two stage dancers were given a stage piece to perform together while the two street dancers were ALSO given a stage piece to perform.

  21. Usually in agreement with you Michael, but the suggestion that there’s no gay mention isn’t entirely true: in one of the Q&A packages, Derek was asked what celebrity guy he liked. Can’t recall his answer, but it was pretty clearly a crush/sexual interest (although it was very understated because of the 20sec time limit)

  22. Hybrid87 says:

    Read Slezak’s recap before watching the episode, got worried for Jaja, then saw the episode and now I am hella confused. I thought Jaja did amazing, particularly in her solo and afaiac, she killed it in her routines with Cyrus and Hailee. That all four of her performances are at the bottom of the poll this week kinda feels like a prank or an eppy of the Twilight zone ’cause I am rarely this at odds with Slezak’s / all of y’all’s feedback as I am right now.

    • bern says:

      I don’t agree – I thought Jaja had a very off night for a finale – Esp the Cyrus duet – the choreography was not good but her execution was not up to her standard

      • Mona Cattanach says:

        So disappointed in this season. In the past, I did not mind the critiques, even when I disagreed. I felt they were the judges’ honest reaction given to help the dancers advance their careers. This season so much seems scripted and unnecessary. It feels as if the judges have each been assigned a role, nice judge, mean judge, ect. and I guess that is supposed to be banter, but interrupting one another to lob random insults at each other – I don’t get it.
        The after dance interactions with the mentors also seemed scripted and a waste of time for me. I’m sad to say it feels like So You Think is playing catch up to Dancing With the Stars and all their silliness.
        So You think used to be the only place on network tv where you could watch amazing dancers present interesting, incredible dance on a regular basis. It felt like a dance showcase that just happened to be a competition. This season it feels more like a dance reality tv show, and that, in my opinion, is not a good thing.

  23. Max says:

    I am tired of the criticism which is not anything the dancer has control of. Choreography, wardrobe, music etc. Last night was the worst because of the sequel comments. I really feel that the show is rigged with the choreography and choreographers each contestant was given then accentuated by the judges comments.

    • Shaun says:

      They have to criticize the dancer because god forbid they critique the choreo and they’d likely lose all the choreographers with their soft egos,lol.So all critiques go through the dancer,which is bad if voters don’t realize that.

  24. onelife4now says:

    Do we always have to make this about sexual identity, fear of or whatever??? Let’s just be humans enjoying the beauty of dance.

  25. Lorraine says:

    hmmm…. if your theory is correct, it could explain why Megz was given short shrift after her playful “who is your Man Crush” question to Derek in their ten second interview segment. Megz’ presence clearly threw the gender stereotyping aspect of the show into sharp relief. The costumers especially, seemed to be confused as how to best show off her physique without squashing her gender-stereotypes-be-damned fabulousness.

  26. Marti siska says:

    Love nigel!!!!

  27. Karen crincoli says:

    Bring back Mary! so much better than Paula who was good but Mary is the clearly better . I still cannot believe Nigel did not bring her back this season!!! Oh Gabby should win and probably will

  28. Tina Mosso says:

    Yaya i love you and i wish there are two einner but I love Gaby! go cuba! Do that darn thing best wishes to all the dancer.

  29. Jessa says:

    #8 should read “Virgil and All-Star Joshua”

  30. Ellen says:

    I’m a little late to the comment party here, but I have to say that my biggest negative about this season was the lack of quality choreography. There were some good pieces here and there, but I was trying to name what they’d choose for the finale, and I couldn’t come up with any “must rewatch” routines, when I normally have half a dozen.

    I know this has been said before, but it seems as though the difficulty of dance moves has been dialed back some this season. When I rewatch top 10 and beyond routines from other seasons, I’m blown away by the intricacy and difficulty of the moves. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they missed, but the dancers were always challenged. This year feels… less so.

    It also feels as though the judging has been (even more) biased (than normal). There’s always some favoritism (love Melanie, but the season 8 judges were SO pro-Melanie that it was almost comical), but this year, some dancers got constructive criticism… and some didn’t (even when they needed it). Before this week, Jaja had virtually nothing un-glowing said about her (and her technique – although above “just” an animator – is not flawless by any means). Ariana (whose technique was great) was roundly criticized (even when she did well). Jim: Connect with your partner more! BUT DO NOT LOOK AT HER!

    I greatly miss the partnerships that developed over the season. From odd-but-working-it combos like Benji & Donyelle to can-do-anything couples like Joshua and Katee, I love watching them complement each other and grow in their partnership. There seems no reason to invest in others this season (except, perhaps, coaching Asaf to avoid making your dance look [even more] lame). If the stage vs. street thing continues, maybe pair one of each together. That’s always fun to watch (Eliana & Cyrus, Twitch & Kherington).

    And, more than anything else, Jason. He has maybe one comment per night that has any merit or original thought (if we are keeping track, I think even Katie Holmes’ tepid “so, so good!” remarks beat his). I miss the rotating guest spot (I love you Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sonya Tayeh and Misty Copeland + more), and he has added nothing to the show (and subtracted too many minutes with his album promos).

    If the show goes on and there are teams again, I hope we get to see actual coaching by Travis and Twitch – or have them sit at the judges’ table during a routine featuring one of their dancers. They are wasted in 10-second “backstage glimpses” and both have on-topic, valuable feedback to give to the dancers (AND AMERICA).

    /wall of text

    • Hearne says:

      More Twitch and Travis? Dear Lord, no! The amount of time wasted on those two when we might actually be getting to know this season’s new crew is ridiculous. My fear about Nigel leaving is that the show will be handed over to this pair. If that happens, I’ll have to bail on the series and just catch the worthy routines on YouTube when I can.

  31. gabriella says:

    i loved gaby’s last tap number with Zack ! it was amazing it inspired me and i know how gaby is because i have done tap classes with her in miami! i love u!!! Roxy team is counting on you and South miami !!!

  32. rachelawren says:

    Joshua is the all-star, not Virgil – see #8 in your article.

    This is how you spell Pharside, not Pharcyde.

  33. Andrea Fox says:

    I think this show very, very so very great.

  34. KristanC says:

    FWIW, there is a video of Philip Chbeeb’s choreography, as performed by him and another dancer (whose name escapes me) – it’s to the whole song, in a subway station, and is absolutely gorgeous. I happened to see it a week before it showed up on SYTYCD. The one that aired paled in comparison – of course, it was shorter. Highly recommend going to check it out.