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Hawaii Five-0 Casts Sarah Carter as Steve's GF — What About Catherine?

On the heels of Falling Skies airing its series finale, Sarah Carter has booked a recurring arc on CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 — in a role that casts a pall on a certain island romance.

Our sister site Deadline reports that Carter will play Lynn, a nature enthusiast who stumbles upon some trouble whilst on an adventurous date with Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett.

That, of course, raises questions about how things will (or won’t) progress for Steve and Catherine (played by Michelle Borth), who had a warmish if awkward reunion in the Season 5 finale, when she returned to Hawaii after bailing on her love a year prior to fight the good fight in Afghanistan.

“We play that [Steve/Catherine] uncertainty in the first couple episodes,” Five-0 showrunner Peter M. Lenkov told TVLine during our Fall Preview Q&A. He added: “There’s a big change that’s going to happen in their relationship.”

Carter’s previous TV credits include DirecTV’s Rogue, CSI: NY, Dirty Sexy Money and Shark.

Hawaii Five-0 opens its new season on Friday, Sept. 25.

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  1. Dean says:

    Loved her on Falling Skies as Maggie. But at this point it should be called the ‘who does Steve McGarrett hook up with this time?’ show.

    • Bianca says:

      In 5 seasons he had one girlfriend. Catherine.
      No hook ups we could see, no other relationships, no one night stands, and only one former (high school) girlfriend mentioned.
      What show have you been watching?!?

      • Stacy says:

        LOL – thank you.

      • tvjunkie says:

        Yeah it’s Danny that keeps getting new women

        • Dawn D says:

          I so hope you are right!

        • Sharon says:

          At least the women Danny gets teamed up with don’t look as plastic as the ones
          the good Commander seems to get paired with (even Chin’s women look more
          natural!). Honestly, do people think Alex O’Loughlin is a moron, as in: “Oh, yeah,
          good-looking man, nothing going on upstairs”? Sometimes I think I’m the only
          female in the world who can see something in Alex that so many just don’t. All
          they see is a six-pack and a hot bod. Well, if that’s all you see, then you’re not
          looking at the bigger picture. Let’s face it, he might look like a god (yes, I’ve noticed- hard not to!), but I know he’s not- especially when I’ve heard him and Scott Caan swearing on Season 2’s gag-reel- that’s a lot of “f” words there!

      • SouJee says:

        I love this.

      • You must be talking about Danny. Even when Danny was pushing him to ask out the DA he stayed faithful to Catherine.

        • Christine Ward says:

          i hope that steve and catherine do get married no other girlfriend in five seasons i agree with you b ut we dont no what is going to happen with this new woman it could be that he meets her before he asks catheine to marry him or they get married and he meets her after and catherine leaves if this is going to be the last season it would have been so nice for them to be together for good unfortunately l live in the uk so i will not be able to watch season 6 till next year by then you will be well into it i wish i could watch it on line cant wait till next year but i really hope that it will be a happy ending for steve and catherine

    • Grace says:

      He’s only had one girlfriend, Catherine, in five seasons. Lori had a unrequited crush on him in season two and Ellie was just a friend. For five seasons, one girlfriend isn’t a lot!

      Unless you’re counting Danny. ;) But even then, that’s just two. LOL.

      I wonder what happens between Steve and Catherine in those first few episodes that sparks him to move on so quickly, especially after he told Danny at the end of last season that he wasn’t really ready. Can’t wait for the premiere!

  2. I’ve never seen this woman in action but my god is it welcome news! Probably in the minority but cannot stand Catherine with McG! Honestly it does indeed have a lot to do with Michelle Borths off screen behaviour. I was never directly involved but was appalled at her repping my #1 show and acting as she did.

    Plus I never ever felt any chemistry between her and Alex!

    I’m here all day for some Lynn adventure dates!

    • dee says:

      What was her off screen behavior? I thought she wasvery pleasant when she announced she was let go from the show.

      • Elle says:

        IIRC, she was very rude on Twitter to fans who didn’t like ‘Catherine’, not her (Michelle), but the character. She searched these fans out because these tweets weren’t even tagged in anyway.

        • seriously says:

          She was “rude” on twitter to fans who didn’t like Catherine? What were these people doing attacking an actress because they don’t like a character she plays on tv? There should never be a reason to attack someone for doing their job. Some people obviously have a lot of trouble distinguishing between reality and make believe. They need to get a life.

          • Elle says:

            They weren’t attacking her. They didn’t tag her. They didn’t like the character she played and tweeted about it to each other or whatnot and she searched for the hate on her character and took offense and got rude with them.

          • srccland says:

            They most assuredly were attacking her, going so far as to imply that she got her job thanks to a casting couch. It went far beyond the character she played.

          • Joan says:

            No one attached her. Some people said they didn’t like the character of Cath. No mention of Borth at all. Then Borth starts tweeting these people nasty things, telling her fans to attack and abuse them, re-tweeted death threats aimed at the people she told her fans to attack, tweeted that if you didn’t love her character you should just stop watching the show. After she started attacking people, they returned fire. And every time it would die down and go away with no one mentioning her at all, Borth would start it up again saying people were being mean to her and setting her fans on them again. Smacked of desperate for attention to me. It was really pathetic and because of her attitude I will no longer watch any episode of Hawaii Five-0 with her in it, I will also never watch any program, etc, in which she appears. The persona she has put out on twitter is of a vile person.

        • Nobie says:

          People were very rude and disrepectable to her first. I do not blame her after being attacked as she was. She and Steve had much chemistry.

  3. JC1 says:

    Drat. I was hoping they’d keep Michelle Borth around. :( I like Sarah Carter, but Catherine is the only one I’ve ever liked with Steve. But if he’s taking this woman on a date, that must mean he and Cath are breaking up for good. :(

  4. Linda says:

    But what about Danny? ;) j/k but wasn’t Steve supposed to be dating that other woman, the DA or something that knew his father? Was that ever resolved?

    • JC1 says:

      They never dated. He made it pretty clear when Danny brought it up that they were just friends, or “buddies” to use his word.

      • Linda says:

        Thanks. I couldn’t remember.

      • Stacy says:

        He also wouldn’t call Catherine his “girlfriend”. I think it was pretty clear that the DA was a chemistry check, happens all the time on TV shows.

        • JC1 says:

          Whether it was or not, they never actually dated, and that’s what I was responding to in Linda’s comment.

          • I don’t understand why they bought Catherine back only for them to get rid of her again why didn’t they give Steve a new girlfriend in season 5 when Catherine. Was away it is official Sarah Carter is a regular on the shoe so I guess that Michelle. North is going. For good

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Sarah Carter is NOT a series regular; please stop spreading false information.

  5. Jason says:

    I’m deeply conflicted. I want Catherine with Steve but Sarah Carter is awesome. Maggie on Falling Skies is one of my all time favorite characters.

  6. Nicole says:

    I thought he had great chemistry with the other lady they introduced last year. Can’t remember her name but she was he daughter of an old friend he knew whose case he was trying to solve.

  7. Bill says:

    Love her, so hot

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Happy Sarah is gonna be on TV more. She was great on Falling Skies. Can’t wait to see her on show!

  9. Keri says:

    I was really hoping Cat & Steve would stay together since it could be the last season. We have some investment in them as a couple (fans who like them).

  10. Would love to see Steve & Catherine together! Bring her back!!!!!!!!

  11. Carlos Lee says:

    I like Michelle Borth as Catherine. If they could not have kept her on as a regular, they should have kept as on a recurring basis. Oh well, I will still watch.

  12. valerie johnson says:

    Catherine is the one for Steve…evenly matched in every way. wish she would come back big time.

  13. Stacy says:

    I’m torn. I’ve really warmed to Michelle Borth, but I like Sarah Carter as well. I also really liked Mirrah Foulkes last season as well, so I’ll be disappointed not to see more of her. I think my big concern is that Sarah Cater reads young. Yes, I know IRL she & AO’L are relatively close in age. I’m curious how they’ll cast her in terms of her personal and professional accomplishments. Binge watched 5-0 starting in April-ish of this year. Looking forward to the next season.

  14. H50fan says:

    Im glad she could be the new loe interest for Steve as I could not stand Catherine. So it means if Steve is taking her on a date it means Catherine will be gone for good because it be weird for Steve to ask another lady on a date if he will still be with Catherine. so probably they will break up

  15. star says:

    Good, now I know I won’t watch the show after Catherine leaves. I stopped watching the show two seasons ago, when they announced the return of Catherine I started watching again.
    Well at least they are adding more females to the cast

    • jess says:

      Omg same. I’m glad, I wasn’t the only one that did that

    • Lindsay says:

      Me too. It’s getting to feel way too much like we’re being jerked around and I can’t stand the idea of him being with anyone else. As soon as Catherine comes back I’ll start watching again.

  16. Whatever says:

    Well good luck! The show tried so many different girls with Alex and only Michelle’s Catherine worked. Who knows, may be it will work this time.

    • H50fan says:

      Why it wont work this time. She is pretty and not in the police force or army or anything. Time for Mcgarrett to find someone outside the police or military force.

  17. Fido says:

    Time to put Hawaii 5.0 back on my watch list :)

  18. shutuprob says:

    Kudo to hiring Carter. Now, if they could just get rid of the talentless Alex O’Loughlin, the show would be perfect.

    • H50fan says:

      Alex is the main actor of the show and he is the front lead. I hardly see CBS firing him. WHy you hate him?

    • Sharon says:

      Hey, you’re talking about the man I love here! But I think it’s more fun imagining
      what he looks like with his shirt off than actually seeing it (okay, I’ll admit, his
      body IS hot; I only go nuts when I see him shirtless for about a minute- okay,
      maybe two, but that’s all I’m giving up!). As to the choice of so-called “love” (???)
      interest, am I the only one who realises that the only women Alex seems to have
      on-screen chemistry with are the ones who aren’t “Hollywood skinny” (apologies to
      all those who are naturally skinny- but I still hate you- sorry again!)? Surely some
      of you men who watch can see what I mean. The only ribs they’d want to see
      are the ones on their dinner plates. I know so many people do hate J-Lo, but I
      believed they did have true chemistry in “The Back-Up Plan” (or at least I saw it;
      he practically devours her the first time they kiss). As my mother noted, he doesn’t do that on “Hawaii Five-0”. It was obvious from the start that there was no chemistry between him and Ms. Borth. But he must live by the philosophy of:
      “If you can’t say something nice…” Still, I couldn’t help but notice his less-than-
      thrilled look when one of the women on “The Talk” made some comment about
      McGarrett and Catherine being “in love.” If that’s what people call “love” in these
      soulless modern days, then count me out.

      • Hang on and i will send you my glasses no chemistry SO you are a expert are you it is only because you dont like MB who is very beautifull and talented so you just need to get over it only people who dont like her would say something like that

        • Sharon says:

          I never claimed to be an expert (nor do I need glasses; I can see perfectly fine,
          thank you very much!). Beautiful? Talented? Remains to be seen, really. Let’s see
          where MB is in another ten or twenty years, shall we? From what I’ve seen, her
          CV seems pretty slim (I’d never even heard her name before “Five-0”). If she is
          still around, I will find it surprising. If not, then I’ll know where to find her: on one
          of those lists that are headed: “Where Are They Now?” As for not liking her, well,
          look at her. She may have the body of a supermodel and be reasonably attractive, but unfortunately, to me (can’t really speak for anyone else!), she comes across as rather smug. Not quite as smug as Lauren German, but smug
          nonetheless. And anyone who believes Twitter is a way of being creative suffers
          from a serious lack of imagination. If she had any sense, she’d stay away from
          social media altogether. From what I’ve heard of the backlash she’s copped, it’s
          nothing but trouble.

  19. kimgray says:

    I hate this sort of spoiler, because all the suspense they’ve supposedly been building around the cath/steve reunion is wasted, like we know the plot before it’s aired…what’s the point of that? It literally makes no sense the whole reunion arc has been destroyed because we already know the outcome- why watch?

    • H50fan says:

      I dont like Catherine and I never did but you do have a point and I agree. SInce Catherine status was uncertain and it was all the mysitery how that relationship will unfold as on ep 6.03 there was going to be a huge twist in theire relationship but TPTB never said anything perhaps to keep it as suspense, giving this spoiler really destroy all the mistery about what wil happen between Steve/Catherine so for sure now is ruined.

    • H50AOL fan says:

      I could not have said this any better myself. Some spoilers are great. This kind of spoiler is not because it gives away so much. Why bother watching when you know how it will end? I’ve got nothing against this actress. The other thing that concerns me is that Steve has been invested in his relationship with Catherine, I have a hard time buying that he jumps into a relationship with someone else, especially since Steve plans to propose to Catherine. Third, I have no doubt that this woman can act but I hope and pray that her character is not some blonde bimbo. That would be enough to make me jump ship from watching the show.

      • I agree with you I canny watch it at the moment because ilive in the uk so I think it will be next year before I can watch it unless I can see it on line I like Steve and Catherine together I remember in season 5 episode 24 I think it was Steve and Danny. We’re talking about konos wedding and Danny said he could get. Steve agate to take to the wedding and Steve said he did not want to date anyone because he was with Catherine for a long time so
        it seems strange that he is going to have a new gf maybe Catherine dies and that is why he moves on with someone else but I hope that if she doesn’t die she comes back at the end of season 6 and they get back together and this new gf leave she is a recurring actress in season 6 whatever that means

      • Nobie says:

        Eventually Catherine will return. She and Steve are soul mates. Sarah is only a rebound fill-in. His love is for Cat

  20. it is stupid to bring in another woman for steve at this time if it is going to be the last series catherine has so much history with him they really know each why bring her back at this time if she is going again they should have found him someone in series 5 which alot of people my self included did not watch it would be such a great ending to the show for them to be back to gether also he told danny he was not ready to date someone else so it all a bit confusing i think that the ratings will drop it is such a that that a brilliant show has to end without them being together it would have been great to see them get married with steve in his naval uniform

    • I won’t be watching my favourite programme any more Hawaii five o now that the producers of the show have brought in a new girlfriend for Steve he and Catherine were really good together then they got rid her back now they are bringing her back for them to send her away again she is the only one for Steve it is to late now for him to be with someone else if this is going to be the last series I did not watch series five 5 and I won’t be watching anymore

  21. It doesn’t make any sense that Steve would move I so quickly after Catherine came back he kissed her and told her that he missed her. So now you have him with another woman why bring Catherine back only for her to go again there should have been closure in series 5 witch I did not watch it seems silly at this time for him to be with someone else if this is going tone the last series I hope that the show is not as good as it was series three was really good seeing them as a couple I think that the ratings will fa now but maybe the producers don’t care what th fans of the show want anymore

  22. Toña says:

    I believe that the Mcrolls fans believed that Catherine wil stay forever but in TV that does not necessarily is true, you all have to understand that. And regarding Catherine especially after seeing she and Steve in bed fans assumed they assume she be back as regular so then when a new girl is cast for the possible new love interest for Steve, Cath fans got a bad blow cause it was not expected.

    Thing is it is time for someone new in Steve’s life, he has only had Cath as gf and a good half of the fandom hates her and the character and actress create a lot of drama and fights on social media.

    It does not matter anymore the decision had been made and there is nothing fans who like Catherine or dislike her, can do and the actress has been cast and the writers are already too much ahead with the episodes to change it.

    So get a grip people is only a fictious TV show.

    And please dont start with the social media hate when bringing this new lady, the show does not need fans who hate the show, they need support no matter if we like it or not.

  23. CocoPuffy says:

    I’m really hoping that Michelle Borth stays as Catherine and that Steve & Catherine stay together. I hope this “date” spoiler is not what it seems. Catherine is an amazing character, who has been on H50 from the beginning, and I hope she stays because she is Ohana.

    I read through some other comments, and I have to say that some people should be ashamed. Some of you continue to try to spread hate for the sole purpose of making yourselves feel better. Let it go. Leave the hate out of the conversation. You don’t like something. Fine. But stop bringing up old stories and stop telling lies to suit your agenda. And stop being mean.

    • H50fanie says:

      What lies? Is true about MB bashing twitter fans in the past just because fans did not like her character. I read some of those tweets and she was mean to fans.

    • Sheri says:

      Ok, let’s look at the last minute of Catherine talking on cell. Her cover was good. Now if Steves mother is in trouble just maybe she needed help and wouldn’t ask Steve. So perhaps she gone to help or some mission she couldn’t say no to. Let’s think TV Show here ok! Because that’s what it is. I love Cathrine and Steve however it’s tv world here. So I doubt he throw himself out to another yet he waited a whole year and was good if everyone remember right when Danny asked him about getting out there again. So think for a minute about all last year in tv land. Also, where is it said this is the last year? Rating are at 2.9 not bad for the 6th season. This all just my opinion thanks.

      • christine says:

        well said sheri I could not have said it better myself I think that Catherine will return if she does I don’t no if they will get back together straight away there is a lot to sort out betwee them but when carherine tells Steve all about why she had to leave he will understand and they will get back together again if this I is to be the last season lets have a big mcrollins wedding

  24. Dianne says:

    Noo. I want Catherine back

  25. Why is it necessary to have all of this romance anyway? The girlfriends should be in the background and only show up now and then. The show is about crime. It is not a soap opera.

  26. Yes it is only a TV show but it is the fans and viewers who watch the show that have made it so popular if they wanted Steve to have a new gf they should have done it on series 5 before they brought. Michelle borth back if this is going to be the last series I hope it

    Will be a good one with a lot of twist and surprises this new girl is not a regular on the show anyway so we still have to wait and see what happens I do no that series 5. was not as popular as the other seasons so I think that speaks for itself

  27. I think it is to late now to bring anew gf for Steve weather the fans like Michelle borth as Catherine or not she has been I the show since series one and I saw an interview with. Alex ploughing he said that they get on really well not only in the parts they play on the show but as real good mates so I don’t think that it wi work with a new gf I no they are bringing in a new gf for chin but he hasn’t really had anyone since is wife died I the show but Catherine was there till series 4

  28. SouJee says:

    Catherine better stick around or I’ll be pissed. McRoll forever.

    • H50fanie says:

      So today the actress that will play the new gf tweeted that she was in LA airport with 11 bags and a cat.

      And previously she tweeted that on Monday she’ll be in HI.

      All that luggage (and a cat) it’s definitely not just for a one off episode, quite definitely she’ll be in a few more J

    • H50fanie says:

      Either way the McRolls can say what they want but the writers are already ahead with the episodes, probably already up to 6.09 or 6.10 and they couldn’t change the storylines just to please them even if they wanted it.

  29. SouJee says:

    Catherine better stick around for Season 6 and the future. It makes no sense to just break them off considering their intermingled pasts and how in tune they are to each other. She was written off the show in season 4, regardless of what happened on twitter, for no reason.

  30. peter lenkov said on entertainment weekly that michelle borth will only be in three episodes of season 6

  31. NikkiFL says:

    Thank god Catherine is gone. Her character is boring & the actress’s scenes with Steve were crazy awkward at the end of season 4. They have zero chemistry. The new girl has to be a million times better.

  32. Jackie says:

    Don’t want someone else besides Catherine playing Steve’s love interest it won’t be the same show they have the perfect chemistry, please don’t ruin a good thing

    • I agree with you I will not be watching after episode three I live in the uk so I can’t get it at the moment but I hope the romance fails with this other woman they should not have brought Catherine. Back only toget rid of her again

    • Sharon says:

      Happened to catch a bit of some lame movie Ms. Borth was in, and couldn’t help
      but notice she has more chemistry with a woman than she does with a man (not
      that I’m suggesting she’s gay, but who’s to know?). I thought “Five-0” started going off the rails when they made her a series regular and brought McGarrett’s
      mother back from the dead (hasn’t that already been done to death on so many
      other shows?- hello, “Arrow”!). I see potential when it comes to Alex, but unfortunately he seems to have become a “robot” on the show; his eyes look
      dead. Come series 7, it’ll be time to say “aloha” for good.

  33. Grace says:

    I like Sarah,but I hate her character Lynn.For me Cath will be only girl in Steve’s life.They had a great time togther,great love story,and now some girl(I think on Lynn) needs to destroy it all.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      You hate a character you haven’t seen yet…?

      • if catherine doesnt die which i think she will i would like to see her come back later in the season and they have a big mcrollins reunion i love them together so sad they are getting rid of her in season 5 episode 24 i think it was steve told danny he wasnt teady for another relationship then in season 6 he gets anew gf weird

      • Nobie says:

        Why not when you all hated Cat as soon as she was on. Just like you did with Lori. You all were vicious to both of them.

    • yes grace i agree with you what do think will happen between steve and cathrine will they get married and he meets this other woman after and cartherine leaves or do you think that he meets her before they get married and he calls of the wedding or do you think that catherine dies i read in line that the translatoin of episode three is big lie so whether that is related to catherine leaving i dont noi would like for her to come back later in the season and they have big mcrollins reunion i no that in season 5 episode 24 steve told danny he wasnt ready to date anyone else so it seems a bit odd to me that he has a new gf i live in the uk so i dont no when we will get season 6 over here so i have to watch it on line

    • what do you think will happen

  34. Judy Lott says:

    The show was so much better with Catherine as a love interest. Get rid of Hugo or whatever his name is and bring Catherine back, please!

  35. Sharon says:

    Come on! He just lost the girl of his dreams and love of his life and you are going to cast another girlfriend for him!!??
    This is so wrong on so many levels!
    Just leave Michelle in the story line and make it interesting to wait and see how they get back together! Would be sooooo much more interesting!
    Besides Catherine is perfect for Steve! Not to mention…..she’s an amazing actress!

  36. Dawn D says:

    I so hope this woman is for Danny. I’m a huge Steve/Catherine fan last weeks ending made me cry (I’m a hopeless romantic). So I’m still hoping for a wedding of Steve & Catherine.

  37. Michelle should stay with Steve

  38. l says:

    Love Steve’s new girlfriend!!!

  39. Love the new women in Steve’s life. Great pick!!!!
    Just one question where did you get those sunglasses she was wearing on the first episode?
    Keep her, and send me the information on where I can get a pair. Love the show!

  40. ASHLEY says:


  41. Yvonne says:

    Perfered catherine… she fit the part…also worked will other cast… started the love afair with him… like to see it happen..
    Just sayin’ !

  42. PlmbCrzy says:

    That’s a pretty serious accusation you’ve levied against O’Loughlin. Unless you can cite sources, I suggest keeping your piehole shut, or pray to God AOL or his people don’t hear you’ve accused him of being a pedophile. As for Sarah Carter being cast as a love interest for McGarrett…my suggestion to her would be to get off Twitter NOW, or to avoid 5-0 fans like the plague.

  43. UYTzmqxf0n8H says:

    Take your meds !!

  44. Must be a full moon, somewhere..... says:

    Well, I second the idea that you need medication. Plus, genius, that drug you mentioned was used on three other TV shows starting about four years ago–on being Rizzoli & Isles–bur, please continue on with your insane rantings–it is highly amusing. SMH

  45. srccland says:

    Says the person who is insulting complete strangers.

  46. sally poorman says:

    I like Alex and Scott

  47. Nobie says:

    5-0 has some of the most vicious fans ever!

  48. well nobie lets see what happens after tonights episode i expect everyone wiil think that lynne will be great but if she doesnt live up to peoples expectatoins the i feel really sorry for er i saw her on falling skies didnt think much of her then i agree with you about steve being on the rebound from catherine and i hope that she finds out about lynne and comes back to him but as i said lets hope that lynne pulls it off for her sake otherwise she will be treated the same way as catherine and lori enjoy tonights episode