Fear the Walking Dead Recap

Fear the Walking Dead Recap: It's the End of the World as They Know It

Well, that didn’t take long.

This week was only the second episode of Fear the Walking Dead, and already, the City of Angels has gone to hell. Which was great news for those of you who were hoping that the series would be grosser and more action-packed. Not only did the hour deliver our first beaned walker, but things weren’t looking so hot for…

On second thought, keep reading. We’ll get to the soon-to-be-deceased-and-reanimated when we get to him. We’re gonna recap “So Close, Yet So Far” from beginning to the end of the world.

FAMILY MATTERS | Reeling from their run-in with Calvin, Travis and Maddie were anxious to locate Chris and Alicia, and get their blended family the hell outta Dodge. But of course, that was easier said than done. The former wouldn’t answer his dad’s calls, and the latter refused to leave her ailing boyfriend’s side. Luckily, even burning up with fever after being bitten, Matt had more sense than Alicia and insisted that she split with her mom. Once home, Travis took off again, this time to find Chris, and Maddie ran out to score some drugs to help wean Nick off of the hard stuff. And where was Chris? Downtown. He’d just happened to be in the right place at the right time to get swept up in a protest over a police shooting.

THE EX FACTOR | Since Liza had been too busy studying to have seen any of the news stories about dead people not staying dead, she at first assumed that Travis was just hassling her to change the weekend that Chris was to spend with him. Once Travis had used her phone to trick Chris into picking up and they realized where he was, she then joined her ex in retrieving the boy from the protest just as it turned into a riot. Before you could say uh-oh, the violence around them escalated to the point that they were forced to seek refuge in the barber shop/home of reluctant good Samaritan Daniel (Rubén Blades) and his family.

HIGH STAKES | Though Nick warned Alicia that if she went back to check on Matt, he’d hurt her or worse, she wouldn’t listen. In the end, only Nick’s collapse from a grand mal seizure kept his sister at home. Meanwhile, Tobias caught Maddie breaking into the police locker at school to look for drugs. Under the circumstances, she could hardly say no when he asked, “Can I get my knife back?” As it turned out, she returned the weapon just in time, because on their way out, they ran into a zombified Principal Costa. When he attacked Maddie, Tobias stabbed him. Then, Maddie bludgeoned the walker with a fire extinguisher to save Tobias.

SEPARATION ANXIETY | Once Maddie finally got home, Nick tattled on his sister but said that he’d kept her from leaving. (He cracks me up, that one!) Travis managed to reach Maddie by cell just long enough to tell her the last thing she wanted to hear — that she should take her kids and go to the desert without him, and he’d catch up with them later. As if Maddie’s day couldn’t get worse, Alicia heard screams coming from across the street — an infected neighbor was attacking an uninfected neighbor — and wanted to intervene. To make sure that that didn’t happen, Maddie shut the door and blocked it. And in that moment, it felt like she’d also shut the door on life as they knew it.

What did you think of the episode? Didn’t it seem much zippier than the premiere? The comments section is open for business — hit it!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jason says:

    Maddie is the next Lori. I’m already annoyed with the facial expressions and the fact she looks like she’s about to crack up laughing in every scene. Empty eyes.

    • FatherOctavian says:

      You and I were watching completely different shows. Kim Dickens has been phenomenal in this, and Maddie is nothing like Lori.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Absolutely disagree with this, to polar opposite capacity! Kim Dickens is the very best part of this series, and the way she says so much with her facial expressions is nuance that is probably too subtle for some lesser-minded folk…

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    Goodness that was awesome!!

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    OT ~ are you doing a Fall calendar for new and returning shows?? Please say yes :-) :-)

  4. John says:

    I thought it was a decent episode. Little confused, though. So they bashed in principal Artie’s head with a fire extinguisher. Did he get bit while patrolling the halls? Where’s the walker that bit him? Travis and Maddies next door neighbor, Mr Dawson looked visibly ill while packing his car. Was he bit? Later he attacked the lady taking down the party decorations. My point is, on the show people are panicking about the “flu” going around. Does the zombie virus make some people sick without being bit? Others just carry it and reanimate when they die of other things? TWD never showed the initial outbreak so I guess we don’t know. Either way, I liked the ending. Madly shut the door on helping her neighbor. That seemed to signify when things Changed. I hope these people wise up quick. They all strike me as folks who’ve never even held a real gun, much less own or shoot one.

    • Jose says:

      Well we saw that the principal had been bitten on his back… thats how he turned I guess? and we need to stretch disbelief with the neighbor? maybe he got bit coming back from work and realized he needed to leave pronto but he got so sick he never had a chance too? again i don’t know but I want to help the show succeed

      • John says:

        My bad. I didn’t see the bite mark on his back. I want this show to succeed too. I started watching TWD three seasons in. This time it’s nice to follow a show from the beginning…

    • A fan of TV says:

      Everybody carries the virus, first of all. You die, you come back as a zombie, bit or not. It took the original series two seasons to reveal that, but Travis already saw someone who didn’t get bit come back (Nick’s dealer, who got shot), so he’s not assuming bites are the only way.

      I see your quibble with the principal’s death – he was alone in a locked school when we saw him, and he was fine, but later he’d turned from a bite but if the walker had been inside the locked school all along, why hadn’t it tried devouring the principal before he came back? Its minor, but I would think it was either a security guard or a cop who bit him, and maybe the principal, to fight the walker off, locked it in a room or something, then died himself.

      Maybe the neighbour just got scratched so didn’t realize his fever had anything to do with the Outbreak, or he was fully aware, since he was planning to flee, but just in denial about himself.

      • AnnieM says:

        Or maybe the principal got bit, and then locked himself in the school. Maybe Tobias was already there – I was wondering how HE got in. Anyway, I hope he survives, maybe becomes a regular, as he seems to be the only person we’ve seen so far that respects the gravity of the situation. In fact, I’d love to see this nerdy kid evolve into a warrior over the course of the series.

        • REALNESS says:


        • A fan of TV says:

          Do we know if he’s in the promos for upcoming episodes? The goodbye between him and Kim seemed pretty final, I thought.

      • John says:

        That’s a good explanation.

    • Muse says:

      Remember back in early TWD seasons…#2 I believe, when the gang was at the CDC and the guy they found there whispered to Rick that we’re all infected. Add to that later in TWD when we see people who turned who the gang later found to have had no bites on them, so yes…anyone who dies would come back as a walker

    • mary says:

      The way they are contracting “it” is part of what the writers had talked about. Just because on TWD they say it’s by bite, they really don’t know for sure as we saw this past season.

    • Ellen says:

      If everyone carries the virus, which we discovered at the CDC on TWD first season finale, then folks wouldn’t need to be bit to turn into walkers. When anyone dies naturally, they just turn. Remember Shane?

  5. Lizo says:

    Nice to see the spinoff is following in its predecessors footsteps by continually killing off men of colour in alarming rates. Good work AMC

    • E says:

      I bet you’re one of those people that when a dog poops in your yard or you get a flat tire – it’s all because somebody is doing it to you, right? Grow up troll and quit trying to stir the pot. And from what I can remember the first “infected” person on this show, who was shot and killed numerous times was white. I’ve seen numerous races being shot in both of the episodes, so don’t even try to race bait. It’s a t.v. show, try to relax – it’s ok /sarcasm

    • Jose says:

      at least we didnt get to see them get bitten too

    • Feel free to write a letter to the POC who have been on the show about how they should be angry about being killed off. Be sure you don’t accidentally send it to Steven Yuen, Danai Gurira, Lennie James or half the cast of the new show. And pretend the dead white people don’t exist either.

    • tvjunkie says:

      So you’re calling a show that so far has featured 2 Latino families vs 1 white family, at least 2 interracial relationships and a black principal racist? I think you need to look in the mirror to see the real racist.

  6. James D says:

    I’m very conflicted with this show so far and this episode is a good example of why. the premise really interests me the idea of focusing on a family that is experiencing the onslaught of the Zombie Outbreak. But what I have a very hard time stomaching is yet another show that shoves an annoying rebellious teen that doesn’t listen to anything her parent says down my throat, nor can I stomach another ignorant character that literally walks up to a zombie and says I’m going to help you. even if you hadn’t already run over one or never heard the word zombie before why on earth would you do that it could of been your best friend and still the logical response for most people should be run or trying to kill it. I’ll keep watching because the story is intriguing but they need to tighten up some of these characters quick IMO.

    • 'A' Is Alive says:

      That’s just it about Maddie.. She is a counselor and wants to help others.. She’s naïve about the entire situation as seen in episode 1 and when she was trying to “help” Principal Corta. She doesn’t know what the heck is going on and is ignorant on the matter. Don’t worry, they’ll have to wise up soon or face to consequences.

    • A fan of TV says:

      When you come up against something you’ve never seen before, and aren’t totally sure all are dangerous yet (youve seen that, yes, but there’s still so little information out about the walkers that maybe they think that only bad people are coming back as bad walkers, and good people are suffering just like everybody else. Honestly, if I had no knowledge whatsoever, as these people do, I would want to try to help my closest friends and family, too. We saw in the original series, several people keep their turned family members hoping for a cure…I think that she had hope that Artie wasn’t a dangerous monster, but when she realized that even he was going to kill her, that flipped the switch for her. She didn’t help, and didn’t let her daughter help, when their next door neighbour attacked the kid’s party.

      As for the teenagers, its too much to ask for them to be responsible and world-weary yet. Teens are annoying, and they don’t grow up until they have to. The good news is these kids are a lot older than Carl, so we don’t have to watch them go through awkward, petulant adolescence, we get to watch them (hopefully!) grow out of it.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Well you’re reading the situation wrong. She loves her boyfriend and wants to care for him and so far her mother really hasn’t explained to her what’s going on or given her a actual good reason to stay away from him. Her reason is basically “because I said so.” Would you abandon someone you love for a “because I said so” reason? If her mother would actually fill in the blanks perhaps she’d behave differently.

  7. Two episodes in and we’re still deeply entrenched among characters who are incredulously annoyed about the so-called “enlightened” people who oddly won’t even talk about the danger they’re trying to save everyone from. This episode felt especially cheap, with people and police clashing with zombies in between, but outside and completely out of view. Reminds me of Poochy preventing Itchy & Scratchy from arriving at the fireworks factory. Also, who the hell holds a smartphone in one hand and a camcorder in the other? Probably the first time in history that’s ever happened.

    • AnnieM says:

      I know! My husband & I were like, WHY doesn’t she tell her daughter? Unless she’s afraid that will make her more determined to get back to her boyfriend. I’m supposing we’ll see him again as a zombie.

    • REALNESS says:

      I agree these characters are so annoying. the did not keep my attention, I washed dishes , went to the basment , took out the garbage. Watched youtube videos on my phone. Jeez, spend a little money on casting

      • tvjunkie says:

        So what you’re saying is you love the writing and you love the story so far, but the actors just aren’t reading their lines correctly? I doubt very much you’d be happy if they swapped out all the actors. It sounds like what you actually dislike is the writing. And what about the directing? It never amazes me how small minded constantly blame actors in situations like this when they’re just reading the lines they been given the way they’ve been told to read them.

  8. DavidJ says:

    MUCH better episode than the premiere, with a great sense of tension throughout and a thankfully faster pace.

  9. A fan of TV says:

    This episode moved with a lot better pacing than ep.1, and I love how it ended with everyone separated. I actually feel like the writers are doing a great job creating this confusing, increasingly chaotic, slowly burning world. Kim Dickens is great, the way she says so much with just a look… Her face when she brought back the pills for Nick and he asked what they’ll do when the oxy runs out was the perfect combination of sympathy, sadness, annoyance, and guilt.

    I’m already hooked, but this episode made me feel a lot better about that than the pilot!

  10. Whatevah says:

    Why didn’t they ask Liza’s boyfriend what happened? Since they don’t know anything yet except that people that die come back, wouldn’t the logical question have been What bit you?

    • Katie says:

      Wayyyy to logical. I want to like this show so badly but the little things, like this, are going to be what ruins it. Which is weird, since TWD seems to do the little things fairly well.

      • Jennifer says:

        Did you see Liza take the gloves off twice??? (after cleaning his vomit) You’re right. Little things are going to tuin it

    • A fan of TV says:

      They know what’s biting people – they’ve seen it on the news.

      • Whatevah says:

        I must have missed that. But still why didn’t they ask him what happened?

        • A fan of TV says:

          In ep 1 they saw the paramedic get eaten by the dead guy. She’d earlier seen her boss with a bite mark when she killed him, also. I think at this point they’re assuming that the sick/people coming back are totally crazed and afflicted by the virus, and the crazed are biting people and this is spreading the virus

          • A fan of TV says:

            Sorry didn’t mean to post yet. I’m not sure they know much about anything just yet, but the broad strokes of it are beginning to become clearer for them, but I’m pretty sure the question of who or what bit Matt was a bit self-explanatory based on the news reports they’d seen/online vids etc.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Um, hello, did you miss the first episode where the drug dealer walker tried to bite Travis and they both saw it? Isn’t it logical for them to assume that is what bite the boyfriend with everything else going on?

  11. InquiringMind says:

    So let me ask this of anyone who’s been watching TWD and now this.

    Did 6 billion of the worlds people all contract this airborne virus within roughly 2-3 weeks of each other which resulted in 95% of the population dying and coming back as zombies?
    Did the majority of zombies begin from live people being eaten, dying and then coming back as zombies because their brains were still intact?
    I seem to recall in TWD that early on, it took longer for the dead to turn but as the seasons went on, turning became quicker and quicker. In this show, it seems they turn very quickly.

    I’m still not getting why the great majority of all people turned into zombies during the time when Rick was in the hospital. This show was supposed to answer that question or so I thought. I guess i just would like to know why this happened so quickly in that tv world.

    Also, some random questions from this episode. How did the Principal die in an empty school? I saw him in the beginning walking around as a human and then later as a zombie. Did I maybe miss a scene in between? And how did Tobias know the world is about to fall apart and chaos was about to be the new social order – this is still the very beginning stages and the kid knows how its going to play out.

    • Whatevah says:

      InquiringMind I just read on another site an interview with Dave Erickson and he said that Tobias is sort of our in-house conspiracy theorist and surfing the net for anything weird so he would know all of this stuff by being paranoid.

    • aevalah says:

      I remember in a TWD interview, the powers to be said it was less about HOW it all happened, than what came after it, so we may never know what exactly it is that they are all infected with or how it happened.

      Regarding the principal, we don’t know that the school was empty. They never show how he got bit or attacked.

      Tobias said in the first episode that he had been hearing and reading the stories from other states, through his computer or radio, can’t recall…that’s why he came to school with the knife.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Everyone on earth carries the virus, only death triggers it. The show has never explained exactly how the virus was released, why, or by whom, but yes, there were earlier cases that spread through biting, but seems to be one unexplained event that took the virus from isolated cases to a global Outbreak, where everyone who died came back if the brain was intact.

      Kirkman addressed questions of whether this show would better explain the Outbreak with a pretty solid no, I thought, which disappointed me to be honest, but ultimately is probably for the best, considering how people pick these shows apart and might have hated the explanation.

      And you didn’t miss a scene. The principal was fine, then he was dead, so there must be someone else undead inside the high school. It’s a massive, massive high school, based on the principal’s switchboard, so really a person could be anywhere. I thought maybe he was attacked, fought the walker off then maybe locked it in a classroom before he himself died…a bit of a stretch maybe but a minor quibble for me.

  12. Alicia Gray says:

    I do think we aren’t going to get much out of the first season – think Walking Dead season 1 – it all feels too slow and it’s going to have to set too much up in 6 episodes – but I do think it’s gotten better. The pace isn’t great, but it’s still not as bad of a show as I thought it was going to be.

  13. Whatevah says:

    And that was Alicia’s boyfriend. I’m still trying to get the character’s names down. :(

  14. Jaime says:

    Are you guys watching the same show as I am???? I can only hope this show picks up. I am already at the point that I cant decide who I want to be offed next! The only character I am mildly interested in surviving is Nick, the rest have not done anything to garner my support or sympathy.

  15. aevalah says:

    I’m enjoying the show and seeing it all unfold, but the angsty emo rebellious teenagers are getting old fast.

  16. AngelWasHere says:

    Finally got around to watching this and all I have to say is it was better than the pilot.

  17. Billy says:

    How did drug dealer reanimate without s bite?

  18. Billy says:

    Anyone know why drug dealer reanimated without a bite. Was the virus spread in bad drugs?

  19. Billy W says:

    how did drug dealer reanimate w/o a bite. is the virus in the drugs?

  20. Billy W says:

    Oops didn’t realize the question posted already, my bad😀

  21. Billy says:

    Wasn’t Rick’s group infected by zombies dead in the well water on the farm?

  22. Radha says:

    Regarding the teenagers. Look teens are going to naturally be rebellious and annoying because they are trying their parent’s patience and testing the waters in finding their own way. So they resent when adults try to tell them something for their own good. Is this right of them? No, not really, but it’s accurate. These particular teens–I’m talking about Alicia and Chris– should be given a bit of slack however.

    Think about it. Alicia has grown up in a family with a father who, from little comments, might have been an addict as well. Maddie said it “ran in the genes” when she was telling Travis about Nick’s addiction in the first episode. Alicia has also seen her brother battle addiction as well, to the point that she clearly resents him even as she loves him. She’s not his mom, she’s his sister and given her desperation in saying “one more year” before she goes off to college, I assume she’s just hanging on.

    It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her family but it’s hard dealing with someone you love and addiction. Maddie is also at her wits end with Nick but she’s his MOM and it means she holds on a bit more than Alicia would. It’s like she said in this episode. “I hate you.” She probably is quite torn between hate and love for her brother.

    All Alicia knows at this point is that her boyfriend Matt is the ONE thing that gives her joy and her mom and Travis–who she resents– are telling her to stay away, as well as her brother who, because of his unreliability, causes her to disregard his opinion. They were stupid NOT to tell her what exactly was going on with Matt and the rest of the city. So yeah, was she annoying in not listening? Sure! But I understand why.

    As for Chris, I feel more for him because his family fell apart and his dad has a whole new one. Chris, like all children whose parents have divorced, feels left behind and abandoned. I understand his anger at his father. I understand why he doesn’t want to be near Nick and Alicia and Maddie. I understand why he didn’t want to see his father on his weekend. At this point as well, WE know why Travis is calling him on his phone repeatedly. But Chris does not. So I can forgive the kid for being petulant in this particular situation.

    Now as the show goes on and they all are fully aware of what is going on? They need to grow up and leave that crap at the door. But right now I can put up with a bit of teenage “woe is me” pain. :D

  23. Deanna a says:

    It would be cool if when it started it was a flu ,and all became infected but only some got sick and died from it and came back and bit others and and so on.