Scream Kieran Nina Recap

Scream Recap: Dance 'Til You're Dead

Bella Thorne made her triumphant return to Scream on Tuesday, bringing with her a twisted surprise from the past.

While peeping found footage on Rachel’s laptop, Noah and Audrey discovered a shot of Kieran and Nina at a bar together, which means he lied about not knowing her in the pilot. Emma was especially irked by this revelation — for good reason, considering her last boyfriend (RIP!) also had a past with Nina — but Kieran insisted there was nothing physical between them. In fact, he claimed he merely offered to drive her home after she’d had too much to drink.

And that was only Kieran’s first lie of the episode.

Season 1, Episode 9

Earlier that day, Piper and Emma paid a visit to Brandon’s mother, who said that someone named Seth — aka the newly incarcerated Mr. Branson — came by asking questions about her son. However, a follow-up visit revealed that it wasn’t Mr. Branson, but rather Kieran, who came by to see her. (That’s strike two against Kieran, for those of you keeping score at home.)

RED HERRING | But not everybody was pointing fingers at Kieran this week. Noah remains convinced that Branson is the Lakewood Killer; he even went so far as to claim that “Branson” is short for “Bran’s son.” In Noah’s defense, for a guy alleging his innocence, Branson said some really weird stuff during his chat with Emma. It also didn’t help his case that, just when the video of a bloody Sheriff Hudson began projecting at the dance, it was discovered that Branson had escaped. (You know, it’s almost as if the writers are trying to throw us off!)

PUMPING THE ‘BRAKE’ | In relationship news, Brooke and Jake hit yet another road block when they started bickering about Branson. She tried to defend him, Jake threw her crappy family life in her face, and before either of them knew it, she was out the door. Brooke decided she couldn’t stay at Chez Fitzgerald any more, so she returned home to throw an anti-dance party — because, you know, the only thing serial killers love more than dances are parties. (Side note: Am I the only one ‘shipping these two? I feel kind of alone here.)

Scream-ers, with only one episode left this season, who’s your final guess for the Lakewood Killer: Branson? Kieran? Secret Option C? Drop a comment with your latest theory below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Diane says:

    I think Piper is one of the killers.

  2. Alyse says:

    Kieran just seems way to obvious to be the killer. He was the hot new guy, became the main chargers love intrest, and moved to town the same time as the murders started. He makes a good red herring but not an actual killer if they want us to be surprised.

    • Alyse says:


      • Rook says:

        I agree and would the really make the killer the “boyfriend” same as the first scream movies. Even though he isn’t her boyfriend, he’s the romantic interest.

        • Nick says:

          I doubt Kieran is Brandon James’ son. He would be knowingly banging his sibling the whole time. **possible spoiler** What if the kid turned out to be LeBron James and for the big reveal he takes off the mask and chugs a Sprite…I’d watch that

  3. Cc says:

    Piper is defo the main killer, and she is Emma’s sister. As for who is helping her, I’m conflicted. Kieran and Branson seem way to obvious but no one else makes much sense unless they pull out some bizarre explanation or go with the easy “just crazy” answer.

    • Mike says:

      Maggie makes a lot of sense actually. If Piper is Brandon’s daughter do you really think shed come to town and not once communicate with her own mother? Also check the title of Pipers podcast. Then ask yourself what Maggie does for a living….eh? Get it…?

  4. Josh says:

    I think it’s Piper and Kieran. Well I’m wanting Kieran to be one cause him and Emma make me roll my eyes she barely knows him and kissed him the night they met and slept with him shortly after ward and after her sex tape was broadcast making her look like a fool. That pic on this page of Emma and Piper really shows that Piper looks similar to Emma’s mom so I can buy that she is Emma’s sister

  5. John says:

    I think it’s piper and Noah

  6. Anna says:

    Piper !! She keeps pointing out possible suspects and she said to Emma that her father was murdered…… Maybe she is the child of Brandon James and daisy since Daisey never said if it was a girl or boy yet

  7. GL says:

    I’m still going with my “reaching” theory that the killers are Piper and Audrey. They mentioned women killers (jokingly) and it’d be a first in the series to have two women be the killers. I think Piper either told her grandma (Brandon’s mom) to lie about Brandon having a son or she hired whoever that woman is to trick Emma, lol. (stretching, I know) But we didn’t see her when she went back and “talked” to her again. A simple scene of it would’ve convinced us that Kieran is indeed Brandon’s son, but instead we got Piper telling her at the dance. (A little anticlimactic)
    I’ll say Piper with Audrey.

    • Rook says:

      I think it’s Piper an d Audrey too. That’s why they killed of Rachel, to throw the trail off Audrey, she probably had the footage of Kieran with Nina and just used it now to plant the seed of doubt then double whammy with Piper and the yearbook pic. Also Emma said some thing about how she doesn’t think Kieran is the killer no more than she thought Audrey killed Nina. That’s the nail in the coffin on Audrey being innocent.

    • Kelli says:

      I definitely think Audrey is looking quite suspicious right now, but I’m not convinced. If Seth is already taking the fall for the crimes and he is innocent of them, why would Audrey choose to rock the boat? Why would she choose to now bring up Kieren? They already have someone in jail for their crimes.

  8. Shannon says:

    I’ve always guessed that there’s two killers, so at this point I’m going with Piper and Kieran. But, with Branson escaping like that, I’m a little unsure. However, we never saw him escape, so maybe he was broken out of prison by one of the killers.

  9. BrittBrat says:

    This has been a very bad week for MTV sheriffs. I think Piper is up to something. She looks a little like Emma and Emma’s mom. I wonder who is working with her.

    • adam says:

      It kind of rankles me when people say that there was 2 killers in the first scream movie, when actually there were three as revealed in the third scream movie, Billy, Stu and Roman, I believe the writers are going to play at that, revealing two killers this season and using flashbacks to tie loose ends connecting a third killer into the plot. As far as I see it there can be 5 possible killers and i will try to cut it down to three:

      1. Seth Palmer.
      2. Kieran.
      3. Jake.
      4. Piper.
      5. Audrey.

      1. The first thing that seems slightly odd is including Audrey, she seems so much like NOT a killer that it just seems plausible to discount her, many people laugh at the very suggestion of her name, so did I until episode 9! But a have a few reasons why I actually believe she is one of the three killers. 1. In the second scream movie Randy tells Dewey that the girl can always be the killer, “it is sort of does not follow the rules but it does”, he states. This is proven correct when Jill is revealed to be the killer in scream 4, like Jill her lover was murdered and both were framed to be suicides. 2. The killer is normally close to the nerd friend, comforting them and coddling them. Charlie Walker, and Stu both to different degrees were the closest to the nerd friends. Furthermore, at different stages the nerd friends suspected them. Randy suspected Mickey in Scream 2, Noah suspected Audrey played a hand in the killings earlier in the tv series. 3. Mickey, Stu, and Charlie all try to enhance their relationships with the survivor girl, coddling her like the nerd victims, they all talk about revenge, motives and deaths. And each have their own obsessions. 4. In the show Audrey seems to be disappearing at extremely strange times. Just before the killer struck she disappeared saying she was going to get wasted.
      5. She was extremely reluctant to go after Seth Palmer and prove he was the killer. She didn’t want to touch the knife in Palmers classroom, she is very quick to attack and try to frame another character Kieran, and most importantly Seth escaped after she disappeared claiming she was going to get bombed. 6. The killer seems to always be one step ahead of everything Noah is doing, and honestly to me he is depicted as the smartest character the franchise has ever seen. This is odd as the killer knows all their moves, remember that Noah tells Audrey all his plans. 7. She was taken into custody but released, in the first scream Billy is taken into custody as but released, then he convinces Sidney to trust him, just like Audrey convinced Emma. 8. The show just wants to plain surprise us, what would be more surprising than the bi-curious friend of the survivor girl being revealed as one of the killers.

      All these points depict her as a killer, my head says Audrey is the killer but my heart says this is all coincidence. I just can’t see her being revealed as one of the killers but I will go with my head, the evidence is just too compelling!

      Final weighting: 70% that she is one of the killers.

      2. Jake seems to be killer material, like other killers he was stabbed but survived within an inch of his life, he talks about killing, he actually used the exact same line as Stu, slicing from limb to limb util you feel the resistance of bone marrow. He threatened Will Belmont of dying in a ditch, exactly what happened ironically, and tried to shift the blame to another character; Noah. Like Charlie he also play for the girl, so the similarities are there, he is the classic jock and he has the capabilities to hurt and blackmail people, look what he did to the Mayor. It also depicted that he is capable to weave a web of lies around his peers. However for all these quirks his personality is quite dark and it would be a bit anti climactic if he was the killer so I believe he might be a Red Herring. I believe he will be killed in the finale, BUT by one of his cohorts.

      Final Weighting: 40% that he is one of the killers.

      3. Seth Palmer (Mr Branson). – Honestly until this weeks episode I believed he was a complete and utter red Herring, but he was potrayed as an incredibly cool individual under the incredible accusations against him, he was so sure that his cohorts would help him escape. There is no point in me pointing out the humongous amount of evidence about him being the killer. I believed he wasn’t the killer until he uttered the line; well since I’m stuck in here, we will see how things play out. Then he was either kidnapped or helped out of jail because there is no way he escaped the jail cell himself. The reason why I believe HE IS ALMOST CERTAINLY NOT THE KILLER is because it would be too obvious, AND there is no clear cut motive as of now, no hints of one. Unless the writers give us a crazy unpredictable motive in the final episode like they did with Mrs Loomis in scream 2, there is no way that Seth Palmer killed all those kids, I believe his past is dark and chaotic, but I believe he is innocent of this crime. Unless he is completely insane like Michael Myers, now that would be truly scary, a guy who kills without a plausible motive.

      Final Weighting: 50% that he is the killer

      4. Piper, early on in the series I said that she is definitely not a killer, but now I’m almost positive she is one of the killers. I believe she is like Roman, playing two other characters to be her seed, she is the mastermind behind the massacre, I believe she is the one who stole the Brandon James Mask. She seems to always POP out conveniently, and she is the only character beside Noah that Emma trusts completely. Furthermore she only came face to face with the killer once, and came out unscathed. She always has useful information bout the killer and the events that have led up to the massacre, she nows what she is looking for, and above all she ALWAYS knows everything Emma is going to do because SHE TELLS HER. WILL TOLD HER WHAT HE WAS GOING TO DO AND BIG SURPRISE HE IS CAPTURED AND THEN PIPER IS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN WHEN WILL DIES. She looks like she is resembles to Emma and her mother, AND MORE THAN ANYTHING she said her father was murdered many years ago, she says that she didn’t really know him so she is like Emma, Now I believe Brandon James mom THINKS the child was a boy and SHE THINKS SHE KNOWS THE IDENTITY OF THE CHILD, maybe it is a boy, I believe that her father is either Brandon James, or EMMA’s Father, either way family connections are involved just like scream 3. Finally, she was quick to discount Seth being the killer, and more than happy to pile the evidence up to Kieran. Remeber she was sure to just ask for the name of the old lady but she claims she went back with a photo of Kieran.

      Everything inside me she is the killer, I believe she is the mastermind behind the killings, I believe she wants to be the Heroine, who get a good news story out of this, She is very reluctant to leave even though there is a killer on the loose.

      Final Weighting: 100% that she is one of the killers.

      5. Finally, we have to talk about the elephant in the room; Kieran, Frankly he is one of my favorite characters and I adore him and his mystery, I believe with him it is a absolute hit and miss if he is one of the killers. He is a combination of Billy and Derek, there is tremendous evidence on both sides pointing out his innocence or guilt, and in the end he is my wild card to be one of the killers, which is sad because he is one of my favorite characters. He seems to always appear AFTER the killer is gone, but he lacks a motive, he is mysterious like Billy but charming and Romantic like Derek. He keeps to himself but seduces Emma, and Will died after Emma rejected him. But honestly I believe he is a Red Herring, and hopefully he will not die in the finale, i want to see him in season 2, but lets face it, his chances are slim to none. Just look at the history of survival of the boyfriends of the survivor girl; Sidney Prescott or the killer Jill in the movies.

      Final Weighting: 45% that he is the killer. 90% that he dies somewhere in the finale.

      So to sum up I believe the killer is Piper.

      The rest all have different values of probability but the order i would place them in is
      1. Piper.
      2. Jake.
      3. Seth.
      Wild Cards:
      4. Audrey.
      5. Kieran.

      I believe that Set Kows of the killings but the knife int he classroom is not his so I would say Seth, Piper and JAKE OR AUDREY ARE THE KILLERS.

      • Amelia says:

        I haven’t seen the movies in a while, I know Roman came to visit Billy and essentially started the whole thing but did he actually kill anyone in the original movie? I can’t remember.

        • Paul says:

          Roman claimed to have killed Sid’s (and his) mom. So, I’ve always assumed that he teamed up with Billy to kill her and frame Cotton Weary.

          Then, afterwards Billy teamed up with Stu to commit the murders seen in the original film.

          That’s just conjecture. But we do know that Roman was involved in Maureen Prescott’s murder, which predates the original Scream movie (it’s referred to in Scream but occurred before the movie starts).

  10. Rook says:

    Who do ya’ll think is going to die in season finale? My money is on Jake and Mr. Branson, I think Brooke could go either way.

  11. robandco says:

    Well slashers work very well as TV series. We’ve seen so much more, and everyone can still be the killer. In the Scream movies characters felt really awkward and misplaced and you could easily guess who the killer was. There are so much possibility here. Piper is sketchy, she’s been really helpful this episode but last week’s daddy issue quote was really weird.
    I hope they go for something never done before (like not the boyfriend/love interest and not the douchebag).

  12. Piper and Audrey are the killers. Every time a crucial piece of evidence is “discovered,” Audrey is ALWAYS the one discovering it or assuring it is discovered. When Emma’s video leaked, Audrey was there to assure it happened. The murder weapon in Branson’s classroom, Audrey found it. The weirdo hospital lab, Audrey was there. The time Emma’s virginity video leaked, Audrey was there. The show opened with two scenes before the murder. First, the dock where Brandon was killed and the Daisy song. Then, the viral video leak of Audrey making out with the girl who – until last night – was ONLY connected to her.

    In the original SCREAM, Billy Loomis was taken in by the police and questioned, only to be provided with an alibi. In this SCREAM, Emma provides Audrey with an alibi, knowing it’s untrue.

    Audrey is one of the killers.

    Also, I don’t trust anything that Piper helps us “discover.” Brandon’s mom could very well have known Piper for years and is following prompts to tell Emma whatever Piper wants.

    • Kelli says:

      Actually, now that you mention it, it IS pretty interesting that Audrey is always the catalyst for evidence discovery. And your post made me think of something else. You said that until last night, Rachel was only connected to Audrey, which is true. How do we know that that isn’t still the case? As in, how do we know that RACHEL is the one who filmed Nina and Kieren and not Audrey herself? I mean Audrey records her life the same way Rachel always did. Maybe she was the one Kieren saw that night and she’s trying to tie up her own loose end by pinning the murders on him. When someone is taking the video, you don’t ever see their face you only see what they’re recording.

      • Sad Panda says:

        That is such a great point! Plus, I thought Rachel didn’t like the way she looked and didn’t go out much… so why would she be at the bar…

  13. just like the movie(s) they worked together, branson and Kieran seem obvious but that what we got from teen wolf season 1

  14. Rachel says:

    Well as long as it’s not ce ce drake I’ll be happy 😂. But seriously, the 2 people I’ve always been suspect of are Brooke and Piper with Jake an off and on suspect.

    • GL says:

      Brooke can’t be one of the killers, unless they don’t care about continuity. She’s had two LONE encounters with the killer, both times she freaked, screamed, and ran. If she was one of the killers, why would she have that reaction if she was alone? No one would be around for her to put a show on for. And just last night, she got freaked out when she was ALONE, because she found out she was being watched through her laptop webcam. If people were around during all of this, I could understand. But being alone and reacting that way (if you’re the killer) is completely pointless.

  15. Ian Barber says:

    I’m sticking with Piper and Noah – Noah has all the tech savvy to pull off everything that the killer has done. He’s also done everything in his power to put the blame on various people throughout the show. Piper is Brandon’s daughter, and Noah figured it out. He’s the brains behind the whole thing.

    • Mike says:

      Only problem is that Noah provides (a: the Scream equivalent of Stiles on Teen Wolf – Mr. Likeable. Plus they’d have to then cast a new guy for next season and stuff nearly identical personality in his mouth to continue the meta-humor scream legacy. Possible victim? Sure, but almost guaranteed to survive for plot reasons. But the killer? Not likely.

      • John says:

        this ain’t teen wolf its a completely different show I mean it’s scream were talking bout here to me noah is the obvious killer he killed Nina cause what she did to Audrey he killed Rachael cause he was afraid that she would get inbetween him and Audrey his only true friend at the time then he showed up at brandon James secret layer alone while emma and Audrey were there then in last weeks episode brandon James mother said that the guy looked like a 50s movie star the only three guys I can think of that fits that description is Noah kieran and Seth and Seth is too old to be Brandon James son kieran is to obvious so it has to be Noah with pipers help plus he did throw up some crap bout Seth Branson’s last name sounding like Brandon son claiming he was hiding in plain sight but what bout his last name being foster i took that as him being a foster kid considering that daisy gave him up for adoption now I may be wrong but I honestly feel like he is one of the killers

  16. Kelli says:

    My main suspect is Piper. It’s clear she would have an accomplice since she was “attacked” along with Will. Remember, we have no idea if Kieren was really the person Cassie pointed out as the boy claiming to be Brandon’s son- we only have Piper’s claim that she did. What would motivate her to throw suspicion at Kieren if a killer was already arrested? Well, if Seth is actually Brandon’s son and her accomplice, it would make a lot of sense that she would try to implicate someone else. What is Piper’s motivation? Fame? I actually think she’s connected to the original case as well. We know her dad is dead. Well, what if her dad was on of BJ’s original victims, her mother wasn’t a victim and was already pregnant with her. We don’t really know much about all the victims other than they were all from the same group of friends. Both Piper and Branson are around the same age, and it would give both the killers motive, instead of only one. What I’m still not sure about is whether or not BJ was the ORIGINAL killer or if it was Emma’s dad or mom? One other theory that may be a bit wild is what if the person at the lake house is the REAL Brandon James?

    • Chris says:

      This is my theory as well, but I take it one step further and implicate Noah in it as well. Noah’s the one who tracked down BJ’s older brother. Noah’s the one who is obsessed with the BJ murder spree. And Noah certainly seems to have gotten over Riley’s death quite quickly. Plus, Noah has the computer chops to be able to manage all the webcam and social media taunting.

      • Sad Panda says:

        Emma got over the deaths pretty fast, too. The brother part is something I thought about — how old would he be now… The Sherrif’s age?

  17. Kelli says:

    It is also possible that Piper is BJ’ kid and just had her male accomplice visit Cassie and ask questions. It obviously wouldn’t be Kieren then since that’s who Piper points out. Case described him as “so handsome…like an old movie star.” I think Noah is super adorable but he doesn’t really fit that description. Other than Kieren, who Piper wouldn’t be pointing the finger to if he were her actual partner, there’s Seth and Jake. Piper could have broken Seth out of jail and tied him up somewhere, we really don’t know. It would make sense because Seth’s “escape” conveniently coincides with the Sheriff’s situation. Perhaps the killers want Seth to remain the fall guy, and the only way to do that is to break him out of jail and keep him hostage somewhere during this final killing spree. In that case, maybe it IS Piper and Jake doing the killings.

  18. Sam says:

    okay…I don’t think it’s Kieran as everyone is rushing to frame him. Piper is definitely the killer or part of duo/more….she totally set-up the meeting w/ James mom – for many reasons, to make Emma think she has a brother not sister, and to frame Kieran. Also, I’m leaning towards something fishy when the sheriff called station to run plates…it was then that he got attacked AND Seth escaped or as I think broken out of jail. Could it be a someone at the station (Riley was offed there) or that Pepper has access to scanner talk to be in the know……I also think she is working w/ Audrey possibly. Audrey may have offed Rachel to throw everyone off & feel sorry for her. Her getting the CLOUD last night was very convenient & she was sure to make Emma aware of Kieran. And, don’t forget the timing of Will….made it look like something Kieran would do so again not him. So, I’m going w/ Piper & Audrey (whether they are a team or doing their own thing I think they are both involved). And, I hope it’s not true, but maybe there will be more than 2 killers. Heck I know they are making Brooke out to be a victim, but I just keep getting a feeling she doesn’t feel like she belongs & throughout the season she makes Emma aware of things….in the car last night she made a comment along the lines of she doesn’t belong & that makes her a candidate for Emma’s sister (still possible Seth’s her bro though, but not involved)……can’t wait to see how it unfolds, but I do hope it isn’t certain people so they are in Season 2.

  19. Joe E Dangerously says:

    I’ve thought Gale Weathers, Jr. since she showed up and Not-James Dean (Kieran) since episode one. His “It’s me, Emma” lines and all that crap just seem very Billy Loomis to me and so did that dream she had. I always expect a twist at the end but lately on TV there hasn’t been one so maybe I’ll just stick with that. I don’t think Bex Taylor-Klaus is going to get killed off (by making her the killer) because she’s the only name on the show from the “teen” cast and by far the best actress so I think she’ll probably stay. Kieran is obviously not really Brandon James’ son because he would be Emma’s brother and seducing and having sex with your own sister is going a little far, I think. That doesn’t sound plausible to me. Plus he’s too young. That would be Piper (Like I’ve been saying since the start, her father is Brandon James. You can look at my old comments. I’ve thought it from the start.) and she recruited him. Sort of like how Billy’s mother recruited Mickey. Branson is suspicious but how did he get whatever he used to kill the guard from his cell? Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense there. Oh, and whoever stole the mask knew the combo to the safe and knew how to get in and out unseen. Seems like the sheriff’s kid makes sense for that.

    • Joe E Dangerously says:

      Let me just clarify something. I think Branson didn’t break out. I think Piper or her accomplice busted him out. He was in a cell. How did he get whatever weapon he used to kill the guard? So it just makes sense he was broken out.

  20. Mike says:

    This is Scream so I’m expecting it to be a team (Same as the movies) so for me its a matter of which two are working together, I keep thinking that it’s going to be Brooke and someone else; my guess would be Brooke and Jake, both were stabbed with minor wounds just like in the first Scream movie to try and throw off authorities. For a long time I assumed it was Kieran because he looks so much like Skeet.

  21. Mr. Smith says:

    Piper and Noah.

    Piper: Because she’s Emma’s sister.
    Noah: Because he “knows” too many things about the killings.

  22. Matt C. says:

    I definitely think Piper is involved in some way. But Kieran seems too obvious. Definitely think they’ll go for a more shocking choice, like Noah or Audrey. In her frame of mind, Brandon’s mom might have easily mistaken Audrey for a boy! I just hope the finale is as crazy as the movie endings used to be. And I hope that Brooke survives to see season 2!

  23. I think Tyler is still alive. His kill was off screen, and there was a reference to him being adopted already dropped. In fact, he’s the only one who was referenced as being an adopted child at all this entire series. It’s true that we don’t know much about Piper, so it’s possible she’s also adopted, but Kieran and his dad have never mentioned him being adopted, neither have any of the other regulars (Audrey, Noah, Jake, Brooke). The only kid who was adopted was Tyler. That has to mean something. There was a reason for that drop. Tyler faked his death. The body was badly burnt, the head could have been someone elses. Maggie mentioned they were waiting for a dental match, but maybe that dental match isn’t 100%.

    • Anthony says:

      Except in the pilot we see Tyler’s head splash by Nina. And we see it decomposing in the hospital. He’s dead.

  24. Kaleb says:

    Ok so I’ve been suspecting Piper for quite a while now, however, this episode kind of draws the attention away from her. For one, Mr. Branson is the main suspect as of right now (for the police anyway) but I don’t think it’s him. But that also doesn’t excuse the fact that he changed his name and moved away right after his girlfriend was murdered.. Coincidence? No, Branson is definitely hiding something but he’s not our killer. He’s also not off the hook either. Now let’s turn to Kieran for a second. Kieran could easily be Brandons son for multiple reasons. One of which is that his parents were both mysteriously killed and he somehow felt the need to move away. But if that’s the case, than the whole having sex with your half sister thing is kind of creepy. Now here’s what I think, one of them has to die. Obviously I’m referring to either Kieran or his dad. Why? Because having Kierans dad and Emma’s mom hook up while at the same time both Kieran and Emma hooking up?.. Ew. Yeah that’s not going to really work. Either Kierans dad dies in the finale or Kieran does, whether he turns out to be the killer or not. While there’s evidence pointing towards both Kieran and Mr. Branson, I don’t think anyone has even thought about Piper. She’s been sneaking around while at the same time, getting close to Emma and all of her friends maybe as apart of her sick game to set them up? Who knows. But if you ask me, Emma trusts that girl way to much. She could have easily known “Mrs. James” or whoever that was, or just found some old woman to play along with her story about the whole missing grandson thing. And since Piper changed her story more than once, it could easily mean that she is playing everyone. I definitely think she has something to do with it all and we’ll find out sooner or later (but hopefully we don’t have to wait till next season). On top of all of this, pretty much all the scream movies had multiple killers, meaning there’s probably more than one. Now if Piper is our masked murderer, the question is.. Who else is in on it?

    • Mike says:

      On board with Piper as killer A.
      If Kieran and Branson are off the board, that really leaves Maggie, the Sheriff, and maybe Jake (b/c A-hole).
      Noah, Audrey, Brooke are all knifebait. At least two will get attacked, one at least has to die in the finale. Noah as the chief expositor will likely either never be under threat or get stabbed and live so he can expound on season 2 patterns and potential for greater mythology.

      • Kaleb says:

        That is exactly what I was thinking. I honestly think it’s gonna be Noah for more than one reason. In the promo for the finale, it showed Audrey getting attacked? If that’s what you want to call it, I’m not sure the killer just appeared behind her an pushed her up against the wall. After that I don’t remember her showing back up. And than afterwards it was just Noah and Emma without Audrey driving.. Hmm I wonder where she went? And on top of that all the talk of Noah saying how Emma is the surviving girl and that he will probably get it next since the geeky film buff eventually dies (Randy) either way I think one of them is going to get it. But I’ll reply back on this as soon as I see the new episode 😂

        • Mike says:

          Just remember how those previews tend to take liberties with chronological order.
          Obviously though Branson is gonna bite it. Cant have a creepy teacher as part of the survivors club. The key comes in trying to figure who the show would need to hang around as the core cast across seasons, hence my feeling that Noah is likely to live.
          Audrey seems like a solid bet to either die or be a killer. Actress has been on a tear since the killing (ripx2) and may seek greener pastures than MTV…
          Brooke may die just so they don’t have to explain where she lives with parents both MIA…
          I feel like Kieran’s a goner. Mysterious loner guy only really works if there’s a legit question about loyalties. If he’s just a schmoopy lovesick puppy there’s nothing to explore and if he’s a killer he’s not gonna get past the finale.

          • Kaleb says:

            Exactly. Either way some of the most interesting characters are going to bite it in the finale. Which honestly doesnt bother me because I absolutely love shock value. You should have seen my fave when they killed will 😂 I kept thinking she was having a dream.. But the brutality in that episode was enough to make me think twice about the writers plans for upcoming episodes. Branson is for sure to die (and or be a possible killer).. I don’t really need to explain anymore 😂 yo u even said it yourself the creepy teacher vibe is kind of awkward. Honestly I really hope Brooke doesn’t die because she is one of my favorite characters, but the shock value.. Idk I really like jake too but I have a feeling he won’t be around for much longer. Hopefully they’ll introduce some interesting characters next season.

  25. Erin says:

    I think that the sheriff is Brandon James’s brother and Kieran his nephew. Hitting him with the poker and showing him on screen is the perfect “alibi” for the sheriff and they were both worming their way into Emma’s and Daisy’s life – eating pizza and smiling all while being the bad guys.

  26. Austin says:

    I think Emmas mom was the original Brandon James killer and framed brandon james

  27. Austin says:

    I think it’s Brookes dad who is brandon james brother

  28. Cop Girl says:

    I think Mr. Branson is going to get killed since he is trying to get Brooke to open the door and his back is turned, you know the killer is going to come up behind him. I don’t think a killer is going to be revealed. They Need to have a killer next season. If anyone is the killer, and I only think there is one killer it could possibly be Brandon James brother THE SHERIFF since Daisy and the sheriff were already supposedly seeing each other in episode one, and Brandon James never really died and that’s why he is terrorizing Emma. All the other characters are to obvious.

  29. kate says:

    That whole pizza dinner scene was very creepy! I bet it’s Kieran and his dad the sheriff (who is BJ after surgery). On the other hand I couldn’t help bu notice how very alike Noah and Emma are. I know the brother is supposed to be older … so I don’t know

  30. b says:

    I hope Brooke and Noah make it if not if this is renewed I might not watch another season I also want Jake to survive and not be the killer but he’s so sketchy

    • adam says:

      I am convinced that the two killers are Piper and Audrey for the reasons I stated above, furthermore, when Rachel was killed Audrey called her before her voice transformed into that of the killer, however there is no way to fake caller id and frame ones number with someone else’s, and Audrey never lost her phone. When Emma was called by the killer with Will caller id, will was kidnapped, and when the killer texted nina using tylers id he had tylers phone because he had killed tyler.

      • adam says:

        Furthermore both Piper and Audrey told Emma Kieran was the killer consecutively, within 5 minutes of each other to destroy any shadow of doubt Emma had of Kieran.

        • adam says:

          Jake is going to die, if you research the recurring characters and the main characters, he appears in the list of recurring, even though he has starred in all the episodes, as did the main characters, however, the reason he is not a main character is because he will not appear in season 2, thus meaning he is killed off, that does not mean he is one of the killers, but if he is not a killer than he is a victim, furthermore the same scenario applies to Piper, both characters are not featured in the season 1 main cast or season 2 cast. I strongly believe that Piper is one of the killers however the Jury is still out on Jake. PS. Seth Branson is also a recurring character however he only starred in 7 episodes so this is explainable, is he one of the victims, a killer or a survivor, only time will tell.

  31. Jeremy says:

    It just doesn’t seem logical that MTV would host a name brand TV series with a brother having sex with his sister, nor does it seem logical Kieren would knowingly screw his sister. Either Kieren is not the son or Emma is adopted.

  32. Mara RC says:

    Audrey is to small to be the killer, when piper and will were attacked the killer was more tall than audrey, almost like will and piper was there in my opinion is piper with some of the guys.

  33. Mara RC says:

    I think piper and kieran are family and the killers with his father help