So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Missed Connections

This week’s So You Think You Can Dance practically deserved its own post on Craigslist.

 You were the All-Star wearing beige who kept gesticulating wildly with your arms… I was the Team Stage dancer trying to keep my head above water in a complicated routine… You were Medusa, and how the heck am I supposed to make that work?

Yes, I’m exaggerating a wee bit, and no, I am not Michael Slezak. (More on that in a moment.) But the gulf that existed between some of this season’s Top 8 and their All-Star partners was considerable as the week’s routines unfolded, with that oft-invoked, hard-to-quantify idea of “connection” coming up again and again.

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Which pairs nailed the you-and-me-against-the-world thing, and which looked like they’d had no more interaction than accidentally taking home each other’s dry cleaning? Read on as I — for one week only, while your beloved Slezak is on a well deserved vacation — run down the best and worst of what we saw from the Top 8.

Bottom 2 Team Stage (Based on Last Week’s Vote)

Bottom 2 Team Street (Based on Last Week’s Vote)

Lowest Vote Getters

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Now, let’s talk about the fancy footwork.

Routines (Ranked Worst to Best)

8. Derek and All-Star Jaimie (Tyce Diorio, Contemporary) | You know that “something” Diorio couldn’t quite define when he was talking about the relationship between two dancers? I couldn’t quite see it when Derek and his All-Star took the stage. What I could see: lots of beige, a little odd cheek-smooshing and quite a bit of DANCING!, complete with dramatically outstretched arms and pained facial expressions. Is it audition rounds time again already?!

7. Megz and All-Star Paul (Jean Marc Genereux, Paso Doble) | The street dancer cut an imposing figure in her cape and fringe, and no one can deny that Megz can bring the strength and force that a paso doble requires. But, as the judges noted, her lack of training and an overall unease with the choreography might as well have been an actual bull’s horns, so thoroughly did they gore her prospects of escaping the Bottom 2 next week.

6. Jim and All-Star Comfort (Pharside and Phoenix, Hip-Hop) | Don’t worry, Jim: Though you didn’t get as down as the judges would’ve liked and the sitting part of the routine didn’t quite gel, you and your 24-pack get the Russell Crowe Gladiator Medal of Valor for making a leather skirt look as comfortable as the high school swim team sweatpants I stole from my sister’s closet 15 years ago. (Plus, that solo was on point… though not literally. #ballet)

5. Neptune and All-Star Kayla (Ray Leeper, Jazz) | The theme of Leeper’s choreography — a couple reuniting and deciding they’re in it for the long run — didn’t read to me, but it wasn’t for want of chemistry: Neptune’s lack of formal training was certainly something to be addressed, but damned if I didn’t forget about it during a few of his passionate clinches with Kayla. (Side note: What was up with her Vivian-from-Pretty-Woman-goes-to-Coachella crochet costume?)

4. Virgil and All-Star Jasmine (Sean Cheesman, African Jazz) | I’m not averse to SYTYCD pairings that flaunt the rigid rules of dance: Though many crowed about how Season 2’s Donyelle was too big for her partner, Benji, their spark and showmanship always blinded me to any disparities in their match-up. But not even Virgil’s massive talent could even out tonight’s routine for me, so statuesque and eye-catching was Jasmine in her gorgeous white frock. Thank goodness Virgil’s solo, which was Twitch-esque in its all-around crowd-pleasing, provided him with a high note on which to end the evening.

3. Jaja and All-Star Ricky (Al Blackstone, Broadway) | Jaja’s versatility is, indeed, a thing of beauty. And she’s pointing her toes and creating sweeping lines and doing all of those things street dancers usually get dinged for missing at this point in the competition. But is it just me, or do her facial expressions sometimes feel a bit like she’s an android who’s really good at approximating human behavior? In certain routines, like this week’s opening number, it really works for her. In other cases, like this one, not so much.

2. Hailee and All-Star Fik-Shun (Luther Brown, Hip-Hop) | Hailee’s objectives in this number reminded me of that scene in Ocean’s Eleven: Hit with power, but show your soft side; be sexy, but don’t try too hard; nail every single tiny movement, but do it with the attitude like you’re just messing around. Hailee masterfully pulled off all of it — while wearing a rubbery catsuit, no less — in seemingly effortless style.

1. Gaby and All-Star Robert (Mandy Moore, Contemporary) | A few moments in this duet were a mite too on-the-nose for me (Gaby kicking her heels and doing crazy arms as Sarah McLachlan crooned about believing in the “sweet madness,” for instance), but they were quickly forgotten with that lift (which extended up onto Robert’s toes!), the pair’s delicate balance work (her supporting him from beneath was inspired) and that final moment that just went on and on and on… To paraphrase Friends‘ Rachel Green: That, my friends, is what they call connection.

And now it’s your turn. What did you think of Season 10 Top 8 results night? Take our polls below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. meeby says:

    You “favorite routine” poll is missing Jaja and Ricky.

  2. Liz says:

    I don’t see Jaja’s performance as an option in the second poll…

  3. Logan says:

    On point again Slezak, Gaby at 1, Hailee at 2, and Jaja and 3. Great night for those three. Mediocre or terrible for the others. —
    Jim should have been in the bottom over Hailee. Jim cannot do hip hop as proven AGAIN tonight, but Hailee and Gaby can. Do we really have to question who SHOULD be in the top 4 on the Stage Side?

    Megz didnt do too well in the Paso, the last three routines have killed her. But at least she made top 6. It was very well deserved, but itll be nearly impossible to knock Virgil or Jaja out of the way.

    Finals as SHOULD be:
    Gaby, Hailee, Jaja, Virgil

    Finals that will likely be:
    Gaby, Jim, Jaja, Virgil

    *sighs* Can’t Jim just leave already? Im so sick of him. I’d almost take Jasons judging over Jim.

    • Tom says:

      I agree. It wasn’t the best for megz but she gave it everything she had and Im very proud of her. No offense but the difficulty level in megz dance was way harder than Jaja’s. Im not impressed by Jaja at all. All we see is ricky dancing around her. She played the character well but thats just about it.

      • DF says:

        Megz gave it her all. She is the only one of the 6 to have drawn a Ballroom dance. Paso Doble is extremely difficult. It cannot be compared to Jaja’s dance. It is not that Jaja isn’t a great dancer. I just don’t see an even playing field.I just don’t get what all the hype is about when it comes to Jaja.

        • Monica says:

          Thank you guys I don’t get it all Megz has been working so hard and she had the hardest dance . But mean while jaja gets easy stuff but it’s ok Megz killed like she always have there not being fair at all ..

          • Annoyed says:

            Megz needs to go home she does not belong in the top 10 never mind the top 6…..come on America get rid of her. Also I want to know why “she” as in female will not wear a dress as part of “her” as in female partner costume. Get over yourself megz

          • observer says:

            Annoyed – I think you’re confused on what’s in Megz’ control. Plus, there is nothing to get rid of. I think Megz has shown a lot and that she is very entertaining. You seem to emphasis on “female” quite a bit. What female doesn’t have a shoe fetish? Megz does! 370 +! That’s crazy! Modern day female isn’t defined by dresses and skirts my friend. So don’t be so ignorant.

      • Aileen says:

        Tom, regardless of difficulty and yes she tries hard every time, Megz is not good outside her style. Jaja is much more versatile and musical theatre is not just about extending to the moon as Ricky does so well. It’s acting and technical movement and she was great. Where i was not impressed at all was in the team street hip hop number. She was the weakest link I thought. I guess because of her style where she is so used to isolating, she was stiff and lacking bounce in her upper body. The other 3 showed her up.
        I’m confident that Gaby has earned her spot in the finale and it sounds like Jaja is the fave on the street side but if it’s her and not Virgil I will be very disappointed. As it is, Neptune should’ve had one of those spots.
        My one wish for next week would be forGaby to get another hip hop so the street fans can see that she could’ve just as easily entered this competition as a street dancer as she did a tapper.

        • Everything Aileen said especially that Neptune deserved a spot and Jaja was the weak link in that great hip hop stage number.

          • Tina says:

            Definitely not. Neptune was in the bottom 4 times .. It was his time to go .. Just like it was Derek’s

        • Mj says:

          You people don’t know what you are talking Megz is well deserve where she is right now jaja does the same stuff week after week so get over your self … Megz you gave it 100% you go girl

    • JM says:

      I agree that Jim not Hailee should have been in the bottom. She is so much better, not only in hip hop, but also in showing feeling on the stage. That’s why I gave her extra votes this week in the hopes that Jim, not Hailee, goes home next week.

    • ChrissieK says:

      Why did you say on point again Slezak when this was written by Kimberly?

    • Boney steak says:

      Not slezak, Logan.

  4. s-k-s says:

    Gaby is in a league of her own at this point … by far my favorite of the night and possibly the season. She and Jaja are the clear leaders at this point, I think.

    Would have sent Megz home over Neptune, but I think its pretty clear she’s going home next week. Virgil and Jaja have never been anywhere near Bottom 2. The Team Stage elimination is going to a lot more interesting, but I’m guessing Hailey as well.

    • s-k-s. I agree that Neptune deserved another week. He had great connection and I didn’t notice his lack of training because he so good at partnering and has charisma

    • Monica says:

      I agree on that Megz had the hardest piece everyone has been given the same style seen the being Megz killed it she did the best that she could have done…Jaja did nothing at all and made her face like she always does ..ok so has you all know Megz was they only one that has pulled something out of her way and nailed it everyone else had the same style week after week or something they can do .. Some of you don’t understand dancing all she nailed and was beautiful ..

  5. Aki says:

    Jaja’s dance is missing.

  6. Ali says:


    Btw I coulve sworn Jim wouldve been in the bottom & that Megz would go home… poor Neptune :(

    • manny says:

      Yes it looks very obvious that people vote who they want not true talent every year same thing that why the ratings get lower

  7. JM says:

    I just want to say that part of the reason why Gaby’s routine was the best, was because she was dancing with Robert. Personally, I think he is the best male partner I’ve ever seen on the show, because he puts so much passion into every dance he performs and is 100% supportive of his partner. I’m just so glad that his car accident didn’t diminish is dancing ability.

    • Jenks says:

      Amen to this. I will suffer through Jason Derulo any time (albeit with the TV on mute) just to catch a glimpse of the divine Robert.

    • Danelle says:

      Well I love Robert so I would agree that he pulls out the softness in his partners. But I would have to say that Gaby was really just flawless. I agreed with everything Paula said about her. I do, however, feel that Hailee would have done just as well with this routine and Robert as a partner. I think that Gaby has lucked out the last couple of weeks with better choreo.

  8. Olivia says:

    I was surprised Neptune went home. Megz is my favorite, but I know she has little chance of making the top 4. I’m glad Derrick left. That should have happened weeks ago.
    Jim in the final 4—please no. Hailee and Gaby are WAY better than Jim. Yes, he’s an amazing technical dancer, but what’s the point if you can’t show emotion? Hailee and Gaby are true standouts. If the final 4 is Haillee, Gaby, Jaja, and Virgil, I’d be happy. I think it is anyone’s game at this point.

    • Sue says:

      I think part of Jim’s problem of showing emotion is the multiple surgeries he’s had on his mouth/face. He may have suffered some nerve damage. I also think Jim’s had terrible luck with his draws for which style of dance he’s had to perform. He’s had to do street dancing much more than the style that he’s trained in. I may be biased, since he’s from my city (and Jasmine’s hometown, too!), but I like Jim. I don’t know that he can win, but he deserves to be in the top 6 and possibly the top 4.

      • Olivia says:

        Sue, wow I feel terrible. I didn’t even consider how the surgeries may have affected Jim’s ability to show emotion. Regardless of emotion, he is truly a beautiful dancer. His solos are wonderful.

      • Cheddar cheese says:

        If there is any justice to this series i hope that Jim will have at least one more ballet routine, with a good all star. Ballet Boys Part 2?

        • Mona Cattanach says:

          Jim and Alex Wong would be my dream all star / contestant pairing, and since the show was so fixated on trios this season, add Chehon to the mix!

    • DF says:

      Megz is more trained than Neptune. She has pulled one dance after the next with genre out of comfort zone, bad choreography or lacking partner.
      Really…Paso Doble? Why is that even a choice? Only 3 Ballroom dances all season. Give her Sonja Contemporary with Robert or Nappytabs Hip Hop with Joshua and watch her kill it. Megz would then be a top 4 pick. Luck of the draw I guess.

      Is is sad to see Neptune go. I believe he will do well with his dance career.

      • manny says:

        Everyone is dancing out of their comfort zone and megz should have went home she can only hip hop thats it every dance she have done she was not good

        • DF says:

          You are entitled to your opinion. She is a very talented contemporary dancer as well as hip hop. Lets agree to disagree.

        • Tina says:

          Really? Did you see her contemporary with Edson? That was the judges favorite and they praised for how good she was out of her style.

        • Monica says:

          You don’t know what you guys are talking about Megz can do a lot but no one else has had that piece and I bet they couldn’t do it to and she blow them away the judges don’t know what they are talking about

  9. Ashton says:

    I love Megz and thing she’s got a great personality, however to keep her over Neptune isn’t right. Will miss him very much. He was one of my favorites from the start.

    The sad thing is now is that I really enjoy all of the dancers on the show (except maybe Jim) I’ll be sad to see them go.

  10. Olivia says:

    And can we please stop with the endless promos? Whether it’s checking in with Ryan Seacrest every 15 minutes before his show that lasted 2 episodes or Degree —who cares? Is the show hurting for money so badly that they have to push deodorant?

  11. Shaun says:

    A decent elimination.Need to get Jaja,Gaby,Virgil and Hailee to the end.Enjoyed Gabys dance the most,so much emotion comes out of her and her movements so precise.

  12. amanda says:

    Gabby needs to win.she can do it all and tap her feet off.I’m so happy that she went to detroit and put her feet in the judges mouth.u go girl

  13. msemmyjones says:

    Derek, yes, but I would have traded Neptune for Megz.

  14. Choir Girl says:

    This show lost me with last year’s blandly cast season and the first few weeks of this live competition when I thought some of the elimination choices were terrible…but I’m back on the train now. Mainly because….Gaby is complete perfection – deep musicality, incredible strength, beautifully interpretive, humble and a sense of humor, she is a true artist and just beginning!…And I also really appreciate each of this season’s very unique personalities…from Haille to Megz from Virgil to Neptune, and Jim to Jaja, each of these individual performers have made an impact on me. And I miss Yorelis! But I love that this show gives diamond in the rough performers like these a showcase. There’s no other platform quite like it. Gaby for the win, but congrats to all of this year’s outstanding top 20.

  15. Luli101 says:

    Sad to see Neptune go, but Megz was on fire in that Street group routine! I loved that number and smiled all the way through it. All of them had their moments in that routine.

  16. Mona Cattanach says:

    If there is any justice in TV Danceland, Megz will go home next week. Not only because as the judges so correctly pointed out, her Paso with Paul-great to see him again-highlighted her weaknesses, but because for me the last few weeks have highlighted her weaknesses and her limited emotional range on stage. Even when she is able to mimic the moves the choreographers give her, she can’t seem to match the feel of the piece.
    I’m not sure the wardrobe department is doing her any favors either. If her costuming is designed to respect the fact that she doesn’t seem comfortable in more femine appearing garb, it is not working. The bizarre pleather disco carwash number from tonight didn’t make much sense and only served to highlight how stiff she was. When Paul lifted her upside down it looked like a scene from the 1987 movie Mannequin.
    Neptune’s technique is not perfect, but he connects with the music and his partner much more than Megz, and he can do strong without appearing plastic.

    • manny says:

      You too megz is so stiff she cant do anything but lock in dancing hip hop should have been gone Arianna and Yorelis should have made it over her and the other girl also jj

      • Monica says:

        You guys don’t know what you are talking about all all Megz has been but in more work then the others everyone else have been giving piece in there area .. Jaja they give easy steps and hip hop step in her dance to stand her out .. Gabby the same thing has had hip hop and comptanpery like come on who is the true dancer Megz been working really hard week after week it’s not right that they give bad people that do the piece like come on stop hating and really watch what dance is about

  17. Rafael says:

    Gaby, the new leader, right over Virgil. Will Virgil be the only guy contestant in the Top 4 for the first time?

    Mary Murphy didn’t officially leave this show. This show is trying to refresh from last year’s teen version into this year’s new adult version. So that means Mary took this 12th season off. She will return next season and replace Jason Derulo. Paula Abdul will be given another chance next season, IMO.

  18. Danelle says:

    I am having a hard time believing that the dancers are pulling styles out of a hat. If they are then the hat is stacked against some of them. I really love Jaja but she definitely had the easier choreo and she had the Golden Boy Ricky as her partner. I love me some Paul but that boy had no choice but to dance rings around Megz. I feel that both Megz and Jaja are getting fan points for their personalities and not their technique. I thought Neptune out danced both of them. I thought that Hailee out danced Fik-shun. I know that people say she looked stiff but I thought Fik-shun looked sloppy. Robert is perfection, but Gaby added a golden halo to that routine. I thought that Derek was technically perfect but he has no idea how to play the game. I thought Jim and comfort had a great performance and I thought the judges were too harsh, although props to Paula for gently rebuking Pharside and Phoenix for the intricacy of the routine. I think that Virgil would have been better playing an impish devil in that african jazz routine rather than try to come off as sinister. I think there is only one question mark about the top four. Can Jim over take Hailee? I think with Gaby being a lock voters might let Hailee go to have another man in the top four,. I think this is Gaby’s win to run away with. Unless the remaining contestants get stellar choreo next week I don’t know if any of them can beat Gaby.

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      I ve watched every episode of the show since season one and have often wondered about the many magic properties of that hat! For all it can do, it seems it can’t do random. Favorites like Gaby and JaJa get amazing all stars, Robert and Ricky; and Jim is continually assigned Hip Hop? And to top (hat) it off, he gets a dance where he is told not to look at his partner after the judges blasted him last week for lack of connection? Me thinks the fix is in the hat.
      Let me just say, Gaby was amazing. The star shine in that number wasn’t just Robert! Jaja looked beautiful, but Ricky far outshone her and not just because all the big moments in the dance were his. I thought Jim did well with his hip hop moves, he has amazing body control. Maybe I am just too old and “out of the pocket” to know what was so bad about his routine, because I enjoyed it as much as I am able to enjoy a Pharside and Phoenix routine, which with the exception of the Geisha number last week, is not so much

    • DF says:

      I agree it is hard to believe anyone is picking out of a hat and I believe that is why you feel the way you do about some of the dancers. Megz would have killed the dance with Fik-shun. None of the top 8 had to do Ballroom with the exception of Megz. You cannot compare Jaja’s dance that was simplistic to the Paso Doble performed by anyone. Hailey was stiff (although she is a favorite of mine). The point is it is luck of the draw that spotlights your strengths and weaknesses and some have been more lucky than others.

      • Danelle says:

        If Megz had gotten hip hop I would have said she got preferential treatment. Jaja could have done the Fikshun routine as well. Megz could not have done Jaja’s routine but she should have gotten something less technical than a Paso! (On a side note I was so jazzed to see Paul I watched the routine several times even though it wasn’t Megz’s best performance.) Jean Marc Generoux tried tow work with Megz’s aggressiveness but a Paso is a Paso. Gaby was indeed brilliant. If she and Robert had babies they’d probably exit the womb dancing. Some have been more lucky than others, I agree, I just wish the differences weren’t so glaring some weeks.

        • DF says:

          So are you saying Gaby got preferential treatment last night? She is trained in classical ballet and that routine, although absolutely beautiful to her credit, was totally in her wheel house. So if you feel Hip Hop for Megz would have been preferential treatment, how is Mandy Moore Contemporary not preferential treatment for Gaby? Please don’t say she is a tapper.
          Just think the playing field needs to be leveled out.
          Megz doesn’t have the hair to have done Jaja’s routine. : ) Last night’s routine for Jaja was not technical at all and way to easy for SYTYCD Top 8. You are right, Jaja absolutely could have killed the dance with Fik-shun.

          • Kelli says:

            That’s what irks me. They keep calling her ‘just a tapper’. She’s trained in other genres. Just like the 2 tappers last year.

            They all keep climbing up the scale as though they’ve put everything in the pocket, when they really should be absolutely stunning. The same with the ‘street’ kids who are given credit for being ‘street’, when in reality, they’re trained for everything.

            In other words: If they’re trained for everything, and they’re doing what they’re doing, they’re not really that good at all.

          • Danelle says:

            I think that Gaby has done more of a variety than most of the street dancers and I feel that almost all the dances she as given called for some intricate choreo so for her to pull her own style reads more “lucky” than “preferential” (plus Robert!). I feel the same about most of the stage dancers actually. The street dancers, OTOH, have not only pulled their own style more often but the choreo, even out of style, has been pretty basic so as not to expose their flaws. Am I wrong in saying that while the stage dancers are generally “stiff” or “lack swag” technically they have no problem learning the hip hop moves. It does not seem to work the same way in reverse although Jaja is a great little actress. The only style that Megz killed out of her style was contemporary. Everything else has been sub par. I feel like the show wanted at least one female hip hopper in the finale four. Since Megz has been polling low and Jaja high it seems like the hat wanted to preserve that status quo. So the hat magically pulled an easy choreo for Jaja and a super hard one for Megz. Stupid hat. Don’t get me wrong I love Jaja and love to see her advance. I think her body of work street side is as strong as Virgil’s I just feel like it would have made a better show to see Jaja and Megz duel it out with comparable routines.

      • Taylor says:

        not luck of the draw…i believe the producers give routines that will be less appealing to viewers when they want them eliminated…(Ariana and Alexia Fish Dance) Kate (Asaf cha cha)

    • manny says:

      Well said

    • Taylor says:

      I agree …that luck of the draw from a hat is as true as leprachuans having a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

  19. walters says:

    Let’s get real the judges are setting Megz up to fail ! “No core” Paula ??? Really ?

    • Dave says:

      It’s the technique of the paso doble. She was right to say that.

      • DF says:

        Megz has a great core. She could not do her flips or half her solo without it. I am not sure any of them have the technique for the Paso Doble. Would love to be proved wrong.

        • JWS says:

          Megz has made it far enough – time for her to go. No matter the routine she is assigned, she is limited. She will be gone next week…..and so will Haley unfortunately.

          • Dave says:

            Agreed. She always seems stiff. She has no business being in the top 6. Neptune was robbed.

          • manny says:

            Yes Neptune was robbed also Arianna and Yorelis!!!!!! They do it every year its a pattern

          • Tina says:

            Yorelis and Ariana and Neptune deserved to go home .. Bye

          • flip says:

            I agree. I think Gaby will win, with Virgil as a second pick. Hailee is great, she as third place?

          • observer says:

            I don’t think Megz has made is far enough! It’s crazy how people get emotionally attached to placement. If you’re not first – then what does 2 – 20 matter? In my opinion. I think there’s a disadvantage that maybe people don’t understand. Dancing by definition is not just ONE thing. I give props to all the dancers especially the STREET dancers for pulling there weight. I think the STAGE dancers deserve more criticism. As far as, partnering routines. I think the ONUS is on the choreographer to choreograph according to the dancers. You honestly think a weeks worth of time to partially trained STREET dancers is enough to be displayed in full on national television?! None the less, Paso Doble?! No need to be so critical about technique, I think. But, what do I know? It’s easy to be a couch critic though. :)

          • observer says:

            Dang. I don’t understand these limitations?

            Edson & Megz – standing ovation!
            Megz & Marko – fun routine!
            Megz, Moises & Jim – Boys equaled to back up dancers to Megz!
            Sonya contemporary routine – front and center.
            I think the list keeps going…

            She is, without limitations. I just think people don’t like the way she looks. Which is a shame because, I’m personally entertained by her. I love the edgy look. She is a breath of fresh air. She’s unique. You can see her heart and soul every time she performs. She’s so many things that people chose not to see. If you want technique fine, go watch a ballet. I don’t know. I think everyone on this show is talented. But, Megz for me is the winner. There’s something about that girl! And, She has got everyones attention! Good Luck Megz!

        • Danelle says:

          Oh I think Hailee could have done that Paso justice. In fact I think that Gaby could have as well.

  20. Kelli says:

    As it has been many times with tappers, Gaby is constantly being called ‘just a tapper’. She’s not. The same goes for Valerie from last year. If you search, they’re both equally trained in ballet and contemporary.

    Why they continue getting credit for doing so well in other genres is a political maneuver. Nigel’s favorite style of dancing (when he danced) was TAP.

    That’s why I stopped voting after season 10.

  21. TomatoSoupCan says:

    Jason is pathetic……can he dance? or just look cleaned up? GET RID OF HIM!!!!

    • flip says:

      Megz in that Paso was ridiculous, although she really tried her best. She is too masculine and chunky, and this dance calls for grace as well as beautiful dancing. I am so mad that she stayed and Neptune got bumped! Neptune is wonderful, and improved every week. UGH

      • Lola says:

        Hahahhaha you are so stupid it hurts. Chunky? She’s the only girl on that stage with a six pack. Neptune has been in the bottom over and over like someone stated. It was his time regardless. If you didn’t give Neptune all your votes then you have no right to make any comment

  22. Caroline says:

    At this point, I wish they’d drop making an elimination from each team.
    I’d pick Gaby, Hailee, Jim, and Virgil as the final four. Three Stage and one Street.
    Just pick the best (or favorite) dancers. I don’t think the Team Stage/ Street idea worked out that well, at least not in the final stages.

  23. I’ve read all the comments here and some in particular about the “hat” was something I was just talking to a friend about. I hate to say conspiracy theory but it does seem that favorites are given dances they probably won’t mess up. I want to know if all the dancers are present when the dance is picked out of said hat. Another comment I want to make is about ballroom. Paso and ballroom are legit dances and I think if Jaja had gotten paso she would have killed it and so would Gaby or Hailee. To win you have to do it all. like Gaby. Oh and Neptune is just as good as Virgil IMO and has personality too. Jim is beginning to connect but can he catch up is the question. My two cents. Aloha

  24. kelli says:

    megz is an amazing dancer! Our children are so lucky to have her as a role model

  25. Kathy sweeney says:

    I wouldn’t understand if MEGZ gets booted off. She is absolutely one of the most talented dancers I’ve seen on your show in all the years of watching.
    I think I may stop watching your show if you can’t be fair.

  26. Bobby says:

    I’m sick of Nigel’s homophobia. Won’t watch anymore.

  27. Michelle Presseisen says:

    I feel that the choreographers aND judges are being unfair to Megz. Whatever The Throw AT Her She Puts 100% into everything

  28. Susan says:

    Megz needs to go. She is an exceptional hip hop dancer, but a dancer needs to be believable in the role of their performance. A male dancer is expected to exhibit masculinity in his female partnering. A female dancer has the expectation of exhibiting feminitity when called for in her male partnering. To accuse the judges of “homophobia” is absurd. Megz is not only uncomfortable within a female persona but she has rejected it. Her sexual preference is not in question but the obvious restriction she has put forth is. She is a female dancer, whether or not she fully embraces it.

    • Mona Cattanach says:

      Very well stated Susan!

    • Sasha says:

      And your an idiot that has probably never danced in your life and are irreverent to life. Seriously all you guys care about is feminity and this is why people expect woman to be a certain way because society, people like you, only care about the way a girl looks and how she acts. Who cares she embraces who she is and she’s the only one who does. You also fully embrace your ridiculous,irreverent and stupid comments much like the rest of the people on here. So sorry about your life that you have to comment to put others down

    • observer says:

      Susan, unfortunately I have to disagree. There is a new definition of being a female. I think it was a movement in the 1940’s. “We can do it!” One so-so performance in the Paso Doble and people are calling for Megz’ head. Have you seen the contemporary routines? Jazz? You’re being stereotypical. She has rejected the female persona? Did you write the book on persona? Or, is this an uninformed opinion. Your apology is accepted.

      • Lola says:

        Whoever you are, you are perfect. You couldn’t have said it better.

        • observer says:

          Thank you! People are so quick to criticize something that is different. I just think that someone like Megz deserves to have her perspective displayed and respected. These people talk about her like she “missed the boat” on being female. I came across this site and saw all these comments about technique, look and etc. I just don’t see what they’re talking about. So, I just felt like I had to add my two cents. I had a lot of grammatical errors because I was typing too fast with anger! hehe! But, give credit where it is due. Megz is doing an amazing job! So you think you can dance deserves a winner like Megz! Thanks for supporting the point of view!

  29. Laina says:

    Are you guys kidding me! Megz is still here??? Neptune should have absolutely been here over her. I dont even enjoy her hip hop routines. And hailee in the bottom?? Jim is sooo awkward hailee never has a bad night. She literally gives whatever they ask! Next week better not have hailee gone or ill lose it. I dont know why you guys hate jasons judgement s hes the only one who is honest. Poor paula she just wants to be a loving mum and encourage all of them.

    • Tina says:

      Actually it’s are you kidding ME? Just look the duo number poll.. Neptune went because it’s his time. Being in the bottom 4 times is enough. Derek was in the bottom 4 times and every said he needed to go because he was in the bottom to much.. Same goes for Neptune then.

  30. Justin says:

    I think you should all just let the poll speak for itself … The three top are girls . And they are all deserving of it.

  31. Grace says:


  32. Kathy sweeney says:

    MEGZ has just been such an amazing dancer & entertainer!! She’s magnificient

  33. sistia says:

    When it gets down to the final four, the stage and street designations should go out the window. These dancers have proved themselves in the versatility of the routines they have done all season. It’s now time for the top vote-getters to advance regardless of whether they are stage or street. I thought that’s what Nigel wanted: for street to be accepted by the dance community, not to be classified and separated. Nigel should keep his mouth shut about which dancer he thinks should win. Every since he chose Gaby as his favorite, I have thought that tainted his critique of her. If the street dancers are expected to dance the same way as stage dancers, the whole concept of this show is wrong. It puts the street dancers behind from the beginning. It’s the street dancers who have to not only learn routines, but also learn the stage way of doing them. Will there be two winners, or just one this year? Guess I’ll just try to enjoy the dance and forget about the politics of the show. I think Paula has done a good job as a judge this year, but I still miss hearing at least one Hot Tamale Train yell this season.