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Fall TV Poll: Which New Shows Are You Most Looking Forward To?

With the Fall TV season beginning in earnest on Monday, Sept. 21, we thought it a prudent time to gauge your interest in the many shiny and new (or new-ish) shows heading to your TV screen.

Revisit our extremely handy What’s New slideshow (found here or below) to refresh your memory about what’s what and who’s starring in it. Then cast your vote for the FIVE new dramas and THREE freshman comedies that you are most anxious to start watching.

It’s that simple.

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Note: Given the non-continuous storylines and almost exclusively new characters, Fargo and AHS: Hotel have been deemed new.

Note: Having seen Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Scream Queens, we’ve listed both hourlongs as comedies.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. American Horror Story and Fargo are new shows, eh?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I will let someone else point out your oversight :) And that person will collect 175 TVLine Power User points (No cash value)

      • LADY_in_MD says:

        The first paragraph says new or new-ish so I’m guessing since AHS is a new story line it falls under the new-ish category

      • Jules says:

        I don’t watch Fargo but for AHS ..the idea that every season has a different premise & setting & characters may categorize it as new seeing as it’s not a continuation of the previous season.

        • Maryann says:

          I don’t feel that American Horror Story should count as new. It will be just as gross, creepy and unwatchable as previous seasons, and I’m sure its fans have just as definitely made up their minds they will watch based on previous seasons as I have decided not to watch based on previous seasons.

          • Fjf says:

            If you want to call it gross and creepy okay. It should be creepy why would you watch a show marketed as creepy and then criticisize it for being so… Seems idiotic to me. Also based on ratings I wouldn’t call it unwatchable.

          • SAMP says:

            Actually knowing it it s different story each year I check it out each year and don’t pre -judge.

      • Ellinas1978 says:

        I don’t think they should count as new. But it’s a grey area and you are putting the poll together so it’s the author’s prerogative to do what they want. I would say you have more of a case for Fargo, but less with AHS were most of the cast is returning.

    • Stern des Südens says:

      “Note: Given the non-continuous storylines and almost exclusively new characters, Fargo and AHS: Hotel have been deemed new.”

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Winner, winner, TVLine Power User points dinner!

        • Stern des Südens says:

          Sweet! :)

          • Andrea says:

            Matt, a suitable “prize” might be that Stern gets an answer to a question for Inside Line. (If Stern has a question, of course.)

          • DarkDefender says:

            Andrea.. I can vouch for Matt & TVLine in saying that the fictional (no cash value) power user points are WAY more valuable than simply asking a question or for a bit of scoop, because TVLine will give the TV intel freely. Just keep reading!

        • Ellinas1978 says:

          His/her question on whether they should be considered so, is still valid in my opinion.

      • It’s not like I didn’t see that part. But it’s like, really? If you’ve seen either show, you’re going to watch it or not based on what you’ve seen before despite the annual reboot. Too bad AHS can’t reboot its writing staff. I feel like they were included to even out the poll in what seems like one of the least exciting fall seasons in a while.

        • panda says:

          Not true, I I have not warched all seasons of AHS. I base them on the season itself, I don’t care about what came before it, does the current season interest me, so far, nope. But Freakshow interested me a lot more than Coven did so I watched.

          • Well, that makes you the exception, not the rule. I only watched season 1 and it was a miserably boring experience that wasted the talents of its great cast and I regret giving it one minute of my time, let alone 13 hours of it. It was like out of costume 1960s Batman villains (and their ghosts) directed their efforts towards the most mopey, unsympathetic family ever. The kindest thing I hear people say is that they watch it for the performances. Normal, non-anthology shows go through quality ebbs and flows too as writers, producers and showrunners change and people tend to quit after significant quality drops. If True Detective comes back next year, count on it getting lower ratings. If the great people behind Fargo somehow botch season 2, expect any possible season 3 to have similar abandonment.

  2. Stern des Südens says:

    No Chicago Med?

  3. LADY_in_MD says:

    I’m looking forward to
    Blind spot
    Angel from Hell
    Dr Ken
    The grinder

    • Temperance says:

      The pilot for Rosewood was awful. That’s a screaming ‘no’ for me – the basic premise of the lead is even stupid.

      • Lizo says:

        The premise of Rosewood does seem pretty stupid. But it’s Morris Chestnut! And he’s looking fiiinnneeee. Plus, the chemistry between him and the female lead seems good, so they’ve gotten me to watch based on casting alone haha. I’ve tolerated many a stupid premise for a good cast/characters.

  4. brandydanforth81 says:

    Scream Queens is the new fall show I’m most excited about but I will try Crazy Ex Girlfriend & maybe SuperGirl

  5. Tracy says:

    None of the new shows look great to me! I’ll check out SuperGirl though! I think Lea Michelle is very talented but I hate Ryan Murphy so I won’t watch Scream Queens. Mostly I think I’ll be watching Scorpion and Supernatural this year!

  6. taniaha says:

    I hope Ash v Evil Dead gets enough ratings to stay on past a few episodes – it looks like a very promising mix of comedy, horror, action, kitsch and Bruce C.

  7. To be fair, I would have voted for Hand Of God under drama, but for some reason only The Man In The High Castle made the list.

  8. KM says:

    minority report
    grandfathered, i just love John Stamos

  9. h5n1 says:

    how about Jessica Jones? or does it not count cause it has no premiere date yet?

  10. JC1 says:

    I picked Supergirl, Blindspot, and The Player. I’m not sure if I should really have picked The Player. I plan to check it out, but I really don’t know about that one.
    The show I’m most excited about, though, isn’t a fall show. It’s CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. Can’t wait! :)

  11. Nitemar says:

    What happened with The Catch? Did they stop production or something, I was really looking forward to watching only because of Mireille Enos. Sorry if this is old news.

  12. AHS
    Ash vs The Evil Dead
    The Muppets

  13. bshaid says:

    I dunno about the muppets, if the show is gonna be about the silliness of the breakup twixt Kermit and Piggy…

  14. brandydanforth81 says:

    I’ll also check out Hot & Bothered

  15. Jules says:

    How about Lucifer..happened to bump into the Pilot and it’s awesome!

  16. Katie_Mead says:

    Well, dammit, Lucifer is making us wait until spring :(

  17. Dean says:

    Supergirl first and foremost still haven’t seen it since it leaked. The Player but only cuz the guys who made blacklist made it.

  18. Jules says:

    Dramas – Blood & Oil, Heroes Reborn, Quantico, Bastard Executioner, SuperGirl
    Comedies – Crazy Ex-Gf, Grandfathered, Scream Queens

  19. Ali says:

    The Blacklist is changing it up, so, it’s kind of like a new show so that would be my number one pick. I cannot wait to see S3 now that it’s not the Tom Show.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I would be very interested in the Blacklist if the writers were in fact really changing it up and season 3 ditched the FBI entirely for Liz and Red on their own, but I dont think that is what the writers are going to do.

  20. Brian says:

    For me, Drama – American Horror Story & Fargo and then Supergirl

    Comedy – Muppets & Scream Queens

  21. Supergirl, of course. Isn’t it obvious? (that’s a joke — as is the show…)

    But seriously, it is a tie between Ash Vs Evil Dead and Heroes Reborn.

  22. Boiler says:

    Bet FOX would be thrilled with comedy results. For their sake as well as current ones returning, hope this holds. No dramas really interest me. Actually glad to see Blood and Oil and Chicago Med low

  23. Larc says:

    Another poll possibility is which shows are we already turned off on before the season even begins. Code Black would be my #1 choice.

  24. star says:

    My Top 5 dramas are
    4. The player
    5 . minority report.
    I hardly watch comedies but I will watch scream queens

  25. makparis says:


  26. Mr. Tran K says:

    New shows I’m looking forward to: Supergirl, Blindspot, Heroes Reborn and The Player.

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      BTW, I did mention the new comedies I’m looking forward to: The Muppets and Life in Pieces (a Modern Family rip-off).

  27. hello says:

    Having seen the Supergirl pilot i can’t wait for more. Having seen the Minority Report pilot it can’t die fast enough

  28. Douglas from Brazil says:

    For the first time since 2004, I’m not interested in any new show to watch.

  29. BenM says:

    I’m particularly looking forward to the Muppets, the Grinder and Quantico. The Man in High Castle sounds like something that could be worth a go, I didn’t even know it was being turned into a TV series so clearly it hasn’t had as much press wherever I’ve been looking, but it could be great. I also voted Heroes Reborn, Supergirl and Minority Report although these might be shows I just don’t have enough available time for.

  30. Aleana says:

    I’m looking forward to:

    The Bastard Executioner
    Heroes Reborn
    Angel From Hell
    Dr. Ken
    Scream Queens

  31. Maria says:

    None. I no longer watch new shows, since so many of them get cancelled at the end of their first season. From now on I am sticking with established shows, and I can catch up on a season or two of reruns online or just jump in and figure it out as I go.

    • Temperance says:

      So you’ve literally chosen to let everyone else on the planet decide what you can watch? Oy.

    • Katherine215 says:

      That is an interesting choice. I really hate that shows I love get cancelled, but I would not have skipped shows like Constantine and Forever just to avoid the disappointment of their cancellation. ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

  32. April says:

    Am I the only one more excited for the mid-season premieres than the fall? These shows are good, but all the shows I wanna see are mid-season.

    • HeatherC says:

      I’m with you there! The new shows I most want to see are Game of Silence, The Catch, and Lucifer, and my one old show coming back midseason is Night Shift which I also want to see. Bring on the midseason stuff, LOL ;)

  33. Nichole says:

    Having seen the pilot for Supergirl already, I really can not believe it topped the poll for new shows that people are looking forward to. There are a fair few interesting new shows this year that are a bit out of the box, a few that are Blacklist-esk as such, but still look interesting. Will have to see what the first one or two episodes look like. Will not be watching Supergirl though, the up fronts teaser was concerning and the pilot episode was cringe worthy, but hey, each to their own. My main concern for it is that it is on CBS and if it gets good enough ratings, could lead to the end of older shows on CBS, such as POI with it’s reduced season order or Elementary :( Plus just don’t like the leading lady, she was so ugh in Glee and doesn’t come across much better in this. Felt more like something you would see on The CW of ABC Family lol!! I know it’s called SuperGIRL, but being the first superhero show with a female hero lead, couldn’t they have gone with someone more like Bobby on AOS, she’s strong, kick ass and the sort of character I would like to see lead a show. As much as I would miss Bobby and Hunter on AOS, I am really looking forward to seeing the spin off pilot for her :)

  34. Dude says:

    Scream Queens, Supergirl and Fargo are the only shows I’m anticipating but I’ll check out The Muppets and AHS too.

  35. John Davis says:

    1. Quantico
    2. AHS: Hotel
    3. Code Black
    4. Blood & Oil
    5. Blindspot

    1. Scream Queens
    2. Grandfathered
    3. The Grinder.

    Plus: Wicked City and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

  36. Maryann says:

    The comedy I am most looking forward to is Truth Be Told, but I guess it doesn’t stand much of a chance. It is just refreshing to hear people say exactly what they are thinking, and it looks like it has a more realistic tone than some of the other comedies that are much too broad for my taste. It also doesn’t help that they changed the name. When I was checking the list, I was looking for its original name, People Are Talking. At any rate, I will enjoy however many episodes they air before they pull it.

  37. Maryann says:

    Most anticipated dramas:
    Heroes Reborn
    Chicago Med
    Minority Report
    Will also check out (but will need to be convinced):
    The Bastard Executioner
    Code Black
    Wicked City
    The Player
    The Man in the High Castle
    Will also check out a few comedies:
    Truth Be Told
    Scream Queens
    Angel From Hell


  38. Maryann says:

    I am also looking forward to Into the Badlands. Shouldn’t that be on the list? It debuts this fall.

  39. Spence says:

    Not hating on anyone else, but I don’t see how anyone could possibly want to watch Supergirl. I couldn’t even finish watching the trailer for it, it looked so horrid. Maybe I’m just missing something.

    • Temperance says:

      You are. And yes, it isn’t perfect. And the trailer was much worse than the trailer. It’s still about a billion times better than Survivor, The Bachelor, etc.

      • BenM says:

        Oh dear, I can’t trust the opinions of anyone who says something is a billion times better than Survivor, and categorises it together with the Bachelor…

    • herman1959 says:

      Why don’t you wait and watch the actual show before making up your mind?

    • panda says:

      Right? It’s almost like their have their own opinions about the trailer that different from yours, so weird!

    • John NYC says:

      Because they either COULD finish watching the trailer or haven’t even seen it and are going from the premise?

      As a guess.

  40. lame says:

    The show I’m most interested in watching is POI as this will end the series. With the imagination and guts these writers have shown it should be spectacular.
    Yeah, yeah I’m way off topic, so stone me.

  41. Cheyenne says:

    Scandal, Bates Motel, and the Muppet Show. Everything else is dreck.

  42. Joey Padron says:

    new shows I’m looking forward are Supergirl, Fargo, Limitless, The Muppets, Grandfathered, and Life In Pieces.

  43. Scotty2Hotty says:

    Fargo,Bastard,Blindspot,The Player,Quantico. Scream Queens,Muppets,Ash.

  44. LilAngel says:

    I’m just waiting for Scream Queens because Lea Michele stars in it.
    For those who are eager to watch Supergirl, good luck because Melissa Benoist is just not sexy enough for the role

    • Dean says:

      ‘Melissa Benoist is just not sexy enough for the role’ mysoginistic douche if thats what your basis on anything is I’m sure you were your mom’s favourite.

    • John NYC says:

      The role doesn’t call for “sexy”.

      And there’s a reason it’s called “acting”….

  45. liame says:

    I think our watch at least one or two episodes of each and decide from there. Never know what you like until you sample it first, but I must say some of the trailers really tells it all for some shows.

    • John NYC says:

      But OTOH for many shows the trailer and pilot both are not all that representative of what the show’s people are capable of producing week after week. For better or worse either from budgetary reasons or creatively.

  46. Maryann says:

    Supergirl seems to be one of the most divided shows out there in terms of people’s opinions, and I can’t make up my mind about it either. So, you know what? Since trailers (and pilots!) often do not reflect the actual tone of an ongoing series, I am going to watch 4-5 episodes before deciding whether to continue. If it feels more like Smallville or Arrow or The Flash or even Lois and Clark, I will continue. If what we have is Hart of Dixie / Devil Wears Prada in tights I am done. What I AM sure of at this point though is that every fan of the genre should give it a chance and see where they are actually going with the series before writing it off.

  47. LM says:

    It will be interesting to see if “Supergirl”, and it’s positive, upbeat tone might effects “Batman v Superman” with it’s negative, dark tone. The former may remind people that Superman wasn’t intended to be morose.

  48. Darlene says:

    Shows I’m most excited about: Super Girl, Life in Pieces
    Shows I’ll check out: Limitless, Heroes Reborn
    These shows will join NCIS and Blue Bloods as My Must Watch TV (unless the new shows disappoint)
    Shows I’ll only watch On Demand (if I get around to them): The Good Wife, CSI:Cyber, NCIS:New Orleans,

  49. mike says:

    Quantico looks good. Hope this show lives up to the trailer I saw. Hope we can get some scoop on it too.