Graceland Briggs Kidnapped

Graceland Sneak Peek: Briggs' Dirty Little Kidnapping Secret Is Out

All eyes are — once again! — on Graceland‘s Paul Briggs, in the wake of last week’s shocking reveal.

When last we tuned in, Mike (Aaron Tveit), in the course of privately following a lead on the license plate that was on Briggs’ radar, learned that it belonged to FBI Deputy Agent Sean Logan (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.). But no sooner did Mike confirm the car’s driver than he saw Logan get black-bagged and thrown into a van driven by Briggs (Daniel Sunjata)!

In the sneak peek below from Thursday’s episode (USA Network, 10/9c), Mike briefs Paige and Johnny (Serinda Swan and Manny Montana) on what he saw, leading the trio to speculate on what their always-unpredictable, envelope-pushing roommate — who was begrudgingly sicced on the Sarkissian clan by Logan — has got himself wrapped up in this time.

Elsewhere in the episode, Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) devises a new angle to catch Germaine.

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  1. m3rcnate says:

    I have a feeling this is a fake out, that stuff with the boss and Briggs isn’t as horrible as it seems at least in this case, that Briggs hasn’t truly gone rogue or anything.
    But overall Matt, consider me pretty “meh” about Graceland. Huge fan of the first season, the second totally ruined characters and the tone of the show (aka it being fun to watch). This season has been an improvement, but with the ratings being what they are, and word being the finale ends on a huge cliffhanger…I am prepping myself for this show to get cancelled and for us to never know what the result of that cliffhanger (and the overall story of the characters) would have been.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Oh, so the Internet “telephone game” has converted “Our entire cliffhanger is based on Jakes” into “huge cliffhanger”? Only took 48 hours.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Well it could just be that Jakes is the epicenter of the cliffhanger but given this shows family style, everyone is involved. Like Jakes is in major trouble and everyone is rushing to help him, then episode over.
        Overall, cliffhanger or not, the show is most likely cancelled. Down 38% in ratings compared to S2 and the showrunner (and i’d imagine network) is aware they messed up in S2 (hence the huge drop) and this show currently has 745,000 viewers (last week) with a .25 demo…
        Don’t get me wrong, i hope it gets renewed, or at least gets a final 10-13 episode order season to wrap everything up, but those numbers say “cancelled” to me. Compare that to Suits which just got renewed with their 1.5mil-3mil viewers, and .45-.90 demo …

        • Paula says:

          Do you know if the online viewing or streaming or on demand is factored in? Because sometimes it’s not, and once it is, the numbers increase. I really enjoy the show and hope it comes back for a season 4.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Such data is considered, to a degree, as is DVR playback — and that is what gave SATISFTACION the sliiiiight edge over RUSH last year, grr.

            I’d have to imagine that, similarly, between GRACELAND and COMPLICATIONS, at least one is a goner, unless non-apparent factors come into consideration.

          • m3rcnate says:

            For those stats no i dont think the +3 or +7 or anything is factored in. But with numbers that low and a crash that far from S2 to S3, you gotta assume the DVR numbers took just as big a fall. Maybe with the DVR numbers it is good enough for one finale season but I’m just prepping myself for the cancellation and will be happily surprised if it gets another season.

      • m3rcnate says:

        I guess my point is, for a show that seems to be headed in the direction of cancellation given their numbers, “cliffhanger” is the last thing i want to hear the showrunner or writers talk about. More like “really wrapping up their stories and in the finale leaving them at a point where if this is our series finale, the fans will like it, if not, then we can pick up right where we left off (left a few threads open) and continue going into season 4”.
        Many shows have done that and i respect it, shows like Fringe where they were at a point where cancellation seemed very possible, so in respect to the fans they didn’t write a cliffhanger or leave a bunch of their stories open.

    • Bwhit says:

      I have really enjoyed this season and I even found bright spots in season 2 (besides Paige betraying Mike which was a bad idea all around) I guess my question to your point about cancellation would be, besides Suits and Mr. Robot which have been renewed, what other established drama on USA would be worth saving over Graceland? I just don’t think we should assume it’s getting the axe when the whole season hasn’t even aired. The numbers aren’t what they were last year but I believe it aired on Wednesday last summer after Suits so that could explain some of the drop. Call me the optimist but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for season 4.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Google the ratings, they STARTED (aka S3 premier) 38% lower than S4’s ratings. And they have just been dropping ever since…getting as low as 639,000 viewers two weeks ago. It’s not about other shows on their network being saved over Graceland or something like that, its about do they think this show is getting high enough ratings for the money they are spending (big cast), and do they have any pilots in the works that they think have a good shot at being a bigger hit than Graceland currently is.
        Overall, I haven’t really seen a show have a season as bad as S2 was of Graceland and then bounce back and get the viewers back (let alone add new viewers) going into their next few seasons. Their successful shows that get renewed seem to get in that 1.5-3mil viewers area, i dont think a show with 600k-800k is getting renewed for a fourth season. All of their successful shows that got multiple pickups (Suits, Psych, Burn Notice, Royal Pains, etc) all have at least 1.5mil viewers or more every week.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Can’t imagine seeing Serinda Swan so HOT and sweaty. Men couldn’t get enough of her and on Graceland.

  3. justsomeguy says:

    The show has really rebounded from the bewildering mess of season 2. I think it may be too late though. Love the show and the cast though. Keeping my fingers crossed for a season 4.

    • megawatt45 says:

      agreed. I will be bummed if it doesn’t get renewed…I was a latecomer to the show; watching the first two seasons via Netflix due to an interest in seeing what Daniel Sunjata was up to. I was reeled in by such a great first season, and made it through the full second season binge watching, hoping it would get better – now it has gotten better and I am liking Paige, Jakes, Mike and Johnny (Chuck’s ‘thing’ is getting a bit thin for me)…but, overall I like it and would like to see it keep going. It needs to keep an edge, which I think it is doing this season.

      I agree though, if it is not going to get picked up for a 4th season…I hope they do more of a wrap up of the story lines. A cliffhanger to nowhere would be very frustrating. If they wrap up some of the storylines, maybe they could take the show into new places: retirement for an FBI agent???? Trying to switch gears to an office job?

      Anyway. I’d like to keep watching. It is the ONLY show I watch on actual television now.

  4. udinov says:

    I’m willing to bet that this is a fakeout too.

    I have a feeling that the “tough agent” that Briggs is supposed to interrogate is the exact guy he is intertogating.

  5. Joey Padron says:

    good clip. can’t wait to watch new episode tonight!

  6. Leah i says:

    Love the show cast well so glad a season 3