Chasing Life Recap: Certain Tragedy

After a whirlwind romance — culminating in an even whirlwind-ier wedding — April and Leo were finally allowed enough breathing room on Monday’s Chasing Life to properly evaluate the state of their relationship.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the best thing for their relationship. The duo ended up bickering over whether or not to have children someday — lots of general future issues, really — until April completely lost it, admitting that she only took her anti-family stance because she didn’t want to promise Leo a life she couldn’t provide.

“I want to dream about all these things with you, but there’s this voice inside my head reminding me I might not be around long enough to do any of it,” she confessed through tears. Leo, naturally, reassured her with one of his classic “anything is possible” speeches, paving the way for a spectacular night in “Italy.”

That’s when Chasing Life dropped the floor right out from under us, having April approach her assumedly sleeping husband with “Life is short” … only to discover he’d died in his sleep. Yes, fellow Chase-ers, they did the one thing none of us wanted to them to do; they killed Leo Hendrie.

And even though many fans have been mentally preparing themselves for weeks — tonight’s episode was titled “As Long As We Both Shall Live,” and next week’s is “The Ghost in You,” so the writing was practically on the wall — that really doesn’t make it hurt any less.

(Disclaimer: This was not technically a full recap of tonight’s episode, but we really needed to talk about this. I think we’ve all got something to say right now, so drop a comment below with whatever you’re feeling.)

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  1. Sarah says:

    Nooooo! I loved Leo.

  2. Ian says:

    Girl*, bye.

    *And by Girl, I meant this show. Bye.

    • Caroline says:

      I feel you. Leo and April’s relationship was the only reason I watched this show. The next step for her is to be with that guy (dominic?) again (probably) and I can’t watch that. He seems douchy and wrong for her and her halfsister to me.

  3. Amanda says:

    I saw it… But my heart refuses to accept it.

  4. Christina Reynolds says:

    I was shocked and saddened. The picture montage was heartbreaking.

  5. Quinn says:

    Ugh screw this. I just can’t without Leo. He was the best.

  6. Rachel says:

    Damn it, I knew they were gonna kill him. Not cool….

    • fiberlicious says:

      I must be some kind of idiot – I did not see that coming.

      • I didn’t either 😫

        • AnneJ says:

          Me either. I was like WTEFFINGF MAN!!! I’m listening to ghost of you by mcr. I mean I knew at some point but I honestly thought they’d at least have a kid first or idk a honeymoon, something. I cried not even gonna lie. Im totally heart broken.

      • chinamunk82 says:

        I didn’t either. I’m trying to fig out why they killed him off

        • Kristen says:

          Their amazing connection was the reason I watched this show amongst other things, but I’ve been prepared for Leo’s death ever since Scott Foster was cast in a starting role in Blood & Oil. I figured the only way they were going to do him justice was to kill him off (even though I was hoping & praying that they wouldn’t). And I saw it coming in the wedding episode when Leo told April that marrying her was HIS dying wish :( I knew from that moment it was coming to an end 😢

          • I just started watching in the spring courtesy of Netflix. Leo and April’s evolving relationship was what hooked me. Never liked Dominick. Zero chemistry with Dominick. Not sure if I’ll even want to watch the show now. They could have given us a few “happy marriage” episodes before they did this. Scott Foster’s part on the new show is too big for him to really do both shows I think. Still hurts. I’m still mourning Will Gardner and don’t get me started on McDreamy.

        • Beth Browne says:

          Do the other guy can have other. Remember, he still loves her.

          • AnneJ says:

            Idk it’d feel like kind of a cop out if she just went straight to Dominic, like he’s the default guy. Like they killed Leo to make room for Dom and that would suck. But then its like they hinted at it when Grams said there’s more than one one.

        • Benington says:

          I am shocked as well!! But not at Leo’s death but at how many people did not see this coming.
          1. Scott is obligated to another show. 2. He was never listed as a cast member. I knew for sure he was going to die last week, when they got married. I initially thought they would never get married whether because of Leo or April, with all the events leading up to the wedding. They even threw in the pot stirrer, “jealous ex-girl friend”/best man storyline as another decoy. After they got married, I was sure he was a goner. Then the deal was cemented that it was going to happen this week when Leo mentioned he had a headache at the beginning of the episode. I was amused about the obvious set-up. How many character’s complain they have a headache on a TV show!!! I think he an aneurism at the site of the tumor just like Buffy’s mom did. It is actually fairly common. Anyway really loved Leo! Come on guys it is not ABC family’s fault that the guy signed with another show. That was on Scott Foster, he obviously was always keeping his options open, not signing a contract but always as a guest star.

          • leash10 says:

            Somehow I hadn’t seen that he was cast in Blood & Oil, though I HAD noticed he wasn’t in opening credits and her other love interest was. Still, I was apparently in denial that THIS would happen. I can’t decide if it was crueler for him to go this way versus having them not get married at all, though.

          • Ash says:

            We all saw it coming. Well the ones that knew Scott was on Blood and Oil. I understand he’s on a new show but there are ways to work around that. I was preparing for it and then they said “just because SMF is on another show doesn’t mean Leo is going to die” so I believed maybe they had something planned so he could do both shows.
            Killing Leo off is a death sentence for this show. Nobody is here for April and Dom. Sorry but I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t lose half its viewers after this.

          • Had exact same thought process Benington … for the past few weeks I thought for sure they would break up, with Dominic stopping the wedding for some reason. And throughout this ep I kept going back and forth with whether he would die or they would get divorced bc of her cancer/not wanting kids anymore. After the “Italy” scene in their apartment when he reassured April he wanted to grow old with her I figured he was a goner (I actually thought he would die during their makeout/sex session…)… And yes the headache comment was also a red flag for me that his death might be coming

          • AnneJ says:

            Lol the best man/ex was a lesbian so I don’t think that counts, but to be fair not everyone pays attention to those things or looks it up. I don’t, I’m just usually a really good guesser. I knew he’d die, just not so soon, and I never pay attention to any of the stuff you mentioned.

        • Ash says:

          He’s on Blood and Oil this fall. I’m assuming that’s why. But I believe this show will die with Leo.

        • Melanie says:

          He’s on a new show as a full time cast member so he chose to leave chasing life!

        • Melanie says:

          He’s on a new show as a full time cast member so he chose to leave chasing life.

  7. amysue4772 says:

    Apparently you have to be satan, and hate your fans to work for either ABCFamily, or ABC

  8. Ella says:

    Leo and his relationship with April was basically the only reason I tuned in to the show. Sooo, I’m done. Terrible move, writers. Dominic is the worst.

  9. I don’t really follow spoilers for this show but you kind of knew something bad was going to happen after last week. I was unprepared for Leo dying. Although with Scott Michael Foster on a new show it kind of fits. But even still, my heart is broken.

  10. Alyse says:

    I wasn’t shocked with the episode titles and descriptions talking about a devastating loss and financial security. It was absolutely heartbreaking though! Leo was my favorite character and I hate that they killed him off!

  11. Sims says:

    I feel like an idiot for not expecting this. 100000% took me by utter surprise. I haven’t enjoyed a TV character like I’ve enjoyed Leo in a long while. Pretty bummed about it.

  12. Patsy Reid says:

    Not watching anymore. Loved the April Leo romance. Now it’s Dimples? think not. Lost a viewer

  13. Christine says:

    Well, that just cleared up a spot on my dvr’s season pass list!

  14. Doreen Barnes says:

    I just can’t even 😭😭😭 it’s like a slap in the face to all the fans that supported this show, i love Italia and she’s a great actress but im done with this show. Guess Dom wins by default

  15. Soribel says:

    I did not see this coming!! Completely took me by surprise. I thought the cancer might be back when he said he had a headache, not death!!
    I’m still shocked! They could have done so many other things, why kill him???

  16. Richelle says:

    Please let this be a dream, I live Leo and April together, I don’t want him to die. Please please please

  17. Caitlin says:

    It’s funny because I’m usually spoiled on things like this because I follow all of the actors and read all of these spoiler-y articles. But this one I did not see coming at all which made it hurt all the more. I was actually in the middle of watching this episode and thought, “It’s so nice how this show didn’t dilly-dally with the drama of the love triangle…now we can focus on Leo and April’s marriage.” Lol nope. I hope the writers have a good explanation for this because he brought such a charm and humor to the show that will be greatly missed. This is almost Will Gardner painful. Almost. #chasingtissues

  18. Mariana says:

    Why Does next week episode synopsis says after a loss leo is the only one to get April out of bed, or something like that… But it’s not fair I like leo and April together

  19. Colleen says:

    And now I’m done with this show. I should’ve known, based on the actor’s new show and the way the writers keep trying to push Dominic x April on us…

  20. Deb says:

    I didn’t even look at the episode title. So disappointed and shocked. Ugh. Should have killed selfish, wishie washie Dom.

  21. I’m so upset and sad that they did this!!!!!! Why did it have to be Leo???? I love Leo!!!!! He was good for April!!!!! Why, why, why???????

    • vanessa says:

      omg i so hate the fact that they killed leo. But why i dont understand. they had such great chemistry. i might just stop watching this show. am so pissed. I know its just a tv show but still i love love april and leo so much

  22. fabsb says:

    Ack. First that port was horrible and you could see the edges under her arm. Then they lift u up to feel u can have the fairytale for a sec even tho sick, then they rip it away on a dime, in a way that adds to the many horror and b.s of being sick.. so sadistic and upsetting.

  23. chuffwrites says:

    “Dropped the floor out from under us” is damn right! I hadn’t known about the episode titles in advance, nor that the actor has a new show coming on ABC, so I was TOTALLY SHOCKED. Leo was my absolute favorite part of the show, too, I don’t even want to process this. Part of me is in a table-flipping “I’m quitting this show for good!” mood … I loved having Leo Hendrie on my screen, he was such a genuinely good person. Blah. Hate this.

  24. Miya brown says:

    I honestly dont thinm i can watch anymore and usually i dont comment on shows because i k ow they jave to do what they have to do but i literally cried when i saw that leo died!!!!…i loved them together they could have went about it a different way!!!!…they possibly lost a fan!!!…ripleo

  25. Crystal says:

    Done with the show !!! Only watched for Leo and April lost a viewer !!!!!

  26. Allison says:

    While I didn’t want Leo to die, I’ve truly been a Dominic and April fan since the beginning of the series. I’ve always loved them together and I was really upset when they still went through with the wedding last episode, since I then knew there would be no way for April and Dom to be together. But now, even though it won’t be in the immediate future, I think there might be a chance and that kind of makes me happy. I just wish they could’ve done it another way :/ I didn’t want Leo to die.

    • c-mo says:

      Whew! I thought I was the only person that preferred April and Dominic to April and Leo. Although I don’t think that now that Leo is gone, A & D will get back together, I think it will be her impetus to fight to get better. I really do think that A & D are done for good especially because Leo died, which was absolutely heartbreaking…a woman losing her husband is no less awful when it’s a tv show.

      • MAB says:

        I also liked April and Dominick together.

      • brandydanforth81 says:

        I also prefer April& Dominic

      • Lollia says:

        Prefer April and Dom as well. Don’t understand all the hate for Dominic. Can’t help if he loves her. Their relationship never got a chance in the beginning. Leo was the real jerk and just because writers decided to make him nice wasn’t going to change my perspective. Team Dom!

  27. brit says:

    Horrible, horrible, horrible – as if this show wad not already dramatic and sad. Killing Leo=bad move. I’m done with it and I’m sure others agree with my Opinion.

  28. Renee says:

    I just can’t believe I didn’t see this coming. It was so predictable. I needed April to have that happy ever after and now its over. CRUSHED. April is so relatable to me as a character. i finally feel like someone understands…they get it. I wish my family would watch this show…it gives me a voice. I have a type of bone marrow failure. Bone marrow failure is an organ failure .

  29. anon says:

    sorry but i’m done. too much sadness and he was my favorite. first pll now this? is the network TRYING to drive us away?!

  30. Completely heartbroken. I knew it was coming but part of me refused to believe it. Here I am, with my heart in a million pieces mourning the death of the most incredible male character on the show Leo. :( <3

  31. jen says:

    he was the best part of the show. i cant believe they killed him off. just because he is doing blood and oil. i cant believe the couldnt find a way for him to do both shows.

  32. Amber says:

    I feel like a chump for not seeing that coming, but I really didn’t. I figured it’d turn all soapy and April would go back and forth with Leo and Dominick. That sounds lame, but I would’ve rather had that! I’m devastated! I don’t know if I can watch this anymore.

  33. ctillman says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I love love love love loved still do Leo. He was a great character for the show and April. He was my favorite character. Screw that the show was about April. Leo was shunning. I am pissed I knew it was coming but I was in denial hoping at least he would be in a coma but I knew the clues were everywhere. I am crying right now. I was a true fan and admirer of April and Leo’s romance, but now ;_ _ _ _(
    I keep rewinding to the part. It’s just too sad.

  34. Elinna says:

    This sucks. No Leo I don’t think I can watch it anymore. I liked Dom in the beginning when it was just yhem but then they bring Leo and I knew he was the one for April that is I’ll watch nect week just to say goodbye to Leo.

  35. Liz says:

    I don’t think this show on this network survives (pardon the word) with its main characters in love and happy before the first/second season is complete. Then SMF gets a new show, and they’re probably in the position of having to figure it out. Maybe, if he doesn’t, he can be her one true love and in a couple of years, they get back together.

    All of the above is my common sense reaction to this episode.

    My angry, TV-obsessesed reaction: screw you, ABC Family. We chose to watch this show because of the people and the stories. Killing Leo is a cop-out, plain and simple. As someone else commented below, it was so abundantly clear that they were rehabbing Dom’s character and presenting him as a viable, likely option for April as soon as they realized they were going to lose SMF. You don’t have to have watched a lot of TV to realize that. Dominic running through the street before the wedding? Six episodes ago, he was in love with Natalie!

    Lazy, pathetic storytelling. Incredibly disappointing.

    • Adri says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more . Done with this show

    • MAB says:

      In the start of the show they show all the main characters. Leo was never a part of that but Dominick is. I believe this was planned from the beginning. I knew eventually April and Dominick would get together. I was actually surprised when April and Leo got married and I tried to figure out how they would play this out. I was not surprised that he suddenly died. They played it up that April was the sick one and he was taking care of her. They made you believe he was cured and now healthy. Part of me knew this would be the out come. It’s a TV show after all and they have to squeeze as much drama as they can out of the plot. Now they will eventually bring April and Dominick together. He will hold her hand through her mourning and will be there to pick up the pieces of her heart. There was always something between them. It never really totally went away for either one of them even though she chose Leo.

  36. Heather says:

    I have never cried so hard in my life after watching a TV episode. It touched me in more ways then one and I didn’t see this coming. So sorry Leo had to die and sorrier that April has to do it alone now, he supported her so much. He died way too soon! 😢

  37. Charlotte says:

    I promise you, I knew this was going to happen before they got married. In season 2 this whole time she has been with Leo but there’s always Dominick. How she keeps dreaming about being with him, and Dominick is still in love with her. They are going to make this story turn out that April & Dominick will be together eventually. I was just soooo hoping that they wouldn’t KILL Leo off, maybe a divorce if needed to break them up. Plus, Scott is going to be on a new show I’ve seen trailers for called Blood & Oil… so he’s already got a new gig lined up. This is so sad, I know I put too much to read, I just love Scott. I used to watch Greek and it was because of him, his comedy… then I found out he was on Chasing Life, again only because of him I watched. I just knew it!!! I promise you, they were going to find a way to get rid of his character, and now they friggin’ did. They are making this show turn out that Dominick & April are meant to be together. :( :( =*( And honestly, I don’t like April character or Dominick character, I’m not saying the actors, I mean the characters. April’s always complaining and ungrateful, and Dominick left her basically because she’s sick. Well, anyway I knew it (just want to see how many times I’ll say it, Lol), but I kept watching the show anyway, Lol. I don’t think I’ll be watching much more very soon. I don’t want to watch it without Scott, and I liked Leo too.

    • Charlotte says:

      Even though I felt like this was going to happen it still hit me. I feel sad that he’s gone. Weird but true. :(

  38. ctillman says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I love love love love loved still do Leo. He was a great character for the show and April. He was my favorite character. Screw that the show was about April. Leo was great. I am pissed I knew it was coming but I was in denial hoping at least he would be in a coma but I knew the clues were everywhere. I am crying right now. I was a true fan and admirer of April and Leo’s romance, but now ;_ _ _ _(
    I keep rewinding to the part. It’s just too sad.

  39. Jacqi says:

    Noooooooo!!!!! Not Leo!!! I had a feeling it was coming with a few clues 1. Italia said just because Scott is another show means he is killed off. 2. Italia tweeted we need a box of kleenex for tonights ep. 3. Leo said I have a headache at the beginning of the ep.
    Still why though?!!!!! 😭

  40. breygi says:

    It seems like ABC family consistently makes these casting mistakes. They get great guest stars (who are actually better than the regulars *cough* Dominic), yet when these characters catch on and become favorites they refuse to react and change course. They should have made Scott a regular a long time ago, despite what their original plan may have been. They didn’t; they lost him. Happens to ABC family again and again. In the event that SMF chose to not continue, they still chose to go this route. I hate theatrics and to be one of *those* people, but I think I’m done. He was my favorite, and without Leo, I just can’t. :(

  41. michelle says:

    This stunk. They should of let us know ahead of time he was still sick

  42. fiberlicious says:

    WTF did I just watch??????? Talk about a sucker punch – and we’re the suckers! I’ve never felt so manipulated by a TV show in my life – and that’s saying something.

    • RAK says:

      I completely AGREE!!! Where did this come from????? Why can’t shows go with happy endings and story lines??? Noooooo!!!!! I hate this and I’m done watching. Way to go ABC family. Another fail.

  43. Tanya says:

    Why? Leo was the better choice for April. He wil be missed.

  44. Kayla wyatt says:

    I didn’t see that coming that fast they could’ve at least waited another episode then killed him off. I wonder what she’s gonna do now. I hope she doesn’t go back to Dominic.

  45. Kayla says:

    If she goes back to Dominic I’m not watching the show anymore. Leo was my favorite character. The writers made a terrible choice they should’ve killed off Dominic instead that would’ve made the show a lot more interesting and it would also show if April still loved Dominic or not which I hope she doesn’t.

  46. Maggie4242 says:

    I really never cared for Leo until tonight…. And they FREAKING KILL HIM OFF?? Omg!!! I’m so sad now!!

  47. CJ says:

    I’m very sad to see Leo go as the character was charming and lovable, and Scott Michael Foster is great. What I don’t understand though are all the people swearing they’ll quit watching the show now or they’ll riot if April starts dating Dominic. Chasing Life didn’t kill off Leo just to hurt peoples’ feelings or because they have “bad writers”. Why watch a show about cancer and expect every character to have a happy ending? I wish more people would worry less about ‘ships’ and more about April’s journey.

    • breygi says:

      Why watch a show that depresses you, you have lost interest in, or you no longer want to watch? This idea that people owe loyalty to an inanimate object (a tv show) baffles me. Life is short; time is precious. Watch when you want, stop when you want. It’s personal and absolutely valid. Also, the idea that people shouldn’t share those feelings are crazy. What is a tv website/forum for?

      • CJ says:

        You misunderstand what I said, and I absolutely never said that people shouldn’t share their feelings on it. If people disagree with the decision to kill off the character, that’s fine. But I think it is silly and premature to go on about quitting the show without even seeing where they go from here. If they’ve been enjoying watching the show thus far, why not at least give it a chance? If people quit every TV show they watch every time a creative decision was made that fans disagreed with, there wouldn’t be much left to watch.

        • johnhelvete says:

          I agree with you for the most part CJ. Leo was a great character and SMG is a very good actor but I think the real story is the writers being allowed to make the show they want to make and not being forced by the network (and lets be honest the network probably wanted to keep Leo) to keep a character. The show is about a young woman living with cancer, I am invested in her journey, seems like a bunch of fans were only invested in her relationship with Leo.

          • CJ says:

            That’s exactly what I love about the decision. When fans or networks execs have too much influence on the direction of a show, especially when it comes to relationships, it ends up being very weak creatively (see: Arrow, season 3, Olicity)

        • breygi says:

          The last part wasn’t to you in particular. I just get tired of people’s impatience with dissenting opinions and criticism. As for the rest, pretty sure I understood it fine. I just don’t see it as “silly.” If people enjoyed the show because of Leo and he (or their relationship) was the main reason they watched, they shouldn’t be made to feel “silly” for stopping if they want to. Why wouldn’t you stop watching if you don’t like a creative direction? You don’t see it that way, that’s fine, but that doesn’t make people who do silly. And I totally disagree there won’t be much to watch… Pretty sure dozens of new shows come out every year. I’ll be good. ;)

  48. Lisa says:

    I didn’t even pay attention to the title of tonight’s show and was totally shocked and devastated they killed Leo off!! I heard him say he had a headache, but never expected the ending they gave us!! I have watched this show faithfully and an heart broken!! :(

  49. Misty says:

    So pissed off about this! Honestly, I hope the show gets cancelled now. The show has been off point so badly with so many things, Leo & April is what kept me watching so now I’m done. To kill off a character just to “move the show along” shows a clear lack of creativity and intelligence in the writers/production team. ABC Family/Chasing Life missed the mark big time with this move & I hope it comes back to bite them in the butt.

  50. lee says:

    I’m so pisssseeed! I had tears,Hope she doesn’t go back with Dom,really liked Leo.what were they thinking!