Food Network Star Finale Recap: And the Winner Is...

I spent most of last week’s Food Network Star recap raging against the Great Bob and Susie Bait-and-Switch of 2015.

So I shan’t say another word about how irksome it was to spend tonight’s Season 11 finale watching pilot episodes that relegated the Top 3 finalists — Dom, Jay and Eddie — into roles that could’ve been filled by a Kardashian with a Teleprompter*, while abandoning each of their culinary POVs. (Sorry, I shouldn’t put such horrific concepts out into the universe — and I accept full responsibility if Kourtney and Khloe Take the Kitchen is greenlit in the next six months.)

Jay, the guy who spent all season making Cajun fare, is now your tour guide through… Deep-Fried America? Eddie, a man who for better or for worse ping-ponged between Caribbean flavor and NFL pro healthiness, is now trying to sell us… BBQ Blitz? I guess we should be glad Dom — whose traditional Italian dishes consistently looked the most “must-make-at-home worthy” all season —is pitching Big Flavor, Little Italy (even if he’s apparently not going to even be adding salt to a pot of water during his guided-tours of family-style restaurants).

The Season 11 finale made a solid case for each member of the Top 3 — even if, like me, you die inside knowing we’re not getting anything more than another slight variation on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: If you went into the hour supporting one contestant over his competitors, chances are you didn’t change allegiance — as their potential pilots were all slick and entertaining and packed with enough information that you didn’t have time to drift off and wonder, “What happened to that tool who won Season 10?”

Most of the episode was spent recapping Dom, Eddie and Jay’s journeys — with occasional detours into Arnold weeping, Michelle quitting and That Hashtag Dude being totes obnox. #keephimoffmytv

We got a few minutes devoted to the aforementioned pilots, however, and Jay’s placement as first-at-bat told my reality-competition-veteran heart that he was destined to lose. That thought was reinforced by the fact that three out of four doctors would ban the title Deep-Fried America from your DVR — and the fact that it contained fewer food-based specifics than his rivals.

For my money, Dom’s slightly rushed but effortlessly excited tour of a red-sauce joint in NYC — his description of a slow-cooked beef chuck and pork shoulder ragout was heavenly — would’ve gotten my vote (and based on the way Giada bared her teeth while discussing it, I’d guess she agreed).

But Eddie’s folksy (perhaps too folksy?) southern-guy persona will probably draw its fair share of eyeballs — and I never find myself questioning whether he knows what he’s talking about. When Bob weighed in that Eddie is Food Network ready because he clearly loves delicious treats but still manages to maintain his former pro-athelte physique, you knew how this was gonna end.

The winner of Food Network Star Season 11 is… Giada’s cleavage! (I kid! I kid!) The winner is Eddie Jackson! (Check back at TVLine tomorrow around lunchtime for my Q&A with the victor!)

What did you think of the Food Network Star season finale? Did the right person win? Grade the episode in our poll below, then share your thoughts in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. LADY_in_MD says:

    Giada’s boobs were sure on display tonight it was the finale so I wouldn’t expect less from her
    Glad Eddie won he has been my favorite at least he’s not as annoying as Guy so I’ll watch him go to different restaurants even if he won’t be cooking

    • JanaInSendera says:

      Giada’s cleavage has been front and center all season. Whoever is dressing her now has gone off the reservation. It looks like she’s trying to be the next kim kardashian. Ugh.

    • N says:

      Eddie was the one I will watch him anytime.

    • Tammy says:

      If you go to Food Network’s FB page, it’s full of people complaining that this should be “family” tv and Giada needs to cover up. I don’t care personally but they way these post sound, viewership should be dramatically down! They all claim they will not watch anymore… especially after Dom was eliminated.

      • Ann says:

        I was not surprised that Eddie won. Bob and Susie wanted him from the first time they saw him during the competition.

      • Signe says:

        Yes, Giada’s breasts, what are they doing hanging out all over a cooking show? Does that help us cook better? Did I miss that memo?
        Is the theory that she supplies ogling-meat so guys will watch?
        The men were all dressed in suits and ties and Giada was all boobs. Yippee. So much for professionalism.

        • Grannie Annie says:

          She certainly isn’t a professional.
          At her age dressing like a wayward teenager
          trying to snag a date to prom, is embarrassing.

          She should take a page out of Pahdma Lahksi
          (sic?), subtle sexy, not trampy.
          Giada may come from money, but that does not mean she is classy.


      So true about Giada.. I mean really. No class!!

      • Zeny C says:

        I thought I was the only one who noticed this! I was trying to see over her breasts and her very wide smile! She is beautiful but why dress so provocatively for a Food show? She should take note of Katie Lee, Sunny, Ann, Rachel & Alex!
        That said I thought they did better this year – the challenges and guest judges!
        Congrats to Eddie! I thought Jay was going to win though!

      • njohnstone says:

        wow, I thought the same thing about giada. I really like her but lately she’s gotten a little “showy”. she also seems to be hanging on bobby a lot. what’s up?

        • sigh says:

          Two words: Midlife Crisis

        • candle says:

          I heard that she recently got a divorce, unfortunately. This affects a lot of things… I could see that she also did not have her usual sparkle.

          • Grannie Annie says:

            I think sending Giada to Italy to cook that new series with her (Napoli?) relatives is silly. Apparently she has clout, they will film there, so she could have a nice vacation with the fam after divorcing her hubby. She is so aggressive kind of wolfish teethy smile, I think she dresses as if she is a high schooler, with seduction on her mind. I agree with the person who asked about Iron Chef, America. It was all competition, no time for personal issues taking over.

      • texasmom55 says:

        Perhaps she’s ready to go into the De Laurentiis family business of making movies.

        • Grannie Annie says:

          I can’t emphasize enough that within the realm of the Food Network production, writing, show venues, etc., things in the last 5-6 years have gone to h3l l . Once theThanksgiving shows were very well done, really helped, the recipes and demos were great. The format was Fun. Last few years, the entire staff of cooking show “stars”, monkey around, it seems like imbibing in the vino or other alcoholic drinks is their focus, then it begins to fall apart with free fall nonsense, no logic. Absolutely not the caliber of some years ago.

          Throw out the whole lot, get some new management, clean house. Humble Stars that
          love to cook, if a man touched a woman like Rachel Ray was feeling up two of the guys during their demo videos they’d be filing for se xu al harrassment before this last show aired. What is wrong with this group. Tuchman was off the rails grotesque about 4 years ago when super buff male models came out delivering
          food trays, he could not even contain his enthusiam, prior to that most people probably did not know for which team he batted, not okay to show stuff like that when on prime time TV, Since then, whenever I see him, he turns my stomach. I would estimate that the content has gone through complete reformation, since about then. Food Network needs to decide what is most important, if they think people are too dumb to see where they put their values, so be it. It’s not the family—

  2. Billie Doux says:

    It’s unbelievable. The guy I wanted to win, won. I’m not sure I’m happy with a BBQ show, but Eddie has star power.

    • Python Rose Quartz says:

      Agreed. So happy he won, a fresh new face and talent for FN. We can hope he gains enough momentum to star in other programs, I still want a Caribbean kitchen show from him. FN has been pushing travel shows almost exclusively lately, and southern/comfort foods have been big on its agenda, so I imagine the top 3 finalists’ show concepts weren’t entirely what they had envisioned initially.

  3. JanaInSendera says:

    What a travesty. The obvious best choice (Jay) was passed up for the affirmative action choice. I’m just sick that the best candidate lost out to someone who was ok but not nearly as good as Jay. I’m also sick at the level we’ve sunk as a country into all this PC crap. Shame on all those who made or let this happen. Shame, shame, shame on you. You need to make this right for Jay somehow.

    • Riley James says:

      Shame on you for this comment.

      • Bonita says:

        It’s not that far fetched. I didn’t get a job because they “needed to fill there quota of black hires for the year”. I have proof…my roomate was on the three person committee to decide who got the job. I also had many years experience and the other girl had none. It happens more than you know.

        • C Marie Smith says:


        • LADY_in_MD says:

          Maybe you were not the best candidate and your room mate had no choice but to tell you a lie so your feelings wouldn’t be hurt

        • Rama says:

          I don’t know why people waste time getting angry about this. Maybe it happened to you, but I’m sure minorities get the same treatment all the time, especially in certain areas in this country, where people discriminate and try to keep minorities out of their communities and workplaces. It does happen. I have witnessed it.

          I’m just happy for Eddie. He worked hard. Jay was great too and I think he will probably still end up with some kind of show on the Food Network.

    • dan says:

      Really? You’re taking the result of a TV food contest way too seriously.

    • Laurie says:

      So right!! Jay was the true winner!

    • Biscuit says:

      Affirmative action? Seriously? Grow up, sore loser. Jay was fake as hell and had a one note POV and an atrocious show concept.

      • Luke says:

        At least he HAD a POV! Eddie flip flopped from healthy trainer food to Carribean and then to BBQ. At least Jay stuck to his POV the whole time and had exactly one bad challenge the whole season.

        I’m just happy Dom didn’t win. The last thing we need is another Italian chef on Food Network.

        • texasmom55 says:

          In the pilots none of their POV was represented. Jay wasn’t deep fried American, Eddie’s BBQ came out of the blue and I’m not sure what Dom was representing. The entire fanale was, a joke. Jay should, and probably will, get his own show. Out of the past 5 winners only 1 is on air with a show of their. Whatever happened to Justin from two seasons ago? He, was young, good and entertaining. I called him Alton Brown 2.0.

          But runner up Kelsey from 4 seasons ago, I believe has a show on The Cooking Channel and guess what? She actually cooks!! Also another non winner, Jeffery Saad his also on the Cooking Channel

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            I too am surprised Justin is not big on the air. He was easy to like, had great personality and had terrific energy. The one show they tried with him I felt he excelled. I have seen him as guest judge on Beat Bobby Flay, so he is still around, but I expected him front and center. I felt that he would make it big. Hopefully it will happen soon as he was one of the few contestants that intrigued me from day one.

          • all just manipulated by Brook and buddies. they wanted the final POVs. What they want, they get.

          • Lynnz says:

            I agree! I am so tired of Foid znetwork airing non cooking shows. BBQ snd Eddie…did I miss something?? Jay & deep fried?? Huh?? St leadt the zitslian restaurant was kind of similar to Dom’s POV. we don’t even get The Cooking Channel . So FN, if you’re only seeking hosts for food competitions and ” best restaurant” shows, then stop with the cooking / chef requirement snd instead have your Food network Star competition be about interview skills, how to talk clearly with your mouth full of food, and who has the most synonyms for the word delicious. This season was another bait & switch. Oh well, back to watching re-runs of Barefoot Contessa…sigh…

    • mac says:

      Eddie won because he had all three qualities needed to do well on this show. Most of us couldn’t care less about the color of his skin or his football past. In act, going by the football/muscle bit to draw in people, JJ Watt is great example of the same personality Eddie has and if Watt cooks as well as Eddie, you could very easily see him get a similar cooking show. Then again – Watt DOES have a contract with grocer HEB and has done wonderfully there.

      The fact you went this route shows that YOU not America put the color of a person’s skin over the content of their character.

      Now, I like Jay and to a point Dom, and all three were deserving. They will most likely be offered the opportunity to appear in all-star contests and maybe a show on the Cooking Network.

      But Eddie earned his win fair and square, and it had nothing to do with color.

    • Maria says:

      I feel if someone has something negative to say, keep it to yourself. Eddie deserved the win..

      • Grannie Annie says:

        that might be your opinion. I thought the point of this commentary was to Give our opinions. So if not in agreement with yours, the others are invalid. Pretty sure that is not how this works!

    • texasmom55 says:

      Really? While I thought Hay was, the, winner, affirmative action has nothing to do with Eddie winning. You need to get out more often

    • TLR says:

      You sound like my father back in the 60s. Shame on you!

    • C Marie Smith says:

      Shame on you. That was a racist remark.

    • Tammy says:

      This is the network that many, many stars of various nationalities and races. I think you need to go look at it again. Food Network has been pro-active than other networks. As much as I like Jay and I thought Jay did a great job. I couldn’t deny that Eddie did better in his pilot. When they did their kind of group competition, Eddie did the best talking to each guy while cooking (the Kitchen like task they did.) Eddie did a better job of talking to everyone in the restaurant during the pilot than Jay did. I don’t think this is the last we have heard from Jay. I’ve seen other contestants on FNS do better than the winner in the past so don’t give up on him. Personally, I adored Dom. I knew he wouldn’t win over Jay or Eddie but I was pulling for him anyway.

    • not a PC pick. Eddie is likable…but I want a carribean Cookin’….too much BBQ already!

    • Patricia says:

      Sorry, I found Jay dull and somewhat one note. I think they went with the individual whose show would be watched by more people. That isn’t Jay. I’d watch either Eddie or Dom but not Jay.

    • Rama says:

      I loved Jay, even voted for him in the sweepstakes. However, was content with Jay OR Eddie winning. At least it came down to top performers in the contest. Perhaps the judges were looking for something else. Jay is a big guy–overweight, but Eddie is fit-looking. Could be appearance. Could be they believe Eddie would attract more viewers. You just don’t know, so you should try to be happy for the winner.

  4. 2Blessed says:

    The right winner was chosen.

  5. natasha says:

    I believe they made the right choice and i look forward to seeing more of eddie

  6. lucy says:

    gotta let their token black one win… they always do. It should have been jay

    • Brittany S. says:

      Really, though. He won because he deserved it. Jay is not someone new or exciting, he’s someone I’ve seen before.

    • Yoki says:

      Is this 2015 or 1965?

    • JM says:

      Are you kidding me??? I can’t even remember the last black person to win Next Food Network Star it was so long ago. The majority of people on the network is white!!! This comment is such a disgrace. Eddie was the most deserving contestant. He earned that win fair and square.

    • Biscuit says:

      Always do? Not sure about that. Don’t worry though, the white race isn’t in danger of extinction because of one food network show.

    • tera molchan says:

      Ha!!! Love it! So true!

    • Maria says:


      • tera molchan says:

        I don’t really care what color his skin is. I’m just pissed off that they chose somebody to win who can’t even cook. He was chosen based on his looks and that’s what you all are raving about. I watch Food Network to learn recipes not to stare at Men

        • Constance Mays says:

          That’s right they chose Eddie because of his looks
          Only thing I would choose Jay because not only is he pleasingly plump and funny and kind he could really cook Cajun Jay would have stood out with his smile and stage presence whereas Eddie stands out be because he is totally unaware of his poor grammar and incorrect word pronunciation It is plain to see he was passed thru school due to athletics and received failing grades in standard requirements like English

        • LADY_in_MD says:

          Well then why would you watch jays show if he has won? Did you see the pilots none of them were about cooking

  7. Kathy says:

    Loved the show! I agree with previous comments- Giada is certainly proud of her boobs…they are always on display.

  8. Tom says:

    Giada’s cleavage makes us the winner.

  9. Stephen J. Diamond says:

    They got it right.

  10. Brittany S. says:

    Yes Jay is good, but that’s just it. Honestly, he’s not what I wanted to see on food network though he is likeable. I feel like he plateaued in the beginning, always passable but never exciting. Eddie is the true winner; funny, knowledgeable, and passionate. Congratulations to you Eddie! I rooted for you since the beginning of the show and couldn’t be happier that Food Network made the right decision!!

  11. Kelkat20 says:

    The right winner was chosen. I was so looking forward to Eddies original POV. Where on earth did BBQ come from?

  12. BB says:

    has anyone bothered to see what happened to the recent previous winners of this deplorable, misleading and talent-lacking “show”? no one even has a show the FN. they walked away with basically nothing but a headline and a nod for getting first place.

    FN has no cred anymore. their programming sucks and they have no prospects. it’s a dead duck.

    • Nora B says:

      I have to agree.

    • lizh says:

      Way to go Eddie! You to can now disappear into FN oblivion….. along with every other winner of this “contest”

    • Evan says:

      Demaris won two years ago and is still there. Last yeatr’s winner sunk himself with his homohobic comments that he made online and over the radio waves that got found out, and then there’s Justin, who even though he won, for some reason, he and Food Network coudln’t figure out how to get a show together. And I do wonder where MacGruder is, I liked his show, I’m surprised they didn’t give him another one.

      And if you/re going to pick on Eddie, don’t do it because there’s some affirmative action, the bext cook/host combo won obviously (or rather, more host, since they never seem to cook again), but there’s also the “He was on Masterchef, we’re pissed we can’t get Gordon Ramsey to ever come to this network, so we make sure to get anyone who’s ever had anything to do with him here one way or the other”.

      Check most of the competition shows, I see so many chefs who were first on MasterchefHell’s Kitchen/Kitchen Nightmares its ridiculous.

    • iceturkee says:

      ever heard of guy fieri? season 2 winner!

    • Amy says:

      Damaris still has a show and it’s in its 5th season. She’s been pretty successful because she can cook and is personable. Bonus: it’s an actual cooking show and I usually learn something something new each week.

      • Lynnz says:

        I think you”re thinking of the other blonde woman, not Demaris.,,,Demaris only won 2 seasons ago and had a horrible southern dating food show. which they canned. Now she cooks on the Cooking Channel. The woman you are thinking of is great,,,10 Dollar Dinners is her series, I believe, she won about 4 or 5 seasons ago.

        • texasmom55 says:

          You’re referring to Melissa whose last name I cannot begin to spell. I think she won season 5. I really think Demaris was a planned replacement for Paula as her season was right after the N word fiasco. But she seems to be doing really well on her own merit

          • Grannie Annie says:

            I think you are describing Melissa D’Arabian.

            She is sweet, a decent cook, but not really that engaging, maybe just shyness.

            I prefer the Cooking Channel 100% more than
            Food Network channel.

    • FN kicked all the good to the curb. Emeril, Mario, Aarti it is really w the Ghe Guy Fieri Network with Rachel Ray as his side kick. Rachel should be a contestant having to make a dessert….all she does for that, is get out some ice cream!! YILKES. Not going to her house for dinner!

    • Gailer says:

      The losers are now on the cooking channel, a better station for actual cooking

    • candle says:

      Speaking of which…What ever happened to the cowboy contestant who won last year?

      • Grannie Annie says:

        Ah, Lenny McNab, not the person he portrayed himself to be. He was accused of assault of some female on FN, was banished to maybe GA, does some kind of local cooking show there.

    • Grannie Annie says:

      True for the most part.

      They have a new show on a few times a week.
      Can we say flibitty-gibbity. The Food Network must be run by morons, Brook to begin naming names.

  13. dan says:

    Happy with the result! The episode, however, was dull. I predicted Eddie as the winner back in week 3 or 4. I thought Jay may pull out the win, but as soon as Bob said something about Eddie being energetic and enthusiastic I knew Eddie was winning. Just something in the way they glowing spoke about Eddie during the judges’ deliberations at the end convinced me that he was the winner (although I’ve always assumed that Brooke Johnson stands backstage and makes the ultimate decision). I found it interesting that Dom didn’t cook anything in his pilot; he just tasted the sauce. At least Jay and Eddie each assisted their guest with food prep, even if they didn’t actually cook anything.

  14. DesertRat says:

    Eddie is definitely easy on the eye and could cook for me any day but as far as who I would actually watch………Jay all the way! I’m guessing he’ll have his own show on Food Network or Cooking channel soon enough.

  15. Annette Delgado says:

    Very disappointed. Jay should have won! He was great the whole season, what happened? Who made the final decision? We don’t need another Guy showing us all the places he can stuff himself.

  16. Diana says:

    Jay clearly should of won,he was on top throughout the competition

  17. NB says:

    I’m horrified that any of these comments went to race. The only reason racism and ignorance continues is due to peoples’ continued focus on it. They were all excellent candidates and competitors.

  18. Barb allegretto says:

    Dom should be the next food network star!! He clearly knows how to cook. He was consistent throughout the competition. They made a mistake picking Eddie! Give Dom a show of his own! I won’t watch another BBQ show!

    • fotini says:

      Barb, I totally agree with you, I think Dom was the only true cook and he is very personable.. I just don;t get it.. Seems more like a popularity contest..

  19. Rebecca Childress says:

    EJ is nothing but a sports announcer playing in the kitchen. If I want to hear about football, I’d turn the channel and watch it. As far as Jay goes, I lived in Louisiana for 30 years and I never saw him cook a true cajan dish! Yes, I was pulling for Dom. He did have the jitters a lot but I learned and comprehended more from him than any other contestant.

    • Michelle says:

      1. It’s C-A-J-U-N.
      2. The gumbo wasn’t his best, but in what world is that not a fit for his POV? What about the corn maque choux, the etouffee, the stuffed beignets? My guess is you haven’t lived here in a while or you didn’t actually watch the show.

    • jinx2014 says:

      Eddie was picked from the beginning. No matter how Dom improved, he still made the best food and I would watch his show. No matter how many mistakes Eddie made, he was still their golden boy. Giada and Bobby did not want to get rid of Dom but bob and Suzy already knew Eddie was the one. Will not watch it again.

      • Grannie Annie says:

        I know how you feel. I think this is becoming a bogus channel of cooking shows. If you google MasterChef show, it gives details about how it is really done.

        Competitors often already know what they are cooking. Many plates they show are either not real food, or sprayed with fake product to enhance the look, but then inedible. Probably the judges do not want to eat most of it, anyway. I knew Giada never ate her food, for real, just trashed. Wouldn’t you? No wonder when we try to recreate at home, it just seems like we are still novices.

  20. Diana says:

    I do think that this should be the last so called FNSTAR, get a kid show or have a female’s point of view on a burger or bbq,,it’s a boys club when it comes to food tasting shows

  21. Janet Wilson says:

    I liked both Eddie & Jay. Didn’t know who to choice. I just didn’t want Dom to win as I feel he was so lame. He shouldn’t have even been in the top three.

  22. Pam walker says:

    Come on Giada! Really? I was so disappointed that Jay didn’t win- liked the other guys but Jay was definitely the best in my book!

  23. BAK says:

    Have watched all 11 seasons and have to say this is probably the first time that all of the 3 finalists were worthy of their own shows. My personal fave (Dom- but only because I craved his recipes) didn’t win- but no hard feelings. Hoping that Eddie, Jay, and Dom all end up with shows. Runners up have ended up with their own shows before (Kelsey Nixon.) Of note was that there was no fan vote this year- perhaps to avoid another Lenny debacle like last year?

  24. Peter Cavanaugh says:

    Eddie was the weakest skills wise of the final three. Week after week he failed to deliver his Carribean favors. Bobby constantly pointed that out that the spice and heat was lacking. He is boring and I won’t watch his show or any show he is on.

  25. Patti says:

    Eddie all the way! From the beginning. Love his charisma, sense of humor and his style of cooking. Will look forward to his new Food Network Show. Great season overall!

  26. Alexandria Perri says:

    They should do a Food Network Star Kids! I enjoy this show when they do Masterchef Kids! They are more talented and enjoyable to watch anyway!!!!

    • Lizbeth says:

      Oh God! Please no!

      • Meredith says:

        Looks like food network does’nt have a clue. I am gratefull I hsve Direct TV and and we had a thunderstorm that wiped out the Show.Aftervwatching a rehash the year before I looked it up on line. And for tjose of you that Thought the guy with Italian food should win plesse Gag me I don’t won’t and wouldn’t watch anothet boring Italian food Show YUK

  27. Meredith says:

    TIRED of the phony smile of Giada looks like boobs might Be fake too Bobby Has the morals of i dont even know. At least This time the winner is a male Not white. And where is the guy who won Last year? Lets Hope he couldnt make a deal. And as for suzie and whatevermaybe you need to launch a search for decent programmer the other day i turned on FN there must have been 6 hours of TripleD seriosly.

  28. S. Green says:

    I have no doubt that the primary reason behind the judges decision, was to add more diversity to the Food Network, as it is sorely missing. I do however feel that their choice was the wrong one based on talent. Sure Eddie Jackson is likeable enough, but he doe not appear to have advanced cooking chops. After all, wasn’t meatballs his final dish. Meatballs!? Dom on the other hand proved himself to be an exceptional chef. While his typical New York swag may have turned some off, it would be hard to argue that his dishes did not leave viewers salivating. Personally, I am disgusted by the outcome. I believe diversity and inclusion is necessary, but in this case it seemed to be more of a necessary evil at the viewer’s expense. Eddie was the winner, but viewers hoping for the chance to watch someone who could actually teach them something are the losers. I would also like to add that while I myself am black, that is certainly not reason enough for me to watch the new Food Network Star Eddie Jackson.

    • Stephanie says:

      I was never a fan of Dom, but his food always looked delicious. Eddie’s food and all-over-the-map point of view are nothing special. Because Food Network has a remarkable lack of diversity, this was a way to address it. However, Eddie doesn’t have much to add to the channel’s programming ’cause, I’m sorry, looks and charm wear thin when your cooking skills are pretty one-note. I cannot wrap my head around how someone as engaging and consistently expert as Jay DID NOT WIN.

      • Melinda says:

        Love jay and he was great. Just felt like I seen his twin last season

      • Nora B says:

        Well put, Green. I have to agree with your overall conclusion.
        It’s not about liking or disliking Eddie. His food never looked interesting. Or more importantly, his food never looked that good. I detected no unique or advanced cooking ability.
        Hence, if I am selecting someone by whom to be mentored, educated, and enlightened, -on any subject,- the criteria is based foremost on ability. Not looks. Not humour. Not swag with the ladies, etc.
        What dish of Eddie’s did you want to replicate? What special skill did he demonstrate that you’d love to own? What crucial knowledge did he impart on you that makes weekly devotion to his show worthwhile?
        Honestly, for me, there was none of that from Eddie.
        I do applaud and admire his succes . I am indifferent about his color and his looks. I appreciate his humor and overall appeal. But look to him as a cooking icon, I do not.
        Dom is clearly the best chef of the 3 finalists. Jay, the most polished.
        Emilia, the professional culinary instructor, is the contestant I believe

        • Nora B says:

          **hit the post button by mistake**
          Continued from above…
          Emilia would have been a good teacher. Experienced, educated, and well-versed in culinary arts, I would have watched her show. I liked the idea of spice class. I’d love a show that actually taught cooking technique and terminology in a teacher/student format. We’ve seen all the rest too many times already! Something different and academic would have been nice.
          Congrats to Eddie. But I’ve no interest in his show.

          • Nora B says:

            Final thought:
            What’s so wrong with formal instruction? Why does TV insist that all information must be spoonfed to the populous via some form of superficial entertainment?
            Whatever happened to just straight up watching something because you wanted to learn???
            I am bored to death because everything, everything, EVERYTHING, is so dummied down with sex, silliness, and just nonsense. It’s time the public demand more of programming. Period!

  29. Diana says:

    And oh yeah,where did Iron Chef America go,,,bring it back,should of kept Cat Cora, and must have Bobby Flay,,while we’re at it,let’s see Guy Fieti, Rachel Ray, Ted Allen, Giada, do a food challenge like chopped or Cutthroat Kitchen

  30. Karin Hupala says:

    I watched every season of Food Networks Star and love it. I just opened the page to show my husband who the finalists were (we were actually planning our evening around getting home in time to watch the finale). We live in Oregon and because of the 3 hour time difference I already know who won. Any chance next season the finale could be shown in Pacific time? For the first time ever The Bachelorette finale was shown in Pacific Time? Congratulations Eddie

  31. Ian says:

    How long will Eddie’s sex appeal bring his show and the network ratings though? Im already bored. Thats the only reason they chose him. Women and gay men will want to sleep with him.

  32. Jen says:

    Very disappointed, the worst cook of the 3 won. I would never watch someone who can’t even cook. His show is not even his food point of view. He cooked Caribbean or healthy. Wow, what a miss. Giada is on for eye candy. Have you tasted her food? Mediocre at best. Eddie is eye candy. Again, mediocre at best. Food network just wants a new demographic of sports fans.

  33. Helen says:

    Eddie Jackson was the right choice. Food Network needs to give us more people who can give us health, as well as good food. There are too many Food Network shows that start off with a pan filled with a 1/2 lb. of butter (Pioneer Woman and Barefoot Contessa, that includes you). Eddie will be able to add a lot to the Network. I’ll watch his show.

  34. Cal says:

    History of their choices speak for themselfs. I’M A COOKING SHOW!!!!! And that’s why I watch the network! Jay or Dom fill that roll. IT’S NOT DAY AT THE GYM! Poor choice and it will be the last I watch.

  35. Diana says:

    Please Food Network let this be the last FNSTAR, I don’t see many previous winner’s and when you need to pull a rabbit out of your hat you just use one of your previous chef’s or Iron Chefs to do a food tasting show. How about you do the first FNSTAR Kidd show.

  36. Melinda says:

    The poorest chef wins! Wow!! Won’t be getting my recipes from here anymore. Thought this was a food talent show. Guess it’s reality t.v.

  37. Melinda says:

    The poorest chef wins!!? Won’t get my recipes here anymore. Thought this was good talent. Guess it’s reality t.v. Instead

  38. Phyllis says:

    Eddie was the right choice and obvious winner. He lights up the room when he enters it and will be fabulous in front of the camera.

  39. Patty Humphrey says:

    I can’t believe you chose Eddie. Although he seems like a nice guy and an OK cook, Jay was the clear winner of Food Network Star! You would be crazy not to offer him a show!

  40. Melinda says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind Eddie has camera talent. He’s very talented there. However in the kitchen he don’t hold a torch to his competitors

  41. maregolden says:

    Once I found out last week that the show was going to be another “visit a restaurant and watch them cook” show, I lost interest in who the winner would be. I have to say, though Dom’s food looked the most tasty to me. I would have watched his show if he was cooking. Anyone notice the conspicuous absence of the great picture gallery of past winners on the finale?

  42. curt says:

    I to loved Giadda’s cleavage, and I’m NOT kidding. Disappointing winner. Should have been Jay all the way. That man KICKED ASS all season!

  43. This was the best season yet, IMO. I would have been happy to see either Jay or Eddie win. Loved Dom, but he was only there because of “Star Salvation, which I feel was unnecessary, and unfair to Eddie and Jay.

  44. joel davis says:

    I picked Jay to win this 6 weeks ago. Sort of surprised. It could be a front office pick if you know what that is.

  45. joel davis says:

    Cooks me some chitlans Boss!!I beez in the kitchen ruslin somtin upz fo yo momma!! Show is rigged..this was a quota pick..I know about these things, I worked for the government for 30 years. By the way, I am a mixed black/white person. I am a halfican.Lol!!

    • MJ says:

      While I agree that the choice of Eddie as the winner was based on his race rather than his talent or culinary skills, your comments clearly come off as racist. I also seriously doubt that you are “mixed race” as you claim to be. No black person would belittle and mock their own race with such remarks in that manner. If by some slim chance you are indeed black by any percentage, you are deeply into self-loathing. Truly pathetic either way.

  46. Anna Smith says:

    I think they should have had more interesting subject’s because we had already saw all at they showed over and over again was getting boring. Maybe had some questions and answers with the other chef’s. I don’t know anything just boring to me

  47. Natalie says:

    Congrats to u eddie u have support all the way from trinidad

  48. Paul Pancucci says:

    Looked more like a fashion show for Giada .

  49. tricia says:

    I think it was BS that Eddie won. Paula Deen was fired from the food network for using the N word over 30 years ago, but Eddie Jackson used the N word on their show. It even shows Giada and Bobby laughing about it. How sad that a network can be so stupid. Just saying

    • Biscuit says:

      I think you imagined eddie saying the n word. Paula deen and her family are also guilty of more than just using that word.

      • tricia says:

        Rewatch the show. I did not imagine Eddie using the word because I hate that word. I don’t care whether you are white or black using the word no one has the right to use it. It is the most disrespectful word out there and it pissed me off when anyone uses it. So yes I know what I heard and I am very upset that the food network would let that fly.

        • texasmom55 says:

          Please give which episode this was supposedly said. If Eddie did say such a thing surely they would have edited it out. It is not live television.

          • tricia says:

            Rewatch tonight’s episode when they are showing Eddie’s journey to his pilot. It’s when he is with the other colored gentleman and he says hey there are other n’s out there.

        • Sara says:

          Wow! Cannot believe your below comment where you used the term “colored.” “Rewatch tonight’s episode when they are showing Eddie’s journey to his pilot. It’s when he is with the other colored gentleman and he says hey there are other n’s out there.” What is this 1960? You are either in your 70’s or a closet racist. That word was never uttered by anyone on the show and it is likely wishful thinking on your part.

          • tricia says:

            Oh yeah I am the biggest racist around. What a jerk you are. I’m not mad at Eddie in anyway I’m glad he one and was able to find another career he loves and has a passion for. I am mad at the food network channel for not catching it. And as for using the word colored is because if you watched the same show I did Eddie was with alot of other gentleman. So if it makes you believe I am a racist you are sadly mistaking. And you are one of the people wrong in today’s society. The people who stereo type other people because of a word in something they wrote. SMH…

  50. Constance Mays says:

    Why was Jays pilot about fried food instead of Cajun? When did Eddie decide on BBQ when his ideas varied between Caribbean food and healthy menus? Why was Doms pilot about visiting Italian food venues instead of cooking Italian? Whose idea was this? WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT TO EVERYONE THAT JAY DIDN’T WIN? Jays fun stories Cajun cooking and bigger than life stage presence should have made him the clear winner Doms NY state of mind was entertaining and endearing but there are too many Italian-style cooks on Food Network I find Eddies egotistical humor and attitude obnoxious I find Eddies poor grammar and word pronunciation the last attributes of a star on any network who has to speak

    • tera molchan says:

      I love it!!! I noticed that too!!! hey now where we can all Find out “where they at” as far as the good restaurants around the country. Lord knows we “ain’t” going to want to Learn a recipe from him! Lol