Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale: Stars Tease Death, Romantic Twists & More

Pretty Little Liars fans, who’s up for some last-minute scoop before Tuesday’s epic — and I do not throw that word around lightly — summer finale (ABC Family, 8/7c)?

TVLine caught up with two of Rosewood’s shadiest residents, Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish, for a taste of what we can expect from tonight’s revealing affair, which Pieterse admits feels like a series finale “because, in a way, it is.”

MONASSISTANCE | As per usual, Mona will come to the girls’ aid in the finale. Explains Parrish, “She comes to the prom to find the girls and helps them uncover a big piece of the mystery. Through following that trail, they uncover who ‘A’ is and why ‘A’ has done everything that ‘A’ has done.” Now I’m definitely willing to bet money that Mona is the “A” the girls encounter in this scene:

ALI VS. THE GIRLS? | “It’s very confusing for her,” Pieterse says of Alison’s sympathy for her twisted brother Charles. “It’s so personal for her, and she’s going to struggle with that. There’s a very suspenseful moment towards the end where it’s a ride-or-die thing. Alison is very conflicted, but the fans will be, too. As crazy as Alison is, I think the fans will agree with her in a way.”

SARA’S SURPRISE | “Emily is infatuated with some of Sara’s qualities, but I don’t think she sees everything about Sara,” Pieterse teases. “She’s trying to save her, which she did with Alison, too. Emily has a pattern. … But I think fans will be totally shocked by what happens with Sara, as well. The fans might even be a little bit upset, but in a good way, I think.” (I’ll be the judge of that.)

#ALORENZO | Speaking of relationships, it sounds like something big is going down between Alison and Lorenzo. “Their relationship is really complicated right now,” Pieterse admits. “But It’s been important to see Alison have this relationship. … I think she has many mixed emotions, but they’re on a fun journey, and I think the fans will appreciate the outcome.”

DEATH’S DOOR | Lastly, Pieterse confirms it’s “quite possible” that one or more characters will face an untimely end. (Gulp?)

Time to drop your final theories before tonight’s game-changing reveal: Who do you think has been behind all the Pretty Little madness of the past six seasons? Drop a comment with your best guest below.


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  1. Whoever A is they must be financially loaded to be able to afford all these things. That, or there is at least three people involved (a financial backer, a man, and a woman — the woman is clearly Sarah, aka Red Coat/Black Widow).

  2. Patty Stamps says:

    I stopped watching season 4–but have kept up with your recaps Andy (and twitter theories). I am watching tonight and we’ll see if I get back into when the time jump happens. I love the Wren theories..but had a dream it was Jason!

    • “Remember that character you haven’t seen in who knows how many seasons? That’s been the big bad all along!”. Somewhat anti-climactic. It’s like “him?”.

      • Wouter says:

        I agree, Wren would be so lame, considering we haven’t seen him in years. Honestly i already expect to be let down by the reveal, but if it’s a character like Wren we haven’t seen in years i’ll rage.

    • To put it another way, the most obvious choice is NEVER the right choice.

    • Rachel says:

      No joke I had a dream it was ce ce and she had crazy glowing alien eyes. I seriously hope tonight is not a disappointment (not holding my breath tho). Although if it’s ce ce it will be a let down for me which I always fully expect from this show lol.

  3. puma says:

    My money is on Sarah : she is transgender, wanted to be a girl from an early age, her conservative father decided she is mentally ill (Radley), her mother accepted her (two little girl dresses / dolls in the Allison Christmas flashback) and couldn’t let go, so she faked her child’s death and then – after seeing she is dangerous to Allison – had her committed to Radley under the new name of Bethany. She hates Allison for being born the pretty girl she always wanted to be, and decided to punish her by tormenting her friends (also pretty girls). She was described by her friend a few seasons ago as an Allison-wannabe (poised, mean queen bee) and her trying to copy her sister, would actually make sense. For what it’s worth, whoever it is, it better not be someone we haven’t seen in years, because yes, that would be lame.

  4. Melanie says:


  5. So will fans see the time jump start tonight or will we have to wait until the first January episode? And it’s a five year jump correct?

  6. TJ says:

    I’m really excited about the summer finale. I think that overall Jenna (the blind girl) is somehow involved. I mean, she has a motive to hurt the girls. She’s connected to Toby. Also, she goes to rosewood high and is in high school, but for some reason we haven’t seen her in a whole season. Why was the “Jenna thing” such a big deal in the beginning of season 1. They haven’t mentioned anything after that so.. I’m guessing Jenna is somehow linked. If not the summer finale then the overall finale.

  7. Hannah H says:

    I wonder if Charles is transgender and maybe he’s hated Ali and the other girls for being born girls and he had to change his gender

  8. Hannah H says:

    Also maybe alli dies because maybe when the cops were about to shoot Ali jumped in to save A. I feel like we’ve seen A before I’m pretty sure A/Charles was the mine/magician in one of the episodes in rosewood also the magic show was called “Charlemagne’s Magic Show” interesting…..

  9. Celeste says:

    A has some personal connections with each of the liars so it could be someone they know well enough or someone that was in their class at school that they never really noticed. My sister is convinced it’s Caleb and if it is that would be kind of heartbreaking for Hannah. So I’m hoping she is wrong and I so can’t wait to see it unfold.

  10. I think Charles is going to be Noel Kahn with help from Jenna and Lucas Why else did they mention them last week? I know they suspected Noel once before and I don’t remember if they just dropped the story line or if it was explained away as Mona being A.

  11. Sarah j says:

    There was no final thing in regards to Lorenzo and Ali. They are not together in the time jump. Also no one died.