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Pretty Little Liars Finale Recap: Charles, Red Coat and 12 Other Reveals

Pretty Little Liars‘ #SummerOfAnswers culminated Tuesday in what can only be described as the most answer-y finale in the series’ five-and-a-half season history.

In fact, the final hour of this half-season was such an info. dump, it’s probably just best to break down each reveal in bullet form. Ready? Let’s do this:

* First of all, it turns out that Charles is — drumroll please — CeCe Drake! She was obsessed with Alison, even considered her a living doll. (What the DiLaurentises thought was an attempted drowning was actually just Charles trying to give his lil sis a bath!)

* Mr. DiLaurentis wouldn’t buy Charles dresses, and when he found out Charles liked to play dress up in his mom’s closet, he stopped visiting him at Radley.

* The reason Mona appeared dead last season is because CeCe injected her with a freezing serum (which she injected Jason and Mr. D with in the finale.)

* Mrs. D bought the infamous yellow dress for Charles/CeCe when she turned 12. After that, whenever Mrs. D bought clothes for Alison, she also bought something for CeCe.

* Bethany pushed Toby’s mom off the roof of Radley because Charles/CeCe didn’t like her. (Hey, Bethany was just helping out her pal!)

* Mrs. D had “Charles” Pretty Little Liars A Revealedrenamed “Charlotte” and paid Wilden off to have Toby’s mom’s death ruled a suicide.

* Mrs. DiLaurentis didn’t know Charlotte was CeCe until the day they left for Cape May. (You know, when Jason asked if he could bring his girlfriend on the family trip. Awkward!)

* Charles/Charlotte/CeCe hit Alison that night, thinking she was Bethany, who was going to hurt Mrs. D.

* Mona hit Bethany with the shovel, thinking she was Alison. (Way to go!)

* CeCe befriended Mona in Radley because Mona thought she was Alison.

* Sara was the other Red Coat.

* Sara was also the Black Widow; she killed Wilden (and, presumably, Maya).

* CeCe left the country when the girls thought they killed “A” (aka Shana) in New York. She thought she could leave everything behind because the game was over. But it wasn’t!

* But wait, who killed Mrs. D? That, my friends, remains a mystery (likely to be revealed in Season 15).

As for the five-year time jump we’ve all been waiting for, it finally came at the end of the episode, though it didn’t reveal too much. All we know is that Alison’s last name is now Rollins and that “he” is coming after her.

Tell us, Pretty Little Liars fans, were you blown away by the CeCe-as-Charles reveal — or did you kind of see it coming? Drop a comment with your take on the summer finale’s (many!) twists below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Now I have a particular song from a particular old movie stuck in my head….

    • alistaircrane says:

      Which one?

    • B says:

      So I don’t buy ceces story. It all doesn’t add up. She doesn’t look anything like a boy and shes mucho crazy. It shows when she’s revealing the story to Ali. She stares into the mirror and gets all googly eyed with herself. Ali even says cece was dressed as Her that night because Jason saw her and cece didn’t have an answer for that. It also doesn’t make sense that when alis body was supposedly found that the DNA matched the dilaurentis family and was assumed that it was Allison since she was missing. That’s not Bethany in the ground. It Charles. Makes sense why the DNA matches. My theory is Bethany is actually ce ce pretending to be Charles and knows everything she needs to know about Charles because she befriended him in Radley. Even in the reveal when Alison talks about cece almost killing everyone cece talks like a nut job. This doesn’t sound like someone who “accidentally but baby Ali in the bathtub”. I am confused as to why mrs d took Bethany horseback riding? Not Charlotte. And one more thing is that Mona said she never talked about the girls talking badly about Alison like cece had said, maybe… aria? Anyone? This all didn’t start till aria was back from Iceland when the texts were coming in. Just throwing that out there. Probably why this season isn’t over and another season after that. Cece isn’t Charles but the biggest liar of them all. And come on you really believe she dated Jason if she really was his sister. I just don’t buy it and pll has a way of making things seem legit with their finales and cliff hangers until the next episode..

  2. Carlos says:

    OH, GIRL.

  3. benuis says:

    This is just sooooooo dissapointing!

    • Maddi267 says:

      Charles is Cece Drake. People thought that Charles had died but he re emerged as Cece Drake. So yes Cece is a transgender. and cece is A.

  4. Erica says:

    Wow I waited for 6 years and I don’t like it I will never watch the show ever again

  5. Kaylee says:

    That was….disappointing.

    • Concerned says:

      How was it disappointing? That was great! So glad it wasn’t wren that would have been so boring. I’m not sure exactly what outcome people would think was not a letdown?

      • abz says:

        When A turned around and it was revealed it was Cece, I was so underwhelmed and disappointed. I was thinking to myself, I can’t believe I wasted 5 and a half seasons of watching this show for this. It got a bit better as I continued watching and hearing the explanations, however, I reach a similar conclusion to yours: This show has just let many viewers down SO much over the years that no matter who A turned out to be, it’d be a letdown and not be completely satisfying. And while I’m happy that this A storyline is done once and for all (hopefully!), this answer-filled episode did nothing to change the fact that the majority of the show felt like a waste of time watching and that the A storyline should have been resolved at least 2 seasons ago. I’m sure someone will figure out all the issues or plotholes with having Cece be A since this show has been so convoluted, I barely remember things that happened. Did anyone else forget that A ran their car into Emily’s house? This past season, they kept referring to past A-related things that happened and almost each one I was like wow I forgot all about that. Also, completely called it that Sara was shady AF. Did not trust that girl from the minute I saw her.

        • Gggc says:

          SO DISAPPOINTED AFTER 6 years! Ugh! I was hoping it was one of the four girls all along or someone who at least has been around a lot!!!!

        • Lala says:

          Totally agree! I’ll never watch the show again!!!

        • Nat says:

          In the original book, I think A was Ali’s twin sister. So they made it Cece, who i always suspected. But her story doesn’t add up and who the heck is that second girl. If she always loved Ali why would she kidnap everyone and torture them, and why continue the “game” plus all other things that were mentioned in above comments. I really liked the show it was very entertaining. Waiting for a bonus season to watch it for fun. Also i think they laid about something, since we only saw them leave for college at the end and they mentioned “after what we’ve done to her…” Those girls never learn :-)

      • A says:

        I feel the same was I don’t think anyone thought that Cece was Charles. I kinda thought that Cece might have been redcoat maybe

        • Stefania says:

          Me TOO!!! I thought Cece was the second red coat. ALTHOUGHT I think the episode was great. I mean to have your best friend turn out to be the person who has been torturing you this whole time. I think the episode was great!

          • Tee says:

            Where did Cece get all the money to do all she did and how did she get so smart? Where did she learn all that tech stuff..It seemed like she knew so much about being a doctor as I am so confused

      • Cathryn says:

        Boring haha if wren was Charles that would have been brilliant. Even if it wasn’t wren Jason or anyone else would have been a better story line

      • Anavel says:

        It was disappointing because we were surprise but not shocked. I went to a sleepover with 5 other friends and we all watched the finale together. Our reactions were, “Oh, okay. Cool.” It wasn’t the ending we’re looking for.

  6. Gigi says:

    I was disappointed with this episode. I was looking forward to A being a hot male. lol… I have no expectations for the upcoming season. 5 years into the future though? C’mon! It’s gonna be so weird.

    • O'yaya says:

      WOW I’m glade one of you said it….,I think that that is the major reason why people…. because the psychopathic antagonist of this show did turn out to be some guy the the fangirls can fetishes into some kind of tortured bad boy ala Klaus from the originals, Damon Salvatore, Tate from AHS etc…. this makes me so disgusted.

      • kmk says:

        I agree. I like CeCe and I’m glad she’s back. However, I’m not excited nor disappointed, I’m just… indifferent. This show can be so ridiculous and cheesy. I’m surprised you all were expecting something brilliant. Or maybe I’m just too old for those stuff.

  7. S says:

    Sooo disappointing

    • Rook says:

      That’s usually how it is with mysteries lasting seasons. Literally no matter who A turned out to be there is going to be people who are disappointed. I did like how they explained a lot and most of it flowed together nicely.

      • Zoe Sherlock says:

        personally I feel like a lot of people thought cece was shady from the beginning and can not remember her storyline tho for the life of me I was hoping it was gonna be one of the girls/ boyfriends or something also I cry at every sad film was all prepared to cry didn’t even feel sad to be totally honest I don’t understand why she was a complete pscho just because her dad didn’t accept her I am sure quite a lot of people are in the situation irl and they don’t torture 5 girls i don’t know I just didn’t have that amazed feeling however Sarah at the beginning I thought she was shady then I actually kinda liked her what I want to know is what happened to her/ how did she die?

      • Me as well. Not everyone was going to be happy with the outcome. Marlene explained pretty much everything and hopefully the rest comes 5 years later. Whoever happened to be A I was okay with. I just want to know everything and not have anymore questions.

      • Hails says:

        I wanted A to be Toby SO BAD. THAT would have been outrageous. Although I knew he wouldn’t be because he was in the same room as A at the same time, a part of me still kind of hoped. That would have been the ultimate betrayal and I don’t think many people would have been disappointed in that scenario.

  8. Abbie Cooper says:

    I feel like I have wasted my life watching this show, & this finale was just disappointing to me. It’s like the writers wrote this sht last minute.

  9. ChrisGa says:

    This show has become nothing but a series of anticlimaxes and this finale was no different. I don’t terribly mind that CeCe is A but it would’ve been so much more satisfying if it had been either one of the main four—Aria!—or a character from the show’s past who’s history of dislikes or grudges against Alison or any of the other girls actually played out ON SCREEN(Lucas, Jenna, Melissa)i.e. not someone who feels like they were just plugged into the role in a split second(it just doesn’t feel like CeCe was supposed to be A from the beginning).

    • She obviously wasn’t. Hence the incredibly awkward ret-con of her and Jason dating… she goes ewww at sex, but is fine with copious amounts of making out?

      • Kevin says:

        This is one of two issues I have with the explanation as given (the other being an apparent discrepancy between what we were shown here in regards to Toby’s mom’s death and what we had been previously told, specifically how old certain characters were when Mrs. Cavanaugh died.) While I can buy that CeCe was always going to be Big A, I do wonder if her relationship to Alison and Jason (sibling) came about later.

    • Jane says:

      That is all this show ever was. I have watched but the acting is not really all that great. The girls 75% of the time look like deer stuck in the headlights. The only thing I really enjoyed was seeing Holly Marie Combs in another series.

  10. Eh…this felt anti-climatic after all the hype. I really wanted to care about A’s story but ended up being confused and bored.

    • Zoe Sherlock says:

      Same! I didn’t feel sorry for CeCe what so ever.

    • jora M. says:

      exactly.. besides there were so many things untold, and why did she kill people if the whole thing was a misunderstanding!? but really getting so scared of A and this was the story.. LOL.. i was hoping for something twisted and creepy .. rly bored me this episode

  11. Matt C. says:

    I actually loved this episode. Not a fan of Sara being both Red Coat AND Black Widow, but the CeCe reveal more than made up for that. As excited as I am to see how the girls are in the flash forward, I really think they could have wrapped up the show in this episode if they had left out the flash forward and tied up all of the loose ends. Alas, I’m sure the ratings for this episode will be the highest in a while, and the flash forward should get enough interest to sustain the show through season 7.

  12. Ariana says:


  13. Tiffany says:

    SPOILER ALERTS!!! I clicked on this thinking it was another article to promote the finale, not recap it… Can you add a header that it’s full of spoilers for the west coast?!

  14. Katy says:

    So hold up Emily made out and presumedly had sex with the person who killed Maya? WOAH

  15. Jon says:

    The crap was that all about?!! Out of all the possible storylines they could have come up with, they chose that?!!! You’d think that after all this time of waiting we’d be glad to finally know who ‘A’ is, but no. That was so disappointing, kind of like a telenovela that’s been cancelled for showing too much bs. Honestly, they could have used any fan theory on YouTube and it would have been better and more interesing and would have made more sense.

    • I think they probably did the opposite. Checked all the fan theories, and then chose the suspect no one else picked, ignoring the fact that this was probs because it was a ridiculously stupid idea.

    • Mary says:

      I actually think they rewrote Cece into A instead redcoat after the infamous “drunkengate” revealed the original Wren is A script.

      • lauri5567 says:

        I have a feeling that there were things to implicate every character at the end of season 5, then this season they picked the one they wanted.

  16. BellaShannon says:

    This was so disappointing, I thought they were going to have “Charles” pull the “Cece” mask off at the end. THAT would have been better than what happened. Who would have thought there was a worse finale than Lost, but this beats it in the suck department.

  17. so much hype for this??? so dissapointing! Come on, Cece was ALWAYS a big suspect! That was just as worst as Dan being Gossip Girl! DELETE

    • Ashley says:

      Hey now, Gossip Girls finale was amazing compared to this. Avid fans new it was Dan by the middle of the final season (or at least were getting to it). Did it have flaws? Yes, but I wouldn’t put it in the same category as the PLL train wreck of the Big A reveal. At least Gossip Girl kept it in the group, and they tied it up nicely.

    • Zoe Sherlock says:

      I know it’s like years later but only on season 4 of gossip girl nvm :(

    • S says:

      Thanks a lot for that spoiler now I can never watch Gossip Girl!

  18. Sims says:

    Can someone pretty please explain why CeCe tormented the girls???

    • Nicole says:

      It sounded like she tormented the girls because she thought they were happy Ali was dead…

    • Christy S. says:

      Because Mona made a comment to CeCe about how the Liars were glad Ali was gone, and it pissed off CeCe. So, the Liars became public enemy number one to her.

    • Mike says:

      One comment was made about how CeCe had heard that the girls were happy Allison was dead so overprotective CeCe decided she had to torment them to teach them a lesson. To me, so much of the show is about how the 4 girls were tormented. The reason should have been better. Everything else was pretty good.

      • Sims says:

        Thank you, I thought I had missed something because it seems like almost murdering them multiple times was an overreaction to them being glad that their bully Ali was gone.

    • abz says:

      She was under the impression that the girls were glad that Ali was dead, so she decided to mess with them. Then, when it was discovered that Ali could be alive, she continued to torture the girls because she knew that Ali would resurface and come to help her friends if they were in great danger. Once Ali came back, Cece decided to end it and move on, but in the end, she was obsessed with the A game because she was good at it and decided to continue playing.

      • Sims says:

        Thank you!

      • Nicoline says:

        Thank you!
        But who tormented Ali in the beginning, which ended up with Ali leaving Rosewood?

        • abz says:

          Perhaps it has to do with when Mona realized she killed Bethany instead of Allison. She might have been the one torturing Ali.
          I don’t know though. This show is so messed up. So many questions and plotholes. It’s so convoluted, I can barely remember things that happened 3 episodes prior sometimes let alone seasons ago.

          • Nicoline says:

            But as I’ve understood the real A already existed, when Mona started, she just joined her..?..

          • Frizzle says:

            Nope, it was Mona tormenting Ali, she started it wanting to punish her for the way she treated her – building up till she got enraged enough to go kill her. Then it was the 4 girls after they were all together again.. and got more aggressive after they were “stealing” Hannah from her. The game changed from Mona to Cece.

        • Autumn says:

          Mona did. She admitted it when she said she accidentally killed Bethany. She had been sending Alison taunts and threatening messages which is why Alison snuck out to meet in the middle of the night, she wanted to know who the texts were from. Unfortunately Cece accidentally hit Ali and when Ali crawled out of the grave she fled thinking someone was trying to kill her. In the meantime, Bethany was on her way to hurt Mrs. D and Mona was sending the texts to Alison and was on her way to confront her when in a moment of anger she hit “Ali” in the back of the head with the shovel and ran. That’s when drugged out Spencer picked up the shovel, Melissa saw that and Bethany’s body face down…thought it was Alison and that Spencer had done it so she rolled her into the hole Alison had escaped from and accidentally buried her alive.

      • Harry smiles says:

        I’ve been re watching all of the episodes and now that I now what happens I’m even more confused than ever!!! S.O.S how did Mona and Cece end up partnering up? Like how did cece end up becoming A when Mona was in the first place. Also what did Jenna and Garret have to do with everything??? This is my favorite show but they did not tie up loose ends at all!!!!

        • lauri5567 says:

          I’m convinced at this point they put things in that could have pointed to a number of characters and then chose one at this point. Why else would Charles have clearly been a man in the doll house who was clearly not Cece? At the end of 5, they hadn’t chosen, imho. It also would prevent leaks since they could easily change it if a rumor was started.
          All those questions would have been answered in the episode if it was the plan for six seasons rather than in an interview with the writer published the next day. I can appreciate why they did it, but CeCe being Charles was clearly trying to jump on a bandwagon.

        • Autumn says:

          Because Mona was drugged up in Radley and exposed all her secrets and the girls secrets to Cece. Cece was messing with the girls alone and then realized that Mona was so intelligent and also wanted revenge so she reached out to Mona as A and they partnered up for the “game”. If you notice, Mona was just scaring them and being mean…Cece was trying to hurt them. And Garrett had just been involved in illegal college things with Jason that Alison was holding over their heads initially and he wanted it back. Jenna though was also roped into helping A get revenge and she wanted to help because she was blinded by them and hated Ali.

  19. Mary kate says:

    Horrible ep!!!! Seriously Marlene?! The whole trans storyline seemed like a copout to me so they could do whatever they wanted.

    • Katherine says:

      I don’t think it was a cop out, I think it was an attempt to mislead the fans. However, it wasn’t executed very well, not because of poor writing, but because the show had such a long run that all the options had been considered. In all honesty, I wouldn’t have been surprised no matter who ended up being A.

      • Elmstreetchild says:

        Thank you! I didn’t hate it but no matter who it was revealed to be nobody would be all that shocked because pretty much everyone has been considered A at some point.

  20. Cathy says:

    Liked the finale. Very similar to the books. But who is Rhys & why wasn’t he part of the finale?? He is a new character & don’t know how he fits in.

    • Samantha says:

      Ahhhh! What if he is the guy that’s coming after them in the next season?!?

      • Al says:

        He’s not. He’s just a decoy that Cece hired… and was forced into the storyline because someone on the staff saw that he looked like Jason… kinda… I think he just looks bland.

      • Katy says:

        Im gnna bet that they bring in the Wren storyline in Season 7 for this just to make up for the MASSIVE cop out that was this episode..

  21. Ricky Lee Jones says:

    Put this show out of its misery please.

  22. Kotobuki says:

    Did anyone else notice Mona was missing at the end after she said she wanted to see the end of story? It did not show her 5 years later either.

  23. rebecca says:

    As soon as Hannah looked at the camera and called A a bitch, I knew it was a girl. I thought it was great. Made me feel sorry for A.

  24. Christy S. says:

    Can someone please connect the dots for me? How did CeCe and Sara know each other? How did they start working together? Did CeCe kidnap her the same night Ali “went missing” or did they meet in Radley? As usual, this finale left me with just as many questions as answers. Ughhh!

    • I betcha Mona actually killed Sara and that the girl posing as Sara/Red Coat/Black Widow is actually Bethany Young. Let’s throw in that she’s probably the one that killed Mrs. D too for CeCe to find.

      • T.W.123 says:

        This is the theory that I’m going with as well.

      • BrittBrat says:

        That’s a great theory!

      • Kevin says:

        Now maybe I’m applying too much logic here (it is PLL, after all), but wouldn’t CeCe/Charlotte/Charles RECOGNIZE Bethany. It seemed pretty clear that CeCe hated Bethany at this point (I mean, she tried to kill Bethany but ended up assaulting Ali), so … why would she keep working with her? And if Sara WAS Bethany, why wouldn’t CeCe out her to the girls during the whole reveal? It just doesn’t seem to make sense to me

        • I just don’t think that CeCe was telling the complete truth on everything. I mean, she never said WHY this person saying she’s Sara was working for her, where she found her, etc. She may have gone to the D’s that night intent on killing Bethany, but after she realized that she instead hit Ali, she dropped the vendetta against Bethany and later hooked back up with her to get her to do her dirty work.

          I mean, none of this really makes sense under a microscope to begin with. Ali and Toby had a scene earlier in the show before Toby’s Mom went into Radley and they were clearly teenagers. So how could an older Charles/Charlotte/CeCe witness Bethany push Toby’s mom off the roof when she was around 11 or 12?

      • Nicoline says:

        But Sara’s friends recignized her and they takkes about her past in this season, so I don’t think she’s Bethany

    • Well, the girl that Mona hit and Melissa buried alive.

  25. laura says:

    It’s the summer of transgender. A is transgender, Jenner is transgender, they’ve got a character on a daytime soap opera that is transgender, Family channel has shows following transgender teens and transgender adults. Transgender has been all over yahoo news this summer. So is it coincidence that A gets revealed as a transgender Summer 2015 – at the same time being trans is all over the news? Or did TPTB sit Marlene down and suggest how this ending at this time would work with programming plans. Or maybe I’m just being cynical – maybe A made me feel that way?

    • ChrisGa says:

      My thoughts exactly. Transgender is a hot topic right now and I’d be fine with it if I thought this was Marlene’s plan all along. Sadly, like most of what goes on with this show, I think it’s just another idea she pulled out of her backside at the last minute with no real longform storytelling involved.

      • abz says:

        It felt a lot like the Coache Beiste storyline on Glee. Just felt so inorganic. It’s like they realized they’ve been BSing their way through the show and they were just scrambling for last minute ideas. There’s nothing wrong with having a transgender character storyline, but this was inorganic and poorly done.

        • ChrisGa says:

          Absolutely spot on.

        • Al says:


          Hopefully whatever new menace the PLLs will be facing in thee future, it won’t be boring, nd if Marlene listens to her fans, which she doesn’t, it’ll somehow lead back to Aria and make everyone happy

      • Complete ass-pull to fit in with the theme of the day… totally agree.

    • Heelsgirl says:

      My thoughts too – just the “in” thing now to have trans storylines. Was disappointed they didn’t at least give a little more detail how that little boy turned into that pretty girl, other than Mommy bought him a yellow dress. Did not like this finale at all.

  26. Carol says:

    Was it just me or did I miss something? How did Charles become CeCe? Did Mrs. D pay someone at Radley for him to have an operation? I’m confused.

    • lauri5567 says:

      My impression was that Radley wanted to be rid of Charles. Mrs. D faked his death and had an operation somewhere else then brought Charlotte back to Radley. Why no one was suspicious seems odd.
      Do we understand what Shana’s deal was? I have no clue how she fit in.

      • anonomousaurus says:

        It is explained is season 5 that Shana wasn’t A she just really hated all of the girls for what they did to Jenna. Shana was in love with Jenna.

        • Katy says:

          soo…that whole story line was totally irrelevant except for the fact that it meant Cici — the most unnecessary character in the world — could be seen getting on a plane to leave..

          this show gets worse the more i think about it…

        • lauri5567 says:

          Got it. Someone needs to create an image like the white board at the RPD explaining everything.

    • BrittBrat says:

      That’s what I was thinking the whole time. How did Charles get surgery to become CeCe? But I guess Mrs. D could have taken her out of Radley to get it done.

  27. Christy S. says:

    Can someone please connect the dots for me? How did CeCe and Sara know each other? Did CeCe kidnap Sara the same night Ali “went missing” or did they meet in Radley? Why were they working together? As usual, this finale left me with just as many questions as answers. Ughhh!

  28. Deena says:

    I’ve lost track of who killed who on this show. Someone please remind me who killed Garrett and Ian? So many plot points that didn’t tie in to the final explanation. And CeCe tortured the girls because they were happy Ali was gone? And this was after Mona tortured them for being Ali’s friend? I need Cliff Notes for this show

  29. Olivia says:

    I don’t even know what to make of all this, it was a trainwreck of epic proportions. And of course they had to make Sara a bad guy instead of just a red herring like Ezra & Toby (whether or not people like her is irrelevant in this case, it’s still the “lesbian character = bad and/or dead” trope that’s been played out a million times). Pretty much nothing in this “reveal” felt organic to me, it was a convoluted mess all around, from A’s identity and the motives to Sara’s involvement to who hit/hurt/killed who and why, and don’t even get me started on the incest stuff.
    I should never have come back to this show. Curiosity never ends well with this show. Anyway. Disappointment, meet Remote.

  30. Samantha says:

    Why did Mr.D think Cece was a boy and get mad for her dressing up as a girl?

  31. alistaircrane says:

    Basically, PLL just taught me that trans people are evil.

    • Kimberly S. says:

      Instead of the fact that trans people are just like anyone else, some good and some evil? Seems like it’s the viewer’s problem, not the show’s.

      • msemmyjones says:

        But that’s not what the show says, that some are good and some are evil just like everyone else. There’s one. One trans character and she’s the big bad of the whole show. Where’s the good trans people to counteract that?

        • Elmstreetchild says:

          She wasn’t born evil just because she was trans. Look what happened to her ever since she was little because her dad didn’t understand Charles. If anything the show said “if you reject your trans child and lock them up in an insane asylum their whole life they will become crazy and evil.” Lol

          • Wildabeets says:

            Well, no. She WAS born evil, and then just happened to be trans in addition. She wasn’t locked away because her dad didn’t approve, she was locked away because she was violently disturbed.

            You have to take her story with a grain of salt, since she’s obviously an “unreliable narrator.” It’s heavily implied that she did try to kill Allison as a baby (it’s mentioned briefly that there were other incidents), and that she could be the one who pushed Toby’s mother. She’s telling the story from her point of view, one where she’s not crazy and is actually completely innocent, but that’s obviously not true.

            You can tell this from how she says, (paraphrasing), “They diagnosed me with an explosively violent disorder, but that was really what Bethney had, not me! So i took a rock and smashed her head in to show her!” This sorta implies that the diagnose was in fact correct, which throws everything else into doubt.

            As for CeeCee being shoehorned in, if you go back and watch the first halloween special back in season 2 (I think season 2), there are plenty of hints that it was a missing and institutionalized sister who was the “killer”, although the trans part was probably added in this year to get with the current media hype.

            And besides, I find it hard to believe that you can be institutionalized in the year 2065 for being trans. This show does take place then, right? Otherwise how could they have access to star trek levels of 3d technology? :)

    • Pretty much… don’t let them out of the asylum… thanks for that lesson PLL[/sarcasm]

    • Autumn says:

      I don’t think she was BORN evil at all. I think she was born a HE and was confused…Dad neglected and pushed him away because he thought he was “sick” instead of just loving him the way he was. Mom wanted to be supportive but was scared to oppose Mr. D so she allowed Charles to be committed to Radley. She supported and helped him transition into Charlotte and faked his death so that he could live free as Charlotte without Mr. D hanging over her head. I think maybe Cece was just a little manic and was abused and neglected and left alone for so long that she was taken over by anger and a need for revenge on her father. I don’t think she was evil…I think she just wanted a family and had she been given the support all around that Mrs. D offered…she would’ve turned out to be a happy and successful Charlotte Dilaurentis.

  32. Christy S. says:

    Also, did Mrs. D. kill herself then?

  33. Daniel says:

    On EW, Marlene actually confirmed that Charlotte actually killed Wilden, not Sara. And that Shana started the fire at the lodge and Sara was the one who pulled out the other girls.

  34. Nicole says:

    The “CeCe is Charles and a transgender” thing was a theory that came up quite a while ago. Since it was one of the theories that made the most sense, it stuck around so I am a little disappointed they went that route.

    I think most of my disappointment though, is from the fact that they didn’t go the twisted, dark, sociopath route. CeCe doesn’t seem nearly as twisted as some of the things “A” did.

    • Daniela says:

      I completely agree! A did some devious things and they made it seem like it was an innocent cat and mouse game, like Cece was never really trying to hurt anyone. It seems like she never really had a reason to torment any of the other girls, which is disappointing because that means they were all just guilty by association. #summerofdisappointments

      • Laura says:

        It still makes sense to me that Aria has DID (dissociative identity disorder) – way too many clues that matched that theory on and that her alternate personality was running around doing doing messed up, dark, vengeful A stuff. Clues show she had mental disorder issues. Plus a theory was floated that every time A “forced” her to do something, it was usually for her benefit. IE she wanted her mom to know about her dad’s affair and A forced the reveal.

        • Sarah says:

          That is so true, maybe they could still incorporate that. It would make so much more sense if CeCe had someone in the group helping her out. Obviously now she is a pro with all her high tech gadgets but she couldn’t of always had that access to the girls like the microchip trackers etc. Someone had to leak secrets to her and let her know where they would be. I am hoping we find out that the whole nice CeCe confession is an act and she is still just as twisted. Maybe she is saying game over because she’s handed it over to someone else as we can see they are being tormented in the fast forward preview. I am sure we are all feeling exactly how Marlene wants us to feel, there’s no way she would give us all the answers like that without throwing in more twists afterwards. Just like how set we were on the fact that Andrew Campbell was A after the last finale. There has to be more to the CeCe situation . She clearly is obsessed with Ali in an unhealthy way – not just because she is her sister. If she was so concerned about family then why was Jason laying next to their dad? I get why she hates her dad but Jason didn’t really do anything wrong because he didn’t even think his brother existed!

  35. Sam says:

    So the girls go for drinks at a bar called THE RADLEY!? why? Is that where CeCe is in 5 years? In the end I’m more excited over the time jump than I am about this reveal. So PLL got me again.

  36. Deena says:

    And what did CeCe have against Jason? He didn’t even know what happened to his brother and she tries to kill him and then drugged him.

    • Katy says:

      I think its that she wanted her whole family together.. Well at least thats what its been made out to mean.. just to get Drew Van Acker into the season finale

  37. Hannah says:

    WTH happened to CeCe. She says game over and then nothing. They mention Sara in the next scene but no mention of A the person they’ve been trying to find this entire show! Are they going to tell us what happened to her in the flash forward or are we just supposed to forget the whole convoluted mess happened. They said there would be no more questions from the past. If they just never tell us what happened to her I may need to check into Radley.

  38. Samantha says:

    In the end, love it or hate it, we all know we’re sticking around to see what happens next!

  39. Daniela says:

    The summer finale was such a disappointment! Cece was a suspect a long time ago! I understand being transgender was the twist, but I wasn’t pleased with my own reaction! I was hoping to jump out of my seat! I have been waiting for A to be revealed for years and I feel it should have been someone I didn’t expect! I think the story behind Cece was a little confusing and I still have several unanswered questions! The ending wasn’t pleasing either! What happened? The show was amazing until the summer of answers finale…

    • It’s like Lost all over again. It’s easy to write questions, but it’s much harder to write answers.

    • Katy says:

      They should’ve just gone with the Wren theory.. at least that made sense.. and although we haven’t seen Wren in a while, we actually cared about what he was doing every time he showed up.. so it would’ve been good to have the theory that was soo well thought out come true.

      Also.. what was the point in so many characters saying sly comments about him throughout the show.. like Eddie in Radley?! He talks for ages in Radley about how he doesn’t trust Wren and Wren seems so dodgy.. and there was literally no point. They should’ve saved some cash on that and just moved on to show Cece once in a while so that THIS wouldn’t happen

  40. Wooster182 says:

    ****SPOILER FOR NEXT SEASON. If you freeze frame the promo, Aria has a small ring on her wedding ring finger.

  41. shelton23236 says:

    This is such crap. Really they couldn’t have came up with anything better. I always kinda suspected cece but I never thought they would do transgender. Next half better be better. They still hot some questions to answer. Why would data all of a suddenly help cece? Who killed Mrs d? I’m guessing whoever killed alis mom is gonna be the villain in season 6B. If you look at the preview the girls yell to Ali that “He” is coming after her.

  42. Riana says:

    I hope that they do redeem Charlotte in later episodes. If they redeemed Mona, they can do the same with her. Maybe she can help against the new villain

  43. Tammy says:

    It was rather disappointing. I knew Sara wasn’t to be trusted. So that wasn’t a surprise. I had never really given CeCe another thought so it was a surpise but it was still anti-climatic. The whole thing was anti-climatic. Oh well……

  44. Joselyn says:

    I loved this episode

  45. A says:

    I absolutely loved season 6 finale but I still wanted A to be a complete guy and I wanted Bethany to be alive and black widow and red coat!

  46. ChrisGa says:

    And most importantly, are the PLL Moms still in the DeLaurentis basement?!? Another plot point that was totally tossed by the wayside(other than the very brief scene at the beginning where the phone was ringing in the main level of the house). I probably would’ve rather watched another ep of those four having drinks and dishing–especially Veronica!–than the anticlimax that we ended up with.

    • Katy says:

      haha ofc they’re still there: Mr D and Jason are both frozen and Rhys Matthews is legit so he definitely left. 2 of the women are divorced and single.. Emily’s dad is enlisted in the army and Mr Hastings is an idiot who hates his son and never visits him.

      So YES they’re just gnna have to live there for 5 yrs until their daughters all get back and realise their moms were missing.

      Or…. the slightly easier answer is that Ali let them out when she got back home :D

      Somehow figuring this out was more fun than watching the real finale

  47. A says:

    I never saw it coming. That Cece was A I thought maybe Cece was redcoat or Sarah

  48. Jenny says:

    I wrote this a month ago…..And knew seasons before that!!
    Jenny • a month ago
    I stand by my original prediction months ago…..CeCe is A!!! She was a Charles and is now a CeCe…….She is the right age…she is obsessed with Ali. She looks like them….and she always seems to be around when she needs to be…and when she doesn’t need to be.

    I WAS RIGHT!!!