Fall TV Preview

New Supergirl Trailer Touches Down — Plus: EPs Respond to Costume, Casting Controversies

Look! Up in the sky (or on your computer screen)! It’s Supergirl!

Just before the freshman drama’s cast and producers took the stage at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills, CBS unveiled a new trailer for its upcoming fall series.

The minute-long video serves as an abridged version of Supergirl‘s first trailer, focusing on Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) midair rescue of a plane — and the consequences that come with it.

During Supergirl‘s TCA panel, executive producer Greg Berlanti addressed initial criticism of the series, including negative reactions to Kara’s Supergirl costume and the somewhat controversial casting of Mehcad Brooks as photog Jimmy Olsen.

“We experience it with any show we introduce. What’s interesting to us is we have a similar formula for all shows,” Berlanti explained. “[When we revealed] the costume for the Green Arrow, there was initial conversation about that. It’s a healthy dialogue — anything that gets people talking about the show in this environment and gets people to check it out.”

Added Geoff Johns, chief creative officer of DC Entertainment: “People have so much passion for this kind of genre, and they’re adapting to this lifestyle. It’s a win no matter what.”

Supergirl takes flight Monday, Oct. 26, at 8:30/7:30c, before moving into its regular Mondays-at-8 time slot on Nov 2. Press PLAY on the latest trailer above, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Mary says:

    I grew up with the Jimmy Olson from the late 70s/early 80s movies, but the color of Jimmy Olson’s skin isn’t what threw me. It was the fact that he’s not scrawny and geeky/nerdy like what I picture Jimmy being. He’s a buff cool dude instead and calls himself James, not Jimmy. Even on Smallville he was a bit scrawny and geeky, but still called Jimmy.

    • This is a grown up Olsen.

    • Patrick says:

      WB and CBS just saw nerdom have a melt down about the casting in Fantastic Four this past weekend, which lead to perhaps the biggest flop of the summer, if not the year. CBS was worried about this leading up to this weekend. I bet that right now they are having kittens. And its because of Jimmy. Not necessarily race, but also because he isn’t the nerd we’ve come to love.

    • Tatharnio says:

      Smallville wasn’t THE Jimmy Olsen. It was his older brother.

    • Malcolm Mao says:

      THIS. You beat me to it. Can we look past his race for a second (which seems to be all that everyone is talking about) and mention the fact that Jimmy is supposed to be nerdy and scrawny? Even as a grown up he wouldn’t buff up like that all of a sudden. I truly couldn’t care less about his race, for as long as he’s doing a good job, but this version of the character is poorly conceived as it relates to the source material. He will serve a different function, play different kinds of situations and have a different relationship to both Kara and Superman (offscreen, one assumes). They might as well have called him something else and created a brand new character. It just seems like they wanted to name drop “Jimmy Olsen” on the show, and named the first dude they had written after that to give the fans something to talk about. Boo, I say.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Supergirl is the only new CBS series I’m really looking forward to. Melissa Benoist is destined to be one of the breakout stars this coming TV season and I’m wondering if there’s a chance that Supergirl should be one of the candidates for the coveted post Super Bowl episode come February 7, 2016.

    • Patrick says:

      Maybe. However, there’s a better chance that CBS will use one of their in-house projects, rather than one they are buying from another outlet.

    • Murica! says:

      Breakout star? That would be a little late. You do realize she has been on glee for multiple seasons? That was her breakout role.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with the costume.

    • nate says:

      It’s all these damn fandoms that get so wrapped up in the comics like “omfg that is NOT the same costume from the comics! I’m not watching this sh*t!”

      • cg313 says:

        My issue has nothing to do with fandom. I liked Arrow’s costume and most superheroes costumes in TV and Movies, there is just something off about this one. I can’t say exactly what it is it just seems a bit juvenile to me I guess. I’m probably one of the few who had no issue with Supes costume or even Andrew Garfield’s Spidey costume. This Supergirl one just looks off to me. I think it the skirt honestly for me. Hell I liked the failed Wonder Woman shows original costume and hated they pandered to the whiners of wanting to see the old Linda Carter one.

      • Yeah. Those fandoms suck the fun out of things.

    • Sharon says:

      I love the costume, change the boots tho.

  4. Boiler says:

    Can’t get into this one. I like Melissa and it is humorous to see people who hated her in Glee like her here. Just not my genre I guess.

  5. Mark says:

    “What’s interesting to us is we have a similar formula for all shows,” Berlanti explained.” — No you didn’t have a plot hole a mile wide in the pilot of either the Flash or the Arrow and no sense to come out and explain to the people that yes we are going to address this….

  6. Guy says:

    The color of the actor’s skin isn’t the problem with Jimmy Olsen. The problem is that Mehcad Brooks looks like a GQ hunk fresh off a cover shoot in his underwear, and Jimmy should be on the geekier side. On top of that, Mehcad Brooks is simply a bad actor. He’s always stiff in everything I’ve seen him in.

    • Drew says:

      Agreed. They can call him Jimmy and even make him into a character that people like, but he isn’t really the iconic Jimmy Olsen that people think of when they hear the name, or the one that people want to see on screen.
      I’m fine with having an adult Jimmy who has been through some stuff and is no longer the cub reporter. But he should still be Jimmy. Not a suave model named James.

    • DavidJ says:

      I’ve been a diehard Superman fan all my life, but I can’t say I ever cared a whole lot about Jimmy Olsen. The only time he was ever really memorable was in the 50s TV series, and that was only because of the great comedic timing of Jack Larson (and not the fact he was white and geeky).

      If Supergirl wants to re-imagine a minor character like this and make him a bit more cool and interesting, I don’t have a problem with that at all. And Brooks certainly came across as pretty darn likeable in the pilot.

      • Drew says:

        I don’t think that Jimmy can be considered a minor character. He has been around for 70+ years and had his own comic book that ran for 20 years. He is one of the most iconic supporting characters in comic book history. You could say that someone was “a total Jimmy Olsen” and most people would know what that means.

        • DavidJ says:

          Well judging from the pilot, Brooks definitely had the loyal, honest, and good-hearted traits down pretty well, which I’d say have always been MUCH more important to the character than the fact he’s skinny or white. And in fact the majority of Jimmy’s over the years weren’t even redheads, which doesn’t seem to bother too many people. And we’ve also seen an attempt at a cooler and less nerdy Jimmy on Lois & Clark as well.

          • Drew says:

            I don’t care about the black thing. And I won’t have an opinion on his personality until I see the pilot. But he looks like an underwear model. That is pretty much the anti-Jimmy right there.
            Didn’t Lois and Clark change Jimmy after a season? I remember the first one as being cooler than the second.
            Anyway, the redhead thing is a peeve of mine. Redhead characters never get to keep their red hair on screen. It is annoying! Jimmy, Wally, Lana… What’s the deal with that?

  7. KC says:

    Her voice is sooooo annoying! ….and she still can’t act.

    • Dean says:

      you know what else is annoying?People who whine and people who think just they don’t like someone or something they think it makes them better than the people who do. So they constantly say the same thing every time a new article related to the something they don’t like comes up because it makes them feel good to belittle other peoples interests. But hey they’re free to do what they want so long as they manage their bloodpressure.

  8. ScottJ says:

    There’s no rule that says every little detail has to be the same as in the source material. The show is an adaptation and distillation of some 50 years or more of comic history. Both Supergirl and Flash have died at least once but that’s never stopped them.

  9. Joey Padron says:

    New trailer looks good! Good highlights from their panel.

  10. sammy says:

    I understand where some of the people here are coming from, when you envisioned Jimmy Olsen you envisioned a Aaron Ashmore type Jimmy Olsen (who also appeared as his younger brother in the smallville series finale as the Real Jimmy Olsen bowtie and camera included) But the bottom line is that all these shows are based on the comics and a lot of adaptation occurs. We must just loose our preconcieved ideas and WATCH THE SHOEW FOR WHAT IT IS. IF We keep on saying ‘but that’s not how it was done in the comics’ we’ll never enjoy a tv show ever.

  11. S says:

    Of course her skirt is short.

  12. Bill says:

    In this instance jimmy ok send skin color doesn’t matter to me, it’s not a part of his story. Not like Human Torch was

  13. Angus says:

    The costum is too 1960’s. It needs to be udated and a little more risque.