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Arrow Oliver Girlfriend Elysia Rotaru Cast

Arrow Casts Oliver's New Love Interest — Should Felicity Be Worried?

Arrow‘s Oliver will have another woman to contend with when Season 4 starts up — but interestingly enough, she’s been part of his life all along.

The CW series has cast Elysia Rotaru as a lady from the superhero’s past, EW.com reports… and that’s about all that’s known about her recurring character.

His past relationship with the mystery woman “will serve as a parallel or potentially a contrast to his love affair with Felicity in the present,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim told the site. (Translation: Olicity fans probably don’t have to worry about her sinking that ‘ship.)

Rotaru’s TV credits include SmallvilleHellcatsSupernatural and iZombie.

Arrow returns to The CW on Wednesday, Oct. 7, at 8/7c.

Arrow fans, how are we feeling about Rotaru’s addition to the cast? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Toni-ann says:

    Is she a recast of the baby mama, perhaps? I mean we just saw her on the flash, idk if they would recast her so soon, plus I thought they said there wasn’t room for that storyline in this season.

  2. Na says:

    I wish something would sink that ship

    • Lizo says:

      I just wish they’d write it better. I’m not for it or against it, it’s just done SO badly.

      • redjane12 says:

        yep – it’s been so sloppy…

        • AlexAbout says:

          Agreed. I used to like the dynamic at first, but after the middle of season 2, it just kept going on a downhill slide. I love Felicity, but what I loved was that she was strong and independent and NOT just an appendage. We don’t see intelligent women who aren’t afraid to show their smarts and who are (gasp!) attractive — and it’s important that we do, because what gets stuffed in the faces of girls is that you can’t be both or ‘no one will want you!’

          But instead of keeping her strong and independent, either in or out of a relationship, what the writers did instead? Shoved her into a ‘typical girlfriend’ box. I don’t even hear her name now. It’s just ‘Olicity, Olicity, Olicity.’ BLEAH. Way to kill off a strong female character, Arrow writers.

          Not only that, but they’ve made Oliver so unlikeable and unheroic that I don’t even want him with her anymore. Screwing two sisters = bad. Getting a girl pregnant and whining to mommy instead of manning up (and caring so little about the poor girl after she supposedly miscarried that he couldn’t be bothered to go make sure she was okay) = worse. 50 Shades of Oliver Queen, rampant sulky jealous twit who wasn’t at all interested in Felicity until she started dating someone else, betraying his best friend and blood brother by kidnapping his wife and leaving his baby abandoned and unattended, then lying to his team, almost killing them and placing their safety in the hands of Malcolm Merlyn, all because he couldn’t take getting his butt beat by Ra’s = unacceptable beyond belief.

          At this point, he’s like the bad boy moron that you really, really don’t want your friend to get involved with because you KNOW he’ll be an a**hat.

          So, no, please BREAK UP OLICITY and give us back our upbeat, independent Felicity. I couldn’t care less if Oliver’s happy or not, the jerk.

  3. Stephani says:

    Are you kidding me?? ….that girl means nothing

  4. Emily says:

    I’m guessing she will be Oliver’s flashback girlfriend in Russia.

  5. GraceM says:

    Maybe they’ve recast Oliver: s baby mama. Cthat storyline was supposed to happen at the end if season three and never did.

  6. DatDude says:

    For a brief moment….my hopes were raised.

    Olicity has failed this city.

  7. tyranthraxus says:

    His girlfriend in Russia. The show still hasnt address how he became a Captain in the Solntsevskaya Bratva bar with his dealings with Ivo in a few past episodes. It will be great to see how they expand on that.

  8. ms Thang says:

    And of course the olicity fans couldn’t wait to tear this character down.

  9. Danielle says:

    Nah, I’m not worried. They will have to throw obstacles in front of Olicity. It’s only season 4 after all. We still have quite a ways to go before any kind of series finale. It would be nice, however, if the fan boys stopped their whining because Oliver is in love with Felicity and not with Laurel.

    • Jack says:

      No one is mentioning Laurel except for you lol

    • Lizo says:

      I’m glad they’ve moved away from the Laurel/Oliver stuff. They had no chemistry and now Laurel gets to do cool stuff. She’s my fave. The sad part is that now Felicity doesn’t get to do cool stuff, she’s stuck being The Love Interest

    • Liz says:

      I’m not worried either. I think this is really positive for Olicity actually because Oliver will be going down a dark ruthless killer path in flashbacks and then we’ll contrast to the happiness and strength he has with Felicity. It’s a good sign.

      I’m afraid people will always complain about Oliver/Laurel because they were together in the comics. It’s just one of those things. Accept it and move on and just enjoy the things you love!

  10. Ninoska says:

    I like the idea of an obstacle between Oliver and Felicity, it keeps the show more interesting and less of a soap opera, like it iwas Season 3 between those 2, especially Felicity. I want to se eFelicity the same she was on S1 and 2.

  11. Olicity01 says:

    Since I LOVE Olicity, I HATE this girl!!!

    • tvjunkie says:

      Olicity’s end is inevitable. Oliver’s long history has been once he tires of the milk he goes and finds a new cow. He never buys the cow. I see no reason he would start now.

      • AlexAbout says:

        Exactly, and I don’t see any reason he’ll be any different now.

        • Except that…. the narrative of Season 3 was about Oliver changing into a different, better person. Are you telling us you weren’t paying attention for 9 months, particularly to the finale where Oliver openly says he wants to get to know the new person he is? If so, then i want to know what show you thought you were watching…

    • Liz says:

      Oh come on. Be mature about this. She’s no threat to Olicity. She’s from the flashbacks. The flashbacks were a dark time. No good can come from this. Chill out! Olicity will still be awesome.

  12. x says:

    She’s much prettier than any of the ladies on arrow, that’s for sure.

  13. Ella says:

    I miss when Oliver and Laurel together. That is all.

  14. LK says:

    I was kinda hoping they would ditch the flashbacks… last season they were simply a distraction that I fast forwarded through to get back to the real action.

    • Drew says:

      I was of the opposite opinion. The flashbacks were interesting and everything in the present was horrible.

    • Liz says:

      The flashbacks were strange last season because I thought Maseo and Tatsu were awesome but at the same time the flashbacks were so boring. I liked them in seasons 1 and 2, for the most part. Some of them were a bit dragged out. But on the whole I usually enjoy them. Season 3 was not good at all.

  15. Luis says:

    Flashback much?

  16. wylma says:

    Damn, how many girls will Oliver use his superior shafting skills on? Only a handful have escaped his marksman “aim”.

  17. Drew says:

    So in his five years away, Oliver had Shado, Sara and now this girl? How was that five years supposed to be hellish again?

  18. Trish says:

    Eh, I just wish these articles would stop using Felicity as click bait to Olicity fans in things like this that have absolutely nothing to do with her. Let this flashback stuff generate its own buzz. Please leave Felicity and her fans out of it. This news should be capable of generating attention without inserting her name into things. Just sayin…

    • Liz says:

      They always use Olicity as click bait. It’s pretty sad but par for the course now! Regardless, I’m looking forward to the flashbacks this year because of Shadowspire and Oliver going really dark ruthless killer. Olicity fans shouldn’t worry about any of this. In fact, most of them aren’t worried at all!

  19. Liz says:

    I was waiting for another love interest! She’s very pretty. And I don’t think Felicity would be worried at all. She’s from the flashbacks. Even if she turned up in present day, Oliver is madly in love with Felicity. Sorry! This will be great. Plus Oliver is going really dark in flashbacks now so I’m expecting a dark path.

  20. Jooshua says:

    She works with The CW a lot. I imagine it’s great for an actor to have a strong relationship with a network.

  21. Honey Jackson says:

    I WANT Oliver back,someday,with Laurel,his only one true love💜💜💜! PLEASE!!!

  22. I wonder how this girl survives to present day. Shado is dead, Sara has died a few times… it doesn’t set a great pattern for his flashback love life, does it? The only reason Tatsu survived was because she was happily married… at least until she and Maseo went their separate ways. Even then, *still* didn’t sleep with Oliver…

  23. Dave says:

    Flashbacks can be bad.
    Just look at Season 2, we all thought Slade was dead and he’s back from the dead.
    Maybe ‘Oliver’s new love interest’ will come to the Present Day and ruin Olicity’s happiness.

  24. peter says:

    This actor or actress stays dead. It cant be a major/leading character. ROY or Oliver’s son mom. Oliver probably returns in the flashback and sees his baby and her.but sneaky. Thea has the Lazarus pit healing powers