Sense8 Renewed

Sense8 Renewed for Season 2

Here’s some Sense8ational news to start off your weekend: Netflix has renewed its globe-trotting, mind-bending thriller for a second season.

The streaming giant let the cast announce the news early Saturday via Twitter.

At the show’s TCA panel last month, executive producer J. Michael Straczynski told reporters that he was “still awaiting word” about a pickup, adding, “We’re cautiously optimistic, but, ultimately, it’s Netflix’s call.”

Sense8 — from Andy and Lana Wachowski (The Matrix) — follows a group of eight individuals from around the globe, all of whom are connected by a mysterious vision. The cast includes Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill), Naveen Andrews (Lost) and Tuppence Middleton (Sinbad).

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  1. Sarahii says:


    Great news.

  2. Lizo says:

    Yay!!! I figure if they renewed the almost completely panned Marco Polo, Sense8 would be too (and people love that)

  3. abz says:

    Yay!!! Great news. Can’t wait to see more of the sensates. Also I hope they up Hernando to series regular.

  4. Clusters says:

    Netflix and the show did this partially because this “cluster” of sense8s was born on August 8

  5. Kat Johnson says:


  6. DarkDefender says:


  7. Meatwad says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!

  8. Eli Williams says:


    Quite a great showwww!!

  9. kate says:

    Yay! This is actually a good sign for future that they actually waited until the actual birthday of the sensate cluster.

  10. Tim says:

    Who’s the first guy?

  11. George says:

    Man I must be the odd man out. Other than a few good scenes scattered around I didn’t think this show was any good. I mainly finished the season just because I had already invested so much time.

  12. I had a feeling this would happen.

  13. superCoderOne says:

    G8 news!

  14. B says:

    So glad to finally hear this!

  15. et al. says:

    Wonderful news! I absolutely adore this show. Very cute announcing the renewal on 8/8.

  16. dj says:

    took me a couple of episodes to get into this show, but then I was hooked

  17. nate says:

    Yes! !!! I was so worried

  18. Analisa says:

    Wow. This really is good news! I genuinely like this show. I too had mixed views in the beginning, since it took so long for the show to get its footing for me. Oh and the nudity! Oy. All right, we get that it’s on Netflix but it seemed like couldn’t move on till there was huge orgy? Anyway, its definitely an original show, which is why I’m still invested. Whoo!

    • abz says:

      I think sometimes people just get so hung up on sex in TV in general and always commenting that sex is not necessary to be shown. Television is a visual medium. What do you expect? Sex scenes will be shown because it’s one of the many human interactions portrayed on television. Yes, something that can be done is to make it at least work with the story most of the time. Many shows accomplish that. Outlander comes to mind at the top of my head with Claire and Jamie. At least the orgy scene was done tastefully in my opinion on this show (and it was definitely hot). It also made sense for the show to illustrate how deep the connection is between the sensates and how they can feel each others emotions and feelings and yes, even orgasms. I mean they showed Lito feeling cramps for the first time while Sun was experiencing her period. I see nothing wrong with them also showing Will connecting with the other sensates while he was working out and feeling the climaxes Lito and Nomi were having while they were with their partners. This season basically was all about introducing these people and demonstrating just how connected these 8 people are. But when it comes to sex, that’s when everyone has an issue. Such a shame many may not even check out the show. It definitely takes a couple episodes to get it’s footing, but it’s great. Sadly, I’ve seen so many people bashing it online for the sex and the fact that there was gay sex a lot of the time too and they probably won’t watch because of it.

      • Lucifer says:

        That’s interesting, because the people criticizing it for the hardcore sex scenes usually are not talking about it being gay sex. They are talking about it being basically porn. I mean, they even showed sexual fluids dripping from a sex toy after the couple finished. I have no issue with sex or nudity in entertainment at all, but the line between artful sex scenes and hardcore porn is virtually nonexistent in this show. That’s doesn’t make it a bad show, though, the writing does.

        • abz says:

          I personally don’t think the show has crossed a line into “being basically porn”. I’m sure we all know what actual hardcore porn looks like. The orgy scene in my opinion was done very tastefully. Wolfgang having sex with that woman was nothing new I haven’t seen on television. Lito/Hernando and Nomi/Amanita’s sex scenes seemed fine to me. I wouldn’t put them in the same category as porn. Sure, the fluids dripping is a little excessive. To me, though, the show seemed to be very similar to how a lot of cable shows are in terms of the graphicness of the sex scenes.
          And I’m sure you’re right that there are many people criticizing the show for the sex scenes in general, but I actually have seen quite a lot of bashing of this show online with regards to the fact that it has lgbt characters and them having sex. It’s kind of similar to the online outrage I saw with HTGAWM when it was pushing network boundaries with Connor this past year.

          • Analisa says:

            Okay. I feel like a gotta make something clear. I am hispanic and lesbian. My disdain wasn’t about the scenes themselves. He’ll I almost rewound that damned orgy scene! It was the length of the scenes and how many there were that just seemed a little much. It seemed like it took so long to even get to that scene that I had to hang on to keep focus. At the end of the day, I’m glad the sex scenes were there. I know it’s going to be there. Now, I want the story.

          • helixro14 says:

            “Sure, the fluids dripping is a little excessive.”
            And tacky, but blood and gore & peeled faces are commonly shown and I find it interesting how we have been desensitized to that but react to other ‘precious bodily fluids”

  19. O'yaya says:

    BEST NEWS OF MY WEEK!!! now that I know they wanted to wait until the characters birthdays I forgive the torturous wait. I can’t wait to see them again next June

  20. G says:


  21. Carey says:

    This series brought 3 generations closer! Please give us the full 5 seasons I’m dying to share it again with my family. Thanx so much!,

  22. pirate says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!! SO happy!!!

  23. BlondGothGirl says:

    Yay for keeping quality programming and showing minority characters in a positive light

  24. yurie says:

    Now that characters have been established, I hope for more plot in Season 2.

  25. Sharon Niles says:

    so happy!! August 8. I have been telling everyone I know to watch this show. It’s stunning, absolutely beautiful..

  26. Ric says:

    YES!!!! More of Brian Smith is always a good thing!

  27. Jeff gunn says:

    Such a wonderfully complex character driven show.
    I hope it runs for many seasons

  28. Fatima says:

    Yay!! Finaly!! Thanx God!! 😍😍 soooooo happy!!

  29. Joey says:

    Seriously about time they announced it.

  30. Becca Porter says:

    Thank goodness! I was worried.

  31. Joey says:

    *cough* Hey, Aus (or any other TV Line staffer, for that matter), can you go around and just delete the comments from user Wankaman? S/he seems solely devoted to trolling commenters.

  32. FtheFreys says:

    So excited about this news. Just an amazing and very ambitious show. Now that the sensates have connected and we’ve got a view of their personal stories, I feel like the narrative is just going to take off.

  33. Geek24 says:


  34. Denise says:

    Yay…best news, best show…thanks Netflix! Soooo happy!

  35. Chris says:

    Glad this is coming back thought that the first season was absolutely brilliant! Roll on season 2

  36. Bark Star says:

    Way to go JMS !

  37. Bel says:

    Finally YES!!!! So freaking happy- I got my whole family watching the show-everyone loves it so much!!!

  38. Is it too early to tell which summer shows will be renewed for next summer? I hate getting invested in a show only to find out it’s not coming back next season

  39. user189885 says:

    Fantastic news!!! Loved every bit of the show, especially the badass from S. Korea!!!!

  40. A Fan of TV says:

    I’m excited about this because the show was twisty and I liked each of the characters very much, even though where it will go next feels so obvious (the guy looked at Will, so now Will’s going to be hunted) but it has a lot of work to do to pull it all together – at least I want those answers! It’s really all over the place and the narrative is nearly impossible to follow if you’re not glued to the screen. Can someone please figure out a way to make the ‘sense-shifting’ appear more like a character trait and less like a plot device? It got a little corny that they only seemed to shift into each other when the plot called for it, and not because they have this brand new ability passed down to them in a way I still don’t totally understand…

  41. Sunny says:

    You just made my day!!!!! Yay!

  42. I’m looking forward to the scene in Season Two where Nomi takes over Lito’s body, and using Daniela’s camera photo, expunges them from the internet. Hernando will be looking over his shoulder for the whole thing, and Lito will be forced to explain how he suddenly became a hacker. I would suggest that Nomi/Lito type “rm * -f -R” at the keyword. Linux-heads will recognize this command.

  43. jm says:

    i watched the whole season in one day. :) As many said the three first episodes were quite slow, but i was hooked with the end of the chapter 4 and the song….
    Luckily there is a second season. there were so many things left behind unresolved
    – I will be so angry if Sun, the best sense8 with Wolfgang and Mike are left there… I felt so much for her…
    – Mike´s sister seems to be very nice and her mother need to have a visit of the whole group. Sort of Wolfi´s visit to his uncle.(Same to Will´s boss)
    Hernando, Felix and Daniela are not series regular when Daryl Hannah who is just 5 seconds in every two or three chapter is… it´s something that they need to fix. Remove Daryl or give her more to do.

    And a couple complains more, it seems people dont die, we have sort of resurrections after i tough they were killed, not one, not two but three characters… And there are not so many characters to root for, i mean, i fill more emphatic for some of the not sense8 like Hernando and Dani, Amarita and the daughter of the Rich keniatan guy.

    • Mcat says:

      Who the heck is Mike?

      • helixro14 says:

        Isn’t Mike Nomi in her boy existence?

        • Mcat says:

          Nomi was named Michael when she was born, but now she’s Nomi, period. There is no character on the show named Mike. Original commenter is being a close-minded fool.

          • Kurt Van Kuren says:

            Predictions for Season Two (based on character arcs and some logic):(1) the leaders of the cluster will be Wolfgang and Kala [there is a reason they were on the back burner for season one]; they will prove resistant to Whispers, and eventually lead an attack against him;(2) Another cluster will emerge, when our sensates prove that they can withstand Whispers;(3) Tuppance Middleton’s character Riley may not be in season two; expect a GOT surprise when she is killed by BPO (I think Tuppance has other career plans, and wants to leave the series asap, but with some recognition); (4) Someone connected to the Sensates by friendship will begin to develop related powers, this is hinted at by the lucid dream / psychic sequences of Will, and when Angelica manifests after her death.  This will lead to a more paranormal understanding of sensates, as for right now, they are struggling to understand a reasonable scientific explanation for their abilities, but soon they will understand that to be sensate is to enter into immortality, and that is what *really* frightens Whispers and BPO. 

  44. M says:


  45. Matthew farmer says:

    This was the craziest show i think ive ever seen very out of this world but just awesome how it is played out! I could not stop watching this and i absolutely need way more seasons to come out!! This show may not be for everyone because it is very graphic but that is why i love it!!