The Flash Wally West Cast

The Flash Season 2 Casts Wally West AKA 'Kid Flash'

The Flash has found the next generation of speedster.

Keiynan Lonsdale (Dance Academy, the film Insurgent) has joined the CW superhero drama in the series-regular role of Wally West, TVLine has learned.

Lonsdale’s character — who will make his debut in the winter — becomes the speedster known as Kid Flash in the comics lore. In assorted DC Comics iterations, Wally has been both the nephew of Iris West and husband to Linda Park (who was played during Season 1 by Malese Jow).

“Just like when we met [star] Grant [Gustin] for the first time, we instantly knew Keiynan embodied all the heart and courage of a hero,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said in a statement. “We are so excited to be bringing this much-beloved character onto the show.”

Other recent Flash additions for Season 2 include Masters of Sex‘s Teddy Sears (as the first speedster, Jay Garrick), One Tree Hill’Shantel VanSanten (as Barry’s new love interest, Patty Spivot) and Smallville‘s Michael Ironside (guesting as Captain Cold’s dad).

The Flash returns Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 8/7c.

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  1. A.M says:

    He’s hot!…This should be fun

    • A.M says:

      I’m always happy when people are pissed off that a PoC (Person of color) has been cast in a role meant for a white person. It means they are not getting what they want & that’s progress for humanity.
      Hollywood/show business is progressing in the right direction by trying to incorporate more diversity in shows and certainly not paying attention to racial biases.
      How can skin color make one Wally West better than the other. Obviously if it’s to do with story-lines, I’m pretty sure TF will somehow use plots from both versions of Wally.

      • Drew says:

        Which is why casting for The Wiz has been so diverse.

        It isn’t a race war. It is people who love a character who has literally been colors on a page for half a century. People also hated when they turned Superman into a blue electric guy in the 90’s. Wally West is a big deal, and people have been waiting a long time to see the character come to life. It isn’t racism. It is fandom. People also get pissy when the Outlander series changes something from the book.

        • M says:

          Then where is the outrage about White Canary? That is the most recent example of white washing in the Flarrow universe and there has been little to no backlash. To be honest, it seems there is only such a vocal outrage when a character is changed to the “wrong” race.
          I agree that it is fandom, but fandom has a deep rooted history in being -ist & -phobic. If fandom had its way many years ago, there wouldn’t even be female superheroes, let alone POC and LBGT+. People are tired of writing it off as “that’s just how it is” and they should be. This is the 21st century.
          P.S: The Wiz isn’t a good example because it was created as a direct response to the overall lack of diversity in the original Wizard of Oz. Therefore, race is directly related and important to the storyline.

          • J says:

            I am a gay Hispanic who understands the need for greater diversity in comics as well as television, but Wally West is an iconic character. What the New 52 and now the show are doing is taking an established, popular character’s name and completely reinventing them for the sake of diversity. The Young Justice tv show found a way to introduce a more diverse Aqualad without affecting an established character (although I doubt there are many Aqualad fans out there.)

          • Drew says:

            White Canary is not an iconic character who goes back half a century, in countless comics. She is a barely used character who was used a little bit, a while back… And I still saw people complaining about changing the character. So your point fails there.
            But good job rationalizing the racist casting of The Wiz.

          • J says:

            I agree. How many people even know a White Canary exists in the comics? I was more bothered by how awful they made Solomon Grundy.

          • M says:

            @Drew I didn’t pick a big enough character…hm. Well, let me direct your attention to the continued white washing of Ra’s Al Ghul, who has been white washed multiple times over multiple mediums. I would say one of the top ten supervillains in the comic world counts as being “iconic,” right?
            (And the criticism towards the Arrow casting had less to do with his race (even though it should have) and more to do with whether that particular actor was going to pull off such a Big Bad.)
            My point doesn’t fall flat because outrage happens when characters are changed (in any way really) but it’s very vocal and frankly, downright hostile, when it’s a white character changed to a different race, particularly African American. So much so that actors & actresses have received personal attacks on social media. To deny that is either being incredibly naive or consciously ignorant, either of which is no excuse. *That* was my point, which you missed entirely.
            And my pointing out the Wiz and its roots wasn’t a justification: it’s an actual fact. But please, continue to ignore the fact that there were decades of deeply ingrained sexism, racism, and homophobia that plagued every aspect of pop culture and there were attempts by minority groups to rectify that to make yourself feel better.
            The *only* thing that matters is that this young actor is getting the opportunity of a lifetime. I have faith he’ll do a great job with both honoring the character and putting his own spin on it. I only wish for his success and the continued success of the show!

          • Drew says:

            First of all, as I’ve said, I dislike what the comics have done but reserve judgement on the series until I see it. I am not complaining about the casting. I am just saying that it isn’t automatically racist for someone to do so. Yes, racism exists. But crying wolf when there is none only makes it less effective when there is.
            People complained a lot about Ra’s. Who was playing him. How he was written… It was a failure all around. Why was he made white? No clue. Maybe the studio was nervous about having a middle eastern terrorist trying to kill millions of people.
            The reason why the outrage over that casting fell flat is because when someone comes in and says it should have been an actor of a different race, nobody calls it racist and starts attacking people. They accept that opinion and move on. Just like people should be doing here. It isn’t racist to voice an opinion like this any more than it is racist for casting directors to put race in a character description… Which also isn’t racist.
            Racist racist racism racist… When you say it a bunch of times, it loses all meaning.

          • Drew says:

            And for the record, redheads have faced their fair share of discrimination, and continue to experience it to this day in many places. Did you ever think that that little kid who is being picked on during “Kick a Ginger Day” might want to see a superhero who looks like him on the screen?

          • Drew says:

            J, I just wanted to say that I’m not ignoring you. I just agree with you, so it didn’t feel like there is much to add. :)

          • Anon says:

            I think that fans Don’t care about who is the “black canary” or “White Canary” we are just happy to have Caity Lotz back. She could be playing Catwoman, Artemis whoever and it wouldn’t really matter what she was called

          • lechatnoir says:

            Comic Fandom just like video games aficionados is chock full of vile racists, I really had to take a break in fact that longer my break lasted the more I realized they drove me away. Try being a gamer in the online world and especially when the digital character you pick has a bit of melanin. You will be attacked left right and centre by every so called liberal Caucasian. I am still annoyed that most white players have a carefree digital “existence” , its like they can be whoever they want without anyone turning their pigmentation into a war zone.

            Its like as soon as they see a bit of colour , they are completely enraged.

          • JC1 says:

            I’m late to the conversation, but since no one else has said it….. I’m getting really tired of people using White Canary as an example of whitewashing when it is not. Caity Lotz is not playing the White Canary of the comics – the Gail Simone-created character that was the sister of the Twelve Brothers in Silk. If she was, yes, that would be whitewashing. But she is not. She is playing Sara Lance, a white character that already existed in this universe, who is being given the code name of White Canary to differentiate her from her sister the Black Canary. It’s no different than different people using the Green Lantern name, or several other comic examples one could list.

        • A.M says:

          But they are not changing anything from the book…A black Wally West does exist in the books. So people are pissed that the show picked the black WW over the White one. And people need to remember that show-runners have implied that these shows are not made to appease Comic book fans…they are made so that a regular person who’s never read a comic book in their life can follow them without needing any back story – because they are the bulk of people who watch these shows. So Wally West being white or Black makes no difference to the average viewer who knows nothing about comic books.

          • psicomenace says:

            No, no, no, this time is not racism (well, at least not only racist opinions), the thing is, white Wally is a legendery character with a lot of background and story, Black Wally is a really new character (barely a couple of years since his creation) with a totally new origin story and actually even completely new personality and status absolutly different of the first Wally.
            I mean, black Wally was flash in just a couple of issues in some alternate future meanwhile white Wally was Flash more than a decade as a legacy character following the steps of his heroically dead uncle Barry, with a wife and twins with speedforce powers, he was key to bring Barry back from the dead in Final Crisis and Flash: Rebirth, the new Wally is not even Kid Flash in comics yet (there already exist a Kid Flash that I still believe may be the future grandgrandgrandgrandchild of Barry from the far future).
            Personally I prefer classic characters as Barry Allen or Hal Jordan thousand times before Wally West or Kyle Ryner but even I understand the importance and meaning of the original Wally.
            BTW I’m Mexican ;D

          • A.M says:

            @psicomenace Change has to start somewhere. This will be a great platform to establish the new Wally. The whole reason most of these iconic comic book characters are predominantly white is because of the prejudices that existed decades ago when the characters were created.

          • Drew says:

            A.M., do you believe that minority characters can’t be great on their own without ripping off the name of an already-iconic character? That’s bull. This isn’t progress or equality. It’s charity and political correctness. There are great minority characters who would probably make more sense on The Flash at this point in the series and increasing their profile would be great. Or new characters could be created and promoted on the series. But trying to make people love a completely new character because he has the same name as someone who fans loved, yet was completely written off without proper sendoff or concern… that’s stupid on DC’s part. Imagine if they suddenly recast Felicity on “Arrow” with someone who was and entirely different person but had the same name. Do you honestly believe that fans would just shrug and say “cool beans”? I don’t think so.

      • alistaircrane says:

        If you don’t understand why white Wally is better than black Wally, there is no hope for you.

        • A.M says:

          Actually there’s no hope for you and your closed have not even seen the show yet & are already judging the character just based on skin color…shame!

      • ScottJ says:

        Every time I see people going on about PoC I wonder where the green, purple, blue and orange actors are.

  2. SteveO says:

    Bart’s nextď

  3. alistaircrane says:

    Ugh. Fans have been waiting years and years for a live-action Wally, yet we get the black one that only appeared last year. No. The real Wally is a Caucasian ginger.

    • Arvin says:

      West family were black on the show so it was expected.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Turning the West family into black people was a huge mistake.

        • Lizo says:

          No, it was a bold act of creativity and social responsibility. And please, the father/son chemistry between Jesse Martin & Grant is spot on perfect; it’s the heart of the show. It would not have been the same with a different actor

          • SayNay says:

            Exactly! Some of the best scenes of this past season have been between Barry and Joe and that’s because of the chemistry between Jesse and Grant.

          • Oh Joe (or as I like to call him, Cop Dad) is great, no question, one of the highlights of the show. Bold I’ll give you, since anything that really rocks the boat as it were is bold.

            Creative and socially responsible? Big ol’ gray area. Race for most characters is generally unimportant, and characters’ appearance in general is rarely a factor in who they are so much as their costumes. Where it gets complicated however is when you try to change the image of a character with how fans remember them. Wally West isn’t some D list character people barely remember or care about, nor is he a character whose race was quite frankly always kind of ambiguous (looking at you Ra’s Al Ghul). Wally West was The Flash for over twenty years, and before that the Kid Flash, one of the original Teen Titans. Changing the race not because the character is racist but because DC comics wants to make their comics more diverse and Wally was considered unimportant enough to change him. Comics need to be and should be more diverse, no question, it’s the whole reason why Milestone Comics and characters like John Stewart and Bunker were introduced at all. Even having a new, more diverse character come and take up the mantle of an iconic character is fine. Changing a character’s physical characteristics out of a desire simply to shoot for diversity just comes off as a slap to the face as it implies it was a mistake to the character be one way, when it isn’t an issue with the character itself but the company they’re a part of. Marvel seems to get that given how they’re doing the whole female Thor and African-American Captain America changes, as rather than suddenly having Thor be a woman in Norse mythology or Steve Rogers suddenly be African-American they both passed their mantles on to worthy, long-established characters.

            In the end though it doesn’t matter since the West family have been African-American for a season now and, as said, Jesse L Martin is great.

        • O'yaya says:

          how was it a mistake?

    • rachelle says:

      Well, he’s related to Iris…

      • Delirious says:

        Critical question being… If Iris is Wally’s aunt, are they gonna change the lore completely? They’re like, what, 3 years apart IRL? And have they ever mentioned Det. West having more kids? I think I recall them saying it was only the 3 of them (with Iris and Barry)…

        I don’t really understand why everyone’s so fixated with the ethnicity (seriously – Miles Morales, Kamala Khan, Nick Fury, and the list continues – aren’t we over that already?), when changing the actual story/origin/etc is much more critical, at least to me.

        • grass says:

          Uh… Time travel is a huge aspect of this show? He’s probably going to come back from the future for some reason. But I do agree about your point about him being Iris’ nephew. Either she has some long lost sibling out there, or Joe is going to have a child with another woman at some time down the road, who in turn becomes the mother/father of Wally?

        • psicomenace says:

          Kaamala is totally ok but she is a new character no replacement of some dead hero (given that the original Ms Marvel is still alive just now is the oh so boring Captain Marvel) but Nick Fury jr is sh#t and the other black Fury is Ultimate and Ultimate universe after Ultimatum is just a nightmare that I want to forget.
          I tried to read Miles at the beginning of his run, I really tried but after the dead of the Peter from the Ultimate universe (with the Ultimatum still so fresh in the memory) I just couldn’t, overall I found it boring.

    • Lea says:

      Iris is black, Joe is black, it was plainly obvious since the first episode Wally would be black should he ever appear. The show has been portraying the Wests as black since before the new version of Wally was introduced to the comics.

    • Ashley says:

      You’re an idiot if you thought Wally wasn’t going to be black. Wally is more than his appearance, deal with it.

    • M says:

      And Barry is a buff blond in the comics who looks more like Rick Cosnett than Grant Gustin…what’s your point? Well we know what it is…but take comfort in knowing that The Flash is going to be filming the movie version soon so a white Wally may make an appearance there.

    • Glantern926 says:

      Grant Gustin has brown hair and the Barry from the comic is blonde, where’s “ugh” for that? You can’t be surprised that they are using the new 52 version of Wally. Arvin is right since the West family is indeed black … I would have assumed long ago that Wally would be as well.

    • J says:

      It didn’t bother me that the West family was turned black. One of my favorite parts of the show is the Barry/Joe relationship, and Candice Patton is great as Iris. However, I was holding out hope that Wally would be adopted. Wally West is my favorite Flash, and I have always loved that he was a redhead! It doesn’t seem like we will get the same character from the comics. To make it worse, they cast the worst actor from Dance Academy!

      • alistaircrane says:

        It bothers me. It’s wrong to change a character’s race from white to black (or Asian or Hispanic, etc…). Leave things like that alone!!!

    • jimmy woo says:

      Race change is racist. No race change.

  4. BTM says:

    Yay! More diversity on TV! Welcome to Flash, sir!

  5. JC says:

    Way too soon to be introducing this character. I see they are making all the same mistakes with this show that they made with Arrow.

  6. DougMac says:

    They are running these characters out awful quickly. I hoped to see Wally one day, but they should have waited a few seasons. And while original Wally will always be the Flash I think of first as my Flash, it really makes sense to bring in the African American version given the universe the show has already set up.

  7. James D says:

    Sweet. Love me some Wally West, Kid Flash was always fun character in the comics. Don’t know anything about the actor but i trust Kreisburg knows what he’s doing. Season two looking good so far.

  8. KC says:

    Thanks for ruining a good show – unbelieveable!

  9. M says:

    I’m a bit surprised at some of the recoil I’ve seen with this news, considering Candice Patton was cast as Iris over a year and a half ago. Logically, since Wally is still a West, why wouldn’t they cast him as black? It’s really not that big of a deal. To be honest, I’m more worried about bringing him in this early–I thought maybe season 3 or 4 since he is such an iconic character and they are still establishing Barry as Flash. This is an origin story though, and he could have season long arcs and a full-fledged journey before becoming Kid Flash like Laurel’s Black Canary or Thea’s Speedy. I’m excited to see what they have in store for him!

    • Lizo says:

      I know right? Like both Joe and Iris are black….I assumed that Wally would be too when he got introduced. Racists don’t need an excuse to hate though. Sigh.

  10. Dennis says:

    Omg he’s so hot

  11. Drew says:

    I don’t have an opinion of the TV character yet. I like the Wests that we have so far, so it is no shock. Redheaded characters never really get properly represented on tv anyway.
    That said, I still hate that they changed Wally in the comics. It was absolutely the wrong decision to make, altering an iconic character in such a way, for nothing more than stupid social agendas.
    The comics do inform these shows, but there have been obvious differences since day 1. I will only be upset about this if he sucks in the role.

    • Drew says:

      I should say that I agree that it’s weird to bring him on like this. He seems too old, and it seems like it is far too early in the series. Barry is barely established and they’re already introducing two other Flashes! I don’t get why they would do it like this and make him a regular so soon… But I will assume that they have a plan for now.

  12. I feel like bringing in Wally West is a little rushed…. Atleast wait a season or two!

  13. Dennis says:

    Are some of you really hating on the fact that that the actor is black? Get over it!!! I didn’t see anyone bitch when Lana Lang was played by the wonderful “Asian” actress Kristen Kreuk on Smallville, she killed it in that role!

    Please stop judging an actor before they have even had a chance to play the part, or a character before they have even been written into the series. White is NOT the status quo anymore people, please stop acting like it!

    Diversity in comics, film, and TV is not a thing of the future, it’s here and now and here to stay and please get used to it.

    Judge the acting, the writing, but not someone’s skin color for crying out loud..what is this, the 18th century?!

    • Drew says:

      Technically, Lana was still being portrayed as white (at least based on the people playing her family members). It was weird, but they were hoping that we wouldn’t notice that Kristin was biracial.

  14. John nicolous says:

    Why is it when true comic book fans are upset of a casting of a African American in a iconic role that is TRADITIONALLY white we are labeled a rascist? Black johnny storm doesn’t make sense and neither does a kid flash! For a long time we waited for Wally West character on the big screen and when we get it we get the new alternate version?!!!!reAlly!!!!

    I don’t see hollywood making a white version of superfly or a white shaft or have Pamela Anderson play foxy cleopatra because black America would riot and call us rascist!!!!

    I’m tired of all this ignorance and hollywood ruining our favorite characters and superheroes and we as comic book fans can’t be upset because we are automatically labeled as rascists!!!

    • Allen says:

      Being black was apart of superyflys and shafts identity. So that’s a bad example. as long as the characters race isnt apart of the characters identity then it shouldnt matter what race they are…unless you know you just dont like black people.

      • Dennis says:

        Excellent point

      • John nicolous says:

        What’s being black? That sounds a bit rascist!!! So then Wally west character being white was apart of his identity because tact is how he was drawn and written as a white character.

        The black Wally west in the comics is less than a year old! The original is decades old so to use this new alternative is stupid. And political nothing more.

    • nate says:

      In the new 52 he is wally IS black so what’s your point

      • Drew says:

        And everyone hates that. It is one thing to rewrite history a little, but to completely change the character on a genetic level just means that the iconic Wally West that people loved no longer exists. I have seen a lot of backlash about that, even from black fans.

      • John nicolous says:

        Guess what the new 52 was a failure they are reverting back to the original story lines.

        Polotics is a bitch, but don’t worry it’s just a trend that gonna stop when the fantastic 4 fails and fails bit time!!!!!!

        My vote is a remake of superfly with brad Pitt as superfly !!!!!!!

        • A.M says:

          If the sole purpose it failed was because WW is now Black..then the more reason to keep imposing more PoC & diversity in the Comic universe & its fandom because obviously racism still an issue!

  15. Gail says:

    Since Iris and Barry are young in this version of The Flash I wonder where they are going to go with Wally and how they will distinguish him from Barry, who is still getting use to his speed power. It does seem like Barry is ready to be a mentor to a new Flash. I would guess Wally will be a West cousin as they have never mentioned that Iris had a brother.

    • Gail says:

      Sorry it should say “It doesn’t seem like Barry is ready to be a mentor to a new Flash.”

      • Drew says:

        I agree. Especially since Wally will be so old, it doesn’t make sense for him to be “Kid Flash”. I don’t see how it could work to give him speedster powers unless Barry dies at some point and passes them on. But as a sidekick, it would just take away from Barry’s role.

  16. jimmy woo says:

    Boycott all race change comic book characters in film and TV.

    BOYCOTT Flash.

    • nate says:

      Someone’s a racist prick

      • Drew says:

        That isn’t racism. It is a growing trend to take white comic book characters and suddenly make them a different race or rewrite their entire history for some weird political reason. These are iconic characters who are long established. Most comic book readers think that there should be new characters who can represent other races and stand on their own merits. They don’t need the charity of cutting in line and being handed a legacy right out of the gate.

        • Diane says:

          But Liam Nielsen Ra’s is ok? Or Star treks White “khan”. Or Johnny Depp as a Native American. Or Emma stone as a Chinese, Polynesian? or sin on arrow as a white girl? Danny brickhead is white, it’s cool? Really, all of those are fine?

          • Drew says:

            People complained about all of those things and weren’t called racist for it.
            Though I should point out that Kahn was the product of genetic manipulation. There is no proper race for him to be.
            And the Emma Stone thing was based on a real person (I heard), so people were offended by something that was based in reality.
            And still, nobody calls anyone racist for criticizing it.

          • Diane says:

            Khan is a genetically modified sE Asian war lord, his genetic modification didn’t make him white. Emma stone was based on a real Chinese, Polynesian person….not white. The reason why people are saying racism is because Wallys character has no identity in being white, it’s a feature but not cultural identity thing. There is no reason he has to be white. He could be Asian, he could be black, he could be Latino, the knee jerk reaction of how dare they change him always happens when they make a character another race even though it makes sense in the universe currently on TV. all the examples i listed you brushed off, just like you brushed off everyone’s examples above… Because it really seems like all you care about is characters you like staying white….even though again, it changes. Lathing about the character (except looks) to make him black AND stays in line with the current comics. That’s why everyone is side eyeing your “I’m not a racist” bit

          • Drew says:

            I didn’t shrug off your examples. Your opinions are valid. Goodie for you! What would be stupid is if I suddenly attacked you and called you a racist because you care about the skin color of whoever was playing those roles (and geeky though I may be, I’m not going to get into a Kahn debate right now).
            The examples you listed caused controversy. Emma Stone’s casting was slammed, Depp’s casting was slammed… they were all slammed. Which simply proves the point that this isn’t racism at all. It’s just a good old fashioned opinion that you’re too lazy to disagree with on a legitimate level. Seriously, there is a legit argument to be made here. Iris and Joe were cast long ago. The show is not the comics. A hundred things about this don’t line up with the comics and haven’t since the show premiered. There’s your legitimate argument, and I even agree with it!
            But it’s still not racist for people who are upset that Wally has been changed. This is a very sore wound in the comic book fandom (amongst fans of all races) and has been for a long time. The producers kicked a hornet’s nest when they decided to bring Wally into the show.

    • A.M says:

      It’s a glorious day when racists are pissed off because diversity prevails. No one is Boycotting anything. It doesn’t matter one bit how iconic or ancient these characters , they can still be iconic in a different shade. Being white does not make them better in anyway.

      • John nicolous says:

        What is diverse about changing the ethnicity of a beloved comic book character? I’m all about diversity, but create a new black, Puerto Rican, Chinese or Mexican superhero, but don’t change the origin or Wally west or johnny storm just to be diverse or politically correct. It just shows a lack of respect to white Americans/ Europeans who grew up loving certain character. This new Wally West is not Wally west just a cheap ploy to create some talk among the comic book geaks same goes for johnny storm

        • John nicolous says:

          Also making them black does not make them any better or any shade for that matter. When did being white become a bad thing? You sound like a rascist now

        • A.M says:

          “It just shows a lack of respect to white Americans/ Europeans who grew up loving certain character”…wow can you sound anymore entitled….what a load of rubbish!
          Change needs to start somewhere and it’s starting right here…Skin color does not make the character…. If you are white and feel you are unable to love/ relate to a comic book character because they have the ‘wrong shade’…well then shame on you.

  17. Josh says:

    Waaaaaaay tooooo soon. With Barry so young, it just doesn’t make sense to introduce Wally. I was hoping thy’d be smart enough to wait until season 4, at least….

    I just don’t want them going the way they did with Arrow…I mean Thea took four seasons to become Speedy and it works…Roy took six episodes to become Oliver’s sidekick and it didn’t work.

    • M says:

      Colton only had a two year contract so I don’t think the writers meant for him to be *the* sidekick–only a stepping stone for Thea. At least that would explain why he wasn’t as fleshed out as he needed to be. And if they do make Wally’s journey like Thea’s or Laurel’s then I absolutely want him to start now lol. That way he’ll be ready by season 5 or 6 (given they make it that far which they have a good chance of)!

  18. Should I point out right now that even though Iris is black it is wrong to automatically assume that Wally should be black too? After all, in Fantastic Four Johnny is black and Sue is white (stupidly so…). Also, Bart, Barry’s grandson, is white, while his cousin, XL, is black because her father, Barry’s son in law, is black. Or should I wait till later?

  19. please he is going to be Barry’s sidekick, everyone knows that…it won’t be after a day or a night…it will take a little time…it’s fair enough to put him already in the show..first we will know a little more about Wally West..then later about ‘Kid Flash’.

    • its too soon, wally and barry only have what like maybe 3-4 years between them? last i checked while wally was a grown adult, kid flash was a teenager, whereas in the show they are incredibly close in age. This is pretty far out from the dc universe….they should have maybe waited like another 2 seasons or something….

  20. Lizo says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to it. Maybe a love interest for Caitlin.

  21. Jared says:

    I really can’t wait for S2. The Flash always has the best casting.

  22. Carlos Lee says:

    Dude, Kid Flash is supposed to be white. Before you go off on me, I would be pissed if they changed Luke Cage and Cyborg to white characters.

  23. Amy says:

    Yay so excited we have a Wally! Can’t wait to see what they so with him :) PS: This concept that a character’s worth is based solely on their skin color is beyond stupid. Go look at Grant Gustin’s twitter page for a reminder that Wally is so beloved not because he’s white. A lot of these people are acting like whiny children who don’t want to share their toys. Like grow up, learn everything is not about you. Other people would like to see themselves represented in the media too. Don’t worry, you will still get your fair share of white character faves.

    • Drew says:

      It’s not an issue of people not liking black characters. It’s a matter of people wanting to see an iconic character that they’ve loved for over 50 years properly represented on screen (as I said above, I am separating comics from the show myself, so I will reserve judgement). Just like if Mr. Terrific were being played by a white guy, those same comic book fans would be unhappy, because that isn’t the character that they know and love.
      On a purely logical level, the casting doesn’t appear to make sense. Considering that Eobard caused Barry’s accident to happen years before it should have, “Kid Flash” should be more like 4 years old now, not 24. He isn’t young enough to even be called “Kid Flash”. Come to think of it, the same should be said about Linda Park last season (which people also commented on back then). Now, does saying that make me sound age-ist? Or does it sound more like I’m basing my initial reaction on what is familiar in the comic books and should wait to see how it looks on the show before I judge?

      • Amy says:

        I guess to me to have a character properly represented doesn’t require them to be a certain skin color. I’m a huge Flash comics fan. I’ve read it all my life with Iris West being my favorite character. I did not think for one second that based on the actress being black would ruin the character. My main concern is that they get Wally’s heart, sense of humor, and bravery because that is what it truly important to making Wally the iconic character he is. The fact you think Wally won’t be the one you love and know just because he’s black is a little sad to me. Being black doesn’t mean he’ll be a lesser version of Wally. I’m glad you’ll give the show a shot (and not boycott simply because an actor being black).

        On the age thing I think the show has already established in that regard they are not going to follow the comics exactly. We haven’t even gotten official confirmation that Wally is Iris’s nephew (he could be a cousin, or maybe something else?). For all we know this Wally could be coming from the future. I’m actually glad the actor is in his 20s because I love, love, love Wally/Linda (damn you Mark Waid for being so good) and really would love to see them date. It be super awkward if Wally was like 4 and Linda was 25 XD

        I say enjoy and appreciate the comics for what they are but allow for there to be other interpretations. YOu might even enjoy it if you give it a chance.

        • Drew says:

          The divide in the comics comes from the fact that a character who was iconic for half a century was essentially killed off without ceremony or care. They then took his name and tried to pin that name and that legacy on an entirely new character who in no way resembled the old one. They changed his entire backstory on a genetic level, meaning that this was not just good ol’ Wally with a new skin color, it was an entirely new character. It was a slap in the face to comic book fans to expect them to buy this new character as Wally West, and it was disrespectful to the people who had followed that character for so long. The comic book fans are absolutely right to be upset about that. If they wanted a black Flash character, nobody would have cared if they did that. But putting Wally’s name on him was insulting. John Stewart was a character who was born out of a need for diversity, but he went on to become iconic on his own. He is a legitimately great character and he didn’t need anyone’s charity to get there. THAT is what the comic books need. New characters with all sorts of backgrounds, interacting with iconic and beloved characters who have been around forever.
          Wally West was ink on a page for half a century. How he looked was how people knew him, whether there was a thought bubble on the page or not. Fans aren’t wrong for being upset about that.
          Now, the question is, should they be taking out their comic book anger on a TV series which has already established that it is not the comic books? I don’t think so. The Wests are black. The redheaded kid in me who always looked at Wally West as someone like me (you don’t see a lot of redheaded heroes on TV) was hoping that he would be the adopted, super pale cousin or something like that, but I really always knew that if they brought him in, he would be black. For me, the dislike of the comic book debacle isn’t going to ruin the TV show. But I understand the people who are still upset about the comic books and how this could be like pouring salt on a wound for them.

  24. McGee says:

    This site’s pop up ads are getting out of control.

  25. You know what, I’m just glad Wally is finally getting some love again. I hated when the 52 reboot first happened and Wally was MIA. Changing the original race of a character is always a complicated issue as it can come off as saying the character and who he is isn’t important even if race can be a superficial element, plus one can argue it isn’t adding more diverse heroes its just repurposing old ones (thus why John Stewart the green lantern is more appealing than just making Hal Jordan African-American). Still, Iris and Cop Dad Joe are African-American, be weird on the show if Wally wasn’t, so kind of late to fret about the complicated issue now.

    • J says:

      I don’t know why it took them so long to introduce Wally in the New 52. Batman had Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian in 5 years of comic book time, but the Flash couldn’t have 1 sidekick?

  26. Joey Padron says:

    glad they found the actor to play Wally West. excited to see him on the show!

  27. Chris says:

    Iris is black. Anyone who knows the origin of Wally should have guessed that Wally would be black. I don’t like race changing (and I am black) but this is hardly a surprise.