Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peek: Is Charles Dying in the Summer Finale?

After running from Charles for the past six seasons, Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars summer finale will find the girls… saving him?

ABC Family has released the first two minutes of next week’s episode, which begins with the girls talking Charles off the ledge of a building. (That’s right, off the ledge.)

“I’ll do whatever it takes to help you!” Ali yells at her brother.

Adds Spencer, “Just because we know who you are, it doesn’t mean the game is over.”

Aria also chimes in, saying, “You spent your whole life trying to get back to your family. It’s not too late.”

But it’s Hanna’s message for Charles that really has me scratching my head: “You’ve been such a bitch to us, but we heard your story. We understand!”

Does anyone else think it’s weird for Hanna to call Charles a bitch? That seems like the kind of insult one might hurl at a female; considering this first scene takes place later in the evening, it’s possible we’ll learn quite a bit more about “him.” (For the record, I’m not insinuating anything. I know just as much — or as little — as you do.)

Hit PLAY on the video above, then drop a comment below with your best theories: What’s going down in the finale?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Based on that set, he’s going back to his planet.

    • Andy Swift says:

      You guessed it, “A” stands for “Alien.” ;)

      • Poster4392 says:

        I just pray this isn’t another “A REVEALED” fake out. They’ve used tricky word play to get us to believe that every season now. If they’re going to reveal A or Charles or Red Coat, I just want it done already instead of being strung along. However, if they didn’t want to reveal anyone I’d be fine with that, I like not knowing, I just dont like the “Build up and let down” formula.
        Sidebar……I feel like Scream The Series is like PLL with more gore. Love them both. Anyone?

  2. Brandy says:

    I hope this doesn’t mean it’s Cece…

    • Ashley says:

      Same here. I feel like i will be upset if its her. They have worked so hard making us believe its a guy with the pictures and tuxedo shots, plus when we saw him in a tux at prom. I just don’t wanna be mislead anymore by clues that were never real. It is the Summer of Answers, not Fake Clues lol
      Im not gonna look to much into the word, only because she called him that at the bunker. She said something like You may be a dude, but you are still a bitch. She said it then, so it wouldn’t be weird for her to say it again.

    • I says:

      I’m 60 % Sure it’s CeCe she is helping Ali and in the same time she says to her neighbour “they are four she-devils” and when she was red coat why did she run and tackle Aria if she was helping Ali ? Also she had a black hoodie under the red coat that’s a clue .. but who knows i’m so confused to be sure on any theory but the one with Wren being A is pointless why would he torture the girls? Because they killed bethany that night? maybe she was his sister or friend at Radley who knows … I just don’t get it why Jessica didn’t told the girls who hit Ali with the rock she clearly saw the person ….. it has to be someone close to her that she hid it … Could be Darren Wilden because he did some job for her about Marion’s document .. and maybe Jessica killed Marion so if she told it’s Wilden he’ll say she killed Marion? We saw his body but this means nothing !!!

  3. spindae2 says:

    Yeah B comment from Hanna seems quite misleading, but still don’t think Charles changed his gender (even though I was a supporter of the Sara=Charles theory). At this point Sara seems to be Red Coat or Black widow.

    • Carla says:

      In the dollhouse Hanna said something like, “You may be a dude but you’re still a bitch”. So it may have nothing to do with gender and is just the best insult she could think of.

  4. Tom says:

    It’s 100% Wren. The way they’re acting towards him is because he’s been creepily in their lives since season 1.

    • Spence says:

      I just don’t get that though… I mean, the only people who interacted with Wren were Spencer and Hanna, and that was like ages ago. I mean seriously, when was he last even mentioned on the show? Saying that he’s constantly been creeping in their lives is just not accurate. Additionally, if we’re calling it Wren based purely off his creepiness towards the girls, I would also think A could be Ezra or Lorenzo or Sara or even Byron or Meredith, too.

      • Tom says:

        Wren interacted with Spencer and Hanna most but he also had interactions as Emily’s doctor and with Aria I think at Radley. Even though I agree this show is filled with creepy ass people (and a lot of pedos but whatever…) he always seemed to be the one that was kind of randomly always there. He had no ties to the girls once he and melissa broke up but he kept popping up. He also seemed to be a doctor for everything and everyone. Sorry but you can’t be a psych doctor and an MD. It’s just too odd. I think he popped up all the time because he’s Charles.

  5. Spence says:

    Can someone please explain to me why everyone thinks it’s Wren all of a sudden? I guess I never got that memo because I see no logical reason for it to be him.

    • brandydanforth81 says:

      Reddit spoilers says Charles is Wren

      • mel says:

        ive seen some very convinicing evidence that indicate it may be holcombe unfortunately we will all have to wait

    • Tom says:

      i. Marlene said its someone who was in the pilot. Wren had a poster in his apartment that was the same as in the dollhouse. He was always creepily involved with each of the girls in one way or another and for an MD he spent a lot of time at radley.

      • Spence says:

        Thank you for explaining! Now I’m super disappointed, but glad to know the valid clues as to why people think it’s Wren.

        • Those Reddit spoilers have already been proven false (multiple things they said haven’t been true in the last 2-3 episodes) and when Marlene sad ‘A’ was in the Pilot, she was referring to Mona, the Original ‘A’. And check out William DeBiasio’s Twitter. He’s the set decorator and confirmed that the poster has no significance; William just re-uses some props that he happens to like.

          • Tom says:

            I didn’t even know the reddit thing existed. I’m fairly certain Marlene was referring to this A but I could be wrong. I just really believe it’s Wren. He’s the sketchiest of the bunch.

          • Ashley says:

            I actually saw a tweet from Marlene King that said something along the lines of She said Original A was in the Pilot, but that doesn’t mean Big A wasn’t in the Pilot. Everyone seems to be getting that tweet confused. At this point, people that were even in the pilot are still game for being Charles. And I will have to wait and see until I am sure the poster has no significance. Only because they like to say things to try and sway us back and forth from person to person. Lol

  6. Hanna has been known to use the term bitch to describe anyone – male or female so I am not super concerned that she would call a guy by that moniker.

  7. lily says:

    can we talk about what the hell Spencer means when she says the game doesn’t have to be over? xD Seriously, do they want to keep being tortured?!

    • Chris says:

      She said “Just because we know who you are, doesn’t mean the game is over.” By that she meant matching a face with a name isn’t enough for them to move on and fully understand his situation. They want to know all of his motives and what he feels toward repairing his relationships with those he hurt. She wasn’t talking him off to continue his game with them, they all need closure.

  8. I love Hanna but she isn’t known for an especially expansive vocabulary. “Bitch” would work, regardless of sex.

  9. BrianR says:

    It was nice to see that the parents are as stupid as their kids getting locked into a basement. It must be genetic.

  10. harmony says:

    Males can be just as much a bitch as females. Sometimes more. The word hsa become unisex at this point.

  11. kristin10185 says:

    I’ve heard the Wren theory and a lot of it makes sense. He was always kind of shady. Got to know Mona in Radley and Mona said the game was stolen from her while she was in Radley. And what’s with the whole moving with Melissa to London and then when Spencer got to London he wasn’t there? He’s been around since the pilot on and off, and has always given off a weird vibe. BUT my issue is this……has Ali EVER met Wren? Wasn’t she “dead” when Wren was in Rosewood? And when Charles removed his mask at the end of last night’s episode Ali said “oh my god” as if she recognized the person. She wouldn’t recognize Wren.

    • Tom says:

      Wasn’t Wren at her funeral? It’s possible that Ali watched from afar and knew him as Melissa’s fiancee. Also, this is PLL, these things don’t really need to make sense.

    • mel says:

      i dont believe ali has met wren although its possible she met him once when he secretly dated spencer, my guess is its holcombe, sara and cece as there is some pretty strong evidence in their direction and marlene suggested we would see someone we thought was dead come back

  12. I love the mini-flashforward tactic that’s used here, but I know my mom hates that trope so she’ll be mad lol. Anyway, these first 2 minutes are a fantastic start, and I know the rest of the episode will be just as good, or better. I LOVE that Radley Sanitarium seems to be the main setting of all the answers.

  13. Cobra says:

    “Does anyone else think it’s weird for Hanna to call Charles a bitch? That seems like the kind of insult one might hurl at a female”

    Not if you ask Jesse Pinkman.

  14. Diana says:

    How can it be Wren? Charles was in Radley, Wren worked at Radley. When Charles ‘killed himself’ or escaped or whatever (can’t keep up!) he couldnt have gone back as an employee named Wren. Flawed writing if it is Wren. And wouldn’t Melissa notice him not being in the UK? (Unless she’s part of it)

    • Ashley says:

      The way i can see getting around that is because the people that work at Radley don’t seem to really pay attention. Mona got in and out of that place with ease and dressed up as a nurse and walked around Radley a couple times. Plus, they may not even be the same workers when he went back to volunteer. I dont know, but those employees just dont seem to pay close attention regardless lol

    • You’re completely correct. No way can it be Wren logically. On top of the Radley stuff, Wren dated Melissa when she lived in the Spencers’ guesthouse/barn. Wouldn’t Charles be a little hesitant to hang out in the backyard that borders the DiLaurentis’ if he’s wanting to keep it a secret that he’s alive?

  15. Mayra says:

    Maybe you’re just reading too much into it. A few episodes back Hanna said “you may be a dude, but you’re still a bitch”.

  16. So I totally think Wren is a possibility and remember that Melissa killed Bethany? I always had my money on the fact that Melissa was A but I don’t get why “Charles” was trying to recreate the dance from when Melissa and Jason went to school…. and man there is just something up with Sara I do not trust her at all. Maybe Charles has got some other motivation like Ezra and Toby and Caleb and all of the other mini A’s. I swear to god this was supposed to be the summer of Answers… I think my love for this show just says i’m a masochist.

    This show has already gone off the rails into the Criminal minds aspect but way to go PLL parents for showing that you are totally incapable of being parents even for just a few hours. WTF?

  17. Rachel says:

    Does anyone else think the voice on the answering machine sounds very familiar?

  18. Shon says:

    While Wren is a good choice I think that it will be Lucas. We haven’t seen him lately.

  19. Caitlin says:

    Okay,I’m really sad that all the facts or “spoilers” we’re reveled!! I love it when PLL makes you think about what’s gonna happen next. Now is is all this info True or False??? See we all don’t know for sure unless we actually watch the episode!👌🏼 I understand it was my choice to read or watch the “spoilers” but I mean come dude that was basically the entire episode! I’m praying that some of this info is true but than other parts it not🙌🏼