Fall TV Preview
Bones Sleepy Hollow Crossover

Bones, Sleepy Hollow Crossover Scares Up Earlier Airdate (Hint: Halloween)

Booth and Brennan will find themselves at the center of a literal ghost story this Halloween.

Fox’s in-the-works BonesSleepy Hollow crossover event — which was slated to roll out later in the season — will now air on Thursday, October 29, TVLine has learned.

Specific details surrounding the crossover, including which characters would appear in each episode, remain under the tightest of wraps. But, as I previously reported, the EPs at both shows have an inventive idea in place that organically merges the vastly different Bones and Sleepy universes.

Bones and Sleepy Hollow kick off their respective 11th and third seasons on Thursday, Oct. 1.

Fox declined to comment for this story.

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  1. aph1976 says:

    I’m wondering if on Bones they have a case involving a body that ties into Sleepy Hollow somehow.

    • The Grinch says:

      Exactly. I think Bones will involve a death on the set of a tv show called Sleepy Hollow. Then on SH, maybe someone is watching Bones on television and some mystical doodad causes the SH gang to get pulled into the show or the “fictional” Bones cast to get pulled into the “real world” of Sleepy Hollow. That could work.

  2. m3rcnate says:

    Most desperate attempt by a network for viewers i have seen in a LONG time.

  3. Josh says:

    Man this is the last straw of reality breaking in Bones.

  4. Drew says:

    Unless each show features its characters watching the other show on TV… Yick.

  5. a says:

    or maybe Booth & Brennan are discussing the legend of Sleepy Hollow during Halloween hi jinks…and the show cuts to segways of the Sleepy Hollow characters as they are doing so.

  6. anon says:

    this is happening so stop whining people and be glad your show is on air…for lords sake.

  7. kmw says:

    Yes this crossover is happening so even though I am not a huge fan of it(yet) but I am most certainly happy this is airing a lot sooner. Halloween sounds like a good way to find something they can do with them. This is much better than it airing it in spring. Just because both shows found a way to do the story doesn’t mean they wanted to do it. FOX most likely foisted this idea on both shows new show runners and also this will be the ONLY promotion either show will get this season so I will be cautiously optimistic this will work out for both shows

    • Angela says:

      I agree that Halloween is a good choice of time to air this, for the reasons you note and also because for those who aren’t on board with this idea, I think this could be a way for them to just chalk it up to a one-off holiday event sort of thing. As a result, it might be easier for them to set that episode aside and keep it a separate entity, instead of have to see it as part of the regular canon for either series. If that makes sense.
      I’m honestly very intrigued by this. I understand some of the concerns people are voicing over this, I understand the whole thing about both shows having their own issues that they need to sort out.
      But it’s happening. And it could just be a fun side event for the shows, which I don’t see as a bad thing. And since we don’t know yet exactly HOW things will play out, since we haven’t heard any details about the episode’s storyline and whatnot yet, I don’t see the point in getting all bugged and worried.
      (And regarding the ratings complaint…yep, TV networks want ratings. In other news, water is wet.)

      • Bartimeus says:

        Water makes things wet, water is not wet. ;)

        • Angela says:

          True-ah, you know what I meant :p. Point still stands either way, though-it’s kind of TV networks’ thing to pull ratings ploys. Just the fact people are even talking about this crossover, whether they watch it or not, whether they like the idea or not, brings it some of the attention the network is looking for, so it’s clearly working on some level.

      • herman1959 says:

        Angela, you should be a diplomat. The ONLY two appropriate dates for this thing are Halloween and April Fool’s Day, but April 1 is too late. I’m skipping this one.

  8. Jo B. says:

    While yes, we all know this IS a ratings ploy, in my opinion it’s a new and great way of getting better ratings. I mean really we’ve done HLOTS/L&O, ChicagoFire/PD/SVU – all similar in worlds and had great success. The concept is there a but the fact that it combines two different realms/concepts is exciting. This will either be an epic win or major failure no middle ground here. And I’m looking forward to it. So to those who say desperate and ick here’s my advice – don’t watch it. :)

    • kmw says:

      When the first reported this crossover I wasn’t a huge fan but without more specifics its really hard to say how well or bad this will do. Now that this is airing earlier it probably will not hurt either show too badly. Bones has done episodes where they weren’t strictly in their regular element. I actually think it would be amusing to see Ichabod have scenes with Brennan or Booth for that matter. Despite my reservations I hope fans of BOTH shows give it a chance

  9. thisismenow says:

    It would be interesting to see the reaction of Bones. I would imagine it would be along the lines of a Scully reaction. You know if Fox wants to add a couple of episodes to the X-Files reunion, I’d love a Bones, X-Files, Sleepy Hollow 3 part event.

  10. Boiler says:

    This may be the first Bones ever I do not watch. This just seems stupid. What show are they trying to lift up? Did Reilly get rehired at FOX?

    • kmw says:

      Yes I agree its not their best idea but we really do not yet know where they are going to take this. No matter how this episode is presented Brennan isn’t going to change her scientific beliefs For all we know Brennan will be hallucinating for both episodes. Give it a chance it could be very funny ( something Bones hasn’t been lately) I do not watch Sleepy Hollow but I will be that night and that is what FOX wants

      • Boiler says:

        Yea maybe that is my “problem”, I don’t watch Sleepy Hollow. If the gimmick is to get more people to watch Sleepy Hollow I don’t get it and the advertisers should see right thru it, if there is a bump.

        • kmw says:

          I do not watch Sleepy Hollow either but I will watch that episode to see Booth and Brennan to see how they manage it. It may very well fall flat but it could also succeed. This episodes airing in the fall will give them a little bit of a boost because some will watch it just out of curiosity. If this has aired in the spring time? No boost at all because viewership dips in spring, for most shows anyway. As has been stated by many Bones has done different episodes like Stewie from Family Guy and last years 200th episode, which didn’t advance any story either. If thisis Bones last season i am glad however that this episode is being done earlier rather than later

          • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

            Season 1 IS really good but S2 was eh.. a lot people didn’t like it as much. But i’m now interested on seeing this crossover and how it plays out!

  11. Tahonia says:

    This is a really bad idea–bones finds scientific explanations for everything, her world expects that. Faith is the thing she argues about. Crane can’t be explained by science, and Faith like Booth practices, isn’t part of the story. Now, if ANGEL came to sleepy hollow, now that’s a crossover that would work!

  12. Ian says:

    I dont watch Bones, and Im not going to watch a crossover just because it involves Sleepy Hollow. Its a struggle to even make it through SH now with whats happened to that show. I just dont get why they think this is a good idea. Id imagine fans of either show will just skip this.

  13. Addie says:

    I’m gonna laugh at every (Bones) fan who’s freaking out about this and says they won’t watch. Because they made a crossover with FAMILY GUY about six years ago. A cartoon character was literally a part of an episode! They made that work. Let’s just wait…

    • liam5794 says:

      Bravo! Thank you for pointing that out. I was going to mention that but you beat me to it. So many people complaining about something that they have absolutely no idea how its going to play out. Here’s an idea, how about everyone stop the whining and watch the damn show, then form an opinion based on what you ACTUALLY SAW.

  14. I have never seen an episode of Bones but I love Sleepy Hollow so maybe they will gain a new viewer in me. I’m keeping an open mind and can’t await as I love crossovers anyway

    • Melissa says:

      I was the same. Once I learned of the crossover as a Sleepy Hollow fan, I began binge watching Bones on Netflix (9 seasons are on there), and I’m a fan now. I think it will be a fun mix to watch these two different worlds collide, especially when one is all about the scientific and one is all about the supernatural.

  15. Pat says:

    I am looking forward to this crossover. I am not sure what the gist of the storyline will be, I can only guess but it will be interesting to see how and if Ichabob Cranes presence in this century is explained to them. That would be great!

  16. mike says:

    Sleepy Hollow is reminding me a LOT of Heroes. Each had the single most amazing, epically awesome first season..and then slowly got worse and worse with each passing season until the viewers practically begged it to be taken off air.

    Sadly..this desperate ploy does not bode well. These shows aren’t even remotely in the same genre. AT ALL. It would be like..Flash crossing over with the Muppets. as a serious kind of thing, not the camp it should be. Neither of these two shows are campy either. I’ll will likely be DVRed and then i’ll decide if I want to waste my time

  17. Luis says:

    Revolutionary War era skeleton in upstate New York?

  18. Rexan says:

    Can’t wait for Sleepy Hollow. This cross-over will be really great to watch.

  19. Melissa says:

    With Abbie as an FBI agent now, it’s totally plausible and will likely not change Bones’ scientific view of the world. I’m thinking there’ll be an actual murder to solve and Abbie and Ichabod keep the Bones team protected from learning of any supernatural force behind it. I was apprehensive initially but now I think it will be fun. Looking forward to watching! I’ve got to catch up on Bones before then. Just starting S8.

    • JenJ says:

      Totally agree, Melissa. I’m a fan of both shows and while I have wondered how they’re going to do this, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. People need to stop pre-judging the crossover, they might be totally surprised and find themselves enjoying it. I advise everyone to calm down, take a deep breath, and to remember one thing: these are just television shows, none of it is real, and you won’t live or die yourselves, no matter what happens on either of them.

  20. Ray says:

    This might be interesting. I can’t stand Boreanz but the best episodes of Flash and Arrow last year were the crossover episodes!

  21. Sayre says:

    That seems like an impossible combo! Interesting!