Emotional Jimmy Kimmel Targets 'Jackhole' Who Killed Cecil the Lion

Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night put the crosshairs on the Minnesota dentist who paid some $50,000 to hunt a lion in Zimbabwe, and wound up illegally killing a beloved lion, named Cecil, that resided in the Hwange National Park.

The avid hunter, Walter Palmer, has claimed he thought everything was above-board when he paid local guides to draw out a lion for him to hunt. In actuality, the guides reportedly used a dead animal to lure Cecil — a 13-year-old black mane lion and major tourist draw — out of the national park, where animals may not be hunted. Palmer first struck Cecil with an arrow, wounding him; 40 hours later, he tracked down the lion and shot him with a gun.

What Palmer did then with his prey, while the guides tried to destroy the GPS tracking collar placed on Cecil by an Oxford University conservation group, is not for regurgitation here. But as the Jimmy Kimmel Live host notes, Palmer’s $50K foray also bagged him a spot as “the most hated man in America who never advertised Jell-O pudding on television.”

“I’m honestly curious to know why a human being would be compelled to [hunt a lion],” Kimmel says in the clip above. “Is it that difficult for you to get an erection that you need to kill things that are stronger than you?”

Kimmel gets choked up at the close of the segment, in the midst of suggesting ways to support the wildlife conservation unit that had been tracking Cecil.

What are your thoughts on the Cecil tragedy? Are you buying the dentist’s “alibi”?

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  1. carrabus says:

    What a cowardly way to hunt.

    • Temperance says:

      It wasn’t hunting; it was murder. Let’s be honest here – these at great risk animals are more important to the globe than humans are individually.

  2. how sad, saw this fabulous creature when I was in Zimbabwe last year so majestic. How brave to lure him with food then shoot him with an arrow and then finally kill him 40 hours later, you must be so proud. This insanity must stop. He should be punished to the full extent of the law. Nancy S.

  3. Jess says:

    Don’t believe it at all since I read that this isn’t the first time he got in trouble for hunting. He is an idiot and should be punished.

  4. Hope says:

    I hope he gets some incurable jungle disease and explodes.

  5. Big Mike says:

    Honestly? I really don’t care. Flame away!!

    • Must be a full moon, somewhere..... says:

      Frankly, you aren’t worth flaming. Childish, attention seeking, moronic boors are just……pathetic.

      • Big Mike says:

        Or perhaps there are more important things going on, right here in this country, that deserve to be discussed instead of a lion thousands of miles away?
        People’s priorities are so out of whack these days, it’s pathetic.

        • Mark says:

          Why did you bother to post in this thread? Obviously, you think there are more import issues to talk about. Go find those threads.

        • Bobby says:

          Then start your topic and get people riled up and the more intelligent of us can be pissed about more than one thing at a time. We don’t have to pick just one.

    • Gospino says:

      I’m with you. As for those who believe the hunter did wrong, let the law deal with him. Myob!

    • Pavanne says:

      Compensating for something, “big” Mike?

      Flame on, sweetie!

    • Preacher Book says:

      Another small penis heard from.

  6. Maryann says:

    I hope all his patients boycott him. Maybe then he won’t have the money for such despicable pursuits. And what is happening to punish the people who lured the lion out of the park?

  7. A fan of TV says:

    No alibi. He paid $50k to kill an animal. If he hasn’t offered that money and wanted their help, the farm owner and hunt leader would not have done it. If we want to really make an effort to curb poaching, we need the harshest punishments leveled at the buyers. He shpuld be arrested, deported, and faced with the judicial decisions of the Zimbabwean court. Maybe if these rich idiots think they’ll actually face trouble for their actions, they’ll decide to spend their excess cash in less horrific ways.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Not hasn’t, had not. Thick fingers, sensitive phone :p

    • Gospino says:

      Foolish argument. They could have said no and didnt.

      • Julia says:

        It’s not a foolish argument, this d**khead dentist exploited the needs of the poor…In a developing country $50000 would go a long way in providing just basic needs like clean water, food, plumbing. They obviously cannot afford to say no..it’s the dentist who needs the harshest penalties for putting desperate people in this position.

      • A fan of TV says:

        It’s not a foolish argument, in my eyes (obviously). If society increases the punishments on the buyers of trophy kill expeditions in such a way that they spend that $50k on other things and the interest isn’t there, the hunter expedition leaders will have to come up with other ways to feed their families. However, if a person has $50k and one principled expedition leader tells them no, the trophy hunting will continue because the person with the money will just find someone else to tell them yes.

  8. Olivia says:

    I wish this pathetic waste of oxygen gets chased through the woods, jungle or whatever where there’s nobody who would hear him cry for help, gets wounded somehow then hides somewhere for two days unable to sleep, knowing that someone is out to get him.
    I don’t even wish him dead, I just wish it was legal to make him feel like those poor animals before he goes to prison for the rest of his miserable life.
    I have a sudden urge to rewatch The Blacklist 2×06…

  9. Allen says:

    always perplexed me how people can show more emotion and empathy towards animals than human beings. I’ve seen more outrage over this dead lion than I have over the recent shootings in America.

    • B says:

      I think there’s plenty of outrage over human shootings. Riots, demonstrations, movements all spawned as a result. The difference with animals – yes even a lion who is powerful and capable of causing harm when provoked – is that the guy paid $50,000 to have someone lure out an animal just so he could kill it. They did so illegally, luring him from a protected area, and then the idiot either didn’t have the ability or enough care to make a clean kill. He wounded it, and it suffered for nearly 2 days before they finished the job. Then what they did afterward in trying to remove the tracking collar to hide their actions, and what the guy did to the lion’s body was just disgusting. It’s worthy of outrage.

      • Ellie says:

        AMEN! Thank you for explaining, perfectly, WHY this is a senseless act! This section makes me the most furrious:
        “the guy paid $50,000 to have someone lure out an animal just so he could kill it. They did so illegally, luring him from a protected area, and then the idiot either didn’t have the ability or enough care to make a clean kill. He wounded it, and it suffered for nearly 2 days before they finished the job.”

        He was not hunting for food, as a cultural rite, out of fear for his life ect…As you said, they didn’t honor his body & they discarded the parts that weren’t of value or for braging rights. So VILE!

    • c-mo says:

      People have the ability to reason and thus make decisions, regardless of how wise or poor they are; animals cannot.

    • Leia says:

      simple the lion was driven from its family, stalked by people who it didn’t recognize as a foe because of its life in close proximity to humans, shot with an arrow, forced to run to exhaustion and then finished off skinned and beheaded. Humans make a choice to do something criminal or stupid that costs them their life, in fact even when told not to they do the stupid or criminal act over and over again. this was a supposedly protected animal, and was betrayed by the humans he trusted. I hope at a minimum the patients turn on this guy with a vengeance and his business is toast. The rest I can’t even put on this page because to wouldn’t be pretty.

    • A fan of TV says:

      There’s plenty of outrage. I’m sorry but I just don’t see how people aren’t as outraged over America’s excessive gun violence and daily mass shootings. I hear it every day, but ultimately animals cannot communicate their desires to humans so I see nothing wrong with humans being vocal for them, as loud as they choose to be.

    • Hmm. says:

      Animals don’t have a voice of their own. It’s up to humans to advocate for them. They deserve to be treated humanely; they are living, breathing creatures. A life is a life.

  10. B says:

    No excuse for this man’s actions or the “guides” who lured the lion out of the protected area. Even more disgraceful to wound the poor animal and let him suffer for ***40*** hours before finally putting him out of his misery. Sickening and cowardly and selfish what they did after.

  11. Annie says:

    What this man did is not hunting. He wanted a lion, no matter the price tag. Luring an anmial out off of protected grounds is not hunting. Now he is paying for the consquences.

    My dad is a hunter. Any animal killed ends up as food for the family and a few neighbors. The man who killed the lion is a coward. He should have his house searched and all animal trophies removed from his home and destroyed.

  12. mia says:

    So sad and disgusting, we should still have a chance to hunt the dentist and leave him for dead

  13. BarryFlash says:

    Did Jimmy cry over the Planned Parenthood videos?

  14. It is absolutely abhorrent to me that this type of hunting is allowed. Cecil was a beautiful and majestic animal. What is more heartbreaking is that when the new lion takes over the pride – it will kill all of the offspring of Cecil… so the world did not just lose Cecil… the world has lost his entire line, his whole family…. *utter sadness*

  15. c-mo says:

    I don’t understand in this day and age how someone “thought” it was legal to kill a lion?!?!?!?! I just don’t get this guy’s hubris, it’s just astonishing. This idiot has already proven to be a poacher by killing the bear illegally and only getting a slap on the wrist. If he ever comes out of hiding, it’s going to be difficult for him to go anywhere since his picture has been plastered on TV screens everywhere. I hope there is something good that comes out of this, increased exposure for the conservation organization which could grow contributions so they can help to prevent these kinds of atrocities in the future…Cecil couldn’t have died in vain!

  16. IMHO says:

    This is the guy who wants to legalize the ” Purge ”
    His record prior to this horrible event was bad enough.
    He lied to a Federal Agent in “08” about killing a Black Bear illegally. He faced prison time but got probation.
    He has had sexual harassment charges filed against him at his Dental Office . The woman won the case and he had to pay her a settlement.
    The list goes on but it’s sickening.

  17. Whatever says:

    Karma is a B*tch !
    Even if this guy ends up in prison with a cellmate that thinks he’s “purty” ( as in Deliverance ) and begins to understand what it’s like to be hunted and fear for your life he would STILL be getting off easier than the animals he has tortured prior to killing. imho

  18. Leigh Townley says:

    It is sad that this cowardly man chose to justify his actions in this way but may not face criminal charges since the lion died off of the reservation. The best way we can help is to support the WildCRU to help them deal with this situation. Boycotting this dentist seems to be working as he is now in hiding and has closed his office, but what also makes me sad is that there are other people who worked in that office who had nothing to do with the “hunt” and their lives have been affected to. Just a very sad, unfortunate situation that will hopefully lead to better protection and enforcement laws to protect these beautiful animals.

  19. Jerry says:

    Jimmy is right. This POS hunter must be only able to get an erection by luring and shooting animals. I hope karma hits Palmer hard and fast.

  20. Ange says:

    Bastard and he says “oh I didnt know it was a famous lion” It was a living creatue it doesnt matter if the animal was famous or not. He needs to be punished.

  21. JB says:

    I’m not happy about the lion, but any fool can see Kimmel is using this to bolster his liberal creds to replace Jon Stewart as the darling of the late night crowd.

  22. Mary says:

    I love going to the zoo and looking at the lions. They are majestic and beautiful animals. To hear about Cecil not just being killed but how he was killed angers me. I don’t care how much money he paid, hunting endangered species should be illegal. Also, beheading and skinning the Cecil, why, for bragging rights? Your money couldn’t have bought a rug, you had to skin a lion?

  23. Zozo Lala says:

    What a CHEAP excuse! Someone who pays $50,000 for ONE 2-days hunt with 2 people cannot believe that it is all legal…

  24. jan parker says:

    old cecil would eat kimmel`s head if it was hungery .

  25. paula bryon says:

    May God take mercy on your soul..
    because nobody else will!!!!


    Spend some of your hard earned dollars * buy yourself a mirror..
    *look in it long and hard..
    *if your conscience allows you to sleep well at night after your SELFISH & GUTLESS DEED…..


  26. Temperance says:

    We’re already in the middle of the Sixth Great Extinction – this one caused by humans. The top predators stabilize their ecosystems, and they are under the most pressure with climate change and all the other problems humans are creating. To hunt large, wild mammals for sport should be in law as it is criminally wrong for the planet. I think people are so upset about it because we *know* this deep down, but feel powerless to do anything as individuals, so we lash out at these flashpoints. The trick is that this guy deserves to be ruined, but we all need to channel that anger into action that would help collectively.

  27. lkh says:

    See petitions on We the People…

  28. Pauline says:

    What an idiot for killing this beautiful “protected” lion! It just makes me sick! Maybe Isis can find him and make him their trophey. An eye for an eye!

  29. shawn says:

    I used to have respect for Jimmy Kimmel. But if you’re going to add some fake tears over a lion then you are not the man I thought you were. There are more important issues at hand once worth shedding real tears over. I fully believe it was nothing more than a act poorly perform. And for all you people to be so ready to lynch the dentist you fail to realize it was legal hunt. The two guides he was with are the only two that need to be persecuted. It makes me sick to think that all you hypocrites are so ready to throw this man that did absolutely everything right to the wolves for a country that has no law poaching happens there every day and none of you get this upset over it you are all hypocrites especially you Jimmy Kimmel

  30. Zed says:

    Interesting (to me anyway) use of the term “jackhole” by Kimmel. Isn’t that the name of his production company?