Banshee Premiere Date

It's Official: Banshee to End in 2016

For the residents of Banshee, Pa., the end is (officially) nigh. Cinemax on Wednesday confirmed that the Cinemax drama’s upcoming fourth season will be its last, just as TVLine exclusively reported earlier this week.

Banshee is a unique and compelling show that helped set high standards for original programming for Cinemax,” reads a statement from Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. “The show’s exceptional blend of action and drama earned a vocal and passionate fan base that will not be disappointed in Banshee‘s final season.”

Adds co-creator and executive producer Jonathan Tropper, “Banshee has been an incredible ride, and we continue to break new ground in season four. “While we certainly considered returning for a fifth season, I always said that when the story was told, it would be time to move on, and that time has come. I am grateful to Cinemax for making Banshee the great success it has been and for supporting our creative decision to wrap things up.”

Are you bummed by Banshee‘s impending conclusion? Drop a comment with your hopes for the final season below.

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  1. James says:

    Was it not official yesterday?

  2. Sam says:

    I’m actually super-okay with this. I love the show, but there is so much to watch on TV these days it’s hard to keep up with it all. Four seasons is a respectable amount, and considering the third season was the series best, I’d rather it go out on a high note than go the way of Dexter and keep getting worse until it becomes a joke.

    There are definitely shows I wish would go on forever though. Shameless, for example.

    • n8frogg says:

      Always better to end a show to early than to late IF giving notice to the writers. I just hope they make the best of it. A short final season sucks but if their confident I have no reason to doubt them. Banshee has been a must see show all 3 seasons.

    • Erin says:

      I agree 100% about SHAMELESS!!! IM SAD actually to see Banshee end after only 4 seasons! I absolutely am addicted to watching certain incredible shows, and Banshee is definitely one of the ultimate Best!!! The gridy, grimy, bloody, sexually explicit, and original humor and drama this show offers is like no other! I’m really sad its going to be over soon!!! Awwww man!

  3. SunniiDae says:


  4. Ddvon says:

    This is crazy, how can a great show with never ending twost and turns be ending so soon. When I first came upon Banshee it was the 6th episode of season one, I then went back and watcged everyone I missed and I’ve been hooked every since. Please re-think your decision. 2 more seasons please, let us down easy.

  5. Drew says:

    I’ll be sorry to see it end… Would it have killed them to give us 10 episodes for the final season… 8 just isn’t enough :-(

    • Fido says:

      For all we know a couple of those eps could be double ones ! – and yes I know I’m clutching at straws. :)
      btw: what’s the better one of these will be an ep long fight scene that beats to a pulp the one between thingie+kindofherbrother in Hood’s place.

    • Nicole G. says:

      10 Episodes would have soften the blow a little… damn you Cinemax!

  6. Mulder And Scully says:

    It’s not cancelled…Production decide to stop to same, so it is not a cancellation. The series will stop simply !!!

    Very sad but glad that it does not like Dexter, True Blood, or other serial which is the quality deteriorate.

  7. pati says:

    first strike back and now this? come on cinemax, they actually have pretty good shows but they are all getting cancelled. why?

    yeah banshee was all over the place and there were a million story lines going on but why. Do they have any upcoming shows lined up?

    • Phil says:

      I must agree….Strike Force was a great series (I think this year will be its last), but Banshee also was a great series. Loved all of the characters and the 3 seasons of story lines. Am looking forward to the final seasons of both Strike Force and Banshee. Will miss both of them and their characters and story lines.

    • NaniSalmon says:

      Strikeforce was a good one! There were endless possibities with the real world senarios! I loved how we weren’t always the good guys.

      • Pierse Mac says:

        I commented about this cinematic injustice back-on (August 4, 2015 at 7:33 AM) suggesting what’s been aligned with by several of the respondent’s to this thread opportunity.

        But here’s another idea offering.


        Possibly a network (i.e NetFlix or HBO) that actually listens and responds-to, and engages-with and cares about the views and opinions of its devout patrons of its most heralded offerings.” Instead of continuously airing MORE of the last night repetitive rubbish, especially those gosh-awful moronic sex features, that T.V. viewer’s would gladly do without.

        Banshee would lead or follow “Game of Thrones” quite nicely and profitably!

        You folk’s have had some sound business suggestion’s pinned throughout these correspondence’s… and even as we’re merely parts of the “industry clueless drones” that attach justifiable loyalties to your creative-offering’s… “WHY NOT AT LEAST TRY” and give this last-ditch suggestion a real shot at paying-off.

        The worst that the other network’s could do is say “no thanks,” and you all could simply have to deal with suffering through annual accounting’s of those silly residual’s and NOT putting hundred’s of industry laborer’s, extra’s and actor’s out of work.

        Anyway…. just some thought’s I had.

        • Joe says:

          Ummmm… Banshee wasn’t cancelled. The writers were done telling the story? I would love for it 2 continue but they decided willingly that it’s over. And since it’s actually over now, I can say 4 an 8 episode season they finished quite neatly.

    • Kathy says:

      Very Upset that Banshee is ending, it seems that the Good shows Always End

  8. Dennis says:

    Do ppl still call this network “Skinemaxxx” lol just wondering.. I feel like I’ve never watched anything on this channel

  9. Tom says:

    Like with Ray Donovan, I, still don’t know what this show is about. But at least it sounds like it’s going to get to do a proper ending.

  10. Ray says:

    This is one of the best shows on tv. Sad to see it go, probably one of my top 5 right now.

  11. Sharon says:

    Wait, it wasn’t cancelled right? They people from the show decided to end it right?

  12. Linda says:

    Oh no!! So sad to hear Banshee Cancelled my partner and I love watching it and we miss it heaps!!

    KEEP IT GOING PLZ!!😢😢😢😢😢

  13. Rick says:


  14. EJ386 says:

    I’m bummed… love this show

  15. rachelle says:

    WOW! What terrible freaking news. I love Banshee. 😭😭

  16. Pierse Mac says:

    This is terrible news! Creative people (T.V. People) blessed with gifts, and then the opportunities to show-off “their gifts” in mediums as T.V. should begin at some point to feel some small debt-owed to the intentionally dedicated patrons of their expressions, in this case Banshee! There’s more than enough of the mind-numbing, repetitively very bad programing that Cinemax and others airs and affords us “no-choices” but to watch every night… “WHY” take-away something that is actually interesting, compelling and thought provoking, especially in such a cavalier manner. Most of you people believe-in the liberally democratic processes of “giving the people what they want”.

    WHY NOT put a fifth season to a “Peoples Choice” vote, and ask for viewer suggestions about how to make the show even more inclusive of its diehard deliberately intentional patrons, and hey.. you want to increase your viewer vase. Offer walk-on viewer guest spots that don’t get left on the cutting-room floor!

    Think “CULT FOLLOWING” folks. Think about the “diehard deliberately intentional patrons” as we do in respecting your creative expressiveness in and through our loyal patronage to your offering. Banshee is simply too-good to go away as easily as switching-off the lights!

    Think about it.

  17. andy says:

    America bring some great shows to the UK and then always axe them too early. Banshee is brilliant and will miss it. At the same time there are many poor shows which run and run.

  18. u suck says:

    are you serious?? this is the only show all year I look forward to. other then game of thrones. so disappointed in you people. not happy at all.. boooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. emfn says:

    are you f’ing kidding me? there are so many bad shows that don’t deserve to run as long as they have… but omg!!!… banshee is so NOT one of those shows!

  20. NaniSalmon says:

    If supernatural can go 12 seasons I figure something that has a great writing like Banshee can do the same! I <3 Hood! I want his entire back story revealed and I want him to end up with Carrie other wise it was all for nothing! Maybe a spin off with Job and Sugar or something! Job is a great character!!

  21. Pierse Mac says:


    In dumping this AWESOME offering… we will begin to collectively pray that the creative team behind being fed-up with producing an actual “product” aren’t ALL rushing-out to create or become parts of writing / creative team’s that will subsequently produce more utter mindless, nim-witted drivel such as “Friend’s or How I Met your Mother”.

    SELL THE SHOW! I’m going to try and start an Online Campaign!

  22. Ed says:

    I will miss Banshee and Strike Force. Two of my favorite shows. Well I guess there’s no reason to continue Cinemax now. We will see at the end of the season if Cinemax has any other reasons for me to stay

  23. Klo says:

    Its a shame Banshee is ending… I really think its something that can go on for many seasons.

    I think had it not been in the time slot for late Friday nights, they would have had more viewers. My hope now is that Netflix picks up the series, with more possible views… Hopefully may come more possible seasons?

    I’m not ready leave Banshee yet!

  24. Dan says:

    Banshee is ending way too early. Especially considering their only giving us 8 episodes to leave off on, instead of the typical 10 episodes a season. Also, like many popular shows even on now. This show has gained attention later on and not within it’s present time years ago of it’s initial run. It’s fan base is only getting stronger, mostly because it’s getting easier to catch certain programming that wasn’t as accessible before. This is by far, Cinemax’s best show. They should at least sell the rights else where(HBO,Showtime,Netflix,Hulu,Prime) if they chose not to continue the series. Despite its increasing viewership. The problem with low ratings isn’t because the show isn’t good enough but because not many people are paying enough to watch Cinemax period! Now with streaming that could be changing and it is in some ways. It already is. Yet, that certainly is not going to happen by demoting Banshee to it’s final season, rather than promoting it and distributing the series throughout other social media outlets. I hope season 4 isn’t the last for Banshee but if it is. Here’s looking back at an interesting crime drama that has been enticingly unique to other related forms of television.

  25. deborah says:


  26. cmblake6 says:

    One of my favorite shows EVER, and only 4 seasons? Come on, there’s life left in the old girl yet.

  27. jac603 says:

    Not happy with Banshee leaving. With the grind of everyday life, entertainment is the biggest escape for us. And Banshee is a major part of it. 4 seasons is way too short. Deadwood was a big disappointment, Longmire is one but Netflix saved that. Why Banshee?

  28. BANSHEE4LF says:

    Banshee I LoVe this sHow.. I Binged Watch this for 8hrs on My day off.. The good shows leave way to early..

  29. C. R. Daniel says:

    I cannot explain sufficiantly my disapointment on hearing of the upcoming season to be its last. I Personnaly have turned on at least 9 friends who are now Banshee fanatics to the show. The twist & turns the show has offered can continue if the writers chose to. But anyway, Thanks for the Memories. BANSHEE RULES ☆

  30. Kim says:

    No! No! No! Please do not cancel Banshee!!!

  31. Melody Nieves says:

    I started to watched banshee I love it I want the show to continue….. They should have or do have a petition we ppl to sign for the show to continue I want to know were so I can signed….. I hope in the Fourth season that I want Lucas and Carrie hook up again they belong to each other

  32. Melody Nieves says:

    I love banshee sooooo much if its cancelled on the fourth season… sell it or give it to Netflix to pick up the rest of the season there a lot if great shows on Netflix… so Netflix should continue the show banshee or Hulu there’s a lot of pole who love banshee plz continue banshee

  33. Melody says:

    Can someone let me if banshee is pick up by other network I love this show and signed me in for a petition for the show to continue

  34. kim says:

    They always cancel the good shows

  35. Shirley says:

    I never do this but I am tired of great shows leaving the airwaves. If you feel like Cinamax is limited and that you are done with Banshee. Please try other avenues such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. I would gladly pay for great shows like Banshee over other stuff that are worthless.please give us another season of Banshee I can’t take another loss of a great program.

  36. Dianne says:

    I recently started watching Banshee. Binge-watched all the episodes and enjoyed them all. What an incredible and intriguing show. Don’t cancel it.😪

  37. D. Clark says:

    Why is this the last season for Banshee? Did you run out of stories or was the characters getting tired?

  38. Dawn H. Thomas says:

    Please don’t cancel Banshee. I love this show!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!

  39. Dawn H. Thomas says:

    Can we get at least 4 more seasons please?

  40. Araceliz and angel says:

    Don’t cancel!!!!!!!!
    It’s OUR SHOW 😪😪😪😪

  41. Mary says:

    We love watching Banshee!!! Sure do hate to see it cancelled. Great show!!!

  42. Erica. Ortiz says:

    No please dont end i love Banshee i will miss it 😥

  43. Louie says:

    Please dont cancel banshee, every Friday I look foward in watching it. It was an amazing show!

  44. Bruce says:


  45. Lillie Gonzalez says:

    Banshee show is one of the best show I’ve seen on Cinemax channel please try to have some consideration and think of how all of us viewers feel about such great producer, writer etc are… Don’t cancel this show you guys are amazing actresses and actors… Thanks for your time…

  46. Lisa says:

    Best show next to Ray Donovan I don’t think it should end at all!!! Love those characters

  47. Ben alexis says:

    Plz plz plz reconsider and make another series plz this is the best thing going everones so dissapointed

  48. james says:

    Great show sad to see it go

  49. Patty Dent says:

    I am greatly disappointed to see Banshee cancelled after this season. This show was so very original, and how nice it was not to see another damn reality series . I HATE reality TV, and absolutely love a good written series.
    Banshee had it all! I never knew what was coming next, and each time I thought I did, I was proven wrong. I hate to see this show go because it doesn’t leave any of us with a lot left to watch or look forward to watching.
    I am just hoping that Cinemax or these writers have something else to take The place of Banshee. Strike Back was great too, but that is also gone. Very depressing. Thank you

  50. S. Latarski says:

    With all the Garbage on TV today, how can you end a quality entertaining show like Banshee?
    There are very few shows worth watching…… BANSHEE should stay for a few more seasons.