Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Exhibit 'A'

Another week in Rosewood, another former friend revealed to be a lying, scheming “A”ssistant.

The girls went into full panic mode on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars after the man of many colored hoods hijacked Aria’s exhibit, unveiling a collection of photographs taken from within Charles’ bunker. (And Kudos to Hurricane Ella for unleashing the beast on Tanner, whom she suspects isn’t doing nearly enough to keep the girls safe.)

Oh, and in case you need a refresher on those photos, go on, feast your eyes:

Pretty Little Liars Recap

But wait, it gets so much worse: While tailing a potential suspect after the incident at the gallery, the girls — sans Aria, of course — noticed Clark following him right into the abandoned doll house (which, of course, every town has).

And how could I forget good ol’ Red Coat and Black Hood — or should I say Black Widow? The gruesome twosome were seen spying on Aria and her mom, and they looked awfully chummy. Seriously, is there any article of trustworthy clothing left?!

Pretty Little Liars RecapMR. CARISSIMI WILL SEE YOU NOW | Hanna and Spencer’s investigation into the Carissimi Group led them to a meeting with a man named Reese who happens to look exactly like Christian Grey Jason. Naturally, they jumped to the most obvious conclusion — Reese is Charles! — without entertaining any other possibilities, such as: this is just another handsome man who lives in our town. (Get it together, girls. Rosewood is crawling with handsomes!) Then again, catching Reese at Aria’s exhibit and in the abandoned dollhouse gave the girls plenty of reason to suspect him.

OH, BROTHER | Alison did some investigating of her own this week, lulling Lorenzo to sleep with soup in order to steal his key and gain access to the evidence locker. He was understandably peeved to wake up and discover he’d been tricked, though not as angry as Tanner; after a lengthy chat about a baby rattle they found in Charles’ bunker, Tanner informed Ali that — if need be — the police would attack him with “lethal” fire. Not to be insensitive here, but I think I have to side with Hanna on this one. Alison met Charles one time, and he’s been making her life a living hell ever since, so why is she so determined to keep him safe?

FLIRTY WORK | While this week’s episode was mostly about nude reveals and sketchy Fifty Shade-types, our girls still managed to find time for romance, or at least the possibility of romance. Not only did Emily tell Aria all about her kiss with Sara, and that she wants to take her to prom, but Aria also made serious progress with Ezra. You can’t tell me you didn’t feel the romantic tension between the exes during their post-gallery chat; all that talk of Iceland and blankets just made Ezra want to spy on her — I mean, kiss her — all over again. (Sorry, old habits!) If Nicole hadn’t shown up to ruin Aria’s prom-posal, we might have even gotten a long-overdue Ezra kiss.

OK, let’s hear your thoughts on this week’s episode: Is Clark really bad, or just another red herring? Are Red Coat and “A” working together? Drop a comment with your theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. laura says:

    What’s the connection? My dvr states that Family channel will be showing certain old episodes prior to 8/11 show where “all will be revealed”? First the Pilot 1(1); Moments Later 1(11); The First Secret 2(13); Out of Sight Out of Mind 3(21); Shadow Play 4(19); Miss Me x 100 5(5); and then Welcome to the Dollhouse 5(25). So what do THESE particular episodes tell us who A is, Redcoat and Black Widow – are they supposed to be clues or a red herring? I need the help of someone else’s PLL brain to figure it out.

    • smschira says:

      ABC Family had fans vote on their favorite PLL episode, which they said they would play the day of the finale. I guess these are the winners. Or they’re just the ones they decided to play no matter what got the most votes. I personally voted for the Mona reveal (don’t remember the name of that episode, sorry) as my favorite of the choices, but these all do seem to relate more to the Charles/Red Coat/Black Widow storylines.

    • McKenzie Jones says:

      if you remember these episodes something pivotal and/or explosive happened in these episodes. Perhaps this is ABC Family/ Marlene King’s way of telling us to go back and watch these episodes. Maybe Charles makes an appearance in these episodes.

  2. Dan says:

    I had the captions on and his name came up as Rhys, not Reese. Idk.

  3. lauri5567 says:

    Aria’s new friend asked too many questions so I’m not surprised. Or that she was asking Ezra to the Prom because these two can’t help themselves.
    Rhys was suspicious but then he wasn’t hitting on Spencer and Hanna which is odd for a Rosewood adult male.
    I felt sorry for Ali and Lorenzo. Call me crazy but I like them together.
    Sara will be the creepiest prom date since Emily took Toby to Homecoming.

    • Laura says:

      Question asked of typical Rosewood adult male: do you find females 18yrs old and younger attractive and are you willing to fool around with them? If the answer is “Hell no! I’m not into minors! I like women who are actually of age and can legally drink!” then those men are escorted to the town lines and asked to never return. (Until the 5 year jump of course)

  4. KaitlynK says:

    Knowing this show, Carissimi will end up being one of Mona’s clues like “maya knew” and it’ll be something that the creators will say that avid watchers should have picked up on from the beginning even though they didn’t know the end game until now, even though they flip-flop on when they knew who Big/Uber/Whatever A was/is. I don’t even believe the official synopsis saying that answers will be given in the finale; it never states those answers given to us, just revealed to the Liars, so maybe they’ll do the opposite of usual and show answers to the girls before us for once. With that said, decent episode. Of course Clark is shady, or at least seemingly so. Also, the police haven’t figured out that Jason isn’t biologically Mr. D’s? Again knowing this show, they’ll end up coming out of nowhere saying Mrs. D isn’t biologically any of the D’s mom and they’ll tell us they’re all Toby’s mom’s kids.

  5. Kimberley Ashworth says:

    omg… i knew there was something sketchy about him :0

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s Sara as red coat. Since she left Emily’s house, then all of the sudden red coat is back. It’s also obvious it’s a girl due to the body structure. We don’t know as much about Sara as what we think. She could have been in radley with Bethany and Charles and escaped with them. She doesn’t like her home life so she probably just wanted to stick around with Charles, someone who also doesn’t have a home.

  7. Nikki says:

    Hanna was insensitive. It wasn’t the point of what she was saying that was so bad, it was the way she said it that was horrible. But she’s always like that. I can’t imagine how anyone on this show would still be friends with her if not for the extreme nature of what they’re going through. And Caleb definitely deserves better.

    • Curly Girly says:

      Hanna is totally the Donald Trump of the PLLs (“I’m just saying what you all are thinking”). LOL

  8. Hilary says:

    Omg the second I saw Reese I thought 2 things….HOLY SHIT he should have been Christian Gray and OMG he is Charles….he looks so much like Jason they must be related for real!! Reese is so hot now I want him as Christian Gray BAD!!

  9. Gerry says:

    I so want Aria to be back with Ezra, they have that spark. Sarah, certainly has more to do with this whole thing, probably girl in red.

  10. Ted says:

    Is this POS still on?

  11. Jamal Heiden says:

    I actually think he looks just as much like Wrenn, but . . . . guess that’s just me.

  12. S says:

    Sorry but Ezria is GROSS! Please end this pair…it’s annoying

    • Sophie says:

      It’s not just that it’s gross, it’s probably one of the most unhealthy relationships one could imagine that doesn’t involve physical violence. I get that it’s a TV show that doesn’t really aim at a realistic depiction of a specific scenario, but …
      Who the hell crawls back to a guy that’s been stalking you and your friends for the better part of your high-school life? That’s just beyond me. I get that the writers feel the need to please the over-emotional shippers that tend to get a bit overboard with their ‘love’ for certain couples — but seriously? Why even be friends with a guy that obviously has some mental issues if he even for one minute thought it’s okay to spy on his underage student/girlfriend? Just for the sake of a freaking book?

      I’m not even gonna start talking about the other ‘relationships’ on this show. Maybe I’m getting to old for this and I have a lack of the overflowing puberal hormones needed, but this is bugging me even more than the loooong wait for the A reveal (and after over 5 years, that’s saying a lot). I’ll probably keep watching though because I don’t like to quit shows that I’ve watched for such a long time, but still … x)
      (Sadly though, the whole creepy-relationships issue is prevalent in a lot of TV shows, just look at OuaT, TVD, Glee, etc. I think once a possible couple is set up at the beginning of a show many viewers just expect them to be endgame no matter what.)

      End of rant, sorry (:

  13. Jane says:

    The only thing good about PLL, Holly Marie Combs!

  14. Melissa says:

    I thought I read somewhere that there are clues in season 3 and 5. Maybe worth a look. Then again what are we really looking for? There are so many possibilities! They are throwing too many new people in the mix right now. Not cool to do.. I have my doubts as to they will reveal it all in the finale.

  15. Ana says:

    Maybe Clark knew that Rhys was the one who has placed the Dollhouse Photos on the wall and followed him to see where was he going. But Clark is still pretty sketchy