So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Pairing Is Caring

One may be the loneliest number, but three is quickly becoming the most irksome — at least when it comes to Season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance.

Which is my roundabout way of saying I really, really, really miss the one-on-one routines that were the backbone of the show’s first 11 seasons, and — perhaps even more importantly — can’t figure out why Nigel Lythgoe couldn’t figure out a way this week to cram nine of ’em into a two-hour telecast.

Look, it’s not that I’m some kind of numbskull who can’t normally handle three (or more) lithe bodies in motion at the same time — strictly choreographically speaking… get your head out of the gutter! — but when a routine lasts all of 90 seconds, it’s harder for contestants to connect to multiple partners, and it’s harder for audience members to assess who’s straight killing it vs. who’s getting killed off like a recurring character on Scream or Scream Queens*. (*Two completely different series, if you can believe it.)

Three is also nastier than a Donald Trump sound bite because of our trio of unspeakable judges — Nigel, Paula and the One Incapable of Original/Interesting Critique — and their hideous decision to save a contestant this week solely based on his penchant for creating dramatic television rather than his ability to create compelling dance routines.

But anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself, so without further ado, let me spill the results, then endeavor to rank the night’s routines, and, finally, cook up power lists for the Street and Stage sides based on individual members’ performances during the entire episode.

Bottom 3 Team Stage (Based on Last Week’s Vote)

Bottom 3 Team Street (Based on Last Week’s Vote)

Asaf’s dismal performance in his cha cha routine made him the obvious low man on the Team Street totem pole, while Ariana’s triumphant African Jazz made her the only choice for Twitter save. On Team Stage, things were somewhat murkier, though while Moises was terrific last week, his less-than-hard-charging hip-hop had me thinking he would (and probably should) see his journey come to an end. Which had me tweeting thusly:

As with last week’s results, I suppose one out of two ain’t bad.

Twitter Saved

Saved by the Judges
Asaf (What in the name of all that’s wrong and obnoxious?!?!)


Routines (Ranked Worst to Best)
7. Marissa and Asaf (Jean-Marc Genereux, Club Cha Cha) | The judges correctly groused that this wasn’t an actual cha cha, but never weighed in on whether it was Burim’s stiff transitions and mystified demeanor ruining the proceedings or if they simply didn’t like the lack of content in Jean-Marc’s tale of rock god and groupie? Marissa hustled hard to make up for Asaf’s lack of technical ability, but there were moments when her frenetic commitment to the cause was reminiscent of a desperate Dance Moms interlude.

6. Edson, JJ and Yorelis (Tovaris Wilson, Jazz) | The judges came down harder on Edson than his female counterparts, but to my eyes he carried the routine with his crisp execution and subtle mischief. Paula was right that Yorellis looked far more comfortable in the genre than her Team Street buddy JJ, but they both came off a little sloppy in terms of the quality of their movement. Perhaps most damning, though, was the fact that I’d have had little or no sense of the piece’s intent if Tovaris hadn’t intro’d the package with that “guy caught between two women” setup.

5. Megz, Moises and Jim (JaQuel Knight, Hip-Hop) | Megz hit the whole routine with such vicious, “eff the haters” energy that I wanted to stand up in my living room and cheer. Alas, though, early front-runner Jim’s sudden fade-into-the-backdrop energy and Moises weightless goofballery served as anvils to keep Megz from soaring into “all-time great SYTYCD moments” territory. (Side note: Given that Jim’s natural talent probably exceeds each and every one of his Season 12 rivals, wouldn’t you appreciate if he never again complained about getting stuck with a style outside his own ballet comfort zone?)

4. Jaja, Alexia and Derek (Stacey Tookey, Contemporary) | Jaja solidified her front-runner status with a mesmerizing portrait of a woman escaping an abusive relationship, her expressive face delivering notes of fear, triumph, agony and power — sometimes all at once. What exactly that character had to do with Derek’s returning soldier and Alexia’s single mother is still a bit of a mystery, but at the risk of sounding like a dolt, I didn’t really feel th trio ever fully gelled into a single “brave” unit. Alexia, however, did manage to extend well beyond her five-foot frame, but the judges’ praise of Derek’s performance felt too enthusiastic by half.

3. Kate and Neptune (Justin Giles, Contemporary) | The judges noted the small scale of this piece about a man leaving for dangerous work and the conflicted lover left home in his absence, but the way Kate and Neptune used only a small part of the stage brought a real sense of intimacy to a piece that brought out the best in both dancers. In some ways, the duo seemed to mirror each other’s moves and moods, but Neptune’s looser style contrasted with Kate’s more carefully coiffed look helped give shade and texture to their characters. If you had to choose Team Stage and Team Street Dark Horses, these names would be at or near the top of the list, no?

2. Gaby, Ariana and Burim (Sean Cheesman, African Jazz) | To be fair, Burim had a couple moments where he was a half-step behind his female partners, but while he wasn’t asked to do anything quite as epic as Gaby and Ariana’s intertwined ninja-flippy things (that’s the technical term, I think) he mostly held his own — or at least held his ground enough to prove he’d have been a better No. 8 finisher for Team Street than his fellow B-Boy Asaf. Gaby and Ariana, meanwhile came across like they’d been officially admitted into the Academy for Mystical Creatures of the Blood Moon. When Season 12 ends, this’ll be one of the routines that sticks in my brain.

1. Virgil and Hailee (Pharcyde and Phoenix, Hip-Hop) | You know why I grumble under my break when a dancer complains in an intro package about the style of dance he or she get? In part, it’s because, as Virgil and Hailee showed us, unflinching commitment to the cause — and unwavering belief in your own abilities — is the foundation for any epic SYTYCD routine. How Haille managed to balance herself on Virgil’s extended right arm (without sending him to the hospital) remains as great a mystery as Cat Deeley failing to take home the Emmy for Best Reality Competition Host for four years running. The fierce foot-ography, the awesome animated breaks and the ability to stay in character right through the end of judging had me agreeing with Nigel that this was good enough to earn a spot in the eventual Season 20 anniversary special.

Team Stage Individual Rankings
1. Hailee
2. Gaby
3. Kate
4. Alexia
5. Edson
6. Jim
7. Marissa
8. Derek

Team Street Individual Rankings
1. Virgil
2. Jaja
3. Megz
4. Neptune
5. Ariana
6. Yorelis
7. JJ
8. Asaf

With that, I turn things over to you. What did you think of Season 12 Top 18 results night? Take our polls below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Connor says:

    Pharside and Pheonix really stepped up their choreography this season compared to the past. I have enjoyed every one of their numbers this year and can’t wait until they choreograph a street group number. Jaja is stilly favorite and I want her to win but Virgil, Neptune and Hayley really stepped it up this week. Megz and Jim flew under the radar this week but I hope they get some votes too. Though I am extremely upset about the judges decision to save asaf! The judges ever said he did a bad job while they gave Burim compliments!

    • Temperance says:

      Yeah, I like Asaf, and wish they were doing solos so people could see why the judges want to keep him, but that cha cha was heinously bad. And he’s not keeping up in the group numbers. I was really happy to see my favorites, Virgil and Hailee, got a great routine and could show why they should win.

      • Monique says:

        Since when has the ability to do amazing solos been a factor in SYTYCD after they pick the Top 20? I’m pretty sure it’s all about choreography with partner(s) at that point.

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    I want to put Virgil and Hailee in my purse and have them come out and dance whenever I am having a bad day at work in those exact costumes!
    Asaf should have gone home Burim did great tonight and kept up with the girls and didn’t let them down unlike Asaf with his partner
    Megz Jim and Moises could have been way better had the boys kept up with her
    Neptune is really becoming and underdog he does so well week after week I’m glad he was saved

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Also I totally agree with Michael they need to go back to partners only having 3 or even 4 people like last week is making it hard to connect with the dancers

      • Jenks says:

        I think the fact that the best dance of the night — by light years — was the robot DUET. Totally charming and showed off both dancers. It occurred to me that the reason for the three partner routines is that they can’t control whether a boy or girl goes home, since it has to be one street and one stage. Yet another reason to ditch this stupid format, IF they get a chance at another season.

  3. missvci says:

    To be fair Burim isn’ any better technically speaking then Asaf. Asaf “cha-cha” was worse then Burim’s african jazz attempt. But Burim has no personality, so of course the judges saved someone with personality when it was battle of the no-talented six-packed b-boys.

    Now if somehow the twitter save went to one of the b-boys and the judges didn’t save arianna (again) then I would be outraged.

    And Virgil and Hailee stole the night. Loved how they stayed in character the entire time durng the critque.

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      Also if it were reversed and Asaf had African Jazz and Burim Cha Cha, I think you would have seen Asaf fare better. Not complementing at all, although the kid does have star quality. I smile whenever he is on screen. It is a little bigger of course, when he is not dancing.

  4. Dave says:

    Besides the end, I thought it was a great show. So many people stepped up their game tonight. Kate, Hailee, and Neptune in particular. I’m starting to believe that Neptune is a contender and could make it really far in the competition. Also, Asaf needs to go. Burim had the better routine, works harder, and is a better dancer in other styles and has more potential. Asaf has gotta be next to go.
    Predictions for next week:
    Bottom 3 (Stage): Derek, Marissa, Edson. Twitter Save: Marissa. Eliminated- Derek
    Bottom 3 (Street): Asaf, Ariana, JJ. Twitter Save: JJ. Eliminated- Asaf (PLEASE!!!!!)

  5. Mytake says:

    Just started watching tonight’s episode and I’m already irritated.

    Would someone please tell Travis Wall, a man who has spent his life and livelihood dancing, that the word is choreography NOT crogify. There is no excuse for him to butcher that word so bad. It makes him sound like an illiterate idiot. The world has a dim enough view of the overall dismal literacy of Americans without him proving the point week after week.

  6. Aki says:

    There is no reason they should have kept Burim over Asaf. Just. None. Granted I’d have pegged Burim next to go had Asaf been cut this week. So help me, though, if Asaf makes it to top ten.

  7. gs says:

    That cha cha was not good, but I think it was partly because of how it was danced, but partly because of the choreography. Nigel said that it wasn’t a cha cha, but that’s an issue with choreography, not just dancing.

    • Nichole says:

      I have not seen the show this week yet, but I would bet that the choreography had to be dumbed down so to speak to allow Asaf any chance of being able to do it without hurting his partner. After the last two weeks of him complaining “it’s too hard” and wanting to do his own thing, I can imagine the choreography having to be changed to accommodate his lack of ability and willingness to try something new. Really can not believe that they kept Asaf over Burim. Though both are the weakest of the street dancers, Burim at least seems to give it 100% and not whine while trying to learn new things.

      • Monique says:

        Your assumption would be correct. I read Travis’ blog over on and he basically said that the choreographers have to dumb down the routines for Asaf AND they focus all their efforts on him rather than his partner(s). Travis said he gave Marissa some basic pointers on her Cha Cha technique and she basically said something along the lines of “the choreographer didn’t tell me any of this.” I am obviously summarizing from my own personal recollection, so I encourage everyone to go read it. :)

  8. gts says:

    I don’t mind having trios. I just don’t like it when every dance is a trio, especially when it makes the dance worse. I feel like the first dance would have been so much stronger is it was a duet. Having a second girl felt unnecessary to me, and I didn’t feel like having three dancers worker.

  9. Lana says:

    Asaf should have been the one going home, Burim had the better dance and he danced better last week also. However I really enjoyed the show and most of the dances, but Asaf needs to go, I don’t care how hard he works, they all work hard and without all that cry baby drama!!

  10. Hannah says:

    This was honestly the worst episode I have seen in a long time. A large part of it was the choreography was mediocre and the dancing was meh.

    Also why why why is Jason still judging? He’s pointless. Also can’t believe they saved Asaf. He was by far the worst dancer tonight. He looked like an awkward toddler mimicking a dance he saw on TV.

    Just awful tonight.

  11. Jim says:

    This is the worst season. I have been watching this show for 8 years and I have never been so frustrated with the production, judges, and format. This season is even worse than when they told the contestants they were voted off before they had to dance their routine! The camera movement and angles are so distracting it makes the show almost unwatchable. There is enough movement on stage, no need to have the camera flying around too. The judging is horrific. The whole street v stage is dumb. I think I’m done with this show.

    • Hannah says:

      Amen! This season is a trainwreck

    • Theresa says:

      Totally agree. And so done with Nigel’s that street and stage so perfectly mix together “damn the critics.” He should listen to the fans who have watched for years saying this format does not work. And yes Jason DeRulo is a joke. I miss Mary or anyone of the guest judges like Missy Copeland, Jenna Elfman, Christina Applegate, Adam Shankh.

    • Jay says:

      Yes! It’s almost unwatchable this season. I think the choreography has been lacking with maybe four standouts (at most) for the whole season so far. Paula is just horrible. I never thought I’d be asking for guest judges to come back but at this point anything would be better than what they have. Bring back Mary and the choreographers. Have you also noticed that the music is terrible too? I think they must have had a huge budget cut. I LOVED this show and am so disappointed that it’s been ruined. And, YES, the camera work is attrocious. Ugh.

    • Mytake says:

      Totally agree with all you said. It’s too hard to connect with the dancers when they are mainly performing in 2’s and 3’s. Also in previous seasons since the “street” dancers were few, although the choreographers had to dumb down most of the routines they were in, that meant only a few dances per night were dumbed down. Now, people might say “well ballet (or ballroom etc) dancers had to perform dances outside their genre so weren’t those dances also dumbed down so they could do them?” To that I say no! continued

      • Mytake says:

        Most dancers of any type other than pure street dancers, have had years of training. How to move to music. How to learn and adapt to new choreography. How to move their bodies. That meant that even doing dancing styles outside their genre, they could still (and they did if you watched this show prior to this season) blow us away with difficult routines. The problem with many of the street dancers (and Asaf is a glaring example of this) is that they have not had any basic dance/music/choreography training and they can’t pick up intricate steps in a new style. This season is fat and away the worst I’ve seen and I used to love this show. If they keep this format I doubt I’ll bother watching it again IF it’s renewed.

        • Meg says:

          Have to agree about this season. Have not, as Jlo says too often, not felt “the goosies” and I used to often. Bring back the old show!

    • Molly says:

      I agree that this Stage vs. Street is silly & dumb!!
      It is nothing more than a marketing ploy to improve ratings (I think it backfired)!!!!! After all, it is clear that SYTYCD has had Stage vs Street since the show started. Just re look at Amy & Fic-Shin or Twich & Alex Wong!!!!!
      This is nothing new!!!!!

  12. Seamus says:

    Well, one of the b-boys had to go and asaf is good tv. This decision, though,kind of reminds me of when they cut Jesus and kept Cedric in season 3. Back then, Nigel really felt that he wanted to help the dancers grow. So, we’ll see what Asaf does next week. Burim did dance better but his personality wasn’t coming through. And, dancing cha cha is not easy. So happy Jaja was able to show a softer side. I’m happy they saved Edson as I feel he’s a really great dancer and the only one who can pass off male maturity on team stage. Hailee is becoming one of my favorites. I’m glad the twitter-verse got the vote right by saving the best 2 of the 6. I agree with comments about the 3 dancer dances. The choreography is NOT moving me. The group numbers, particularly from team stage, have been the best dances so far. Tonight’s was beautiful. The Team street group dances are just okay. I realize that they are very well choreographed and danced well but they don’t touch, move or excite. I wish they’d introduce house to the street side because it’s hella-fun and exciting. Hopefully, next week will bring better routines. Finally, Paula has really impressed me as a judge. She’s been a great addition. Until next week.

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      Well stated. I agree with everything said. That is rare in my life. The only comment I can make with Paula is that I had such low expectations for her, that perhaps, I am overrating her a little but yes, I think she has made mostly relevant comments and seems to be totally immersed in the show, unlike the other new judge, who is helping destroy one of my all time favorite shows. I am sadder that this has not worked, not only because the show has not been good this year, but also because, it has no chance of coming back again next year. Very sad.

  13. Judy Bates says:

    Are they crazy, Burim should have stayed over Asaf, he is awful, and Burim worked just as hard and did a much better job….who is really pulling for Asaf??

    • Ann D says:

      I think that nut job Paula is pulling for him, but why anyone would listen to her is beyond me!

      • Emma says:

        Did she actually say to one of the male dancers ‘I really enjoy watching your package’?!?! Maybe I misheard but I turned the TV off right then and there. Sometimes I’ll check out the performances online if Michael’s review of a particular routine compels me to, but I just can’t sit through the judges critiques anymore with this new panel. Ugh.

        • Jared says:

          Yes, she said it, and yes it will hopefully be shown in sound-bite clips for years to come.

        • Dave says:

          The show is about the dancers, not the judges. Watch the show, mute it when the judges speak. Simple as that. Problem solved.

  14. Mona Cattanach says:

    I agree with the comments that for the most part choreography this season is just not up to past seasons. I’m not sure if it is the 3 person groups or the fact that we are missing the amazing jumps, lifts and technical moves that have been such a part of so many of the great routines of the past. I get that not every dance has to be grand and sweeping and full of gravity defying “tricks”, but if would be nice if some of them were. I personally wonder if this is due to choreographers having to “dumb down” the technical aspects in order to make them danceable for the less trained street dancers? Safety of the dancers has to be a factor and I presume, these types of lifts are dangerous when one or more of the partners lacks the technical training necessary to perform them correctly. What we are getting instead are unimpressive routines performed adequately but without the amazing execution that has always set this show apart from any other dance show for me. Watching the 10 year anniversary show just reminded me of what we seem to have lost this season.

    • Jenks says:

      This sums up exactly what I was thinking last night. Gone are the thrilling routines that could take your breath away, and not just the big “stage” numbers. I can recall many electrifying “street numbers” that put these to shame. If this show is cancelled, it will be because of Nigel Lythgoe’s arrogance and disregard for the fans who have kept this show on the air.

    • Luli101 says:

      Completely agree with everything you’ve put here.

    • Alexandra says:

      I think if they were partnered up like in previous seasons, the partners would be able to build trust and grow with each other in order to do the more advanced choreography. Splitting them up randomly each week is keeping a lot of dancers from growing, and only the stage dancers really trust each other with choreography. The three-person dances are awful, and so are the “meet up with the team captains after every dance.”

      My prediction: an all-female top 10.

    • Temperance says:

      And no solos! Why even have street dancers if you are going to hamstring them by not letting them do their thing? Not that I like the new format at all – give me trained dancers, please.

  15. Mona Cattanach says:

    Not only does Virgil seem to adapt to what ever dance style he gets, he is just so darn much fun to watch! Loved, loved, loved his robot performance and when he reached over and turned Hailee’s light back on during critiques, best moment of the night!

    • Jan says:

      YES!! VIrgil was just wonderful. They don’t need to keep Asaf for “personality” … VIrgil has that in spades. His smile lights up the stage. He has moved to the top of my list (with JaJa).

  16. kristaaal says:

    Guys this whole episode was just atrocious. Some of the problems are that the choreography and music are not very good, who are all these new choreographers? That hip hop with megs, Jim and moises was just not good. And then the trios are just not working anymore, I miss the partnering even if it’s same gender due to the fact that it’s not boys vs girls anymore. The whole format is just not working. I miss season 10, that was a great season. Bring back Adam shankman as a judge please.

  17. Rafael says:

    The best dances who were all safe has these:

    * Contemporary (Alexia, Jaja and Derek) and Hip-Hop (Hailee and Virgil)

    Alexia, Jaja and Virgil are the best leaders so far.

    Hailee, Megz and Jim are so far the runner-ups.

    Derek seems to move up into third place currently.

    Kate and Ariana are the the last two girls saved.

    Asaf and Edson, who were the last two contestants saved at the end, looked like brothers to me.

  18. Ann D says:

    What was wrong with the judges this year in their picks for male stage dancers – so not masculine! What happened to guys like Neil, Robert, Nick, Mark? And why absolutely no ballroom dancers? I sigh for the days of Sasha, Dmitri, Benji

  19. I don’t mean to burst the illusion, but when Hailee stepped on Virgil’s extended arm, she simple kept all of her weight on his shoulder and barely touched with the foot at his elbow, all while fully extending her legs to make it look like she was violating some law of physics or that Virgil was ungodly strong. Great illusion though.

    I’d rather have rotating visiting judges than J.G.. Or Christina Applegate as a permanent third judge.

    • Twrx says:

      And you still don’t think that illusion was impressive? Can you take that kind of weight on your shoulder – I couldn’t.

  20. MAS says:

    Wow. Couldn’t watch the whole show, but saw Asaf in the bottom and thought – thank goodness! Finally we can stop the madness. Apparently not. Just wow. Not sure I can stomach any more time on that guy.

  21. Python Rose Quartz says:

    I just want to see Jim be Jim. Give him a solid contemporary or jazz routine if he can’t be the killer ballet boy he is.

  22. Daisy says:

    You’re spot on with your criticism of this season, Michael! They’ve had a Top 20 for years now and have never had issues with fitting in 10 routines in a 2-hour broadcast, so there should be no problem with fitting in fewer. It’s impossible to really care or to truly focus on individual dancers when there are more than 2 on the stage. I find myself re-watching routines that don’t deserve a second viewing, in order to try and gauge the individual dancers. This season is a hot mess for me. Between the small groups, the costumes, the camera work, and some lackluster choreography, and some downright horrible dancing (and attitudes–I’m looking at you Asaf), this has been the absolute worst season for me. Not enough to make me stop watching, but I’m really not enjoying it very much.

    p.s. in your recap of Asaf and Marissa’s dance, you accidentally refer to Asaf as Burim. (I don’t want to be an editorial nazi, but I thought you might like to know :)).

  23. Sandi says:

    I agree with Slezak that the format this year is just bad. I don’t know why they needed to change the two dancer format, but it worked so much better. If it was just to accommodate the group routines, than they should eliminate the group routines IMO. Also, I’m pretty certain they invented the whole street vs. stage thing to give hip hop dancers a better shot which in itself is not a bad thing, but the street vs. stage thing is annoying. When it comes down to it, they’re asking the dancers to do all formats anyway, so why does it matter if they’re designated “street” or “stage”? It’s just nonsense.

    But I will say that I do like Paula as a judge. I had stopped watching the show for a couple of years because I found Mary and Nigel’s craziness extremely annoying. He’s less crazy with Paula and Paula herself has some insightful feedback. I always liked her on AI, and I hope she’s found a home on SYTYCD.

  24. Alyssa says:

    I feel like Asaf gets way more props then he deserves. I don’t see him getting better every week. Yes Burim would’ve went home eventually BUT I think he should’ve stayed over Asaf. I personally dont even think Asaf is a good “b-boy” i’ve seen way better.

    Jason Derulo is growing on me as a judge. I thought he was spot on when he said Asaf needed to flex to get votes. Because most of his voters are young girls who are voting for him because he’s “hot”

  25. Kathy says:

    I also agree that the 3 or 4 dancer routines just aren’t working. Why they had to change the format this year is beyond me. I’ve liked only 2 or 3 of the routines so far (Virgil and Hailee’s this week being #1). Jaja has been my favorite, but Hailee really stepped it up. Bring back the choreographers from prior seasons that did such a fantastic job. And get back to one-on-one routines. Also, I think Jim’s complaint this week was understandable, since he did have hip-hop routines two weeks in a row.

  26. Apey says:

    I refuse to give up on this show, but I’ll admit this season has been difficult to really enjoy. The stage vs street format is just not working. In the past, it seems they’ve had just a few street dancers and because those street dancers were mostly male, the choreographers were able to hide the dancer’s lack of ability by having them do lots of lifts. This season the choreography has been soooo boring, and the camera work has made it nearly impossible to really see what each dancer is doing. I hope this show comes back next season, and I hope serious changes are made to the format.

  27. Jan says:

    I am still in shock over the judges saving Asaf over Burim. That was just WRONG!! Michael, you’re not alone in your preference for couple routines.

  28. Jared says:

    I feel like Asaf was saved because he’s been given a lot more screen time and the producers knew that we’d be talking about it afterwards. They need keep the conversation going and Burim was like watching paint dry. Asaf has only one or two weeks in him left, so maybe they’ll give him a good dance next week and he can show the world why he’s there.

    That being said the Cheeseman number was fantastic and the robot number, friggin amazing.

    Oh and Michael, there was another Scream Queens show on VH1 a few years ago, where the winner got a small part in a horror movie. It was such a good show.

  29. ChrissieK says:

    MAY DAY! MAY DAY! This show is about to go down in flames!

  30. Jana says:

    Oh, come on, Michael! Jim wasn’t complaining about getting stuck with a style outside of ballet, or even getting stuck with hip hop. He complained about getting hip hop two weeks in a row. I would complain about that, too!

  31. Ally_D says:

    As soon as they announced that Asaf and Burim were the bottom two stages dancers I knew the judges would end up saving Asaf. Realistically neither of them were/are going to win the show so whichever one didn’t leave this week will probably go next week. Doesn’t mean that I like the judges decision though. I know that the producers (inc. Nigel) manipulate the results to keep people talking about the show but for it to be done in such a blatant manner just leaves a really bad taste.

    All the choreographers had complained about Asaf, Twitch had to pull him aside twice on camera to give him a talking to and you see in the video packages, and it was mentioned by the judges about Marissa, the other contestants are having to help Asaf out. He is holding other contestants back from excelling because he can’t keep up or can’t be trusted to do the difficult lifts with his partners. None of those same complaints had been levelled at Burim.

    I expect that with Asaf’s elimination – hopefully next week – the routines will increase in difficulty and start to impress us viewers much more.

    • Ally_D says:

      Jaja and Gaby are still two of my favorites. I personally don’t care for Hailee but I was impressed by her ability to perform a street style so well. Also still really enjoying Virgil and Edson is growing on me. For the first time this week I really noticed Neptune. I think with his stage routine this week he’s begun to set himself apart from the other street boys.

      I’m getting worried for Jim. He’s not yet had a ‘moment’ and other stage dancers are making their marks ahead of him now. Is he not being given a chance to shine or is he not seizing the opportunities he’s got? I feel it’s probably 50/50. I loved him going into the live shows but I’m starting to forget about him now in favor of others. If he doesn’t do well next week then he could be in danger.

  32. Vala says:

    Am I the only one who was kinda blown away by Neptune and Kate this week. First (and only) goosebumps of the season. It was so simple and beautiful, not perfect, but still it had so much character. There was a moment in the dance when neptune looks over at Kate and gives her this smile, it was really subtle, but the connection was so strong, they were really dancing this together unlike so many (too many) dancers this season. They reminded me a little of Ivan and Allison in season two, (the mandy moore contemporary!) and Katie and Joshua from season 4. And what is with the lack of partnering this season!

    Also Asaf needs to go, he is ruining the season for me. I keep watching him in the group routines, and he is so horrible in them, he really can’t keep up and is always so awkward. At least Burim kept up in the group routines.

    I have to admit that I am liking Jason as a judge, feel like he is the only one that is being honest. Nigel is a bit over the top this season and also it is so obvious which dancers he likes and which he doesn’t, it’s a bit annoying… and Paula, oh my god, I kinda liked her at first, but please just throw her off the judging panel, now! (She gets points for mentioning Wade Robson as one of the greatest in the anniversary episode, I miss him soo)

    • Dave says:

      I agree with you on about Kate and Neptune, they were great. And Jason has been impressing me with his critiques. I think Nigel’s the same as he has ever been and Paula has had her good and bad moments as a judge.

  33. Yarazin says:

    I disagree with you about Jason, I actually have enjoyed his judging. Paula on the other had, FF past her ever time.

    Really enjoyed the last dance!

  34. Carrie says:

    Why didn’t the judges comment on Marissa not taking their “less set mugging” note??

  35. Python Rose Quartz says:

    Marissa really took one for the team when she let the boys sweep the floor with her head in the group routine. My favorite moment all night.