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Grey's Anatomy Season 12

Grey's Anatomy Season 12: Cristina's Return, New Romances & More Wishes

The carousel never stops turning.

So although it’ll be tough to start the 12th season of Grey’s Anatomy without Derek (R.I.P.), it’ll start all the same. And who knows? Maybe going into what series creator Shonda Rhimes has called “uncharted territory” will be good for the show.

Certainly, we can think of a few directions in which we’d like to see the plots move. (Put up or break up, Alex and Jo!) And we have a hunch you have some ideas of your own.

So click below, why don’t you, to check out our wish list for Season 12 (kicking off Sept. 24), then hit the comments with YOUR prescription for the medical drama.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kim says:

    I don’t want Calzona to move on. I want them back together. The sooner, the better.

    • Kay says:

      Right?! I would hate to see them move on, actually.

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      I want them to move on. Arizona was a horrid wife. Callie needs to have sex with other people for a long while before taking her back, which I still don’t want ever but will accept at that point.

    • Grey's Fan says:

      A few wishes (predictions):
      1. Calie finds herself in a love triangle with a new woman and a new man.
      2. Arizona finds love again with a new woman.
      3. Arizona moves back into the house she and Callie bought together. Arizona’s girlfriend eventually moves in as well and the three women raise Sofia together (for awhile).
      4. April leaves for the Middle East believing her marriage to Jackson is over. While overseas, April and Owen have an affair. When they return home three months later Jackson surprises April with the news he still wants her as his wife. After talking with Owen about their relationship and her marriage vows, April decides she needs to make her marriage work and since she and Jackson were “broken up” when she and Owen hooked up there is no need to tell anyone about their fling.
      5. Amelia enjoys dating many different men but ultimately reunites with Owen, which makes April crazy with jealousy and threatens to ruin her newfound happiness with Jackson. This foursome is played for laughs, something all four characters need (at least until Jackson and Amelia are clued in about their partners past).
      6. Meredith, Maggie and Amelia bond and grow closer as they raise the three kids together and their careers continue to be successful.
      7. Maggie finds love after several disastrous and humorous dating mishaps.
      8. Meredith works on being a good mother, good friend, good sister and awesome doctor – by the end of Season 12 she is given the opportunity to make a name for herself professionally, stepping out from her mother’s long shadow.
      9. Matt Henderson’s character will make sparks fly with either Amelia, Maggie, April, Jo or Stephanie. Meredith will go on her first date late in the season after her friends pressure her to start dating again, it will be awkward and with a one-episode actor. At the end of the season when Meredith is celebrating her professional success she will finally hook up with her first lover after Derek…
      10. Bailey will become Chief but after a multi-episode battle against a returning Erica Hahn. Bailey and Erica never did like each other, plus Hahn’s return would give Callie an interesting story now that she’s not with Arizona.
      11. Ben’s sister returns for a semi-regular role giving more story for Ben and Bailey. Jackson and Jo would also be involved in this story and perhaps Callie will ultimately fall in love with Ben’s sister.
      12. Jackson and Jo become the new Plastics Posse.
      13. Now that Jo and Alex are cohabiting in a 50/50 situation it causes new tensions in their relationship (before Jo was just living with Alex rent free). Amber Karev moves to Seattle to finish medical school at UW while getting to know her big brother (in Season 6 it was said Amber was 17 and about to graduate high school, so the timeline for her to finish college and start med school is about right).
      14. Stephanie continues to be Amelia’s protege but is also a star in other specialties as well – make her the anti-Cristina in a way, good at what she does but indecisive about where she wants to specialize.
      15. Would love to see one of George’s brothers return as a new surgical intern – after George’s death he (Ronnie and ???; I never remember which brother is which) might’ve cracked the books and worked hard to make his dad and George proud. (Amanda, the girl who George saved, would be another good intern. The timing would be right for her though for George’s brother a few more years may need to pass – it’s plausible Amanda had already graduated college but I don’t think the same is true for George’s brother.)
      16. Jackson’s runaway father and Catherine’s ex-husband shows up to create drama and tension for Jackson and for Catherine/Richard. Though Catherine/Richard stay together.
      17. The past becomes the present for Meredith when Katie Bryce is admitted as a patient at Grey Sloan once again… Can Meredith save her a second time?
      18. No major, regular characters die in Season 12. Though plenty of lovable patients will die, including at least one who will receive a multi-arc storyline.
      19. Meredith hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for Maggie, Amelia, Addison, Mrs. Shepherd, Lizzie Shepherd, Nancy Shepherd and maybe Kathleen (Lauren Graham) Shepherd.
      20. Meredith’s (and Owen’s) former shrink returns to help them both cope with their new situations in life, and also helps Amelia, April, Ben and any other character in need of a shrink.
      That’s all for now.

      • Lisa says:

        Maybe u should get a job with shonda lol

      • Jessy says:

        Addison and Christna come back to help Meredith get by after Derek Shepherd’s death.

        • Jessy says:

          •Addison and Christna come back to help Meredith get by after Derek Shepherd’s death.Addison comes to Seattle Grace with a baby … Latter telling everyone it’s Mark’s baby
          •Teddy comes back.
          •Katie Brice is back at Seattle Grace because she is having a baby,Meredith starts thinking back about Derek… Remembering that was the first patient they worked on together.
          •Izzie Stevens needs to come back.
          •Burke needs to come back too!

  2. Erin B says:

    I am fine with all of it with the exception of more Catherine. She is awful–the character, not the actress. I was so happy when I thought Richard was finally done with her. On the last part about Bailey for chief, there is no way on paper April would beat Bailey. It just wouldn’t happen.

    • Rachel says:

      I completely agree about Catherine. I used to enjoy her when her episodes were sporadic, but now it’s too much & she’s so overbearing I can’t stands seeing her most of the time. Still love Debbie Allen tho.

    • Kaylee says:

      To me it seems like whatever Bailey wants she gets Alex clearly got the spot on the board but was given to Bailey now she’s going to be cheif…

  3. You know I read “Christina Return” and I started to jump all around the house screaming of excitement just to read “and more wishes”, I hope Sandra Oh comes back

  4. Lea says:

    Catherine is awful. She adds nothing to the show, just a boring annoying character.

  5. Lea says:

    I only care about Meredith, I want to see her succeed and as a mother of three. I hope the New Guy won’t be for her. After 11 seasons of MerDer’s journey a new love story will be cheap no matter what they will do.

    Tvline any chance for an interview with Ellen Pompeo before the show comes back? Thanks! ;)

    • It’ll be hard to adjust to Mer in another relationship but I think that there is some interesting territory to mine if they choose(hopefully not too soon) to explore it. What does someone do after he/she loses the love of his/her life? Does she settle for less? Is she one of the ones lucky enough to find a second extraordinary love? I’m still fuming that Shonda killed off Derrick but Mer has always been my favorite character on the show and I would like her, of all people, to receive the happiest of endings.

  6. Jessica says:

    I hope Izzie won’t be coming back.
    Catherine is one annoying character.
    Calzona are better apart than together. I appreciate Callie even more on her own.
    Jackson deserves much better than April. I hope we’ll see him with someone else.
    I want to see Meredith kicking ass as a surgeon, and a mother. Don’t care to see her with a new man. They can do much more with her character, finally giving her a big medical storyline, and see her struggle on her own with three small children, without pair her with someone new. come on Grey’s you can do it.. not pair someone up. Especially after you ruined the lead couple for 11 seasons.
    Oh, and I truly hope they tone down with Amelia everywhere, couldn’t stand her last season.
    I don’t mind more Maggie. I like her!

    • alexis wall says:

      i hope izzie DOES come back so she can create lots of drama between everyone ! but i totally agree about the calzona and jackson and april!!

    • CrazyCruck77 says:

      Holly Crap! Jackson & April are meant to be together!! Shonda has ruined every good thing going on at Grey’s so far. If she’ll destroy this one as well, I think I might kill her!!
      {And if anything – April deserves much better than Jackson…!!!!}

  7. alayna says:

    I think Jo and Alex are in it for the long haul and besides, Alex and Izzie won’t get back together, Ausiello. He sent her away when he was still madly in love with her, now that he’s moved on and 7 (!!!) years have passed and Izzie has probably moved on too, how big do you think are the chances for that to happen? I’m a huge Alex fan and I can’t see him dumping Jo for Izzie at this point, sorry. I used to ship Izzie and Alex too 6 years ago and I was just as devastated as most people when she left him, but then I saw what it’s like when Alex is in a relationship where he’s being treated like an equal and isn’t someone’s second choice after their fiance died and things didn’t work out with their best friend. Izzie and Alex had lots of chemistry but the relationship was a bit too one-sided. Izzie failed to convince me that she loved him just as much as he loved her and that’s something Jo does. (nothing against Izzie here, I just now see that she probably couldn’t trust him 100% after the cheating and kept thinking about her perfect Denny who had never hurt her. Just after we thought she got over him she left Alex and he deserved better than that treatment)

    I personally don’t expect him to put a ring on it even though sadly I feel like people only take relationships on the show seriously after the couple gets married. I think it would be a nice change if one couple just stays together without ever marrying. But I do need Jo and Alex to have a good, angsty, dramatic storyline in s12. They have been neglected horribly last season and were the only couple without a storyline or even proper development (until the finale)

    Besides, Camilla didn’t say it would be nuts in a good way to have Izzie back so she can separate Alex and Jo, she meant it would make a good storyline. You don’t really think that she wants for Alex and Jo not to work out, right? ;)

    • blaaaah says:

      Plot twist* izzie comes back but pregnant.

      • Meesha Hicks says:

        She can get pregnant she had cancer and chemo which renders a woman infertile. I doubt she would have used the embryos from Alex and her when he tossed off into a cup for her lol. That would be interesting though…I thought Jo was pregnant….

    • alexis wall says:

      i disagree with you !! IZZIE better come back and create lots of drama .. sorry but i do ship alex and izzie and she left so she wouldnt hurt him anymore and i bet anyone would do that! i hope izzie does come back and alex does still love her and jo sees that and they get in a big fight! and i hope it does happen because that would be a good last season!

    • alexis wall says:

      btws alex wasnt her second choice bc if he was then she wouldn’t have picked him when denny came back as a ghost !

      • Ugonna Wosu says:

        Because Denny was only a GHOST. It would have been psychotic to choose that over a real live man. Heck he wasn’t a ghost so much as a figment of her tumored imagination.

  8. Sonja says:

    Calzona dating others? NO

    Maggie dating Jackson? NO

    April as chief instead of Bailey? NO

    TV Line just STOP it

    • NotAnselAdams says:

      Seriously. This has to be one of the worst list of suggestions I have seen in a long time on TVLine … wake up, editors!

    • I think it’s much worse if Bailey does become chief of surgery. I know this was up since long time ago, but I’m so annoyed of Bailey since few season. I really can’t stand her anymore and I genuinely hope she’s not getting that job. She has her nose way to high imo and she needs someone/something to bring her down to earth again. Still don’t understand how she could get the seat on the board instead of Alex. Wrong decision all along…

  9. Lex Roberts says:

    I’d like for Callie and Arizona to find their way back to one another. They can date others, throw themselves into work but find a way back to each other.

    If bailey doesn’t get that position, something is terribly wrong with the universe.

    I’m not a fan of Alex & Jo as a couple. I like each character but not together.

    I LOVED Dr. Herman. I’d like to see her return.

    My biggest issue with the finale wasn’t Derek’s death (even though that broke me in so many ways and I bawled like a baby) but it was the fact that Cristina was nowhere to be found. There should have at least been a phone call to Meredith.

    While I don’t see her returning, I’d like Cristina’s place to not be completely wiped out.

    Overall, I’m looking forward to the new season. BRING IT!

    • Mae says:

      Really? I love Alex and Jo as a couple. I think they have been ignored last season though. But they understand each other and support each other and have this kind of relationship where they can be playful. I never liked any of Alex’s relationships before but I love all the potential for Jolex. The writers could do so much with their foster kid pasts, imagine them adopting a child or fostering themselves or doing a program together where they help foster children. I definitely want to see more of them, but they need a good storyline. Their dynamic is good already.

    • Megan says:

      Ya I couldnt believe Cristina was no where to be found after Derek died.

    • alexis wall says:


  10. Sara says:

    ”even if she’s ready to date again, we… um, aren’t. So, rather than immediately hurl the widow into a new romance — back away, Martin Henderson! Back away! — we’d have her focus on her kids” Yes, this! Thank you.
    Though I’m scared what the show will do, after they wrote that awful episode 11×21 and the worst aftermath as a FU to Derek and Patrick.. what they will do with Meredith and the new Guy next season.

  11. mary says:

    Okay a couple of things: 1. No more Meredith meddling with Alex’s relationship. For some odd reason she went from liking Jo to being weirdly hostile towards her last season for no reason and she didn’t even comfort Alex when for once last season he had relationship problems (but he listened to hers all season). If she has to meddle, she should do it in a positive way, not make him have problems with his girlfriend. 2.) No Katherine Heigl please, Alex has moved on and so have I. 3.) I am not a Maggie fan, I find her incredibly annoying but I think the new intern could be for her and not Stephanie. I don’t think Jackson and April are gonna move on to other people, they will probably get back together rather quickly. But if Jackson hooks up with someone it can’t be Maggie, because umm… they are step siblings now? Do you really approve of that? I for one could live without Maggie. And 4. JFC NO MORE CATHERINE. She’s the worst! I’m hoping for less Catherine, not more Catherine! 5. Yes to Steph getting a new guy though, she’s been single for too long and I like her a lot.

  12. Megan says:

    I don’t want to see Mer with another man. She is gonna proof its possible to be both a mother and a kick ass surgeon.
    and I really hope Alex and Joe work it out. Alex has grown so much with Jo. I dont care to see Lizzie back.
    Jackson has put up with enough of April’s crazy. she needs to get it together. I love her character though…
    I CANT WAIT TO SEE CHRISTINA RETURN especially since Derek is gone, Mer needs her… Her empty place was noticeable!
    I hope Amelia and hunt work it out before Hunt starts chasing Christina though. They were a horrible match!
    Calzona has to let it go already. They both do so much better apart!

  13. Ashleah Youn says:

    I do hope that Catherine’s option for Chief will be April. That will keep her in Seattle for a bit, and she and Jackson can work on their marriage.

  14. Jesse says:

    Who writes this junk?

    • There’s a little line underneath an article name in most news organizations (print and online) that contains the article author’s name. It’s called a byline.

      So, to answer your question: This junk was written by Andy Patrick.

  15. Anna says:

    I want Alex & Jo together with Meredith anywhere but around them. I’d like to see Amelia possibly paired with Martin Hendersen’s character instead of Owen. I really hope the show allows Meredith to date again at some point. It would be a very sad commentary to portray a woman Meredith’s age alone for life after her husband passes away.

  16. Alice Lopez says:

    They need to shut it down.

  17. Anna says:

    Cristina NEEDS to come back! After all, Meredith is her best friend (her person) and since Derek died, Mer needs her person. Right?!!

    • Margie says:

      I love Mer and Christina. My hope is that Christina comes back after hearing of Derek’s death because her best friend needs her. Best friends do that. I think that for a while Mer needs to concentrate on her family and her career. I do not want Christina to be more that just a friend to Owen. I would like to see Izzie back. Her character brought a lot of life and challenge to Seattle Grey. Alex and Jo need to be together. As stated above, they could set up some kind of aid to foster kids or adopt kids themselves. I think there is a lot there that could be developed in regards to the matters of foster kids. Callie and Arizona need to be together. Bailey should get the promotion not April. In real life, April would not have the experience for the job. I love this show and could watch it the rest of my life although I considered dropping the show when you killed off Derek. This is the only show I watch that is not on HGTV or Hallmark. I watch the reruns on Lifetime. The characters are great. The storylines are always interesting. Looking forward to a great new season. Can’t wait!


  18. Anna says:

    Cristina NEEDS to come back! After all, Cristina is Meredith’s best friend (her person) and since Derek has died, Mer needs her person! Right?! And I really hope that Callie and Arizona work it out. I love them together. Amelia and Hunt are not a good match in my opinion. Both are too intense. Alex and Jo, I believe will stay together and I hope that Jackson and April get back together! But, my biggest wish is to not kill off any more characters!! Please and thank you!

  19. Ashly says:

    OK, Yes to Jackson losing his clothes but a resounding NO to doing that with Maggie. Ew, gross! Like another poster mentioned – they’re basically step-siblings. And beyond that, he belongs with April (although she needs to get her head on straight and FAST).

    As far as Meredith goes, I’d like to see her wait a bit before diving back into a relationship. I know it’s been a year for her, but it hasn’t been a year for the viewers.

    Finally, I don’t know about April being chief. I feel like Bailey has earned it more, but it could be an interesting story line.

  20. #1 – I agree that I don’t want them to rush Mer into a new romance.

    #2 – It’s time for Callie/Arizona to start on their way back together, dammit! The show needs some couples with history to root for. That said, if Callie/Arizona were to be seen dating others in a way that showed they ultimately belong together (ala Mer with Finn, Derek with Rose) I’d put up with it.

    #3 I hate Alex and Jo. The last thing I want is Izzy back, though. How about April stays home and JO goes to a war zone? And maybe she could do us a favor and die off screen.

    #4 Just say NO to Maggie & Jackson. Now CALLIE and Jackson? That would work because it would be fun to see April/Arizona be totally jealous. What would they do about it? Zany-ness could ensue. Jessica Capshaw & Sara Drew have shown us they can do wonderful work together both dramatically and especialoy comedically. And since I see the two couples’ problems as being very similar, I think it doubly works for Callie & Jackson to bond. Bonus points for the fact that both Jackson & Callie grew up wealthy, but Callie seemed to handle it differently; she seems to see Jackson as a bit of a spoiled rich kid.

    #5 Dr. Hermann for Chief!

    #6 Stephanie has quickly become one of my favorite characters.

    #7 Yes, Debbie Allen is wonderful and I love Catherine more and more with hever episode. I think they work better as supporting characters, though.

    #8 I hate to say it, but while I miss Sandra Oh, I don’t miss Cristina. Owen eats up enough screen time as it is; if we got her weighing in on Omelia, he’d take up even more time. I cna’t stand Owen anymore.

    #9 I’m split down the middle re: the idea of April being up for Chief. I’ve come to love April, but she’s too young, imo. And I think it’s a repeat of Catherine handing something to one of her kids, like she did when told Jackson that ‘Mama just bought you a hospital”

  21. Sandra Hauser says:

    I don’t intend to watch it anymore so take it off the air. You take off the best part of the show and you expect people to still watch. I won’t watch anymore.

  22. Kristina says:

    My main hope is for Calzona to find their way back to each other. Pretty much the only reason I’ve stuck with this show the past few seasons. Sorry, disagree there and most of the list, actually.

  23. dar says:

    the show needs to bring derek back

  24. AddieM says:

    TVLine needs STFU when it comes to Heigl coming back…Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

  25. Rachel says:

    Why do Alex & Jo have to get married or break up? Why can’t they just be happy with each other and the relationship they have now? They are arguably the healthiest relationship of the show at the moment other than Ben/Bailey. I don’t understand why they HAVE to get married, that’s ridiculous. I like that they are doing things their way and not jumping quickly into marriage like most Grey’s couples do.

    But I am 100% on board wih Herman making a guest appearance. Yes please!

  26. Nitemar says:

    Grey’s has never been a show for good wishes or dreams, it’s history speak for itself, specially when it comes to couples, and now without Derek, show runners, I think, will have to reinvent the storylines, to keep the fans watching and bring new ones. Tough.

  27. Emilee says:

    I really want Callie and Arizona to stay together and for izzie and Christina to come back! or maybe izzie’s daughter Hannah could come in. :)

  28. Emilee says:

    I want Callie and Arizona to stay together and alex and Jo to get married. and it would be great for izzie and Christina to come back. or maybe even izzie’s daughter Hannah could come. that would be cool :)

  29. Babygate says:

    It always feels like TV Line is bored with Grey’s and can’t figure out why it’s still on the air. I can’t see any real fans taking half these suggestions seriously. For the record, Jackson and April are amazing together. Asking for a new relationship for him at this point is callous and disrespectful to them and their fans. And Catherine is not the superstar you seem to believe she is. She’s annoying as all…. And, no, Mer does not need to keep interfering in Alex’s life. And asking for Arizona and Callie to move on just for the sake of sexy times would be to deconstruct what’s been going on with them individually. Even if Shonda herself has no idea of where they will end up.

  30. Luli says:

    Are you seriously suggesting Jackson and Maggie????? No way! Too soon, and Japril isnt even done!

    Also Calzona back together, not apart.

  31. EM says:

    Click bait. Nothing really here, I’m embarrassed I read this. My bad.

  32. cc says:

    Poor Bailey, she helps everyone but gets nothing. Make her Chief,dang it, she’s hung in there all these seasons and no one gives her anything.

  33. Sara says:

    Uh, are you serious? Jackson and Maggie? Zzzzzzzzzz. Japril are not done, they will always belong together! Shame on you!

  34. Ashley says:

    I would love to see Arizona in a new relationship. And Dr. Herman back for a consult and working with Arizona again would be the cherry on top!

  35. DarkDefender says:

    My Wish List:

    1. The new guy and Maggie.
    2. Jackson (shirtless) and anybody.
    3. Bring Izzy back for a 5 episode arc with a 5yo daughter, Alexis (yes, Alex has a kid!), but keep Alex and Jo together.
    4. Give Meredith some transition sex until after the winter break. Then – bring on McAussie (Simon Baker – with his natural accent) as a new hot shot, dark and twisty cardiac god and BOOM! Fireworks. a fast but steady burn.
    5. Bailey as chief.. but some good competition until she gets it – Bailey in “the Nazi” mode is Drama Gold.
    6. Give Owen a serious medical issue and get April back as head of ER, while he recovers.
    7. Cristina for 3 epi arc.. for some cardiac anomaly and just have a ton of scenes with her Mer & Alex.
    8. Give Callie hot sex and have someone break Arizona’s heart.
    9. Bring back mom O’Malley or Thatcher or Cristina’s mom or ANYONE from Alex’s family.
    10. Dance some crap out.

    Not that I’ve given it a lot of thought.

  36. norma salas says:

    Alex and Meredith to end up together

    • Melanie says:

      Here are my thoughts on what should happen next season. Meredith should get together with ALEX! They would come full circle. It makes total sense to me. It would be so funny if Bailey was up against Yang for Chief of Surgery. I don’t like the Amelia and Owen ‘relationship’. I don’t even like Amelia at all. Owen and Callie might be interesting or possibly Owen and April.

    • Melanie says:

      FINALLY!!! I can’t believe that someone finally agrees with me! Meredith and Alex belong together. Jo isn’t near the caliber of doctor that Meredith and Alex are. They have never slept together. He is her new ‘person’. It makes PERFECT sense for them to be together.

    • Melanir says:

      I am so glad that someone FINALLY agrees with me! Alex is her new ‘person’. They have history together. This combo NEEDS to happen……and fast!

    • Melanie says:

      I totally agree with you! Alex is her person and they are best friends. This combo makes sense to me.

      • Ugonna Wosu says:

        Why are you writing the same thing over and over? And no….just no.

        • Melanie says:

          The comments didn’t appear to be posting in the right spot. Thanks for you KEEN attention to detail. I am just as entitled to my opinion as anyone else is. If you don’t want to read something……KEEP SCROLLING!

  37. Linet says:

    12 wishes!!!!
    1) no new man for Meredith. I really didn’t care abt the romance btn merder but their drama made my day. Let her be the strong widow that you want her to be. Give her some ground breaking medical procedure. Besides, she’s Alice Grey’s daughter after all.
    2) calzona needs some drama. No moving on bull… Bring back Erica!
    3) April the chief? Hell NO! Bailey is the beginning of this hospital and she is the end.
    4) April and Jackson can break up. I don’t care. Cute couple tho!!!
    5) Stephanie needs some yummy candy pushed her way. My girl is starving.
    6) Alex has been through a lot. He needs some happiness and stability for once. Think slamdog millionaire.
    7) am happy that Emelia is a neuro god…blablabla… Power to women genitals! Give the girl a storyline!!! Not another super smart woman falling for Owen. AGAIN! Tell me, is Owen supposed to be the next McSomething? He’s definitely holding the alpha candle.
    8) no heigl please!! 5 second rule is way over due. Ummm 7 freaking years ago!
    9)Maggie may go on… So far so good.
    10) jodin sparks shd guest star as Callie’s sister Ariea. Maybe with some major problem that’s gonna have to bring calzona together.
    11) Yes! A call from Christina Wld be awesome.
    12) Dance it out and give us a good satisfactory last season. This is the last season?

  38. Melanie says:

    Here are my thoughts on what should happen next season. Meredith should get together with ALEX! They would come full circle. It makes total sense to me. It would be so funny if Bailey was up against Yang for Chief of Surgery. I don’t like the Amelia and Owen ‘relationship’. I don’t even like Amelia at all. Owen and Callie might be interesting or possibly Owen and April.

  39. ADA says:

    I’m looking forward to the new season, please do not put Meredith into a new relations at this time and when ever that time come please let it be someone like Derek other wise it will not work, let her enjoy raising her 3 children and her surgeon. If Bailey do not make chief something is wrong with this picture, you need to let April and Jackson work things out and pull there relations back together. I believe Alex and Jo are good for one another let Lizzie stay out of this. Catherine need to back off she is just to pushes. I have always loved Grey’s and this is the only show I watch rerun.

  40. Brian M says:

    I would love to see Mer with Jackson. He obviously doesn’t mind being with a white woman, and Mer having a black child I think Catherine would be good with that.

    • DarkDefender says:

      When Isiah Washington was up for the role of Derek (originally) Ellen Pompeo said no, because it “hit too close to home”.. Her husband is Chris Ivery. So I doubt MerJack would ever happen.

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      Interesting….I like this thought. As long as they April being over him, so it doesn’t kill her to see them together.

  41. Yaya says:

    Alex+Mer it’s gonna happen

    • Melanie says:

      Alex and Meredith would be AWESOME and it TOTALLY makes sense! He is her ‘person’ now and he loves the kids. Romance can grow from friendship. I HOPE Shonda Rhimes makes it happen.

    • Wilma says:

      Gross. Thats like the Joey and Rachel line all over again. They are more like brother and sister and should not be in a romantic relationship but Shonda is desparate. She is seeing what is written and will try and make it happen. This show will otherwise be on the chopping block.

    • Meesha Hicks says:

      Yes that’s what I’m hoping for! Alex and Meredith!

  42. Holly says:

    Could not agree more about Callie and Arizona. I hope they never get back together. They have absolutely no chemistry. Callie was 100 times more interesting paired with Mark and later Erica than with Arizona. I thought Arizona had more chemistry with Lauren and later Leah. Calzona are too silly together. Regarding Meredith, I hope Martin Henderson’s character is for her. I’m looking forward to seeing her move on from Derek.

  43. Margo says:

    Yes to almost all of this! except April over Bailey for chief….HELL NAH!

    I only started watching Greys anatomy a few months ago..I am all caught up with the 11 seasons…but I sympathize with the MerDer fans….it would be really foolish to jump Meredith back into a relationship…can she at least mourn that for a while…I feel like their relationship was portrayed in a very realistic manner…so it would only be right to give her some time to mourn and slowly move her on. Bring Christina back!!!! Puhlleaseee!!!

    As for Calzona…yes to them getting back together..but yes to them moving on from this..dating other people…and realizing that they are truly meant for each other!

    And can someone please find my girl Stephanie a man!!! After Avery rudely dumped her….she deserves some hot love!

  44. robandco says:

    I have but one wish: please let Bailey be chief. Her story (and character) has gone off tracks and I think it could bring back the glory that was Dr. Miranda Bailey in the early seasons.

  45. alice says:

    I am so happy just to hear that Christina might come back to the show. “Make it happen Shondra” Please!!

  46. Lori says:

    Who cares! I’m boycotting the show now that Derek is gone. It was a slap in the face to the viewers. Meredith needed her happy ending.

  47. Linschex says:

    Bring back Christina! It’s not the same without her:(

  48. nikol says:

    Please please….Bailey has to be happy.she has been through enough!!!Christina was in my opinion the best character and it would be nice,at least,to call her girlfriend..i think alex will be happy.meredith will have to carry on slowly but happily…calzona are better apart…especially Cally…love her…

  49. Ally Oop says:

    I think Meredith would make a great Chief of Surgery. Yes, I know she has three small kids but I could still see her wanting to be the Chief. I don’t want Bailey to get it even though she deserves it. I feel it would be so realistic if she didn’t get it plus it would create more drama.

  50. blaaaah says:

    Plot Twist* izzie comes back, but pregnant. 😜