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The View: Candace Cameron Bure, Paula Faris to Become Co-Hosts

The View‘s Hot Topics table is on the verge of becoming a full house.

Candace Cameron Bure (aka Full House‘s DJ Tanner) and GMA Weekend co-anchor Paula Faris are poised to become the ABC talk show’s newest co-hosts.

According to our sister site Variety, both women — who have previously guest-hosted the show — are in final negotiations for the job and will start in September when Season 19 kicks off.

Cameron Bure will balance The View with her role on Netflix’s Full House revival, while Faris reportedly will take Fridays off in order to accommodate her GMA schedule.

The potential addition of Cameron Bure and Faris would complete The View‘s Season 19 table, which also includes actress Raven-Symoné, comedienne Michelle Collins and series staple Whoopi Goldberg.

Nicolle Wallace and Rosie Perez, both of whom joined the talker last September, will not return full-time next season.

Your thoughts on The View‘s possible additions? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. opinion says:

    I like the idea of Candace she is not afraid to voice her opinions and disagree. That is what has been missing the last 2 years. I am glad to see her on board.

  2. LT says:


    • marenfriedman says:

      Me too!! I’m so disappointed that both Nicole and RP are out. After 18 years of watching, I’m done with this show.

  3. Cc says:

    Nope. Done.
    Candace is just like her insane brother…an off the wall religious nut. No thanks. She will be more intolerable than EH ever was.

      • Cc says:

        Yep, she sure is.

        • Drew says:

          No. I mean you. The person who objects to anyone ha ing an opinion or belief that isn’t their own. You’re acting like she is the bad one here, but you’ve shown more intolerance than she has.

          • Cc says:

            Nope. She’s a religious nut with a brother just as crazy. I have no intention of being anything other than real about it. I don’t care about her politics. It’s her insanity that makes her unsuitable. I’d take EH back in a second over her and EH has views that couldn’t be more different than me.

          • Mary says:

            I am with Cc. She might not be as bad as her brother, but she sure was born in the wrong era. Plus I am not interested in watching cat fights between her and Raven.

          • Drew says:

            There is nothing wrong with what she believes. You are the one with the backwards mentality that anyone who isn’t like you is a “religious nut”.
            In my book, the “religious nuts” are the ones murdering people in the name of their religion. How many people has Candace murdered? Who has she hurt? From where I am sitting, you are far more hateful than she is. What made you this hateful?

          • Jack says:

            Cant speak for the others, but people like her is what made me so hateful. And sure, she is welcome to her opinion. Just like we are welcome to think she is a loonie. See? Differences of opinion work both ways!

          • Cc says:

            Sorry dude but the woman basically thinks I am going to hell if I DO NOT repent for my sins and somehow change my sexuality. She,like her brother,uses the bible to spread intolerance and decades old bigotry. That’s where my hate comes from. Trust me, if she met me, she would have nothing nice to say and her brother would try and put me in some cult to pray over me. No thanks. The both of them need some therapy and to be welcomed into 2015.

    • PJ says:

      so agree! who is running this show!?

    • Cookie says:

      But that’s exactly why they hired her and why Nicole Wallace was fired. They want a Christian conservative who is going to be irrational and cause heated arguments.

      • Ann says:

        Exactly. The View initially began as a show about women from different generations and different viewpoints discussing the hot topics of the day. Anyone refusing to watch because it has one conservative viewpoint to the other liberal and moderate views is the intolerant one.

      • misery chick says:

        There are ‘heated arguments’ and then there’s everyone shouting and no one listening…the reason I greatly appreciate Nicolle (and like many others that have posted on this website, I am in a different political party) because she’s extremely intelligent, level-headed and MATURE enough to speak her mind with civility and open-mindedness (unlike Whoopie, very sorry to say). I have learned a lot from her!
        Although I can appreciate that Candace has opinions that are radically different than mine, and I strongly believe that she has every right to express them, I just don’t see what ‘value’ she brings to the table. With Raven outwardly expressing her disgust by rolling her eyes & looking like she wanted to slap Candace while she was talking…there’s not going to be true intelligent discourse with this group. I guess that’s what the producers THINK the viewers want, but I don’t. The producers won’t tell Raven to be a professional & mature human being (and with Whoopie CLEARLY on Raven’s side, they won’t need to).

        SIGH. Sooo depressing. No more ‘The View’ for me as in September it will be ‘The Shout’ or ‘Raven’z Eyerollz’. Or it should be.

        • Mary says:

          Agree I really liked Nicole, completely disagree with her politically, but she is clearly smart, educated, level headed and able to articulated her point.

    • nick says:

      Exactly. Done.

    • Brandy says:

      Disagree. I love me some Deej.

  4. ellajwade says:

    Still wondering who will actually know enough to cover the campaign trail next year. It’s great that Candace is conservative and can hold her own against Raven and Whoopie, but who on the panel knows the candidates like Nicolle Wallace did? Big mistake ABC! I don’t know why I’m bothering, the minute they hired Raven, I quit the show.

  5. Jay says:

    Not too thrilled about Candace. I was disappointed that Nicolle got the ax. I prefer Nicolle over Candace. I’ll give Paula a chance since I think she could be a good moderator replacement. I’m still hoping that Sherri Shephard will be back on the show, at least part time.

  6. Clandestine Green says:

    If nothing else…it will be ripe for an SNL Spoof….this show is now a caricature of its former self. ABC needs to end it and re-introduce another soap or give the hour to the affiliates.

    • J.B. says:

      A wound to the chest with the soap opera comment. Sadly even with the ratings slump The View suffers it is still cheaper to produce than a scripted show. ABC will milk this cow till she dies. #RIPOneLifeToLive #RIPAllMyChildren

  7. J.B. says:

    While Nicolle Wallace wasn’t the best interviewer overall and she often looked like she felt out of place I respected her because she wasn’t shrilly like E.H. or b@tsh!t crazy like S.S. She tried to intelligently engage the conversations from her political viewpoint without coming off as preachy. I hope Paula Faris doesn’t veer into the lanes paved my the previous two women I mentioned. Mrs. Bure however…yikes. Obviously the producers wanted an uber conservative Christian pot stirrer and outside of her fellow actor and TV brother they sure found what they are looking for.

    • Lizo says:

      Agreed. I didn’t agree with Wallace’s politics, but I respected how she spoke about them and how she engaged in debate. But she didn’t really fit in with the panel, her lack of pop culture knowledge really hurt her.

  8. Rob says:

    Anddddd I’m out. Paula Faris is so annoying and don’t get me started on Candace Cameron. Awful, awful choices. I’d rather they bring back Jenny McCarthy and Debbie Matenopoulos for intelligent and thoughtful debate. (#sarcasm but no really)

  9. steven says:

    Isn’t Candace busy with Fuller House?

  10. Bob Backus says:

    Why would anyone subject themselves to the brain dead yet aggressive Whoopie? Of course Beyer no longer on it does cause the IQ to raise a little, but dumb Whoopie still drags on it.

  11. Dude says:

    I don’t like her religious views at all (at least as it pertains to the discrimination of people) but she’s not nearly as fanatical as her insane brother so I’m willing to give her a chance but I feel like she’ll just end up being the new Jenny McCarthy.

  12. Tammy says:

    and this will definitely NOT bring me back….. I miss Meredith and Joy so much.

  13. dlangston says:

    Where did they find that picture of Paula? 1999?

  14. Jared says:

    I don’t watch The View but I find Candace Cameron very likable and her difference of opinion will probably make good talk and TV next season.

  15. Ronnie says:

    Definitely tagging out at the end of this season. I really liked Rosie and Nicole, and the panel finally started to gel over the last couple of months! They actually look like they get along!

  16. Adam says:

    Not to be negative, but it seems their (ABC’s) choices are being made out of budget concerns, not talent

    • nick says:

      Budget may have something to do with it , but more likely they want drama between dj tanner and raven for ratings.

  17. Abe Froman says:

    Lipstick on a pig. The show has run its course… just cancel it and move on.

  18. Who is the conservative member?

  19. thisismenow says:

    Candace can be very reasonable. I disagree with many of her views but I never found her to be aggressively hateful individual like Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I’d be interested to see her in a mix of women who could inspire her and change her way of thinking on some things. I don’t see the point in writing off a show because of one person. It’s called The View, which suggests viewpoints from many different people. **shrugs** I can’t wait.

    • Drew says:

      Or she can change their points of view?
      Candace has been in the industry since she was a kid. If she hasn’t been swayed yet, I doubt this will have an impact.

  20. Kaye says:

    Firing Nicole was final straw for me. Can’t take Candace’s holier than thou attitude. Show will have to go on without me after years of loyalty.

  21. Lizo says:

    Anddddd again they don’t hire Ali Wentworth and Megan Mcain.

  22. MzTeaze says:

    They should just pull the plug already.

  23. Brendan says:

    I really liked that Nicole could disagree without the conversation devolving into a screaming match. With Candace and Raven on the panel, we will lots of Elisabeth/Rosie type arguments in the future. Just when the panel seemed to have a bright future…

  24. James says:

    Loved Nicolle Wallace but hopefully bure will offer a conservative voice and start a real discussion. Behar and hasselbeck were what made the show great because they disagreed. Hopefully bure and Symone or Collins will do the same.

    On another note I hope Wallace or behar return on Fridays for Faris.

  25. Michael says:

    All good things come to an end and with all changes that have taken place on The View they should consider seriously of hanging up their boots.

  26. Brandy says:

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I love this panel. As a Christian I’m glad to have two additions with my point of view. And I love Michelle. Sad to have Nicole leave though…I wonder if they’ll still do a rotating position.

  27. bshaid says:

    oh, the full house girl and someone from GMA which I suppose appeases BabaWawa…

  28. ncmacasl says:


  29. ltz says:

    I think Paula Farris is great and will be a fantastic addition to a show that should have ended years ago. Not sure her intelligence & perspective to save a show that has been on life support for years. I don’t know Candace so cannot speak to impact of her addition.

  30. Allison says:

    I love this!!!!! Finally, finally some balance. Finally a differing opinion. Candace speaks her mind and she speaks her heart. She does not strike me as hateful or intolerant. She strikes me as a person that will agree to disagree and move on to the next subject. I have missed Elizabeth and I have missed having some class on that show. Rosie P is great as is Nicole, but they aren’t returning (sniffle). I like Paula Faris. She will be able to dish it out with these ladies. I have been with The View since day one and I haven’t left yet and I still won’t abandon my girls. Congratulations to both these ladies and here’s hoping to a great and successful season 19 of The View!!

  31. dman6015 says:

    So they’re getting a legitimate news reporter and a right-wing Christian zealot (but not as bat-s**t crazy as her brother).

  32. Sue M says:

    If you substituted “African American” in place of “gay couple” in Bure’s comments that a bakery owner should have the right to not bake for a gay couple’s wedding, she would not be offered (I hope) a position at the View’s table. She clearly doesn’t understand that if you offer services to the public at large, you can’t discriminate. I think her remarks were disgusting and, if it were made against any other group (other than gays) it would have precluded her coming on board.
    While I am not a Republican, I can appreciate a reasonable approach to airing differences and liked Nicole as a person who was able to bring a reasonable approach to her point of view. I have watch the View from its beginning but I think I’m done.

    Shame on ABC for bringing on Bure. Her comments were OUTRAGEOUS!
    (I am a straight, 50years+ white progressive)

  33. ron johnson says:

    youth wins out in this case. Ms Perez should be a keeper, and yes for all the obvious reasons.

  34. liza carter says:

    wtf Bure has shown she is ignorant on important topics and doesn’t believe we all are created equal marriage she hides behind her religion No Bigots Wanted.Im all for Paula Farris

  35. JJ says:

    Without Nicole, I’m done watching The View. The new cast of characters do not appeal to me at all with the exception of Whoopie. Candice Bure is a huge turn off and a bit of a religious zealot.

  36. Gerald Olin says:

    I really love Nicole Wallace on the view. She gives an educated and classy touch to the view which was needed after we lost Barbara Walters. Don’t care for Raven Symone very much. I like Candace Cameron Bure, and Paula Faris would be good additions. The View has lost its way because it is trying to appeal to segments of the population instead of informing and asking the hard questions we all loved.

  37. Olivia says:

    Personally the show has ran it’s course and needs to be taken off the air. They keep replacing some nuts with new nuts and it still does not work out. Cancel the show and let it be.

  38. Carol says:

    I love the addition of Cameron & Paula! Now maybe the View can get back to what it once was!

  39. I am glad Nicole Wallace is not returning to the View as I do not like her

  40. I recently watched the View because I didn’t have anything else to watch, and Nicolle Wallace is one of the few Republicans I liked, she wasn’t Sarah Palin crazylike and though sometimes I disagreed with her she was always respectful. Isn’t Candace the crazy woman who said that it was ok if restaurants or business didn’t want to receive gay or lesbian people and Raven almost killed her?

  41. I have watched this show from the beginning but I’m not going to be on board for this new iteration. I’m tired of Whoopie and don’t enjoy Michelle. Raven hasn’t impressed me. I watched this season because of Nicolle. I have no desire to watch three actresses, a comedian and one journalist debate “hot topics.” They never should have fired Nicolle.

  42. Kelly clark says:

    If Candice comes to the view I will stop watching and I’m sure so will a lot of people! Every time she’s on she’s more annoying than the previous time! Bring back Joy!

  43. Deb says:

    They added Michelle Collins which I have been against since she made her first guest appearance. She constantly interrupts with disrespectful, UNfunny words that only she laughs at. The show begins the 2015 downslide. They are not keeping Nicole on full time which I feel is a huge mistake. I hope Nicole turns down the occasional appearance and runs away from this disaster in the making. The downslide is going faster. Now they want Candace on, and I cannot figure out why. She doesn’t really have anything to offer, she is intolerant of others life style and beliefs, and she comes across as milktoast – just blah. The downslide is happening faster now. Well, Sherri Shepherd is coming back with her big mouth and even higher level of intolerance towards others. That downslide is now out of control! Sorry Whoopi, I will miss you but The View has crashed and burned. It will not last another season with Michelle, Candace and Sherri at the table. I can’t imagine Raven will be able to keep her sanity around those women. The powers that be at The View have lost any and all intelligence and foresight they may have had. It would have been better to pull that band-aid off quickly instead of making a mockery of what was a good show until Michelle joined them. Hopefully Whoopi can find another show to be on, I will happily follow her.

  44. Linda North says:

    I will finally stop watching if Candace is added.

  45. Maxine Gandy says:

    Nicole brought some sense to the show. I don’t care for either of the new co-hos. In fact, I think the show has run its course!!! I can use the time to binge watch my recordings

  46. jessie says:

    the “i love me some deej” comment is hilarious but if they want shouting matches where anyone watching can’t understand what’s being said then Nicole Wallace isn’t your girl. What think is super shady is that they replace her partly with Paula Faris who seems like Nicole number 2 maybe with less concrete political knowledge. I mean replace her with maury povich or jerry springer and that’s fine but replacing her with essentially herself, well that’s a slap in the face. she was smart level headed and maded pointed arguments that made me, a liberal, consider her point of view. she will be missed.

  47. Rhea Carey says:

    Nicole was the first Republican on the view I liked, she was a lady. Did not care for Candance on Dancing W. *, she has a huge ego and is very judgemental. Hate to see another Elizabeth come on the View. Love Joy and Whoopie. The View should remember their loyal viewers.

  48. Natalie says:

    Glad Perez is gone as she brought nothing interesting to any conversation. That said (a phrase she used about 70 times per show), Raven brings even less. Nicole was ok, but her total lack of knowledge regarding pop culture just was not a good fit and she was just too ingratiating to both Whoopi and Rosie (both of them). The only reason I am going to watch this season is that Joy is back. I don’t know much about Paula Faris, but if you have to have a conservative Christian, better her than Candice.

  49. Pam P says:

    I quit watching The View after Elizabeth left. The View needs both sides to be a fair show. I’m thrilled Paula and Candice are coming on board! I will now start watching again!

  50. Janet Mennona says:

    Nicolle Wallace was smart well informed polite and had a great chemistry w the others, especially Whoppie, she was much better than Paula Faris. So…oooo glad Joy is back as the show went down when she left! Michelle and Raven are fabulous, except fot the blue lipstick, sorry!