Fall TV Preview
Supernatural Season 11 Wish List

Supernatural Season 11: Our Hopes for the Winchesters, the Spinoff and More

Sorry, Dean and Sam: Your misfortune is our gain.

The Winchesters will face another apocalypse scenario when Supernatural returns Oct. 7, and while that’s bad news for the brothers, it presents a hunter’s trunk full of potential (and potentially amazing) stories.

Dean and Sam probably want a vacation from all the mayhem The Darkness’ release will bring, but TVLine has its own list of wants — and needs! — for the upcoming season, some of which could cause mighty conflict for the brothers.

Now that some teasers about Season 11 are starting to trickle out, we’re chiming in with our picks for the foe we’d like to see get his mojo back, the familiar faces we hope will return and the story arc Castiel desperately needs. Plus, we’ve got some suggestions for the show’s next planted pilot and a very special time trip.

Browse our gallery of Season 11 wishes below — or click here — then drop a comment with your own: What do you want to see happen this fall?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ari says:

    I would love to see Ellen and Jo come back. I have missed them over the years. I miss Meg as well. Would love to see Meg come back.

  2. artistjoni1@hotmail.com says:


    • Jane says:

      Always and forever

    • Henrique says:


    • Eay88 says:

      Mmmm yes bobby

  3. SammiD says:

    I whole heartedly agree with so many of your season 11 hopes. Brotherly love, this is the big one! Sam and Dean getting along is the most important thing to me, and I am so happy things sound good between them this year. John returning is something I have been waiting for since he left the show ALL those years ago. The Winchesters have such an amazing family dynamic, and JDM has fantastic chemistry with both the boys. Young John Winchester spinoff? Yes please, that is without a doubt the best spinoff idea for the show. It would definitely get the most interest from SPN fans in my opinion, because we could see some young Sam and Dean. I agree that Dylan Everett is the best young Dean the show has ever had, and obviously Colin Ford is the best young Sam. I would love to see them together in a flashback! This was a great list, I would love to see any of these things happen.

    • Damn, I would freaking LOVE a John Winchester Spin-off! That would be so amazing, omg.

      • SammiD says:

        Same here, I think it could be an amazing show. There has been so much mentioned about John’s past, and it would be amazing to see some of that. It would be cool to watch John learn to become a hunter, and actually create the journal that the boys have. Not to mention we could see more of Sam and Dean as kids, and young Bobby, Ellen, etc. I would watch that show in a heartbeat!

      • Eay88 says:

        Jeffery Dean Morgan is so sexy. I love his face and his voice and his stance and his gentle spirit that he hides under all the manliness…. omg. I would love a spin off.

  4. Ellie says:

    I love when TVLine really gently and sweetly points out all the ways shows need to get their sh*t together. 👍 to all these suggestions.

  5. nathalie says:

    Bring back lucifer, gabriel and balthazar

  6. Enuff Said says:

    If they want to do a spin off it should be the origin story of the Men of Letters.

  7. brandi says:

    Nothing will heal the death of Charlie. Not even Joe and Ellen. Well maybe some Bobby Singer would do it. Some permanent Bobby Singer. This show has killed off many fan fav’s like John, Bobby, Joe, Ellen, Rufus, most recently Charlie. I can’t help but love some of these characters and mourn their passing. Still mourn their passing.
    I do like the young John Winchester spin off series idea.

  8. Tom says:

    Charlie AND Jo should come back. And fall in love and get married and have beautiful, beautiful babies.

  9. PMS says:

    Two spin-off ideas I like: Grumpy Old Men, with Rufus and Bobby coming back from Heaven (?) to school a new generation of hunters, and Two Sheriffs, with Sheriff Jody Mills and Sheriff Donna Hanscum combining their law enforcement duties with helping young hunters find their way in battling monsters, etc. I include the young hunters in both possible spin-offs because this is the CW and they want to appeal to a certain demo.

  10. tnpir4002 says:

    I’d love to see a few things:
    1) Angels get their wings back (see season 8 finale, “Sacrifice;” as of “Book of the Damned,” angels still couldn’t zap around and were stuck driving), and have someone firmly tell us that Heaven’s gates are open again
    2) Bring back Gabriel and Michael, and if we must, Lucifer
    3) Firmly show that Cas has his full power back; don’t just drop hints (seeing Dean beat him to a pulp last season was a dealbreaker–pre “Sacrifice” he wouldn’t have even been scratched, even if he was powered by the Mark)
    4) No plot tumors like the Mark–something we obsess over that doesn’t really seem to give a reason for said obsession; I got so sick of seeing angst over something that didn’t seem to be affecting Dean at all after the third episode of the season

  11. I miss Bobby, Ellen, Jo and Kevin. But am glad the brothers are getting back to being brothers. Love you guys

  12. Joanna Eve says:

    I have a feeling the darkness will bring back the majority of old characters from Heaven and Hell such as Adam, Lucifer, Bobby, Charlie etc
    I also think the show is coming full circle if they mention the Winchesters are going back to their old ways.
    Regardless, the show has no reason to end. It is abnosome~

  13. michelle says:

    Besides John of course. ..i loved the one episode with Missouri Mosley she was the best one episode character…

    • SammiD says:

      I loved Missouri! To be honest I always expected her to come back over the years. That would be a really welcome surprise if she showed up.

    • Linda says:

      I thought I was the only one who wanted to see Missouri back!

      • Willow says:

        Of course, you’re not the only one. Missouri was a great character. Loretta Devine and Jensen had a great chemistry. Would love to see Missouri’s return, but please let her keep her eyes.

  14. autumnd23 says:

    Definitely bring back Ellen and Jo. I stopped watching seasons ago, but would tune back in for this.

  15. sg says:

    Ever since they started talking about doing a spin-off, I have wished they would do a prequel spin off, especially when you look at the current TV landscape with shows like Bates Motel, Gotham, and Hannibal.

    But why limit the spin off to just a young John? Why not also include the other hunters we know and love in their younger days? Have an ensemble cast that includes, Bobby, Rufus, Father Jim, Pamela, Ellen and her Husband as well as John?

  16. stefany rodrigues says:

    I would love to see Ellen and Jo return . I miss them . I miss seeing the Jo and her passion for Dean. please bring them back.

  17. Sandy says:

    I would love to see Jeffrey Dean as well as Ellen and Jo, and Meg.

  18. Holly says:

    Would love to see Bobby again! With all the possibilities of time travel in this show I’d love to see more of it. John was a Marine but we hear very little about that part of his life. Also, Adam is still in the cage & we were reminded of that in the 200th episode. And whatever happened to Dean getting those hunters who killed him & Sam in cold blood that sent them to heaven for a episode? We see the best episodes when it involves there parents one way or another. Or out of normal character episodes for Dean & Sam. Like the cursed rabbit foot or Dean being terrified of everything. Those episodes showed the brothers in a entertaining new way

  19. Kyckastra says:

    Bobby, Kevin, Charlie and Gabriel are my choices for a comeback. If Bobby and Charlie came back, maybe they could work together with Garth (miss him, too) to train a new, younger group of hunters; and there could be cross-over action!

  20. Linda says:

    Spinoff idea: The Men of Letters, Samuel Colt, Young Hunter John (pre-series), Angels in Heaven (Castiel), Purgatory/He11
    I know this is probably a weird idea but before the show ends for good, I’d love for a bunch of the people that Sam and Dean helped/saved somehow would come back and ‘thank them’, like one last hurrah or something. (The cop Katherine looking for her brother, Kat who knew how to use a shotgun, Charlie from Bloody Mary, Michael and Asher, Jenny who lived in their old house, Rebecca who was Sam’s friend, Andrea and her son Lucas, Haley Collins now that her brother is actually dead by Crowley) … I want to know how some of these people coped with the crap that happened to them. Did they all go insane, did if phase them at all, have they done what Charlie Bradbury do and start ‘hunting’ on her own??
    I would love for JDM (and bring back Samantha Smith) to come back even if it’s for a couple of episodes.

  21. Tracy says:

    I want to see Jo and Ellen come back! Forget Lisa! Jo was always the girl for Dean! Love to see Bobby too! Like the idea of Cas being more involved because of the biblical Bad and want to see Sam and Dean on the same side! Also, hoping Crowley survives and takes Rowena out! Maybe Chuck can decide the Winchesters need some help from the above plus who wouldn’t like to see Chuck as God lecture Dean on taking out Death and releasing the Darkness?

  22. Cameo Gatsby says:

    I’d love some spinoff portraying the most primordial times in which the show should only emphasize God, angels, demons and other primitive beings like Death, Eve or The Darkness. Another spinoff should be one only with Rowena and the Grand Coven.

  23. Would like to see all of these. “TheDarkness” is a god problem & I’d like to see god step up & deal with it. The Winchesters can handle the pieces of “TheDarkness” that slip through the lines, with occasional help from Cas while the more metaphysical battle takes place in “The Heavens”. God can recall & recharge many of the downed angels, recall Cas’ ass back to heaven & reconstitute Charlie (& maybe others) as an angel (reconstructed vessels ala Cas per Hannah’s anti-possession mandate) so Charlie can be apprenticed to Cas. Recalling ppl as ghosts is too limiting, especially for Charlie-they’ve already canon-made Kevin & Bobby as ghosts-i’d like to see them do something different for Charlie. I’d like to see a several seasons (if that’s what we’re committed to) long arc that involves Castiel’s ultimate evolution into an archangel (like the Cassiel he’s partially based on). The Meta ep I’d like to see would be the body switch between Cas & Dean-not so much for how it’d effect Cas b/c he’s been human, but to give Dean some insight into what it means to be an angel, how Cas experiences stimuli (thinking in color, hearing a different range of sound, the profound sense of being lost&without purpose that Cas is currently experiencing). I think both actors would be amazing at grasping those nuances of performance that is unique to the character they’d be taking over. Otherwise, a body switch between Cas & Sam would also be pretty incredible. I think it would be absolutely breathtaking to watch insofar as acting goes. I’d like to see them reinforce Sam’s role as the researcher/hunter-maybe looking into the goodies in the bunker they haven’t figured out as they might pertain to “TheDarkness”& working with Cas for source materials, etc. I like the Wayward Daughters idea including Jodi Mills and Sheriff Donna, Alex and Kristy(?) the werewolf girl. B/c I kinda think that’s the strongest, most fleshed out option they have right now-not that other ideas wouldn’t work. That’s my #SPN wish list. Baby Winchesters are always fun too-quick before Colin gets too old for it.

  24. Zali says:

    I hope John Winchester, Ellen, Jo, Bobby and Meg come back at some point because there loved characters and I would love to see them back in the show

  25. Meg says:

    This is a great list. JDM… Oh man, I’d love that. I’d also throw out a Men of Letters spin-off, or Jody Mills and her “lost girls”

    I’d also like Cas to be more involved, Misha and Jensen have awesome chemistry and I’ve missed seeing Dean and Cas together.

    I’d also love seeing the boys go all out and show their friend the same devotion he’s shown them all these years.

    Clearly I just love Cas :)

    • Coops says:

      Yes, sooooo agree. Castiel has given up so much and been through so much, I would love to see this recognised more in the show.

  26. Coops says:

    Castiel seemed so under valued in Season 10 and this really has become very frustrating, as this seems to be a very recurring theme in past seasons. The boys never seemed to be too concerned about Castiel’s weakening borrowed grace and there was no mention of him possibly dying. Next Dean beat him to a pulp and next episode, nothing. Castiel and Crowley seem to have become the punching bags for the Winchesters. I woul love to see the boys showing more empathy to Castiel.

  27. Theresa says:

    My favorite TV Show!!! Thanks for the info!!!!

  28. MARY LIPTAK says:


  29. Marissa says:

    I’m very excited about season 11! I hope to see the brothers work together and solve this problem of theirs. No more lying or going behind one another’s back, please!
    I do miss Bobby, Ellen and Jo, Charlie of course.
    I don’t need John though, don’t miss him at all.
    Cas could also just drop out. I really don’t think he can help here. Or at least less of him? Just helping the brothers, no Cas storyline, please!

  30. yurie says:

    Sam looks much worse than Dean now…

  31. Stef says:

    Bobby and Kevin

  32. Kristi Reitano says:

    I would love to see Nash, from the roadhouse bar, come back as well as John, their dad. Oh, and Bobby.

  33. Linda says:

    Here’s hope for a movie.

  34. Logan S. says:

    Fan favorites mentioned in the last few seasons that should come back also include Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel and of course the reintroduction Chuck. Four heavenly bodies that can count as God’s arc angels if Chuck turns out to be an angel instead of Jesus.

  35. Willow says:

    The return of John, Missouri, Bobby, and Rufus would make for an amazing season 11. In recent seasons, Bobby replaced John as the brothers paternal leader and in doing that, John was often vilified. John loved his sons and I’d like to see some of that damage rectified. Putting Bobby on a pedestal shouldn’t have meant that John turned into the worst father ever. Both possessed good and not-so-good attributes. Bring back the 4 and let us see how they help the WINchester brothers save the world. Again.

  36. Steven says:

    Would love to see a spin off taking us all the way back to Samuel Colt and his experience with hunting and the development of the ‘Colt’ used by Sam and Dean

  37. Marcelo says:

    Quero MT ver o retorno de jhon winchester pois sou um grande fã da série e quero ver ele atuar outra vez

  38. roland says:

    1. Okay sorry about this I know I’m going to piss off alot of people but I thought Charlie was a horrible character that didn’t deserve to be brought back for four seasons and the whole wizard of Oz thing was corny as hell I personally hated everything about her so please please god don’t bring her back. 2. Again going to make people mad imo a young john Winchester spin-off is a terrible idea the guy was in what like ten episodes and I think the boys have surpassed him as hunters in everyway really don’t have to hear anything else about his sad and c’mon slightly pathetic life he was a bad father who let his obsession destroy his sons childhood the end. 3. Yes seeing Bobby,Joe,Ellen,Rufus and so many more come back would be awesome but what I want to see most of all is Sam and Dean finally save Adam from the cage oh and bring back Gabriel the trickster kicked ass! :)

  39. Bev says:

    I would love to see Jo and Ellen come back. I want so badly for Dean to be happy and to me Jo was always the perfect love interest for him.

  40. Lisa says:

    Can’t wait for the Season 11 premiere!!!! I love “Supernatural”!!!!!!!

  41. I miss Bobby, Meg, Charlie, Ellen, Ash, Garth, Pamela, and many others. Let’s hope they all get a little part to play in the upcoming season!

  42. I would also like to see the boys remember they have another brother who needs their help. How long are they going to leave Adam in Hell’s penalty box?

  43. I would love to see Bobby coming back and working with the brothers again, as well as Ellen and Joe. Also I’d like to see Eve coming back, (I think she’s in the purgatory, not dead) cause her children are in danger as well and she also died way to early and she had a lot of potential.

  44. Jake says:

    I believe the colt needs to return. I know it can’t help, but it’s an important part of the shows history.

  45. We love the brothers and the men of letters …but we also loved the character of Charlie and as we live in Canada season11 is hard to come by in our area…want the CW app but wwe are not “allowed” lol hoping for a season 12 and hope this darkness does not stop the young men and freinds we have grown to enjoy!

  46. We loved Charlie and Kevin..but most of all we want to see the boys remain as they are…we also want our great guy Castiel restored even if playing a bad guy is a great deal more enjoyable 🤓👹most of all have the CW.app available in CANADA…WE KNOW WHERE MUCH TAPING IS DONE😆👍👍👍👍👍