Sleepy Hollow Season 3

Sleepy Hollow: Shannyn Sossamon Joins Season 3 Cast as 'Mysterious' New Series Regular

Sleepy Hollow is opening a Pandora’s box this fall, and Shannyn Sossamon is going to be waiting inside.

The Wayward Pines actress is joining the Fox drama in the series-regular role of Pandora, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Pandora is a mysterious new presence in Sleepy Hollow who seeks assistance from Witnesses Ichabod and Abbie.

Sossamon is Sleepy Hollow‘s second major Season 3 hire, following Nikki Reed’s casting as Betsy Ross. In addition to her current role on Fox’s summer thriller Wayward Pines, the actress’ TV credits include ABC’s Mistresses, CBS’ Moonlight and HBO’s How to Make it in America.

Sleepy Hollow Season 3 bows Thursday, Oct. 1 on Fox.

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  1. Liz says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but all I’m seeing is more white people coming on board the show to sideline the black female lead and it’s so wrong. This is not convincing me to watch in the fall.

    • Quinn says:

      She’s mostly Hawaiian and Filipino but this does reek of desperation. Expect anyone with the surname, ‘Mills’to be even more irrelevant than they were last season. No meaningful arcs…no nothing.

      • Liz says:

        Oh. I apologise. I didn’t know that. But my point still stands. I want to watch a show that focuses on Abby and her connection with Ichabod. I want to know more about Abby and her sister. I don’t want more characters to sideline the already interesting ones. I thought they’d finally fixed it by getting rid of Katrina and then they cast Nikki Reed and now this? It’s not filling me with confidence.

        • ... says:

          THEY NEED A VILLAIN. Her name is *Pandora*. You know what the alludes to, I hope?

          • Pia says:

            Let’s all complain that she’s not Greek!

          • Ian says:

            Who said Pandora will be a villain? So its ok for some people to make assumptions, but not others when this show does nothing but let folks down?
            Mythologically speaking, Pandora was not a villain, just a flawed woman who made a mistake. And it says in the description she requires assistance from the Witnesses. Doesnt read anywhere near ‘villain’ to me, but does reek of potential love match for precious Ichabod Crane.

        • Dmac says:

          So what you are saying is you want a show that isn’t Sleepy Hallow. This isn’t a romance story or a relationship story. This show is about two people coming together to fight the end of the world. They need to add more characters to be the villains, if not they are just fighting each other. I get that no one like season 2 but this critiquing before you know what is going on is getting old.

          • Wow says:

            THANK YOU!

          • Callie says:

            The witness’ relationship IS integral to the show. And I’m not speaking in romantic terms. Abbie is integral to the show. Just as Ichabod is integral to the show. But focus on Abbie was substantially disregarded last season in order to focus on Ichabod – and his wife, and his former best friend, and his son. Blah blah blah. It was appalling.

            I’m not so concerned with Shannyn’s casting. Great potential villainess. I’m concerned because the first significant piece of intel regarding the upcoming season was the casting announcement for a “sexy” and “kickass” Betsy Ross to play “Mrs. Smith” to Ichabod’s “Mr. Smith”. It seemingly foreshadowed that Abbie and Jenny would be sidelined AGAIN. They are the sexy, kickass characters that most fans want to see work with Ichabod. The writers’ tone-deaf responses to fans hasn’t done much to assuage our concerns.

          • James L. says:

            You are so right Callie. Do not let anyone shut you up….

          • delorb says:

            How can you say that it isn’t a romance or relationship story? Won’t they need to have some sort of relationship in order for them to do their jobs? And when their relationship faltered or fell apart season 2, it nearly spelled the end for them and everyone in their world? I don’t think you can have it both ways. They are partners in every sense of the word. People need to come to terms with that, IMO.

          • shoe20 says:

            I agree with ya girl….. everyone’s into making assumptions….. kick back and enjoy the show….. if it goes bad (like some we know) then we can B!tch. lol

    • smartysenior says:

      Race card troll.

    • Dude says:

      Nikki Reed is Native American…why is everyone who’s not black labeled as white?

      • percysowner says:

        From IMDB Actress and screenwriter Nicole Houston Reed was born in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of Cheryl Houston, a hairdresser and beautician, and Seth Reed, a set designer. She has two brothers. Her ancestry includes Ashkenazi Jewish, German, British Isles, and one eighth Italian. So no, she isn’t Native American.

      • Presh says:

        because that’s the only thing that matters to some people I suppose. They are not ethnic unless they are considered black or their skin color is darker. It’s sad. Racists are racists. I like Nikki Reed but I think that people are more concerned with the description of her character rather than the actress.

        • James L. says:

          Yes, why did she have to be Sexy Betsy Ross-Smith, honeypot, etc. Why couldn’t it had just been an announcement that she was coming on to fill the role of Betsy Ross, period. It seemed as if there is a hidden message that Abbie and Jenny was lacking as a woman somehow.

        • delorb says:

          When the show started, they were lauded for having a diverse cast. By the time the 2nd season rolls around, that diversity was missing. With season 3, its looking like we’re getting more of the same. So SOME people care that the show they started watching has been WHITEWASHED; which is a real thing and its bad. And pointing out when someone is stepping on your neck, doesn’t make you a racist.

          There is a second group (and there maybe overlap) who care about her DESCRIPTION, in that its a further exploration of Ichabod’s past, rather than his future. Again, when the show started, we were told it was a story about the Witnesses stopping a FUTURE evil. But that was switched on us by season 2, as well. Season 3 is looking like more of the same.

          Now, I love the show. Have since it debuted back in 2013. BUT, I didn’t sign up for what the show is becoming. And I can’t even say, ‘slowly’ becoming, because these changes have been fast. They actually started Season 1, episode 8, IMO.

          • smartysenior says:

            If diversity were profitable I think BET would be copying these shows with all POC contestants and making money. The truth is the viewers are mostly white and that’s where the money is, people want to make this a social issue and that’s just naive. It’s always money folks. All this clamoring for a certain number of one race or another is just a complete waste of time. And no, delorb, this show wasn’t “lauded” for diversity that I ever noticed, it was cute and kinky and fun and different and the stars had a magic together that was “lauded”. We all agree last season pooped out but it had zero to do with diversity and everything to do with lousy scripts. Speaking of great scripts, there are a couple of very popular almost all-black shows on that prove it isn’t about color it’s about story. Instead of arguing for affirmative action let’s all stand up for wonderful new stories!

          • @smartysenior…this show most certainly was lauded for diversity in its first two seasons. The fact that you didn’t “notice” it simply means that you weren’t paying attention. A simple google search could have supplied you with that information. While I think that this claim of white-washing isn’t yet a legit one, because none of us have seen the new season, your post annoyed me.

          • delorb says:


            So let me get this straight:

            Sleepy wasn’t lauded for its diverse cast? I think you need to seek out the interviews with the cast and producers. It almost always came up. You also need to read what diversity means. Here, I’ll give you a starting point. Diversity means that the cast is mixed. It doesn’t mean that its all white or all black. It doesn’t mean that you have to have a balance between them.

            In your opinion, because BET has mostly black shows, they aren’t making any money? Because no white person will ever watch a show without white people in it? That BET would do well to shuck their programming and go after white viewers, because then they’ll finally become a success? Hate to break it to you, but the majority of the Sleepy fans are white and they loved that the show had two powerful WOC on it. Many of them are equally appalled at this switching and swapping.

            The show opened with huge numbers. So huge that they were renewed after the second episode. In those two episodes, one was about the witnesses meeting and the other was a story about the black female witness. Somewhere around episode 8 of season 1, the stories stopped being about the two witnesses and became stories about Ichabod and his private life. People bailed and continued to bail as they got more of the same in Season 2. Season 3 is shaping up to be more of the same.

    • I like white people cause I can understand them when they speak

  2. calling it now
    Pandora as in THE Pandora you know the one with the box

    • Ian says:

      They screwed up the whole Moloch and the 4 Horsemen idea, so theyre going the cliched Pandora’s Box and released sins route now.

  3. Hope lives inside the box :P

  4. warerickeya says:

    This show’s PR really needs to get it together. We’ve heard nothing about Team Witness themselves. Only stuff about random season regulars and Orlando Jones leaving. How about some info to actually get excited for?

    • ^^^ This. Whoever’s running PR for FOX should be fired and replaced with a goat sitting on an iphone. Or a carrier pigeon…

      At least she’s not white, described as a “sexy spy” and female without obviously being there to fawn over Ichabod – as sad as it is, this is actually a step up for this show. The bar is so low they could literally rollerskate over it.

    • rinaex says:

      Cool, I like her. It will be interesting to see how she fits into the story.

  5. Ian says:


    *falls off a cliff*

  6. Gail says:

    I think that Rupert Friend, who plays Quinn on Homeland, being at Comic Con at a time when Homeland is filming is a reason to worry about Quinn’s survival.

  7. ChrisGa says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan but I will say I’ve loved her on Wayward Pines.

  8. spindae2 says:

    Why can’t she choose a show I watch!? I love her, but not appealed to WP or Sh.

  9. I love her … but I don’t know whether it will make me stick with it

  10. CM says:

    Just what the show needs. More vague casting announcements. Absolutely nothing I have heard in the past few weeks has shown me the show is going to be better than the train wreck it was last season.

    Perhaps the showrunners could take some time to try comvince what’s left of their fans that the show isn’t going to suck in S3.

  11. Aurora says:

    I do not like that they adding more characters just after finally get rid of Katrina and Hawley. The show needs to be focused on Abbie and Ichabod. Their chemistry is what makes this show. Still not sure about why they let Orlando Jones go either. I’m not very optimistic. Sleepy Hollow was a great idea with two great leads and I believe that they truly don’t know what to do with it! It has truly lost its way. (I also agree with Liz about adding more white people to the cast. I hope this isn’t their motive.

    • Dmac says:

      Exactly who do you want Abbie and Ichabod to fight against if they don’t anymore cast members.

      As for this new addition she is absolutely not white, not that it matters as you have already made up your mind.

      • Melissa says:

        I agree with you on that. Bottom line though, show was unique and progressive and then tried to sideline their characters of color. I’m white and I noticed immediately, so I don’t think people are wrong for questioning the decisions Fox is making at this point. I do agree also on bringing in more characters–face it, the show needs some star power to bring in more viewers BUT we should always keep the focus centered around our two leads, Ichabbie, and that has nothing to do with shipping. I’m all for it if it ever happens, but their chemistry, in any context, is what makes this show special. The character of Pandora sounds like she’s either our new witch or new villain. I was hoping Betsy would be the villain and I guess that’s out of the question now.

        • James L. says:

          So, my question is why is Betsy needed. I see her as serving no purpose except to hook Ichabod up and get ratings from Twilight fans. I may be wrong but they should have left well enough alone. IMHO I do not think this will bode well, but we will see.

          • Melissa says:

            Agree with that 100%. I hated the Betsy Ross announcement and was hoping she was added to only be a villain. With the introduction of Pandora, it seems that’s out of the question. Although, the news reads Pandora will ask for Abbie & Ichabod’s help so maybe we can still have Betsy as the bad guy. Not interested in having another boring Crane love interest.

      • delorb says:

        Was Moloch a regular as listed in the opening credits? No? Perhaps they could go back to that kind of villain. Just sayin.

  12. Steven says:

    I really liked her in Dirt. Then again, I may have been the only person who liked that show.

  13. Ashley says:

    Two new characters and they couldn’t keep Orlando Jones? I’m trying to trust the showrunners, but they’re making it awfully difficult!

  14. saynay says:

    Strangely,I’m not as annoyed about Shannon coming on the show as Nikki Reed. I wish they would bring back the actor who played Joe Corbin.

  15. Lucy B says:

    Really, SH? Didn’t you realize in season 2 that additional series regulars were your weak point? Stick to the main core cast (Crane, the Mills sisters, Irving) and only have extras in for arcs, at least until you gain your foothold back. Crane and Abbie are dynamic together (and no, I’m not an Ichabbie fan, just love their partnership), don’t detract from their story with all of these extraneous cast members.

  16. RK says:

    I loved this show so much in Season 1. Now I think I’m breaking up with it.

  17. AGDoren says:

    But OMG! What about Team Witness!? What is Team Witness actually doing? I’m not against them adding more women, but what about Team Witness? What about Abbie? What about Jenny? What are there storylines for this season? I may not be interested in Ichabod & Sexy Betsy, but can have some news about Abbie the other half of Team Witness?

  18. This show is such a trainwreck, especially the BTS/management and the (lack of) PR. I want to look away but I just can’t, partly because I used to love it a lot and partly because I’ve just never seen this big of a mess before.
    But yeah, at least this is a step up from Sexy Spy Betsy Ross (which isn’t saying much) and seems like it could have some potential. Doubt it won’t be squandered like everything else on this show, but … *shrug*.

    (PS: Wayward Pines worth watching? Was planning on checking it out but haven’t felt motivated, seems like it’s got a high risk of being disappointing.)

    • Sleepy Hollow is my absolute favorite show, but I do love the limited run of Wayward Pines. They won’t do a season two, but if you enjoy a limited series kind of thing, it’s pretty awesome. I ruined it for myself by reading the books after watching the pilot, but in all honesty the show improved a bit on the source material.

      • Thanks, might check it out (need something to distract myself from the depressing mess going on with this show)!

      • JenJ says:

        Wayward Pines lost me when I found out what “The Truth” was. I had dvr’d it and once I got to that episode, I hated it, and tuned out. Some may like it, but I don’t.

  19. Lysh says:

    I haven’t heard that name since 2001 for The Knight’s Tale with Heath Ledger. I’m glad she’s getting work.

  20. Melissa says:

    Sleepy Hollow is my fav show, so it’s great to see her added. I love love love Wayward Pines, even though it’s a limited series and will end tomorrow.

    HOWEVER, those making decisions for SH need to remember the show’s core strength: Ichabbie. I don’t say that as a shipper, either. If they get together eventually? I’m so with that. But whether you ship them, love them as kick-ass partners, or just hang on the ‘will they, won’t they’ Ichabbie has always been the heart of this show. If all of this revamping doesn’t interfere with Abbie’s screen time, I say I’m all for it…except the Betsy Ross thing. That started as a JOKE and should’ve remained a joke. Why the fk is the show desecrating the history of freaking the actual person to make her a “sexy” anything? Enough with the female additions. Are they trying to create a harem for Ichabod w/ four lead women and one guy? You’re doin’ too much, Sleepy Hollow. Too much.

    • Desecrate? says:

      You do know that most of the “history” that Americans believe about Betsy Ross is myth, right? Like the flag. There isn’t one shred of evidence that she designed or sewed it, or even had anything to do with it. So seeing as we already believe fiction about her, there’s no reason a fictional TV show can’t create fictional character named Betsy Ross.

      • Melissa says:

        Fair enough. The show has fun with history as it it is and that’s one of the best things about it. But there’s absolutely no need create the sexy, fictionalized Betsy Ross character as a regular for this show, especially when we already have the ‘Mrs. Smith to Ichabod’s Mr. Smith’ on the show as Abbie Mills.

        Desecrate: synonyms include debase, degrade, dishonor; which relates to the history of the Betsy Ross person most kids were taught. I could’ve used a different one; here’s to next time… Whether true or not, she’s become something representative of America. Sure all of the other guys like Jefferson and Franklin were also subject to Sleepy’s ‘twistory’ and embellishments, but we didn’t get the sexed up version of their characters, unless you count Franklin’s nude air baths, and they didn’t hang around. The Betsy Ross thing was a hilarious joke referenced a couple of times in S1 and S2, but I just can’t see how they thought adding her as a regular was a good idea w/ the fandom having yet to fully recover from the travesty that was season two and Katrina. A love interest for Ichabod so soon, if that’s what she’s intended to be, is wrong on so many levels. Maybe later as the story evolves.

  21. She’s ethnic enough not to offend minorities, and white enough not to offend white people. It had to be balanced 2 black girls, 2 white girls, sounds about right. Now, Ichabbie would never happen. If anything Niki and this new female character will both fight over Ichabod. And Abbie and Jenny will continue to be single, or 1 episode where a black guy from the wrong side of the tracks with a good heart, would come and Mills sisters would be drawn to him. This show is beyond pitiful.

    • Ian says:

      I dont even need them to cast someone black for Abbie. That’s racist in itself too.
      Calvin Riggs would be a pretty useless character within the fight against the supernatural apocalypse, and he and Abbie only spent a grand total of a minute together onscreen anyway. Reports of their chemistry have been ridiculously exaggerated. Id much rather they brought back Orion and Big Ash.

      • Orion and Abbie had chemistry. And would be totally hot, but that would never happen, because it would mean Abbie would have a storyline, and that would never happen because it would be too much like right. And poor Big Ash, he made a huge impact with the fans, but he would be a threat to the “male star”.

        • WHY DOES EVERYONE STAN FOR THE GENOCIDAL CROW-WINGED LUCIFER-WANNABE WITH TWILIGHT EYES? *catches breath* Sorry, this is a major peeve I have, I really don’t get why everyone’s so cool with him wanting to KILL ALL HUMANS just because he happened to include Katrina and Headless in that mix. Like did yall hear the part about wanting to kill all humans or…? Him and Abbie didn’t have any more chemistry than Nicole has with literally everyone either.

          Here for Big Ash though. Or Calvin.

    • Then don’t watch it, simple.

      • James L. says:

        I am afraid a lot of people won’t….

      • You do realize that is literally what happened last season and the show very nearly got cancelled for it? If FOX hadn’t needed to pad their fall schedule and people hadn’t fought for it despite the abysmal s2 this show would have joined Firefly, Dark Angel, Wonderfalls, etc etc in the mass grave of genre shows FOX have in their backyard. And this season the show is up against Scandal and other big Thursday heavy hitters so … you’ll probably be getting your wish.

    • Smdh says:

      This was hilarious. And likely very accurate.
      I could say so much about all of this, but a bad sign is when I don’t. I’m too done with SH. Way to wreck YET ANOTHER show, FOX. They’ll do the same with Empire too, watch.

  22. Viv says:

    Alright Ausiello — Enough with all the gotcha floating ads!!!
    I’m glad you guys are doing well enough that companies wanna market here but IT’S HINDERING USING YOUR WEBSITE.

    And Yay for Shannyn, she’s a good actor.

  23. kate says:

    It seems to me they haven’t learn the lesson…. tooo baddd

  24. Dmac says:

    People need to settle down, this is the time of year where all the shows announce their new cast, look on this site alone and you can see several show with their new cast additions. This is not the time of year what is going to go on this upcoming season.

    People seem to finding excuses not to like this show. I get it Season 2 sucked but this is getting silly. They HAVE to add new cast member, remember Abby and Ichabod have to fight against someone. This isn’t a show about their relationship, this a show about two people who fighting to save the world. Their relationship is a part of it but the whole part.

    And by the way the new addition isn’t white, so that is one less thing for you to complain about.

    Why don’t wait until you hear from the show runner before you make assumptions.

    • rinaex says:

      Exactly, most news from most fall shows is all about casting. Until it’s closer to the time for the premiere of the shows, that’s pretty much what we’re going to get. People have lost their minds.

  25. James L. says:

    Viv, the URL took time to appear.

  26. Dan G. says:

    Will have to check out SH for the first time, as SHANNYN is so VERY HOT… she’s been great (in a slowly increasing role) on Wayward Pines, and is one of the finer MILF’s on TV. Plus, I loved it when she slapped that blond teacher bitch last week … !

  27. Kimberly says:

    Where are the MEN??!!! I’m glad to see women working, but I want some eye candy too. Where’s Corbin Jr., the sexy photographer, shirt-less headless, the crazy angel, heck even funky-neck Andy? These people were nice to look at! I am a woman who likes men. I don’t care about a sexy seamstress. We need more men!!! I hope this show doesn’t turn into one of those harem shows where “every body loves the Crane.” No matter how strong or capable a women is, they become infinitely stupid in harem shows. I also don’t want to see any love triangles. There were a lot of challenges with last season but I am glad they didn’t follow through with that one. Honestly, I hope I don’t see any romance this season unless it’s Abbie finally getting a life and friends beyond Crane’s ghostly and abnormally long lived fellows. It’s strange, she’s lived in that town her whole life and Crane has more friends than she does. Also, Crane always gets jealous when someone tries to get close to Abbie, (giving out evil eyes, shimmying in the space between Abbie and the other person, bad mouthing them in their face and behind their back, pointing fingers, breaking cameras, etc) and I find that crazy hilarious.

    Round out Abbie’s character please. She is the #1 reason I watch this show and the only reason I started watching in the first place.

  28. Sabrina says:

    Did the show runners learn nothing from the mistakes of season 2? Do they not realise that the success of the show was due to the partnership of Abbie & Ichabod? I don’t mind the addition of new characters but I think it would be much better if the new additions were recurring characters and not series regulars.

  29. Christian says:

    Now I will start watching again. Stopped after season one. She is awesome in Catacombs and The Body. And beautiful to look at. congratulations SS.

  30. Loved Shannyn as Coraline in Moonlight … the perfect vampire wife for Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin). Shannyn will do well in this new role. Looking forward to the new season!

  31. shannon says:

    I agree we need more villains that allies in the show right now. As far as white and black people. What happened to seeing people as people and not as black and white.

    • percysowner says:

      It’s really easy to say what about people being people when you’re part of the type of person who always gets cast. The truth is, when a role goes out, unless it is specified as being a minority, everyone thinks the part is white. TV has a majority of white actors. Some shows have a token presence of POCs but generally not. And the only time people say things like “how about people just being people” is when someone points out that there isn’t equal representation in media. Then it’s all why are we jumping on the white actors, aren’t they the best for the job?

      I really think the best comment made about this is that Fox would rather have a SH be a flop with a majority of white actors than a success with a majority of POC actors. The casting seems to reflect that attitude.

  32. cherylsemien says:

    Sleepy Hollow is the best please dont change actors i hate hate when the show does that its not worth watching.

  33. David sloop says:

    Will there be a 4 seson?