Video: Wayward Pines Finale Features 'A Lot of Gunfire, A Lot of Abbies,' Few Survivors — 'It's All-Out War!'

The town of Wayward Pines will be put to the ultimate test this Thursday at 9/8c, in the Fox drama’s grand finale.

When last we tuned in, Dr. David Pilcher (played by Toby Jones) — a creator scorned — impetuously responded to Sheriff Ethan Burke’s truth-telling in the town square by shutting down all of the power — including that which electrifies the perimeter fence. Thus, the savage abbies just outside are ready, willing and now able to clamber into town and enjoy a feeding frenzy.

“It’s all-out war,” says Carla Gugino in the exclusive video above, whilst splattered in fake blood from the finale’s filming. Adds Charlie Tahan, who plays Ben: “[There’s] a lot of gunfire, a lot of abbies… not too many survivors.”

Who do you think won’t survive the finale?

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  1. bryce says:

    Can’t wait for this finale. This series has been a pleasure. My only qualm is that I can’t decide if the Abbies are terrifying or too unbelievable. Excited to see the results of this “war.”

  2. Carley says:

    As this is a one off series, i think all humans will die.

  3. BrightLight says:

    Considering from the original previews I didn’t think I’d even like the show, I actually can’t wait for this finale. I’ll be sad to see it go, but I won’t miss Pilcher or Megan Fisher. Hope the abbies take them out first.
    The title of the finale is “Cycle” so that’s something for me to ponder until Thursday.

  4. I’ve enjoyed this. I lost track of the ratings, but I hope they end it in a way that it could come back.

  5. Brigid says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this show. I thought it was going to play out one way and it totally went in a different direction. I’m hoping the humans can survive but I wouldn’t mind if Pilcher got chewed up;) Looking forward to the finale!!

    • Temperance says:

      I think Pam’s going to off her brother, and turn the power back on. The citizens will have to clear the abbies that got inside, though.

  6. Spence says:

    I just hope Theresa doesn’t die! And since I’m rooting for her, she probably will.

  7. N says:

    I like Kate

  8. John Sheffield (@cubeslave) says:

    I kind of thought that the story of what happened to the earlier group was a little too pat.

    I am just wondering how many times Pilcher has wiped out the population of his little kingdom when people made him unhappy.

  9. John Sheffield (@cubeslave) says:

    It is really going to suck if the current population of the town get wiped out and Pilcher starts the process over again.

    • fake name says:

      maybe Pilcher intentionally eliminated Group A because they challenged his authority. Maybe he has a few other groups lined up. definitely pilcher dies. the sheriff’s secretary dies, i bet, plus a few others. they need a villain for next season so the blonde teacher/hypnotist might live. i hope pam pilcher lives… all the really evil seeming characters turned out to be secretly good. the blonde hotel guy, pam pilcher… i guess that’s it.

  10. HAP says:

    Am I the only one that found it curious that at the end of the trailer, they labeled it “season Finale”, not Series Finale? I know there’s been much discussion on this site about it being a one and done, but….

  11. The Watcher says:

    I didn’t care a lick about “Wayward Pines” from the early previews and now I’m more than slightly interested. They really should have played up the “Prisoner” vibe much more in the early promotions. Trying not to give away but not giving me more of a hook, gave me no reason to get behind it early on. Oh well, I’ve watched the last 4 and feel like I’ve seen the rest in TVLine Preview Videos lol.

    • The Watcher says:

      I’ve changed my mind. The finale was nothing but an excuse to pull a “Twist” outta their butts. I really can’t believe this is the same guy who made Unbreakable.

  12. ChrisGa says:

    I’m surprise how much I’ve enjoyed this show. The acting’s been great across the board–anything with Carla Gugino is an automatic must-see for me–and I think the premise has been executed rather well. It’s too bad the ratings wavered to the point where they no longer are considering a second series.

  13. Jason Becker says:

    It has been my favorite show since I don’t know when (maybe since “Lost”). Acted superbly and Nurse Pam would rank as an all-time TV character if this show weren’t ending. I hate that it’s ending…but I had no clue how you could make a series like this last. I mentioned ‘Lost”, it reminds me a little bit of that show. I hate that this show is ending and I’m afraid I’m going to hate the way it concludes. (I’ve watched every episode at least twice…..something I never do)

  14. Tom says:

    I can’t stand the son even before he was brainwashed by creepy teacher. Maybe he’ll be eaten by an abbie with farber beans and a nice chianti.