Fall TV Preview
Vampire Diaries Season 7

Vampire Diaries Season 7: Our Hopes for Bonnie, Caroline and the Salvatores

We’re about 11 weeks out from the return of The Vampire Diaries (Oct. 8, The CW), but save for the dilapidated Mystic Falls we saw at the tail end of May’s finale, it’s hard to imagine what Season 7 will actually look like.

Sure, we got a few juicy teases at Comic-Con — including Stefan and Caroline’s amped-up game of cat and mouse, as well as a potential new love interest for Bonnie — but there’s still so much uncertainty about the new, post-Elena world we’re about to enter.

To that end, Team TVLine scribbled down a few of our own wishes for the coming season. And while we’re keeping our expectations reasonable — no one’s asking for Elena to wake up anytime soon, for example — we’re also hoping for the best.

Browse our gallery of Season 7 wishes below, then drop a comment with your own: What do you want to see happen this fall?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Maren says:

    My wish is that Julie gets it together to write her stories without a thousend plothoes and repeat everything. And I wish that the women on this show will finally find their own voice and learn that they don’t a man to define themselves (looking at you Caroline)
    All in all they need to back of from the heavy forced romances. We have already seen 46899523 romantic stories on that show, nothing it special anymore

    • ashley says:

      Caroline doesn’t NEED a man to define her. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want someone to love her. Almost everyone wants that. IT doesn’t make her weak.

      • Anna says:

        I agree. What makes being in love or falling for someone a sign of weakness? Caroline may have been in a few relationships but she’s never been defined by the man she’s with. She can be with a guy & still be badass.

        • Maren says:

          bc thats exactly how she is potraying Caroline. Caroline even admitted that if Stefan had confessed his feelings (in front of her moms coffin mind you ) than she wouldn’t have turned it of. a man’s love/approval was the most important thing to her and thazs pretty disguesting tbh

          • Daylene says:

            Perfect Maren! Both comments are spot on. What’s funny is the fact that both Plec&Dries call themselves feminists but then they write their females the way they do.

          • Gul says:

            Its everyone’s interpretation. For me, Caroline was already distraught that she wasnt with her mom in her final moments. But when Stefan didnt seem to return those feelings, she fell apart because not only did she not get to say goodbye to her mom but spent it kissing someone that dint even have feelings for her. I can totally understand why that would push her already distraught self into switching off her humanity because the pain became that much more.. It wasnt about approval as it was about finding something, anything to hold on to..

      • Brielle says:

        Agree Maren. Plec needs to quit forcing relationships especially SC that feels more like a brother and sister relationship than romantic. I’m done with her “organic” relationships. She took a very good friendship and ruined it.
        Along with interesting storylines I hope that ALL the characters can interact more.The other problem I had with SC was that they only had scenes with each other last season. Stefan didn’t even interact with Kai before getting his neck snapped. I can’t even remember the last time Stefan and Bonnie had scenes together.

      • Reese says:

        My wish list:
        1. Defan JP has promoted Defan a lot but haven’t really seen it displayed. It always seemed one sided to me and would like for this season to show what Stefan means to Damon. We always hear about Stefan not being able to go on without his brother but what about Damon. Which brings me to #2
        2. Damon What was Damon before Katherine and her doppleganger? What is he outside of these toxic relationships? There hasn’t been any exploration of his character are we to determine he is only whatever relationship he’s in? He’s defined by whoever he’s with at the time?
        3. Stefan I’ve heard CD say she doesn’t know how to write for Stefan and it shows. He hasn’t had a story line for what three or four years? Last season his whole story arc was about Caroline, they were isolated most of S6. He was never called upon to help in anyway outside of Caroline. Even the Enzo/Sara sl that involved Stefan was dropped granted that whole idea was lame but still there was no follow up. Did he make sure the niece he was protecting for 18yrs got out of MF safely? He was never involved in the sl with Kai either, he couldn’t have helped his brother out with that situation? How about giving Stefan a sl that doesn’t center around his best friend Caroline and have him interact with other characters? Hmm there’s an idea for ya Dries.
        4. Bonnie and Caroline need more scenes together. How about just those two saving people or even the town? Would like to know more about Bonnie and her family. Shouldn’t Bonnie have amazing powers by now? Can that be shown?
        5. Matt and Enzo These poor guys need a story line period.
        6. The new villains I want to be excited but they usually hype the new big bad up then by the middle of the season they’ve become neutered. We’ll see though.

    • Angie says:

      I completely agree Maren! You know what would be refreshing is that Caroline decides that her and Stefan are better off friends (it’s not like they have chemistry anyway) and she decides to travel around the world. Why aren’t these new vampire’s leaving this small town, they can basically go and do whatever they want.

  2. AmyC says:

    Heretics being fierce villains, Defan Really Uniting, Bonnie/Caroline kicking ass & Steroline being in Love.

  3. That’s a nice wishlist Andy! I’m really excited and looking forward for more of badass Bonnie and the return of old Damon (sort of). As a Bamon fan, I can’t help but still have hope they will go there on the romantic path with them someday, maybe not this season, but I still hope we could see them as a couple in season 8. “Hope is the only thing keeping me going” that’s what Bonnie told Damon when they were stuck together in 1994 :). But right now, all the bamon interaction is welcome. They are one of the best duos on the show right now, romantic or not, give me all the bamon scenes!! I can’t wait!

    • Brielle says:

      Same RO, I love Bamon. They were the only interesting thing last season and that quote….Bonnie gives Damon hope!

    • Reese says:

      Should’ve had them in my list. Any Bamon scenes would be greatly appreciated.

    • maria says:

      Could not agree more, they where Interesting and fantastic in season 6, lookin g forward to more interaction between them in whatever capacity. Also hoping for more Damon and Stefan interactions to.

      • Teri says:

        Bamon is the most interesting and exciting thing that has ever happened to TVD. Ian and Kat have amazing chemistry and I love their scenes together. Very refreshing after forcing dulllena on us for three seasons!

    • Alison says:

      Bamon is the single WORST pairing on this show’s entire run, and I don’t say that lightly. Every other friendship or romance has had at least a little build up, but this one literally came out of nowhere between season 5 and season 6. They used a “trapped in an elevator” trope but failed to execute it, because all they showed was the end result. It’s the same as what happened with Damon and Enzo, but the show didn’t try to sell that one anything more than what we got to see. With Bamon, we’re expected to believe that it’s some great friendship. Bamon is an insult to our intelligence.

    • sarah says:

      I am a bamon fan as well.They are literally the only reason i am watching tvd. I hated elena and delena, they were so boring.

  4. AmyC says:

    Also if anyone knows what happened between Kat & Candice, I would love to know.. After SDCC, it seems pretty obvious. I really love Bonnie & Caroline’s friendship & would love to see more of them together.. Dont want whatever’s happening of screen to wreck that..

  5. Sue says:

    1. Damon has to apologize to Caroline for raping her in season 1 (because we didn’t forget that)
    2. Bonnie and Caroline need to bond more often, they had only 3 scenes last season!!!!
    3. Same thing with Stefan and Bonnie, they didn’t share a scene together for two seasons!
    4.love SL for Matt Donavon please!
    5. The gang having some fun bonding together at someone’s house including ALL of them, aka Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, Stefan, Damon and Alaric. They deserve some fun AND happiness!
    And don’t care about the haters please! There are people out there who LOVE the show!

    • Adelin says:

      co signing everything said here!

    • Angie says:

      Yes Sue to all especially number one because no one has forgotten about what Damon did to Caroline.

    • Reese says:

      #1 most definitely. The writers would like nothing more then for us to forget that detail.

    • Raven says:

      Best comment!!!! and I would like to add: turn the show back into the VAMPIRE DIARIES and not the Damon Diaries, oh and please NO Stefan and Caroline they’re like watching a brother and sister getting together. way too creepy. I am one of many former fans who stopped watching the show when Dulena got together and they forgot the rest of this cast and made it seem like Stelena didn’t happen. I’m not a fan of Caroline Dries and Julie Plec. It’s creepy how they’ve made it very obvious they favor Ian.

    • Malachi says:

      Well , there not haters, there just saying thing we all should, I’m a HUGE TVD fan, but I can admit:
      1. Bonnie is the most undevelopment character in TV history.
      2. Storylines are keep being repeated.
      3. It’s clear that Julie Pelc can give than a care about fans and fan favorites(Lol, Matt,)
      4. We need to stop EXCUSING damon’s “broken hero” thing cause there a difference between using your past to justify the things you do & using it as an excuse to do bad thing( like killing almost every character on TVD)

  6. Karla says:

    Great wishlist! I’m very excited for this new season. I’m a huge Bonnie fan, and I’m very happy to see her new badass self. Yeeeees to BAMON IN ANY FORM, any day, all day! lol I love their dynamic, Ian and Kat make magic together. And I still hope for a romantic relationship between them, not right away of course, I need it to be well developed, no rush :)

  7. maya says:

    I just want actual development for the character, shipping aside.Steroline and Bamon are great and I’m totally here for more of both of them.But with Nina being gone and the triangle being officially dead I think this would be a great chance to focus on the non romantic relationships of the shows and maybe coming up with a supernatural storyline that doesn’t have 4521457104 plot holes.

  8. WU says:

    Excited about Lily, Bonnie, and Damon’s storylines this season. Also to see what the fuck did Enzo and Lily get up too and how Matt is dealing with all of this on his own.

  9. Dmac says:

    Please, Plec and Dries indicated that they were planning on Steroline since season 2 and now TV Line is jumping on the band wagon. Who in season 2 even thought about Steroline, who by the way are the most contrived couple on this show. Just no!

    • Anna says:

      Alot of people, myself included have wanted Steroline since season 2. They had 3 or 4 great episodes between them that season. You may not think so but doesnt mean no one did.. & no, Im not a delena fan..

      • Stefonnie says:

        Well if we go by this thinking then I think Stefan and Bonnie have been building since 1×11 when he rescued her and I loved their scene in 4×02 where he comforted her. They’ve hardly had scenes together since then I wonder if it’s because they had too much chemistry.

        • Rhea says:

          The difference being, Stefan & Bonnie had a couple of scenes in 1 or 2 episodes in 4 seasons whereas Stefan & Caroline had almost 2 or 3 complete episodes with each other in season 2 & they played off each other really well.. & by season 4, it was plain as day that it was going to happen.
          I truly hope Stefan & Bonnie have more scenes together in season 7 though..

        • Bonfan says:

          I’m hoping for more Stefan and Bonnie scenes they both have been out of the loop for too long. My wish is for them and Matt to interact with everyone this season. TBH Stefan has chemistry with everyone except who they are forcing him to be with. It would be great if Stefan went to TO. Not only is Klaus there but Rebecca who he had real chemistry with.

    • Angie says:

      Thank you for bringing some sense into this Dmac!

    • Jeff says:

      It becomes so easy to spot Stelena/Klaroline fans in these posts.. smh

      • Brielle says:

        LOL I’m not either and I can tell they have no chemistry. Just because you like these sort of couples doesn’t mean the rest of us do. Oh brother another one of THOSE fans.

        • Hailey says:

          This Brielle. If you don’t like one of their ships then you have to be x,y or z. It couldn’t be that you have your own thoughts about a couple and think that they don’t mix well together. Naw that can’t be it.

        • Zia says:

          Seeing chemistry is subjective so of course Jeff can be wrong but I still find it hard to believe someone neutral would think Stefan & Caroline have no chemistry or worse have a sibling-esque vibe (I mean come on, seriously?). Im not really a SC person but have seen TVD right from the beginning & seeing them in S2 I was sure many ppl would be rooting for them because the chemistry so plainly obvious to me. So I kind of get where Jeff is coming from tbh. But to each their own I guess..

          • Keesha says:

            DULLena is that you??

          • Zia says:

            Wow, Keesha.. What are you, 5?.. Arent the above comments trying to argue against this exact generalization? & FYI, No. Not into Delena. Never was. Was strongly Stelena till Elena became a raging bitch. Now I dont want Stefan anywhere near her. So there.

          • Ty says:

            Take a chill Zia it’s just a tv show. lol I think everyone takes this show too personally and treats it like a competition of sorts.

        • Jackie says:

          Agree with you Brielle! They are reminding me of another fandom

      • jessica belt says:

        you are soooooo right i was thinking the same thing omg!!!!!

    • Archie says:

      Haha contrived? Really?.. They were friends, became best friends & then developed feelings for each other.. What part of that is supposed to be contrived?.. Anyone following the show objectively knew they were gonna happen, if not from S2, definitely from S4 & 2 years worth of buildup seems sufficient to me.. You dont have to like them but dont say things that are obviously false.

    • Reese says:

      My view is they ruined a wonderful friendship between a man and a woman. It didn’t need to go any further.

  10. Naomi says:

    1) Bonnie Bennett having fun being care free and learning to love herself
    2) Bonnie and Caroline reconnecting and actually interacting with each other and being the ultimate baddies of MF
    3) Damon and Bonnie working through their issues together, putting their friendship first and saving the town together. Well developed progression into a romantic relationship
    4) Matt Donovan (remember him?) it be nice to see him with more screen time
    5) Damon/Lily/Stefan
    7) Romantic Steroline but only after Caroline’s finished grieving and found her niche. She may want Stefan but doesn’t need him to be happy.
    8) Damon getting his crap together and finding his purpose outside his toxic relationship with Elena and loving himself
    9)More about bonnie personally (Her dreams,desires,perspective on life.What’s her major? Does she want to settle down?Is she still in contact with Abby or Lucy? Does she want to learn more about her magical roots?Does she like dogs?), we know zill to none about bonnie outside of her role as the Gilbert Savior.

    • Lena says:

      I love all but one of your wishes.This is a great wish list for tvd I’m just not a Steroline fan, friends only. I liked Enzo and Caroline until they messed up Enzo. Other than that spot on!

  11. Adelin says:

    Great list.
    1. Much more Bonnie and her journey. Happiness and family.
    2. Witch and family history.
    3. Damon and Stefan
    4. Care and Bonnie, and Matt too.
    5. Sarah coming back.
    6. But most of all, Damon and Bonnies relationship, growing and being the wickedly fun and layered healthy bond of S6 in S7 too.

  12. Jessica says:

    As a Bamon fan I hope for romantic Bamon in season 8 at least ! They have so much chemistry and were the light of season 6 ! For now, I can stick with them being only best friends because they have to deal with a lot of things before they can happen in a romantic way ! I would like to know more about Bonnie like her family history, her dreams for the future, her future career! I want to see her doing more magic and be a badass witch who gives a damn about her own life ! No more sacrifice because she deserves to live more than anyone! Damon and Bonnie are each other soulmates , they share something that no one can understand and they complete each other in ways no one ever could !!!
    So thank you for what you say about Bonnie and Bamon, it was on point tbh ! KIss^^

    • Hailey says:

      I’m very excited for Bamon and their progression. I also think that they are soulmates and that they are real love. I’m excited to see Damon be in real love because I don’t believe he has been before. In obsession and care for someone but not love. Bring on the Bamon!

  13. Reese says:

    Hoping for more Bamon, Defan, darker Damon, and more development and focus on Bonnie. More Caroline and Bonnie too. I always thought their friendship was healthier and more even-handed than Bonnie and Elena’s. I hope Damon and Bonnie’s relationship becomes romantic eventually and would like to see more progression towards that. I like Steroline so I’d like to see how the show develops that relationship this season as well.

  14. To put it succinctly: When it comes to Bonnie and Damon, I want suspense, drama, comedy and an unexpected romantic journey. I want a feel-good love story, one that encapsulates the chemistry between the actors portraying them. I want the writers to make me do exactly what Zesty_Bod (a fanfic writer) accomplished with one stroke of her pen…keep me coming back for more. I want romantic Bamon! They are my hook, line and bait. What more can anyone ask for…aside from getting a glimpse of Abby (Bonnie’s mom) and Lucy (Bonnie’s cousin) and discovering how they’re handling the heretics but yeah, what I most wish for is romantic Bamon.

  15. Emma says:

    1) I want to see Damon jealous, or at least really-overthinking, Bonnie’s upcoming connection to someone else, I feel he takes her for granted most of the times so he pushes her away for he has never really had to compete with anything to be with her. Damon strives at competition, I want to see him earn his place in Bonnie’s life.
    2) I want Bonnie to force everyone else to acknowledge the fact that she has lost her best friend: they are all vampires, they can wait 80 years or a century to see her again. However, Bonnie will die a human and that was the last time she would ever see or speak with her best friend.
    3) I want to see Bonnie and Damon together as much as possible. If only because we only get to see the real Damon when she’s with him and, oddly enough, he makes the best version of herself.

    • Jackie says:

      I agree with all these Bonnie and Bamon comments. Bonnie has been sacrificing for too long and it’s time we see Bonnie get the recognition she deserves. I would love to see the gang appreciate all she has done for them and for them to acknowledge that she has lost her friend. I have so enjoyed watching Bamons’ relationship grow and would like to see it mature into romance. Bonnie and Damon are soulmates. They make each other better which is more than can be said about DE. Bonnie doesn’t put up with Damon’s antics and she puts him in his place in more ways than one. She believes there’s hope for him and he challenges her. My plea to Plec and Dries is to please be careful with these characters. I want them to be completely different from DE. From the time DE was put together they had to change everyone including the history and mythology of the show to put them together and keep them together. I want Bamon story to be written better with care and thoughtfulness.

    • Keesha says:

      Love all these beautiful Bonnie and Bamon comments. She’s my fave and they are OTP!

  16. nadialus says:

    Ugh no to Bamon. I really like them as friends but absolutely despise the idea of them together.

  17. DarkDefender says:

    Yes to all of this. Spot on!

  18. Archie says:

    But seriously.. Romantic Bonnie & Damon? I detest it!! I hate Damon with every fiber of my being & Bonnie is like a million times better than him..Nope, personally, not here for it. Although the writers have been pretty open abt not doing that anytime soon so hopefully safe for this season & Im hoping for season 7 to be the last anyway..

    • Francis says:

      Here something to remind you, Dries doesn’t hold that much power because if she did, this show would have ended long ago aka you remember season 5 the delena season. The worst season and the reason this show started going downhill after choking us all on delena because the only thing she can write is sex scenes and over the top boring and cheesy story lines? Like how can someone who can’t write mythology nor write for characters be a writer on an ensemble show?? I didn’t start this show for delena and I’m definitely not here for their boring cliches. If I wanted to sleep instead of watching an interesting show, I do rather watch my garden and the birds that chipper there, they are more interesting that anything Dries has written her entire life.

      was also by TV btw

      “According to TVD Season 6 spoilers that executive producer Caroline Dries dropped to TVLine, Steroline won’t happen in TVD Season 6 because Stefan isn’t ready. In fact, Elena’s going to try to set [Caroline] up with someone else.” http://tvline.com/gallery/fall-tv-spoilers-2014-season-premieres-photos/#!41/the-vampire-diaries/

    • colourflames says:

      Here something to remind you, Dries doesn’t hold that much power because if she did, this show would have ended long ago aka you remember season 5 the delena season. The worst season and the reason this show started going downhill after choking us all on delena because the only thing she can write is sex scenes and over the top boring and cheesy story lines? Like how can someone who can’t write mythology nor write for characters be a writer on an ensemble show about mythology?? I didn’t start this show for delena and I’m definitely not here for their boring cliches. If I wanted to sleep instead of watching an interesting show, I do rather watch my garden and the birds that chipper there, they are more interesting that anything Dries has written her entire life.

      was also by TV line btw

      “According to TVD Season 6 spoilers that executive producer Caroline Dries dropped to TVLine, Steroline won’t happen in TVD Season 6 because Stefan isn’t ready. In fact, Elena’s going to try to set [Caroline] up with someone else.” http://tvline.com/gallery/fall-tv-spoilers-2014-season-premieres-photos/#!41/the-vampire-diaries/

      • ? says:

        I’m still wondering how Cdries has a job to be honest much less an EP for season 7. How can anyone not remember the disaster of season 5? I’ve learned not to listen to anything that comes out of her mouth because it usually gets changed.

  19. Bella says:

    My wish is simple Bamon :)

  20. Amy says:

    YES TO #1 ON THE LIST! I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Stefan/Caroline at all last season but I ended up loving it, and I’m looking forward to them so much this year. I hope we get all the good swoony fluttery shippy stuff, BRING IT ON. :D I’m psyched for all the other characters and relationships too.

  21. JOJO says:

    Good list except for Steroline. I wanted to like them but there’s no chemistry there and no spark that gives off the romance vibe. Not a big deal I can just fast forward through their scenes like I did last season. I do enjoy Bamon now they do have chemistry.

  22. jessica belt says:

    STEROLINE IS ALL I WISH FOR!!😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘👫👫👫💏💏💏💑💑💑

  23. Emma says:

    Yes to all EXCEPT sterosnooze. They have ZERO chemistry. Sorry JP you have been advertising the wrong couple. Bamon oozes chemistry even without trying. I agree with whoever said Stefan and Bonnie have chemistry just look at Paul and Kat’s comic con interviews and photos.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I wished that Elanor didn’t go into a coma. I wished the writer stood up for the actress and told Nikki Reed to get out and stay off the set. It was Nikki stirring up trouble that cause Elanor to be written off the show.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Why not get rid of Damon? His character sucks anyway. The actor having an affair with that whore Nikki Reed cause the actress who played Elanor to leave. He should been ask to leave because of the problem he created.

  26. Holly says:

    I wish they tried to bring elena back she’s one of the main characters and will be missed! Will be different without her, Same with Caroline’s mother but has to move on can’t wait

  27. Holly says:

    And if elena came back bring her and stefans love together was like first love

  28. Niya says:

    I really really do hope Elena and damon get back with each other Tht she remembers bc without delena I don’t know wht vampire diaries is and its getting soo good I just yanno!!!plz plz make this happen 😆😇

    • Teri says:

      Nina Dobrev left the show to pursue more interesting projects. I don’t know how she continued to play no brain Elena for all these years although she did have Katherine to play up until season 6. Most of the fans are glad dullena are gone because they were the joke of tvd.

  29. sanika says:

    i hope…stefan and elena get back together in season 7…Their chemistry in 1 st 2 seasons was awesome…hope to see them back together

  30. nadia says:

    I want BAMON.

  31. Karen says:

    New season 7 hadn’t been what I hoped for or expected at all . Season 6 seemed to hold such promise for Stefan + Caroline but where’s the romance now ??