The Originals Cast Talks Hayley's Future, Crossover Woes and Klaus' 'Multiple Ladies' in Season 3

Is there any hope for the Mikaelson bromance? How much of Hayley, in the flesh, will we see moving forward? And are Klaus and Cami secretly soulmates?

These are just a few of the questions TVLine posed to The Originals stars and executive producers during their visit to our Comic-Con interview suite at San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel last week. And their answers were… surprisingly well thought-out, actually. (If you were hoping to watch another hysterical train wreck, like last year’s chat with the OGs, I’m sorry to disappoint you.)

To that end, the Big Easy gang gave quite a few interesting teases for the show’s upcoming third season, including the return of a fan-favorite character and the struggle of Klaus’ “multiple ladies.” (Side note: This interview was conducted before I moderated the show’s panel, so there are several overlapping questions. I are sorry.)

Hit PLAY on the interview above, then drop a comment below: What do you hope to see in Season 3?

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  1. pebbles51 says:

    Great interview, as always. Love the cast and the show!

  2. B says:

    Makes me really look forward to the new season. Wish they had let Yusuf speak — they just talked over him!

  3. Jess says:

    I’m actually really interested in the new vampires. As someone who thought the back end of last season took a disappointing nosedive towards the dreadful, I’m glad to see that they’re working on changing up the dynamic.

    What I want to see:
    -Hayley wreck Klaus for what he did to her
    -Flashbacks to the new (old?) vampires and their relationships to the Originals
    -Davina really take charge of the NOLA witches
    -Marcel be consistently central to a storyline. He’s my favorite supporting character and he was criminally underused last year.
    -Less Cami. I know you’re a fan of her Andy, but I cannot stand this character. She’s boring and trope-tastic and there’s literally dozens of copies of her in every vampire show ever made. I’m over her and her weird non-relationship with Klaus. It’s snooze worthy.
    -More girl power. This show has zero consistent female friendships and that is getting kind of annoying. I’d honestly like to see Davina and Freya team up and become besties.
    -Crossovers. I don’t care if it’s Matt Donovan’s pug coming to NOLA, we need to tie the two shows together or putting them together on Thursday is a huge waste. I understood the thinking behind keeping the shows apart in the first season, but now it’s just weird and it makes me wonder if this separation is purely because of a certain loud, sometimes obnoxious fan base. If that’s the case, build a bridge and move on. Don’t punish fans, it’s super lame. It’s been too long since we’ve seen Damon and Stefan interact with Klaus and Elijah.
    -More shirtless Elijah. My thirst is uncontrollable at this point.

  4. Bella says:

    Are we going to see Jackson in human form?

  5. silverpetticoatreview says:

    Sounds like there will be more Cami! That makes me really happy. It’s nice to hear writers who truly understand the “Beauty” character and why she can understand the “Beast.” Everything else sounds promising as well. So here’s to hoping (expecting) a great third season.

    • Jill says:

      I’m happy too. Looking forward to seeing the new characters and Cami getting involved in the seedy underbelly of NOLA. And more Klamille! I think this season will be the best one for Klamille fans.

  6. Stacey says:

    I agree with most of the other posters, definitely more Marcel and less Cami! To be honest, I started to fast forward all her scenes at the end. Nothing against Leah, I just don’t like her character.

  7. zed says:

    Looks promising! Resurrect Kol definitely but in form of Nate Buzolic!!!! love me some Elijah vs Klaus- bring back the glory days from TVD season two! just want to say I love Jackson and Hayley and they should develop that relationship and give Jackson more of an important role as a proper leader of the wolves!! the whole Cami therapy thing with Klaus-I beg you to reconsider this, actually the whole thing Cami being Klaus’ soulmate is laughable. the one that reached to Klaus at first was Caroline. ok, I know, it was in another lifetime. The only one that knows Klaus’ soul and the darkness and being cast off is actually Hayley! they are in antagonistic phase, but there are so many seasons to come, right! I can see Cami being infatuated with Klaus, and her need to “save” the bad boy! Cami and Vincent- there is a great potential of a hot relationship!!
    thank God, Daniel, made the comment that Haylijah is a minor thing! Have Nina Dobrev as guest star on the Originals and have Elena’s ghost crossover at least, so we get some Nina Dobrev and Gillies scenes…shouldn’t Elijah still be tormented by killing Tatia?! and More of Marcel, always!!

  8. zed says:

    oh one more-kill off Davina!

  9. Mikealson says:

    Can’t wait for the third season !. Hoping to see the original forms of Rebekah and Kol

  10. Flashrow says:

    I still don’t get how a hybrid can be turn in full wolf if he/she is a half vampire.

  11. Angus says:

    The series needs Claire Holt back. Get her off that horrible AQUARIUS POS and bring her back.

  12. Logan kurtz says:

    Hayley deserved the curse . she tried to seperate hope from her father. Hell she did try to replace hope’s father with that joke:jackson or whatever his name is! She wouldn’t be alive if it hadn’t been for niklaus. It was him who talked dahlia out if killing hayley. Without him dhalia wouldn’t have hesitated for a moment to kill her. Elijah should hell more grateful than slapping his brother

  13. Scarlett says:

    What I really want to happen is KLAROLINE!!!!!!!!! Like honestly she’s the only one I can see with klaus and I want something to happen to her like she goes missing or is kidnapped and tortured, just so that we’ll get to see klaus’ vulnerable side and then he has to call and get like Damon and stefan etc (TVD) to come and like help get her back. #TVD&TOcrossoverrrrrrrr
    I’d also like to see:
    more romance with Elijah and Haley.
    Abit less cami
    Kohl in his OWN flesh (Gotta luv his British accent 😉😋)
    More romance with Marcel and Rebekah
    But above all I just want Klaroline, id literally be like so over the moon if one of klaus’ ‘multiple women’ was Caroline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also does anyone know when 03×1 airs in the uk and if it will be on Netflix or not ✌️

  14. Sourav says:

    I like the season 2 of originals. I like the happy ending. Finally, Klaus has her daughter. Anybody who mess with Klaus should be punished. Without Klaus, there will be no show.

  15. Chantall says:

    I wanna see how klaus will manage raising his daughter with freya..and i wanna see more hope moments would love to see freya, klaus and elijah bond with her a little bit