Emmys 2015: The 47 Biggest Snubs

We hope you brought your favorite pillow to work today, because you most certainly needed something into which you could scream ragefully after perusing the snubs-tastic list of 2015 Emmy nominations.

Yes, sure, by now the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ disdain for certain shows (i.e. Parenthood), networks (how you doin’, The CW? ), genres (anything sci-fi or horror) and actors (sorry, Charlie Hunnam!) should come as no surprise. But when talent gets disregarded and disrespected, it still stings.

So, while we’re stoked about some fresh blood in the list of TV contenders — Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! Jeffrey Tambor! Tatiana Maslany (at last)! Niecy Freakin’ Nash! — there are nevertheless some omissions that had us shouting more expletives than a stubbed toe against a metal-legged coffee table in a darkened living room.

We’ve collected some of the biggest snubs in the gallery below — click here for direct access! — to help work through your complicated Emmys-related emotions. Read it, then sound off!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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    • Joey says:

      How many times to people need to say it. No one from Once Upon a Time deserves an Emmy. Not actors, not writers, not directors, not the show itself.

    • I agree along with other OUAT casts. OUAT is always snubbed

      • Wouter says:

        OUAT isn’t snubbed. It’s just not that good. And that’s coming from someone who’s seen every episode of it. It’s fun TV, but that’s about it.

        • Kay says:

          Agreed- it’s extremely entertaining, and I truly enjoy watching it. The acting is good, but it’s just not Emmy material. We can love it for what it is, but they definitely were not “snubbed”.

    • JM says:

      Even more: Robert Carlyle (apologize for the spelling), whose portrayal of Rumpel is both gleefully evil and tragically doomed. He makes me hate him one minute and love him the next. Now that’s talent!

      • ABG. says:

        Ugh. I like OUAT, but Rumple is probably the worst character at this point. I also love Lana Parrilla and her work this season was pretty strong but not award worthy.

        • Cheryl says:

          He’s only bad in that his role was diminished last season. He was excellent at what he was given. But probably not Emmy material. And I love him! That said, I really wish Sam Heugan had been nominated.

      • Tee says:

        Rumple really hasn’t stood out this season, certainly good enough to get nommed in other seasons though.

    • julia says:

      Come on TVLine some of these are not snubs…they never deserved nods in the first place:
      Chris Messina (lol you have to be kidding right)
      Kerry Washington
      Gina Rodriguez & JtV
      Melissa Mcarthy
      Julianna M
      Caitlin Fitzgerald
      Lena Dunham
      … not shocked by any of these snubs at all

      • ABG. says:

        I agree with most of your list:
        Julianna and Kerry’s shows had their worst seasons yet so it’s not surprising. Melissa already got one. Girls’ buzz is fading.

        That said, Jane the Virgin was one of the best shows of the year. I think they ignored it because it was on The CW.

  1. brandydanforth81 says:

    Gina,Jaime,Jane should’ve been nominated

  2. Murica! says:

    Charlie Hunnam should have been nominated.

    • Kimberly says:

      I agree 100%… Charlie’s performance in Season 7 was incredible – particularly in the last 3 episodes.

      I am also disappointed that Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe of Outlander were overlooked.

  3. Lyn says:

    The only shows on this list that I watch are Parenthood and TBBT. I agree about Mae, but not Melissa.

  4. zac says:

    Jane the Virgin’s Narrator better win for Outstanding Narrator

  5. DW says:

    The biggest and most unfair snub of the year is the non-nom for Matt Czuchry in The Good Wife. I haven’t seen a better performance anywhere this year. Alan Cumming, who is terrific, got nominated but Eli Gold absolutely did not have the impact that Cary had this year on TGW. These noms just gave me much more free time over the summer. I don’t care about and will not waste any more time on the EMMYs.

    • Steven says:

      I have to agree with this! What did Alan Cumming do that was Emmy worthy this year? Matt Czuchry’s prison arc constantly had me on the edge of my seat and a feeling of dread in my stomach. He really did an amazing job!

      • Pixel says:

        Alan Cumming didn’t anything deserving a nomination more than Matt Czuchry. But nobody is going to talk about it because I suppose that’s how things work in that show and media are used to this.

  6. Jerry S. says:

    How can you list snubs without listing who ought NOT to have been nominated?

    • zac says:

      in another article, TVLine said Jeff Daniels

    • Dick Whitman says:

      Well said. In some of the categories their snubs would have completely replaced the ones actually nominated.

    • Jennifer Sands says:

      So true. This list is ridiculous. If they want best actor nominations for Sam Heughan (as I do), Matthew Rhys (ditto), Freddie Highmore, Charlie Hunnam, and Terrence Howard, are they prepared to do without Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey (gladly), et al? They’d be yelling “Jon Hamm was snubbed!”

  7. Ethan says:

    Julianna Margulies was snubbed. Although this past season of The Good Wife was not as good as the past season, Margulies has always been at the top of her game and with episodes like “Oppo Research” and “Minds Eye”, it’s disappointing that she didn’t a nom.

  8. Bartbro says:

    It’s simply time to separate the Emmys between Cable and Network. There are so many reasons. Do it for next year , please!

  9. Joey says:

    Eva Green not being nominated is an absolute travesty. Should’ve dumped Claire Danes for her.

    • Lorenza says:

      Yes, I needed someone here who is watching Penny Dreadful and can attest the same thing…Eva Green not being nominated is an absolute travesty…agree, move on Claire, time for someone else. Having said that, the Emmy isn’t what it used to be, same people get nominated, over and over, and over.

    • Harley says:

      Yes! I am glad someone is saying it. This past season was some of the best television I’ve seen in years. Eva Green is mesmerising and ‘the cutwife’ episode (the nightcombers) was one of my favorite television episodes ever, it was stand alone fantastic story telling. Huge snub, I am very disappointed glad to see others are as well.

  10. Jooshua says:

    Justified, Constance Wu, Eva Green, Vincent D’onofrio, The Americans, Ellie Kemper, Vera Farmiga.. and Gina Rodriguez / Jane the Virgin.. I haven’t even seen that show but even I know Gina and Jane deserved it. That’s how much buzz it has.

    • tvjunkie says:

      buzz is a terrible indicator of whether an award is deserved. there are bad shows that gets lots of buzz as well

  11. pati says:

    come on nothing for Outlander, the show the actors. booo

    The emmy is always the same, I like Joanne Froggatt but really what kinda of amazing acting is she providing to keep getting nominated.

    At least Tatiana got nominated, she is amazing.

  12. LADY_in_MD says:

    Nothing for Jane Fonda Martin sheer or sam waterson?
    Also I never understood nominating a cast member for best actor or actress but not the show itself in this case empire

  13. cuius says:

    Surely with established shows, particularly past winners, they can only be re-nominated if they’ve upped their game this year. TBBT and cast continues to be excellent, but didn’t add anything special

  14. Behzad Sandila says:

    In Directing for a Drama Series, they snubbed Open House from The Americans, Milk & Honey Route from Mad Men, and Low Self Esteem City from OITNB but nominated that badly dealt with, badly reviewed Game of Thrones rape episode??? But good news: They finally took notice of Tatiana Maslany!

  15. NDfan says:

    Justified for sure… I’ll also throw in my distaste for the same old, same old on Shameless… Noel Fisher and Emmy Rossum deserve some recognition, among others.

    • The Beach says:

      The actors on Justified being totally shut out makes me the angriest of all…absurd!!

    • msemmyjones says:

      Yeah, but they keep calling that show a comedy. And basically NO ONE on that show save for William H Macy is giving a comedic performance. I really think that’s why no one else ever gets nominated. A lot of the performances are phenomenal (that Noel Fisher didn’t get nominated last year was a travesty), but they’re not funny at all. How do you have a show that features characters being raped as often as Shameless does compete against the slapstick of something like Parks and Rec or Modern Family? It just makes no sense to me…

  16. Court says:

    How was Game of Throne’s “Hardhome” not nominated for directing? That blows my mind.
    Also, Lois Smith for The Americans for Guest Actress, that’s a very strange omission to me.

  17. TheDus2009 says:

    my god.
    the whole dialogue with urich in ben’s apartment gave me goosebumps.
    what the heck emmy people?!?!?

  18. Casper says:

    Constance Wu deserved a nom!

  19. Tess says:

    Not surprised about SOA. I think Charlie and Kurt did a fair amount of emmy trash talking in the past. Not to say that they weren’t right or would have been had noms either way but I think it permanently obliterated what little chance they had. However, Justified didn’t get nominations either so who knows what goes on inside emmy voters’ heads? Maybe they just have it in for FX shows.

  20. ChicagoDan says:

    No Vera? Are you kidding me?

    • Angela says:

      My thoughts exactly. “Bates Motel” got robbed in general.
      I think I’m with others in wishing they’d change up their list every year, maybe put a limit on how many times someone can be nominated or something. It would be so nice to see something other than the same constant nominations and wins over and over again.

    • JM says:

      Agree. And Bates Motel, Freddie, the actor who plays the sheriff (sorry, I’m terrible with names) all deserved nods.

  21. Steven says:

    Even though it was a lackluster season of The Good Wife, Julianna Margulies still should have been nominated. She won in the same category just last year! I’m glad Parks and Rec and Amy Poehler got nominated for the final season, but no Adam Scott or Nick Offerman?!

    • Spence says:

      Feel the same way about Parks. Hopefully Amy will finally win this year! But I was sad to see Nick wasn’t nominated (the Ron and Leslie episode?? Phenomal acting from both Amy and Nick)

  22. Seth says:

    Claire Foy – Wolf Hall

  23. Caitlin says:

    Okay but no Galavant for ANY of the music categories. REALLY?! Wonderful music by Alan Menken and hysterical lyrics by Glenn Slater snubbed? I say once more: REALLY?!

  24. CJ says:

    Outlander, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe were robbed. That is insane. I mean the last 2 eps of season 1 alone. Clearly there are not enough categories to full represent all of the outstanding work being done on television.

    • Mary says:

      Totally agree! IMO, those were the biggest snubs of the year:(

    • Judy says:

      I totally agree!! I have lost all respect for the Emmys. I think Outlander was snubbed because they would have won everything!! I will NOT be watching the Emmys this year!!

  25. Zooey says:

    Really upset that Constance Wu didn’t get nominated.

  26. Ash says:

    The cast (especially Sam Heughan) and Outlander itself were robbed. No other way to put it. Absolutely outstanding work on the series. Since it’s a new show let’s hope next year is its year because Outlander deserves to be recognized!

    • Cheryl says:

      Agree. That said, I hope the actors can hang in there and finally get their deserved nominations, just as Tatanya has had to do! Maybe some men in kilts and brandishing broadswords at the nominations—-or Jenny laughing in their faces!

    • OUTLANDER SNUB makes me want to know who ‘ticked off’ whoever is doing the nominations. Clearly somebody didn’t have their head on the correct end of their bodies!

  27. Annie says:

    The Empire snub is troubling for me, because even though the show isn’t perfect, the snub indicates that voters failed to see beyond Cookie’s one liners. Voters, like network executives, have no problem about recognizing black actors in comedic roles, but they tend to have a problem with seeing them in dramatic parts.

    • ronnie says:

      There are more black actresses nominated in dramatic roles this year than ever. Angela Bassett, Khandi Alexander, Cicely Tyson, Regina King, Viola Davis, Taraji Henson, Uzo Aduba, Queen Latifah and Mo’Nique all have nods for dramatic work in supporting, guest star, and dramatic movie categories although in some cases they are competing in the same categories. And Niecy Nash was nominated for supporting comedy. It’s actually comedy where women of color are not getting nods except for Sofia Vergara in the last few years. Whether any will win is the big question, but it will be nice to see so many of them on the red carpet as nominees and not presenters.

  28. Taylor says:

    Guys, there are twice as many shows out there as a decade ago. Chances are, a lot of good people are going to be “snubbed”. The problem is all the repeats. How boring is it to see Claire Danes get nominated for a show no one can bare to watch anymore. Shows are still getting nominated for their lasting impact, not the actual season that is up for awards. If people actually watched the current seasons, Downton Abbey, Homeland, House of Cards, etc. would not be nominated. And who cares that Jim Parsons wasn’t nominated, certainly not him; he won way too many times!

  29. Does VIKINGS not get recognized because it is not an American production?

  30. knd says:

    All things The Mindy Project!

  31. Riana says:

    I accept they have no taste because amy schumerhot nominated.

  32. Jermey says:

    The Goldbergs. Such an underrated show.

  33. That’s why I don’t watch the Emmys anymore. It’s always the same shows and same actors who get nominated. There were so many snubs this year it’s ridiculous .

  34. Mary says:

    Vikings? Pick any or all of the lead actors.

  35. Nicole says:

    Eden Sher should have been nominated!!!

  36. Isa says:

    Kerry Washington is not a snub, she’s just awful! (Although I blame the writing more than her). Once again, Supernatural is snubbed, but I am over the moon for Tatiana Maslany!!! Now there is some spectacular acting AND writing!

  37. nate says:

    Seriously when the hell will Emmy get nominated she’s way better than H. Macy.

  38. evelyn says:

    Why is Jonny Lee Miller never recognized? He gives outstanding performances! His body language, facial expressions & gestures are unmatched!

    • Cheryl says:

      Ok, small snarkiness here-because he’s Scottish. Robert Carlyle too!

      • evelyn says:

        Carlyle Scottish, Miller British (and a U.S. citizen)

        • Cheryl says:

          Not so sure about Miller, but he has been a number of movies with Carlyle which makes him Scottish by association. Plus, he was a member of Carlyles’ wedding party wearing kilts!

      • JM says:

        I love both these actors, but I sincerely hope it’s not because they are Scottish! Nice to hear they are friends. From ‘Trainspotting’ days I suspect?

  39. Eric says:

    Looking through that list, I don’t consider the majority of them “snubs.” However, I don’t like some of the nominations this year. The Emmy’s are giving nominations based on lasting impact and familiarity, not who/what truly deserves. Just take a look at the Drama category. I watch every show in that category and the majority do not need to be there. Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Homeland, and Downton Abbey all had “eh, okay” seasons, not outstanding, remarkable seasons. The only one’s that deserve to be in that category are Better Call Saul and Mad Men. The rest are just nominated because they are familiar and people love them. Why not give recognition to The Americans, Rectify, Bates Motel, and Masters of Sex? Now those shows had truly amazing seasons! I do appreciate some of the new blood and diversity we got this year, but the nominations still stink of familiarity, which is disappointing. It just goes to show that they nominate based on politics rather than actual quality.

    • Tenney says:

      Eric… I think you have it exactly right. A show in its first season(s) makes a mark or generates noise (House of Cards, OITNB, Modern Family, Downton Abbey) and it can be counted on to get nominated year after year, regardless if subsequent season(s) are lackluster or not quite deserving. It sad that shows that had a better season like Rectify, Bates Motel, The Americans, Justified, etc are not getting nominated. The members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences sure are boring and predictable.

  40. Criss Cross says:

    Amy Acker got snubbed? Emmys should be canceled for that.

  41. N says:

    Eden Sher The Middle!

  42. Mick says:

    No nomination for Constance Wu?!!?

  43. Luis says:

    There will always be snubs because there is so much good work being done out there that doesn’t get recognized. I am most interested that Big Bang Theory seems to have passed its sell-by date with Emmy and that Good Wife is going that way as well. Emmy is temporarily forgiven, as it finally came across to Tatiana.

  44. Samantha Rose says:

    Tobias Menzies for Outlander as well as the show itself.

    • Cheryl says:

      Yes! His ability to play two parts and visually change himself was amazing.whole show is outstanding. But it has to get past the “soap opera, romantic drivel naysayers” to be fully recognized!

  45. Sharon says:

    All I can say is, I WON’T be watching the Emmy Awards this year! Several os the best actors/actresses have been left off the list so I see no point! What a blatant travesty!!

  46. Ron says:

    A good number of these aren’t snubs. Taylor Schilling–not a snub. I find her to be an average actress at best. The Big Bang Theory for best comedy–not a snub. Unfortunately, that show hasn’t been good since, like, season 4. Empire for best drama–not a snub. I love Empire–totally LOVE IT! And Taraji rightfully was nominated. But the show, in my opinion, wasn’t quite best drama material. Though let’s be clear, a couple of the shows that were nominated for best drama shouldn’t have been nominated either (I’m looking at you Downton Abbey and House of Cards). And I find Judith Light to be surprisingly awful as an actress in Transparent. (And while we’re at it, I don’t think Transparent deserved a best comedy nom, mainly because it’s not a comedy, and also because Tambor is the only thing that holds an otherwise kinda lackluster show together.) And Lena Dunham–definitely NOT a snub. Her and all of Girls is pretty overrated and not great. But I know this is all subjective, so these are my subjective opinions…

  47. Jenna says:

    The total lack of Outlander love just pisses me off.