Wayward Pines Sneak Peek: The First Generation Demands a Reckoning

This week on Fox’s Wayward Pines — in the midseason thriller’s penultimate hour (airing Thursday at 9/8c) — the leaders of the First Generation seek out their new sheriff, demanding a reckoning. But will Ethan give the kids what they want?

As seen in the above featurette from the episode “A Reckoning,” members of the first class at Wayward Pines Academy are adamant about Sheriff Burke enforcing the town’s laws by executing those responsible for the “terrorist” attack on the perimeter fence. Of course, the increasingly agitated, unsure and anxious Pilcher sides with the First Generation’s cause.

“I have a very special place in my heart for [Episode 9],” showrunner Chad Hodge previously told TVLine. “It’s an incredibly well written script by the Duffer brothers and directed wonderfully by Nimród Antal.” Similarly, Carla Gugino cited the episode as her favorite of the series.

Press play above to see how far Ethan might go in the name of maintaining a precarious balance in this bonkers burg!

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  1. Bryce says:

    This show is so cool. First that’s really gotten me to THINK in the way that a lot of shows used to since Fringe.

  2. N says:

    Still love this show

  3. Will says:

    Really enjoyed the series until “The Truth” episode, which would be our midpoint. Now, I’m just kinda over the absurdity of it all. First of all, the future of the human race is like 95% white AND American only, and then these brainwashed teens… it’s just falling flat for me. I keep tuning in hoping it gets better. With 2 episodes left, and ep #9 being many of the cast/crew’s favorite, we shall see…

    • KCC says:

      If you buy into the premise that Pilcher was the only one foresighted enough to do anything about the devolution of humans and only had the American population to pull from and wasn’t looking for a racial balance circa 2014, then I get it. It’s not like it was a government or worldwide run operation that included representatives of every ethnic group. This isn’t the future from Star Trek. I’m finding it hard to find anything that makes the human race worth saving with the group Pilcher collected. Pretty poor representation of the best of humanity. Especially if the members of the “First Class” think executing people is the best way to keep humans from extinction.

    • So brainwashed teens are in some way surprising to you? Really? And I highly doubt that someone, in his haste to save the human race, would have taken the time to ensure that there was a fair mix of races. The only likely study that he would have been done would have been on genetics to ensure the best possible health for the progeny.(The issue is that the showrunners chose not to employ a racially diverse cast.) Of all the absurdities in the show, you criticized two plot points that make the sense.

    • Neil Harvey says:

      I get your frustration. The series frustrates me too but in other ways. To look at your frustrations, in the world of the series, the elite that enforced the plan was white, and they were selecting those fit to survive, with valuable skills. This points towards a middle class which would be mainly white. But they also chose misfits who they trusted to do a job, or just breed kids. And guess what, they selected mainly white folks. The bias towards white people fits in with the dystopian flavour of the series, and our own worst imaginings of what human nature is. In the future of Wayward Pines we get genocide…by white cronyism.

      Secondly, I’m European and grew up in a Europe that had communists and an Iron Curtain from 1945 until 1990. It is easy for Europeans of my age to believe that civilised society can dissapear overnight. We know that in the right circumstances, fascism can emerge and get white folks taking stupid antisocial orders before you can say ‘Heil Hitler’. And thats the adults, not even impressionable kids. One thinks of the East German Stasi, that got neighbours and families to spy on each other for the state; George Owell’s 1984, and the rise of Mussolini, Franco, Hitler and Stalin.

      So these parts of it are believable for me.

  4. aerial says:

    There is a lot of ridiculous in this TV series. While I never gave the novel trilogy series any read, this series seems to have more elements of “The Lottery” and religious cult “programming” or “brainwashing techniques. Not to mention that there is a strong parallel that is very similar to the surveillance that is happening in the United States. For idiot morons who defend “surveillance” against the constitutional rights of free speech, free association and freedom … I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t wash for me. We can have surveillance without sacrificing our constitutional rights. This series seems to be smack dab in the middle of a political issue.

    • Neil Harvey says:

      For me Wayward Pines is full of great ideas, and I love watching the show. The ideas are not fleshed out enough by Blake Crouch to make a more coherent series that makes you really think. Wayward Pines is excellent, but it could have been great.

      And he never studied metallurgy.

      I mean, look at the materials science. To preserve rubber tyres for 2,000 years would be impossible. Most of the plastics and wood would have rotted…circuits fried, and all non-stainless steel iron rusted to nothing in less than 50 years.

      I am so very metallurgically frustrated.

      • Lcd says:

        yeah but that is the only really glaring weakness of the show. There is a couple of ways they could address it retroactively yet because they haven’t talked much about it.

        Other than that I love the premise of the show and can’t wait for the next one. They could go so many places with this show. Love it.

  5. smartysenior says:

    Those kids give me the creeps. Pretty sure Ethan can handle them since he seems to be pretty fair and even handed so far. I’ve actually enjoyed this show knowing it was a limited closed ended storyline, it isn’t a genre I would have stuck with otherwise. The acting has been superb all the way through which is always key to a winner for me.

  6. Pat says:

    I never read the book on Wayward Pines so I am wondering with only 2 episodes left, will they really be able to wrap up all of the storylines? I have watched from the beginning but I just cannot believe they can end this in just 2 more episodes. I always thought that Pilcher’s sister was creepy but now she has moved to the back of the line, being replaced by the brainwashing teacher. I wish that someone would do a “Rekoning” on her.

    • KCC says:

      Unless there is some big twist ending like it’s a secret government experiment and everyone goes back to their previous lives, there can’t be a real satisfying ending to this story. Maybe if it turns out there is a large population of humans somewhere that they can get to that created a more reasonable society, that might be O.K. but it would seem kind of cheap to just bring that up at the end.
      Just an observation, a number of people have commented on the “brainwashing” of the children. When it’s the societal norm it’s just teaching. We might not agree with it, but it’s the world they’re being raised in and the way their society operates. Once those values are embedded and accepted by a child/young adult that becomes their worldview. Only once a worldview has been established can someone be “brainwashed” to replace the learned values (right or wrong) with something else. World history is full of examples of societies de-programming (aka brainwashing) a conquered population and replacing their values and beliefs with the “right” ones. The “First Class” will require some brainwashing to remove those values and learn some more civilized ones.

  7. anonymous says:


    It is time to update your bio. It seems to be 4 years out of date….